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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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weather alert. snow this morning followed by ice and rain later today. this is what many roads in our area look like at this hour. snow covered. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we start news this morning with storm team meteorologist lauryn ricketts. >> we have a snowy mess out there, and we've had a snowy mess for quite some time. a little bit of a break going to come, but then we'll see that change over to a little bit of ice and some rain. in fact, temperatures are gradually going to go up as we go into the evening and even overnight, and then we'll see rain through the overnight and
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have some flooding issues. let's go ahead and zoom in, see what you can expect. you see, all the way from baltimore to i-95 through washington and fredricksburg, this snow continues to push to the north and east. we'll get a little bit of a break. temperatures have already started to come up a little bit in the atmosphere as you go south toward richmond and the north carolina border. that change already starting to happen a little built. we'll see that change over here and time it out for you. our team coverage continues now with molette green who is live in mclain. barbara, good morning. it's been snowing for quite some time, i would say an hour and a half now here in the mclean, virginia area. state police describing roads as treacherous. we're hearing now that vdot adding more plows in prince georges
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they're calling it snow covered but passable. i want to you take a look on a street here in mclean. you see the tracks left by the plow trucks that have made several runs through, but it's still very much snow covered. road crews tackled overnight snow before daylight. >> vdot, they're doing a great job taking care of the highways. >> 2800 vdot trucks plowed and dropped salt and sand throughout northern virginia. by 8:00 a.m., black pavement, snow pushed off to the side. a much easier drive along chain bridge road. >> we came out at 6:00 in the morning. >> reporter: now with freezing rain and sleet in the forecast, benson sharia shovels to get ahead of icy conditions in this shopping center. >> we're putting down salt and getting ready to be done. >> i'm not a big fan of s
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personally, but it looks good when it's falling. >> reporter: plows make several passes through lyle avenue, a normally busy neighborhood street and snow emergency route. residents prepare for what's ahead. sleet and freezing rain. >> it's more dangerous than snow is. this is lightly packed, easy to shovel, but overall, ice is the killer. >> reporter: so we're back live. we want you to take a good look at this long, hilly street that we're on that has seen plow trucks come through at a steady rate. but as you can see, it is very much snow covered. take a look down at my feet. you can see it's very powdery, but we're on the street here, we're in the street. and so virginia state police, also vdot, urging folks to stay off the roads. if you don't have to get out, stay in and let the crews do their job. already virginia state police reporting one traffic death
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state roads. that out in faulkner county. as i throw it back to you live in the studio, we have another plow truck coming through, which is good news to folks on this street. live in mclean, i'm molette green, news4. the george washington birthday parade has been canceled because of the bad weather. parade organizers say the parking restrictions in that area have also been lifted. make sure you have our nbc washington app today. our breaking news alerts will keep you informed as this winter weather develops. plus we'll keep you up to date on school closures for tomorrow. meghan fitzgerald at the live desk. major changes are coming to the lincoln memorial, thanks to an $18.5 million donation by businessman david rusenbein. he announced the contribution this morning on the steps of the
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and restore the memorial. crews will also add 15,000 square feet of space for the public to see, exhibition space, education area and an elevator. news4's tom sherwood was there for the announcement and he'll have more for us later on today. barbara? >> thank you, meghan. right now the body of stream court justice antonin scalia is at the funeral home in fairfax, virginia. the body arrived overnight at dulles international airport. scalia died of an apparent heart attack as a texas resort over the weekend. he was 90 years old. you can see the same silent display of respect in front of the supreme court. the president ordered all flags to stay lowered until justice scalia's funeral. we'll let you know when that is set. >> justice ruth bader
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scalia for a number of years, saying he had a rare talent for making even the most sober judge laugh. we mentioned judge scalia died over the weekend at a texas resort. that resort owner said he seemed to die peacefully. >> he was very peaceful in the bed. he had obviously passed away with no difficulty at all in the middle of the night. >> scalia was a devout catholic. a priest was brought in to administer last rites. there's reaction from the campaign trail. we're also staying ahead of the winter weather out there. team 4 is out there on the road and we'll give you updates, especially if you plan to head out this afternoon. storm team radar. this is a
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back at the live deck, we're following the pope's trip to mexico. take a look at the scene where thousands will have mass with the pope. the mass is aimed largely at the indigenous communities. the pontiff arrived in mexico on friday, and so far he's visited mexico city and a nearby suburb. kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings.
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we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. conditions really vary depending on where you live. bare pavement for drivers in parts of fairfax county, virginia, but some of maryland is getting
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lauryn, it's snowing in most places, huh? >> it really is. we're seeing a little bit of a lull come in this morning. we had one this morning, and now another one. you can see warm air starting to move in to southeastern parts of virginia. eventually this transition most likely during the afternoon to about sunset for our area, it's moving from the north to the south to about freezing rain, and then we'll see some rain overnight tonight and then heavy rain through the first part of tomorrow, at least until noon. look at these temperatures right now. we are stuck in the 20s. it's very cold out there. this snow has been able to come up and accumulate pretty quickly because it's so dry. winter storm warnings in pink. we've got the purple. that's a winter weather advisory, but 4 to 8 inches likely. we'll have freezing rain and ice tonight before that changes over to rain. i would say any time between 5:00 p.m. and early tomorrow morning and then we'll see that heavy rain get in there. we have a few higher totals and
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thanks, lauryn. winter weather is having an impact on flights in the area. at last check, reagan international airport had more than 70 flights canceled or delayed. at dulles international airport, 30 flights have been canceled so far. you should check your flights if you're planning on traveling today. if you think being stuck on an elevator is frightening, nearly 50 people are safe today after they were stuck dangling in the air at a ski resort. they were stranded 40 feet up on a couple trams that just stopped moving. this happened in new hampshire. the temperature outside was minus 4 degrees. the resort closed the tramway off until this morning. rescuers say an eight-month-old baby was among the dozens of people they had to lower out of that tram, and they're all safe now. tough travel conditions now in southern maryland. a live update right after
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right now a fresh blanket of snow on capitol hill. a quiet day there, though. it's president's day, and that's a federal holiday. several inches of snow east in maryland. that's where derrick is this morning. derrick, tell us what you see there now. >> reporter: we are seeing some decent snowfall and snow-covered roads. there have been some plows through here all morning. we've been watching them come and go. but they are fighting a
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against mother nature, and she right now seems to have the upper hand. which is not to say that these roads are not passable. people have been out, including those who had to be out. and let's hear from one of those people who we talked to earlier today. >> it's pretty bad. this morning was a little rough, but the snowplows are doing a pretty good job. if you don't absolutely need to go to the roads, i would not drive today. but we have to be out here, you know. they've got to eat the shelf, they're eating good, so we have to make sure our customers are happy. >> reporter: you know if nothi else goes on, there will be plenty of potato chips. he has to be out here, but he's doing it with caution. fortunately, he said the worst thing they've seen on the road today was a car being pulled out of a ditch by a tow truck. we know it's worse in some places, but fortunately down here not too bad at this point, but we're still, i guess, a little bit before the middle of this whole snow incident. we are live in st. mary's
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back to you. >> well, guys, we continue to have snow falling throughout our region. and, you know, as we go through the remainder of the day, we are looking at snow eventually changing to a little bit of a mix, possibly, and we will see that mix change to rain overnight. so we're sinking 4 to 8 inches mainly from stafford county and areas to the north. southern maryland has already gotten walloped a little bit. we've gotten reports of 7 inches of snow. i'm live on facebook right now. i'm asking, do we need to get out and shovel this snow? we were just talking about it. we're going to get this snow and a layer of ice on top of it. ice is coming by sunset. i would say any time from the late afternoon to the early evening. that's when we're going to start to see the warm air push in and that's when we'll start to see that change over to freezing rain and possibly some sleet. then we're going to have rain. look at these temperatures going up. in fact, they will go up overnight. we're going to top out in the
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everything. there's your question if you actually want to go ahead and shovel if you haven't already. it's a fluffy snow and that's why it's accumulating so much. we've got that 7-day, we've got warming temperatures. we'll show you that in a few minutes. >> lauryn, thank you. now to decision 2016 and the newly fired-up feud between jeb bush and donald trump. both republican presidential hopefuls critiqued each other at the gop debate in south carolina. this morning trump took to twitter, commenting on the fact that former president george w. bush will join his brother on the campaign trail today. trump said, quote, funny that jeb didn't want help from his family in his failed campaign and didn't want his brother nor his mother. trump talks about how he plans to handle his rival this morning on the talk show. >> he's a bully. you have to stand up to him, and i'm the only guy standing up against him. there is nothing in his past
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important to stand up to him. do it respectfully, do it with vifl civility, but you can't allow him to take over this party. former new york governor is facing shocking new allegations. eliot spitzer is accused of choking a woman in her mid-20s at the plaza hotel in manhattan. spitzer resigned from office back in 2008, you might remember, after being linked to a prostitution ring. spitzer has not been charged and denies this latest report. a sad afternoon ahead for the harper county community. you'll remember two of its deputies died in a shootout outside a crowded panera. a viewing is set for 2:00 today. the funeral is wednesday. a viewing is set for officer
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anger over air strikes. the charity doctors without borders says they targeted a hospital in syria today. doctors without borders says seven people, including five patients, were killed. in addition, eight staff members are missing and believed to be dead. doctors without borders didn't say who it believes launched the air strikes but called them a, quote, deliberate attack. a trans-atlantic flight bound for new york is back on the ground after a laser was beamed into the cockpit. it was a virgin atlantic flight. it returned to london's heathrow airport on sunday. the flight crew decide to do return there rather than continuing the trip. the airline apologized to passengers and gave them free hotel rooms. one passenger was actually relieved to land. >> if anything had happened, it had to be really serious. it could have put everyone on the plane in danger. it's just nice to know that we're safe now. >> last word, no arrests have been announced in this laser
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incident. weather remains the big story today. it is snowing now, but that is just the start. ice and rain could be the problem tonight. and don't forget, you can watch news4 midday from anywhere. all you need is your smartphone and tablet. just open your nbc
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right now snow continues to fall across our area and will most of the day before turning to rain. lauryn will have an update in just a few minutes. meanwhile, the salvation army is stepping up to help those in need dealing with this winter weather we've got. a group called great patrol is helping keep the homeless warm and fed. volunteers make eight stops across the district. they also bring people to shelters where space is available. >> great patrol not only has a warm feel, some hot cocoa, sometimes hot coffee, they also have hats, gloves, scarves,
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we provide those materials. >> the great patrol, which takes its name from the grates out there that many of the homeless sleep on, has been in the d.c. area for about 30 years. happening today, maryland college students are joining the push for sexual consent policies at colleges. they are considering a proposal called yes means yes. it requires colleges to develop a policy where students need to mutually agree to have sex in advance. more than 100 students are expected to rally in downtown annapolis just after 6:00 tonight. take a look at mclean, virginia at this hour. we're keeping an eye on changes out there. we're back at 11:30 with an effort by road crews to keep ahead of the snow that's falling. pl
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we're waiting on an update on when or if the national parks will open today.
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that they would open late. the national zoo, however, is closed today. they made that announcement earlier. lauryn, what can we expect the rest of the day as far as the weather goes? >> some more winter weather. that's what we're going to see and that's what we're getting right now. you see that snow. we have a little bit of a dry line coming south of fredricksburg. as it moves to the north and east, we'll get a little drying out period. it's not over, though, at all. we'll see even more come our way. and then tomorrow, look at these temperatures. in fact, they will go up overnight. they're going to start to go up later on this afternoon and into the later evening. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll be in the mid-50s. as these temperatures start to come up and we get that warm air aloft, we'll see a changeover from snow to freezing rain and eventually rain after midnight. and heavy rain. we have flood watches out there for the area rivers, and we'll talk about those in a little bit. but first i want to talk about low 50s tomorrow. if you don't want to go out and shovel, maybe you just want to wait until tomorrow.
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to wash it away. everything is out of here as we go to tuesday night. wednesday and thursday look good but we're whackback in the 40s. and the weekend, low 60s by the time we get to saturday. developing now, fire investigators are working to figure out what started the massive fire in new york. it burned three buildings in brooklyn overnight. take a look at the top floor of one of them completely up in flames here. it took 140 firefighters to get these flames under control. multiple people, including two firefighters, were hurt. they are expected to be okay, though. the military blimp that caused all kind of confusion over maryland last year. that blimp floated free of its tether and went all the way to pennsylvania. now the pentagon says missing batteries could have changed the story here, powering a device that would have deflated the blimp a couple miles from where it broke free. that's according to the "new york times." they found design, procedural and human issues are all partly o
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you're going to want to stay close to your tv today. pat collins is live with a brand new snow stick challenge. plus, why you're being asked to stay off the roads if you can this morning. take a look. many of them are still covered with snow. our i-team continues on this weather alert day after
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right now eastbound route 50 as reopened under fairview park
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because of a crash. it was one of dozens of traffic accidents that virginia state police responded to before 7:00 this morning. molette green is tracking conditions in fairfax and she joins us live from mclean and can tell us how it's looking. it is really coming down. hey there, molette. >> reporter: yes, barbara, it is coming down. you can see there is a family behind me. they've been shoveling the driveway in front of their street for about an hour now. in the last 30 minutes, we have seen plow trucks make several passes on this particular street. and as you can see, the snow is still covering the road here. vdot and virginia state police urging drivers to reallyé[xv s off the roads, describing them as treacherous. virginia state police reporting more than 60 crashes just this morning alone. one of them deadly, somebody lost their life
11:30 am
county this morning. road crews are thinking ahead for when the snow stops and we see freezing rain. it will add another layer to an already dangerous driving condition. that is the latest live from mclean, virginia in the tyson's corner area. molette green, news4. all right, guys, welcome back. yeah, we continue to watch the snow on the radar. look at this again. i've been pointing out this lull. we're already starting to see some sleet. yes, some sleet now falling throughout richmond, even the blacksburg area. we check the observation. but tom and i were just talking. it's really a race to see how much warm air we can get in here before we start to see this bunch move in. we will start to see maybe a little bit more snow or that changeover happen a bit earlier. that's really what we're watching right now. it's a now forecast type of thing.
11:31 am
already some flash flood watches with area rivers and we'll continue to see those temperatures rise again in the lower to mid-50s as we go through the day tomorrow. it looks like that rain should be out of here late tomorrow night. i say late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. guys? >> thanks, lauryn. as lauryn showed us, the snow is coming down right now, and you know what that means. >> that meanshere is another pat collins snow stick challenge. pat is live
11:32 am
how can folks win? >> aaron, barbara, it's snowing. many people have the day off, and you know what that means. it's time for another pat collins snow stick challenge. now, this is what's at stake. it's an official pat collins snow stick. we have markings on one side of all the big storms we've had in the city, and of course a way to measure the snow of the day. i'm going to tell you how you can get one of these in a minute, but let's do a measurement first. we're going over here to some untouched snow here in connecticut and fesiden. it's about 11:30 and we have over three, maybe three and a half inches of snow here. three and a half inches of snow. now, because today is president's day, we're going to ask you to do something patriotic. go out in the snow, do something patriotic in the snow. do something wi
11:33 am
that's patriotic. take a picture of that. send that picture t to @patsnowstick. the most patriotic gets the stick. it's the official pat collins snow stick challenge. we're looking for your best patriotic snow picture. now back to you. >> that little disclaimer was like a slap in the face. we know we can't win. we'll join the pictures, though. all right, pat, thank you. on this weather alert day, there are a few changes to let you know about if you plan to take metro. metro bus operating on a severe snow service plan. that means sfervice is limited o major routes only. since it's also a holiday, metro is running on the saturday schedule. all fares are off-peak and it's free to park in metro parking garages today. also make sure you
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we'll update you on delays and closings around the area. now to the fallout after the unexpected death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. some think president obama should hold off and let his successor nominate a replacement. who could the next one be? >> reporter: as justice antonin scalia's flag-draped casket arrived in washington overnight, his nomination is under way. >> i plan to fulfill my responsibilities to announce a successor. >> reporter: the white house says that will not happen this week while the white house is on break. but with flags at half staff, they are considering it. >> it should be rejected based on the history of how president obama selects judges. if there's no vote, that's fine, too. >> reporter: the court is in the middle of its terwi
11:35 am
now and july. without conservative scalia, key cases could end up in a tie. >> we will see unlimited abortion on demand throughout this country. partial birth abortion, tax funding, no parental notification. >> reporter: democrats insist the country should not have to wait for nearly a year for the next president to decide. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice. >> i don't think the public will look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what he is supposed to be able to do. >> reporter: now, this is not just about republicans battling the president, they're battling each other, too. ted cruz has a new ad out that will be running in south carolina arguing that donald trump, if he wins, also should not be selecting the next supreme court justice. he thinks trump's record is too liberal. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. tmz apparently paid more than $100,000 for that now
11:36 am
infamous ray rice video. this is according to the new yorker. the first version of that video showed then raven's running back, ray rice, dragging his fiancee, jay palmer, to an elevator. the extended video that showed him knocking her out got him released. that opened a flurry of questions pointing to the nfl's handling of that entire situation. tmz says the costs in the new yorker's investigation are overblown. we're not the only ones dealing with this winter weather. take a look at how big this storm system is.
11:37 am
right now a large winter storm is blanketing the east coast, including north carolina. the snow there complicating morning commutes. icy roads closed several stores in mt. airie. there were several minor
11:38 am
injuries this morning. i'm megan fitzgerald. here at the live desk we're following a developing story out of montgomery county. investigators just identified the woman who died in that crash near travilia road. the 18-year-old passenger, christina koutsoukos was transported to anrea hospital but she didn't make it. the driver, 21-year-old brandon bussert, was traveling westbound when he somehow veered off the roadway and crashed into a concrete wall. the cause of this crash is still under investigation. barbara? no school, no work, stay at home. this is why it's hard to see and get around today. look at all that snow coming down. lauryn is back after the break
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welcome back, everybody. i'm meteorologi
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we're getting a bit of a break. the bulk of the snow continues to move to the north and east, warm air pushing in from the south. we're starting to see that changeover already happen in richmo richmond, already happening in blacksburg. then it's going to be the trend as we continue into the afternoon and early evening. if you're at work right now watching me and if you want to get away and plan on leaving a little early, give it about 30 minutes if you're in the northern virginia area, about 30 to 45 minutes if you're in baltimore. wait until we start to see that little break in precipitation and then try to get on the area roadways. even though they are snow covered, i wouldn't suggest it, but if you need to get home, that's what you need to do. we already have two to three inches of snow, with ice on top of it. we'll give you the timeline in a few minutes. to your health, teen boys who don't get enough sleep may be at risk for diabetes. researchers monitored sleep patterns in 700 children over time. f
11:41 am
restorative sleep as they got older were more likely to develop an insulin resistance which can lead to type 2 diabetes. there was apparently no risk for girls. so it turns out that talking in class might actually be a good thing for some people. researchers did a study of college students who chatted during classes. >> it showed students who talked with peers in class had a greater sense of belonging and enjoyed the class more. i guess it depends on what they're talking about. if they're talking about the subject matter -- >> did they learn anything or were they talking about football and tennis shoes? >> who knows. in maryland, the state highway officials are asking everybody to slow down. reports of too many people going too fast on covered roads, snow-covered roads. a live report from the storm team 4
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
storm team 4 showing snow still falling across our area. one of the hardest hit areas around here, southern maryland. that is where news4's derrick ward is for us this morning in the storm team 4x4. hey, derrick. >> good morning. we just crossed into charles county. conditions are improving here. the snow hazlet s let up some. you can see the roadway. you have two passable lanes, one certainly more than
11:45 am
but not a lot of traffic. that is the key thing today. with this being a holiday for so many folks, people did have the option to stay off the road, skpin deand indeed, a lot of them did. but we ran across folks who had to be on the road. we talked to one guy. >> you can handle it pretty well. just know the turns, watch out for traffic, check your braking and everything. >> did you see anything going on? >> coming up around 95, we saw a tow truck pulling a car out of the ditch. that was about it. >> he was o >> reporter: he was out in a box truck. but if you gotta, you gotta. earlier the johnson town bridge closed down earlier this morning because of icy conditions on that bridge. that takes you to solomon island from the main roads here. it's been open for a few hours now. no more problems. we did see one car off in the ditch. that is the danger that you run when you have passable roads but you take them a ltt
11:46 am
so caution order of the day. we're live in charles county. derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> guys, yes, we've got temperatures that are trying to come up a little bit. they're stuck in the 20s right now. but actually the temperature is going to rise throughout the evening and overnight. in fact, we're going to be in the low 50s tomorrow. sigh lot of people live on facebook right now. you can either go to nbc washington on facebook or lauryn ricketts. the main question i'm getting, when is the snow going to end? when is it going to change to ice? when are we going to see the rain? we have a little break in the snow. we're going to start seeing that in the next 30 minutes in the greater washington area, baltimore area, 30 to an hour. then we'll see it change from sleet to freezing rain. we're seeing pockets of freezing rain mainly south, then a change over to lane late tonight. i would say after about midnight, we'll see that change over to rain. could get a break at times, and then it's going to be heavy tomorrow rain. could get upwards of an inch in spots. here's the break i was talking about. it
11:47 am
area, and then up towards baltimore in the next 45. look at this changeover right now. already coming to the south here in st. mary's county. that warm air moving in, so that changeover to sleet and freezing rain going to happen late this afternoon throughout the evening, and then we'll start to see that changeover to rain overnight and through the day tomorrow will all be rain. that's what we're looking at, but still, risk the freezing rain and ice tonight. it's going to be dangerous out there when that changeover happens. please get to where you need to go. that lull could happen in the next hour or so. keep it here. guys? new this morning, a major donation that could change the lincoln memorial. tom sherwood is live on the national mall where philanthropist david rubinstein made the big announcement today. tom? >> reporter: let's get to the point. barbara, you see all the tourists here.
11:48 am
million visitors a year. david rubinstein, the philanthropist, just announced today a gift of $18.5 million, part of a renovation four-year project to fix the lincoln memorial which opened in 1922. it needs a new roof. i'm told lincoln himself, the statue, needs a bath. underneath the lincoln memorial, you go up the steps to see the monument, but underneath is a huge cavernous area. there is a dinky 1800-square foot underneath mthe memorial now. after the renovation, there will be a 16,000-square-foot space to learn about the memorial. let's hear what david rubinstein had to say. >> he kept the country together, he kept the union together, he ended slavery. we're very fortunate that he has been our president, our 16th president. we're very fortunate thth
11:49 am
memorial stands in honor of him. so all americans and all citizens of the world, when they have an opportunity to learn about america and a great american, nothing could be more important than visiting the lincoln memorial. >> reporter: it's going to need a new roof here, among other things. it's going to be a four-year project, and before i throw it back to you guys, i want to show you the shot down toward the reflecting pool. the reflecting pool is empty and the washington monument is there in the misty snow here. again, it's president's day, a perfect day for an announcement about the lincoln memorial. i'm tom sherwood live on the national mall. back to you guys. >> indeed, tom. thank you. virginia's department of transportation wants to relieve some of the congestion on 95 where the express lanes merge. a lot of the problems are in north stafford where cars have to slow down and traffic backs up for miles, really. commuters can weigh in on plans to fix that problem in a meeting on wednesday. you can give feedback starting at 6:00 at poole middle school in stafford county. again, that's wednesday night. right now president
11:50 am
and trade with southeast asian leaders. the meeting in southern california is the first of its kind to happen in the u.s. the summit is happening as the nation increases its efforts to counter china's growth. former maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown says his democratic congressional campaign is not authorized to use the naacp logo and name. as the "washington post" reports, the logo appeared in a message that staff members sent last week. brown said the message entitled "happy anniversary, naacp" was not an endorsement of his campaign by the naacp. that group does not endorse candidates for public office. we would like to see what conditions are like at your house. after the break, your snow pictures. stay with us.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. winter weather is leaving its mark
11:52 am
in our region, virginia state police are warning you to stay off the icy roads. check this out. in indiana those icy conditions causing this 60-car crash yesterday. according to flight aware, hundreds of flights have already been canceled as well. in our area many schools were already closed for the holiday. your job may have let you stay home from work today, so we want to see photos of what you were doing using #holidayshibernate showing how you're keeping warm. if looks like right here bruce, he and his buddies and the whole family have the idea. staying at home, staying nice and cozy, while lindsay is staying safe inside while her little doggie is going his business in stafford, virginia. keep in mind we are expecting 3 to 6 inches of snow throughout the day. some of that could turn into ice which means a freezing problem as well as flooding. please stay safe. tomorrow is another weather alert day. back to you. >> thanks to angie and we will get our final
11:53 am
team meteorologi
11:54 am
welcome back, everybody. as you know, a high impact event. slow and slick travel not only now, but icy and wet through the afternoon. please take it slow if you need to go anywhere. i just say get a netflix movie and hang out inside on this holiday because it is a little dicey out there. snow continues to fall but look at the bulk of it. points north and east, warm air already moving in just to southern maryland. well, the tip of southern maryland. and coming in southeastern virginia and all the way to just south of i-64. that's going to continue to push in here, too. all of this moisture will eventually change over to that mix late afternoon throughout -- m mid-afternoon throughout the early evening. late tonight it will change over to rain.
11:55 am
as rain comes our way. so again, temperatures are going to be on the rise and that's when we'll see that changeover happen. midnight tonight we could have some rain and then i do believe we will have some heavy rain. by tomorrow we'll have to watch for flooding. if you don't want to go out and shovel, maybe wait for this rain to take everything away. temperatures will be in the mid-50s by tomorrow afternoon. guys? >> that is a smart idea. lauryn, thank you. it is the biggest night in music. >> we're talking about the grammys. rumors are flying about who is going to take home the awards. mike wilbur has the scoop. >> reporter: it looks to be the year of kendrick lamar who leads the pack with 11 nods at this year's grammy awards. >> here's the thing. grammys feel like they have to make it up to kendrick. >> reporter: the leading editor at rolling stone thinks it's kendrick's turn to sweep the academies. >> you may remember two years ago he had numerous nominations in some of the big categories, and he did not w
11:56 am
major categories. so many people were surprised. >> this year's line-up on stage is also impressive. >> the performers are always look to go make an impression. >> reporter: he expects big things from r rihanna. lady gaga will perform. adele will also perform this year. lionel ritchie who sang the 1980 classic "hello" is set to perform as well. justin bieber who didn't make the cut in the major categories will also perform. mike wilbur, nbc news. >> should be a pretty good show tonight. >> everybody is going to stay home. that's it for news4 midday. we thank you for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4. >> you can get your news or weather updates any time with your nbc washington app. don't drive too fast if you have to go out.
11:57 am
you'll be here at 4:00 a.m., right? >> so i
11:58 am
it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like the kitchen is light and bright,new.
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>> announcer: today on the meredith vieira show, we are are talking "what's hot now". shaquille o'neal threw his son a sweet 16 bash. were the gifts over the top? and why one couple is suing their neighbors and jillian michaels is dishing on why her life is a reality show. >> discover how the dad turned this tragedy in a touching tribute to his daughter. >> announcer: don't miss the emotional moment from the grammy nominated albuchlt starts on meredith. [applause]


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