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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> i'm chris lawrence. there's a winter storm warning across our region, but because of the holiday, it hasn't caused too many cancellations. if you've been outside, you know it has not been easy to get around today. >> and from the snow to the sleet and the freezing rain, from southern maryland to northern virginia and here in the district of columbia, storm team4 is tracking it all for you. let's get straight to our meteorologist in the storm center. >> guys, we saw that snow start coming down overnight last night. some locations picking up a lot of snow, especially just down to the south, but now all that snow changing over to freezing rain and that has some other issues to contend with tonight. >> and we're going to watch for rain and again it's going to be heavy rain tomorrow at times which could cause flooding. >> take a look at the radar. we have snow falling up around frederick, baltimore, hagerstown, leesburg, but we are now dealing with freezing rain for the most part. most of the time it's on the light side and that's going to be the case as we move through t
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rain to the south. very splotchy in nature. the real precipitation, the real area of rain way back to the west. but by the time that gets here it will be warm enough for all rain. we still have to contend with the areas of freezing rain. take a look at the numbers. 29, the temperature right now in d.c. only 23 in martinsburg. that tells us that it will be prolonged periods of freezing rain as we move through the night tonight. some locations picking up a tenth to potentially a quarter inch of freezing rain. and that's why we still have the winter storm warnings in effect for everybody in the pink. montgomery county, anne arundel, and howard county, but everybody else under that winter storm warning. the next thing, we did have areas of snow this morning and that caused a lot of problems out there. lauren is here with some of the snow totals we saw. >> some of the snow totals and the reason we had the high snow totals, it was so darn cold. for every one inch of water you get 20 inches ofow
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we didn't see 20 inches but we saw upwards of nine in calvert county. 8 in st. mary's county. in d.c. we got 4. further to the north and west, under 3 inches of snow accumulation. win chest bchester an inch and . southern mad gryland got a lot. as we continue into the road forecast, areas of ice tonight because we have that freezing rain that doug was talking about, that can continue into tomorrow morning. especially north and west of town. by tomorrow afternoon we think we'll be good but we will have some flooding to deal with. >> that's exactly right. the next weather comes with the potential for rain. >> for drivers who ventured out in virginia, it was the early hours of the storm that were the most challenging. >> julie carey was on the road for hours checking conditions. she joins us live. she's in south riding in loudoun county. what did you find
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>> reporter: hey, guys. i've got this up so you can see what's coming out of the sky right now. it's freezing stuff, either sleet or freezing rain. i'll leave it to doug to tell you which. but out and about today, we have seen plows absolutely everywhere, which is why what we are mostly seeing on main roads, just off the loudoun county parkway, roads are just wet, but early this morning much more treacherous conditions. in fact, state police report that there is one fatality tied to this storm. out near marshall, virginia, where an suv hit a snowplow head on killing the driver of that suv. we saw another one later today out in ashburn parkway -- out in ashburn rather off of loudoun county parkway. early this morning the subdivisions still snow covered. as the day wore on and the plows got to work, this is pretty light and fluffy stuff, to two
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get rid of it in pretty quick order. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we'll check in with the snow shovellers to see how they rate this snow. back to you now in the studio. >> thanks, jules. right now in the district the crews are working to keep the drivers and pedestrians safe from the snow and the ice. mark segraves is live along kennedy street in northeast. what's it like out there? it looks pretty. >> reporter: hey, wendy. yeah, it's a winter wonderland out here. this is a pretty typical side street, kennedy in northeast. a plow just came through here about a minute ago, but still slushy, still messy, and prime for freezing over tonight. but take a look at north capital street, one of our major roads. all but clear, just a very wet road, and that's how most of the rager roads throughout the district look right now. take a look over here. this is going to be the problem facing most problem tomorrow
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many sidewalks that didn't get cleared and will freeze over tonight and could pose a real hazard tomorrow morning. we spoke with the director of dpw in d.c. earlier this afternoon about how his crews are attacking the roads. >> we've actually been at work since 11:00 p.m. last night. and so we're on 12-hour shifts until the snow is up and the roads are clear. >> reporter: now, mayor bowser has once again exempted residents from the legal requirement to shovel their sidewalks, but businesses could face fines if they don't do it and inspectors will be out checking businesses but not residences. as for metro, metrobuss are running on a severe weather delay, that means only on major routes and there will be delays. metrorail is running on a saturday schedule because of the holiday. reporting live in northeast, chris, back to you guys. >> what a difference from one street to the other. thanks, mark. here is a live look at some of the roads in our area. highway officials are promising to keep them salted as they try to prevent them from
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in maryland each route takes about an hour to complete, so keep in mind some roads will be more dangerous than others. transportation reporter adam tuss is out in the storm team4 x 4. you're in the fort washington area now. what is it looking like out there? >> well, chris, what we've seen in the last even couple minutes is that changeover to rain. you can see the main road there to the right, that's 210. that's looking already right now and you still got to take your time but come over here to a side street and this part of the area started to see a little bit more snow, and this is what you're dealing with here, and right here there's a little bit of glaze in this particular area. so you got to be really careful if you're coming down to some of these feeder roads that head out to your neighborhood. that is what you're going to have to watch for. of course, everyone b
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talking about the freeze and what's going to happen with that. the snow pretty much is done with here. we got to worry about the rain, see what happens with that. we'll drive around all over the area. tell us what you're seeing out there. back to you guys. >> thanks, adam. i think you could tell from julie, mark, and adam, the snow wasn't as disruptive as it could have been because a lot of folks were off for presidents day. >> which is a good thing but pat collins did not have the vacation. he's been thinking about his latest snow stick challenge given the holiday. he's live on connecticut in northwest. what you got cooking there, pat? >> reporter: well, wendy, do you want one of these? do something patriotic in the snow. do something patriotic with the snow. it's presidents day. there's snow on the ground. let's get this challenge going. there is something about the snow that accentuates the majestic nature of our monuments. the jefferson
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just under 4 inches. hey, can we get a little patriotism here? ♪ i'm a yankee doodle dandy ♪ yankee doodle do or die >> reporter: the washington monument. it is postcard pretty. and the snow here about 3 1/2 inches deep. the lincoln memorial. how much snow is here? don't take my word for it. listen to some cub scouts from leesburg. how many inches of snow do we have here? >> 4xd 1/2. >> reporter: can they do something patriotic in the snow? you bet they can. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice -- >> reporter: you got to love those cub scouts.
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patriotic in the snow, take a picture of it, send it to pat's snow stick and you could end up with an official pat collins snow stick. coming up at 5:00, i'll show you some of the eninterest trieentr are super. >> thanks, pat. love the yankee doodle dandy guys. >> and as you mentioned, the kids hands on heads. >> whether it's snow, sleet, freezing rain, or nothing at all, keep us posted on what you're seeing outside. storm team4 is tracking the radar all night long. and flags flying at half-staff as we check in on the campaign trail as the top candidates react to the death of
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this is a storm team4 weather alert. >> well, we're tracking all of it here on the storm team4 radar. mixed bag of stuff. maybe we have a little bit of snow. we're mainly seeing freezing rain and thanks to the twitter followers i have i'm getting reports of sleep in the shenandoah valley. you can see how spotty it is. then we've got all this that's going to move through. we have heavy rain going to be knocking on our doorstep overnight and then through the morning rush. so this is what we're looking at. temperatures are actually rising, and we're going to be at 30 at 8:00 p.m. but look at that, 32 by midnight. we're up to near 40 by 7:00 a.m. but it's a messy morning commute. we'll be talking more about that in a few minutes. if you're planning to use metro tonight, the system is running on a saturday schedule. that means metro is
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off-peak fares. trains only run every 12 minutes. park something free as well. stations are going to close at midnight. >> lauryn just took you through the forecast for the next 24 hours. doug will be back to go over the seven-day forecast and he's talking about simpsons in the 60s. >> the one thing you don't want to do with your phone, your iphone. what some people are doing that automatically kills it. >> and billy bush from quk access hollywood" we'll be talking about
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and thanks to president day it's nice to not be fighting the afternoon commute because look what you would be in. all that snow and freezing rain. and right now we're going to take a look at a live picture of the white house where flags are flying at half stf -staff in hof supreme court justice antonin scalia. the plane carrying his casket arrived at dulles just before midnight. just as i died of apparent natural causes on saturday, he served on the high court for 30 years. 79 years old. justice scalia was a reliable if not the most reliable conservative vote on a divided court, so maybe it's no surprise that republicans and democrats are already arguing over whether president obama has the right to appoint a nominee of his choosing. we have new reaction from the campaign trail. this is all they've been talking about, brian. >> reporter: absolut
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justice scalia would have loved. at its core it's the letter of the law versus the intent of the founding fathers in writing the constitution. even as washington prepares to say farewell to justice antonin scalia, it's at war over his replacement and whether president obama should make the choice. >> this country has not gone with a year-long vacancy on the supreme court since the civil war. >> reporter: democrats are outraged by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's declaration he won't consider a nomination until the next president takes office, and that battle has spread from congress to the campaign trail. >> the senate has a duty to consider that and to decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates. >> i'm not saying that obama shouldn't do it. i'm just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen. >> reporter: republicans are vowing to make this election a referendum
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president will fill that open seat. >> we were reminded on saturday evening by an untimely death of what the stake are in this election. >> we are one justice away from losing our fundamental rights in this country. >> reporter: but not everyone is comfortable with this fight. >> scalia dies in one second after he's dead they're already starting to fight about politics. >> reporter: politics but both sides agree on the stakes. a seat that could determine the high court's direction for decades to come. and legal scholars point out that republican nominees have been in the court's majority for the past 44 years. chris? >> all right. thanks, brian. brian was talking about the campaign. well, in just over an hour, former president george w. bush is going to arrive in south carolina to rally support for his brother jeb. president bush won a bruising south carolina prescribe marry on the way to the white house. now the bush presidency is part of this year's campaign thanks to donald trump. he criticized the
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and noted the september 11th attacks happened while bub bgeo. bush was in office. he will yoelliotiot spitzer investigation for an alleged assault. sources tell nbc news on saturday night spitzer and a woman in her mid-20s were headed up to one of the rooms. that's where he allegedly assaulted her. spitzer has not been charged and denies the report. if you recall, it was 2008 that spitzer resigned as governor because of a prostitution scandal at the mayflower hotel. today family and friends are remembering one of the two horford sheriff deputies killed in the line of duty. patrick dailey responded to a call at panera bread where a man named david evans shot him in the head. mr. dailey's visitation takes place until 9:00 tonight and again tomorrow with a funeral
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wednesday. visitation for deputy mark logsdon is on thursday and friday. his funeral is on saturday. we've got a bit of a hassle on this as we start the week and we already have some school closings, doug. >> yeah. those school closings, stafford county, spotsylvania county, two of the hardest hit counties. some of those areas picking up 5 to 8 inches. and now we've got the freezing rain down towards that region and, again, the rain tomorrow morning. out there right now we're dealing with cold temperatures. 29 degrees, windchill down to 24. we're not dealing with much wind but we still have a little bit of a windchill. we're dealing with freezing rain in the district. still areas of snow and freezing rain to go. you can see what's happening on the radar. not a lot going on down to the south. we have a little bit of a lull in the action right now. you can see that, but still snowing. winchester, hagerstown, martinsburg, over towards frederick, montgomery county, but seeing that transition over to freezing rain right here outside our door here in northwest d.c.
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come down, and that will be a problem as we move on through the night tonight. here is the good news about this. here is where our freezing rain is coming from. notice there's not a lot, fairly splotchy. that's good news because the next part of the storm will be the rain, and that is not splotchy at all. extremely heavy rain. they've had tornado watches down to the south. the winter storm warnings continue to be in effect for most of northern virginia, southern maryland, and the district. winter weather advisories to the north. snow to ice. freezing rain right through midnight tonight. a tenth of an inch inside the d.c. metro to a quarter inch back to the west. expect those slick roads. here is future weather. timing it out for us. by early tomorrow morning around that 6:00 a.m., we're going to be seeing that freezing rain that's going to be making its way on in here. the snow moving up but 6:00 p.m. tonight. then look at
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that we see, freezing rain right on through the d.c. metro area back to the west. this is the time i think that we're really going to see the problems between, say, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight. as we move through the next couple days it is rain tomorrow and then much nicer conditions. take a look at the numbers. 54 on your tuesday. 48 on wednesday. 39 on thursday. 44 on friday, and wendy mentioned this weekend, yeah, we get that the 60s. we just have to get through tomorrow. >> loving that. >> hard to believe. well, obviously we are in weather alert mode all this evening as drivers brave that commute. >> yeah, you're going to want to stay with storm team4 all night long. we'll get you ready to head back to work tomorrow. plus, an overturned tractor-trailer leaves cows, that's right, cows, wandering on the virginia interstate. and "sports illustrated" is making history releasing not one but three covers that feature women with three body types.
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"acce hollywssoo
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well, the plows and the salt trucks were able to get on the roads today because it's a holiday. we don't have all that commuting happening. >> that's right. boy, oh, boy, you take a live look outside, you can see -- that's the thing, you can't see very much going on out there. we just checked the app as
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just pushed out an alert that stafford and spotsylvania county schools will be closed tomorrow. i guess it's not a surprise. >> because dog wug was saying t were hit the hardest. we had an interesting snowfall and now we have some sleet falling out there as a whole mess of rain and moisture starts moving into our area from the south. and that's going to be bringing some interesting weather later this week. the week is going to be ending very differently than how it begins. but when freezing weather hits, sidewalks and driveways can become dangerously slick and the best and safest de-icers on the market, we'll tell you about them next. cleaning up from today's snowfall with the hope that rain will wash most of this away. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news4, a look at how southern prince george' county fas re
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right now at 4:30, the snow is over. now comes the sleet, freezing rain, and ice. we've had our crews all over the area checking out conditions today. here is what it looked like in d.c. earlier at the height of storm. >> in loudoun county plows were out clearing the snow from the side roads ant the side streets. southern maryland usually escapes the brunt of the storm. this time they got the worst of it. it created lots of problems on the roads. >> the roads can be very dangerous toni w
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freezing rain and ice mix. >> storm team4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts is taking a closer look at where you live and what is next. >> it's really a little bit of freezing rain, maybe a few pockets of sleet, but mostly freezing rain. just know if you're headed out on the roadways, you're going to hit icy patches. we're not expecting this to change over until after midnight when the temperatures will actually rise. got a lot of questions today, and that was it for the snow. snow is done. now the second part is the freezing rain and the frozen aspect, and then comes the rain tomorrow. it's going to be heavy at times. temperatures right now, boy, they have held in the 20s for much of the day. it was cold in southern maryland. it was cold all throughout the area. we had a lot of snow in southern maryland, and then now again we're concentrating on the freezing rain. could get about a tenth of an inch of glaze, maybe some areas just a touch more, but mostly around a tenth of an inch or less. it will be slick travel. and then by the a.
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messy even though we're getting rain i think in the sheltered valleys we will see further precipitation by the early morning rush, but again weather alert day today, weather alert day tomorrow. school chances, i know everybody is talking about these. stafford and spotsylvania counties already canceled for tomorrow. school delays likely. just plan for that and keep it here because we're going to keep you updated on that. southern maryland, as we say, is often spared the big snow totals, but today it got hit pretty hard. tracee wilkins has been checking out the conditions there. he's in clinton this evening. tracee? >> reporter: what we're seeing right now is this kind of light freezing rain that's happening, and so it's a little slick, but earlier in the day the focus was on the snow, and again those slick roads and some problems it caused. let me show what you it looked like just a little while ago on route 5 cap 2. we happened upon a fender bender.
4:32 pm
but a guy going down the street hit a pentagon police officer's cruiser. that's just how slick the roads have been. we have been driving around the primary roads that look really good, but again had some slick spots, and residential communities we found that, of course, those roads have not been plowed yet and most of them looking very snowy and icy and slushy. some people already out shoveling and starting to get all of this stuff taken care of. we talked with prince george's county transportation officials who say they had to change up their plan because of additional accumulation from this storm. >> the original forecast said that we were going to have 1 to 3 inches. as you can see, it's continuing to snow, and we had planned to primarily have this as a salting event, but because of the continued accumulation of snow, we've had to actually do a little plowing as well. >> reporter: now, the snow in southern prince george's c
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around 3:30 and now we're seeing this freezing rain that's falling, and it's a little light right now, but it is, again, causing that slickness on the roadways. so they're asking everyone to stay in until after the last of this precipitation they're hoping that the rain we're expecting overnight is going to wash all of this stuff out and they won't even have to come to the residential roads. that's what they're hoping, but if it doesn't happen, they are going to start plowing tomorrow on residential roads with the focus being on primary roads today. coming up on news4 at 5:00, a closer look at how everyone is handling this additional snow after the blizzard. reporting live in clinton, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> thanks a lot. when we checked in with the storm team4 x 4 at the top of the show, adam tuss was in maryland. now he's in alexandria. what's it looking like there, adam? >> chris, the conditions out here are mainly just wet on the road right now.
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roll here through alexandria. as you try to make a turn on some of the side streets, there's a slushy accumulation here and the rain, depending on the temperature we get, that's going to be the big concern. now pulling in to a parking lot here. if this is cold enough overnight, then, of course, all the slush and slop that's out here on the roads and in the driveways and in the parking lots, that could potentially freeze, but if we get the rain to come in and wash all of this away, that will be the best case scenario. i got to say the road crews have done a pretty good job out here. everything that we're seeing with the chemical they've put down and the salt that they've put down at this point so far so good. so we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope things don't ice up for us. we'll drive all over the region tonight and let you know what we're seeing all around. back to you guys. >> adam certainly looks like he's enjoying the ride rather than standing on the side of the road. last
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were among those helping warm the homes of people struggling to pay their heating bills. our daily bread in fairfax is crowd funding to raise $16,000 by the end of this month. it would help dozens of faeg families, families who truly need and appreciate this help. >> it really made a difference during a tough time, and they're doing better now and they really appreciate the assistance. >> if you want to help, search heat assistance in the nbc washington app. with freezing rain on the way, you want to keep an eye out for slick spots on the roads, but don't forget about those sidewalks. consumer reporter susan hogan did so the dickime digging to f best de-icers around. >> we turned to "consumer reports." there are pros and cons. if you're in a time crunch and
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melter, "consumer reports" recommends calcium chloride but be careful. it can damage grass and plants when overapplied. the next three options are best for pet owners and gardeners. magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, and you're urea carbon nil diya mid. the third is the safest for asphalt and concrete. maryland's department of the environment warns all chloride compounds can be harmful to the environment when you use too much, and if you have some de-icer left over, store it in an airtight container or heavy duty trash can and keep it out of reach of your children and your pets. back to you. >> thanks, susan. the force awakens is a huge hit. well, it's time to start filming the next installment of "star wars." they started that today. we're learning about episode viii.
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storm team4 still tracking the rain, the snow, the freezing rain. well, we've got it all on the radar right now. snow, hagerstown, martinsburg, loudoun and montgomery county still seeing snow. still seeing snow around frederick, but the freezing rain n
4:40 pm
d.c., and it will continue to move north tonight as the warmer air moves in. take a look, this is the freezing rain area. not a lot of moisture with this so that's very good news. yes, we're still going to get that freezing rain. most likely through about the midnight hour, but a tenth of an inch of freezing rain will cause problems but it won't cause massive issues across the region. and it comes at night. then we get into this. look at all the moisture back here. a ton of rain down to the south, even severe weather. temperatures right now only in the 20s. they're going to stay that way through the night. that's why we have a winter storm warning in effect here in the pink, because of now the change over to freezing rain and the change over to potential freezing rain right on through the early morning, and then a flood watch in effect right through tomorrow night. we'll talk much more about the rain aspect. lauryn has that in a couple minutes. of all the problems doug and the team have told you about, this may be the most unusual. this morning in frederick county, virginia, there was a roundup on the road when a truck full of
4:41 pm
i-81. this is a photo of a veterinarian helping the troopers recapture six animals that escaped in the crash. unfortunately, six others did not survive. this afternoon the trucker has been charged with reckless driving. something interesting in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition this time and it's not just the articles. today "si" announced you can see some of the photo shoots in virtual reality. if you haven't checked it out, there are three covers this year, including model ashley graham, who considers herself a plus sized model, although there's a lot of discussion about that. doesn't seem to be anything plus size about her. she looks kind of normal as we say. the annual swimsuit edition is read or seen by 60 million people a year. it's earned over $1 billion in its 52-year history. >> what they call plus size, we call -- i just call wow. >> i call it normal. i call it i wish i was that thin.
4:42 pm
rejoice. filming has started on the next installment of the "star wars" saga. walt disney announced shooting began on "star wars" ep episode viii today in the uk. harrison ford, mark hamel, and carrie fisher are all slated to make an appearance. laura dern and beninese yo del toro are going to join the cast. tonight "the tonight show" will be in los angeles starting tonight and all this week. >> it's fun to bring "the tonight show" around, on tour kind of. you can see different crowds and there's an energy here. we have good celebrity friends that will surprise us and have fun with us this whole week. >> that includes will fair rill and christina
4:43 pm
you can catch it on news4 after news4 at 11:00. this is a story or reporters have been following all year. emergency response time could soon improve in the district. news4's mark segraves broke the news. and a casual day on the slopes turns into a frightening rescue. two trams stop leaving dozens stranded 40eet in the air. f
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it's quarter to 5:00, and we're going too ta take a live at the radar right now. you can see some of the sporadic freezing rain coming in, but the big rain coming behind it. in about three minutes lauryn ricketts will join us talking about not only the rain tonight but what's going to be continuing all the way into tomorrow morning. it's for that reasonñ á spotsylvania and stafford already called off school. king george county schools will also be closed. by the end of the night you can probably add some more to that list. this is a story you saw first if you follow mark segraves on twitter. in less than 30 days the district will start using private ambulances to respond to certain 911 calls. the city has hired amr ambulance company on a temporary basis. the private emts will respond to nonlife threatening 911 calls from 7:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the morning seven days a week. amr is currently
4:47 pm
emts for that work. national certification is required. it's expected to pay 20 bucks an hour. i'm darcy spencer in montgomery county where police are continuing to investigate a fatal crash that claimed the life of a college student. the crash happened about 3:00 yesterday afternoon on travilah road in the potomac area of the county. police have identified the driver as 21-year-old bran da brassard. he was driving a dodge viper when he lost control and struck a concrete wall. police say speed was a possible factor in this crash. the victim, his passenger, identified as 18-year-old christina koutsoukos was a university of maryland student. she later tied from her injuries. coming up on news4 at 5:00, you will hear from an eyewitness and what she did to try to help. in montgomery county, darcy spencer, news4. the mayor from virginia admitted he stole $53 million from banks to fund a lavish
4:48 pm
killed him. police found osama al atari's body in upper marlboro. he lived in leesburg but his family reported him missing three days ago. six years ago he admitted to using phony life insurance policies to swindle millions of dollars in bank loans. police are looking for the person who killed him and trying to figure out why. the snowstorm that hit us has also blanketed parts of north carolina. snow fell last night into today in northwestern parts of the state. >> and in mt. airy the snowfall made for icy roads that led to school closure, several minor accidents have been reported, but no serious injuries. lauryn ricketts is in the storm center looking at what's coming down the pike in terms of rain. >> yeah, you're right. we had the snow, check that off the list. we got a little freezing rain and some pockets of sleet. that's the second phase of this storm, and then the third phase, lots of rain coming down. plain old rain because temperatures are actually going to go up overnight.
4:49 pm
big umbrella. a lot of you make your way back to work. you're going to need it as we could see anywhere from about 3/4 of an inch to about 1 1/2 inches of rain. that's why the national weather service put a flood watch for everybody. it was just for the area rivers, but now we're going to be watching it for everybody as we continue through the day tomorrow. so this flood watch goes through tomorrow night, and, again, that is for most of our viewing area. so look at the time right here. we're going to start at midnight. again, temperatures are going to come up. so we've got from now until about midnight where we are going to see that freezing rain and again pockets of sleet and then as that temperature comes up it will switch to plain rain. rain will continue heavy at times as we go through tomorrow morning, and again you're making your way back to work. look at all this knocking on our doorstep right in time. right towards the middle and towards the end of the morning commute coming our way. we could even have a few thunderstorms as well. this is 10:00 a.m. just around washington. some heavy rain coming through.
4:50 pm
here. we should be dry as we get into the afternoon. maybe a few more sprinkles but we could even get some clearing, maybe a few peaks of sunshine. keep your fingers crossed. temperatures, believe it or not, by tomorrow afternoon will be in the 50s. yes. so here is a look at the rainfall forecast. again, anywhere from about 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches of rain before this is all said and done. we'll have to watch for flooding issues plus the winds will pick up as well. could even have some power outages out there through the day tomorrow. we have that glaze of ice tonight and then here comes the rain. if you don't feel like going out and shoveling, i don't blame you, wait until the rain washes it all away. it will do that and everything will mostly melt by the time we get into tomorrow afternoon. guys? >> thanks, lauryn. we're keeping an eye on the radio conditions for you. julie carey in loudoun county, mark segraves in the district, and tracee wilkins is in clinton, maryland. that wint try mix is moving in d
4:51 pm
of accidents. you are still beingxd asked to avoid travel if you can. all of our reporters will have live reports coming up in just a few minutes on news4 at 5:00. and as storm team4 tracks this weather, you can get the newest forecast on the nbc washington app, and we send breaking weather alerts to you to keep you in the know. >> storm team4 will be updating the forecast throughout the night and news4 today will be going on early. you can catch them at 4:00 a.m. with weather, traffic, and the latest school delays. right now thousands of people lining the streets of southern mexico hoping for a glimpse of pope francis. this was the scene earlier today as he left a sports complex where he had celebrated mass. he then travelled to meet with representatives of mexico's indigenous population. that's some of the country's -- those are some of the country's least catholic groups and the pontiff presided over mass in three native languages for them, and the
4:52 pm
these indigenous languages for priests when they celebrate mass. the pope is midway through a five-day trip through that country. and on this presidents day, philanthropist david rubenstein announced he's donating $18 million to help refurbish the lincoln memorial. today reuben zion and the national park service took reporters on a tour of the monument, and he says what drew him to this project is his
4:53 pm
skiers, that's not what they liked. they had harrowing areas in subzero temps. those skiers included an 18-month-old baby that were trapped in two trams that broke down 40 feet up in the air where the temperature was minus 4 degrees. firefighters and ski patrols rappelled each person one by one through a trap door that was on the floor of the trams. officials say a mechanical issue caused this problem and the tramway is still closed today, as you can imagine. well, just ahead, we're working for you and with you to help good samaritans connect with a family that lost everything during a massive fire you watched play out live right here on news4.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
he was sure that he was going to drown. lifeguards pulled off a difficult rescue along the coast of san diego. a teenager got stuck in a cove sunday afternoon when a big wave swept him off the reef. lifeguards were able to swim out to the victim but had to use a crane to get him out of the water. the lifeguards said they conducted about a dozen rescues over the weekend. here at home a family lost everything in this fire, but now they're getting some help from strangers. as derrick ward reports, if you watched our coverage of the devastating fire in adelphi and felt compelled to help. >> reporter: there was the horror in the 911 calls reporting this fire. >> it's coming out the balcony door. and something just
4:57 pm
>> reporter: there were the rescues from the top floors and on the ground there were hea heartfelt e unions. two firefighters and three residents were injured. isadora and his family were refugees from bangladesh. >> we lost everything in the fire. >> reporter: there was help from neighbors and the red cross and a week ago they moved into a new apartment in silver spring but a stranger took it upon herself to do even more. >> we met, and i said help me help you. you have to tell me what you need. >> reporter: barbara francis saw news4's coverage of the fire and an interview with the family, who lost everything. >> i thought to myself, well, this is america. there's some place to live. >> reporter: with no other connection, francis enlisted others in her community and friends from her peace corps days. in short order, donations were pouring in. school spliupplies, clothing. >> outpouring,
4:58 pm
>> we are really, really grateful to her, and there's so many people that are coming to us and help us. >> reporter: it's still a struggle for the family but now they can rebuild their lives with some foundation and barbara francis hopes that foundation will include an understanding of the true american spirit. >> and that we really do in spite of political differences around the world, we give back and we help each other in need. >> she just came just like an angel god sent her to us. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >> our area is full of good folks. the goal is to help the family pay rent for a year whil they try to get back on their feet. if you'd like to help, open our nbc washington app and search working 4 you. right now at 5:00, a weather alert in northern virginia. i'm julie carey. this presidents day snow hasn't been too bad but the real concern is the roads tomorrow. and i'm adam tuss driving around in the storm team4 x 4 monitoring the conditions that will change by the time you head back to
4:59 pm
city to prince george's county. and i'm tracee wilkins in southern maryland where, as you can see, they got measurable snow in parts here. they may just need that pat collins' snow stick. >> reporter: and i have the latest snow stick challenge. want one of these babies? start thinking of something patriotic. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. >> and a live look at conditions at 5:00 from snow and sleet and freezing rain that's now falling across parts of our area and the next 24 hours will be messy, boy. >> here we go. round two, folks. we're already looking ahead to what could be a dangerous night on our roads. >> we have a team of meteorologists. they're monitoring the conditions and the changes going to be happening right now. >> doug, we begin with you. what's the latest? >> the latest is we're seeing that transition from snow over to freezing rain across the area. most of the area now seeing that freezing rain, but still tracking some snow, too. that snow on storm team4 radar jusup
5:00 pm
take a look outside. just a nasty, nasty evening. take a look down towards the national mall. you can see the washington monument right there. kind of obscured by what we've got coming down in the form of drizzle and just some really nasty, yucky conditions. take a look at the radar and we'll show you what's happening. again, very light precipitation now around the d.c. metro area down to the south, but you notice all the pink. that is freezing rain coming. still snowing around frederick, still snowing fed rick county, martinsburg. now, this is is what we're watching coming up across the region. notice the freezing rain area. not a lot of moisture here, but we will see that freezing rain right on through the night tonight, and that's why we still have the winter storm warnings in effect. temperatures well below freezing. 27 in gaithersburg. only 23 in martinsburg. it's going to take some time to warm above the freezing mark. again, that winter storm warning continues in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. i don't think it will last that hmong but 10:00 tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about this, the frang overnight tonight, that


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