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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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its banks, but the rain continued to fall and the snow continued to melt. this was the scene we discovered an hour later. the creek's water had surged on to the road. flooding it. the force of the stream clear to see and hear. this is the v-dot contract crew responsible for clearing this area. they were surprised to see the waters suddenly rise. >> it just broke over the bridge not too long ago. we've been coming through here since 7:00 a.m. yesterday. >> because the road hadn't been closed yet, we watched as one car after another rolled up, only to put on the brakes and turn around. >> normally they have it blocked off. but today they don't. >> we contacted v-dot. so did their contract crew to let them know about the unsafe conditions. it wasn't long before this team showed up. it pulled out their gear and had a barricade sed up. yet another weather transition. snow, to ice, to
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one day. >> we're going to be watching the high water and everything like that for the rest of the day and through tonight. >> shreve mill wasn't the only place where water posed a hazard. deep polls formed on dry mill road outside leesburg. forcing cars to take it slow. and check out this pond in the middle of a shopping center parking lot. and in fairfax county, a creek under flood-prone woodburn road was already nudging the bottom of the bridge. >> now expect this to be closed off for a while, i'm doing a little experiment here at the end of my 4:00 live report. i put my hat down on the street to see how much the water might recede in an hour's time. it only dropped back a foot. i expect this to be closed for some time. when i join you at 6:00, preparations under way at schools with the hopes that everything will be back to normal again tomorrow. back to you in the studio. >> wow, that looks like great falls. well, the sun is out and things are starting to warm up
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facebook posts, snow, blizzard lover that you are. you were thankful for the weather we're getting right now, huh? >> most definitely, guys. it's been a rough couple of weeks here. we had the blizzard, we've had a couple of storms since then. we had this monster storm over the last 24, 36 hours with snow and then ice. and then today, just rain and yeah even some flooding out there take a look outside. we'll show you what's been going on. we have seen the rain coming in and moving out across the region. the rain coming down heavily. we're picking up an upwards of rain. martinsburg. back to the shenandoah valley and close to an inch to the south. it's moving out. we have nice weather to look forward to another potential storm. talk about it all in my full forecast. just a few hours ago, the prince george's county council appointed a new police chief, hank stawinski, a 23-year veteran of that department. he'll hit the ground
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porn case against a library aide at a county school. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live with a look at that case and stawinski's other priorities in his new role. >> stawinski was born and raised in prince george's county. his father served this police department. and now he's the new chief. and with a unanimous vote from the county council. hank stawinski, a prince george's native and 23-year veteran of the police department, is appointed the new chief of police. >> you have my personal word that should i earn that trust today, know that it will be my daily work to earn that trust every day that follows. >> his coming into office as one of the county's most far-reaching cases of child sexual abuse is unfolding. >> it's very disturbing that he would manufacture trust so that he could abuse it. >> stawinski stood shoulder to shoulder with county leaders last week promising the county's full commitment to
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deonte carroway. facing multiple charges for creating child pornography and sexually abusing as many as 50 children. so far, 16 victims have been identified by police. >> my main concerns right now are did he work with anybody else. and how did he finance this? because that will tell us if there are additional victims out there that we're not aware of. right now that's our daily work. >> one of many high-profile cases that have tested stawinski's leadership skills as interim chief and demonstrated his ability to partner with the county state's attorney angela brooks. >> i find him to be the perfect mix of intelligence and integrity. you can't have one without the other. he's a scientist of sorts about crime. >> rechbd tony lee spoke on behalf of stawinski. saying areas of the county challenged with higher crime need his leadership. >> he's just good police. >> well stawinski was appointed again unanimously by t
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there were concerns raised by some council members including stawinski's ability to insure there's diversity within his department. coming up on news4 at 6:00, he addresses that and we talk more about what some of the other concerns were as well. reporting live in upper marlborough, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you. a long-time swimming coach at st. mary's college is now facing child porn charges. officers arrested andre bashens after searching his calvert county home on friday. we're told they seized a number of devices and found evidence of child pornography. barbins has been the swim coach at st. maries college in maryland for the past 18 years. the school tells us the assistant coach is now filling that role. we're learning more about the plans to honor antonin scalia, the supreme court's longest-serving justice. the body of justice scalia will lie in repose on friday in the great hall of the supreme court. if you'd like to pay respects, you can do so from 10:30
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the funeral detail still being worked out. likely to be held saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. justice scalia was in attendance when pope francis said mass there last year. justice scalia died this past saturday in texas at the age of 79. if you call 911 in the district in a few weeks, a private company may be the one to take you to the hospital. news4's mark segraves broke the story yesterday that a company had been closen and today the acting fire and ems chief explained how it will make room for other improvements in the department. >> when gregory dean took over as fire chief a few months ago, one of his top priorities was to fix the growing problem of slow response times. over the past several years, there were multiple reports of no ambulances being available for emergencies. last week, dean signed a deal with amr, one of the largest private ambulance services in t
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to handle nonlife-threatening 911 calls. >> if it's a nonlife-threatening nonevent, our goal is to et go our units back in service by having them transported by amr. >> dean says once a d.c. firefighter or paramedic decides the patient can wait for private transport, amr will be required to be at the patient's location within ten minutes. the chief says the new plan will also allow paramedics and firefighters to get much-needed training. and for the fleet to get much-needed maintenance. >> currently our members get on a rig and they go from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. no breaks, no food. anything. we need to also take care of our members. hopefully this will allow us to do all three of those things while improving the service delivery we provide to the community. >> now the private ambulance service is going to cost d.c. taxpayers about $12 million a year. but some of that money will be recovered through insurance payments for those transports.
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>> mark, what qualifications will these private ambulance personnel have? and who will have the authority to oversee them if things should go wrong? >> yes. i asked chief dean just about that. he said that they are going to have the d.c. -- first of all they will be certified by the department of health. they will have the same emt training and skills that d.c. firefighter has. now to your question about discipline and when something, if anything goes wrong, d.c. fire department will investigate any complaints that come in about private transports. if they decide that something is needed as far as discipline, they'll make raemgs to amr and it will be up to amr to take action this is a performance-based contract so there's an incentive for the company to adhere to any disciplinary recommendations that the department makes. >> mark segraves, thank you so much. a maryland family, at the center of
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annapolis. we weren't the only ones dealing with some wicked weather. we'll show you where some folks barely made it out alive after a possible tornado touched down. okay now, who gets the pat collins snow stick? we're getting real close to a winner. the final four coming up.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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hallelujah! >> those cheers are from rescuers who freed a woman trapped in her home after a possible tornado here this storm hit yesterday near century, florida. first responders and volunteers used any tools they could find to pull that woman out from underneath twisted metal and doors. well the woman was rushed to a hospital and is expected to survive. at least ten homes in that area were damaged or destroyed from the storm. a tornado caused this damage on the other side of florida. ft. lauderdale, severe weather stormed through this morning, tearing roofs off buildings and toppling large trees. the strong winds also toppled a tractor-trailer here on the highway. check this out. in the nearby beach, beach chairs were thrown into the water and boats flipped over. about 55,000 people lost power
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concerns now are about some flooding this evening after the quick melt we saw across much of our region. we saw some of the high waters earlier today in the takoma park area. >> this is sligo creek parkway and this is standing water. ponding water. one of the concerns as we operate under some concerns about high water coming on the heels of all the rain we've had and the melting snow. sligo creek is running high and fast because of those factors. something else that people are going to be concerned about in the days on the other end of this snowfall. in montgomery county, eric ward. news4. well the weather is warmer, the ice and snow melting. and yet -- a lot of kids are still home from school. we want to know what you think. did your school district make the right chose to close or delay classes today? participate in our flash
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we' survey. we'll show you the results after doug's forecast. >> i think they did make the right decision. even though temperatures were above freezing, with the rain we saw a lot of ice across the region this morning. caused a lot of problems on the roads. so good thing, i know my kids were excited to be home. i no he my wife was so excited to have them there. not really. take a look outside. we've got sunshine across the region. 49 degrees, winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. one of the warmest days we've seen in the last few weeks. 43 gaithersburg. 52 towards fredericksburg. a nice afternoon. a little breezy. but still quite nice. no rain to talk about. this was the rain we saw last night. it was snow first, then changed over to the ice, the nasty ice that coated everything. then it switched over to rain. could you see what's happening. some very heavy rain. even thunderstorms develop just to the east of d.c. moved up towards fill l.a. bringing in 50-65-mile-per-hour winds. those storms stay just to our
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radar will be quiet for days. that's very good news, there's a big storm system. we've got another storm making its way down from st. louis. it looked like it could come into our region a little bit earlier this week. not going to happen. it should stay down to our south for the most part. kind of fizzle out. down towards florida. we showed you the tornadoes, big-time storms down there. they saw tornadoes in the panhandle of florida, saw them down towards the southern portions of florida early this morning. they've dealt with a big mess. tornadoes in florida this time of year, not that rare and believe it or not, it has to do with el nino that was predicted with this el nino that florida could see a lot of severe weather during this winter and they've seen it for sure. for us tonight, we've got the cold air and the potential for a refreeze tonight. 28 degrees, gaithersburg, 29 in frederick. 27 back towards winchester. so expect areas of ice tomorrow morning, we have that one culpepper county, two-hour delay early tomorrow morning. i do expect to see more delays, i don't think we'll see any more
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surprised of the delays because of the ice. this evening, just wet. but tomorrow morning, areas of ice, expect delays, we've got new the yellow. it won't be a huge impact we don't have you in yesterday. just the yellow. a cautionary for sure. wednesday afternoon no problems. so i think schools may be a two-hour delay in some locations. by tomorrow afternoon, we're really in the clear. the forecast tomorrow, the impact forecast on the low side. clouds and sun. quiet, we've been in weather alert mode since last friday. so it's very good that not only are we out of it. we don't see another storm coming for at least the next six to seven days. as a matter of fact we've got great weather, 48 tomorrow, not bad. 39 on thursday, 44 degrees on friday with plenty of sun. saturday -- ah, saturday, 63 degrees, some sunshine. get out and about. i don't know, send the kids to the playground. do whatever you want. saturday right now is looking great. sunday also looking good. the next storm comes next tuesday, and i'm
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talk about it she's up at 5:45. ha ha! >> so what do you think? did your school district make the right choice to close or delay classes today? here's a look at the nbc washington flash survey? >> doug, you should shtick around for this next one, we're talking snow stick challenge. >> there's not snow out there any more. but we did get hundreds of clever entries to the latest challenge, our chief snow correspondent pat collins live at his office in northwest d.c. where there's no snow. >> first of all, doug, i got to talk to you. in the last 30 hours i've had like 19 changes of clothes. down, no down. boots, no boots. hat new york city hat, gloves, no gles. here i am at connecticut and look down here. it's grass. i swear to you, there was over three and a half inches of snow here
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i measured it. i have pictures of it. today, nothing. but we went ahead with the president's snow stick challenge yesterday. and we got scores and scores of entries. the entries were terrific. and it got real, real close. in the judging. but our judges managed to come up with the final four. it was president's day. and it was snowing. so it was time for another snow stick challenge. do something patriotic in the snow. do something patriotic with the snow. the best patriotic snow pics gets a pat collins snow stick. try saying that three times fast. we assembled a team of judges to select a winner. susan hogan, our consumer reporter. mark segraves, expert on all things district. and aaron gilchrist, our morning news anchor. make that good winner, aaron. they liked what they
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just sort of art-based. they're in the snow, they're carving out flags and being creative that way. other people just sort of literally threw themselves into it. >> we had a great showing and it was harder than i thought it was going to be to find a winner. >> using an olympic-style method, they graded the entries. here, now, in no particular order, the final four. george washington crossing the delaware. the iwo jima reenactment. the teddy roosevelt snow sculpture. anned two-man patriotic parade. ♪ ♪ >> so there's the final four which one would you pick? which one should be the winner? i can only tell you this -- wait until you see what happens to the winner. it's a good thing we have a picture.
5:20 pm
>> you know you got to love a challenge with a trumpet. >> we may hear that trumpet again. s hard enough to play, but to play and walk at the same time, that takes talent. >> you guys realize we only have two snow sticks left is what i'm hearing. >> only two? >> and mona, who sitting over here, she's responsible for ordering snow sticks. she said how many more storms could we have this year? >> it better be capped at two. buddy. >> whoa. >> we may have timed it perfectly. >> two more, pat. >> chief meteorologist and chief snow correspondent, what a team. thank you, guys. >> i'm root here. coming up, a lot of chatter about whether the contract talks with redskins quarterback kirk cousins have stalled. we made calls to get some answers. it was a crash on a marc train, between an marc train and an amtrak train that changed the way we commute. look back at that deadly accident 20 years
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if you live in fairfax county. find out why you could be paying more for taxes.
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virginia's primary is two weeks from today, it follows on super tuesday, i'm chris lawrence, we're getting a better sense of where voters in the commonwealth are leaning when it comes to the candidates. a new poll for t
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for public policy shows on both sides, the national front-runners are leading in virginia. so, take a look at the standings here. among the republicans trump has a six-point lead over his closest rival, marco rubio. senator ted cruz right behind. here's where things could get interesting. when you look at the favorability of these candidates. rubio actually has the highest among all the candidates. trump who is leading in the polls, the highest unfavorable rating on either side. for john kasich who placed second in new hampshire, here's the number to keep an eye on in yellow. 39%, nearly 40% of the voters didn't have a feeling about him one way or the other. don't know him. on the democratic side, hillary clinton, with a 12-point lead over bernie sanders. she, like trump, has a lower favorability rating and a higher unfavorable rating. but one area where she could benefit, take a look at this when asked whether they would be more or less likely to
5:25 pm
a so-called democratic socialist, now republicans overwhelmingly said less. but so did more than a third of independents, meaning hillary clinton could get some of those crossover voters. wendy? >> thank you, chris. when you look at some of the big campaign contributors, it turns out that the nfl team owners are ready to dig deep into their wallets. >> the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington reports more than $2.8 million was donated to candidates and their superpacs. redskins owner dan snyder gave a lot to jeb bush but texans own certificate the biggest contributor, giving $2 billion to support seven different candidates. i'm jason farr, a contract talks between the skins and quarterback kirk cousins are still indeed ongoing. that refutes an earlier tweet
5:26 pm
negotiations had broken off. cousins is a free agent that led the skins to a 9-7 record and a first-place finish in the division. the team hopes to lock him up for a long-term deal. but the skins can apply the franchise tag to cousins if they're unable to work something out. march 1 is the deadline for teams it apply the franchise tag, it will be about $20 million next season for quarterbacks. from the live desk, jason pew. now at 5:00, a prince george's mother will not be silent about a cycle of violence, she shares her story about domestic abuse and what she learned about her son after he took the life of his new bride and took his own. and the basilica could be preparing for a funeral for justice scalia. find out what it could mean for the region in the coming days. sprinkler systems required in new homes being built in maryland can save lives. but at what cost? the story
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a state law in maryland requires that all new constructed homes be equipped with sprinkers. >> but some builders and even home owners say it's too expensive. today lawmakers are holding a hearing to determine if local counties can opt out. chris gordon has our
5:30 pm
where residential sprinklers that save lives. >> last january this massive house fire in annapolis was caused by a dry christmas tree sitting atop a bad electrical outlet. the fire killed four children and their grandparents, don and sandra pyle. the house didn't have a fire sprinkler before it was built before anne arundel county required them. the state of maryland now requires sprinklers in all new residential construction. >> it gives us the early intervention to save lives to get the folks out of the house and it saves firefighters with the lightweight construction, these houses are starting to collapse much sooner. >> prince george's county has required sprinklers since 1992. montgomery county began in 2004. >> in montgomery county we've had zero fire fatalities with buildings with sprinklers. >> but
5:31 pm
wants counties on the eastern shore and in western maryland to be able to opt out of the state requirement. builders want sprinkler systems to be optional. because they say, some people in rural areas can't afford the extra costs for construction. and water supply. >> permit data has dropped dramatically since the mandate took effect. and there's just no, the market is slowly recovering from the great downturn this is just chopping the legs out from people that need and want affordable housing. >> ohio one local fire victim credits sprinklers for saving his life. we're reporting tonight from the national fire rescue service memorial in annapolis. chris gordon, news4. now maryland is one of two states along with the district of columbia that require fire sprinklers. between 2007-2011 the number of people who died in homes with sprinklers was 82% lower than in
5:32 pm
systems can be costly, experts tell us they often come with tax and insurance breaks. a car lost control today in rockville, ran into a building this afternoon on rollins avenue. between jefferson street and rockville pike. two people were in the car when it flew across a parking lot and crashed into the atrium of a building. they were taken to the hospital, but they were not seriously injured. we just learned the name of the man who was shot to death in district heights. phillip christopher york. officers found him shot in his home of the in the 1900 block of rochell avenue last night. he was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators do in the believe the shooting was random. don't have a motive or any suspects. that restaurant where a gunman killed two maryland deputies is back open now. the panera bread in abingdon maryland had been closed since last wednesday. the hartford county sheriff visited the restaurant to thank the workers. they
5:33 pm
gunmen after he shot and killed two deputies. services for senior deputies patrick daley and mark longston are being held this week. we're learning more tonight about how supreme court justice antonin scalia will be remembered. he will lie in repose at the supreme court this friday. and news4's tom sherwood is live for us at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where scalia's funeral service may be held. tom? >> jim, scalia was a major figure on the court, planning for his funeral is no small matter. the basilica of the national shrine in northeast washington, it has seating for more than 2600 people. a crowd that might be expected at the funeral for justice scalia, who died last weekend. church officials say it is the largest catholic cathedral in north america and most accommodating in the washington area for large gatherings.
5:34 pm
pope francis said mass here last september during his visit. the supreme court announced today that scalia's body will lie in repose at the court on friday. scalia's chair on the court is wrapped in traditional black. public viewing at the court will be from 9:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. friday night. even as final arrangements were being made, visitors to the shrine said today that people should put aside the intense political debate over scalia's career and rulings, until his funeral is passed. >> absolutely. people have to respect you when you die. no matter what your beliefs were. whether you were liberal or conservative or republican. or whatever it was. >> the funeral service on saturday requires major planning for scalia. his large family including his widow, nine adult children, dozens of grandchildren and many high-profile government officials. in the district, tom sherwood,
5:35 pm
president obama is speaking in california after wrapping up a two-day summit with southeast asian nations. but so far, the questions have mostly focused on the fight over the open seat on the supreme court. the president says republican attempts to prevent his nomination from going forward just another example of obstructionism. >> there's more than enough time for the senate to consider in a thoughtful way, the record of a nominee that i present, and to make a decision. i'm going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat. and any fair-minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics, would say -- would serve with honor and integrity on the court. >> the president says he's not making his choice based on political calculations.
5:36 pm
a lot of republicans feel this nomination should be left for the next president. wendy? well the sun is setting on a day that began with icy weather and heavy rain. a lot of people want to know what to expect in the morning for their kids, veronica. >> just a few icy patches, wendy. we've already heard from culpepper county, they're going with a two-hour delay for your early wednesday morning. there could be another county or two that winds up getting added to the list, make sure you download the nbc washington app. take a look at the forecast for early tomorrow morning. this sin side the beltway, 34, we know there are going to be some icy patches around the area. still this evening, lots of standing water in some locations, especially those that had the heavy snow. by afternoon, terrific, we're up to 46 degrees for a high temperature. we'll talk more about the settling of the wind and just how high the temperatures are going do get this weekend. you're going to love it. if you own a home in fairfax county, you can expect a nearly $300 tax
5:37 pm
executive gets his way. ed long presented his nearly $4 billion budget to the board of supervisors this morning. it increases spending 4.4%. supervisor pat harrity immediately attacked the plan and slammed the board. he says if this budget is approved, taxes will have gone up an average $1200 over the past five years. public hearings will be held starting in april. d.c. schools chancellor ki anderson is getting a raise that makes her one of the highest paid executives in the city government. it was a 3% hike approved by the d.c. council. raising her base salary to $2 the $292,500. slightly higher than the police chief. there are performance bonuses as well that could add another 15%. council member says they hope to retain the chancellor when her contract expires next year. >> i think she's doing a good job, i think she's doing as good or better
5:38 pm
chancellor in the country. i'm glad we could keep her. it's a small raise, not enormous things, it's similar to what people got in their colas last fall. 3%. >> anderson's package also include as six-month servance package if she decides to leave. 20 years ago there was a tragedy on the tracks when trains collided in silver spring. find out what we've learned since that deadly accident. if you think we've got a pothole problem now, just wait. why things could go from bad to worse. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values.
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on this night two decades ago it was a major crash between an amtrak train and marc train in silver spring. 11 people died and since then a lot of changes have been made to improve safety at the rails. we've at the scene of the crash. >> i'm adam tuss, 20 years ago, a marc train and amtrak train collided right here, just outside of silver spring. amazingly, there were some safety changes that weren't in place at the time. coming up, i'll tell but the changes that have been made since that time and talk to first responders who were there that day. person charged in connection to the lion
5:42 pm
in our area is plead nothing contest to perjury charges, leslie engel king is related to the man charged in the girls' disappearance. engel king is a procedure in law to richard welch, a person of interest in this case and welch is the unk offal lloyd welch who is charged with murder. sheila and katherine lyon vanished from a mall in wheaton in 1995. she's the mother of a killer with a message for us all. whi she asked a stranger to deliver an important message at a funeral. find out what dealers are doing about the recall for
5:43 pm
i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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5:45 pm
is she would give you anything and she loved my son. she didn't deserve to die. >> last october, a newlywed couple found dead in their home from an apparent murder/suicide. like most violent tragedies, it took lives and left behind others that were changed forever. we hear from the killer's mother who is changing minds from unspeakable pain. >> in each frame there's a good memory. in each picture there's a story. >> a mo
5:46 pm
begins. >> military academy. >> to find a moment in time, things went wrong. >> somewhere in the middle, something happened. i don't know what. >> in october of 2015, her son antoine, a d.c. protective services officer, shot and killed his new wife, tanya. before turning the gun on himself. crella says she thinks about all the lives shattered. a wife gone. and the six children between them left. >> she loved my son, she didn't deserve to die. >> it wasn't until after the murder. the mother learned that her son had a history of violence against women. she said her son's father was also an abuser who killed himself when antoine was young. despite the trauma in his life she said her son didn't seem depressed or suffering. >> it's always the question of, was it something? ld
5:47 pm
could i have done something differently? feeling helpless about the past, crella turned her pain into empowerment. she started at her son's memorial by asking a complete stranger to speak. >> what was your reaction? >> i was shocked. you know, no one had ever asked me to speak at a funeral. >> sylvia pauling didn't know antoi antoine, but the therapist knew firsthand how depression and domestic abuse was hurting this community. >> i wanted them to understand that domestic violence looked like them. >> how did they respond? what did you see? >> as i was speaking, i saw individuals who were nodding their heads. >> in ugly truth, that cella knows for some was uncomfortable to hear. >> we cannot, we cannot -- we cannot be quiet. >> the mother of a murderer. who wants others to speak her name and tanya's name and that of anyone else
5:48 pm
this. >> this whole thing is not about me. this is about somebody else. and somebody else not being me. that's what's important to me. >> crella is taking her advocacy to churches and local events. recently the prince george's county state's attorney's office expressed interest in working with her as well. angie goff, news4. if you or someone you know is struggled with abuse or in an abusive relationship. we have resources that can help. she say cuesed of stealing free school lunches for her children. tomorrow the trial of former prince george's county school board member lynnette munday begins, she faces theft and fraud charges for stealing more than $1300 in free lunches between 2010-2015. prosecutors say she and four co-workers underreported their income or reported no income at all when applying f
5:49 pm
lunches. well, if you've ventured out there today, you probably dodged a few potholes, maybe more than a few in your travels. there are a ton of them out there. and it's not just the side roads, either. big pot holes shut down several lanes of the inner loop of the beltway. you can see the back-up caused in montgomery county this morning. aaa tells us they expect this to be a banner year for pothole damage because of all of the snow. the salt, and plowing this winter. and veronica, the problem ain't going to be going away soon. >> no, it's not. it looks like winter is going to be keeping on keeping on, right through the rest of february and through probably even into early march. >> so -- >> i know. >> doug said i was going to deliver the bad news. >> he needs to man up, come on. >> we're looking at still a colder pattern that's going to be setting in again next week. but first some mild temperatures to talk about in the next few days as you'll see in just a moment.
5:50 pm
icy conditions. but there's still some high water sitting on some area roads, of course it's been very slushy today. we had our temperatures today, getting into the 40s. and lots of melting. a little breezy out there. too, now the winds going to settle down. the morning rush, you'll have to worry about the icy patches. culpepper county going with the two-hour delay. the temperature at 34 degrees. look at this, the sky clear. and at least the temperatures the winds settle will start dropping fast. the storm system racing away. the other thing about today is of course with all the rain that we've had, about a third to over an inch and the snow melt, the creeks, streams, rivers, all will continue to rise for not just over the next 24 hours, but i think even over the next 48 hours. so something for us to keep an eye on. look at inside the beltway tomorrow morning. 34, the temperature. but look at everywhere else we're looking at some freezing conditions and icy patches
5:51 pm
70, 27, frederick, around mount airy, 301, waldorf, la plata. temperatures starting out at 30 tomorrow morning. icy patches and a cold one out the do for the kids tomorrow morning. go with the coat, the warm jacket. i think you can leave the gloves and the umbrella at home. our next chance of rain is days away. so the weather tomorrow with a mixture of just clouds and sunshine, the weather will have a low impact on our day. it will be a quiet day for us coming up. with seasonable temperatures, then again the warmth, where it's going to start feeling a lot like march, april around here. a look at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, there's a nice sky, a very light wind. the temperatures around lunchtime tomorrow, 44, we stay in the low 40s and drop to the upper 30s by 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow evening. a nice one tomorrow gets an a-plus in my book or maybe i should say an a-minus. the a-plus should go to saturday. 60 degrees, that's our next b
5:52 pm
noon to 1:00 on saturday, when we get into the 60s, and some nice mild weather around here. so again feeling a lot like april. a good weekend to get out and do everything. remember last weekend how nasty it was? this weekend, 60s, early part of next week. the high temperature, 56 degrees. but then the cold air settles in. and tuesday, wednesday time period that we could be looking at yet another system that could bring a mixed bag of rain/snow to the area. maybe even a little ice. but we've got days to get through and i really want to enjoy this. right here. i want to focus on this. >> we all want to go there with you, that's our happy place for the rest of the week. exactly. a new round of recalls over fears of defective takata air bags. today general motors announced it's recalling 200,000 vehicles. let's get to consumer reporter susan hogue innocent news room who has been following the developing details for weeks on this. >> well that's right. these vehicle recalls are becoming a weekly event as more andre
5:53 pm
today news4 learned about 200,000 saab and saturn cars are being recalled to replace the takata driver's side air bag inflators. now the recall includes the saab 9-3 from 2003-2011. and the saab 9-5 from 2010-2011. also included is the saturn astra from 2008-2009. this move is part of a broader recall, more than five million vehicles were announced last month. takata inflators can explode, with too much force, and can crash and hurl metal shrapnel into the driver and passenger compartments, 11 deaths so far worldwide have been linked to these defective air bags. now dealers will replace the inflators if your vehicle is part of this recall or any others. we've reported you will get a letter notifying you when parts are available. you can also check recall information on our nbc
5:54 pm
washington app. search air bag recall. back to you. thank you, susan. well, they affectionately called him nino. a close friend of justice scalia takes a look at the man behind the robe. >> somehow just became remarkably good
5:55 pm
you like being picture perfect. ♪ you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
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5:57 pm
we're learning more about justice scalia from one of his closest friends, brian garner. >> they became friends while collaborating on books together in dallas. reporter chris jose reports on a friendship that was cut short. >> walk inside brian gardner's home, yes, you'll notice the books. but it's the pictures that tell the story. >> this is the current court. >> the smu professor has written numerous books, including two with supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> we would constantly goad each other to try to make it seem to
5:58 pm
we were trying to create beach reading for lawyers. >> beach reading for lawyers. if there's such a thing, the pair got it done. >> we would read our paragraphs allowed and say, how can we say that any better? or frequently he would say, do we really need to say this? let's cut it and i would say, i think we need to say it. and he would say -- i don't like the way you said it. >> the first book took 18 months to complete. the second, three and a half years. >> we somehow just became remarkably -- >> finding the right words. >> good buddies. >> usually comes easy for the professor. just last week garner and scalia were in hong kong. three weeks ago scalia was in dallas working from garner's home library. together they put the finishing touches on a second edition of "reading law." >> i'm not sure how long it will take me to get it out. i have found it impossible to work or really to think about anything else over
5:59 pm
>> coping will take time. to the public scalia was known as a tough conservative supreme court justice. for garner, he knew the man off the bench. a friend nicknamed nino. >> this was i guess the end of our tour. >> the smu professor says justice scalia was one of his closest friends in the world. >> scalia even officiated at garner's wedding. right now at 6:00, a supreme court showdown. president obama's delivered a message to his critics. about filling the seat left vacant by the sudden death of justice scalia. fighting to stay alive -- what new poll numbers reveal four days before the republican primary in south carolina. first tonight, the ice and the snow are melting away. but parts of the region have another weather hazard to deal with and that's flooding. >> our bureau chief julie carey discovered of
6:00 pm
spots today and joins us from loudoun county. what's going on there? >> well check it out behind me, there's a road under there somewhere. and it's not quite as bad right now as when we first found our path blocked today. but it's taking a long while for these floodwaters to recede. and this is not the only place we ran into high water. dry mill road outside leesburg, not very dry today. cars leaving a wake as they rolled through the pooling water. this was the pond created in a shopping center parking lot. and look with a happened to shreve mill road, at 10:30 this morning. drivers able to get across the creek. but an hour later, the creek's water had surged onto the road flooding it the. the force of the stream clear to see and hear. because the road hadn't been closed yet. we watched as one car after another rolled up only to put on the brakes and


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