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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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broadcast the mass to 30,000 people at the sun bowl at the university of texas. pope francis had a long trip including a stop in cuba before he arrived in mexico. take a look at this video of a fan getting overly excited and nearly tipping over the pope. you see the swiss guard trying to sort of pull him back. the pope was not too happy. you could see that on his face and told the person to be more patient. well, you may be able to get your hands on a new iphone as early as next month. apple release event for the new four-inch iphone 5se is scheduled for march 15th. tech experts say the phone may be available three days after that. the iphone is rumored to be small and curvy and have an upgraded camera. >> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. >> that was
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funny. it's a phone. >> that's an upgrade for you. 5:01 on wednesday. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. thank goodness gracious, the cold crazy stuff is out of here, chuck. >> yeah, we still have a little winter left in us, but we are definitely over the hump where winter is concerned. frosty the snowman going to be doing the big meltdown. good-bye snowmen and snow days. chilly and dry. and a big warmup for the weekend. we'll detail those days coming up later on. right now temperatures pockets below freezing this morning just be careful for that. here's the way the next 24 hours are looking. one or two spots of ice. temperatures near the freezing mark, 7:00 tonight, dry, 39 degrees. and it will be cold tomorrow morning, start off temperatures in the 20s with windchills in the teens. more about that weekend warmup in a few minutes. it is traffic
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>> there's construction, how about that. at least we have an out time for that, 395 southbound at seminary road. work isn't done until 8:00 this morning. top of the beltway have innerloop at colesville, two lanes getting by outer loop at university, one right lane get big. you see the beltway not affected by that road work. that is great news, of course. beltway at river road, innerand outer moving along. and 405 into town and out of town, no issues. we'll see you back here at 5:11. new school delay just in, learning that stafford county schools are working on a two-hour delay. meanwhile, spotsylvania, culpepper starting late as well. west virginia, jefferson,
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county on two-hour delays. we'll running that on the bottom of the screen and we'll update that by the minute. and you can follow us at twitter @nbc washington. >> did d.c. fire transport? >> no, they cannot. >> so, who should decide how you get to the hospital in an emergency? that's jut one of the tough questions d.c. fire chief will have to answer at a council hearing. the district will soon use private ambulances to transport patients with nonlife-threatening injuries. d.c. firefighters will decide who takes the patient to the hospital. and that's what's raising concerns. other tough questions chief gregory dean will face today. in a scathing letter dr. juliet saussy in a resignation letter. the memo said d
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dissatisfied and did not fulfill the duties of her job. >> we've been successful in doing the hands on cpr. we'll be talking about a lot of different areas. the recruitment, the class, the fact that we're giving an entrance exam for the first time in a year. >> the hearing will address ambulance response times and how long private ambulances will operate in d.c. today, brothers in blue say good-bye to one of their home from the hartford county sheriff's office. his funeral is scheduled for 10:00 in jopa, maryland. it is 5:04. closing arguments are set to begin in a trifle a man accused of having his uncle killed from his prison cell. ryan mayhew is already serving a life sentence for killing a man in
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prosecutors say mayhew had someone kill his uncle to keep him from testifying against him in that murder trial. this is the second trial in this case. the first ended in a hung jury last july. a former prince george's county school board member charged with stealing heads to court today. lynnette mundey is accused of stealing free school lunches for her children. prosecutors say she and four co-workers underreported their income or report nod income at all when applying for the free lunches. she's accused of stealing $1400 worth over five years. 5:05. we turn to decision 2016, south carolina's gop primary, just three days away now. all of the republican presidential candidates getting ready for a town hall meeting several in south carolina. donald trump and high governor kasich will be in back-to-back prime time schedules on msnbc. ben carson, ted
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rubio will appear at a twn hall in greenville. meanwhile, president obama sounding off about donald trump. >> i predict that trump will not be president and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people pep and i think they recognize that being spread a serious job. >> donald trump is responding to the president's thoughts. we'll have more on that coming up with nbc's tracie potts who is on capitol hill for us. a fireball that flashed across the night sky might have you talking this morning. the american meteor society said almost 60 people called them to report the meteor last night. they received calls from as far north as new jersey and well into southern virginia. and they're reporting that the fireball showed up as a bright green light. >> green lantern -- >> i thought you were reciting poetry or something like that at 5:06 in the
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>> i'm a big poetic, i think. >> big green lantern, love it. 7 minutes after 5:00, if you're getting out of town, you shouldn't have any problems flying out reagan national at least on our end. but if you're driving you could see challenges. it could have an impact on things when you do your yard work. what you need to know. we're also following the latest out of korea this morning where tensions continue to rise. and we're learning the south is getting some support from the u.s. the latest -- next.
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welcome back. developing right now, military action in the rising tensions between north and south korea. take a look, u.s. fighter jets flew over south korea in an apparent show of force against the north.
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yet but military officials believe they will likely consider the action as a threat. the military also said the u.s. is committed to maintaining south korea's defense. today, there are new noise rules you have to follow in fairfax counties. residents did not make loud noises that can be heard in other people's homes between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. you can also not operate lawn equipment between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and you cannot repair your car in your garage either. you can silt quietly. >> you can read, you can phone. >> chuck bell will be on your tv this morning. telling you about what to expect outside. >> that's right, say nice looking day. the weather in your plans, cool enough for a few icy spots around the first thing this morning. we'll give you the yellow light for that. any outdoor plans no worries, seasonably chil
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temperatures out the door right around the freezing mark with 32, a fair amount of clouds. a northwest breeze later today, temperatures mid to upper 40s. on the whole, travel conditions, locally no problems. new york city to boston, no problem. if you're flying, san francisco and seattle will have the most likely delays. a look at the mild weekend. for now, it's melissa mollet's turn. she's still looking for trouble. i found one little thing, 16th street before military blocking the left lane. it's so early it's not causing a problem but if it hangs around it could cause delays. beltway near springfield, innerloop and outerloop not having issues. we're nice and green. 270 at old hundred, no problems out of frederick. we'll see you in a couple minutes. new developments sur rounding a judge's order for 'to unlock the phone used by one of
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bernardino attack. the response just in from apple. and their beloved dog electrocuted. kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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well, it's something a lot of you have probably done this morning. take the dog out for a walk. but for one family, it ended in tragedy. it's being blamed for their furry family member's death. here's a live look outside where we are off to a pretty nice start to your morning. in the 30s right now. wait until you see what the weekend holding. chuck bell has your forecast at 5:21. today for the first time, the d.c. fire chief will answer questions about the resignation about his medical dreblgtser. in a scathing letter dr. juliet saussy described the department as having a toxic culture. >> reporter: you know, aaron, the word toxic culture, noted
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hear. it signals big problems so council members want reassurance that the fire department is moving in the right direction. council hearing set to start at 10:00 a.m. medical director juliet saussy who left after just seven months on the job, pointing to well publicized problems over response time. she even faced some pushback on her plan to measure paramedics' competency. and there were issues surrounding the use of private ambulances. they are set to start rolling next month. the chief, chief dean, has already fired back telling our mark segraves that the department has had its successes. we learned that the department responded to saussy's fiery statement saying she did not fulfill the duties of her job and was basically dissatisfied. we'll get more on this as we stay on top t
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back to you. it is 5:18. apple say it will fight a judge's order asking to unlock the phone. farook shot and killed 14 of farook's co-workers. the fbi wants to see if the phone includes any terrorist contacts or plans. the attack in paris created backlash against the muslim community. today, montgomery county officials hope to bridge the peace here at home. hosting a meeting in muslim community center in silver spring to talk about hate violence and the role of the innerfaith community. that will take place from 7:00 to 9:00 tonight. they're accused of committing violent robberies in the district but now several are back in the community. ts
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police shows a robbery on h street at a cell phone store. investigators say 22-year-old roundelle mccloud and another man pointed a gun at another man demanding money. mccloud was one of cle13 arrest in a single week but now he's out on bond. and so are other suspects. the mayor's office says it wants to change this. >> mayor knows when there's a gap in our system when someone repeatedly gets convicted and rearrested for a violent offense, we need to tighten the ability to do that. >> it would keep violent owe fenderses behind bars while they wait for trial. the council is expected to vote next mop. eleanor roosevelt's girls high school basketball team will have to finish their season without their coach. the coach has been suspended f
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violating prince george's athletic committee regulations. they say they played and practiced during a blizzard last month. transportation leaders are talking about several projects that could change your commute. then you'll be able to respond to some of their plans. here's some of the projects the national transportation board is discussing. bus only lanes on 16th street. and new express lanes on i-395. now, you can go to a meeting about the 95 expressway in virginia today. vdot holding a public hearing at pool middle school in stafford tonight. talking about the plan to extend lanes south of garrison road. vdot says the change would mean less congestion on your way to and from work. well, you may have seen t
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winner of the pat collins challenge. we asked for your best patriotic picture for presidents' day. and the judges chose the howard family snow sculpture of teddy roosevelt. they live in alexandria. that's good for pat. sometimes, he has to go far to present the award. the howards received the official pat collins snow stick. >> i think the video froze there. but if you go online, they did a good job. it's sort of a caricature of teddy roosevelt. but it's spot on. with the glasses and the hat that you see. good job. all right. 5:21 is the time right now. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> no more snow stick challenges, chuck bell. >> i'm not in charge of that. >> you're in charge of the snow, though. we can't have one without the
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fair enough. there will be no snow stick challenges of any kind for at least five days. there will be a chance of another storm coming our way tuesday into next week. still too early to tell. it could either be rain or snow. needless to say, we'll be watching it. we'll have more and more sunshine by later on this afternoon. a bit a northwesterly breeze. certainly cool but not that cool by february standards. rain chances nothing to worry about today, tomorrow and into the weekend. by tuesday of next week, tracking a chance of what could either be rain or snow or both. we'll keep you posted. right now, temperatures are at or below freezing. manassas at 25. rockville and bethesda at 31. heading out for resolution run this morning, plan on temperatures hovering near freezing for the next cub hours. and then climbing to near 40 degrees at 10:00. a fair amount of clouds in the sky. not much of a rain
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highs today, 40 in hagerstown. and storm team 4 radar not picking up anything. a spot of moisture well to the south across the virginia border. that could potentially graze lower st. mary's county in parts of the bay. and there could be in the shenandoah valley this morning. no aboccumulation. for the course of the day, we'll see clouds around mid to late morning and into the afternoon. on the whole, i think you'll like it. tomorrow, chilly and breezy side. highs tomorrow, only in the 30s. so it will be a cool day for sure. next big change arrives friday into saturday. saturday looks like a nice day. a taste of springtime. temperatures this weekend, both days should be right around 60 degrees. that sounds good to me. what about you, melissa. >> sounds perfect. i'll take it.
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road, crash reported. no word on how bad this might be. or if anything is going to be. i'll let you know as soon as i know. 16th street southbound near military road still have that truck blocking the left lane. 395 south after seminary those two left lanes getting by. and it's been hanging around for the past couple months. innerloop at colesville, ly han time. and outer loop, a live look at 270. developing this morning, an islamic center in north germany was shut down after a police raid. police raided the culture organize in bremen after suspicion that those people might be associated with islamic
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the building. phones and computer hard drives were taken. the woman who survived a suspected serial killer's attack will confront him in court. lony franklin's trial began this week, he's accused of killing nine woman and a teenage girl back in 1980s. police believe he could have killed more than 100 women. one woman who survived his attack is expected to take the stand in the trial. the media titled him the grim repair because of the 14-year gap. a family wants answers after their dog was electrodutied. this happened in the van ness area while the owner was walking the dog. a spokesman for equity residential which manages that building expressed condolences to the dog's owner, lakia, a shepherd that had been the family's pet since he was
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one of the owners tried to help the dog but it was too late. >> as soon as i ran down there, i was like shocked immediately. like i was electrocuted grabbing her. i was electrocuted the whole time grabbing her. that courtyard area is closed off as a hazard. equity said it's tied to a very unusual electrical issue. there was no exposed wire. but a licensed electrician identified the wire inside the concrete that was the issue. the fda is working to keep you shave from the zika virus here at home. it's recommending anyone exposed to the virus or traveled to those areas should not donate blood for at least a month. and also for anyone with a sexual partner who has recently traveled to those areas. experts say similar virus have been known to be transmitted in blood. well, you could be paying less for your prescription drugs. right now, one-third of
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more than they did a year ago. a new company hopes to sh s ts the drug industry and bring the cost of generic drugs down. blink drugs founded by two brothers to basically bypass insurance companies. >> there's good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all. you should check the blink site before going to the pharmacy. >> how does this work? blink cuts out the insurance company and goes straight to the drugmaker. you can click on the drug you need, pay online, and then take it to your pharmacy. the site offers about 15,000 generic drugs and works with 60,000 pharmacies nationwide that they say will save you time and money. decision 2016 heating up now. but not just between the candidates. we told you what president obama had to say about trump. now hear from the donald. contract or no contract, talks nor t
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between kirk cousins and the redskins. >> if you don't have plans for the weekend, you can make some now. as chuck mentioned we could see temperatures double what you're seeing right now. more on that and 4 thing you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. for the first time in days, the weather has finally calmed down. some of you are waking up above freezing this morning. and it's only going to get warmer. love that.
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yang. another story we're following for you, he's gone after just about every candidate, but the president himself like donald trump went off on president obama. the ongoing talks about kirk cousins and the redskins after rumors swirled that there weren't going to be other talks. good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. 4 things you need to know about the weather today. isolated icy spots. there are some neighborhoods, not expecting big problems but the rain quieted down since then. just know there could be a slippery spot or two. finally, a chance to dry out, not only rain-free today but rain-free all through the weekend. on the cold side of things for now. yes indeed as we look towards the weekend, milder always good news. here's the way it's shaping up. temperatures near freezing this morning. 43 at noon time. highed today in mid to upper
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40s. notice sunrise before 7:00 a.m. >> i know we get a little sunlight in here early. we like that here. taking a look at a brand new problem inbound suitland parkway before branch avenue, a crash, that should slow things down. right now looking okay. 124 at brink road, crash reported there as well. that's all the information we have. disabled vehicle hanging around in northwest. 16th street southbound before military road. that truck blocking the left side of the roadway. 270 at old hundred road. otherwise your trip on 270 is looking okay. no major worries. i'll be back here in ten minutes with a look at travel times. >> it's not hosting a talk show or reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing. it's hard.
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donald trump's candidacy, he says he doesn't think the real estate mogul and former tv reality show will become president. those remarks has trump fired up. nbc's tracie potts live on capitol hill. hey, tracie. >> hey, aaron, good morning, everyone. you know donald trump did not hold his tongue, told that the president's criticism of trump has gotten even sharper. and trump's response was this. >> that man has done such a bad job, he's set us back so far and for him to say that actually is a great compliment, if you want to know the truth. >> president is ramping up his criticism as trump's numbers rise. the average in the polls in south carolina show he's twice as far out front as his closest competitor ted cruz. cruz and rubio will battle it out for second most likely in this weekend's primary. and then there are
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like john kasich and ben carson and jeb bush, will this be their last stand. >> tracie, thank you. and the democratic primary in south carolina won't happen until next week. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been making the rounds, though. clinton holding a get out to vote event today. and sanders making his presence known in the south. their primary set for february 27th. a killer's mother talking to news4 telling us she wants to change minds and save lives to prevent what happened to her son will ever happen again. sullivan shot and killed his wife last october before killing himself. he was a d.c. protective services officer. his mother queen
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>> it could have been something different. >> creela sullivan smith told us antoine's father took his life when antoine was young. you can hear what she's doing now on the nbc washington website and app. state troopers in virginia are trying to figure out what caused a crash that left a woman dead. troopers say a car was heading west on hidden gap road monday night. when it rear ended a car. the other driver was not hurt. the relative of a man charged with the murder of two missing montgomery county sisters is plead nothing contest to perjury. she appeared in court on tuesday. she is a relative of lloyd welsh who is charged with murdering the sisters. according to o
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wtop, engleton may now face up to ten years in prison. they vanished back in 1985. their bodies were never found. a swimming coach of st. mary's college in southern maryland is facing pornography charges. andre barbins was arrested on saturday. barbins has been the coach at st. mary's for the last 18 years. the assistant coach is now fulfilling that role. we're learning new information about an attack on a former marine here in washington. d.c. police say christopher marquez was assaulted at a mcdonald's in northwest friday. marquez told police four teenagers came up to him and ask if, quote, black lives matter, and then called him a racism. he said one of the teens hit him in the face with a handgun and stole his wallet. d.c. police say
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reviewing surveillance video of the assault. today, the fight to get better wages at reagan national airport will get a little star power. actor danny glover will be at the meeting. there have been reports of intimidation and illegal surveillance of workers. glover will meet with workers to discuss wages and help them fight for $15 an hour and the right to form a union. 5:37 right now. if you've ever rented from airbnb, that popular site that lets people rent out their homes. you might want to hear this. in virginia, the site might soon be regulated by the commonwealth. both the house have passed regulation that allows them to rent on the site. and it will boost tax revenue but opponents worry it will hurt the state's hospitality business. red
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a spokesperson told our sports reporter carol maroney that is not the case. the team could give him the franchise tag which could be worth about $20 million. for cousins next season. a lot of children are headed back to school and on time after yesterday's weather. but they still need to bundle up. what they can expect at the bus stop at 5:41. and your kids likely missed some school in the past months. but will they have to make it up. what we're learning about added calendar days. and she went out for a taco and came home with a
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kind of scratching our head about this one. an arlington woman facing grand theft auto charges after stealing a car while apparently drunk, samantha bauman told police she drank a bottle of wine before taking uber to district. bauman told police she woke up in the backseat about 1:00 in the morning and drove the car home. she called officers a few hours later toe
5:42 am
car but she didn't remember doing it which is not a defense that gets you off. >> no, i don't remember. >> i don't remember. >> yeah, not good. well, we did the homework to check whether your kids will have to spend extra time in school because of snow days this year. starting in virginia, fairfax, arlington, prince william and loudoun county all used eight snow days so far. but they all had eight days built into the calendar. none is planning makeup days right now. in alexandria, the school district plans to change two worker days. d.c. public schools extending by one extra day. in maryland, montgomery county schools adding two days to the calendar. prince george's has two days to make up but it's waiting until the end of the winter to decide what to do. which makes me nervous, because what do you mean we have to wait until the end of winter
5:43 am
>> we could fake it, right, chuck? >> yeah next week may abe chance for more winter. for now, bus stop weather, though. one or two icy spots around. no big problems. be careful, if it looks wet, it might be slippery. kids will need winter coat and wool hat on the way out the door for today. but you can probably leave the extra super duper warm gear at home. highs generally in low to mid-40s. chantilly lace has ice on the roads. >> we were just singing that song. inbound before branch avenue crash there as well. taking a look at travel times. no problems on 270 southbound. talking about beltway 270 outerloop, good, 66
5:44 am
24 minutes. remember to listen to our friends at wtop 105 fm when you hop in the car. pope francis finishes his historic event to mexico. but find out what literally pushed him over the edge. and
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students and parents are rallying in fairfax county. the budget proposal just released that could put a lot on the chopping block. and he's not exactly dougie howser ahmadinejad. the teen busted for not only posing as a doctor but actually opening up a practice. and if you're strapping on the running shoes and jogging gear planning on going for a run temperatures in the lower 30s. if you wait a little bit, the highs will be in the 40s. weekends next. right now out of frederick, we'll show you a live picture
5:48 am
brand-new accident at 123 and leesburg pike. full details coming up. your time is 5:48. closing arguments set for the trial of a man accused of trying to get his uncle killed in mayhew. prosecutors say mayhew had someone kill his uncle to keep him from testifying against him in that murder trial. this is the second trial in the case. the first ended in a hung jury last july. we're watching the developing story in flint, michigan, this morning. the u.s. surgeon general is now there to talk to people about the town's water crisis. he said filters are working to keep lead out of the water, however, he said, more needs to be done. >> these are people who just fight all the challenges they've had still feel they want to stay in this town, live in this town and be a part of making it better. >> a lot of people in
5:49 am
crisis contributed to an outbreak of legionnaires' disease in a nearby county. the u.s. surgeon general says he does not believe that is the case. a florida teen is in big truck after opening a practice and posing as a doctor for the second time. 18-year-old malachite robinson opened a practice. police say he gave physical and medical vice to people. he posed as a ob/gyn at the hospital. his family says he suffers from mental illness. he faces several charges including practicing medicine without a license. today, pope francis will be next door to the united states. he's celebrating mass in juarez, near the border of el paso, texas. el paso is making a lot of preparations for the big
5:50 am
nbc's jay gray is there to tell us how people are getting ready for this event. >> reporter: good morning to you i'm in the sun bowl at the university of texas el paso. expected to be filled with 50,000 followers later today. look, more than 1 million will be in juarez as a part of the final mass on the pope's five-day tour of mexico. for many of those, this is as close as they'll be able to get. there will be a video simulcast, a two-way feed, so people will be able to see and hear the pope as they watch and listen to his mass, just a few miles away across the border. we expect to see many gathering here early this morning, long before this afternoon's mass. joining in song and prayer celebrating this papal visit. should just be a spectacular day. that's the latest from el pass association i'm jay gray, eun, back to you. and pope francis had a long tr
5:51 am
a stop in cuba. take a look at this video a fan getting invited and nearly tipping the pope over. he wasn't too excited tab and told the person to be more patient. >> we could use patience waiting for spring. it's only february. >> and we've just about run out, chuck bell. >> you're looking at this the long way, winter is three months long, we're already halfway through february which mean we're already about 80% done with winter. >> i like that perspective, chuck, thank you. >> problem solved. winter temperatures. boy, it was a mild start for sure. december the warmest all-time december on record. 11 degrees above average for month of december. but since then, colder an average january, our average high is 48 degrees. and we'll be just about there by later on this afternoon. a couple more cold days coming, that's tomorrow and friday. very chilly
5:52 am
northwesterly breezes and temperatures holding in the 30s for highs tomorrow. but all eyes are on the weekend. saturday and sunday both look amazing, with temperatures in the low 60s. between now and then, we got to get to cold temperatures. 28 in culpepper, 36 in virginia. as you plan for the day watch out for a patch or two of ice first thing this morning. after 8:00 that won't be a problem as temperatures will rise into the low 40s. the way the afternoon is looking a mix of clouds and sunshine. breezy at times 10 to 15 miles an hour. afternoon temperatures mostly in the mid-40s. going out tonight, near 40 degrees between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. back to chilly 30s by 8:00 to 10:00. here's the seven-day forecast, today a mix of clouds and sun, you're 48, that's average. tomorrow, sunny breezy and cold, highs in the 30s. recovery beginning on friday. the big payday is saturday and sunday. highs well above average into the low 60s.
5:53 am
weather. maybe a rain/snow threat on tuesday. more about that change in ten minutes for now, new crash. >> brand new crash, branch and trying to get more. 125 after leesburg, we have debris on the roadway that they're trying to get out of the road here. sounds like construction materials. 270 southbound, looking slower than we typically look. going 24 miles per hour. you can see that yellow just turned orange a second ago. here's a live picture at 270 at old hundred road. it's slower than normal. i don't have a report of any problems there. inbound suit island parkway at branch have a crash reported there. and an update on the accidents. it's 5:54, just about now. students and parents are rallying in fairfax
5:54 am
this after the county executive ed long revealed his budget proposal. the $4 billion budget plan aims to make up for a projected $93 million gap. it increases spending by more than 4%. it recommends a 4 cent tax increase for homeowners. they'll actually get nearly 3% more funding but the school superintendent says they need twice as much or some music, language and sports programs could be cut. this tax credit applies to working parents. child care is so expensive. so if you pay someone to watch your children, don't miss this tax break. it's a credit that applies to you if you have children younger than 13 and pay for child care. you can qualify for a credit between 20% and 35% of your allowable expenses. the percentage you claim depends on your income. >> it's very broad. just make sure this is the kind
5:55 am
very important in case the irs asks questions, wants to make sure that not paying your husband or something to take care of your kids. >> you can find more information on the nbc washington app. coming up in the next half hour, i'll share another tax break you don't want to miss. back to you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. starbucks is getting smoky and spicy. adding four new menu items. it's now showing the smoked butter latte and green latte and hot ice or cappuccino. and also a spicy monterey jack breakfast sandwich. those items are available only through march 21st. get them while you can. for the cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. google, you know, is everywhere in our schools apparently. and now many are questions student
5:56 am
that google sent a letter to senator al franken to answer that question. google says it does not use k through 12 students' personal information but does admit to tracking students for new products. the new head of prince george's police department is starting the job with a lot on his plate internally. chief hank stawinski is looking to increase diversity. stawinski said the police department must affect the community in order to be effective. he's also dealing with the child pornography case affecting dozens of victims in the school's system. they're working every day on that case. >> now busy working with anybody else and how did he finance this. that will tell us if there were additional victims that we're not aware of. >> the council unanimously confirmed chief stawinski as the department's 17th police chief.
5:57 am
as the d.c. fire chief plans to face city leaders after the sudden resignation of the medical director. and you might want to keep one eye open for ice as you head out the door. the changes you'll see over the next 24 hours after that wave of
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. right now on "news4 today," a tough day of questioning. the issues facing the chief of fire and after the sudden resignation of the department's medical director. and putting a controversial school name up for debate. where you can weigh in as fairfax public schools considers a name change. i'm angie goff at the live desk tracking new developments in the debate about the cell phone used by the alleged attacker in san bernardino. why apple says it shouldn't have to cooperate. several school delays to tell you about this morning. take a look in virginia, spotsylvania, stafford and culpepper opening two hours later. west virginia jefferson county, hampshire, morgan and hardy schools on a two-hour delay as well. be sure to check out the nbc washington app for the
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you may encounter a little ice in your neighborhood this morning but things should be drying out. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with the changes throughout the day. chuck. >> good morning aaron and eun. a nice change from the busy weather mornings we've been having. weather headlines, good-bye snowman. a chance to dry out and melt things down. it's chilly outside this morning but there are already signs that the week will be delightly warm. the next big change in the weather arrives friday night into saturday night. friday at 3:00, 44 degrees. the winds turn back to the south friday night into saturday. the starting out on friday, only in 40s. by saturday afternoon, low 60s. what about today? you can deal with today, little sunshine and high of 40s. new trouble in montgomery county? >> you're right, new trouble here in montgomery county. this near


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