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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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days and the weekend. also, tracking a potential storm for next week. we're following some breaking news in montgomery county where the search is under way for two men connected to an armed invasion. >> pat collins is at the scene this afternoon. >> reporter: wentdy, why this house? why this couple? she's 86 years old. she's 77. police are all over the place investigating this daylight home invasion. the scene, our live court in the potomac spring section of montgomery county. two gunmen forced their way inside the house. they say they ransacked the house and then made off. police wouldn't say whether or not the couple inside was tied up. they wouldn't say what, if anything, was taken. you're going hear from two people
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r rebecca with the montgomery county police and an unidentified suspect who saw the suspects. >> the male victim opened up the residence. the two suspects forced they're way in. the 86-year-old wife was home at the time. the suspects displayed handguns and ransacked the home. >> we saw two guys from a distance coming towards us. they were wearing black hoodies, a small under armour. horizontal glasses, brown shoes, and keys hanging from them. >> reporter: again, an armed daylight home invasion here on our live court. the two suspects are still at large. police are here trying to track them down. i'll be back at 5:00 with more. chris, back to you. >> thanks, pat. president obama says he doesn't think donald trump will ever be president. he went on record tuesday saying the maerng people realize the highest office in the nation is ,
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trump took it as a compliment and is still leading in nearly every poll. he and the other republican candidates are campaigning in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton was a string of appearances in chicago. she and senator bernie sanders are campaigning hard for the african-american vote. sanders is holding meetings with his staffers ahead of a pivotal caucus in nevada. steve handelsman will be digging into the xancampaigns in the ne half hour. president obama and the first lady will be visiting the supreme court friday to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia, but the president will not be attending his funeral. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be attending the funeral friday. events following the death of scalia were unusual but not uncommon. within two hours of his body being found on saturday at a ranch in remote west texas, a county judge determined by phone that there was no
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of that judge spoke with scalia's personal doctor, decided he died of natural causes. no autopsy was necessary. in rural areas a justice of the peace typically determines the cause of death when no witnesses are present, and an inquest by phone is as valid as one in person under texas law. d.c.'s fire chief is answering some tough questions today after his medical director resigned. dr. jullette saussy wrote a scathing letter and described the department as having a toxic culture. >> the chief of d.c. fire and ems says with training the issues that plagued the department can be addressed. he says that's one of the reasons he signed a deal to hire a private ambulance service to handle nonlife threatening calls in the district. chief gregory dean also said jullette saussy was on board with that recommendation. d.c. council members say the issues have been going on for alst
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the city. >> providing high quality, prehospital emergency medical care i believe is an inherently government function, and it's a matter of life and death. the status quo is unacceptable. it's unacceptable. it is costing lives and millions of district dollars in settlements to families who lost loved ones because we just didn't get it right. >> another council member went even further and said she is losing faith in the fire department. news4's mark segraves will have more from the chief and the d.c. council tonight on news4 at 5:00. for now at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. thousands of friends, family, fellow law enforcement officers paying their final respects to that sheriff's deputy killed in horford county, one of them. that huge crowd gathered outside the church north of baltimore for deputy patrick dailey's funeral this afternoon. he was killed during a dispute with a suspect outside a panera
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this is the first time in more than a century that horford county deputies have died in the line of duty. the number of children who say a school volunteer abused them in prince george's county is now up to 17. dee on yea carraway is accused of filming sexual acts between children while he was working at the school. police said carraway victimized children at other public places as well. they arrested him on february 5th and think more victims could be coming forward. calm and quiet for now. there's a new chance for some slick spots tomorrow morning when you step out. let's get the latest from doug kammerer in the storm center. >> today a pretty nice afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in most locations. some sunshine out there. tomorrow a little bit cooler. take a look at the map. mid-atlantic showing 53 down towards richmond. 47 in d.c. only around the
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college. this colder air will work in tomorrow. then we have some beautiful weather coming in over the next couple days and that's part of the headlines. colder tomorrow but a beautiful weekend. we're talking 60s for the weekend, but we're also tracking our next snowstorm, at least the potential for snow. we will break it down for you. i will have much more on what to expect this weekend and next week coming up in my full forecast in just a couple minutes. the video, it is gripping. a race against time for a dog who wandered onto a frozen creek in our area and soon found himself in some seicho serious . why some m
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apple says it will not help the fbi break into an encrypted phone belonging to one of the san bernardino killers. a federal judge ordered apple to help the fbi hack into the phone that was used by syed farouq. he and his wife killed 14 people in december. it's one of the worst terror attacks on american soil since 9/11. apple says helping to develop the hacking software will put millions of iphones at risk. coming up in the next half hour, we'll take a closer look at what could be a high-stakes legal fight between silicon valley and the federal government. the sexual assault case against bill cosby is moving forward. a judge rejected a request by
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case to the pennsylvania supreme court. he's accused of drugging and violating a former employee of temple university at his home in philadelphia. dozens of other women have accused cosby of sexual assault but he's only been charged in this one case. i'm adam tuss at the smithsonian metro station where not long ago a metro train had an issue by opening the doors on the wrong side of the tracks. that's obviously a big problem because if you were leaning against the door or if you were too close, you could have gone out of the train. and it's not the first time that it's happened recently. there have been a number of incidents where metro train operators have opened the door on the wrong side of the train. coming up on news4 at 5:00, why it's happening and whether or not metro will require more training for those operators. >> thanks adam. things are about to get a little quieter in fairfax
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ordinance just took affect and there are a number of new rules. dog owners could be fined for loud barking between 10:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning and there won't be any trash collection during those hours. you're not allowed to mow your lawn or use yard quill after 9:00 at night and before 7:00 in the morning. outdoor loud speakers are banned between 10:00 and 7:00 monday through thursday. dog parks open at 8:00 alabama on weekends and holidays. the opportunity of a lifetime. the dramatic and emotional journey for pope francis. his strong message for the people of mexico and how it's resonating for americans. >> into the rushing waters. the scary moments for rescuers who had to work quickly to save a four-legged friend in need.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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give us a plan.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. this is one of my favorite stories today and the facebook views are already in the thousands. fairfax county firefighters rescue a dog stuck in icy waters. >> the video is just -- it's incredible. >> look at this. >> northern virginia bureau reporter david culver spoke with the woman who saw the doug struggling and called 911. >> those yelps for help actually came just over here in the corner of lake thoreau
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you actually heard that this morning as you're getting ready. what went through your mind? >> there's a dog that's in distress. i came out here to my deck and called 911 and the rest is history. >> reporter: they were here pretty quickly. >> eight minutes. >> reporter: you will meet the rescuers who were able to pull angel, the name of the dog, out of this lake. that's ahead on news4 at 5:00. in reston, i'm david culver, news4. >> eight minutes. >> that is a credit. >> way to go. pope francis is wrapping up a historic visit to mexico and in less than two hours he will celebrate mass in jar ruarez. >> nbc's mary ann ahern is live there with the anticipation of his message. mary ann? >> reporter: hello to call of you. of course, wendy and chris, you saw him just five months in in
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nations. while he is saying mass in juarez, a big crowd in el paso at the sun bowl stadium will be watching. the catholic church says the pope comes as a missionary but he certainly has a political edge. pope francis meets first with convicts at a juarez prison bringing one to tears as he urges them to break the cycle of violence. not one could have imagined a papal visit here. just six years ago when this gritty border town was considered the murder capital, more than 3,600 murders. many are hoping the papal spotlight adds to the recovery. >> let's hope so. his message is very powerful. >> reporter: tracing the steps many migrants take, pope francis will pray at the border with families who have lost loved ones trying to cross the border. >> sometimes
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feeling that they kind of have been left behind, they're not in the mainstream. >> reporter: his visit right in the midst of a heated presidential campaign. gop candidate donald trump says pope francis is a very political person who doesn't understand the border issues. >> people need a moral voice to be reminded that we're talking about human beings. we're talking about the character of our country. >> it doesn't matter. religion reaches over walls, over mountains. >> reporterfor those attending the el paso service, they're anxious to hear the pope's message. >> just peace, peace is what we need. >> reporter: this final day for pope francis in mexico, true to his style. highlighting issues from violence to immigration. and it has been an all-day celebration for these two cities, juarez and el paso, that have both faced difficult challenges in recent years. fr
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back to you, chris and wendy. >> thank you. he's had a good trip there. >> that crowd was so loud you can barely hear her. >> i know. what a beautiful day we have had. we're heading into a beautiful weekend. hey, doug? >> that's exactly right, guys. and we need the break. we've seen a lot of nasty weather over the last couple days. it looks like today finally the first day we're not talking about any kind of rain, snow, anything in the mix. right now we have a nice day with some partly so mostly cloudy skies. temperature 47 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. a little on the breezy side but not all that much. now tomorrow we are going to cool a little bit. temperatures will be five to ten degrees cooler. 40 in martinsburg. 47 culpeper. 50 in fredericksburg. nothing on the radar. we are dry and clear. not worried about that at all. you know where the air is coming
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coming off the great lakes. that's actually going to be another little area of colder air that moves in overnight tonight and in through the day tomorrow. so that's why tomorrow will be a little bit of a cooler day. still nice with plenty of sunshine. we're also going to see a prefreeze overnight tonight like we did last night. temperatures 30 degrees in d.c. 26 in frederick. 27 in leesburg and 25 in martinsburg. everything we're seeing melting again today. we will see that refreeze. watch out in the sidewalks especially. we saw accidents earlier this morning. the impact forecast tomorrow, just like today, is going to be a very low impact. lots of sunshine tomorrow. just chilly. as long as you're dressed for it, it's actually going to be a very nice winter afternoon. most areas in the upper 30s. watching our next storm system here. what's going to happen, this storm is going to come way back from the pacific ocean. it's not even onshore yet, make it's way down. we're talking about next week, next tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. this storm creates a deep trough of low pressure, brings down some colder air and dop
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does it develop inland along i-95? if it does, it's all rain. does it development out to saep? if so, we're not talking about much. we're still six days out and it's way too early to talk about what we think is going to be happening as we move through the next couple days but we will be on top of this for you. we, of course, will have it all for you over the next few days. right now 39 degrees on your thursday. 42 on friday. look at the weekend. 63 on saturday. 60 degrees coming up on sunday. and then we start talking about the storm coming in late tuesday, most likely as rain, and then potentially changing to all snow on wednesday in parts of the area. a lot of uncertainty with this storm system. we're still a long ways out. don't get too worried just yet. >> all right, doug. well, we have seen them, we have felt them, we have swerved to get around them, potholes, big problems out there now. wait until you hear how costly they can be. and over in the uk duchess kate has
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role is going to help her connect to families
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advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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let's take a moment to remember. >> 89 seconds of silence during a roc
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unusual, but it happened last night as the american band eagles of death metal played tribute to the victims of the terror attack in paris. 89 people died in those attacks while the band was performing at a concert hall in november. the duchess of cambridge trying her hand at riding. duchess kate became a guest editor at the "huffington post" for one day working from home and as kelly cobiella reports, it's all for a cause that's very dear to her. >> reporter: the duchess of came bridge turns guest editor running "the huffington post" uk for the day. >> feels like a historic day. >> reporter: with reporters and bloggers in her kensington palace home to highlight a cause close to her heart. >> how long does it take to change over? >> reporter: launching the campaign young minds matter, kate gets personal writing that she and prince william hope to encourage george and charlotte to speak about their feelings and to give them the tools and
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get older. >> she is a person who is known globally, and we're a brand that's known globally and when those two come together, it can be very powerful. >> reporter: the duchess says the mental health of our children should be just as important as their physical health. even kids younger than 5 could be suffering in silence, she says. >> imagine if everyone was able to help just one child who needs to be listened to, needs to be respected, and needs to be loved. we could make such a huge difference for an entire generation. >> reporter: "huffington post" research shows a third of parents worry they'll look like bad mothers or fathers if their child has a mental health problem. by writing and talking about it, the duchess is hoping to change that. another big name involved in this campaign, first lady michelle obama who has written about veterans' mental health issues today. the idea is to go global with this, and already the hash tag young minds
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back to you. >> thanks, kelly. first at 4, like it or not, we're right in the middle of tax season and you could be getting breaks for things you didn't even know you could. plus, the funeral plans are coming together for justice antonin scalia, but his death is igniting a debate that has our area divided. and a lot to talk about this afternoon with storm team4. doug and veronica tracking what's next on our winter we
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breaking right now at 4:30, montgomery county police are trying to figure out who is behind a home invasion in rockville. police say a man in his 70s, a woman in her 80s were home at the time that two armed men forced their way in. our pat collins is there on the scene. he'll be bringing us an update ahead. and three metro trains opened their doors on the wrong side within two weeks of each other. transportation reporter adam tuss broke this story on twitter this afternoon. no one was wurt hurt, about any it happens metro crews have to go out and inspect the train before it's allowed to leave again, and that can just delay passengers. we're learning more about the funeral plans for supreme court justice antonin scalia. it's scheduled for saturday morning at 11:00 at the basilica of the national shrine of the inmack lat conception. the funeral is open for friends and family. a private
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in an unannounced location. a lot of talk around town about the future of the supreme court and who will replace justice scalia. joining us is whur's troy johnson. troy, some of your listeners have strong feelings about his legacy. here is what they said about comments he said about a case that came before the court. >> you're looking at the passing of justice scalia, you're probably losing the most conservative justice on the court. he definitely wasn't a friend of what we would call liberals, whether it's african-americans or people in the lgbt community, but he did, you know, try to protect the constitution. >> that's malcolm who i spoke to, he's from hyattsville. there's a lot of strong feelings because there's a sense from folks that justice scalia's hard line while he was on the bench really had a negative impact on african-americans.
4:31 pm
act in 2013, before the court he said it was a racial entitlement that ignores the white population. the voting rights act of 19 6 obviously enables african-americans to vote and not be disenfranchised. just as recent as december making disparaging remarks about african-american students suggesting they'd fare better at less challenging schools. those kinds of things are resonating with the people that i talk to, and they kind of think back to, you know, who nominated him, president reagan and the lasting legacy that president reagan's term had on african-americans. so there are a lot of things people certainly not sad to see him pass away, but there are certainly concerns about what he did on the court. >> when presidents nominate a supreme court justice it has ramifications for decades to come. gr
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president obama should nominate a new justice. again malcolm is speaking for several of troy's listeners. >> it's interesting that people want to stop the president from doing his job. that's a little disheartening and disingenuous to those who want to claim that they're all about the constitution. then they should look no further than to see that the president has the constitutional right and responsibility to replace supreme court justices. >> and malcolm talking about something that a lot of people were saying to me. it's the president's constitutional obligation to make this decision while he's in office. there's nothing that says your term ends after three years. your term ends after four years. there's already been a mandate in terms of what people were telling me in the last election when he was re-elected. so they say that they understand the politics behind it because if there was a republican president in office and the situation was reversed, we'd expect the same kind of conversations, but they certainly kind of feel like this is the same
4:33 pm
deal with throughout both of his terms. >> and, of course, the way it works is the president nominates someone. >> right. >> the senate has the authority and responsibility to confirm or not confirm that person. >> absolutely. >> we'll see how it plays out. >> it's going to be very interesting. >> thank you, troy. >> absolutely. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> quiet weather right now. we do have sunshine across the area. temperatures not bad either. running just a few degrees above average but get ready for cooler conditions tomorrow and then we're going to see a lot of warming coming this weekend. right now storm team4 radar scanning the area. dry across the area right now. it's been a little breezy. we'll see that wind settle down and with again very few clouds out there. temperatures will really start dropping but i don't think that's going to happen until late, late that we could see those icy patches set up once again on some area roads, especially the secondary roads. we'll watch for that early tomorrow morning. bus stop
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by afternoon tomorrow, 39. some ten degrees cooler than today. calling it chilly for tomorrow and, yes, you heard doug say earlier that we are looking at the potential for another storm system. maybe that transition from rain to snow. here is the reason why. we're so frustrated with winter. moderately frustrated now, we go to high by the time we get to the midpart of next week. we've gotten a lot of snow. d.c. picking up close to 22 inches. dulles hit 33. bwi baltimore thurgood there close to 32 inches with two sizable storms but a lot of little storms. i'll have more on what we're expecting for the midpart of next week and the weekend forecast in a few minutes. as you prepare to file your tax return, you may be eligible for tax breaks you didn't know about. consumer reporter susan hogan joins us from the newsroom to tell us about that. >> that's right.
4:35 pm
charities, you probably count on a tax deduction. there's a couple things to keep in mind. charitable contributions are only deductible if you itemize them and to be deductible you must have made donations to qualified organizations. payments to individuals are never deductible. when it comes to volunteering you cannot deduct the cost of your time but you can make a deduction if you incurred some kind of cost so consider that as a deductible. >> you can certainly deduct your mileage, you can deduct the cost of materials. maybe you cooked for a soup kitchen or something. those things are all deductible. >> that's right. now, charitable contributions is just one tax break. tonight on news4 at 5:00, we have four more tax breaks you don't want to miss. >> thank you very much. we don't want to miss that. thanks, susan. >> a lot of credits and deductibles people overlook. then you have this
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easier. if you like carrot cake, hersheys will roll out a new flavor. it's white chocolate orange covered kiss sold exclusively at walmart. >> i don't know. carrot cake and chocolate. >> we have to open our minds. pothole problems are popping up all over the place. that bumpy ride can cost you a lot more than you think. one man loses his wallet but gets something in the mail that he couldn't help but share with
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you're seeing them everywhere and probably feeling them, too. >> potholes are littering our streets. as molette green tells us, it is costing many of you some big bucks. >> reporter: that dreaded sound when your tire hits a pothole. >> i'm a very careful driver. >> the one out there is probably one of the worst in the city. >> reporter: no way of knowing that for sure but it's right in front of his house and he have time david rosenthal gets in his car, he knows it could cost him again and again. >> it's about $125 every time you need a wheel straightened so that's five, six times a year. >> reporter: $3 billion annually in pothole skage for american drivers. that's what a aaa study found
4:40 pm
wallet with drivers spending $15 billion in vehicle repairs over the last five years. for tire punctures, bent wheels, and even more expensive suspension damage. >> yeah, especially rental cars for the taxis. we pay a lot of money every week. >> this tells you the outsized impact of potholes not only on our budgets but our psyche. >> reporter: the estimated cost to fill in one of these potholes, about $32. that's for the transportation department. now, to report a pothole in your neighborhood or to find out if you're eligible for a reimbursement, just check out our nbc washington app and search potholes. in northwest d.c., molette green, news4. >> so a guy loses his wallet and someone finds it. almost does the right thing. returns some of the missing stuff.
4:41 pm
credit cards, his driver's license after he misplaced his wallet in brooklyn a couple weeks ago. then he got an envelope in the mail from a person who found the wallet and the person left a note. he returned the cards, the credit cards and the license, but then he says that he or she was going to keep the cash in order to buy marijuana as well as keeping the metro cards because fares had gone up. flaherty is taking all of this in stride. >> the note was basically i'm a good guy, but i'm also kind of giving you the middle finger and i'm keeping all -- anything that would have any currency behind it. this is something my friends and i laughed about quite a bit. >> the note also said the person was keeping the wallet because he found the wallet was kind of cool. >> at least he was honest about why he wanted the money. like, hey, man, i need some weed. he even signed it toodles. can't be all that bad if you sign the letter toodles. it m
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want to hear as you plan that spring break getaway. several big airlines are raising their prices. we'll tell you which ones are charging more and it's not the first time this year they've done so. and thousands of you are getting a new option for your garbage. hey, there's good news. why leaders say this program is so unique.
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right now first at 4, the federal government goesad
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the dispute over one man's iphone is sparking a huge showdown, but is the government going too far to get information. evening roads are fine but we could see a few icy patches in the morning, and then a chance of rain or snow or both next week. i'll have more on that coming up. and in presidential politics a big development in the republican race three days from the south carolina primary. nbc news has confirmed governor nikki haley will be endorsing marco rubio. that's expected to happen at a campaign event an hour from now. steve handelsman is live with what this endorsement means for rubio's campaign. >> reporter: you know marco rubio hopes it's going to be a big deal. he's polling pretty strongly in south carolina but nikki haley endorsed a candidate in 2012. that would be mitt romney, and mitt romney lost in her state to newt gingrich. so we'll see if there's any influence. hard to measure anyway. desperate to stop him, donald trump's opponents are stepping up their attacks saying that trump is not a true c
4:46 pm
polling available at this hour, that's not affecting trump's rise. for donald trump his biggest lead nationally, 20 points ahead of marco rubio in today's quinnipiac poll, comes with trump poised to win saturday in south carolina. >> i thought years ago or a year ago it was a joke when he put in his hat to run and now i'm on the fence about him and he might get my vote. >> reporter: with three days until the vote -- >> let us come and have a good result in south carolina. >> you all have the chance to reset the race. >> reporter: trump's rivals are charging he's not conservative. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> reporter: that was 1999, part of a curb current ted cruz ad. >> a vote for donald trump is a vote to erase the second amendment from the bill of rights. >> reporter: trump says he's ch
4:47 pm
>> i have never dealt with anybody that lied so much. >> hoping to replace cruz as truch's top challenger in south carolina, marco rubio attacks. >> ted is willing to say or do anything to get elected. >> reporter: rubio is set to get the endorsement of popular governor nikki haley. on the democratic side, bad news for hillary clinton. a new cnn poll finds her virtually tied with bernie sanders in nevada, a 16-point lead gone. with the nevada democratic caucuses three days away. it's ten days until the democrats are in south carolina. hillary clinton's once huge lead there of 50 polling points is down to 20 and falling fast, but, chris, bernie sanders today took the day off and didn't campaign. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot, steve. here in d.c.self leading latino organizations are joining forces to get more voters to the polls. the hispanic federation, the labor council for
4:48 pm
victory foundation announced the our vote, our future campaign. more than 27 million americans of latino descent are eligible to cast ballots in the next election but nearly half of them are not registered to vote. the leaders say this grassroots effort could be pivotal in the presidential race. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> there was a handful of accidents early this morning and we need to watch the road conditions again late tonight, early tomorrow morning for the thursday morning rush. you're looking at the temperatures right here. temperature drops to 26 degrees by early tomorrow morning. look at this, everywhere across the area, we will be dealing with subfreezing temperatures, so there could be again some more icy patches setting up. not nearly as many as i think what we saw this morning. getting less and less with each day and, of course, today a little bit of breeze that we had helped to dry road conditions. out the door toow
4:49 pm
the kids need to go with a coat, i think the gloves and even a hoot to stay warm. not needing to bundle up too much, but it is going to be a bit nippy. chilly conditions, temperatures will be running some ten degrees lower than today. i like that we're going to have lots of sunshine. i'm calling it chilly with the weather having a low impact on the day. then it's going to be off the scale this weekend but for other reasons as you will see in just a moment. thursday forecast, again, look at that, beautiful day. the sky on our sky cast there. temperature by lunchtime 36. and then 38 degrees at 5:00. could be a little bit of wind coming through too, so again chilly with an afternoon breeze. the next change for us saturday afternoon. we get into the 50s. low and mid-50s by lunchtime. we hit that 60 degree temperature around 1:00. it's going to be warm, very warm. in fact, saturday a little taste of spring with temperatures getting into the low 60s. sunday right now nice and mild. would not be surprised with more
4:50 pm
we have a little sprinkle coming our way during the afternoon hours but a really nice weekend. now, more on that storm system for the early part of next week. here is an early look at it. this could change but right now it's looking like a tuesday/wednesday storm system could linger possibly into thursday but it is looking more likely we will have some type of storm around our area. mainly rain for tuesday, right now temperatures will be high enough and the ground temperatures, too so fairly warm ground. that means we stay clear right now of some of the icing or anything getting too nasty on area roads. for wednesday the colder air moves in. we could possibly be dealing with a little bit of snow that we have to shovel in parts of our area. right now though in terms of the amounts and in terms of the intensity of the storm system, way too early to talk about that. it doesn't make its way into the u.s. pacific northwest into latter part of the weekend. which our weekend we want to enjoy this. we want to get outdoors. low to mid-60s across the area. a
4:51 pm
increasing clouds. tuesday, wednesday, we have more details coming up on news4 at 5:00. but this weekend, sunday we're just a month away from the spring equinox so it's right around the corner at least. >> thanks, veronica. hey arlington, there's a new recycling effort about to begin in your part starting april 1st. ye year-round yard waste collection. new bins will be distributed coming up to the april 1st kickoff. nearly all of arlington's 32,000 customers have signed up for this program. >> we're unique in the fact we're providing carts for the program. we believe in carts because it does keep the area clean. it's actually convenient for the crews and safe for the crews to collect this way. it's also convenient as i said before for the residents to dispose of the material. >> most of the county waste in arlington is coming from yard cleanups. this will save arlington money in disposal
4:52 pm
spring break and summer vacation the airline fares are going up. four airlines raised fares for the second time this year. started last week when jetblue raised prices by $6 per round trip. delta, american, and united followed their lead and raised their rates as well. we're working several developing stories right now. we'll tell you how some local detectives are finding closure for some families almost a quarter of a century after a shocking crime. one teacher showed up for work today and got something she was not expecting. how she just became part of a prestigious group in front of the entire school. i'm tracee wilkins in upper marlboro where the trial of a former prince george's county school board member is ongoing. she's accused of ripping off the prince george's county school system. this all happened between 2010 and 2015. former school board member lynn mundey who was
4:53 pm
baker was applying for free lunch for her daughter while she was making at some points more than $90,000. the state says they want to hold her accountable because she was in a position of power. why this alleged fraud was occurring. coming up on news4 at 5:00, what the state revealed in the courtroom and how mundey was able to do this for so many years. a battle is taking off between the government and apple. we're going to tell you what the feds here in washington want from the tech giant that could answer a lot of unanswered questions and why apple says not so fast. this is new
4:54 pm
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a passenger jet is out of service this afternoon after it was clipped by another plane. they were both at the detroit airport this morning in the de-icing area. the wing of an american airlines plane hit the tail of a southwest jet. both planes were headed to dallas. neither was able to fly. and in boston passengers had to kick out the windows of a disabled subway train. it happened last night when the train ran over a piece of sheet metal and smoke started filling the station. subway officials say that metal had fallen off another train. it also hit the electrified third rail and started filling the station about smoke. officials say they were able to evacuate everyone safely and no one was hurt. apple's gearing up for a big fight after a judge orders it to help the fbi hack into an iphone. ed
4:57 pm
before that deadly terror attack in san bernardino. apple says cracking into the encrypted phone could breach the privacy of millions of people. nbc's brian moore has more on this brewing battle. >> reporter: apple says it will fight a federal magistrate's order forcing the tech giant to help the fbi crack an iphone used by syed farouq, one of the shooters in the december terror attack in san bernardino. the obama administration says it's a simple, narrow request. >> they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new back door to one of their products. they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> reporter: not so says apple's ceo tim cook who writes, the government suggests this tool could be used only once on one phone, but that's simply not true. once created, the technique could be used over and over again on any number of devices. >> it's sort of like if you have -- you require eved
4:58 pm
do you make sure that just the right people use that key? >> reporter: the fbi wants apple to invent new software to bihas a key security feature that erases all data on the phone after ten wrong pass code attempts. that way government technicians could wage a brute force attack to guess the number or password. >> here the government is not asking for a backdoor. what they're asking for is give us the ability to knock on that door a million times until we can break in. >> reporter: but apple says this fight is far bigger than one attack and one phone. a legal battle pitting personal privacy against public safety. brian moore, nbc news, washington. what do you think about this story? is the government going too far to get this information from apple. you can call or text the number on your screen or head over to our nbc washington facebook page to cast your vote. news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. it was an armed home invas
4:59 pm
montgomery county, and now a manhunt is under way. >> this brazen crime happened in the middle of the afternoon. two masked men armed with guns storm into a home. >> tonight police are still searching for those two men as they try to figure out whether this case could be random. >> it all unfolded along arlive court in rockville, in a neighborhood just off seven locks road. news4's pat collins live at the scene this afternoon with the latest on this. pat? >> reporter: wendy, this is a neighborhood of doctors and lawyers and many of them retired. this is a street that ends in a cul-de-sac. it's a hard street to find. this is not a place you'd expect to find something like this, a daylight home invasion victimizing an 86-year-old woman, her 77-year-old husband. we begin our story with an unidentified witness who says she saw the suspects. what kind of car
5:00 pm
>> in a grayish car. >> with four doors? >> yes. >> how were they dressed? >> black. blacktop, black hoodies. >> reporter: arlive court in the potomac springs section of montgomery county. police out looking for two men responsible for a day time home invasion. the victim, a couple who have lived in this neighborhood for decades. police say the man answered the door, and to men forced their way inside and ransacked the place. police say the robbers were inside the house about 15 minutes. police wouldn't say whether or not the couple was tied up. >> detectives are at the scene speaking to neighbors, speaking to the victims, trying to determine exactly what occurred during this home invasion robbery. >> reporter:s with this targeted or was it random? a neighbor told me she saw the two suspects try a home further down the street before the home invasion he


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