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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the existing backup from that accident. so outer loop shut down. avoid the beltway ramps. all ramps in that area are shutting down. 270 pushed on to old georgetown, outer alone on to connecticut and inner loop on to rockville pike. new crashes, inner loop at 66, inner loop at van dorn and 95 at fairfax county mark way. and bw parkway north at 32, still slow just after that here this morning, so allow extra time if you are headed up to the airport here this morning as we zoom out, you can see no other real major issues as we take a big look at the beltway. chuck, you have to have better news than i do morning. >> absolutely. receipt l pretty low bar, but as you're getting ready for a weekend, no real troubles. it will be cloudy and cool for your friday p tomorr. tomorrow is a day to jump outside. risk of some rn
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coming our way on sunday. so if you have stuff on to outside, do it before lunch on sunday. tracking snowflakes in the shenandoah valley. as you get toward 6:30 this morning in winchester. i'm not sure they will hold together that much longer, but if they do, could be in the leesburg area by about 8:00 this morning. temperatures are in the teens and 20s on your way out the door now. it will be a cloudy and chilly day in the 40s. more about the weekend warm-up coming up. family, co-workers and political figures preparing to pay their respects to antonin scalia. antonin scalia will lie in repose. he's the first justice to do that in a decade. molette green is live outside the court with more on today's
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even events. >> reporter: the casket will arrive here in just hours. and the public getting a chance today it to pay their respects to the first italian american to serve here. here is today's lineup. the casket set to arrive at it about 9:20 this morning. brought into the great hall on the lincoln catafalque. loaned to the supreme court by congress. and then a short private ceremony set to begin at 9:30 this morning. the public will get to come in of after that, that's when the view willing start around 10:30. it will go all day uni witil 8: tonight. president obama and the first lady among those attending today's events. the u.s. supreme court police officer serving as pallbearers, former law clerks to the justice serving
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tomorrow the mass, the president not attending. critics calling that a snub. the white house defending it saying the administration will be present, the vice president, joe biden, who is catholic is set to attend the funeral mass tomorrow with his wife jill biden. the vice president and the justice, justice scalia, had a personal relationship. that is the latest live here from the u.s. supreme court. molette green, news 4. and as she mentioned, president obama is receiving criticism for not planning to attend the funeral. he and michelle obama will pay their respects today and joe biden will attend the catholic funeral math tomorrow. the white house says the vice president security detail is less disruptive and that biden had a personal relationship with scalia. and senate republicans are closing ranks and supporting majority leader mitch
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in his opposition to the president choosing scalia's successor. in a joint op-ed, senators said that they will be well within their rights to refuse to confirm the president's nominee. on the other side, republican presidential candidate jeb bush came to the president's defense saying he would probably nominate if he was in obama's position. the brutal mansion murders shocked our area and the nature and today darron wint will be arraigned on a 20 count indictment. last may firefighters found the body of savopoulos, his wife and hair son inside their home after it was set on fire. their house keeper was also found murdered.son inside their it was set on fire. their house keeper was also found murdered. a school system admits it failed to protect students from a sexual predator. 17 victims have come forward saying that deonte carraway sexually abused them. the abuse happened at judge sylvania woods elementary school in glenarden and other places. the school boardis
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students should be left alone with volunteers. the board will also review its hiring and background check policies. >> we need to know whether or not, a, we continue have proper policies and procedures in place or, p, whether we had the policies and procedures in place but they were not properly implemented. >> officials will also look at the protocols for reporting abuse. the principal at woods elementary is accused of not taking action after a guardian reported that carraway sent sexually expolice it photo to a the 9-year-old. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are essentially tied going into nevada's caucuses. they're talking immigration in last night's msnbc town hall last night. and there is new controversy over immigration involving the pope. when does ed
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and his plans to build a wall, his answer started a new conversation. >> translator: a person who only thinks about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not a christian. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, this as everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> last night rump reiterated his stance on border control and plans to build a wall between the united states and mexico. we mentioned the democratic caucuses in nevada. south carolina will hold its republican primary on saturday. let's take a closer look at what is at sake thtake. in south carolina, 50 delegates and three super delegates. in nevada, 35 delegates are at
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stake in that state. a key difference here, the delegates are not bound to any h candidate until may. decision 2016 affecting school schedules. fairfax county students will not have school on march 1 super tuesday. the school buildings will be used as polling places. students will not have to make up the day. spotsylvania and stafford county schools have already decided to close for the day. running out of time. the deadline you have to meet if you own a drone. feeling a little cleary eyed this morning? lack of sleep is likely to blame most every day andhy doctors say you need to make it more of a priority. and the beltway shut down in both directions if mondn montgo count
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get around the mess.
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take a look at this. chopper 4 over a terrible crash. outer loop at connecticut avenue and then the inner loop. the people getting by on the right shoulder of the inner loop, they were already in line. they're the existing traffic halves there when the crash happened. nobody now can get much past rockville pike coming in on the inner loop or connecticut avenue on the outer loop thdh which is terrible scene. 270, no problem. i tweeted this, top of the beltway, i've never seen it question with just hash harmark. but there is no information to be had because it is not move ppg abou
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beltway okay. >> reporter: it's a calm but chilly morning. temperatures anywhere 5 to 15 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. 31 outside our studios. there you see the 24 hour temperature change. about 11 degrees cooler this morning in gaithersburg. we'll have plenty of clouds. and this afternoon cloudy but dry. you could be dealing with a few passing flurries this morning. normal for this weekend, but there are some rain chances in the forecast. chuck will have more in ten minutes. new concerns this morning about the zika virus. the latest disorder that is being linked to the disease and the impact it could have on your health. also ahead, dealing with another bumpy commute. the newest pothole problems 're seeing and howewe t
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis.
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to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. 6:15. breaking news right now that is making a mess of the morning
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down in montgomery county after a truck accident. chopper 4 over the scene. >> megan mcgrath is on her way to the scene and she's in this traffic and joins us on the phone. >> reporter: well, yeah, we're in the same boat as a lot of people just literally sitting here on the beltway. both loops of the beltway, inner and outer are affected by in accident. it is an absolute mess out here. you need to start thinking now about different ways to get to work. i really, really highly recommend that you avoid this entire area. even some of the alternatives because those are taking a lot of overflow, as with he wiell. this will be with us throughout the morning rush hour because this is a serious accident. you see the chopper video. we have a tractor trailer that went over on its
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some of the load on both the inner and outer loops. there is also a fuel spill considered to be a hazardous material situation, so any also have to clean that up before they can start to open lanes. we are lateral literally at a d standstill. and we came to a grinding halt here. they do have traffic getting by on the shoulder to the right on the inner loop, but that won't cut it with volume. it is a slow go here. so avoid the area entirely. we'll let you know when things improve, but it is going to be quite some time until we can report that i'm sure. pope francis says women threatened by the zika virus could use artificial contraception. the catholic clunhurch is stric against any kin
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contraception. the pope made the comment flying home from his trip to mexico. the pope says abortion is a crime. the zika virus has been linked to a birth defect that can be deadly. this morning we're learning that the zika virus is being connected to other disorders. the cdc says they have discovered two cases of guillain-barre syndrome. it's a bacterial infection that affects pregnant women and symptoms include weakness and tingling. paralysis can sometimes occur. special blood treatments can relieve the symptoms. fairfax county health officials want you to be aware but not alarmed. health officials will answer your questions during and online chat at 11:00. we'll post the link on our nbc washington app. it will be months before another baltimore police officer goes on trial for the death
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freddie gray. it's deciding whether officer william porter will have to testify. you might remember porter's case ended in a mistrial. prosecutors want to use his testimony against the five other officers facing charges. porter's attorneys argue that that would violate his right not to incriminate himself. possible changes to the department of liquor control. council members started looking at problems inside the dlc, the department oversees all alcohol sales in the county. the county eventually supported a bill that would privatize some sales, but today county delegates will vote on an amendment that could replace that bill by forming a new task force that would take a deeper look at the dlc and delay any changes for more than a year. more schools are coming under fire for their names. and now fairfax county school board is taking a step toward a possible name change for jeb stuart high school. a position with thousands of
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general's name. but this is just the beginning as district leaders decide whether forget public comment on the issue. and some asked to rename ballou high school.forget publi the issue. and some asked to rename ballou high school. school alumni group does not want any change to the name. the group's leader recommends barry's name is on a new all boy school instead. a new study says a lot of us are putting ourselves at risk for serious health problems because we don't get enough sleep. a team at the cdc found 35% of americans don't get seven hours of sleep a night. obesi obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke are related to a lack of slope. and some dermatologists are recommending you take the same
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when it comes to protecting your skin. you need to wear sunscreen every single day. according to skip experts, the uvb rays are less intense at this time of year, however uva rays shine in every season and they can cause you to wrinkle, that's reason enough. >> seriously. that's all you have to say. >> slather it on. >> give me the spf 3,000. whatever it takes. let's check in with melissa mollett following some breaking news. that big problem on the beltway right now. >> huge problem here top of the beltway at connecticut avenue. so over here the outer loop, the inner loop. that look like perhaps part of the cab of the tractor trailer that went through the barrier wall. inner loop on the right shoulder, only the traffic that was there during the crash getting by. everything else is closed. all the ramps this the area shut down. avoid it if you possibly can. 270 south at middlebrook, southbound lane
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red line delays to shady grove right now. that is also something we're contending with. big look at the beltway, all of the other main routes overall we look pretty good. top of the beltway just a disaster. avoid it at all costs. testif morning otough morni roads and it is cold must have to have a little ribbon of snowflakes going through. most of this will be a miss, but a few flakes on i-81. this rib bbon of snowflakes dryg up and at the speed it's going, it will be through the metro area in just about the next three hours. current temperatures, 19 in new market, maryland. 19 this sharpsburg, 19 in charles stoun and martinsburg and 21 in fredericksburg. planning out your day, a little
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before 7:00 a.m. but again, teens and low 20s here for the next hour or two. warming only to the mid and upper 30s by 11:00 a.m. the afternoon will be sky filled with a lot of clouds, but no rain chance later today. for tomorrow, this is the day to get out and enjoy the weather. tomorrow chilly start in the morning, temperatures near 40. but rising in to the low perhaps even into the mid-60s for central virginia tomorrow. about 65 to a saturday high in fredericksburg. 64 in culpeper, 60 in frederick, 69 this gaithersburg. mid 50s along the western shore. dry today and tomorrow. this is tomorrow 4:00 in the afternoon. sunny and warm. clouds come back in on us late saturday night into early sunday. sunday we'll start dry with breaks of sunshine, but by 3:00 sunday afternoon, skies mostly cloudy, chance for showers in the shenandoah by about
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hit and miss shower chance by about 8:00 on sunday night. so keep in mind that we have a little shower chance late sunday. next four day, 40s today. 60soff the weekend. and then cooling if to tnto then monday. if you opyou own a drone, ts the last day you can get it registered. more than 300 have already registered. the $5 fee for registering is valid for three years. if you don't register today, you could face a fine of up to $250,000 and three years in prison. we know this won't make you you happy, but major track work on let's trmetro next week coul your work. it will happen monday and tuesday between smithsonian and federal central southwest after 8:00 p.m., trains will run every 15 minutes because of single tracking
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on those days, silver line will only run between boston and wehle reston east. amtrak slowing down commuters in the northeast corridor. it's working to fix a huge system failure in the boston area. it's impacting the corridor service causing 30 minute delays. there are few you are traer tra and employees are operating the track switches manually. now there is a new menu item that could be a hit at mcdonald's, the new chicken hk griddle. pancake bun with a chicken sandwich stuffed in between. a twist from the classic chicken and waffles. for now you can only find it in central ohio. >> i'm going to ohio. see you later. >> bring me back a
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>> this is what happens when it's 6:26, we're hungry to breakfast. >> tighten that belt. we're working to help you fix the potholes that you you have to deal with on your way to work every day. the newest trouble spots and how those repairs could make it harder to get around this weekend. and it's video that will have people talking today. a tourist helicopter plunging from the sky in hawaii. and crashing into the water. what we're learning about the accident and those people on board. news on the beltway this morning. we're shut down inner loop and outer loop here at connecticut avenue. details on exactly what is closed. it is a long list of. avoid the beltway this morning. >> reporter: and this is connecticut avenue. and right there, you can
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used to come right through here. it's now the capital crescent trail and it's at about this spot that is the scene of the oldest unsolved murder in montgomery county. we'll tell you why police are still searching for the killer in a case that involves boot legging and theft of dimes and nick willle nickles. and why police think the murder weapon may be in someone's attic. we'll sw youho
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a huge mess in your morning commute. take a live look from chopper 4. both loops are shut down in montgomery county after a truck accident. chopper 4 live over to the scene. >> megan mcgrath on the phone with us now. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we've just pulled over to the side. we basically got forced off the beltway on to 355. and i don't know if you can see this live picture i'm trying to send you here, but
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ramp where they are telling people they cannot get on the inner loop. and that is basically the situation all around this trouble spot, all of the ramps to both the inner and outer loops of the well wbeltway, the not letting anybody on to the beltway at this point. and actually getting off on to 355, i thought it would be jammed, but it's in pretty good shape surprisingly so given the number of cars forced off the beltway. we have a very serious accident involving a tractor trailer. it went on to its side on top of the jersey wall. some of the load spilled on both the inner and outer loops of the beltway. there is a fuel spill also associated with that which is a hazmat situation. so it will take them a while to clean that up. so it is just an absolute mess with both loops of the beltway closed at this in
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and people are being advised to avoid the area entirely. this will be a mess with us for a while. the rig is still there. and so that has to be hauled out of there. even when it is taken from the scene, when you have this kind of a shut up to fdown for this of time, it just takes a while to get back to normal. so it will be a long an painful rush hour this morning. back to you. >> no doubt a mess. just avoid it if you possibly can. again, inner loop and outer loop here at connecticut avenue, we are shut down this morning, could be shut down for several more hours. i know you're thinking i see tr traffic getting by. that was only the traffic than in that area when the crash happened. so no few trafficvoid the beltwp
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it is just a mess top of the beltway. you can see all of that red. otherwise, we're actually looking pretty good everywhere else. i'm keeping an eye of course always on any other incidents. 95 north bound through woodbridge typically slow. 270 at middlebrook, an earlier crash is now out of the way. inner loop at van dorn and 95 south at fairfax county parkway, crashes there. but again not slowing things too much. red line delays to shady grove. chuck bell you have a much better story to tell. i do, but it is a cold story first thing this morning with temperatures in the teens and 20s. you'll need to layer up. things you need to know about the weather, off to a cloudy and cold start. couldn't rule out a conversational flake or two, but that is it. a chance for spring kell r spriy afternoon. a chance next week but it's a smaller chance. this ribbon of snowfl
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it is drying up as it races eastbound. teens and 20s this morning. away 40 at 7:00 tonight. and tomorrow morning, starting out near 40 and then jumping into the 60s. amelia see gall meal. a different problem on our roads, we're talking about potholes. and there a new plan to try to patch them up. this stretch of independence avenue will close for pothole repairs this is expected to be blocked until saturday afternoon. potholes on beach drive shouldn't be too much of a problem much longer. crews will be working overtime tomorrow and sunday to patch up the holes. news 4 was there yesterday and crews were already on the job. huge work for them. we rawant you to tweet u us @4potholefix if you notice any particularly bad spots.
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said it to the right people. use the twitter hand handle @4potholefix. happening today, the fate of the man charged with having his uncle murdered remains in limbo. the jury will deliberate. mayhew is accused of putting a hit ut head out on his uncle while he was in a jail cell. he was supposed to testify in the last murder trial. the first time it ended up in a hug jury. the prince george's county than is already serving life in police on that prison on other murder charges. this morning still no arrests in yesterday's double murder in northeast d.c. on 58th street. one man dead inside a home there, the other than died if he hospital. broken down railcars may already be an issue for the purple line even before it gets up and running. there a proposal to use a spanish company to make the cars. that same company once made cars for metro that had to be
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replaced because they broke down too often. the leading bidder to build and operate the purple line came up with the proposal. the 16 mile light rail system would connect montgomery and prince george's county. the wait is almost over. you will soon be able to take a street car along the h street corridor. the troubled d.c. street car system will start running next saturday february 27. there will be grand opening ceremony at 13th and h streets. the project cost $200 million. it's been delayed for years due to safety and equipment problems. right now the ride is free. if you have taxes on your mind, you may not want to hear this. the average tax bill in arlington is going up by nearly $200. the "post" says arlington county is considering a half% cut if property taxes. however, higher assessments will add up to about $189 more on average. the paper says that's low compared to some nearby counties. breaking news, we are shut
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of the beltway. top of the beltway here at connecticut avenue, full tea ta details chopper 4 over the scene. caught on camera, a tourist helicopter seen plunging from the sky in hawaii. what we're learning about the accident and the people on board. plus another potential data breach that may have exposed your personal information p.warning a university in our rea is putting out. a
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breaking you news on the beltway. inner loop and outer loop. ener loop, on that the traffic in the area at the time of the crash getting by. it is a mess. you have to avoid the top of the beltway. ramps in that area are
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down here this morning. taking a look at travel times, elsewhere overall looking pretty good. 270 south from germantown to the spur going to take you 18 minutes. top of the beltway, this is where the crash is. never seen them do this before, it is doing it take because it cannot get a reading. everybody pushed off the outer loop of the beltway. 66 and 95 no major issues. amelia, how is the temp out there? >> it's chilly out here this morning. temperatures are in the teens an 20s. so make sure the kids are bundled at the bus stop with a temperature around 24 degrees. recess is a b because it will be chilly. at least dry, though. by dismissal, mostly cloudy skies. p so some sunshine during the earlier morning hours. looking ahead to next tuesday and wednesday, we are tracking a winter storm. rain and snow still in play.
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minutes. we'll have more on that breaking news. but it's making a mess of your morning commute. both loops of the beltway are shut down if in montgomery county after a truck accident. >> megan mcgrath is live where you're being verted off thedi
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a mess. take a look at the scene. this is from chopper 4. both loops of the beltway shut down in montgomery county after a truck accident this morning. again chopper 4 showing you this truck that look like it's overturned. >> megan mcgrath headed to the scene. she's joining us. where are you, megan? >> reporter: we're actually at one of the detours, one of the many detours that we're seeing this morning. wi this is the ramp from 355 that no rmly would allow you to get up on to the inner loop. and that won't happen this morning. in factual kt auct all of the rh inner and outer loop are shut down in the area of connecticut avenue, wisconsin avenue and even georgia avenue. we just got on at old georgetown road and we just barely that it on to that ramp before they shut that one down. they're trying to prevent people there getting both on to the inner and the
6:46 am
beltway at this point because this accident has just caused an absolute mess. take a look at the chopper video. you can see what played out here. we have a tractor trailer on its side on the jersey wall. is this a live picture. you can see that they have not yet even started the process of moving this truck. some of the load from the trailer actually fell on to the roadway. both sides of the beltway here. and then we also apparently gave some kind of a fuel spill that are will need to be cleaned up. we have some accident reconstruction teams on the scene. so this is going to be with us for quite some time here. and even after they clear the scene and get the drtruck out 6 here, the traffic tie ups will continue to linger because we have a tremendous amount of volume out there and they can't use the beltway at all. you can only
6:47 am
frustration out there this morning. now, back to you, melissa, on what should people do. >> best thing, just avoid this area all together. there is no good thing take will happen trying to take the beltway this morning. so again chopper 4 over the scene. this is the outer loop of the beltway. inner loop here. yes, we have some people getting by on the right shoulder, those are the folks that were there in line when the crash happened. they were stuck on the beltway. so we're still shut down for all intents and purposes inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. again, avoid all of those ramps. rockville pike to tshut down al. supreme court justice antonin scalia will lie in repose, the first justice to do so in decades. h molette green has more are on today's events. >> reporter: the political back
6:48 am
respects to justice scalia. appointed by ronald reagan. when his casket arrivals, washington and the public gets this chance to pay their respects throughout the day today. the first italian american to be able to serve on the high court. here is today's lineup for you to be able to see how things will fall in line. the casket set to arrive at 9:20 this morning, brought into the great hall on the lincoln catafalque loaned to the supreme court by congress. there will be a short private ceremony at 9:30. and then the public viewing polls that. the public will be allowed to file in about 10:30 this morning. and will continue throughout the day here until about 8:00 tonight. now, president obama and the first lady set to appear here and pay
6:49 am
former law clerks will be honorary pallbearers and u.s. supreme court police officers will serve as pallbearers. scalia died last week at the age of 79 at a ranch in texas. the conservative justice will be remembered fondly by many in this town. back to you. and some are criticizing president obama for not attending scalia's funeral tomorrow. the president and first lady will pay their respects today. vice president joe biden will attend the catholic funeral mass tomorrow. the whous says biden's security detail is less disruptive and biden had a personal relationship with scalia. senate republicans are closing ranks and supporting mitch mcconnell's opposition to president obama's choosing scalia's successor. some senators say they would be well within their right to refuse to confirm the president's nominee. on the other side, republican presidential candidate jeb bush said if he were in the
6:50 am
probably nominate a replacement for scalia. coming up, complete coverage of justice scalia. pete williams will have a live report coming up after news 4 today. >> you should not be roaming around the building and having the opportunity to establish these relationships with these children. >> anger and frustration this morning after a school system admits that it failed to protect students from sexual predator. 17 victims have come forward saying school volunteer deonte carraway sexually abused them. the abuse happened at judge sylvania woods elementary school in glenarden and other places. the school board is now reviewing policies on whether students should be left alone with volunteers. the board will also review its hiring and background check policies. officials will also look at the protocols for reporting abuse. the principal at woods elementary school is accused of not
6:51 am
guardian reported carraway sent a sexually explicit photo to a t 9-year-old. two key states add their votes to the race for the white house tomorrow. nevada will hold its democratic caucuses while south carolina holds its republican primary. in south carolina, 50 delegates and three superdelegates up for grabs. merely half and all the superdelegates will go to the overall winner. now to nevada, 35 delegates are at stake there, a key difference here, the delegates are not bound to any candidate until may. the state will also send eight superdelegates to the democratic national convention in july. expect a full bre
6:52 am
morning on he"meet the press." decision 2016 is affecting more of our students. fairfax county students will not have school on march 1. the buildings will be used as polling places. students will not have to make up the day. spotsylvania and stafford county have already decided it to close for the day, as well. breaking news on the beltway fp we're talking about the out are loop is where this problem is here. overturned track toer trailer p big mess here. inner loop also shut down. avoid it. all of the ramps through that area also shut down. so right now, rockville pike to the inner loop is closed. connecticut to the outer loop is closed. 270, all that traffic, you cannot go on to the beltway. outer loop detoured on to connecticut. like i said, avoid it. nothing good will come of you trying to go go across the top of beltway. overall, no major issues. 95 north through wood bridge, typically
6:53 am
66 at waples mill, eastbound westbound is okay. prince george's county overall looking pretty good. remember we do have this earlier problem kind of still hanging around bw parkway north at 32. we're still slow if you're headed to bwi, i would take 9 instead this morning. red line delays to shady grove. keeping an eye on next week's chance for a little rain/snow combination coming our direction. a dip in the jet stream will allow cooler weather to return, so next week will be back into the chilly pattern after a mild weekend. but the track of the storm still has a lot of uncertainty with it. so far looks like a rain/snow combination going to be mostly rain along i-95. the rain/snow line might be along i-81, though. so rain and snow both in play. we'll be watching this very carefully. for now, though, your friday morning off to a quiet and cold start. 18 in montgomery county, 18 now in prince william county, 24 in annapolis and 28 downtown. hourly temperatures today
6:54 am
neighborhoods until about 9:00 or 10:00. then gradually climbing into the upper 30s and low 40s. hi highs 44 today in manassas, 34 national mall. going out tonight, things start change for the better. temperatures holds in the low 40s all the way into saturday morning. that will allow for a warmer day. radar still showing dying snowflakes drying up as they come eastbound. tomorrow off to a cloudy start, but temperatures near 40 in the morning. that mild start allows for a much warmer day. highs for him in the low to mid-60s. there will be a chance for rain this weekend starting after lunchtime on sunday. so sunday afternoon and evening, there will be a risk of a couple of light rain showers around, so if you have stuff to do outside, get it done tomorrow or early sunday. and there is that
6:55 am
snow/rain chance. take a look at that scene. this morning the faa is investigating this dramatic helicopter crash that put three people in the hospital including a 16-year-old boy who has critical injuries. the crash happened at pearl harbor in hawaii. it is not clear why it crashed. ntsb investigator is expected at the site of the crash today. someone has critical information about thousands of people connected to a school in our area. a stolen laptop had names, addresses and social security numbers on it all from 41 university of mary washington students alumni and employees. the laptop was stolen in january. a university spokeswoman told the paper they have, quote, no indication that the information has been or will be misused. we're tracking breaking news on the morning commute. both loops of the beltway shut down in montgomery county after
6:56 am
this truck accident. chopper 4 live over the scene. >> megan mac mcgrath is near th scene with the latest. >> reporter: you shut down one loop of the beltway, and you have major, major problems. you shut down both outer loop and the ener loop during rush hour, you can only imagine just how frustrated folks are this morning. and the traffic tie ups that we're seeing. this right here is the detour at one of the many ramps that are closed here this morning. this is 355 headed on to the inner loop of the beltway. you're not going to be able to do it. we have a very serious accident involving a tractor trailer that went on its side. it's impacting the inner and outer loop. there a fuel spill associated with it and they haven't even started the work of removing that tractor trailer. so this will be shut down for some time. we have major, major tieups through the area. with more on traffic, we'll send to melissa. >>
6:57 am
boof and y above and you can see the mess. the body of the truck on the outer loop, the other side there on the right side of your screen, avoid this completely. you cannot go that way and get where you want to go today. shut down of course all of the ramps in the area, as well. 27 270 pushed on to old georgetown. >> that's the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is flex.
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good morning. holy war of words. donald trump responds after the pope questions his faith for wanting to build a wall along the mexican border. >> he has an awfully big wall at the vat caicavatican. >> we'll talk to donald trump live. on the democratic side, hilry clinton is booed for a dig at bernie sanders. >> doesn't know what the last democratic president did. it's true. it's true. >> as our new poll shows that race tightening. paying respects. the body of justice antonin scalia set to lie in repose at the supreme court today. president obama scheduled to be there, but facing growing criticism over his decision not


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