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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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breaking right now at 11:00, jeb bush is out. the former gop frontrunner suspends his campaign after donald trump's convincing win in the south carolina primary. as friends and dignitar
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say good-bye to justice scalia, and his son shares what happened when he ended up in his confession line. and then this, a heartbreaking decision. in june of 2015, an nbc news wall street journal poll showed jeb bush leading the gop field, and now he has suspended his campaign. that was one of several developments tonight in the race for the white house. >> it's the second victory in the row for the national republican frontrunner, donald trump is first in the south. >> when you win it's beautiful, and we are going to start winning for our country. let's go. let's have a big win in nevada and a big win, and let's put this thing a
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flocked to marco rubio, powering the comeback from fifth in new hampshire. >> the message is pretty clear, this country is ready for a new generation of the 21st sentry to guide us. >> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> jeb bush finished far in fourth and quit the race. >> we put conservative plans to address the challenges we face, because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> in nevada, hillary clinton lost her once-big-lead in the polls but still won. >> i am so so thrilled and grateful to all of my supporters
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some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> union leaders pushed a big democratic caucus turnout, which helped nullify bernie sanders' late surge. >> republicans and democrats trade places in the coming week the gop holds nevada caulks on tuesday, and the south carolina primary for democrats is next saturday. we will get action in our state on super tuesday. tonight bernie sanders announced a rally tuesday in norfolk. sanders and donald trump will join chuck todd for "meet the press" tomorrow morning, and for complete results of the primary and nevada caucuses, you can open up the app and search "decision 2016
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>> grab the umbrella and rain boots. we will be tracking rain throughout the day. 8:00 a.m. we are dry but notice plenty of clouds already in place, and rain moves in during the late to mid morning, and rain in prince william county by noon, and prince georges as well, and over towards annapolis and baltimore. notice throughout the day we continue to track waves of rain and cloudy skies, and rain pulls out overnight, and it will be dry on monday and then we will let you know how tomorrow's rain impacts temperatures. >> new at 11:00, seven long years since pamela butler vanished from her home in the district, and families of missing loved ones join the family for a candlelight
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allowing us to gather yet another year. >> are you losing hope? >> actually, we have. we are going to at some point declare her dead. >> butler's family making that painful decision so they can move forward. she has been missing for seven years now, and the family wants to hold a memorial service. >> we don't feel she is with us here anymore. >> the family has not given up finding out what happened to butler. her boyfriend was the last person seen at the house and he has not been charged. >> we never consider any case to put on the shelf and definitely pamela butler, we will do our best to solve the case and bring closure to the family. >> after seven years, her mother disheartened she has no answers. >> i would like for somebody come up and just confess.
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return to this place, not just this year but every year until they get the closure they are looking for. valencia harris comes every year because her daughter has been missing for five years. >> you yearn for your child and not be able to touch or talk to your child and that's a hard thing to deal with every day. >> and one case was cold for four years, and then justice came. >> that's why i am here today. >> they are hoping for here, answers will come and justice will be served. darcy spencer. he was the father god gave us for the great adventure of family life. >> thousands of
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to pay their final respect to justice antonin scalia today. vice president joe biden represented the white house at the funeral mass, and scalia's son presided and injected humor in, talked about when his dad came to church for confession. >> as he put it later, like heck if i am confessing to you. the feeling was mutual. >> president obama says he will nominate justice scalia's replacement and wants the senate to hold the vote. the gop leadership says a vote won't happen until the new president is sworn in. for much more on today's service and the future of the high court, you can open our app and search "scalia." everything back to normal at the
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threat. the sheriff's department evacuated the mall as a precaution, and that caused a huge backup on route three and 95. investigators did not find anything suspicious and said there are no credible suspects. we have new details on the cyclone in fiji. why this disaster is now one for the record brooks. eight people arrested after doing a demonstration
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new tonight, police arrested eight people during an emotional protest aga
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in richmond. a large group demonstrated against the plans to dump cold ash water into the james and potomac rivers. police say they had a permit but violated the condition. they say the ground water will be monitored. and then a policy that protects transgender students says she will appeal. the policy bans discrimination based on gender idea, and traditional values filed the suit. she says it makes it too easy for boys to use the girls' rest room and vice versa. a big next few days for our region in cuba. leaders are in havana right now and they are learning more about cuba and the more business opportunities that may exist there. our own david culver is there as
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he will have more tomorrow night here on the news at 6:00. amelia is up next to show us if there is a chance of snow mixing in. this woman is like an angel. >> a woman meets the hero that helped her when she needed it most. after more than 40 years, find
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a murder 43 years ago ripped a young child from her mother, and now we have got the emotional reunion with the woman that comforted the little girl all those years
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derick ward brings us the long-awaited reunion. >> sims was found dead in an apartment she shared with her young daughter and boyfriend. a woman found the girl out in the yard. >> i said where is your mother? >> she said upstairs on the floor dead. >> more sun lost track of the child and today she was anxious. officer 43 years she would reunite with the little girl everybody called tweety bird. >> look at you! >> but she never forgot the woman that rescued her and comforted her on the hardest day of her life. >> this woman is like an angel. the last day i saw her i was 3 years old, but i remember that day. that was my mom and that's the woman that took care of me. >> she has a blurred
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white photograph her mother holding her as an infant. but now she has somebody that will talk to her about her mother, the mother she never got to know. >> new details about the powerful cyclone that battered fiji today. we learned the cat 5 storm is the strongest recorded tropical storm to make landfall on the pacific island nation. at least one person has been killed. the storm knocked out power and communications throughout the island chain. now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> the imagery from that storm system absolutely amazing. back here it's not going to be a great day tomorrow. we're talking about rain at times. have the umbrella handy and pull out the rain boots. dry on monday and then as we look to the middle part of the week, we will track rain in the forecast, not snow, and maybe freezingin
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maryland but for most of us, this looks like a rain only event. the cold weather sticks around through at least saturday, likely on into next sunday as well. it's the weekend if you have cabin fever, the weather not cooperated. the temperatures will be cooler tomorrow. georgetown, today it was packed out there, folks enjoying the weather. again, tomorrow is looking soggy as rain moves in during the late to mid morning hours. temperatures not so bad. 49 in washington. 46 degrees in manassas with clear skies. will cloud up early tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., and limited sunshine possible. a temperature of 47. showers arrive by 10:00 a.m., and the temperature at that point around 53. the high tomorrow, 55. we will hit that at about 4:00 in the afternoon, and we continue to track areas of rain, andn
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and maybe looking to ski tomorrow, and rain likely there at times as well, and spring-cleaning, just what you want to do on your sunday, but a good day to get a jump-start on that. you can still open up the windows and get the fresh air and heading out and about you will be good as long as you have the umbrella handy. temperatures in the low 40s. coming home, mostly cloudy skies and the temperature around 51 degrees. right around normal. our average high is about 49 degrees. tuesday, a high temperature around 50 with cloudy skies and the chance of rain later in the day. here's the latest. this is one scenario. 1:00, notice how most of the area is dry but cloudy, and showers moving into the northern and southern maryland and then they continue to move northward impacting us during that tuesday evening rush. notice the areas of pink here during the evening hours, that's the chance of sleet and freezing
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maryland, and parts of the panhandle of west virginia, and for most of us the entire event is looking mainly like rain. the high likelihood of rain on wednesday, and maybe rain heavier in the day, and the chance of lingering showers very early on thursday, and then a high of 56 and then it becomes windy so the air on thursday feels like the 30s. >> nice reprieve while it lasted. >> earning their third straight
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tree seems to be a magic for the cavs and wizards. it's the third time this season both teams hit winning streaks at the same time. and first a four-straight home games for the caps. down 1-zip late in the third, and sneaks the puck under snyder. ties the game at one. in a second after another devil's goal, putting it through the crease, and a wrist
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caps in a one-hole goal again, and yet they find an answer. a deflection and evens the floor to three. the leader and assists, bags another. and it's the pick for the game winner. caps win their third straight in the thrilling comeback, 4-3. >> i was just trying to put it on the net, and i knew snyder could not see it because i could not see much of the net, and then i saw obi start celebrating. >> when you find ways to win night in and night out, you take a lot of pride. it will be hard to accept any kind of loss, and that's a tribute to the group. >> it's the wizards' turn trying to make it three in a row, and trying to play their third game in as many nights. the problem is they still have this guy, taking
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the basket, and he had a double-double in the first half. john walsh started off ice cold, 0 for 5 from the field and this his first bucket, two minutes left in the first half. wizards down by 15 at the break. and then check out the fancy pants, stoudemier. that wasn't the last attack on the basket by the heat. whiteside remained a thorn in the wizards' sign. heat burned the wizards, 114-94. >> we have to move forward and make sure we don't have any lingering affects from this, and we had a couple bad habits again, without a post up guy that they really throw the ball to, there was 70 points in the paint. >> georgetown hosting xavier, a team they already beat this season
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his career high of 22 points, xavier hands georgetown its third loss, 88-70. and then ready to go as virginia tech trying to get a better seed in the tournament hosting. and then the former turk scored a game high of 23 points. tech ends a two-game losing streak winning. and you can get your groove on. tigers up big early, and a native martin knocking down the triple, and led by 10 at the break. second half, bison, trying to rally. and then getting a little help from the backboard and he finished with 24, and that's not enough. tigers, williams left wide open and that's a
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drexel upsets william & mary, and army snapped a five-game losing streak to navy forcing two overtimes, and 80-78. college lacrosse, fourth ranked maryland opening the season hosting high point. second quarter, senior midfielder, a career high, seven points. turks down two at the half. and maryland in the second. nice move to the front and finishes on the way down. and their 23rd straight opener. and then skip to the fourth here, and greyhounds up one, and off the rebound, and the third goal of the game for him, and a few minutes later, there's more. sherlock cuts to the cage and finishes. greyhounds win it 9-8.
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at 1:00, and the caps and wizards will be at the verizon center this week. and erica, should be an exciting start to the week down in china town. >> thank you so much. tomorrow a good day to grab the rain boots and the umbrella. >> not a great day. looks like rain moves in the late morning hours and continues into the evening, unfortunately. >> totally different from today.
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network, it's the sixth republican debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome back. i'm fox business rock star neil cavuto. >> and i'm maria bartiromo. a reminder -- we've lost a few competitors since the last debate, with only seven joining us tonight, so remember, nd


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