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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 21, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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brought you about metro. >> let's get to derrick ward live in bethesda. >> reporter: we're here at the bethesda metro station. as you can see it appears things pretty much returned to normal now. earlier this morning, this was the scene at friendshipa an arcing insulate tore caused some smoke. they briefly septembnt up a bus bridge to get people around it. and we believe there was also track work going on already and that smoke had them shut down the open track that they were single tracking through. there appears to be no damage, no reports of injuries or anything like that, just that disruption of service because of smoke and of course metro errs on the side of caution. their safety records are always under scrutiny, so
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the side of caution with a heavy response, but the incident was not serious enough to warrant it. so we believe that any delays have cleared up on the red line after a little bit of a incident this morning. we're live in bethesda, derrick ward, news 4. >> sorry for the little behind the scenes. >> facebook live from breaking news to politics as well as our weather. and one big story that we continue to follow, one that started actually yesterday and this is out in kalamazoo, michigan. people were killed in a random shooting spree. >> the shooter is 45-year-old jason dalton. police say that he will be arraigned tomorrow. dalton will likely face multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder. shooting spree started around 6:00 last night outside a kraerk barrel restaurant. the gunman then went to a car dealership and killed a father and son, then to another cracker barrel restaurant. witnesses say the gunman was talking to people and then stte
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this their cars. four died at the third screen. one person still in critical condition. so a story that we will continue to stay on top of it for you here. we do want to turn our attention to the weather. >> tom kierein tracking some showers headed in our direction. >> if you walked the dog early this morning, you noticed it still feels pretty nice. we kept in some of the heat from yesterday. when we got in to the mid-60s. temperatures have been above freezing now for over 48 hours. so as a result, a lot of the snow melting rather rapidly. here comes rain, radar shows this kentucky tennessee, west virginia, now coming into virginia and maryland. this is all tracking due east and the close-up radar showing that we're getting a few sprinkles maybe in montgomery county and northern loudoun county. but the main bulk of the rain
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harrisonburg, it is raining now. this is advancing east coming in to the metro area arriving another couple hours or so noontime to 1:00. and a little bit of a breeze at union station. your weather headlines for this sunday, looks like a rainy afternoon. possible flooding mainly in virginia, some creeks and streams out of their banks. and rain looking likely on wednesday as we get toward the middle part of the week. pretty powerful storm coming through. hour by hour timing coming in just a few minutes. nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. and we're going to start -- we are going to start winninglot
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hillary clinton and donald trump both land big wins. and steve handelsman has more on how south carolina made jeb bush quit the race. >> reporter: it's the second victory in a row for the national republican frontrunner, donald trump's first in the south. >> when you win, it's beautiful. and we're going to start -- we're going to start winning for our country. let's go, let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win at the s.e.c. let's put this thing away. >> reporter: but as they cast their ballots, mainstream republicans flocked to marco rubio powering the 44-year-old's comeback from fifth in new hampshire. >> tonight here in south carolina, the message is pretty clear. this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. >> reporter: ted cruz kept his spot in the top tier of three. >> we are the only campaign that
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has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> reporter: jeb bush finished far down in fourth and quit the race with a parting shot. >> we put forward detailed innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> reporter: in nevada, hillary clinton lost her once big lead in the poles when you still won. >> i'm so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> reporter: union leaders had pushed a big democratic caucus turnout which helped nullify bernie sanders' late surge. steve handelsman, nbc news. the gop holds nevada caucuses on tuesday and the south carolina democratic primary is next saturday.
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march 1, super tuesday. 13 states including virginia go to the polls. a reunion decades in the making. . how a woman's age e's act of ki helps form a connection. and fiji
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i'm like what are you doing outside? where is your mother? and she says upstairs on the floor dead. >> the shocking discovery of a d.c. woman back in 1973 now brings a bit of closure. she's reunited with the little girl she took care of on the most difficult day of her young life.
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on saturday latisha simms got to thank sylvia morris in person. morris found simms the day after her mother regina was murdered. she was just three years old. simms reached out to her after seeing an excerpt from a book about her life online. in it, she recounted the day she found the little girl wandering outside. >> just three years old, but i remember that day. that was my mom and that was the woman that took care of me. >> simms says she's grateful to be reconnected with morris to share those memories of her mom, someone she never got to know. right now five people are reported dead after a powerful cyclone tears through fiji. the south pacific nation is still under curfew and a 30 day state of emergency. tropical cyclone winston had winds of close to 180 miles per hour. some reports indicate entire villages have been flattened, schools ordered to shut down for
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declared disaster zones. power, water communication services still out for almost 900,000 people there. we are not the deing with any sort of weather like that, but we're certainly going to look for some rain. you're looking at storm team 4 radar. showers moving into the area. we're in for quite a bit of rain over the next week. tom is tracking hour by hour when you can expect it in your neighborhood. mending hearts and broken bones. the creative way a physical therapist is turning the healing process into trendy works of art.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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check this out. a physical therapist in northeast d.c. is getting rave reviews from her patients. >> she's one of the coolest ladies in town covering casts with some seriously hip designs. melissa mollett shows us how she does it. >> reporter: san antonhe's know had caster. creative crazy concoctions casts her canvas, all whipped up by hand. >> mostly permanent marker. >> reporter: here at the hsc pediatric rehab center in northeast, physical therapist amanda hall uses her talents to help replace sadness with smiles. >> i hope it makes them feel special because they're getting something custom. >> reporter: like this air
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>> i never seen a cast like this. all the colors, the straps. >> she said they're icy. >> reporter: that's cool for all you old people out there. and like an every last boxing glove, wedges, nike, many uggs, star wars characters and spiderman. >> a lot of infants have gone from nicu to our special care nursery and so a lot of the rst are different than the parent were expecting. so first pair of shoes might actually be a splint. >> reporter: but hall says she wouldn't consider hurst artistic. >> this is developed with my skills. >> reporter: just passionate. >> i love the alignment of the foot and function. but it's also important that the child and family are excited about the cast.
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>> reporter: remember the big chunky plaster cast with autographs across it? what physical therapists get to work with these days, far cooler. >> initially there was plaster. and then fiberglass was really common. and now we have a combination today. soft casting material with fiberglass. >> reporter: there is no extra charge for her clever ideas and hall is always looking for inspiration. >> if they have a hello kitty shoe on one side, i'll put it on their cast. >> reporter: ready to try any design. even if she has to look it up. >> pop culture. >> i use google. >> reporter: in northeast washington, melissa mollett, news 4. donald trump and hillary clinton are the big winners in 2016 this
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all down is chuck todd. and chuck, i know that you are speaking with trump today on the show. are you still surprised -- is he sell surprised? >> let me just tell you, and i'm not trying to be a tease, he will still surprise with what he says. the positions which i think this is where the traditional republican candidate and strategists have misread trump the whole time. it is trump not having the normal republican positions i think has turned out to be his strength, not a weakness. and he is willing to say things that run counter to what you think of traditional republican would say. and he defends those statements. sometimes he flips a bit, but always straddling the fence and his supporters don't care. if that's the
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don't know how he's prevented from being the nominee. >> the nevada caucuses are different. >> when a race narrows and you go on and the primaries and caucuses come faster and faster, organization means less and less. he's already won in two states where we're told organization means a lot. he had the worst organization in south carolina. marco rubio and ted cruz had better. >> and we mentioned if will this was any other candidate -- >> we'd be counseling hdow crow. everybody would be dropping out and saying it's rubio/clinton and we'd be covering. and it's possible that will happen. here's why.
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can ted cruz beat donald trump in texas? on march 15th, it's florida. can donald trump booeat florida? if that happen, this thing is done. still, anything can happen. there is no doubt they will rally around rubio like they have never done before. but is it going -- i don't know if it will happen in time. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton, a big sigh of relief. >> would have been a big problem for her to lose. iowa was a narrow victory. she avoids that. and now the pressure is on sand ders. and he himselfed a mets it. where can he beat her on her turf. . yes, he can win in colorado or massachusetts. but can he win in texas, can
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today. it's a state he knows he has to do well in. that's the real test. >> a packed show coming up. >> primaries on saturdays, make for even better sundays. i'm all for it. >> you can see "meet the press" right here on the nbc 4 right after "news 4 today." chuck, thanks so much. we want to turn our attention to the weather because that's the other thing a lot of people care about today. >> a bone to pick with you. >> what? the weather department was closed yesterday. >> i'm getting greedy. >> clouds are moving in quickly. and the rain, as well. we look at the storm team 4 radar. leading edge of the rain coming into the shenandoah valley. we've had just a few sprinkles in montgomery and loudoun, but the area in the dark
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rain is coming down a little bit harder and that is advancing to the east. and behind that, we have other showers that are mainly farther south and those will be tracking across virginia. so most of the rain does appear to be coming in from the west and heading due east and the bulk of this tracking just south of washington. so not as much rain as there will be in virginia. it's beginning to cross the blue ridge. by 1:00, into our suburbs. areas in yellow and orange may be coming down harder there. into fair fax county, prince william county, fauquier county, stafford. and then it breaks up a bit. by 3:00. lingering rain here in washington. and then it tracks across the bay after 5:00 this afternoon, and then into the evening hour,
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sprinkles maybe a little bit of drizzle, maybe a little bet of fog tonight. but because the ground is so saturated from the snow melt and previous rains, any rain that does fall is likely going to be calling some flooding. so we do have a flash flood watch through this evening the areas in green. may be some creeks and streams maybe after sunset crossing some of the rural roads. so the rest of morning, uniyou might need a light coat. sunglasses for another hour or so. right now low to mid-70s shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. look at pax river, 65. so if you want to get in your exercise, do it now between now and 1:00 and after that, a wet afternoon as we drop back into the low s
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tonight, back down into the 40s by midnight. low 40s by dawn monday p. as you get back to work and school, partly sunny, a pleasant day, highs reaching the low 50s. and then cloudy tuesday upper thursday. so above freezing since friday morning. staying above freezing all the way through the rest of the week. rain likely wednesday, may be heavy at times wednesday night. might not get below freezing again until saturday morning. so quite an extended period here of temperatures above freezing. strong winds developing on thursday afternoon and evening into friday. thatoutages. address then chillier. here are four things to know today. a tragedy unfolding in mitch. six people are dead and one critically hurt after a random shooting spree. jason dalton is t
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eastbound route 50 shut down after a deadly crash. police say a tractor trailer was involved. they're still on the scene. virginia house gop set to present its budget today. it will reportedly include an increase in education funding, new funding for the underfunded retirement plans as well as funds to build an eastbound labor on i-66. service on the red line restored after an incident that shut down service for about an hour. delays still continuing. so remember when your parents told you always have a plan b? how a major automaker is finding better business by selling somethi
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. happening today, the daytona 500 will take the green flag. after thursday's big last lap five car wreck, four teams have gone to backup cars. this week also marks 15 years since dale earnhardt senior's death. in business you you should always have something to fall back on. take volkswagen for example. >> yeah, if selling cars doesn't work, they can rely
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sausage business. they also sell their own brand of the sausage and spicy ketchup snacks. in 2015, they sold more than 7.2 million sausages. that is 2 million more saws ans than cars sold. in case you're wondering, volkswagen are made at a butchery within the car must have manufacturing plant. it's like what pizza is to italy. a favorite in germany. >> assembly line isn't a sausage li
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every wonder what nature valley is made of? ♪ that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter.
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this sunday morning, another big win for donald trump, now the undisputed republican front-run sgler it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> but republicans believe it's a three-man race as marco rubio and ted cruz vie to become the chief trump challenger. >> and the21st century conservative movement is the son of a bar tender and a maid from cuba. meanwhile, the bush dynasty comes to an official end. >> tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> trump, rubio and cruz all join me this morning. plus, hillary clinton gets the win she so desperately needed in nevada. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> while bernie sanders


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