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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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mothers and their children will only hurt them. take a look at the site of 25th place this northeast d.c. mayor muriel bowser proposes putting a shelter there. right now either 00 just a vacant building that sits in the heart of an industrial area next to busy train tracks. some ward 5 neighbors think the location isn't safe for families. >> young families, single parents, children. and i just don't feel that it's okay to place them in the middle of industrial land. >> mayor bowser has said the city pays special attention to where these family shelters would fit into the neighborhoods. neighborhood association leader this is ward 5 will hold a meeting tonight with d.c. council member kenyon mcduffy to talk about getting the location changed. today metro will hold another budget meeting. and your input could affect how much you pay for virs. the board will discuss creating a discounted student pass for local universities and providing a 15 minute grace period to exit. they also want to hear your thoughts
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pass with the purchase of a rail pass. the hearing starts at 6:30. here's something we don't say too often. there will be track work on metro tonight that could affect your ride home. beginning at 8:00, they will place rails between the smithsonian and federal central southwest stations. trains will run every 15 minutes because of single tracking. silver line trains will only run between ballston and wheelie reston east. track work also tomorrow night. and they will have to deal with a little weather tomorrow, but what are four things to know about today. >> four things you need to know about the weather coming up. more clouds, but staying dry. so not a bad way to get the week started. we'll start springing -- wait a minute. my computer did not update that at all. so here's what you've got. a mild start today on your mop, s monday, so enyoi that. rr
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into the picture. could start out as a little sleet in the shenandoah valley. and then big chances for a lot of wind and many thunderstorms wednesday/thursday. so enjoy today. temperatures in the 30s to near 40 now. 40s to near 50 later this afternoon. you will get to see some sunshine before tuesday rain drops move in. >> and thank you for saturday. that was a gorgeous day. >> a winner. beltway at st. barnabas, no problems here inner loop or outer loop. don't have anything reported even as far as road work through that area. 66 at 123, also looking good in to town and out of town. don't have any worries there along 66 eastbound or westbound this morning. two pieces of road work that are hanging around and probably will be around here for the next hour or so, inner loop after kolgsvilkolg colesville road, left lanes getting by and outer loop near university, left lanes getting by. the red on this outer loop, no report of anything, but we'll
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top of the beltway, no problem. prince george's county also looking quite good. now to a developing story. the man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan will appear in court today. investigators say jason dalton killed six people in those seven hours on saturday. the shootings 4hasn'ted outside an apartment complex and restaurant. dalton worked for uber and reportedly took a fare after the shootings. >> i kind of jokingly said to the driver you're not the shooter, are you? and he gave me some sort of a no response. >> two other were hurt in the shooting spree including a 14-year-old girl who was initially pronounced dead, but she was rushed to surgery after she squeezed her mother's happened. she's still in critical condition. a montgomery county man has tied after an accident near the germantown road exit on
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the woman hit nicholas rodriguez as he tried to run across the highway just before 7:00 last night. officers say he was wearing all dark clothing. nor either nor the nor the drivr appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. happening today, camille cosby set to give deposition. part of a case brought against the famous comedian by accept women. bill cosby has repeatedly denied allegations made by dozens of women. cosby has tried to stop today's deposition saying his wife knew nothing about the allegations. a federal judge denied his motion. 4:34. d.c.'s mayor is in cuba on an exploratory mission with a delegation from our area. david culver is traveling with the delegation and has a look at today's schedule. >> reporter: a very busy day for the delegation here
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they have got several meetings set up with officials from the cuban government. they will be meeting with foreign ministers swellings the equivalent of the mayor here havana. and those meetings are for the purpose of bringing some ideas back to the united states. that's what the delegation says they're doing. it's an can exploratory mission. they say they're not making any firm deals while they're here, but certainly a lot to see here. i'm david you will vculver, new. presidential campaigns come to virginia this week in decision 2016. virginia's primary less than ten days away on march 1st. donald trump trying to build on the momentum from his win in south carolina. and after three stinging defeats, jeb bush says he will not continue his campaign. >> i congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island on theirce
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has been hardfought. just as the race should be. >> senator marco rubio took second place in this weekend's primary. he's in nevada now where voters weigh in tomorrow. the next vote for democrats happens saturday in south carolina. already showing strength there in the polls, hillary clinton campaigning today with a new win behind her. gaining support from the african-american electorate may prove difficult for bernie sanders. black voters chose clinton by 576% to 22% will margin. >> if she wins beg in south carolina, she will have tremendous momentum going into the super tuesday state. so a real problem for bernie sanders. >> still ahead, we'll go deeper into tomorrow's caucuses and talk about the challenges ahead for both the candidademocratic
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and candidates are campaigning here. today john kasichs that lee evetree events in virginia starting at george mason university. this afternoon he will speak near the university of virginia in charlottesville. and tonight, the ohio governor will speak with students at virginia common wealth university in richmond. no medicaid expansion, but more money for state employees and public schools. those are the big takeaways from newly proposed budgets by the virginia legislature. the house included a 3% pay raise for state workers and $70 million increase for spending in schools. the senate only offered a 2% raise for teachers neither plan includes the medicaid expansion. governor mcauliffe wanted that when he present his $109 billion budget to lawmakers in december. today will likely be the best day for the kids to play outside this week. but will they need the hat and gloves? chuck bell has the ar.
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blame for the deaths of 20 first grade students? a ruling expected today in a wrongful death lawsuit in the newtown massacre. and a woman wakes up in the middle of the night to find a man sexually assaulting her. what police hope will
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the company that made the rifle used to
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graders and six teachers and staff in sandy hook elementary will be in court today. bushmaster says a federal law protect it is from a wrongful death lawsuit. they say the gun used, bushmaster ar 15, is too dangerous to sell to the public. connecticut judge will hear arguments in afternoon this aft indication. we've learned the death toll from a massive cyclone is up to 18 people. cyclone winston slammed the fiji islands this weekend. take a look at some of the damage left behind. the cyclone what we would call a hurricane in our part of the world was the biggest recorded storm in the southern hemisphere. 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell. >> yes, nice low impact weather day coming your way today. you need to enjoy it. it will be a fairly busy week weather rise around here.
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temperatures running a bit above average. on your way out the door, temperatures in the upper thirt to around 40. so seasonably chilly. on the dry side later on today with temperatures right around the 50 degree mark. so what to wear for the kid did hes, they will need a jacket or coat, but jeans covers it. >> right now taking a look at 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you can see you are on time. no major delays there. average speed is about 66 miles per hour. so no worries there. taking a look at 95, no problems on 95. northbound, travel time about 65 miles per hour. computer is having a monday here i think. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. i'll be back in ten minutes and get the computer under control. it is anotherig
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decision 2016. what we can expect from both republicans and democrats as they gear up for another caucus and primary this week. a sundaysickens several. how everyone is doing now.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. in just eight days, many of us will be at the polls voting in the virginia primary. virginia's vote on super tuesday, the day dozens of people in several states cast their ballots and the first big delegate prize is up for grabs. tracie potts is on capitol hill where we're talking about a lot that happen as before people go to the polls. >> reporter: exactly. before we deal with super tuesday in virginia, we have to get through nevada and south carolina again this week. let's start with the republicans. donald trump and the rest of the
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nevada tomorrow. those caucuses happening in nevada. trump, though, is focusing on one of the super tuesday states, georgia, telling "meet the press" that he does have a big advantage, but this is long from won. fighting behind him, ted cruz and marco rubio. rubio took second in south care kay, but cruz points out he may not get a state until after super tuesday now that jeb bush is out, the field is narrowing. now let's go to the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders this time they face off in south carolina where clinton has this huge advantage with african american voters. we are now seeing sanders go after those voters. he appeared with danny glover and former head of the naacp trying to get the focus on african-americans and the criminal justice system. so he's going very hard after those voters who historically have supported clinton. >> thank you,
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right in you they have to present an i.d. but some say that suppresses voting rights. and they have so many witnesses ready to testify, they will need more than a week to make their case against the state board of elections. we're working to find out whether fairfax county police will release a sketch of the suspect who sexually assaulted a woman early saturday morning. it happened in mt. vernon area on blankenship street. police say the man proper into a woman's apartment at the woodlawn apartments. the 51-year-old victim says the man sexually assaulted her before he took off. >> never, never i feel something about like that. >> news 4's molette green will have more from the scene coming up at 5:00. a new jersey man is behind bars here in alexandria for allegedly killing his wife. mario flores is
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shooting his wife roxanne to death at their home on saturday. police are were actually doing patrols in the neighborhood about 40 minutes before they were called for a wellness check. an officer says he saw flores leave in an suv. authorities tracked him to alexandria and arrested him there. he is expected in court for arraignment this morning. and some scary moments during sunday morning service in a prince george's county church. six people including two children went to the hospital after a faulty hvac system caused a carbon monoxide leak at the refreshing church. high level of carbon monoxide were found inside the church. another 12 people ended up in a nearby emergency room. everyone is expected to be okay. today for the first time in 30 years, the supreme court will hear cases without justice sd scalia. a as sign of
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blagojevich drapes hang ovblack drapes hang over the doors and as well as scalia's seat. republicans say the job should fall to the next president. there is a traffic alert for you this morning. major construction happening at american university could slow your commute in northwest d.c. for months. the strict department of transportation says there will be moderate delays starting this morning around nebraska avenue. large trucks will be delivering construction materials on to american university's campus for its east campus construction project. ddot says those trucks have to turn off of nebraska avenue this to the construction site, so delays are expected to continue until may. time now to check our forecast. and a chilly start to our day. looks like we had some rain overnight. >> a couple sprinkles late last night has left a little bit of pavement on the wet side this morning, but it won't be a big problem for today. so good news there. honestly, today is probably going to be one of the per days of the week before we get into some chances for springlike storms coming our way
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wednesday and thursday. but we're still also going to be dealing with some winter like cold. a little taste of it tomorrow. a much larger taste of cold air comes back into the picture towards friday and on into the weekend. and between those two spots, some mirlder weather, but activ weather coming for sure our way. rain chances not much today. tomorrow a 60% chance of rain and it could be cold enough tonight where we could get just the tiniest little bet of sleet or freezing rain in the shenandoah valley. everybody gets rain and potentially a lot of it with the ru risk of thunderstorms wednesday afternoon and evening. and windy late wednesday into thursday. so weather impacts, the weather/thursday time frame will be the most active time this week. high winds and enough rain where we may have some flooding concerns, as well. we will be tracking this very carefully over the coming days. out the door this fine monday morning, though, mostly in the upper 30s to low and mid-40s. so seasonably chilly out there.
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out for your walk or jog, mostly upper 30s and low 40s. plenty of clouds around, but you will see some breaks of sunshine at times. especially late this morning up through the early afternoon hours. highs today, 49 in frederick, maryland. 51 on the national mall. 51 also down in laplata. next thing to watch for tonight the after 11:00 tonight and before 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, this is in the sh shenandoah valley. this is an i-81 problem. here is future weather to show you what i'm talking about. clouds coming back in and by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow mock being maybe just enough cold air trapped up here in the shenandoah valley where we could have some periods of sleet or freezing rain. that should all be done by 9:00 , 10:00 tomorrow morning and then wednesday could have a rumble or two of thunder. so 50s today, tour40s tomorrow the rain, stormy wednesd,
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weekend. melissa mollett, the latest from first 4 traffic please. latest is 95 here in virginia looking quite good. you're at speed here. maybe a little above speed, but right now don't have any issues there. 95 through virginia beltway at central avenue here, 214 inner loop and outer loop, everything is moving just fine here this morning. so no major worries. only construction we have inner loop and outer loop is right here. so inner room after colesville road, the left lane getting by the work zone. same situation there, outer loop near university, again the two left lanes getting by the work zone there. should be out of the way here in about 30 minutes or so. 270 at shady grove road, no problems. big look at things in and out of town, nice and green. she was at the center of a false "rolling stone" article that rocked the university of virginia. now she's expected to be in the middle of something else.
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what the woman we've come to know as jackie is required to do. >> and the battle between fbi and apple continues.
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if usu you're just waking u we're off to a pretty mild start. that is about to change, though.
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in store in the next 24 hours. lawyers will now question the woman at the center of a debunk rolling stone oig article about a gang rain. according to the daily progress, a federal judge ordered the woman identified only as jackie to be deposed on april a 5. it is part of a civil lawsuit filed by a uva dean against several people, including the write i of the article at the magazine. the article said jackie was raped by seven men in a fraternity initiation, but the magazine retracted the piece after jackie's claims were proven false. so october 11 trial date has been set. couple and their four children are dwead after an apparent carbon monoxide leak outside detroit. a relative discovered the bodies on sunday. it looks like they were using a generator after a power outage friday night.
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how many investigations you conduct, seeing young children and an entire family dead is just a very, very sad thing. >> the children ranged in age from 2 to 11 years old. >> terrible story. fbi director james comey is continuing to call on apple to help the agency get access to the cellphone used by one of the san bernardino gunmen. company any ey posted a blog me saying the fbi owe it is to tit the victims of the attack. apple says it could hurt security for millions and plans to fight the order. right now you're paying more than 50 cents less than this time one year ago for gas. in our area, d.c. an average gallon costs $1.94. in maryland, it's at $1.72. drivers in virginia are paying an average of $1.
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gallon costs $1.74. well, a lot of you could get even more money from the government this year. the average tax return could be even higher this year than last year when it was nearly $3,000. financial advisers say you could use the money for fun of course, however, many suggest that you pay off some debt or put it towards retirement. >> either making sure that your 401(k) or ira is maxed out, but more importantly, maybe starting a roth ira. >> you have a little extra time to file your taxes this year. the deadline is april 18. crews set up a huge light display which is actually a piece of start. take a look. a new york artist and architect john parker designed the display. and next weekend it will be joined by giant lum necessary event
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>> what? that park is too close to bars to have flglowing rabbits. >> oh, my goodness, right. >> end up in a river, a whole mess. but good luck with that. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00, a neighborhood on edge after a man breaks into a woman's home and sexually assaults her. we're live with how police hope to track him down. and not in my backyard. why some people plan to sound off today about recently proposed homeless shelters. we're just one week away from super tuesday and the candidates are wasting no time. who is holding several events in our area in just a matter of hours. just about 5:00 a.m. now. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check the weather first with chuck bell. >> good morning. hope you enjoyed yo
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and enjoy this nice quiet monday, as well. chances for rain coming back tomorrow which could start out as a little sleet in the shenandoah valley. so keeping a close eye on that. doesn't look like it will be a big impact, but worth watching as a much bigger storm shows up on wednesday and thursday. so out the door weather on your monday morning, 37 in martinsburg, 45 in arlington right now. the next 24 hours shape up this way. chilly start to the week, temperatures near 40 at 7:00 a.m. in the low 40s at 7:00 tonight as clouds move back into the picture. and then by tomorrow morning, what could be some light rain in the metro, but could have pockets of sleet or freezing rain in the shenandoah valley. so we'll watch that carefully. tom kierein has the computer forecast in ten minutes. for now let's see if the wet roads are having any trouble on the commute. 95 here at 198, looking quite good. so no major problems here right now. prince george's county, a tiny bit of a slowdown southbound indian head highway just after


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