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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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and enjoy this nice quiet monday, as well. chances for rain coming back tomorrow which could start out as a little sleet in the shenandoah valley. so keeping a close eye on that. doesn't look like it will be a big impact, but worth watching as a much bigger storm shows up on wednesday and thursday. so out the door weather on your monday morning, 37 in martinsburg, 45 in arlington right now. the next 24 hours shape up this way. chilly start to the week, temperatures near 40 at 7:00 a.m. in the low 40s at 7:00 tonight as clouds move back into the picture. and then by tomorrow morning, what could be some light rain in the metro, but could have pockets of sleet or freezing rain in the shenandoah valley. so we'll watch that carefully. tom kierein has the computer forecast in ten minutes. for now let's see if the wet roads are having any trouble on the commute. 95 here at 198, looking quite good. so no major problems here right now. prince george's county, a tiny bit of a slowdown southbound indian head highway just after
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nothing reported there, so just could be coming up a little funny in my system. 95 north and southbound at lorton road, you can see we look quite good here this morning. inner loop after colesville road, left lane getting by that work zone. and then again outer loop at university, that one i just heard probably will hang around a little longer than normal. left lanes getting by the work zone there, still have some crews out on the scene. it was a terrifying experience for a woman in fairfax county. police say she woke up to find a man in her apartment who then assaulted her. molette green live in the mt. vernon area with more on what we might learn from police today. >> reporter: good morning. fairfax county police working to release a sketch of this man. we don't have much of a description to go on right now. police tell us this man came into this woman's apartment unit at 3:00 a.m. saturday here at the woodlawn apartments. the victim was sleeping. the 51-year-oldm
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says he threatened and then sexually assaulted her. we're at this apartment complex on blankenship street where neighbors say this is out of the norm. >> for me because never never i saw something about that like. >> reporter: now, list again working on a sketch of the suspect hoping to get that today. if you have any information, you might want to call fairfax county police immediately. in the meantime, police are asking and urging residents to really double check their windows and doors to make sure they're locked. and to try to use timer lights inside the home so that that can deter a criminal from trying to enter your home. that is the latest live from the alexandria section of fairfax county. molette green, news 4. back to you. today we're following several court cases where mental health is playing a big role. two maryland mothers are
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their children. both have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. at charles county woman found pushing her dead son in a playground swing has been found not criminally responsible in her 3-year-old's death. a court appointed psychologist made that conclusion this weekend. last may her son died of tee hydration and hypothermia after being left in a swing for two days. the report says simms lacks substantial capacity to understand her crime. her trial set to begin today. the results of this report could impact the proceedings. and in montgomery county, we expect katherine huble to appear in court, she's accused with neglect and an suctibduction of children and she's been found competent to is an trial. the children disappeared last september and have not been seen since. at the time haof their it is appearance, huble was diagnosed
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about new shelters meant to help mothers and their children will only hurt people. mayor bowser proposes putting a shelter in a vacant building next to busy train tracks. some neighbors in ward #5 position the location isn't safe. >> closer to a strip club than a grocery store. there is not a house in sight. >> mayor bowser has said the city pays special attention to where the family shelters would fit into neighborhoods. neighborhood association leaders in ward 5 will hold a meeting tonight with d.c. council member kenyon mcduffy to talk about getting the location changed. today metro will hold another meeting an discuss creating a discounted student pass for local universities and providing a 15 minute grace period to exit. they also wantyo
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adding a free bus pass with the purchase of a rail pass. the hearing at metro headquarters on fifth street in northwest starts at 6:30 p.m. unusual week night track work on metro might make it difficult for you to get home. beginning at 8:00 p.m., workers will replace rails between smith sonia and federal center southwest station. trains will run every 15 minutes because of the single tracking. silver line trains will only run between ballston and wheehle reston east. presidential campaigns come to virginia this week. donald trump trying to build on the momentum from his win in south carolina. and after three singing gets, jeb bush says he will not ten his campaign into tomorrow's caucuses in nevada. >> the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. >> senator marco rubio took second place in this weekend's
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voters weigh in tomorrow. the next vote for democrats happens on saturday in south carolina. now, already showing strength there in the polls, hillary clinton campaigns today with a new wind behind her gaining support from the heavy african american electorate may prove difficult for bernie sanders. black voters chose clinton by a whopping 76% to 22% margin over sanders. >> we're listening to the african-american community who understand that we have a criminal justice system which is broken. >> we need more than a plan for the big banks, the middle class needs a raise and we need more jobs. >> ahead we'll go geeper into tomorrow's caucuses in nevada and talk about the challenges ahead for both of the democratic candidates. tracie potts will join us at 5:30. and we mentioned that candidates are campaigning here as we approach super tuesday.
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kasich has three events in virginia starting at 10:00 with a town hall at george mason university in fairfax. and this afternoon he will speak near the university of virginia in charlottesville. and tonight, the ohio governor speaks with students at virginia commonwealth university in richmond. new this morning, a car slammed this to a liquor store in montgomery county. why people are trying to figure out whether the driver did it on purpose. florida and also staying on top of the late developments in michigan after a mass shooting claimed the lives of several people. what is expected to happen to the man whoi allegedly killed them. florida and tod and today might be one of the few day this
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new this morning, take a look at these stuns
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gaithersburg this morning, completely taking out the front window. this happened at around 1:00 a.m. no one was inside. montgomery police say the driver then took off. they have someone this custody, but it's not clear why the extent happened. you may have seen the photos. geese covered in oil from a mystery spill on the potomac river. animal rescuers will release several of the birds back into the wild today. 20 birds will be septembnt out bell haven park. fuel spilled in to the river but has since been contained. time for on weather with and traffic on the 1s and tom kierein is out on the weather deck to tell us what kind of weather we're having. how does it feel? >> it's rather chilly and kind of damp. the pavement is wet. you can keep up with the thbs washington app. so watch out for damp pavement this morning. even though the rain is long
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with the ground so cold, we're getting condensation on much of the pavement. and we'll be be hovering near 40 for the morning. then for the afternoon commute, it will be around 50 degrees. links will be drying out, we'll have sunshine coming and going with a light wind. chuck will have an update on this active pattern here for the week ahead coming up in about ten minutes. now malaise a a looking at the commute. taking a look downtown d.c., don't have any issues there. all over tefr ver the place loo green. inner loop after colesville, two left lanes getting by the work zone. and outer loop near university, again left lanes getting by the work zone. that one expected to hang around a little bit longer than it typically does on your average weekday morning. beltway here at braddock road, inner loop and outer loop, everything running just fine. as far as metro, just checked and everything on time. of course later tonight we've been telling but some delays that we will see on rnlg on and blue line. we'll be talking about that this morning. and then
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and vre no issues. we'll see you at 5:21. weather and traffic always on the 1s. happening today, lawmakers from our region are in cuba for an historic trip. what they're expected to do when we check in with david culver. and also the latest developments in the sex assault case against bill cosby. what his judge ordered his wife to do. and new details about the hpv vaccine a you can't predict the market. and new details about the hpv vaccine a but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the civil suit against bill cosby moves ahead and what his wife is forced to do later today. and looking live the national harbor this morning where it is clear and calm. the capital wheel lit up. isn't that pretty? will the nice weather stick around and will we see another springlike weekend. the answer in the next weather and traffic on the 1s. developing this morning, the suspect in a deadly shooting spree in mitch will go before a judge today. investigators say jason dalton killed six people at three
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hours on saturday. uber confirms this morning that dalton did work as one of its grifers. a man claims he rode in the car with the suspect before he was arrested. >> he kind of jokingly said to the driver, you're not the shooter, are you? and he said gave me some sort of a no response. >> two others were hurt in this shooting spree. one of them is a 14-year-old girl who was initially pronounced dead but was rushed in on surgery after squeezing her mother's hand. she's still in critical condition. a montgomery county man has died after an accident near the germantown road exit on 270. police setell us a woman hit nicholas rodriguez as he tried to run across the highway. officers say he was wearing all dark clothing. police say neither he nor the driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. today the d.c. delegation visiting cuba has a busy day ahead meeting with high leel
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more. >> reporter: a very busy day for the delegation here in cuba. they have several meetings set up with officials from the cuban government. they will be meeting with foreign ministers as well as the equivalent of the mayor here in havana. so that will start off the morning and those meetings are for the purpose of bringing some ideas back to the united states. that's what the delegation says they're doing. it's an exploratory mission. they're taking inasmuch as they,they're not making any firm deals while hers here, but there certainly is a lot to see. david culver, news 4. and back in virginia, no medicaid expansion, but more money for state employees and public schools. those are the big takeaways from newly proposed budgets by the virginia legislature. the house included a 3% pay raise for state workers and a $70 million increase in spending for schools in their budget sunday. e
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neither plan includes a medicaid expansion mcauliffe wanted back in december. the washington monument will be closed until further notice. a damaged elevator box shut down the iconic building over the weekend as crews worked to repair the problem. contractors apparently damaged the box on friday. monument has been closed at least eight times since may because of elevator problems. it news 4 your health, hpv infections are down in the u.s. a recent study shows the vaccine made a difference. researchers looked at infection rates before and after 2006 when the vaccine was introduced. the drop was 60% among teen girls and 34% decrease in women in their early 20s. experts say most teens are not getting all three doses of the vaccine which gives full protection. it seems like the flu is
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year. new numbers from the cdc show that it is not all in your head, that the number of flu cases is going up. the cdc reports the flu is now widespread in 12 states. it says the flu is concentrated regionally in 18 states including maryland, virginia falls in to the next tier states with local outbreak. two children tied from the flu between february 7 and 13. well, it is about to get even harder to stop binge watching netflix. the streaming service is rolling out a multimillion-dollar recommendation system so going forward, recommendations will be based on the viewing habits of customers around the world instead of what other people who live near you are watching. netflix says it knows it only has seconds to keep you around for another episode and it will its best to hook you. so good luck. do you have netflix so? >> i do, but i
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watch any tv. so i'm missing out. another reason to get outside, stars from house of cards will be at a screening of the season four premiere. kevin spacey will be there, robin wright, she's spectacular, won't be able to make it. season 4 begins march 4. >> do a little star gazing tonight. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> and chuck bell is here with our forecast. >> hope you enjoyed your puig he said and we're off to a quiet start on your monday. so that is also welcome news. but it is going to be an active week of weather in the washington area this week. you'll want to stay with us all week long. chance for thunderstorms and maybe even a little winter weather early tomorrow. but what to expect today, everything is damp outside here early this morning. today will be milder than average, so not a
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but clouds start to move back in on us by late this afternoon and this evening and that brings us into rain chances tomorrow. so weather impacting your plan, nothing to worry about today. cool and dry. tomorrow, though, chances for light rain coming back, nothing major. give you the yellow light for tomorrow. outdoor plans may be more impacted in the afternoon than the morning. wednesday red light for wednesday. chance for heavy rain and maybe rumbles of thunder wednesday afternoon and evening. so today at the time outside ge it. planning out your day, cloudy skies for now and on the chilly side. temperatures rising up into the mid and upper 40s by later this morning and you will get breaks of sunshine today before more clouds come back in on us this evening. afternoon temperatures upper 40s to low 50s and a dry evening with temperatures in the 40s. so not too bad. for tomorrow morning, could be a little chance for some sleet or freezing rain in the
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valley. future weather for the rest of today, nothing to worry about. showers coming in. she 4:00 a.m., an excellent for a little sleet in the shenandoah valley, but not looking for a big impact there. and then again stormy weather wednesday and thursday. s's mond it's monday and you'rey thinking about the weekend. it should be noticeably cooler, but dry and temperatures in the 40s both day. we'll get into the details of the storminess coming up. now monday morning traffic with melissa mollett. >> and some of our troubles just cleared out of the roadway. outer loop at university as we speak they're getting that out of the way. inner loop after colesville with the left lane getting by the work zone there. taking a look here at 66 and 95, overall looking quite good. 95 seeing some slowdowns. nothing actually happening there. so might have just a little bit of a slowdown as far as maybe something with a flat tire or something. but i don'te
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construction or any crashes. taking a look at prince george's county, everything rolling along just fine. nice and green 270 here at 109 old hundred road, everybody headed south just fine and northbound no problems either. next i'll have a live look at 66. isis militants say they are behind a particularly deadly series of bombings, more than 120 people died yesterday in the attacks on the syrian cities of damascus and hom. wild powers including the united states and russia pushed for a cease-fire. stolen radioactive material in iraq has now been found. officials have been looking for the material since at least november. it was reported last week that it was taken from a u.s. oilfield services company. the material was in store for protective case and not damaged. there are no concerns about radiation right now. happening today,
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camille set to give her deposition in the civil suit related to sex assault allegations against him. this is part of a case brought against cosby by seven women. bill cosby has repeatedly denies the allegations of dozens of women. cosby tried to stop today's deposition saying his wife knew nothing about the allegations. a federal judge denied the motion. trouble at the theater this morning. a class action lawsuit is filed against amc theaters claiming the chain makes it hard for blind people to enjoy going to the movies. those listed in the suit claim the audio description devices are often unavailable, have low battery or play the wrong audio description. the lawsuit also claims amc staff sometimes hand blind customers intended for those who are deaf. amc did not respond to nbc news for comment. and his final governors association dinner, president obama said congress coular
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together from local lawmakers. >> found a way to fight like heck, oftentimes voted along party lines, but we were able to shake hands after a disagreement and every so often actually got some work done that benefited the people of the state. >> the president went on to say measu americans don't think in terms of red, blue, left or right, they skjust to know they're working in an honest way. a church service sickens several. what was behind the scary moment and how everyone is doing right now. a live look outside this morning. it's cloudy, but dry. >> i like how you have to go in for a closer look. >> i don't know what i'm looking at sometimes. chuck bell says it's about to change. four thinou
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2016. what we can expect from both republicans and democrats as they gear up for another caucus and primary this week. and the highest court in the land gets ready for a landmark day. what is expected to happen today just days after the death of justice antonin scalia. good morning. i'm eun
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we're back at it again. >> it is. moving right along here. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:30. chuck bell is in the "weather center." we have four things we'd like to know this morning. >> do you really want to know? >> i do. >> fair enough then. a dry start to the work and school week after a very nice weekend. mild weather around for sure. rain chances really do come back as early as tomorrow morning. powerhouse storm coming our way wednesday and thursday. that leads to another snap of cold weather that arrives friday on into the weekend. so here is the way your monday is looking. chilly, cold start this morning, upper 30s to near 40 on your way out the door. upper 40s to near 50 later on today with clouds sneaking back in. tomorrow morning, moisture coming back in, wake-up temperatures tomorrow could be just barely above the freezing mark in the shenandoah valley, so that could lead to a little chance for sleet first thi
5:31 am
tomorrow. that will be an i-81 issue. and it's not a big threat, but want ito keep people on alert. >> so just could be a possibility. 66 is doing fine right now. west of ox road, you can see eastbound, westbound, everything looking totally normal for this time of morning. taking a look 95 here at quantico to the beltway, going to take you 20 minutes as it should. you can see average speed here 57 miles per hour. northbound approaching woodbridge, tiny bit slow normal for this time of day. taking a look at prince george's county, overall no major problems. a big look at the dealt wbeltwa couple minutes. in just eight day, many of us will be voting in the virginia primary. virginia's vote on super tuesday the day people this dozens of states will cast their ballots and the first big delegates prize is up for grabs. tracie potts on capitol hill with
5:32 am
a lot happens before those primaries. >> reporter: and what happens in nevada and south carolina could term what the ballot looks like by the time virginians vote. let's start with the republicans. donald trump came out on top this weekend in south carolina hoping to do the same thing. big fight there seems to be for number two, between ted cruz and marco rubio. it was rubio this past weekend. he argues that he is going to a vegas. cruz says rubio hasn't won a state yet and may not until florida. and then of course jeb bush is out of the race now. so that could shake up things in nevada. looking at the democrats in south carolina, the big issue there, african-american voters. huge black voter electorate there. and hillary clinton seems to be very popular with them. it's a challenge for bernie sanders. he brought out danny glover and former hefd the naacp trying to endear himself to those african american vote rs saying he's ben fighting for c
5:33 am
and we will watch and see what the numbers look like this weekend, how many of those african american voters in south carolina can he get on his side. >> all right, tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. and how virginia votes could change depending on how a trial starting today pans out. voters must present an i.d. before casting their ballot, but democrats say that's unconstitutional. the plaintiffs filed for an saided trial last week saying they have so many witnesses ready to testify, they will need more than a week to make their ways against the state board of electio elections. six people including two children went to the hospital after a faulty hvac system caused a carbon monoxide leak at the refreshing spring church of god in riverdale park. firefighters found high levels of carbon monoxide inside the church. another 12 people ended up at an emecy
5:34 am
5:34 now. new jersey man is hebehind bars here in alexandria for alledgedly killing his wife. mario flores is accused of killing his wife roxanne to death at their home on saturday. police were doing patrols in the neighborhood about 40 minutes before they were called for an a. wellness check. authorities tracked floor resident to alexandria and arrested him there. flores is expected in court for arraignment this morning. today the eight remaining supreme court justices will get back to work for the first time since justice antonin scalia's death. the court will hear two cases today. the justs now evenly split i'd lodge he cannily. president obama says he will nominate a replacement for scalia. republicans say that job should fall to the next president. there is a traffic alert this morning. in major construction happening at the american university could slow your commute in northwest d.c. for months. the district department of transportation says there will be moderate delays starting this ni
5:35 am
materials for american university campus construction project. the delays are expected to continue until may. and today will likely be the best day for kids to play outside around recess time, but will they need the hat and gloves? tom rekierein will be back with the answer. is the gun manufacturer to blame for the deaths of 20 first grade students in the ruling expected today in a wrongful death lawsuit in the newtown massacre.
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the company that made the rifle used to kill 20 first graders and six teachers and staff at sandy hook elementary will be in court today. lawyer for freedom group which is the parent company of bushmaster says a federal law protect it is from a wrongful death lawsuit. the lawsuit was filed by some of victims' families that say that the bushmaster ar 15 is too dangerous to sell to the public. a connecticut judge will hear arguments this this afternoon in the case. the first hours of cleanup from a devastating storm cyclone winston packed 177 mile-per-hour winds that caused massive damage on the fiji islands. at least 18 people died in that storm. hundreds of thousands lost water and electricity. many people also lost their homes. sigh cloin winston was the
5:39 am
the southern hemisphere. time to deck our forecast. tom kierein is out on the weather check telling us what kind of weather we're having. >> a tadampness to the air. birds are starting to sing a little bit. singing a song called where is winter. it is well above freezing out here on the storm team 4 weather deck, thermometer reporting 46 degrees. just a little bit of a breeze. seeing the first light of day heading off to the bus stop this morning. it will be cold, so layer up. it will be around 40 degrees at the bus stop. by recess, it should be in the mid-40s. and we'll have some sunshine in and out. mid to late afternoon, maybe briefly touch the low 50s by mid to late afternoon. we'll take that in february. and what to wear today, you'll need maybe jacket, mittens and a are scarf early this morning. later th
5:40 am
will need the jeans and crack k jacket. we'll have sunshine in and out. this week we'll have wind and rain. chuck will sort all of that out here in just about ten minutes. melissa, what is happening on the roads? big look at the beltway, overall nice and green. we do still have the road work inner loop after colesville road, the left lanes getting by the work zone there. as far as travel times, 270 south to the spur going to take you 11 minutes. outer loop 95 over to 270, you are you at speed there. 61 miles per hour. you will get there in 9 minutes. taking a look at 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 9 minutes. and then will 95 north quantico to the beltway going to take you 23 minutes. no major problems right now as far as travel times. of course we'll keep you updated if anything changes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. e
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false "rolling stone" article that rocked the university of virginia. now she's expected to be in the middle of something else. what the woman we've come to know as jackie is being required to do. and the battle between the fbi and apple continues. now the director of the fbi is speaking out. what he
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
i'm angie goff at the live desk. reuters reporting that thousand u.s. safety officials are looking in to whether 70 million to 90 million takata air bags should be recalled because they could be dangerous. this could quadruple the 29 million already recalled. nine deaths in the u.s. have been linked to faulty air bags in the past. so far no comment from the k company take
5:45 am
a quiet start, but it won't be a quiet week. check of a busy "7-day forecast" coming right up. and overall we were looking quite good until we got information about a crash outer loop ramp to connecticut avenue. trying to get more information on this one. we'll have chopper up for you here in just a bri t a bit. today two maryland mothers are implicated in the deaths of their own children. mental competency is an issue in both trials. we begin with the case against katherine hubble. derrick ward is live in montgomery county right now on today's hearing. >> reporter: good morning. we're outside the district court in montgomery county where in just a few hours there will be a hearing to determine the competency of a woman who disappeared with her kids almost two years ago. the kids haven't been seen since and this is going to be where we will hea
5:46 am
competent to stand trial on charges brought since then. this all started back in september of 2014. katherine hogle went out with her son jacob who was then three years old. she came back the next day saying that jacob was with friends and was safe. and she wouldn't say where he was. the next day, she disappeared with her daughter, sarah, who was then two years old and then wasn't heard from for another seven days or so. when she was found in germantown without the children, she maintained that the children were safe with someone else and she wouldn't say where they were. she was subsequently arrested and charn charged with abduction, neglect and the hindering investigation. she was placed in a psychiatric institution but still maintains she will not say where the children are, only that they were safe. this is despite searches and pleading from people members and friends to talk about the whereabouts of the kids. the last time she was in court was inve
5:47 am
where her attorney sought to have the charges dropped. the judge denied the motion but still determined she was not competent tent to to stand tria. later today we will go through that again today and perhaps reveal something about the are about whereabouts of the children. the hearing is at 9:00. derrick ward, news 4. and the other case we're following is a charles county mother charged in her 3-year-old's death last may from dehydration and hypothermia after being left in a swing for two days before a court appointed psychologist found she was not criminally responsible in the toddler dooet. the report says simms suffers from schizophrenia. her trial is set to begin today and the results of this report could impact the proceedings. a man just walking down florida avenue in northeast d.c. when he was robbed at gun points. police say three men surrounded him and one of those men put a gun to his head and
5:48 am
cash. victim told police the men took his wallet and ran off to a getaway car. last week two men were arrested in a similar crime on new york avenue in northwest. he is accused of running a worldwide drug cartel and suspected of killing thousands. now el chapo's wife says that he's not a mocnster and she's afraid for his life. she talks to telemundo. her husband accused drug lord el chapo guzman was on the run for more than a decade. after he was caught, he escaped jail and then was recaptured last month. she says he's simply a husband and father, not the monster people see him as. she also says she has no roof that guzman is a drug trafficker and that she's concerned about the conditions of the jail where he's being held. the pope's d.c. visit inspired some people to join the
5:49 am
over a right of election ceremony yesterday. more than 1300 people participated in the ceremony, that is a precursor to being might be nature e initiated int church. the new catholics will be baptized and receive their sacrament at easter. 5:49. it's been 13 years in the making and this fall the national museum of african-american of history and culture will finally open with unprecedented access, barbara harrison was lallowed inside the special collection center where they sort through thousands of art facts that will help tell the story of the african-american experience. 34,000 historical items will make their way through this building before finding a permanent home inside the brand new new museum. highlights include a practice glove worn and signed by
5:50 am
tonight at 5:00, barbara harrison will have a look at how the smithsonian is getting ready for their biggest hugh s museum. fwl today events happening throughout the day including free birthday cake and a chance to pose with the prez including a lot of historical props. george washington would have been 248 this year. considering he's the father of our country, not that old. >> we are young. ♪ we are -- >> yeah, let's wait to sing that maybe after the show. chuck bell, how about our forecast. >> how about we never sing it. >> i was trying to get -- >> he can actually sing. that's just not the right song for him. you know what they say, you got to pick the right song. >> you must have hit the nail on the head. it
5:51 am
song. >> that's what it was. >> outside we go. tower camera this morning, skies still partly to mostly cloudy. but at least the rain is over so t you can leave the umbrellas at home. 39 reston town center, and also prince william county. planning out your day today, leave the umbrella at home. it's cold this morning, but we'll be rising into the upper 40s and low 50s today. are more clouds come back in tonight with a rain chance back in on us as early as tomorrow. there is the last of last night's raindrops well down it our south, and that's where they will stay. but again moisture coming back tomorrow. so future weather then a cool day with a mix of clouds and sunshine. here we are by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, notice this little area of pink out here in the shenandoah valley and mountains of west virginia. could could be a short lived period of sleet or rain. not a major le
5:52 am
and then we dry out by later on tomorrow afternoon, but the clouds hang around. so temperatures tomorrow low he to mid-30s in the shenandoah valley. mid to upper 30s around town. so could be just a little light rain or sleet there. steadier rain likely during the afternoon tomorrow. as we get into the day on wednesday, here is 4:00 wednesday afternoon, more rain coming in, but again that could come with a round of thunder storms late wednesday afternoon into wednesday aefg. behind the thunder comes a blast of wind as we get into the day on thursday. could see winds in the 40 to 50 miles per hour range from late wednesday up to about sundown on thursday. melissa mollett, the best news of all, chilly but looks like it will be filled with sunshine. >> loved this past weekend and i'll love this weekend for sure. outer looch branch to connecticut, report of a crash. we have chopper headed that way. 270 southbound getting
5:53 am
germantown. again totally normal for this time of morning. no incident, just the normal volume headed southbound. 66 east at 234, we do have report of an accident will. so seeing some slowdowns inbound 234. inner loop after colesville, the left lanes getting by the work zone here this morning. and 95 at powder mill road, no issues. again we'll have chopper over that problem connecticut avenue and the beltway in a couple minutes. it is 5:53. lawyers will now question the woman at the center of a debunked "rolling stone" article about a gang rape at uva. according to the daily progress in charlottesville, a federal judge ordered the woman identified only as jackie to be deposed on april 5. it's part of a civil lawsuit filed by a uva dean against several people including the writer of the article and the magazine. the article said jackie was raped by seven men in a fraternity
5:54 am
after police found no evidence to support the allegations. an october 11 really at a time has be date has ben set for the case. an apparent carbon monoxide leak outside detroit kills a couple and their children. investigators say looks like they were using a generates tore after a power outage on friday night.tore after a power outage on friday night. >> no matter how many investigations you conduct, seeing an entire family wiped out is just a very, very sad thing. >> the children ranged in age from 2 to 11 years old. i'm landon dowdy. turning your car into a mobile payment platform. a new app lets drivers pay for gas and parking from behind the wheel. the dashboard app can point you to the nearest gas station and calculate how much it will take
5:55 am
visa planned parenthoods eisa p spring. this morning a brand new startup is hoping to make it easier to get health insurance online. the company is called stride health. their benefit platform acts as a modern day insurance broker helping folks find the right insurance plans. more and more online based employers who work for startups like uber are turning to stride health. >> you also look at quality and convenience and access to care. so we make sure you can keep using the doctors that you love and you want to keep. >> the company has rayed more than $15 million from investors, including the mayo clinic. stride health says it makes money by taking a commission from insurers on the plans that it sells. the fbi director james comey says he owe it is to the san diego victims to continue a fight against apple. comey posted a blog message on sunday night saying the agency is not
5:56 am
but wants to do justice for the victims. apple is fighting a court order that would force it to hack into the phone used by shoot eer fark oig. the computer giant says it would hurt security for millions of people. and you might have noticed that gas prices are really low right now. their lowest in eight years. today in d.c., apachlg galln avn costing $1.9 #. in maryland, 1 ppts $72. virginia, an average of $1.55. and in west virginia, an average gallon costs $1.74. and a lot of you may be getting a bigger check than you expected from the government. the average tax return is on pace to be even higher this year than last year. last year it was $2800. financial advisers weighing in on how you might spend all that
5:57 am
cash. they say the best thing you can do is save it or pay off some debt. >> either paying off high interest rate death and that is typically credit cards. >> financial experts say credit card debt in particular grows quickly and dangerously. the deadline to file your taxes this year is april 18. an historic trip cuba for a group of leaders from d.c., maryland and virginia. news 4 is there with them. the work the group is to go in t doing and how it be can be a benefit in the future. florida and the video that will have you talking today. this clip from the white house has gone viral. >> love if. >> we'll show you what has this woman so excited.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. rain is over for now, but it will be a busy week especially wednesday and thursday. could face the chance of thunderstorms and maybe even powerful wind. more on all that coming up. also ahead, a community on guard this morning after a man breaks into a woman's home and assaults her. plus we're on the ground with local leaders in cuba as they continue a historic trip to that country. david culver looks at the work that lies ahead for that frgrou and how it could enour communities.
6:00 am
monday off to a quiet start. weather headlines to get you out the door, enjoy the quiet weather while it is here for today. chance for a little light rain coming in early tomorrow. and it might be cold enough we could see a little chance for some sleet. primarily in the shenandoah valley about this time tomorrow morning. and then again a big storm coming our way for the wednesday/thursday time frame. temperatures will rise from the 30s to near 40 now, upper 40s and low 50s for later on this afternoon. tom will be back in a few minutes. now melissa mollett with the latest on more trouble on the roads. chopper 4 over this right now. so this is the outer loop ramp to connecticut avenue. you can see the problem right there in the left lane cause something pretty big backups as people are trying to get off of the outer loop and on to connecticut avenue. this is not aor


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