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tv   News4 at 11  WRC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11, a bus driver to the rescue after a woman's purse gets ripped out of her hands. >> is anyone doing anything about this? >> what metro says it's doing after the latest incident to end
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paying up for school pictures. the news4 i-team digs into where your money goes when you buy those annual prints. and why some lawmakers want you to be able to buy beer in bulk in maryland. off the top tonight, folks, we are starting with doug in storm center 4, and with one-two punch of storms coming our way this week. >> it all starts tomorrow morning. doug, most of luis get rain. but some may see a little snow too? >> it could be a little mix up towards the north and west. we're talking areas like martinsburg, frederick, around the hagerstown area. it will start during the morning rush. storm team 4 radar tracking the rain. but it's not in our area currently. but you don't have to go too far to the south to see where this rain is. just down to the south in towards the carolinas. again, this is storm number one moving our way. this is going to be the weaker of the two storms. it's going to give us the rain during the day tomorrow. take the umbrellas. make sure you have the coats as well. it's going to be a very chilly
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rush. give yourself a little extra time. the heaviest is going to be on wednesday night. well could even see some thunderstorms on wednesday. that's why we're calling wednesday a weather alert tao day. i'll have much more on this and the timing of it all coming up in a minute. >> thank you, doug. new tonight, a metrobus driver plays the hero after the latest incident involving an attack on metro by teenagers. >> the bus was letting off passengers at l'enfant plaza when a group of girls snatched a woman's purse. that's when the driver chased hem into the metro station. news4's meagan fitzgerald live with new reaction from metro tonight. meagan? >> reporter: metro police were out here for several hours investigating the incident which happened just behind us here right at that metro stop on the sidewalk inxd the middle of a by commute. now metro officials are calling it another brazen attack by teenagers. but it's something they say they're committed to stopping. >> during the working hours, mostly see working people. >> reporter: but around 3:00 on monday, investigators say a 61-year-old woman was
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police say a group of teens were fighting for her purse until the bus driver jumped in. >> the bus operator came off the bus and attempted to intervene. actually assisted the victim by getting the juveniles off of her. >> reporter: this is the spokesman for metro. he says the teens took off into the metro station with the woman's purse and the bus driver chased after them until police arrived. that's when all three of the teenagers were handcuff and escorted into the back of a police car there is a growing concern around some of the teens that ride metro. >> i have to say it's a little alarming. i'm scared when i see when there is a group of teens. >> reporter: just last month, a group of teens wre caught on video brutally attacking a passenger at the gallery place metro station. those teenagers were in court this morning. which have made arrests in virtually every one of the cases that the public has heard about that involved juves.
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many passengers say they'll be more cautious and aware of their surroundings during their commute. >> tend to make you clench your bag a little tighter. >> reporter: now those teenagers are facing robbery and resisting arrest charges. now metro police want to relate to the public that anyone who might be seeing something suspicious, or something that they want to bring to the attention of police, they can simply send a text message to my mtpd, it stands for my metro transit police department and they say an officer will respond right away. >> thank you so much. right now police are working with woman in the alexandria section of fairfax county to identify her attacker and get him off the streets. they want you to take a good look at this sketch. this is the man police tell us broke into the woman's home near route 1 and buckman road saturday morning and sexually assaulted her. they believe the victim may have known her attacker, but it's not clear if she was argued the. if you recognize him, call police.
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these injuries for an uber driver in arlington. the driver, who doesn't want to be identified picked up three men on saturday night. he says when he realized they were drinking in his car, he asked them to stop. he says the men responded by punching and hitting his head with a beer bottle and a smashing one of the windows in his car. all three are facing charges, including assault by mob. here at the live desk, we're learning new information about the youngest victim of that mass shooting at kalamazoo, and what it's done to the people who live in that part of michigan. >> grieving for the loss of life, and some of the innocence which we have heretofore enjoyed in our community. >> reporter: it was standing room earlier tonight at an interfaith vigil. they're still trying to come to grips with the deaths of six people. uber driver jason dalton has been charged with their murders.
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complaints about dalton's erratic driving more than an hour after he is accused of shooting people at an apartment complex, auto dealership and restaurant. tonight we know who the youngest survivor, a 14-year-old girl maim abigail kopf. tonight her father says she is still fighting and her mother had to fight back tears as she talked about the miracle of abigail squeezing her hand after being shot in the head and presumed dead. her father says abigail has a very strong will to live. doreen? >> chris lawrence, thank you. is a growing push tonight to relocate one of eight new homeless shelters proposed by d.c. mayor muriel bowser. neighbors say the proposed site in ward 5 is no place for families. shomari stone now with a look at the changes they want to make. >> angry, disgusted there is no care. >> reporter: sharon turner is outraged over mayor muriel bowser's proposed site for a new homeless family shelter in
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dead-end with barbed wire across the street and a bus maintenance yard. >> families normally entail children. i wouldn't want my children there. next to no transportation over there. >> reporter: sharon, along with dozens of people voiced their concerns with councilmember kenyon mcduffie. >> do you support the current proposed location? >> i do not support the proposed location in ward 5. if you have an opportunity to speak to any of the people who live in that area, who understand that it is an industrially zoned area full of warehouses, there is a trash transfer station there are night clubs there is adult entertainment club. >> reporter: the proposed site is part of mayor bowser's plan to close the d.c. general family homeless shelter and build smaller shelters in all eight wards. earlier this month, the mayor said she paid special attention to how these sheltlers fit into neighborhoods. >> it there should be one in all the wards, but it ought to be
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>> reporter: now, on march 17th, behind me in the wilson building, at 10:30 in the morning, that's when councilmember mcduffie, çóalong with some of the other people from tonight's meeting will present to mayor bowser the alternative site. now she is expected to try to get approval about all the different new homeless shelters in the wards. we'll continue to keep you updated on our app, nbc washington. live near northwest d.c., shomari stone, news4. it's an historic visit you're only seeing on news4. our david culvert is the only local reporter to tour along with the delegation touring cuba. d.c. mayor muriel bowser part of that delegation. she talked to david about what the group hopes to accomplish. >> we brought members representing the business community and education, construction, infrastructure, health care, to see what we can learn from cubans, but also to
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exist for americans. >> tomorrow mayor bowsler tour two high performing schools in cuba. and you can watch david's report starting on news4 today. a controversial gun compromise is headed to the governor's desk in virginia. the general assembly passed the legislation today. it bans people with a protective order or a conviction for domestic violence from carrying guns, and requires state police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks. it alsoxd allows more gunowners from out of state to carry concealed firearms in virginia. governor jerry mcauliffe is expected to sign the bill this week. tomorrow marks one week to the virginia primary on super tuesday. and the commonwealth is a key ì% battleground state for both parties. some candidates are already starting to campaign here. republican john kasich was at george mason university today. donald trump is expected to be here later in the week. and democrat bernie sanders will be in norfolk tomorrow.
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say a win in virginia is important in march and november. >> we mathematically as republicans cannot win the white house without winning virginia. >> virginia is critical. virginia is a swing state. this is a swing county in the swing state. >> we'll be keeping an eye on all the candidates as they come through the commonwealth. to see where you can go to see them this week, open the nbc washington app and search candidate tracker. new at 11:00, you might be able to buy beer and wine in maryland from giant warehouse stores if one lawmaker gets his way. today state delegate alfred carr from montgomery county told lawmakers he wants to allow stores like sam's club, costco and other warehouse chains to sell beer and wine if they're less than ten miles from the state line. >> it's very tempting to jump in your car and drive 25 minutes to the costco in d.c. or the costco in virginia, at pentagon city and stock up on beer and wine.
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out on sales tax revenue. but opponents say his bill would put local store owners out of business. also today mgm casino testified that it wants to install an indoor cigar lounge as part of its liquor license at national harbor that would require an exemption from state smoking laws, and casinos have been denied similar requests in the past. they're meant to capture a brief moment in time before it passes you by. but there is big business behind those small school portraits. >> just seems manipulative. >> the news4 i-team takes you behind the lens, next. plus, your favorite fictional power hungry politicos are in town tonight. >> tracking not one, but two storms coming our way bringing rain across the area. i'll show you the rain that moves in tomorrow and which storm could bring some thunder. hi, everyone. i'm eun yang. we have the big
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know about the progress on the patching work that the crews are doing and any updates on how much longer the others are going
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oh, it's a world of sales pitches, cash commissions and signing bonuses inside your kids' school. >> tonight the i-team is taking us behind the camera to see the big business of school pictures. as scott mcfarland discovered, you may be paying a lot more. >> it's a day parents want to remember. picture day. >> a donut? >> half a donut. >> reporter: amelia gibson is a kindergartner. >> for the olden days, this is the photo. >> reporter: amelia's dad helped his daughter pick the perfect dress and necklace. she added the smile. >> and the grandparents want some. >> reporter: but dad wasn't happy when he got the order
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but an entire package of them including 15 wallet-sized costing $4. >> it seems manipulative. the money has to be the motive. >> reporter: the news4 i-team found a big business behind those small treasures. we obtained the actual photography contracts signed by schools in every local district in virginia and maryland. millions of dollars in sales. and get this. our local schools get a cut of the cash. and we found some things we didn't expect. neighboring schools cutting different contracts with different companies. in some cases, getting larger percentages of the proceeds of the photography shoot. in other cases asking for additional perks. do the schools generate money? >> yes. there is a percentage of signing boast bonus that goes back to the school. >> reporter: the director of materials management in montgomery county public schools says often it isn't district headquarters doing the negotiating, but each individual school principal. the contracts show the principal at
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negotiated a 40% commission and a $1,000 signing bonus. shady grove same commission but a $750 bonus. forest oak a 40% cut of the spring portraits, but ridgeview middle school a 30% commission. and other schools negotiate other perks. hilton high school in princement with county cut a deal for the photography country to suspend $1200 in scholarships. bonnie branch asked a photographer to throw in photos of the faculty too. and as you can see, we found different schools walking away with different proceeds. from school picture day. >> were principals getting cold calls? >> yes, principals get cold calls. >> by companies who want their business? >> correct. >> reporter: to relieve the burden of negotiation, montgomery counties limited to four how many photography companies can do do business there. that. >> don't want them receiving 10 or 20 cold calls of photographers. >> reporter: to make sure paren a
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they're considering capping how much the pictures could cost. >> we should still be able to do that and have the company turn a reasonable profit. >> reporter: we found among the companies most frequently hired in the d.c. region is life touch photography headquartered in minnesota. a company spokesman acknowledged the company does cut different deals with different local principals using signing bonuses or more generous commissions as, quote, tools of negotiation. >> if you want something really basic to remember your child by, it's a labor to get just that. >> reporter: about the prices. josh gibson and other local parents pay. >> if each principal gets to cut their own contract with the photo company, why can't each of us cut our own deal? >> reporter: the company says it cuts prices in collaboration with each and every local school principal, and that sometimes schools wants to increase the costs to get extra commission. scott macfarlane, news 4 team. >> in many local schools all those proceeds
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independent activity fund. we found schools spending that cash on everything from athletic equipment to staff lunches. well posted some of the contracts on our nbc washington app. see the differences for yourself and the deals local principals are cutting to get some of your money for that annual school portrait. doug's back with a little more about our weather. it was beautiful today. but that's not going last. it never does. >> it's not. we've got rain coming in. normally you go just rain. but this is going to be a very cold rain. not only the umbrellas in the rain booth, but maybe take the coats as well. temperatures tomorrow may not get out of the 30s in some areas. and that's kind of nasty. take a look outside right now. we're dealing with a current temperature of 44 degrees. we've got cloud cover acrosstary. the clouds will not alou temperatures to cool all that much. so we're not going to start off all that cold tomorrow. but notice up by frederick around 32 degrees. 38 martinsburg. 37 in leesburg. this is the area where we do co. see ice, maybe snow early. not eecting much and it's really not going pose a problem. 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., in
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take the umbrellas. make sure the kids have their umbrellas as they walk into school. 3:00 to 4:00, just showers. many areas of drizzle. but the heavy rain should be over around noon, 1:00. remember, indoor recess most likely tomorrow. storm team 4 radar clear around our region. you just have to go down to the south into the carolinas to see where that rain is. and widen that picture out. here is storm number one. this is the weaker storm. we've been talking about this for the last couple of weeks. we've also been talking about a big storm that one is back here. look at the spin, and look at the thunderstorm activity already with this one. this is going to barrel through to for numerous tornadoes down to the southeast. and that storm moves our way. i think we can see some strong potentially severe storms here. again, talk than in a minute. first, tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. a, notice where the rain. d.c. down to the south. around that 8:00 hour, if we saw any mixing at all, it would be frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg. but the latest computer model
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would be good news, meaning all l, iin we were to see any slick spots, it would be to the north. i think the roads would just be wet. i'm not too worried about any kind of a slick roadways across the area. but again, if you're in haguestown, frederick or martinsburg, heads-up. by around noontime, everybody is in on the rain. and some of that fairly heavy. we're not calling for extremely heavy rain tomorrow. that comes wednesday. tomorrow afternoon it's just shower activity during the day. you will need the umbrella most of the afternoon. here we go on wednesday at 7:00 a.m. shower activity moves in. most of this is on the light side. by noon we're still light for the most part. but notice what is going on back to our west. here comes the storm. notice the enhanced rainfall. the potential for some thunderstorms around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. and then another line, and that one could be the strong line coming through right around 8:00, nine, 10:00 inside the d.c. metro area, or a little off to west. the potential is there for strong winds. that's something we'll be watching as we move through on at nbc4.
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look at the high temperature. tomorrow only 44. but 58 on we idnesdato the warm behind this, we've got a high of 56 on thursday. but we will see falling temperatures on thursday. and then much cooler friday and saturday. but right now looking at a pretty good weekend across the region. we'll be here tomorrow morning with the latest. >> sounds kind of nasty. >> thanks, doug. coming up, alex ovechkin helps the caps continue their historic pace. >> we've got sports next. but first, here is jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys. hugh jackman are here.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> all right. the caps with the historic w tonight against the coyotes. they're the first team in league history with 44 wins in 58 games. nothing elevates the mood of a community like a jaw-dropping, history-making championship run. check on the jaw-dropping and the history-making tonight. wtbd on that championship run. looking good. get your popcorn ready. even the littlest fans know the caps like to put on a show. second period against the coyotes tonight. caps down 1-0 on the power play. yevgeny. he sees the lane and takes it himself and scores. the puck truckles through. his 18th of the season. ties it at one. third period, still tied. puck out
11:26 pm
cannot give all day. six from ove. caps up 2-1. and just election later, tom wilson's blast. stopped. louie doesn't cover completely. he scores. coyotes not happy. reps never blew a whistle. wilson knocked it a little loose and a little scuffle after the play. the caps get the w, 3-2 the final. bryce harper last year, where is my ring. this year he is saying the mets are the team to beat. a lengthy media session today. also talked about how he and pap are cool, and how he touched on those many reports we've heard about him going to the yankees. but he is not thinking beyond the years left on his deal in d.c. >> i'm a national. that's what i want to be right now. i have a w on my chest or to the next three years. very humbled to
11:27 pm
chest every day. i love the nation. i love d.c. it's such a monumental town. it's a beautiful town. and i look forward to playing there every single day for the next three years. and that's what's on my mind right now. from the diamond to the court, third ranked virginia on the road against 12th ranked miami. second half, miami up five. davon reed says let's make that eight. but the three ball got it. he led miami with 21 points. a little over two minutes left. malacon on the wing. and he will take the shot, knocking down the three. game high 28 for him. uva within three. then 3.9 seconds left, last chance. london prentice up with the shot and no good. 12th ranked miami takes down third ranked virginia, 64-61. legendary coach taking in a legendary game. john thompson watching st. johns at benders
11:28 pm
dish. the cad debts up by 9. the steal and then he's going to get the dunk. making it look so easy. stags would tie the game in the third quarter. but st. jon's ran away with it. misses the shot, follows and the great bass. st. john seas your wcac championship. and the girls beat st. johns to win their
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oh, well, this is going to be fun to watch during campaign season. "house of cards" season 4 premiered tonight in washington. kevin spacey and the cast came to the national portrait gallery. the fictional frank underwood now has his own painting
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i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one. are you eating lucky charms? no. this is a dream. they're magically delicious. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taron egerton and hugh jackman. audra mcdonald.


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