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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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new smartphone apps are making it easier for thiefs to pick their victims. prince george's county police are investigating several cases connected to app schemes. these two men are accused of robbing two teens at xwrun point gurn point. they claim to be selling a dirt bike. when the teens arrive with the money, the suspects rob them. police always suggest selling items in a familiar setting. >> they rob the victim with the expect that they will have funds with them because they are looking to purchase an item. >> police are also suggesting taking someone with you if you are meeting with a boouyer or seller. it's 5:00 a.m. let's go over to angie goff at the live desk. >> just got that photo of a train crash,
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crash in the netherlands. actually, it looks like we got video just into the live desk. one person died after a train head a crane. this was near the crossing. you can tell that the train derailed. investigators still on the scene. we're working to getting more details. we don't note september of injury, how many people were hurt or what exactly caused this crash. back to you. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we also want to find about the forecast because it will have a lot of rain in it. >> including bell here with our weather headlines. >> good morning, everybody. tuesday off to an increasingly soggy start for especially our friends and neighbors south and west of the immediate metro area. prince william county, talk, down toward rappahannock and page and shenandoah, right along the crest of the blue
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snowflakes. so if you see it, tend me a note on twitter @chuckbell4 and i'll spread the word out. otherwise it's really just an ice cold rain outside this morning. this is all lifting northbound here, so everyone will need to be umbrella ready for today. here is the way the next 24 hours are shaping up. 40 degrees and rain this morning, 43 with showers this evening. and 42 tomorrow morning with heavier rain coming in. so temperatures aren't going to budge much. could have thunder tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow night into thursday, winds could gust in -- sustained 25 to 30 miles per hour with gusts potentially higher than that. and now melissa mollett. right now have two new issues that have just popped up. outer loop the a 95, report of a crash there. does not seem to be slowing anything. so you don't have to worry about it too much, but we'll keep you
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report of a disabled vehicle there. 95 here at lorton road, no problems. again northbound or southbound. taking a look at 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, going to be on time for that this morning. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. also hearing about a problem on 15 in frederick. details on that coming up. we're following a developing story, a press conference today could reveal new information into a child sex abuse scandal. >> several officials will be at today's news conference. bureau chief tracee wilkins explains how this could lead to new charges against deonte carraway. >> reporter: we're expecting to hear new details that will feature the chief of the police department, the state's attorney, the u.s. attorney, and also a spokesperson with the fbi. all discussing charges for
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deonte carraway. the prince george's county school volunteer and former teacher aide who is accused of multiple counts of child sexual assault and also creating child porning on xwlaef videos. in some of those offenses, he's charged with doing it on school property. today they will be discussing possible charges for carraway. that press conference is expected to get under way at 2:30 p.m. reporting outside prince george's county police headquarters, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. to prevent other students there becoming victim, school officials have set up a student safety task force. the group will conduct an independent review of the district's policies. it will focus on the role of volunteers and whether they should be supervised while working with students. in april that task force will make recommendations on how to improve existing policies or enact new ones. today a virginia state's attorney will ask a judge to order a mental health evaluation for a former university of mary washington student
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murder. steven briel is accused of kills grace mann. his lawyers plan to use an insanity defense at trial. prosecutors say he strangled man owing aftof mann after an argument. voters in nevada will choose between five president hopefuls. a win for donald trump could demonstrate his strength in the west. a win for marco rubio would be his first this election season and could dramatically change his campaign. today also marks one week until super tuesday. first though the gop candidates have to get through the caucuses in nevada and bernie sanders and hillary clinton have to get through south carolina's primary on saturday. and then super tuesday, voters in 13
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the territory will go to the polls. the chair of the republican party of virginia tells news 4 the commonwealth is a must win. >> we mathematically as republicans cannot win the white house without winning virginia. >> now, he says he expects all of the remaining candidates in virginia at least once between tomorrow and monday to see where you can go to see help, open the nbc washington app and search di candidate tracker. and ahead, a revealing exchange between ted cruz and donald trump and a new setback for bernie sanders, that's at 5:30. angry, disgusted. there is no care. >> that is the frustration coming from residents in one d.c. ward who don't want to see homeless families livering at still sites. now kenyon mcduffy says he plans to push the mayor for change. residents packed the neighborhood meeting last night to tell mcduffy why they believe
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northeast is unsafe. is this the area are one of eight new family shelters would go. right now vacant building sits on the site which at a tdead en street surrounded by barbed wire. >> families normally entail children. i wouldn't want my children there. >> i do not support the current location in ward 5. >> mcduffy plans on giving the mayor alternative sites before plans are approved. you might want to give yourself a little extra time to get to work this morning. take a look at storm team 4 radar. and you can see why. green everywhere. raining in many places right now. and shocking allegations against two middle school students in northern virginia. we'll tell you what they're accused of doing to a classmate. and new details in the helicopter crash we first told you about
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about this morning.
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two middle schoolers are facing sexual battery charges after an accident on a school bus. the 11 and12-year-old students assaulted a girl while it was parked on school property. the boys held her down and grabbed her. the victim said she yelled several times for them to stop. 11 after 5:00. weather and traffic on the 1s. folks getting ready to go to work. >> time to go to work. everybody for sure traveling conditions locally today, yellow light, cold and rainy for that. traveling regionally up toward new york city and boston, the rain is headed that way, but it will be dry most of the day. big thunderstorms possible, could cause
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houston to atlanta. today your commute will be ugly. 40 and rain this morning, 45 with showers later on this afternoon. so not a very pretty day. in a few minutes we'll start peeking at the weekend. southbound 15 here at 40, reports of a crash there blocking a lane. but it does that seem to be slowing anything. still nice and green. lots of green on the map this morning. that is all rain. going to take you longer than normal on get in this morning. 50 eastbound at the beltway, disabled vehicle still hanging around. southbound 301 at central avenue, that mattress has been moved out of the roadway. beltway at braddock, inner loop and outer loop looking good. delegates from our area continue an historic trip in cuba. the topic they will take it a closer look at
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and we're, woulding for you back on pothole patrol this morning and it comes just as we're learning about a program getting ready to fill the giant critters. we need special music for this like "knight rider" or something.
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now at 5:16, she's the only surviving victim in the mass shooting, but we're hearing from the teen's mother. and a look at radar here for you. the rain coming down pretty much everywhere in our area. and chuck bell says it's doing to be a while before we see the sun again. a look at that and your weekend forecast in just minutes. we're working for you to get the mopotholes fixed.
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how the county plans to make closer commute a little smoother. >> reporter: good morning. it's bumpy roads like this one at route 1 and cherry hill road that could make your morning commute just a little bit more complicated. we don't want that. in just day, prince george's county is launching its pothole blitz. last year the county said it filled more than 10,000 of them away the county. and public works crews are on the move once again after getting a lot of calls about craters in the road reeking of a vok on your cars. >> we've received approximately 838 calls thus far and we've actually been able to fill 55% of those calls. so we have about 369 calls remaining for potholes. >> reporter: and she says they're just getting started. and the pothole blitz campaign in prince george's county begins march 1.
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your potholes stories so you can tweet us @4potholefix and e-mail us 4 pothole fix@nbc >> so if you want us to fit your pothole problem, tweet us at 4 pothole neighbors in will kalamazoo won't let tragedy and violence define their community. hundreds packed a church for a vigil to honor the six people killed in this weekend's shooting spree. a 14-year-old girl who was nearly killed is in the hospital feeding f fighting for her life. at one upon the her heart stopped beating but then she
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squeezed her mother's hand. >> breath taking. it was a miracle on its own. you don't expect it and then all of a sudden it's there. >> that 14 why would -year-old critical condition. uber says the accused gunman had complaints filed about his driving. jason dalton picked up uber fares after the shooting and riders complained about erratic driving more than an hour before the attacks. uber said he had given about 100 rides. dalton admits he was the shooter. good news tonight, it's the last night of rack work on the blue, orange and silver lines. just like yesterday at 8:00 p.m., workers will replace rails between the smithsonian and federal center southwest station. trains will run every 15 minutes because of single tracking. silver line rains will only run between ballston and
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reston east. today you can take a closer look at the proposed new changes for the green belt metro station.fbi has not decided yet whether it will move its headquarters there, but you can take a look at the plans at a public meeting that kicks off the a 6:30 at the greenbelt marion. it would transform the property into ai mixed use development. local leaders on a mission cuba focusing on education today. mayor bower plans to tour two high performing schools. the mayor has already left with trade and tourism ministers. one idea being discussed is having schools work together on foreign exchange programs. david culver is the only local tv reporter with that delegation. we'll check in with him live at 6:45. so you've probably heard a lot of old wife's tales about how to fight the flu, some
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maybe set in a steam any saw in a. we're taking a look at what really works and what can actually be dangerous. doctors say the best course of action is to stay in bed. they say eating chicken soup or garlic can help, but sitting in a saw in a can be dangerous. >> illness that gives you that high fever is giving you the high fever to help kill off the virus. if you add to the fever, you can develop heat stroke or brain damage causing your body temperature to rise. >> don't go in the saw in a or steam room. >> i've done like i put the vicks in a bowl of steaming water, towels. >> see, you know some home remedies. >> and of course sleep, hydration. 5:21. weather and
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>> i usually just bite a hjalap pepper. that clears out the sinuses. heaviest rain before lunch, but showery continues through afternoon. in the 40s and going nowhere temperature-wise. it won't be a very pretty day to be outside. last of the dry spots now in northern howard and carroll and frederick county, rain drops moving into montgomery and arlington and light to moderate rain south and west of the city along i-81, this is all funneling in it our direction. so again this little patch of light to moderate rain is the one we'll be dealing with this morning. heaviest rainfall amounts today likely to be down across the northern neck and southern maryland. slightly lighter amounts up across northern maryland, but it's a wet one this morning. temperature now 39
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vict ville, lessburg, 39 at joint base andrews. so near 40 with the rain this morning, 43 and rain at lunchtime. 45 at 4:00. again, tapering back to just showers by later on today. but not a pretty day. here is future weather. you can see the swathe of moisture coming through. steadier, heavier rains from about st. mary's to the eastern shore. tapering back to drizzles later on. tomorrow we could have some rumbles of hunger codred thunde way. gusty winds could bring down trees and a bit of a flash flood threat tomorrow, as well. future weather for tomorrow, yellows opportunities for rumbles of thunder through about 2:00 to about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow night. thinking about the weekend? saturday in the 20s saturday morning, but saturday afternoon it will be sunny and nice. sunday much nicer, back into the fifth n
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melissa mollett new trouble in southern maryland. >> new trouble, we're see something slow downs north and southbound on 5. that herbert road. left lane blocked by the crash. and southbound we're slow, as well. because of that accident. in frederick southbound 15 at 40, report of an accident there. does not seem to be slowing anything town in thdown in that area. 50 east at the beltway, disabled vehicle still hanging around for us this morning. 95 here northbound and southbound at prince william parkway, no issues there. everything else seems to be rolling along pretty nicely. we'll take a big look at the beltway at 5:31. and a 16-year-old visiting hawaii with his family has died following that helicopter crash last week. the family was flying on a tour over pearl harbor when the chopper went down. itcr
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not clear what went wrong there. three other family members were also hurt, two are still in the hospital. you one be complaining about one metrobus driver this morning. a metrobus pldriver played hero after a group teens ran off with an elderly woman's purse. the driver hopped off his bus and chased the girl there is to the metro station. police saw the foot chase and joined in eventually arresting the teens. >> alarming, i'm scared when i see when there is a group of teens. >> tend to make you clench your bag a little tighter. >> three teens were arrested and are facing robbery and resisting arrest charges. you can send a text to my mtpd if you see anything suspicious. if you went to an nfl game in the last three years, your money is part of a $121 million settlement. the league is paying out that cash to players al
5:26 am
sales. an arbitrator rule that had players deserved a share of the revenue but didn't get it. the league called the problem a technical accounting issue. happening today, the largest plane in the world will make a stop at dulles international airport. it features luxury suites and shower spas. it even comes with a cocktail lounge on board. you can soon take a trip on that board when the emirates daily service begins from dulles to dubai. dare i ask what that plane ticket would cost. >> i've been look at taking a trip on that airlines to visit a friend and you're seen the commercials. >> go for it. heck. 5:27 almost now. a big day in decision 0
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but what does a win mean for whomever comes out on top. tracie potts joins us live with the answer. emergency having to pay nearly $20 just to get to and from work. well that's how much it could soon cost some commuters. where drivers will have to cough up the cash. and this is the scene outside of the wilson bridge. you can see it's cloudy, it's going to rain shr. already raining in a lot of places. chuck bell back with the cold rainy day ahead.
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kiss the sunshine good-bye and say hello to the rain. on the left side of your screen, a live look at the district this morning. on the right, storm team 4 radar fp and the rain is coming down. we're track when showers will hit our area and just how long they're expected to stick away. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. >> beautiful day yesterday, 53 and sunny. what a great day it was. but you're right, no sunshine today. no sunshine tomorrow. and very little sunshine on stheen early either. so it's probably friday before we see a day as pretty as yesterday. cold rain coming our way today. risk of a thunderstorm or two coming up for tomorrow. tomorrow will be a weather alert day here for nbc b
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thunder and hold on to your hats as the thunder threat diminishes, the winds increase wednesday night into thursday. storm team 4 radar this morning, rain across prime ministerially northern virginia and southern maryland, but everyone will need the umbrella. high temperatures not really going to budge too much. we're in the low 40s now, mid-40s for highs coming up later on today. so not a pretty today. you'll need the umbrella and you'll need your warm insulated rain coat because it will stay chilly today. near 60 tomorrow, though, with a risk of thunderstorms. so we'll be talking more about that coming up at 5:51. >> and allow that extra time to raffle into work today because you will be working the windshield wipers. all this green is the rain. new crash 295 south ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge, right lane blocked right now. in husville, 5 north at herbert road, left lane blocked by a crash.
5:32 am
southbound looking okay. southbound 15 at 40, a crash there, as well p. 95 at prince william parkway, looking normal for 5:30 in the morning. travel times in ten minutes. 5:32 is your time. a defining day ahead in decision 2016. nevada is considering the five remaining republican presidential hopefuls. whoever wins today will have the momentum for super tuesday. tracie potts is live on capitol hill for us. so more on the caucuses in a moment, but first a telling battle between donald trump and ted cruz. >> reporter: and it just wrapped up a few hours ago. late night rallies from both of them out in nevada over a land rights issue. there is a lot of talk about that in nevada. the federal government owns most of the land out there. ted cruz running an ad that says donald trump would not give the state rights to that land. trump in response at this late night rally said that it was a lie and that cruz
5:33 am
man. now looking ahead to today and these embattled caucuses, there are 30 delegates up for grabs. not binding until april. if trump wins, he will so he lid tie his power, he will have won all of the contests so far except for iowa. if rubio wins, who came in second in south carolina, then it could certainly alter this campaign as we see the horse race going on between cruz and rubio behind trump. >> and to the democrats now. hillary clinton earned a big endorsement and bernie sanders is trying a new tactic. >> reporter: yeah, hillary clinton has been endorsed by the former head of the naacp, former congressman, which is interesting because another former thaip chanaacp chair has touring with bernie sanders. so each trying to solidify the black vote. sanders is behind double dim
5:34 am
for the primary. he is trying to go very specifically after hm on things like foreign policy and campaign fo finance. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. the democratic party of virginia is challenging the state's vote her i.d. law in federal court. opening statements happened yesterday in richmond. plaintiffs argue the law was enacted by republicans to squash voting by minorities and young people. but an turn for virginia election official said the law is racially neutral and meant to prevent voter fraud. the outcome of the trial will not affect the primaries on march 1st. i'm angie goff with breaking news from the live desk. a dunkin donuts, dollar store, also a pizza shop all robbed in what appears to an string of smash and grabs that happened overnight. getting word from police on the scene, they say that they don't know how much money was taken or whether or not there is surveillancede
5:35 am
that will help them catch who did this. police in montgomery county pushing for tougher dui penalties. officer liota was killed by a suspected drunk driver while working a check point in december. today maryland leaders are rallying in annapolis for a stricter interlock law. if the bill pass, anyone convicted of driving drunk would needs an in-ckacar breathalyzer. a d.c. police captain is facing dui charges for a crash over the weekend. police say paul shelton rear ended another driver on i-295 in southeast sunday night. this is video from an interview shelton did with news 4 in 2013. nobody was hurt in that crash. captain shelton has been suspended. he's a 29 year veteran of the police force. it is 5:35. happening today, the prince ge
5:36 am
prison plus the two men he conspired with will be sentenced. they face life sentences in the death of maymayhew's uncle. mayhew ordered the murder from jail to prevent his you been kell from testifying against him in another murder case. it was an uber ride that you wered in to a brutal attack on the driver. it happened saturday. after the driver asked the group to so that drinking. police say the driver was beaten with a beer bottle, punched in the face and his car window smashed. >> bruises. fortunately i'm thankful to god i wasn't hurt really badly. >> justin norconk, language i think grlance ingraham
5:37 am
local leaders and drivers are looking ways to can get around the new tolls coming to 66. it could cost as much as $9 to take 66 inside the beltway once rush hour tolls begin. slug lines are growing in popularity along the 95 corridor. and new park n rides are being considered 37 eastbou considered. eastbound 66 will be widened by a rain. they say they can get it down without takes homes or businesses, but it seems not everyone is convinced. >> hopefully we won't lose too many things. >> you don't sound super convinced. >> well, there is a lot of unknowns. and so it's my job to be careful and we'll be really monitoring this pretty closely. >> v to the says that express lane variable tolls will not be in place until next year. those tolls will allow nonhov drivers to use the word. the search continues for the
5:38 am
barack obama's home a woman's home and sexually assaulting her. and amazon sells something from a convicted serial killer. what the retailer has thousanow pulled. and kids will definitely want the umbrella for the walk on school and maybe he bus so that. but what about the walk
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police need help tracking down this sex assault suspect. the victim told police that the man proper broke into her home sexually as sausaulted her on saturday. it's not clear whether she was targeted, but police say the victim may have known attacker. chuck e cheese is supposed to have a positive family environment, but that is not what happened in connecticut. you take a look here, a fight broke out inside a restaurant there. you can see people shouting and shoving each other. one of them climbs up on the table. police say a child was hurt in all this, too. not seriously. chuck e cheese apologized saying we are usually a place for food and fun and
5:42 am
worth an all out brawl. the group left before police arrived. >> and it started with two women bumping in to each other. set an example, folks. chuck bell, it will be a rain thooe count y couple of days. >> fighting over stuffed crust. you will need your insulated rain coat. it's a chilly rain. an umbrella day for sure. light rain across suburban maryland, moderate rains down toward stafford, northern neglect. so it will be a rainy day. bus stop forecast, temperatures only near 40 degrees this morning with the rain moving in. and occasional showers linger through the afternoon, as well. no sunshine today. temperatures in the mid-40s. milder tomorrow with a risk of thunderstorms. that plus the "7-day forecast" in ten minutes. new trouble 395. 395 south, ramp to the outer o
5:43 am
reported there. 295 south ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge, right lane blocked. still have a problem in hughesville, 5 northbound at herbert road, left lane blocked. and slow downs northbound. travel times, 270 and top of the beltway looking good. 66 inbounded ed and 95 northbou also rolling along just fine. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. the fallout in prince george's county porn case continues. what is expected to happen as the result of the case in just a matter of hours. and can you imagine turning on your faucet and seeing this? blackwater that has people concerned and the reason behind it.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
you're looking at radar which is filling up with the
5:47 am
it will be a soggy tuesday. i'll let you know when the rain will taper off. biggest slow down 295 south, ramp to the 11th street bridge, right lane blocked. and 395 south ramp to the outer loop, a medical emergency there. does not seem to be slowing anything. 5:47 now. we're following a developing story, new charges could be announced against a former prince george's county teachers aide accused of abusing children. derrick ward is live outside the school in glen arrearden where abuse allegedly happened. >> reporter: good morning. we're outside the judge sylvania woods elementary school in prince george's county. just one of the locations involved in this story that is disturbing on its face and just gets even more disturbing. what we're expecting is that a press conference will be called with the u.s. attorney for this area, also prige
5:48 am
police chief and special fbi agent involved are will update us on the case. the nim of vehicumber of victimn to 17 and deonte carraway is facing ten felony charges. so more charges could indeed be forthcoming. he's charged with creating videos with kids between the ages of 9 and 13, performing sexual acts. he confessed to creating those videos here at the school and at a private homes and community rec center and even at a church. the county has announced that they are forming a task force that will come up with some recommendations to see that this does not happen again. but we'll expect to see what the new revelations are in this already disturbing case later today. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. and the disturbing child pornography case has one law mak
5:49 am
anthony muse will introduce legislation allowing employers to access juvenile sex offense records if the person will be working with children. deonte carraway had a clean adult record, but juvenile offenses that were protected. the change would have raised red flags. senator muse is the husband of news 4 anchor pat lawson muse. happening today, the prince george's county than who set up a hit on his uncle from prison will be sentenced. brian mayhew and two others face life sentences in the death of mayhew's uncle. mayhew ordered the murder from jail to prevent his uncle there testifying against him in another murder case. the sentencing is set for 2:00. today a virginia state's attorney will ask a judge to order a mental health evaluation for former university of mary washington student charged with murder. steve preel is beingbriel is ac killing grace mann. the
5:50 am
psychiatrist to evaluate briel. briel's lawyers plan for use the insanity defense. people are rallying in support of apple. the fbi wants the company to break into the san bernardino shoot are's iphone. apple says if it does, it could compromise the security of any iphone and it refused to do it. in d.c. the rally will actually be held outside the fbi headquarters. it begins at 5:30 this evening. >> if you're either eating your breakfast, might want to put your fork todown for a moment. a city in texas had blackwater in their pipes. it looks like oil or something. according to the city, that's 0 years worth of sediment they were flushing away. it came from the water tower and now it's all gone. ci
5:51 am
mayor's arrest for pushing someone. >> wow. can you imagine seeing that? >> no. drinking, bathing, all of it. the national museum of african american history and culture will open in just seven months. all this week barbara harrison is getting unprecedented access inside the top secret collection center. today's highlight is a prized piece from a prize fighter. the smithsonian will celebrate the story of muhammad ali's career through this training glove. tonight at 5:00, we'll tell you how ale signed that glove and the prediction he made years before he became heavyweight champion of the world. >> my middle child is be obsessed with muhammad ali. it's 5:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell telling us about the umbrella weather we'll have today. >> you bet. if you don't have an umbrella, you will be holding your newer
5:52 am
to the car because it is going to be a soggy start and we have a couple of shots of rain coming our way. first patch batch is is this on the way in to the western carolinas and eastern teen see. that is today's rainfall. this out here across parts of houston, that is severe weather today and likely from houston to new orleans and eventually up toward birmingham and atlanta. that is over about the next 12 to 18 hours and that will be our thunderstorm chance which comes in here for tomorrow. for today, it will just be a cold, cold rain. only the low 40s at best, could be some wet snowflakes mixed in here. if you see a wet snowflake with any rain droopdropraindrops, t e me @chuckbell4. road temperatures are all above freezing, so we're not expecting anything in the way of organized trouble. future weather, a high resolution model here shows most of the heavier rain take from washington southbound into southern maryland, by lunchtime, still occasional light rain showers around the area and dug
5:53 am
raining as hard for the second part of the day today, i think you'll still need the umbrella and a couple swipes of the intermittent wipers for sure. for tomorrow, a big rise in temperatures. we'll start out with cold rain early in the morning but after about 3:00, 4:00 a risk of thunderstorms and temperatures near 60 degrees even after the sun goes down. we could make 60 degrees by midnight tomorrow night. here is future weather through tomorrow. wednesday noontime, rain moving back in to the area. here comes our thunderstorm chance by about 3:00, 4:00 down towards fredericksburg. through the metro between 4:00 and 6:00 and then another round between 7:00 and 9:00. main threats tomorrow gusty winds an an opportunity for some flooding concerns. "7-day forecast," cold rain today, mild rain tomorrow with some thunderstorms, weather alert day coming up for tomorrow. we'll keep
5:54 am
cold and wen and diwindy friday. reports of a crash 95 at route 1. 395 south ramp to the outer loop, medical emergency. 295 south to the inbound 11th street bridge, we have the right lane blocked. hughesville, 5 north at herbert road, still the left lane as the only thing getting by the crash. southbound you're okay. northbound is delayed. south 5 a 15 15 at 40, slowing just a tad. camille cosby testified understand d under oath on monday in the defamat
5:55 am
women against cosby. plaintiff's lawyer says it's a frustrating drawn out process, but necessary to find the truth. >> at the end of the day, a jury will determine who has more credibility, is it the seven women that we represent or is it bill cosby. >> camille cosby's next deposition is set for march 14. a controversial book written in the words of a serial killer is no longer for sale. robert pick ton's manuscript was apparently smuggled out of prison. he's serving a life sentence for killing six women in canada years ago. he confessed to killing dozens of more, but in the book he says he's innocent. the book went up on amazon this week. victims' families quickly responded saying they were outraged. the publisher apologized and asked amazon to take the book down. this morning transgender people can use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable in in charlotte, north carolina.
5:56 am
nonstraighted on both sides when the town council approved the change. the change made mean businesses conditions discriminate based on someone's sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. amazon reclaims its crown as the most admired company in america. the annual harris poll ranks the public's perception of the 100 most visible companies y and aa takes the top spot. i'm landon dowdy. new smartphone apps are making it easier for thieves to pick their victims. prince george's county police say they're investigating several cases connected to app
5:57 am
robbing two teens at gunpoint in capitol heights. police say the suspects claim to be selling a dirt brik on the offer up app when teens arrive with the money, the suspects rob them. police always suggest selling items in a familiar setting. >> out of an area to where they would like to do the robbery and they are robbing the victim with the expectation that they will have funds with them because it they are looking to purchase an item. >> police also suggesting taking someone with you if you are meeting with a buyer or seller. making your commute a smoother one. we are live with the action being taken in prince george's county as our pothole patrol works to get trouble spots in our area filled. grab the umbrella. a new wave of rain is moving in about to your neighborhood. the impact it will have on your day ahead. and the storms that will follow it, that's next on news 4 today at 6:00.
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5:59 am
i'm chuck bell, we're tracking raindrops moving right into your tuesday morning commute. they will affect both parts of your commuting day today. he'll show you when the rain showers will ease up and how heavy the rains will be tomorrow. also a key showdown in nevada as
6:00 am
for the republican presidential nominee as the candidates begin shifting their focus to virginia. plus our pothole patrol helping you get results. the new campaign in prince george's county aimed at making your commute a smoother one. coming up on 6:01 on your tuesday morning. your weather headlines for today, it's going to be a cold rainy tuesday across the area. there is an opportunity for some milder air, but that comes with a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. and just like the song oklahoma says, the wind comes right behind the rain. the rain ends late wednesday and it will be very win ddy around here wednesday night into thursday. could have gusts in the 45 to 0 50-mile-per-hour range. what about tuesday morning? awash with raindrops right now. it will rain on everybody during the course of the next 24 hour.


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