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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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south it will be a an impactful weather day. there are rain showers out there for now. this is not what has me concerned, it's later on today is when i have the concern. a cold rain gets you out the door this morning. strong storms to finish up the afternoon. and a risk of flooding behind the storms. the winds could really be very strong. out of the southeast here for the daylight hours today. higher gusts with thunderstorms this afternoon. but by tonight into tomorrow and friday, winds go west-northwest, 25 to 35 miles per hour sustained. be forewarned for trouble today. anytime after an lunchtime today, especially in the metro, 3:00, 4:00, this afternoon. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, in parts of southern maryland. back to you, guys. we'll be updating through the course of the show. at 6:00 a.m., a crash on the top of the beltway could have a major impact on your commute. >> molette green is live at the crash site in silver spring now with more. molette. >> reporter: aaron, take a
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behind me at the accident investigation under way. and cleanup. a big tow truck now on the scene to try to load up this truck and get it out of here. this is, again, going to take some time, as this accident investigation moves through the morning rush. it's now finished up, brought here primarily to clean things up. the tractor trailer hit the jersey wall and possibly ruptured its tanks spilling some diesel. they needed to check that out. state highway says all clear on that. at some point, we can tell you, a big heads-up, around 6:30, state highway tells me they are going to shut down lanes on the innerloop. that's where debris from this broken jersey wall spilled and disabled multiple cars earlier when the impact ofis
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happened. 6:30 is a big heads-up. melissa mollet is following the impact of the terrible scene on the beltway. we can tell you one person injured and taken to the hospital. melissa. >> molette, we do have big backups because of it. this is beltway approaching georgia avenue. this is the outer loop here. as far as the outer loop goes, 3 1/2 mile backup is what i tweeted out and on my facebook page. i checked again, it's now 4 miles back. if you're checking your facebook page or twitter it has grown from a short time ago. one right lane blocked innerloop and outerloop, that innerloop is going to shut down for hopefully only a ten-minute cleanup. we do have that northbound branch avenue with the traffic lights acting kind of wonky this morning. we do have
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delays for us. taking a look at 270 and old hundred, also slow. travel time in ten minutes. it's 6:03. new details in the mysterious shooting death of a falls church man. police have identified the victim was 35-year-old babtunde fadahunsi. a maintenance man found him dead at the towers on seminary road. the victim's childhood friend says he doesn't know why anyone would target him. fairfax police do not have any suspect it's in murder. we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. >> we can't just elect someone that's angry. we have to elect someone that will make a difference. >> we are one step closer to turning the pages on the failures of the obama/clinton disaster. >> make america great again. >> donald trump winning
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nevada's gop caucus. here's a breakdown of the vote. trump took 46% there senator marco rubio second place with 23%. and senator ted cruz comes in close behind with 22%. dr. ben carson beat out ohio governor john casech with the vote. kasich took 3% of the vote. it was a problem in nevada, almost immediately after the caucuses opened at 5:00, the force of overwhelmed voting sites started trickling it in. people on twitter even calling it chaos. the huffington post reporting that some polling places ran out of ballots. entrance polls show nearly 60% of last night's voters consider themselves angry at the federal government. it's a statistic that likely helped donald trump to his landslide win. >> we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly
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we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> trump now has a nearly 80 delegates going into the convention. keep in mind, candidates need more than 1200 to gain the republican nomination for president. nbc's tracie potts will join us a bit later with more on what to expect moving forward. 6:05. for the fight for the democratic nomination. former president bill clinton will be in alexandria, virginia this afternoon. days before the south carolina primary, vermont senator bernie sanders went right at clinton's assessment of him that he's a single incident candidate. >> of course, i talk about wall street and i'll tell you something in i may about secretary clinton because people are asking, how does it happen or why that her super pac received millions and millions of dollars from wall street? >> clinton reassures voters that
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street. both sanders and clinton will be in south carolina today. clinton leads the fold there by far but reiterated she's working for every vote and not taking a single state for granted. candidates are closing in on virginia ahead of next week's super tuesday vote. we mentioned that former president clinton will be at a rally for his wife in alexandria around 3:00 this afternoon. donald trump will speak in virginia beach at noon. rival bernie sanders visited norfolk yesterday. and john kasich was in three virginia towns earlier this week. 6:06. developing at this hour, sheets of rain, homes ripped apart. and it's heading east. at least half a dozen tornadoes touched down in louisiana an mississippi yesterday. take a look at the damage. in one spot, a trailer park was torn apart. three people died there. three
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possibly trapped in the debris. the weather channel's mike seidel is where it happened. we're going to talk to him about what's next. breaking news on the top of the beltway. we have some major delays we're going to talk about how big the backups are, coming up in a couple minutes. giving you a chance to speak up after the blizzard of 2016. the event that arlington county is having in the days ahead. and what people who live there are already saying about the snow response. plus, why the key to your kids doing better i
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in the day ahead, if you had a problem with the snow removal after the blizzard of 2016 you'll have a chance to speak up today. there will be a snow forum tonight at key elementary school in arlington. a county wide
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54% of you were satisfied with the response. you can also read other results from the survey at the key elementary cafeteria. let's head outside. storm team meteorologist tom kierein is in the rain forest. >> reporter: yeah, got the umbrella, you'll need it, with a steady drizzle falling on the storm team 4 radar showing this storm is coming into the metro area. more on the way. continuing to sweep on through. all the pavement is wet this morning for your morning commute. we'll sigh in upper 30s to near 40s degrees. maybe a little icing out in the mountains then a big change during the afternoon. temperatures in the low 60s, you may be battling strong storms, some of which could be producing wind damage and hail. the timing onthat, chuck will have that in ten minutes at 6:21. breaking news on the
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melissa. >> breaking news, outer loop here at georgia avenue is where we have the problem. the tractser trailer crash is not out of the way. they're putting sand down because of that earlier fuel spill. right now, outer lane still blocked. innerloop, we have the right lane blocked as well. take a look at the backups on the outer loop. inner loop, they're shutting it down temporarily in about five minutes to get the debris off the roadway for about ten minutes. 270 looks okay. top of the beltway nasty, again, because of what we just showed you. taking 36 minutes instead of about 10. 66 inbound is fine. so is north quantico to the beltway. no major problems around town. aaron. addressing concerns after a house explosion some prince williams county. the changes that washington gas is promised to make. plus, a developing story out of louisiana where a severe sto
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we are getting ready for severe weather this morning on this weather alert day. the system you see pushing up from the south has the potential to bring strong thunderstorms and wind in the hours ahead. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell shows you when it will arrive in your neighborhood at 6:21. a basketball coach from a private school is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. george logan coached athletes at the highland school in warrington. police in prince george's county said logan started sexting with a 16-year-old student in january. she went to his home where he had sexual contact with her. he's no longer a coach at that
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school. >> deonte carraway faces federal charges for pornography and abusing students. the suspect used a popular smartphone app to make videos. trace wilkins explains the differences between the federal and state charges. >> reporter: we have learned more about the charges of deonte carraway. the feds told us that caraway waived his rights after being brought in for questioning. he admitted making these videos, he also explained how he did it and how he was able to meet up with these kids on kik. he's now favoring federal charges with a minimum sense of 120 years if he is convicted. prince george's county, he's been decided for abusing one child there. and is now facing six charges. the prince george's county state's attorney is planning on building additional cases. we should be hearing about more indictments on that level.
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reporting in green belt, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. it's getting easier to carry a gun in virginia. the cost for a concealed hand gun permit is going down. the supervisors decided to waive the county fee. and georgetown business owners hope say liquor license ban will run out soon -- the ban running out soon will help to rekindle the neighborhood's night life. there will be a hearing or moratorium at 10:00 this morning. right now, the board will not issue new licenses for businesses, near the corner of wisconsin and n street northwest. the ban has been in effect since april 9th. for years, residents have fought for the moratorium to help control crowds. the viral risk that has so many people worried about the
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hring. committees for the house and senate will see whether the cdc is doing everything possible to stop the spread of zika virus. the deputy director will testify about it at the u.s. and abroad. as part of the effort to fight the virus, the cdc has added trinidad and tobago and marshall islands to the no travel list. among the two case, two pregnant women whose infections have been confirmed. until now there have only been two confirmed cases of sexual transmission cases in the u.s. food labeling standards air growing concern here in the u.s. with millions of people trying to eat healthier meals, consumer rights advocates are calling for changes on how
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labelled. the fda and usda to ban the natural label. the fda is now asking for public comment on that. this morning as well, you may want to get out of your seat if you can if you plan on learning something new. researchers in the netherlands had second and third graders exercise while they learned math and languages. after doing this every couple days for two years, those kids did better on tests. spelling and math scores were higher than other students. those scores equaled four extra months of learning. >> that is a big deal. >> i don't think it's simultaneous, like have to be moving as they're doing their math. >> right. it's a lot of theories getting all of your wiggles out, you can focus better. all right, coming up on 6:21 on this weather alert day for us, chuck, we were supposed to have mike seidel with us this morning, but there's so much debris from the storms that ve
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he wasn't able to get on tv for us. and some of that weather is headed our way. >> you bet. an amazing storm system has generated an enormous amount of severe weather from houston to new orleans and along the coast last night. that severe weather is moving up the eastern seaboard as we go throughout the day. a moderate risk of severe weather from richmond to raleigh, an enhanced risk that does include the lower parts of the chesapeake bay, virginia beach. that's where the enhanced risk it is. even the slight risk for washington and western suburbs and even a risk of thunder across northern maryland. the colder air will stay in place farther north. for a higher ri eer risk down t south. the main threat will be damaging winds although you couldn't rule out hailstones or even an isolated tornado or two. tornado risk will be highest today, fredericksburg and southern
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and down to the south, towards culpepper as well. with all of this, fast moving rain and thunderstorms today, till about 2:00 this afternoon, to as late as 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. no problems early this morning, just because we're not having severe weather, it's still an ugly cold start. light rain and drizzle. temperatures only in upper 30s and low 40s. you'll need a warm raincoat this morning. pockets of rumble of thunder north of raleigh. those are now in southernmost virginia. that's what's coming our way. that first batch could be around 11:00, 12:00, and lunchtime. an area of deep low pressure here. lines of thunderstorms in atlanta, those are the raking arcs of severe weather chances coming our way. weather will have a big impact on all of your plans today. cold, wet and drizzle this morning. heavy rain and thunder into this afternoon and evening. rain ending this evening but then turning quite windy
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the next couple of days. timing it out, here's future weather, chance for thundershowers around 11:00, 12:00 today. breaks down about 1:00 or 2:00. but after 3:00, here's another chance for strong to potentially severe thunderstorms at 3:00 to 7:00 this evening. have our washington weather app ready to go on the smartphones. here's the forecast. temperatures will jump into the 60s today with the thunderstorms moving in. 50s and windy tomorrow. 40s and downright cold on friday. a cold start to the weekend. the weekend, melissa mollet will be sunny and dry. taking a look at this breaking news, top of the beltway at georgia avenue. it is now a five-mile backup. when i tweeted it out on facebook a short while ago, we were looking the 3 1/2 miles. that has changed. let me tell you it's a 5-mile backup. outer loop at
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the innerloop is now shut down. you see no action there on the innerloop. they're trying to get debris off the roadway. all lanes actually are open it's just a big backup. taking a wider look at things overall no major problems. we do have slowdowns in prince george's county. 66 inbound at 50, we're seeing that on vdot camera, looks typical. northbound branch avenue, a malfunctioning traffic light. it is taking folks a bit longer to get northbound on 5 right now. 210 inbound quite slow. as far as travel times, to 270, top of the beltway is nasty at 37 minutes. you have to understand how former mayor gray feels, though. >> only on 4 -- d.c.'s new u.s. attorney responds to questions about the long-running federal investigation into former mayor vincent gray. channing phillips decided that
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it was one of the first moves he made when he took office last year, he decided not to press any charges against gray. gray endured a lengthy investigation over allegations that he knew about a slush fund. a key witness who is now facing sentencing admitted that he set up an illegal fund. >> if more charges could be filed against jeff thompson? >> again, that's a pending matter for the court, good question, but i'm not going to comment. >> now, thompson is said to be sentenced later this year. 12 people pleaded guilty for charges from this investigation. students and friends and family gathered to remember a 17-year-old shot and killed saturday on kalamazoo. mourners gathered on the field at tyler smith high school.
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year. he played on the soccer. jason dalton has been charged with six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder stemming from saturday's shooting spree. for the fourth time in 40 year, female midshipsmen will wear trousers. it will be the first time men and women have worn essentially the same uniforms as they mark the end of their training in annapolis. the naval academy class of 2016 is set to graduate in may. according to the baltimore sun, the change comes amid the change to emphasize people in the service. a track of severe weather in your neighborhood. storms that caused problems in the south are pushing into our region. storm team meteorologist chuck bell has the 4 things to know. also ahead -- wrapping up the historic trip to cuba. what local leaders are telling our david culver about their time in that
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an accident with a tractor trailer is causing major backups in bone the innerand outerloop of montgomery county. take a look at this here.
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we have breaking news right now at 6:30. a crash at the top of the beltway could have a major impact on your commute. >> news4's molette green joins us from the phone from silver spring, molette. >> reporter: aaron, yes, good morning. we're in the backup now on the innerloop. right now the state highway crews are cleaning up the debris from the impact of the tractor trailer accident on the outer loop of georgia avenue. the accident impact sent debris on to the inner loop disabling multiple cars. more than five cars, off to the side of the road when we first arrived to the scene about 45 minutes ago. the outer loop traffic, as melissa has been saying, all of that slowing now. it's the inner loop that's impacted. we are in the
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traffic just at colesville road. that is the latest from what we've seen. state highway is telling me the shutdown is only going to last about 15 minutes, just to clea up the debris and make things safe again. now, let's get the latest from melissa and news4 track. good morning, we have a five-mile backup as you're approaching georgia avenue. it looks as molette was talking it's hard for her to see where she is, innerloop just reopened. it was shut down for ten minutes to get everything out of the way. they just reopened this morning. again, you can see how slow this is. all of that green, rain falling on the area. adding to the issues. 270 southbound at father hurley. we're slow there. no incidents because of that moisture. northbound branch avenue, at
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malfunctioning traffic lighting. chuck, weather for us today. >> absolutely right. a weather alert for all kinds of potential for strong thunderstorms this afternoon and very early this evening. what you need to know. weather alert day. cold rain upper 30s to 40s with light rain and drizzle. strong thunderstorms before gusty winds move in. what to expect for today, the types of severe weather threats, damaging winds will be the highest risk. flooding also a concern. some hail threat, but there's a significant chance, anyway, of tornadoes, especially south of the city. fred fredericksburg, be on the lookout, maryland, on the lookout. cold rain, briefly zipping up to the 60s today but again that warm moist air has that energy that we need. tom will have the impacts on the schoo
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seven-day later on in the show. two people are charged in the shooting of a man while riding a metro green line train. today, 19-year-old andre brody and a 16-year-old will be in court to face charges. police say the 16-year-old was the shooter here and they want him tried as an adult. the person inside that train at the anacostia station is now out of the hospital. police say the two suspects were identified after officers looked at surveillance video. >> metro riders are shaken up after a shooting on a green line train. this is the first time any metro official says they remember a shooting happening on a train. now metro plans to take extra steps to keep passengers safe. they are going to increase visibility including brighter uniforms. riders say they are also keeping a watchful eye. >> i'm not really that nervous about i
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conscious of my surroundings. i pay attention to, you know. >> safety concerns after a gas leak blew up a basement in the prince william county. this happened in the woodbridge area. utility cruise and firefighters were outside of the house checking the gas lines when that explosion occurred. no one was heard. washington gas is expected to replace 800 gas lines in the area. the process could take a year and a half. it may come down to congress to decide how private you can be on your phone. apple's lawyers are planning to file a court order with the fbi asking them to break into a terrorist phone. the associated press is saying apple wants congress to make a decision. the fbi wants apple to help access the iphone of one of san bernardino shooters. apple says if it does it could compromise the phones of millions of
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the family of a man who died in the fails the 11 response. jackson had a heart attack. first responders went to the right location but left before helping jackson. they thought they were no longer needed when they saw police officers working on someone else near the scene. d.c.'s fire chief called it an honest mistake. >> i mean, people can make mistakes. nothing like this. you know, nobody makes a mistake like this. to even say that, i mean, they just ignore everything to me. >> jackson's family says it will not file a lawsuit against the city for now because of a law that says no one is entitled to a 911 response. they plan to start an online petition to have that law changed. ramon castro, the brother of fidel and raul castro is dead. he is the older brother of the two cuban leaders. he was 91
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ramon castro did not go into politics but was a life long rancher and farmer. he often worked as a consultant to the country's ministry of ago du agriculture. hours left to those left in cuba. david culver is with them and says there's a lot more to do on this consuultural trip. >> reporter: a very good morning here from havana. today is the last day with delegates from maryland and d.c. and virginia. historic, it's the first time they've had a joint mission from the entire d.c./washington area coming to a location outside. an exploratory commission as they have called it. mayor muriel bowser has returned home to d.c. but several other leaders will depart today and tomorrow. they still have a few more business negotiations to get through the rest of today.
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from the airports to hotels. hotels even having to move some folks around in rooms just to accommodate as many people as they can. speaking of hotels we've noticed some advance teams for the president's trip which is coming up in a few weeks. there's a lot of anticipation for that right here in cuba. it's historic in that it's the first time a u.s. president has visited cuba in nearly nine decades. we're going to tell you how cubans are preparing. we'll give you a feel for that when our exclusive coverage from havana continues right here on news4. reporting from havana, cuba, i'm david culver, news4. breaking news here. a massive pileup on the back of the beltway. how much longer this will take you, coming up. and a big crowd sounding off on potential budget cuts on prince george's public schools. plus, another virginia school district now planning to be closed on
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today, bad storms down south and they could mess up a rocket launch. spacex launching a satellite into space from cape canaveral. and then it's trying another experimental landing. it landed a rocket back however, it doesn't expect a successful landing. today is the wake for the women killed in a crash. she was a passenger in a car that went off the road in potomac. the driver lost control and slammed into a concrete barrier. the wake for her begins at 3:00 a.m. at st. rafael catholic church. this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> reporter: here on the weather deck, we've got a st
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they're saying spring is on the way. but it doesn't feel that way now. we're getting waves of light rain advancing out of virginia into the area and closer to maryland. here comes another wave out across here in prince william county, coming into fairfax. at the bus stop, you'll need the umbrella. it will be chilly. you'll need a warm coat. it will be near 40. when you're heading back home, the storms are rolling in, you may be battling thunderstorms, look for damaging wind and hail late this afternoon and early this evening. on the roads now, we've got problems on the beltway, what's going on, melissa? >> breaking news on the beltway. outer loop. five-mile backup. lanes are cleared. it's going to take you twice as long on the outer loop. allow extra time. inner loop they had it shut down to clean debris. it's open
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northbound and southbound lanes there. let's take a look at travel times, 270 south germantown, 32 minutes for that smallstretch. 66 looks good. and 95 to north quantico to the beltway also rolling along just fine. we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> a big night for donald trump after a dominating win in nevada. the impact the victory is having on the race and whether anyone can catch him in the republican nomination. but we are tracking a developing story out of the south right now. severe storms have left a wide swath of destruction across
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we have breaking news right now at 6:46. a truck slammed into a jersey wall on the beltway and created quite a mess. there are significant traffic delays right now on the inner and outer loop, just before georgia avenue. we're going to check with melissa mollet on your walk around just a bit. but we go to molette green. >> molette, on the inner loop now, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: aaron, i'm going to step out of the way, you'll see a tow truck behind me
6:47 am
from the debris still from the tractor trailer accident that happened on the other side, on the outer loop this morning. take a look at some of this video we shot showing you the crash scene that is now gone. that truck hit the jersey wall and the barrier debris spilled over into the innerloop. the tractor trailer towed out of here about 6:15 this morning. but, of course, we're dealing with the impact of this crash on both the inner and outer loops of the beltway. a number of cars disabled as a result of that debris that spilled over on to the inner loop. right now, state highway is still on the scene. one lake blocked here. the far right lane as tow truck drivers help the disabled drivers, and of course, finishing with the cleanup from that debris still. let's go to melissa mollet and news4 traffic.
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the outer loop here from colesville road. it's a five-mile plus backup. if you want to get there and do something different, it's a good idea. we also have a problem on bw parkway that i'll talk about. we've got rain on the radar first thing this morning. and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. cold rain to get you out the door this morning. get your warm coat and umbrella ready to go. plan on string-like storms later today. we'll time it out for you, 6:51. rain has forced the department of correction to relocate inmates inside the central detention facility isn't southeast. >> early this morning, d.o.c. officials moved more than 100 inmates into a separate part of the facility. scott
6:49 am
join. what's causing the problem? >> reporter: we confirmed this overnight, 120 inmates were moved to different parts of the jail because of problems with the roof. they're growing with severity. water from recent days has been infiltrating the inmates' cells. and a unit control room. clearly the water is getting to where the inmates are. they're moving the inmates elsewhere. they asked for $1 million emergency funding to try to fix this roof. there was caulking done, some repairs done. but the problems are growing in severity. the jail is not due for a roof replacement over the inmates until late this summer. clearly, the d.c. jail, among the rain is improvising. >> scott mcfarlane on the phone. thank you. new details in the shooting of a man, police have identified the 35-year-old as back tundzdy
6:50 am
a maintenance worker found him dead in tower apartments on seminary road yesterday afternoon. fairfax police don't have any suspects in that murder. there's a fight with parents and school board over school boundary. nearly 100 people signed up to speak their minds on a meeting on proposed changes. those include closing forest and skyline elementary at the end of this school year. school district says they're trying to save money. parents say they were blind sided because the school board didn't give them enough notice. the board will make a vote on those changes tomorrow night. right now at the live desk, 25,000 people without power in georgia. what you're looking at here, this is a gas station, you saw the lights out in alabama, tennessee, all in the pathf
6:51 am
ripped through here, the gulf coast. three people died in the state of louisiana and mississippi. many more hurt. and quite expensive, entire trailer parks obliterated. this morning, we know that three people are still missing and they are believed to be trapped in the debris. aaron. >> angie, thank you. 6:51 to decision 2016, a battle for voters' rights here in virginia. a reminder, loudoun county schools just decide they had will be closed for next tuesday's super tuesday because they anticipate a high turnout. former president clinton will be campaigning on hillary clinton's behalf in that donald trump will speak at regent beach at noon. and bernie sanders visited norfolk yesterday. we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. >> i didn't just become a conservative like a year and a half ago when i thought about running for president.
6:52 am
we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> you want fewer jobs, if you want lower wages, you got to candidates to choose from. >> you're already seeing it. >> make america great again, remember that. >> trump, trump, trump, trump, trump! >> you can hear them chants for donald trump after a big win in nevada. here's a breakdown of the vote, trump took about 46%. senator marco rubio took second place with 23%. senator ted cruz comes close with 22%. dr. ben carson beat out ohio governor john kasich for a fourth place finish. with 5% of the votes. kasich took 3%. now it's on to super tuesday. tracie potts is in washington this morning. tracie, donald trump racking up the delegates and he's
6:53 am
take more next week. >> including virginia that's where he is today. 600 delegates up for grabs, that's about half of what you need to get to the nomination. if donald trump sweeps super tuesday the way he's done in the last two states it's going to be difficult to stop him. >> talk more about super tuesday. it's a huge vote. >> it's a huge vote box of the numbers but also because of the momentum you do have two very important states, ohio and florida, two weeks later on the 15th. the reason they're important. they're large states, they have a lot of delegates and those states are winner takes all. no matter how many you get, if you get the majority, you take all the delegates in that state. >> tracie potts live in washington. tracie, thank you. >> announcer: this is a storm team 4 weather alert. good morning. storm team 4 weather alert for you here this
6:54 am
chances for strong thunderstorms coming your way. you see here all the outlet areas. the highest risk to the south, slight risk for severe weather in and around the immediate metro area. enhanced risk for southern maryland and fredericksburg. the timing 2:00 this afternoon to about 8:00, 9:00 tonight. storm team radar, light rain out there now. heavy showers to the south. the real big move is the area of low pressure in the ohio valley this is bringing up warm, moist, very unstable air. severe weather today, all thing, possible. but the greatest risk will be damaging wind gusts and the risk for flash flooding because of the rain yesterday. here's timing it out. there's a line of thunderstorms about 4:00 from frederick and leesburg, by 5:30 that's pushing through the metro. 3:00 to 6:00 is the red zone time zone to be
6:55 am
than that. things clear out a little bit but it will be cloudy and a risk of a shower or two. planning out for today. a cold rain in the 30s this morning. near 50 with moderate rain at noon time. again, between 3:00 and 6:00, an opportunity for strong to potentially severe thunderstorms with damaging winds. stay weather alert. have our nbc washington app ready to go. the whole seven-day forecast, 60s with the rain. 50s tomorrow, we're thinking a stray shower or would. sunny weather for the weekend. breaking news, a busy morning with first 4 traffic with melissa mollet. >> breaking news once again. a major problem. the camera, innerloop here at georgia avenue, we have one right lane still blocked here this morning. outerloop, we've got a five-mile backup. it's going to take you twice as long to travel that. about 40 minutes. normally, about 20 this time
6:56 am
we have a crash there slowing the lanes allow extra time on bw parkway as well. and 395 south at duke street, a disabled vehicle doesn't seem to be slowing down too much. an issue here that i want to remind you about, southbound 234 there, purchase sell road with an overturned truck. and 270 at montrose, it's wet all over the place. windshield wipers but overall, traffic looking pretty good there. 6:56 right now. 4 things to know. donald trump going into super tuesday with another landslide win. about half of caucusgoers voted for him. you'll hear from him in a few minutes on the "today" show. three people killed and more seriously hurt from a series of tornados in the south. major delays right now on the beltway after
6:57 am
trailer jackknifed on the outer loop. the truck has been towed but debris is still on the lanes on the inner loop. 120 inmates had to be moved overnight at d.c. central detention facility in southeast. heavy rain caused the roof to start leaking into cells in a cell block control room. the seven-day forecast, all eyes on the possibility of strong to severe storms between 3:00 and 7:00 tonight. one or two passing showers. the weekend looks dry. >> be right back. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> "today" show is
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. three-peat. >> we're winning, winning, winning. >> donald trump cruises to victory in nevada, his third straight win in the republican presidential race. super tuesday is a week away and he's ahead in nearly every state. does he think the nomination is his to lose? we'll talk to him live. tornado outbreak. >> it's crossing the road. look at that! >> a string of twisters across the south, entire neighborhoods wiped out. the damage stretching from louisiana to florida. at least three people killed, more than 30 others injured. there's more dangerous weather today. new cases, new fear. 14 more women potentially


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