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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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he'd be annuble to get through water. well, he was wrong. the man says his engine just shut off and the bottom of the car filled with water. everyone was okay. >> and imagine this happening to your home. this is silver spring. water seeped into a basement and the pressure caused the cinder block wall there to collapse. the homeowner was actually in the pavement at the time and got pinned under the cinder blocks. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. firefighters say the home is no longer structurally sound. at least eight tornadoes hit virginia during the storm. take a look at this funnel cloud from one that hit southwest of richmond. the tornado cut a ten mile path of destruction. police are searching for one missing man whose home was destroyed in the storm. in a small town of waverly, two men and a 2-year-old boy were killed when wids
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their mobile home. today virginia governor terry mcauliffe will tour the damage will both ap-matt iks county and waverly. back at the live desk, working to find out why a flight out of actual less had to make an emergency landing p. this happened last night, this was a united express flight that was operated by messa airline ares. it was headed to san antonio when it had to make the sudden stop. medical crews arrived on scene as precaution, but no injuries are reported. back to you. 4:31 your time right now. weather and traffic on the 1s. we start with the four things to know. >> what you need to know about the weather for today, hold on to your hat, everybody. winds will be gusting in the 40 to
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times today, even higher gusts at higher elevations. so wind advisories in the shenandoah valley and locations west of the blue ridge. not too cold out yet, but it will turn much colder tonight by this time tomorrow morning, most locations will be back down below freezing. but if you're already thinking about the weekend, optimism reigns supreme. but for now first thing out the door on your thursday morning, scattered showers primarily north of the in metro area for now. and that's where the bulk of the rain chances will stay today, washington mort. but even if you live in fredericksburg, may want to pack the umbrella. windy all day. temperatures peaking here early this morning, falling into the med 40s mid-40s by 4:00 and back in to the low 40s by 7:00, 8:00 tonight. so much colder weather is on the way. now preching y inpreparing you is melissa mollett. >> you can see overall we'
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potholes but no other problems being reported. 50 westbound to 301 south, the local lanes, you can see a tiny bit of yellow there, that is our problem with that tractor trailer and we'll talk more about that coming up in ten minutes. southbound bw parkway between 198 and 197, have a pothole there, so just a reminder. these are kind of all over the place of course for us this morning. georgetown pike, two different closures because of downed he wired at springvale road and balls hill road. they are on the scene trying to get that fixed. looking at 66 and 95, looking pretty good right now. 66 inbound, 68 miles per hour. perhaps going faster than we should. no major issues. it's 4:33. we turn to decision 2016 where tonight the five remaining republican hopefuls for president have their last chance to debate before super tuesday. we could see one of the candidates try to take on donald trump. among other
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marco rubio criticized the frontrunn frontrunner's stance on the federal health care law last night saying he wasn't strong enough against it. tonight's cnn debate starts at 9:00. you'll hear from tracie potts ahead at 4:45. we hope to learn more from metro officials today about recent safety concerns. metro's board will meet today two days after a recent shooting on a green line train. the rider's advisory council is expected to talk about safety issues. this is the board's regularly planned meeting. we also hope to get an update about the red signal violation involving two metro trains. metro's board chair hopes a message has been sent now that two teens accused in that train shooting are being charged as adults. prosecutors say 16 idea hassan graves fired the gun and 19-year-old andre broadie was with him. the victims fought off the robbery.
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>> if you commit a crime, we'll get you. so we're trying to get that message out so people just don't to it. sxwlt vehic . >> the victim has been released n. from the hospital. graves has a criminal past with several arrests including an armed store robbery in december. a step toward justice for a murdered law enforcement officer from virginia. six people have been found guilty on serious charges related to the death of kevin quick, the waynes borrow police reservist was found dead with a single gunshot to the head. four were found guilty yesterday, two others guilty of being gang leaders connected to quick's death. virginia state officials want you to know they're taking the zika virus seriously. tonight the state secretary of health will explain what his department is doing to prevent the spread of the virus. the
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virginia regional commission begins at 7:30 tonight in fairfax. 4:36. happening today, we could get a decision on some major changes in prince george's county schools. board of education set to discuss possibly closing forestville high and skyline elementary to save the system some money. if that happens, students from forestville will go to suit land high school, skyline students will move to william beans elementary. parents say they were given very little notice about the proposed changes. a d.c. firefighter facing discipline for the death of a toddler has been granted a conditional retirement. lieutenant guy valentine faces did disciplinary action after a child choked to death on a grape. back in march, valentine was just blocked away from the child but didn't update his status with dispatchers. paramedics more than a
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was september instent instead ar later died. next month the u.s. capitol police will have a new assistant chief. matthew venerosa is getting a promotion. he's been with the capitol police since 1986. he started on uniform patrol and rose through the ranks. he served as independent commander after the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks. the retiring chief says he will leave with intelligence and vigilance. students at an area high school can expect to see extra security today. the threat behind it being blamed for all the extra police presence. they tidied serving and protecting, but now a scam trying to make money off of two deniputie deputies' deaths. things are calmer now, but it doesn't mean the kids won't face chal thinks on their way to school. why you might want to send them
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stepped up police presence in hyattsville after a threatening song causes posted on g online threatening to do harm to the school. the song has been taken down. the school says they're taking the threat seriously and taking precautionary measures, including increased police presence on campus. coming up on 4:41. time for a check on weather and traffic on the 1s.
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hopping over a lot of broken sticks. >> even in my drive into work, there was today prdebris on the. >> so be careful for the sticks and branchs and trash can lids that may be in the middle of the road. and also watch out for raindrops here this morning. no severe weather today, just passing rain showers. gaithersburg getting rained on here this morning. so bus stop weather then, wendy with occasional showers here this morning. temperatures near 50 degrees. windy maybe a shower or two this afternoon. but temperatures will be dropping during the day. so an extra layer of warmth not a bad idea for you this morning. umbrella, long pants and pocket rocks. those little kids under 50 pounds, weigh them down or risk losing them. a check of the 7 day coming up.
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could use maybe a cinder block. westbound 50 here at 301, still have a jackknifed tractor trailer. most of the lanes there blocked, but a shoulder is getting by. and it's really not affecting things too much here. 50 at 301, don't have anything really showing on the camera as far as any big backups. in great falls, georgetown pike at spring veil and at balls hit shut down because of wires. and new details in the case against the school volunteer charged in the child pornography case. what's expected to happen. our area is known for lot of thing, but who says we have the best transit system in the country
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. welcome back at 4:45. millions of voter may be watching tonight as gop contenders face off in their final debate before super tuesday. next week people in all of these states will weigh in on the race for the white house. tracie potts is live in washington for us. more on the democrats in a moment, but first tonight's debate could be a potential lifesaver for ted cruz. >> reporter: ted cruz needs a comeback. he's come in third in the last three contests. and he's hoping that super tuesday if not this debate can do it for him. his home state of texas will be voting with the biggest pride, 155 delegates. also tonight watch rubio and trump. rub wrote is pushing for a 101 with trump trying to bump cruz completely out of this race saying if you take a look at the numbers, there are a majority of republicans he argues against donald trump which will become
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two people that the party needs to consider. you can see it all play out with trump center stage at the te telemundo debate tonight at 9:00. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off saturday in south carolina. clinton and her husband are both in south carolina again today. bernie sanders, though, is in the midwest in three different states. for the second day in a row. polls show him behind by double digits, mainly because african americans are coming out so strongly for hillary clinton. so for the last two days, he hasn't been there. however, he is putting flint, michigan as a big part of his 34r59 po flat form now. >> all right. tracie potts, live in washington, thank you. new details we now know when the former teacher's aide accused of sexually abusing students will go before a judge. t it's next friday, march 4. he's accused of making
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pornographer with students. he's facing both state and federal charges. there are still a lot of questions about the murder of a falls church man inside his apartment. the victim was found tuesday. police say that he apparently let maintenance crew in earlier that day to work on a better leak, but when they returned, they found him shot to death. >> you have been around him, you have peace. so like a big chunk of our peace is taken away. >> some residents say that they are concerned about security now. this is the second violent incident to happen at that same building since june. a third man is facing murder charges in connection with a deadly shooting of an american university graduate. christopher proctor is in jail facing second-degree murder characters. he h charges. he was on supervised release set of the shooting.
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matthew slons ski was shout outside of the metro station. someone is trying to make money off the deaths of two maryland deputies. mark logs ton and patrick dailey were shot and killed two weeks ago and the sheriff says a scammer is using the tragedy to call people and ask for donations. the caller says they're with the fraternal order of police. the sheriff's office says you will never get a phone call like that asking for cash. happening today, fairfax county officials want to hear from you. they are looking into possible housing and mortgage lending discrimination. there is a public meeting tonight at 6:30 at the south county center in alexandria section of the county. if you've ever wanted on na to name a school, you may get a chance. a new elementary school this woodbridge is set to open in september. suggestions include kyle wilson, the county firefighter who died in the line of duty in 2007 an
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living african-american leader and scholar. the name will be chosen next week. at least eight tornadoes hit virginia during yesterday's storm. in the small town of waverly in the southeastern part of virginia, powerful winds ripped apart homes there. at least three people tied including a 2-year-old boy. our affiliate in norfolk reporting us live.died including a 2-year-old boy. our affiliate in norfolk reporting us live. rico. >> reporter: well, aaron, total devastation here in the small town of waverly. this morning the curfew has been lifted. >> all right. sometimes our -- sorry, say that again? okay. sometimes the technology doesn't work for us, but rico was telling us about some
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damage that they sea in waverly there. and essentially they had homes that were completely obviously from the video here completely demolished by the winds take came through there. as we said, three people died. we know that governor mcauliffe will tour the area today. and we expect that the national weather service will send crews to that area as well to begin surveying to determine exactly how strong whatever happened there was if it was in fact a tornado that touched down and all the reports that the point seem to be that was the case. >> and when you see the destruction and definite devastation, the wind just completely ripped off roofs. and even the people trying to hide didn't have a whole lot of shelter. >> and that's why even yesterday early in the morning we were really trying to ramp up the alert level and let people know this was not just going to be a rumble or two of thunder, this was potentially high end severe weather and that's exact willy what we experienced yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening what we experienced yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening. even downtown d.c. yesterday afternoon, sideways rain and stuff
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my neighborhood thin low begaga. how much rain did we end up with? national airport over an inch of rain. most of it coming down between 6:00 and 7:00. bwi marshall set a daily rainfall record. look at the amount, 2.61 inches at bwi. meanwhile dulles international airport only three quarters of an inch of rain yesterday. so it really depended where you lived as far as how much rain you got. what about today? the weather will impact your plans today no doubt about it. hold on to your hats and your umbrellas. windy with a couple of rain showers from now until noon, so yellow conditions noon to 7:00 p.m., a passing shower or two. not a lot of rain today, but the wind will remain a problem. 7:00 p.m. to midnight tonight, windy, the rain over but turning much, much colder. we'll be down below freezing by tomorrow morning. don't believe me some look at all the snow on the back side of s
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rain now moving up into the boston area. but wrap around snow showers, those are winter weather advisories out in the mountains of west virginia and that is legit meat snow accumulating snow now charles town, much of the buckeye state of ohio, snow showers across much of central and we were stern pennsylvania. all rain in the metro area. couldn't rule out one or two snowflakes across northern maryland, but that's about it. temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s right now. the winds are gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour across much of the reerngion and that l increase once the sun comes up. so plan on a very blustery and windy day today. plenty of clouds away, a risk for a passing shower. again, not a whole lot in the way of rainfall, though. "7-day forecast," a 30% chance for raindrops today, highs 50s now this to the 30s by late this evening. back down at or below freezing especially outside
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tomorrow morning. windy and cold day coming tomorrow. highs only near 40 tomorrow. into the 40s again on saturday, plenty of sunshine. coldest morning of the stretch likely to be saturday morning because the winds lay down friday night. sunday will be the better day this weekend and look at that as we get ready to leave february and head in to march, milder, quieter weather. we'll let you know how high the winds are gust in your neighborhood at 5:01. brand new problem here westbound southeast just after the 11th street bridge, report of a crash there. stay right to get by. west poubound 50 at 301, a jackknifed trailer. a crew on the way to get that out of the way. most lanes blocked. we have one shoulder will getting by. so you can get by it here this morning. not backing things up right now. state highway doing a good job out there. eastbound old dominion drive divert order to 123 because of downed wires at beverly road.orc
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other wires down georgetown pike at springvale and balls hill road. may see a little bit of flooding depending where you are, as well. southbound bw parkway between 198 and 197, a pole there caupo causing some problems. d.c.'s metro system is the number one transit system in the entire country. that is according to financial an lit ticks firm smart asset. this is what it found. after d.c., san francisco, boston, chicago, then new york have the best public transit system in that order. researchers say they considered five factors including average commute time and the percentage of commuters who use public transit. so when asked whether the results were a surprise, researchers say -- they wouldn't say. >> okay. this is the first year they have done this. so i guess we have to have some other information before you can say whether you're surprised or not.
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wouldn't say something like that. >> we know metro has had its share of problems. a lot of people busy from out of towns allege rh towns always remark how clean it is, how easy it is to read the maps and get around. >> and we take to granted maybe. at least according to this research. 4:55 now. using your cellphone in the in the metro tunnel is about to get a lot easier. the project metro just started that also aims to keep you safer. another reason to keep a close eye on your children. how their party could land you in jail. and it started as a joke and ended with an arrest. the you can't predict the market. ended with an arrest. the but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors
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4:58. possibly game changing development. president obama could nominate a republican to the open seat on the supreme court. that's according to two people familiar with the process. they say the president may nominano nominate the nevada governor to the bench. he was the first latino judge and he supports abortion rights. the president says he's not backing down. >> he is easier thing to do is to give into the most extreme voices with that their party and stand pat and do nothing. but
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>> action on the supreme court -- >> one of the republican arguments is that vice president joe biden was involved in a similar standoff over the supreme court back when he was a senator more than 20 years ago. parents in maryland who host teen drinking parties may soon face jail time. there are calls for lawmakers to enact a bill that would add possible jail time for anyone found guilty of hosting these kind of parties. according to wtop, a senate committee heard from two montgomery county fathers yesterday, their sops were killed last june in a drinking and driving accident. parents could face up on one year for the first offense and two years for the second offense. it's now 4:59. major improvements coming to metro. 100 miles of cable to improve will cost close do i $10 million. part of the underground portion of the work will be funded li through their impme
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character in this next story could be the in the doghouse for life. he pranked his girlfriend earlier this week faking his own murder inside her kentucky apartment. idiot. she came back from work to really just a terrifying scene and so she called police. >> he had my tables flipped over, my chairs flipped over, there was blood on the walls. >> by the time officers arrived, the boyfriend was up from the fake murder scene explaining that it was a joke. officers had the last laugh here, though. look at that face. the prankster had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. he's in jail this morning facing deportation to mexico. probably doesn't have a girlfriend anymore. one step too far. over the line. >> there are lines you shouldn't cross. stay with us. news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m.


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