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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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character in this next story could be the in the doghouse for life. he pranked his girlfriend earlier this week faking his own murder inside her kentucky apartment. idiot. she came back from work to really just a terrifying scene and so she called police. >> he had my tables flipped over, my chairs flipped over, there was blood on the walls. >> by the time officers arrived, the boyfriend was up from the fake murder scene explaining that it was a joke. officers had the last laugh here, though. look at that face. the prankster had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. he's in jail this morning facing deportation to mexico. probably doesn't have a girlfriend anymore. one step too far. over the line. >> there are lines you shouldn't cross. stay with us. news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m.
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it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, if'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. chuck bell telling us about the aftermath of the storms. >> it will be a windy did day outside. don't be like this guy, don't let your umbrella get flipped inside out. have your gust bhuster ready to go. winds could gust between 35 and 40 miles per hour. cold air is spilling in as winds come from the northwest. the weekend is looking really nice, all be it kind of cold. so future wind gusts that's what you're looking at here. most 20 to 30 around the metro, but higher elevations could gust well over 40 miles per hour. there is a wind advisory in the shenandoah valley and along the blue ridge. winds could gust 50 mus miles per hour plus miles per hour in the highest elevations. rain chances, take your umbrella with you to play it on the safe side. therere
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with here this morning. lots of wind and passing showers, temperatures near 50 now in the low 40s by 7:00 tonight and below freezing for most by tomorrow morning. that is a cold one. the wind may have an impact on traffic. let's find out from melissa. a couple of problems around town. went definitely having an impact with some of the downed wires georgetown pike at springvale road, shut down because of downed wires both directions. and also at balls him road in mclean, both directions as crews on the scene are trying to get things fixed before the morning commute. eastbound old dominion drive pushed on to 123 right now, again downed wires there at beverly road here this morning. so they're stop things before beverly road. westbound southeast southwest freeway after the 11th street bridge, stay right. another crash on 50 we'll talk about in a couple michts. we're
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aftermath of last night's powerful storm. the heavy rain led to severe flooding. crews are working to restore power in areas where strong winds brought down trees. we have team coverage of the aftermath as well as how it will affect your morning commute. we'll begin with megan mcgrath in mclean, virginia where power lines are down in the road. >> reporter: aaron, you can see the barrels and cones and other things which have completely blocked off georgetown pike here. closed in both brekss right near the intersection with cloisters drive. the problem here, what we're seeing all away thegionregion, downed wires. you can see the power crews working on toes power lines off there to the left-hand side of the roadway there. the wires across all lanes. and so that's why they have stopped traffic. folks will just need to bring their patience this morning. we're hearing about similar situations allu
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region. we were just done on douglas drive not far from here. there a power crew there working, as well. they also had some downed wires there. old dominion and balls hill, also hearing of problems there. and crews on the scene blocking things off as they try to restore power and get the lines out of the way and make sure that everything is safe for folks. so still dealing with residual problems as a result of that storm that came through. we'll keep you up-to-date here and let you know about the closures throughout the morning. back to you in the studio. megan mcgrath showing you the big picture there. let me break you down as far as the numbers are concerned when it comes to the outages. we got an update. as a result of last night's storm, with pepco reporting about 500 outages. mostly in prince george's county. dominion virginia, more than 1,000. the bulling of those in fairfax. and bge reporting always less than 400ag
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foe when we last checked. we'll stay on top of these and let you know as they're restored.when we last checked. we'll stay on top of these and let you know as they're restored. as we say during all storms, never try to drive through high water. in alexandria, firefighters had to use a cherry pecker on the back of a fire truck to rescue a woman. take a look at the video of the rescue on navajo drive. and the same thing happened to a man on eastern avenue in northeast washington. he was picking up his father from union station and thought he'd be able to get through the water. he was wrong. the man told pat collins as he was going through the water, his engine just shut off and here as you can see, the bottom of his car filled with water. everyone was okay. now, imagine this happening in your home in the middle of a storm. this is in silver spring where water seeped into a basement and the pressure from that water caused the cinder block wall to just come down. the homeowner was
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pinned under those cinder blocks. firefighters rescued him, air medics took him to the hospital. he should be okay. insult to injury here though, firefighters say the home is no longer structurally sound. at the least eight tornados hit have a are a during the storm. is this a funnel cloud that hit southwest of rich honored in appomattox county. the tournd crnado cut a ten mil of destruction. one missing man is being searched for. in waverly, two men and a 2-year-old boy were killed when winds ripped appaart their mobi homes there. to decision 2016 now, where tonight the five remaining republican hopefuls have their last chance to debate before super tuesday. we could see one of the candidates try to take on donald trump. marco rubio
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frontrunner's staps nce on heal care. tonight's debate starts at 9:00 and you'll hear from tracie potts, she's also monitoring the democrats, that's ahead at 5:30. virginia state officials want you to know that they are take the zika virus seriously. there will be a briefing tonight at 7:30 tonight in fairfax. developing right now, a flight from dulles makes an emergency landing in texas after having to descend 20,000 feet and fast. what we're learning about the moments on board. >> and if you're away from your tv, come take a look at your screen. storm team 4 showing rain in parts of our area. will you need your wipers
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everyone is okay from a flight out of dull receof dulleo make an emergency landing. the pilot landed in dallas ft. worth. the flight it eventually move on to san antonio. we're working to find out exactly what the problem was. a car was the only thing damaged in this -- look at that, this is crane collapse. a fire started burning in the motor of that crane and then it pretty much just folds this is in australia. crews are working to dismantle the crane today. 5:11. time for weather and traffic on the on the 1st. a blustery day ahead. >> you betcha. still dealing with a little light rain howard county, northern montgomery, so you wut frederick, into the panhandle of west virginia. so this will graze primarily the northern half of the metro. rain chances todaya
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either me troh north. this morning temperatures near 50, but falling back into the 40s by this evening. so a very windy data. if you're traveling locally or regionally, you'll be dealing with the wind and rain from here to boston. nationally, quieter weather south of us and all the way out to the west coast. "7-day forecast" doing up in ten minutes. still have to stay to the right to get by this problem westbound southeast southwest freeway just after the 11th street bridge. jackknifed tractor trailer should be out of here in a bit at 50 at 301. georgetown pike at springvale and balls hill road, wires down. live look at 66 coming up. some say he's to blame for a toddler's death. so why is
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retirement? the latest in the case of a former fire lieutenant. what is your chances of getting p fthe flu?
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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5:16 as we take a look at storm team 4 radar. you can see rain still hanging around parts of our area, but will your weekend plans get washed out, too? the answer at 5:21. we will learn more from metro about recent safety concerns. the board meet today. riders advisory council is expected to talk about safety issues. this is the board's regularly planned meeting. we also hope to get an update about the red signal violation involving two metro trains. metro'sboard chair hopes a message has been sent now that tw
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train shooting are being charged as adults. prosecutors say 16-year-old hassan graves fired the gun and 19-year-old andre broadie was with him. they say the shooting was sparked after the victim fought off a robbery. both face a lesser charge of armed robbery. >> if you commit a crime, we will get you. and so we're trying to get that message out so people just don't do it because it's foolhardy in many ways. >> that victim shot has been released from the hospital. court documents reveal graves has a criminal past with several arrests including this armed store robbery last december. police say graves is the suspect who forced the clerk behind the counter. step toward justice for a murdered law enforcement officer from virginia. six people have been found guilty on serious charges related to the death of kevin quick. the waynesboro police reservest was found dead and two were
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found guilty yesterday, two others found guilty of fwagang activity. and kim jong-un is being applauded after successful satellite launch earlier this month. state media also shows the leader congratulating thesearch involved. you may remember the rocket launch was condemned as a test of banned missile technology. there could soon be a new tougher sanction against north korea because of that launch. the u.s. and china agreed last night, united nations security council diplomats say russia, britain and fraps france have all seen a draft of the sanctions. and there are several simple tests you can do at home to check your health. whatever your size or shape, doing something as simple as a plank can to a lot. if you can hold for two minutes, you're in pretty good shape. but if you
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carrying too much weight. another simple test, drawing a clock may tell you if you need to visit a neurologist. >> so this is actually checking a couple things. coordination, your cognitive acts and somebody with dementia might leave out some numbers or not be able to follow instructions. >> doctors say don't confuse the test with a diagnosis. >> we're going to do some planks after the show. centers for disease control says the flu season is in full swing but the vaccine is helping most people. it's nearly 60% effective. most of flu virus has been from the h1n1 strain. the cdc says the flu season had a late start, but activity is lower than the last three seasons. it still recommends get vaccinated to stay healthy. i'm knocking on wood. i don't want to get sick. >> have you been -- do you get your vaccine?
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>> i did not. weather and traffic. >> let's check in with chuck bell to find out what we have to deal with today. >> thunumber one, the wind. number two, light rain showers. those are the two primary things that will impact your day today. lots and lots of wind. winds out of the southwest morning averaging 20 to 30 miles per hour. by later today, be more of a west to northwesterly wind. 30 to 40 miles per hour. so really hold on to your hats and high profile vehicle drivers be on the look jut, there may be wind restrictions on the chesapeake bay at some point in time on the bay bridge. soma lisa will keep an eye out for that pap passing showers, got some raindrops here this morning. and then really the next big thing you will notice is how much colder it will be. about 20 degrees colder by this time tomorrow morning. so to get you out the door, raindrops maryland, virginia a
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leesburg and purcellville this morning. these are generally moving to the east. so hours will be a part of the forecast here for much of our northern viewing area. but look at the deep low pressure area out here that has snow on the back side of it, snow all the way down to the smoky mountains of north carolina and tennessee this morning. heavy rain and thunderstorms in maine in february. that is crazy stuff. winter weather advisory along the western facing slopes of the appalachians out in west virginia. if you're traveling in to the mountains, you will run into some snow flakes there. but around here, most of it is light rain and rain chances today best from washington authority bound. here is future weather, raindrops terrorists out of here. could wring out another shower between 2:00 and 5:00 today.
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north, but low to the south. temperature-wise, we're near 50 degrees this morning. we'll be in the low 50s this morning. falling into the 40s by 4:00. and noticeably colder by 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 this evening. so the next couple of days which includes your weekend, 30% chance for rain today, very windy today, tonight and tomorrow. went lays down friday night, that makes saturday morning very, very cold. chilly on saturday, milder on sunday. so if you have stuff to do in weekend, sunday will be the better day. melissa mollett now with a check on traffic. 66 at nutley street, you can see as promised here is a live camera there. no major issues there along nutley street. do have some wind shu issues as as downed wires and perhaps soft ground issues. georgetown pike
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road both directions shut down. and also at balls hill road. eastbound old dominion drive being pushed on to 123 this morning because of downed wires there at beverly road. could also come across some flooding as chuck has been mentioning, too. big look at the beltway, overall no major problems. still have a little bit of a delay westbound 50 at 301 because of a jackknifed tractor trailer. mexico's president says the country will not stop looking for 4 3 students who disappeared in 2014. the story received worldwide attention. yesterday president said they are conducting a thorough investigation. so far the remains of only wofrone of the 43 students has been positively identified. a d.c. firefighter h
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granted a conditional retirement. lieutenant valentine faces disciplinary action after a child cho child choked to death on a grape. he was just blocks away from the child but did not update his status with dispatchers. paramedics sent from a mile away and the 18 month old died. he will not be paid until the investigation is complete. the u.s. capitol police chief is retiring and in march a new chief will take the raise. matthew venerosa is getting a promotion to the stop job. he started on uniform patrol with the force in 1986 and rose through the ranks. venerosa served as accident commander after the anthrax attacks. president obama hosted his last in-performance at the white house last night. he and first lady ended with a star-studded tribute
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legendary ray charles. the series is a tradition the president and first lady upheld for the last seven years honoring the music that has shaped america. >> jazz respe, gospel and bluesa new soul sound. >> anthony hamilton, usher, happy more part of the tribute. there is my girl. she is just amazing and was nominated for a grammy for best new artist. >> sounds great. it will air on pbs. we'll find out when. tweet it for you. it's one of their last chances to plead their case for the presidency before super tuesday. the platform that the final five gop candidates hope will help lock up votes. and remember this on your way into work. who says d.c. has the best transit system in the nation. and hold on to your hat. taking a look live
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chuck says wind is going to be a big problem for a lot of you today.
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in south africa, protesters are burning down a university. this all got started after a student's representative council meeting was disrupted by protesters and then the situation quickly
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security guards are using tear gas and rubber bullets to same t tame the crudowd. dorms are being evacuated and the campus is shut down. we're working to get pictures for you. new details in the case against a school vol undoor charged in a child pornography case. what is expected to happen as early as tomorrow. they died serving and protecting, but this morning we're learn buildiing about a s. and our transit system, who says we have the best in the country. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. the severe weather is gone, but the effects aren't over just yet. chuck bell has four things to know about the forecast. >> yeah, those powerhouse storms from yesterday are now gone. they have moved up into parts of new england and good riddance to them. but behihe
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today. especially at higher elevations along the blue ridge and in to the shenandoah valley. winds could easily gust in the 40 to 50 mile-per-hour range in and around the metro more like 30 to 40 miles per hour. but that is an impactful amount of wind for sure. much colder weather coming tonight and the good news about the weekend, it looks like it will be filled with spinunshine. right now upper 40s to near 50. grab the umbrella to play it safe and you'll neepd your wind breaker for sure. temperatures will not budge much during the koicourse of the day. and rain drops on the radar. i like all the green. this looks like all good stuff. >> this green not so hot up there. so talking about where it is still raining here this morning. taking a look at 270 southbound, getting a little slow probably a little sooner than we normally do and that no doubt is because of the rain. no incidents up in that area.
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of that green blob of rain making a problem for us. yellow line delays because of work. travel times coming up. millions of voters may be watching tonight as gop contenders face off in their final debate before super tuesday. next week people in all of these states will weigh in on the race for the white house. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with more on the democrats in a moment, but first tonight's debate could be a lifesaver for ted cruz. >> reporter: he needs a comeback after coming in third in the last three contests. and whether that will happen at tonight's cnn debate or whether it will happen on super tuesday, we don't though. he's banking on text bringing him many of those 15 delegate
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trump will be center stage as a result of his recent win p. the debate is tonight at 9:00. now the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both hoping to win south carolina. the numbers are in favor of clinton. she and her husband former president clinton will both be in south carolina today. she's also made a big issue of the situation the water situation in flint, michigan and now bernie sanders is jumping on that, as well. in fact he will be in the midwest for the second day in a row, not in south carolina where he's behind by double digits, but in the midwest. and we understand that he's now adding the flint, michigan water crisis to his platform, as well. >> tracie potts, thank you. >> new details, we now know when the former teacher's aide accused of sexually abusing students will go before a federal judge. deonte carraway's first court appearance will be next friday march 4. he's accused of making child po
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the 22-year-old is facing both state and federal charges. family members are still looking for answers after a falls church man was found dead inside his apt chlt. the victim was found on tuesday and police say he apparently let the maintenance crew in earlier that day to work on a water leak, but when they returned, they found him shot to death. >> if you've been around him, you have peace. so it's like a big chunk of our peace is taken away. >> security has become a major concern for some residents now. this is the second violent incident that happened at the same building sinceup. police in d.c. have arrested a third man in connection with a deadly shooting of an american university graduate. christopher proctor is now in jail facing second-degree murder charges. he has a hearing next month. prosecutors say proctor was on court supervised release at the time of the shooting. matthew shlonsky was shot outside of the shaw
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northeast last august. someone is trying to turn a tragedy into a scam in maryland. they're calling people about the deaths of two deputies. mark logsdon and pat rick daric were shot and killed and the scammers say they're with the fraternal order of police and ask for donations. the sheriff's office says it will never calling you and ask for money in that way. happening today, fairfax county officials want to hear from you. they're looking into possible housing and mortgage lending discrimination. the county needs your help identifying these problems so that it can create solutions. there a public meeting tonight at 6:30 at the south county center in alexandria. next week, a new name will be chosen for prince william county newest elementary school. that school set to open in september. proposed names for the new woodbridge building include former county firefighter kyle wilson's name, wilson died in the line of duty in 2007. another possibility, dr.
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african-american leader and scholar. you have one last chance to weigh in at a meeting set for 7:00 tonight. it is 5:35. we didn't see this coming. d.c.'s metro is the number one transit system in the entire country. that's right. the financial analysis firm smart asset is behind the findings. after d.c., san francisco, boston, chicago and new york have the best public transit systems in that order. researchers say they considered five factors including average commute time and the percentage of commuters who use public transit. so we should keep in mind this is the first study of its kind. and there are some metro riders who might disagree, but there are a lot of people who give metro glowing reviews. i've heard a lot of people say how clean it is, how easy it is to transfer and read the maps. >> and they just looked at census data. they didn't ask people what they thought. so there you go. students at an area high school can expect to see some extra security take.
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of the extra place presence. looking live outside across the district this morning, things are a lot calmer right now than they were about 12 hours ago. but that didn't mean the kids won't face some challenges on their way for school today.
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tll be stepped up police presence at dematha after a threatening song was posted on line on sound cloud threatening to do harm to the school. the song has been taken town. t down. the school is taking precautionary measures including increased police presence on campus. good morning. coming up on 5:41 on your thursday morning. most of the south side of the metro saarea is dry, but there a line of moderate to heavy rain showers now central montgomery county. here is gaithersburg, laytonsville, olney. pretty heavy rain along route 108, 124, route 97. so montgomery u
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pretty intense rain for the next little bit. not going to be anything like yesterday. no thunder or lightning just yet, but coming down in a few spots. so bus stop forecast, windy, temperatures near 50 this morning and only in the mid-40s this afternoon. have the umbrellas and rain coats ready to go. showers this morning. hit and miss later on this afternoon. long pants and pocket rocks for those little kids under 40 or 50 pounds, way them down or risk blowing away. >> my son definitely needs some pocket rocks. gormg town pike at springvale road and balls hill road, some downed wires. yellow line delays because of track repairs between huntington and braddock road here this morning. so that could be a little addition of some time to your morning commute.
5:41 am
inbound fair tags coufax county beltway, on time. quantico to the beltway, you're on time. 270 and top of beltway also rolling along just fine. using your cellphone on metro is about to get easier. >> and it is another reason to keep a close eye on your children. how their party could land you in jail. and it started out as a joke and ended in an arrest. the
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dealing with some raindrops first thing this morning. heaviest east of 270 there gaithersburg to olney. and right there along 108. so watch out for heavy rain this morning. and i have closures because of power wires that are down. georgetown pike at balls hill road, d
5:45 am
yellow line. because of unexpected work from hunting t ington and braddock. at least eight tornadoes hit virginia during yesterday's storm in a small town of waverly, at least three people died including a 2-year-old boy. rico bush jones us from waverly with more. >> reporter: we're seeing total devastation hereins us from wav with more. >> reporter: we're seeing total devastation here you'll find brick and glass scattered throughout the city. a town of about 2300 people. take a look at this destruction. this is what we see and this is what you will see as you drive throughout the town this morning. this road is now blocked by debris, cars and homes are damaged. let's show you video that we shot once the storm tore through the area. we do know this morning that the curfew has been lifted
5:46 am
overnight they had a curfew so people could not get into this town. we also know that a 50-year-old man, 26-year-old man and toddler died after a ter tof a after th storm. and we're seeing debris and puddles. just total devastation. we talked on some people in the area. we are asking them where are they going next, what we know they say that they will rebuild. but for now, that's the latest here in waverly. rico bush, back to you. 5:46. no word what the president meet say about isis. we are going to get an update on the fight against that terror group today. president obama will be at the state department to talk with national security leaders. then he'll make a statement about how well the fight is going. and in syria, the constant fighting is about to end. at least it's supposed to. you're looking at bombings in the capital there. the syrian government agreed to it a
5:47 am
would start saturday, however sear i can't be rebels have not agreed to the deal and are afraid of being hit with worst attacks before the deadline. havana is loosening some travel restrictions ahead of president obama's visit next month. cuba's president has initiated the reopening of the u.s. embassy. the president says his trip is designed to push the cuban government to improve conditions for its people. critics say the president is rewarding the cuban government despite its lack of free election and either either refusal to let citizens exercise freedoms of speech and assembly. and members of the delegation will be back after that i visit cuba. david culver says the focus has already shifted to the president's visit. >> cubans talk about this? >> i know people are really excited. maybe some people are worried. it's just such a huge move and such
5:48 am
would imagine that is so overwhelming. >> david culver reports advance teams from the white house are already in place scouting out locations p and getting an idea of logistics ahead of the president's visit. happening today, prince george's county school board could vote on the closure of two schools, forestville high and skyline elementary on the chopping block. if the schools are closed, students from forestville will g go to suitland high school. we spoke to a student. >> it was a wild school and already overpopulated which is why a lot of people opted on go to forestville. >> if approved, the change would take effect next year. you go out to eat, you pay your bill and then leave your tip. pretty easy, right? but several customers in our area reached out to news 4 after they realized they paid more than they thought.
5:49 am
card receipts and it seems that somebody upped the amount. in another case, a viewer sent a bank statement showing a different amount charged than what she paid. >> i'm still missing $60 and i didn't quite budget for $60 on be missing. >> that's a lot of tip. tonight at 11:00, susan hogan asks two area restaurants about the charges. find out what they had to say and how you can protect yourself. so the guy in the next story might be in the doghouse. he pranked his girlfriend which is usually a bad idea. he actually faked his own murder inside her apartment. she came back from work to a terrifying scene and she called police. >> he had my tables flipped over, my chairs flipped over, there was blood on the walls. >> so by the time the cops do the there, the boyfriend was up from the fake murder scene trying to explain that it was a joke. that's a mug shot you
5:50 am
warrant for failure to appear in court. so now he's in jail and he's facing deportation. and his girlfriend is talking to tv reporters because she ain't happy. >> that is a terrible thing to do to somebody. and somebody you love? i don't understand. now just about 5:51. weather and traffic on the 1s on this windy, windy day. >> chuck bell here with the skinny. >> i like that. >> the 4-1-1. >> the who, what, where, when, how. >> i'm with it. i'm down with it morning. outside this morning, what to expect for today, lots and lots and hot lots of wind. dealing with passing showers this morning. but not too cold yet. but turning much colder as we go into this evening. and by tomorrow morning, most everybody will be below freezing. right now we're in
5:51 am
sorry about that. i'm about ready to have a coughing attack, i apologize. i swallowed wrong. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s now. i'll try and talk a little softer, that will help a little bit. thank you very much. it's all about teamwork on the morning show. >> you're wearing lipstick now, but -- >> that wasn't water! no. national harbor camera -- it was just water is just to be clear. outside this morning, here is montgomery county, here is the heavy rain right along 420 there. olney up to west friendship and columbia, all getting in on the -- a little sip of water really does make a difference. dry in the shenandoah valley, dry in southern maryland, dry along i-95. rain chances for take, medium chances closer to the pennsylvania border, lower rain chances the farther south you live or travel. temperature-wiwe
5:52 am
cloudy 9:00 a.m., windy by 11:00, as well. and the winds will be with us all day long. winds could gust 30 to 40 miles per hour at times. temperatures will peak around noontime. be back in the mid-40s by 5:00 tonight and if you're going out on the town tonight, it will be windy and cold, but dry. temperatures falling back down into the 30s coming up at 6:01, i'll show you how cold it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning. but there is the 7 day, 50s today, only low 40s tomorrow. dry both days over the weekend. sunday, monday back into the 60s. and as we head into march, finally milder weather coming our way. all we need now is a good traffic report. >> and another accept of water to lube your throat. georgetown pike at balls hill road, a total closure there because of the downed wires. so be careful there this morning. they are going to push you through the neighborhood to get around that. so also have an issue georgetown pi a
5:53 am
morning. aside from the other situation there, of course, in mclean. taking a look as we zoom in, eastbound old dominion drive diverted on to 123, downed beers wires at beverly road. overall beltway not looking too bad. southbound bw parkway between 198 and 197, have a pothole hole. i'll see you at 6:01 and we'll get chuck under control here. >> you saved him. good job, melissa. 5:53. and developing now, a republican could be the president's choice for the open seat on the supreme court. nbc news confirmed nevada governor brian sandoval is meeting with president obama about the job. he supports abortion rights. president obama says the right nominee could force his opponents' hands. >> and i think it will be very difficult for
5:54 am
concludes that this person is very well qualified, that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. >> we've also learned the head of the senate judiciary committee will meet with the president next week. no word on when we'll hear about apif i recall nomination. parents who host teen drinking parties may soon face jail time. there are calls for lawmakers to enact a bill that would add jail time for nanyone found guilty o hosting these kind of parties. a senate committee heard from two montgomery county fathers yesterday, their sops were killed last june in a drinking and driving accident. parents could face up to one year for the first offense and two years for the second owe fence. >> my son was murdered by this irresponsible reckless individual.
5:55 am
in december his son, an officer, was hit by a driver who had a blood alcohol level three times beyond the limit. maryland law enforcement leaders are urging lawmakers to expand the use of ignition interlock requirements to help stop drunk drivers. police chiefs and sheriffs from across maryland were in annapolis yesterday to support the passage of noah's law. that law would require all convicted drunk drivers to install an ignition interlock device which is like a breathalyzer. if the device detects alcohol, the car will not start. >> i'm here today to support the law enforcement community's effort to raise awareness about the chronic drunk driver. >> if the state decides to pass this law, maryland will join 25 other states that require all drunk drivers to use ignition interlock devices. major developments coming to metro, 100 miles of cable are
5:56 am
and wireless technology coverage. tests are already under way between the fwlen month and informatiforest gasoline statio. the work will cost close to $120 million. part of the underground portion will be funded through the capital improvement program. good morning. i'm landon dowddy at cnbc. a new study find as majority of u.s. companies are unprepared for cyber attacks. bwc says nearly half don't have an active response plan and 17% have zero plan at all. a third of those say they don't believe they need one. and cyber crime ranks high on the list of worries for corporate america. i'm landon dowdy. u.p.s. wants to start same day deliveries. the company is investing in the delivery company deliv which does same day deliveries for major stores. they work with macy's and kohl's to fill
5:57 am
to wait. but how much do you have to pay? it's been nine months since the vice president's so thn die. and now a took book questions why he got sick in the first place. he points to burn ticks used this iraq and afghanistan. the writer suggests the trash burning in those pits is responsible for thousands of deaths and illnesses among soldiers. one soldier says she lived near a burn pit while serving in iraq and now has a life threatening lung disease. >> we saw the smoke, we could smell it. we would make jokes about it like everyone gets the iraqi cries, don't worry about it, to the point where black stuff is coming out of your nose. >> in response to the book, the pentagon says it and the v.a. are now tracking burn pit complaints, but they say they have no evidence of long term health problems. we're watching developments in virginia this morning after that severe weather caused heavy damage across the commonwealth. we're tracking rescue
5:58 am
neck. plus the latest on casualties in
5:59 am
the storms are long gone being but we're still feeling the impacts. the trouble spots we're finding this morning. we're also watching developments outf
6:00 am
where severe weather and suspected tornados are being blamed for several deaths. but first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with the changes you'll notice as you step outside. >> yeah, a whole lot more wind outside today than yesterday. so hold on to your hat. strong winds, west winds today, averaging 20 to 30 or 40 miles per hour. cold air following those west to northwesterly winds. on the up side once we get past today, we're in store for tomorrow. howard county and montgomery county, a pretty good pocket of moderate rain that does go through howard and montgomery counties, going eastbound here. so if you're traveling in on i # 5 fr 95 from the north, you'll be running in to raindrops. temperatures near 50 this morning with showers around. couldn't rule


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