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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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where severe weather and suspected tornados are being blamed for several deaths. but first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with the changes you'll notice as you step outside. >> yeah, a whole lot more wind outside today than yesterday. so hold on to your hat. strong winds, west winds today, averaging 20 to 30 or 40 miles per hour. cold air following those west to northwesterly winds. on the up side once we get past today, we're in store for tomorrow. howard county and montgomery county, a pretty good pocket of moderate rain that does go through howard and montgomery counties, going eastbound here. so if you're traveling in on i # 5 fr 95 from the north, you'll be running in to raindrops. temperatures near 50 this morning with showers around. couldn't rule
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shower later on today, but the bulk of the rain will come before 9:00 a.m. temperature temperatures falling back down into the 40s. and by tomorrow morning, most everybody well below freezing. windchills by tomorrow morning might be down close to 20 degrees. giving me the chills. brand new problem on the roadways. 66 at 29, a crash on the right side slowing things. westbound southeast/southwest freeway after the 11th street bridge, stay right. causing a pretty big jam there. wider look at things, overall no major problems on the beltway. of course all of this is the rain showing over our roadways. so it is a little slow here southbound 270 because of that rain very likely. yellow line, we're now single tracking because of track repairs between huntington and braddock road. travel times coming up and a live picture of some downed
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chopper. this morning we're dealing with the aftermath of last night's powerful storms. a big problem, power outages caused by wind knocking down trees. megan mcgrath is live in mclean where a major road is shut down. >> reporter: yeah, you can see behind me here we're standing on georgetown pike and we have quite the detour going on right in the area of cloisters drive. georgetown pike closed in both directions because of downed wires. and this is a problem we're seeing all around the region. if you kind of push down a little bit further down the street, you can see the crews, power crews that are here on the scene working on the situation, but they're not done yet. no estimate on when georgetown pike will reopen. but we are seeing power outages throughout the region specifically let's take a look at some of those numbers here. bg&e, 291. dominion virginia, 1075. and
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outages at this point. so they have their crews out there, they're working on the situation. we're also getting some reports about downed trees that are still being dealt with. this is all damage as a result of yesterday's storm. so there are reports of beach mill road closed this great falls because of trees. we were down on douglas drive a little while ago, there were power lines down in that area. there was a crew on the scene dealing with that. also getting records around old dominion and balls hill, as well. that's also in this area here. so little pockets of damage still being at the tidealt with. so keep in mind you may encounter some crews doing their work this morning. back to you. it is complete devastation in some parts of virginia right now. tornadoes ripped
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neighborhoods south of richmond. erica rodriguez is following go following the problems. florida four people dead after last night's severe weather, 2-year-old, 26-year-old man and a 50-year-old man are among the dead. in waverly, a three mile devastation. reports of a funnel cloud in that area. and we learned in virginia, as many as 20 people critically injured. we're keeping a close eye on the situation. everything that has happened as a result of the severe weather that we had last night here if he live desk. back to you. p. erika, thank you. 6:04 now this morning virginia's national guard is helping with the storm cleanup. more than 50 soldiers equipped with chainsaws and humvees
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southeastern parts of the state to help local emergency crews. they used helicopters to survey the damage. perhaps the wrong place at the wrong time. a silver spring homeowner was checking his sump pump when his basement collapsed last night. the man became pinned under half a dozen secinder blocks. water seeped into the basement and the pressure caused the wall to give way. he is expected to survive. to make matters worse, befores say the home is no longer structurally sound. to alexandria now where firefighters had to use a cherry picker on the back of a fire truck to rescue a woman. this rescue on cherokee avenue at navajo drive, the woman's car got stuck as she tried to drive through standing water, which we tell you always not to do. same thing happened on eastern avenue. in guy was picking up his father from union station, thought he'd be able to get through the water. he thought wrong. he toldur
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he was going through the wraeat his engine just shut off. the bottom of the car filled with water, about everyone was okay. coming up in about ten minutes, we'll take you live to waverly, virginia for a first and look at the damage there this morning. no word right now on why a plane out of dulles had to drop 20,000 feet in just moments. this was during an emergency landing. thelane was going to san antonio, but landed in dallas/ft. worth. we don't know what exactly the emergency was, but medics say no one was hurt and the flight did eventually move on to san antonio. p. virginia state officials want you to know they are taking the zika virus seriously.secretary of health will explain what his tent depat is doing to pre-vevent the spre of the virus. and now to decision 2016 and tonight's republican debate this houston.
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their last chance for debate ahead of super tuesday. political analysts say it's important for ted cruz to have a comeback tonight. we'll also be watching for a potential fight between senator marco rubio and donald trump. rubio called trump out by name last night for his stance on health care and israel. to the democrats who have a primary in south carolina before next week's super tuesday vote, both hillary clinton and bill clinton will campaign there today. bernie sanders will be in the midwest. he recently announced a trip to flint, michigan. polls shoe him behind clinton in south carolina. mainly because african-americans voters are coming out so strongly for clinton. maryland community says it has seen an outpouring of support after the deaths of two deputy its, but we'll show you howe some are trying to capitalize that and take your money in the process. >> and we're seeing new video of the devastation across the south following a number of deadly
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damage. and wires down, roads closed all over the place. what for avoid coming up. also have a pretty big problem inbound 66.
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someone is trying to make money off deaths of two deputies. mark logsdon and patrick dailey. a scammer is using their tragedy to call people and ask for donations. the caller says they're with the from stern fraternal order of police. the sheriff's office says they will never call you and ask for money that way. i'm chuck bell. radar this morning tracking a batch of moderate rain here that extends from gaithersburg along 270 eastbound here towards laytonsville and damascus and olney, out into howard
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towards dlconsum columbia. on but that's about the only show in town. but it will get much of northwest washington and eventually northern prince george's county wet, as well. so rain chances highest washington northbound. dry across southern maryland. and your ghcommute will be bree. they're 50 now and mid-40s later today. all the wind surely causing trouble on the commute. wires down, chopper 4 headed to one of the scenes now. pretty sun advirise this mornin. georgetown pike at springvale road and at balls hill, shut down because of downed wires. police directing folks through neighborhoods. 66 inbound at 29, washington boulevard a tad slow because of an earlier issue. right now travel times looking pretty good really. 270
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95 also looking good. remember to listen to w for that oig wh wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. trying to prevent future tragedy. the proposed bill aimed at curbing underage drinking. but first we're watching developments out of virginia as emergency crews survey the damage left behind by suspected tornados. we'll take you live to the hardest hit community of waverly for a look at the damage there this morning.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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the killer tornados are now gone, but major damage is left over in several places. >> this is going to be a difficult day today especially in southeastern virginia, waverly in particular, where three people died. paul goodloe joining us live now with a look at what is happening on the ground there. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is so far an nc
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service to get out here once first light comes up to determine whether this was actually a tornado or not. some people in the area did report seeing funnel clouds. there are no sirens here. this is a small farming community. some kids were home from school, reports of schools holding kids at school. they had about a 15 minute lead time in terms of warning for that possible tornado. unfortunately, it did quite a bit of damage. at least five fristructures wer destroyed including one mobile home where there were three people in that home a 50-year-old male, a 26-year-old male and 2-year-old male, all three found and fatal at thes.
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so a somber mood here. but the damage behind me, this is one church that has substantial damage here, at least this and four other str t structures destroyed by either wind or possible tornado, as well. the good news is that the governor will be coming here, the state of emergency has been declared and the damage will be assessed. but sad news all three of those deaths in that same mobile home which is approximately a couple hundred yards wrjust down the street for me. the road behind me was closed for a while, but now has reopened for traffic through the area. but sad news reported, three people it lose their lives here in the town of waverly because of the storms from yesterday afternoon. >> very sad. paul, thank up. and we're getting video in
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this video from louisiana, house after house destroyed. at least seven tornados hit there. two people died. the cleanup begins this morning. if you were outside, you know just how powerful the rain was. it was coming down sideways at one point. it quickly caused flooding in smarts of our area and crews are work to go restore power in areas where strong winds brought down trees. a germantown church was no match for other nature. take a look at these pictures a viewer snapped. the storm slammed the baptist church on route 27. as you can see, the it appears trees also fell. we did not get any reports 1/2 of injuries. a strong storm blew through
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loudoun county. it travels by cable and carries cars and pedestrians, not today, though. incredible video also from a car fire in new jersey. a downed power line fell on to a car and caused to catch fire. firefighters p s put out the fi. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour hit that area. almost 40,000 people are still without power along long island this morning. for the midwest, it was heavy snow and chilly wind there. more than 1,000 flights canceled out of chicago. want to so he you video from crete, illinois where there was a heavy fire. and this school bus slid in the snow. nobody was hurt. a semi truck jackknifed, as well. a lot of drivers just
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two teens involved in tuesday's metro train shooting are being charged ased a tuts. 16-year-old hassan graves fired the gun. they say 19-year-old andre broadie was with him. they now face a lesser charge of armed robbery. just two days after that metro shooting, the transit agency plan it is to mees to me. we're happying to hear more about plans to curb crime and the board will hear about the safety report which showed more passengers and employees were injured in 2015 than the year before. and a possible safety commission could make up a lot of today's talks between leaders. for the first time in months, terry mcauliffe, mayor muriel bowser and larry hogan will
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down together around lynunchtim. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. hold on to your hat today. >> a pretty nice picture behind us, though. chuck, it will be kind of win dwindy out there. >> if you have a chin strap, may want to tie your hat gown today because otherwise it may blow off. strong winds, there is your beautiful picture from the tower camera looking southbound. there is the washington monument, the jefferson memorial. skies trying to clear out a little bit, but it's not clear everywhere. there are raindrops on the radar. ripples on the potomac this morning because of all the strong winds. and the rain is just north of the city. here is the capital beltway right here. there is interstate 95 and route 1, here is columbia, a interstate 70, 270. so heaviest is 270 eastbound toward damascus, north of olney, out toward ashton. this is headed out into parts of western and central howard counties. so that's where the heaviest of the rain is for no
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town. it's drifting down to the south and east, so it may graze the northern half of fairfax county, northern half of the district, northern two thirds of prince george's county and anne arundel county. pockets of very cold air, how cold? snowing all the way down into the great smoky me ky mountains tennessee. if you're traveling today, could have some slowdowns. locally, windy with passing showers. regional travel, windy from here to richmond and boston. nationally, travel is much qu t quieter west of the mississippi river. temperatures now in the upper 40s it they'to near 50. that's about as warm as we'll be today. mostly cloudy, windy all day long and a risk of a passing shower this afternoon. turning much colder tonight, in the low 40s by 6:00 and upper 30s by then.
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tonight 8:00 into early tomorrow morning, windchills back in tolts te to the teens to they're 2 s ts to . weekend looks good. sunday back up near 60 degrees. take a look chopper 4 just over the scene in great falls. this is georgetown pike at springvale road. so again, we have wires down and that closure to deal with here this morning. just talked to megan mcgrath, she's on georgetown pike at balls hill road. she says crews look like they're leaving, this could be reopening there along georgetown pike in the next couple minutes. eastbound old dominion drive diverted on to 123, downed wires there at beverly road. westbound southeast/southwest freeway after the 11th street bridge, two left lanes blocked right now because of the crash. and we're see something low down slowdowns there. as you back
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you can see the beltway behaving itself here this morning. 66 inbound at washington boulevard, a crash slowing things. westbound 50 and 301, all lanes now open. happening today, university of maryland student killed in a car crash will be laid to rest. christine died in the crash last week in potomac. she was a passenger when the car went off the road. the driver lost control and slammed into a concrete barrier. the service is at saint rafael catholic church at 10:30. next month the united states capitol police will have a new chief. assistant chief matthew venerosa is getting a promotion to the top job. he's been with the force for three decades. and has risen through the ranks. the current chief is retiring. the white house held an
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late ray charles last night. listen. ♪ an amazing gathering here. usher, demi lovato all on hand. the special will air on pbs tomorrow night at 9:00. >> what a lineup. amazing. a new twist in the fight over the u.s. supreme court. what we're learning about a potential replacement for justice antonin scalia and president obama's strategy for picking him. also ahead, we hear about the problems on metro all the time. a lot of vus a lot of complaints. but we'll show you why one group says we have the best transi
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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a busy morning from the storm team even though the ev
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you're looking at a live picture where georgetown pike is shut down right now because of downed wires. it's just one of the many problems you could encounter on the roads this morning. >> you will also notice a bringing difference in the weather outside. chuck bell here with your four things to know. good morning, everybody. welcome to thursday. depending on which way you're looking or where you live, you'll either see sunshine or raindrops here this morning. looking north into southern montgomery county, rain drops here early this morning. four things to know about the weather, hold on to your hat today. easily especially at higher elevations wind could gust to 40 or 50 miles per hour. much colder tonight, most places which are near 50 this morning will be below freezing tomorrow morning. but the weekend looks good. so planning out your day hour by hour today, a few showers around this morning, temperatures near 50. a lot of wind today, and an occasional passing shower or two can't be ruled t.
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today, but everyone will get the wind and everyone will see falling temperatures, as well.o today, but everyone will get the wind and everyone will see falling temperatures, as well. a closer view, areas of rain may be slowing down your commute. i don't like this pibig stretchf red. >> if i could get rid of that for you, i'd be a rich woman. so with the rain coming across 270, we are a tad slower than normal. you hit the rain patch near germantown. georgetown pike at springvale road, we are seeing traffic going, but it looks like that is police here this morning. and i spoke with megan mcgrath, georgetown pike at balls hit road, downed wire there. sounds like that could be out of the way here in just a little bit. winds continue to be a prob a
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of severe storms moved across the area. let's check in with molette green, she's live in herndon. >> reporter: we have a situation where high winds have impacted the traffic signal here at the pair fax county parkway and west ox road. there you can see the cones in the two left turn lanes. right in front of us here. and that is blocking traffic. there is no turning left here because the traffic signals, the lights are turned in the wrong direction. so it's confusing for drivers who need to make the left turn. the left turn lanes on northbound fairfax county parkway at west ox, closed because of the high winds impacting the traffic signal here. live from herndon,
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green, nbc 4. in bethesda, someone had to be rescued from their car. you can see it was slow going even when the road was open. that video from bethesda came from one of you. a lot of you also tweeted video like this. the hail hitting your deck. you can hear it coming down pretty hard. in any weather, we always want to hear what you're experiencing, too. and see the pictures that you take. you can tweet us or send us a message on facebook if you want to post what you're seeing. and you can also e-mail us at i see at nbc washingtwashington.n. school board measures could vote on the
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schools. forestville high and skyline elementary are on the chopping block. it that happens, students from forestville will go to suitland high school. a former student says she's unsure of how consolidating the schools will work. >> when i was in school, suitland was a wild school and already overpopulated, which is why a lot of people opted to go to forestville for that simple reason. >> if the vote passes, changes could a effect next year. parents in maryland who host teen tridrinks parties could so face jail time for anyone found guilty. a year for first offense and into for the second. according to wtop, a senate committee heard from two montgomery county fathers yesterday. their sons were killed last june in a drinking and driving accident. calvin lee and alex murr were both1
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party where a parent allowed alcohol to be served. 6:35 right now. a consumer alert this morning. you go out for a nice meal, you pay your bill, you leave your tip. but several customers reached out to news 4 after they realized they paid more than they thought they had. viewers sent us their credit card receipts and it seems someone upped the amount. in another case, the viewer sent us a bank statement that showed a different amount charged than what she paid on the bill. >> i'm still missing $60 and i didn't quite budget for $60 to be missing. >> tonight at 11:00, consumer reporter susan hogan asks two area restaurants about the charges. find out what they had to say and how you can protect yourself. so remember this on your commute today, d.c.'s metro is the number one trance either system in the entire country. that's right, a financial analysis firm called smart asset is behind these findings. it s
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francisco, boston, chicago and new york have the best public transit systems in that order. researchers say they considered five factors including average commute time and the percentage of commuters who use public transit. now, the firm used census bureau data for the findings. but not first happened accounts from riders. so this was not a survey. they just looked at census data. 6:36. a new critic taking aim at donald trump. the criticism mitt romney has for the gop frontrunner and how trump is responding. a scare after a plane plunges thousands of feet. what we're learning about the inflight emergency. and road closures becaused downed wires all over the place. the spots you'll want to avoid.
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what could be a game
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thank you. >> president obama may nominate a republican to the open seat on the u.s. supreme court. nbc news learning nevada governor brian sandoval oi, fir latino judge. republicans say they will not confirm the nominee under any sirgss, how far the head of the judiciary committee is planning to meet with the president next week. coming up on 6:41 on your thursday morning. it's breezy and cool. temperature s mid and upper 40s now. on the whole a downward trend on temperatures. and there are raindrops inside the capital beltway and areas north and east along i-95. so bus stop weather, windy, temperatures near 50. mid-40s later this
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wind breaker. rocks in the pockets for those extra young ones. just got a text from megan mcgrath says they are reopening georgetown pike at balls hill road. georgetown bike over springvale road, still shut down. that could last for a couple more hours. yellow line delay, single tracking because of repairs between hunti ington and braddo. top of the beltway getting a bit slow. 270, we're seeing radar over the radar, so slow there. 66 eastbound and 95 north no issues. right now we're following developments in our area and in virginia as crews assess the damage after severe weather. here at home, we're finding road closures as crews value bell to repair downed power lines. but first we'll take you liver to waiv live waverly, vir
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we're watching developments around our region after the severe weather. you're looking live at mclean where georgetown pike is reopening after crews work to repair downed power lines. and the latest on casualties in waverly, virginia after pe
6:45 am
but first chuck bell has the changes you'll see. >> still dealing with some areas of light to moderate rain here early this morning. these showers are going southeast bound, so as a result they will be moving into bowie by 6:46, clinton, 7:02, annapolis, 7:10. en ready for some raindrops. and we're seeing smim pact on the roadways with the radar because of those raindrops. georgetown pike at springvale road, wires down. again, take a look at this radar. top of the beltway, extra slow, 270 south pretty slow, as well. no doubt because of that rain. it's 6:45. it is going to be a tough day for families living to our south in southeastern virginia. what is believed to have been a tornado touched down in waverly, virginia. and a 2-year-old is among those killed. dozens of homes were destroyed there as well by the powerful storms. ri
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affiliate is live with more. >> reporter: aaron, on the ground here, we're seeing total devastation. here in waverly, a town of about 2300 people, you can see this brick in my hand, glass scattered throughout the city. take a look at the deconstruction here. this is the aftermath, this is what we're seeing all around this tiny town here. to my left, you also can see a roadway that has been blocked off by debris. also homes are damaged, cars are damaged, as well. let's show you some video of that storm as it hit this town yesterday. you can see those strong winds also homes damaged. we do know this morning that a curfew has been lifted for the town. we also know that a 50-year-old man, a 26-year-old plan aman an 2-year-old boy died after the storm ripped through. eight other people were injured, but they are expected to be
6:47 am
are without power. dominion virginia power crews are here trying to restore the power. and we've been asking people how they plan to move forward. they say they are still trying to grasp the devastation and they say they vow to rebuild. that's the latest here. rico bush, back to you. more scary stories, several people trapped under debris left behind by the storm. 25 people recovering from a range of injuries. a few were serious. one person said they thought the world was ending. with all the damage and many families in need of recovery, virginia's national guard will be working across the common wealth today. more than 50 soldiers are headed to the central and south even parts of the state. they're equipped with chain saws and humvees. governor mcauliffe glare
6:48 am
at least three tornadoes confirmed in central north carolina, as well. miguel al thh almaguer joins ush more on the damage there. >> reporter: hey, good morning. that same weather system that brought the severe hail to washington, d.c. did this here in north carolina. this entire neighborhood was wiped out. several homes behind this one this it no longer have roofs, walls have completely kracollap and trees have been snapped. fortunately no serious injuries in this area, but just a few miles away, neighboring state of virginia as you mentioned, three fatalities not terribly far from here. the folks in this community say the storm ripped through this area in a matter of hours, but it will clearly take months for many of these people here to rebuild. back to you. >>ly g ll miguel almaguer for u. we'll see you again on the "today" show. and we're also dealing with the aftermath of the powerful
6:49 am
power crews spent all morning clearing up wires. let's go to megan mcgrath live with the latest. >> reporter: well, yeah, that's right. just within about the last ten minutes or so, georgetown pike which is what you see behind me here, reopened to traveling th area. barriers are now over to the side of the road. p so those wires that were down because of last night's storm, all has been repaired. but we're still dealing with power outages and downed wires. let's take a look at some of the specific numbers here. b gchg&e reporting 291, dominio virginia, 1075 and pepco 517 customers without power. crews are out there, they are working to restore everyone's electricity, but they're not quite there yet. you also as you make your way in to work may come across
6:50 am
stoplights are not working or other locations where crews are still dealing with downed wires. they just are going to take some time this morning. it will take some time to get everything back to normal. but the crews are out there, they're working on it. so just be alert, give yourself a little extra time. back to you. a silver spring home opener was checking his sump pump when his basement wall collapsed last night. take a look at all the damage. the man became pinned under half a dozen cinder block. firefighters say water seeped into a basement and the pressure caused the walls to just give way. they rescued the man and he is expected to be okay, but firefighters say the house is no longer structurally sound. right now we're working to find out why a plane suddenly diverted over dallas. you can see on the map it left dulles airport last night and then made an emergency landing before it got to its destination, san antonio. we're told the plane descended ut
6:51 am
matter of moments. we don't know what exactly the emergency was, but medics say that no one was hurt. to decision 2016 now where it could be the last night all five of the presidential hopefuls are together on the debate stage. it's not clear whether anyone will drop out after next week's super tuesday vote. political analyst wills say it's important for ted cruz to have a comeback tonight. we will also watch for a potential fight between marco rubio and donald trump. this morning mitt romney is taking heat from donald trump. romney suggested there is a bombshell in trump's tax return. trump says romney is just trying to play the tough guy and he will release his turns when his accountants are done with them. and he called on rubio and cruz to release their returns. to the democrats now who have a primary in
6:52 am
on saturday, both hillary clinton and bill clinton will be campaigning there today. senator bernie sanders will be in the midwest. he recently announced a trip to flint, michigan. polls show him behind clinton in south carolina mainly because african-american voters are coming out strongly for clinton. it's time to check our forecast. and we're dealing with not only all the damage left behind, but high winds today. >> very windy outside later today. kind of breezy already, but a beautiful sunrise taking place. put down your cereal, what a great golden glow in our eastern sky here morning. that's the view to the south and southeast. if you look a little farther to the north, though, there is a whole lot more in the way of cloud cover and still dealing with a consuuple rain showers. bwi marshall, a record 2.61 inches of rain yesterday. dulles airport, not even an inch. so it really depended on where you live. the weather will absolutely f
6:53 am
today. now to noon, windy with a couple of showers around. the yellow light for that. one or two lonesome showers this afternoon. but still a possibility. staying very windy through 7:00. and then after 7:00, windy, rain is over, but turning way colder. a lot of spots below freezing by tomorrow morning. look at all the snow now not far back to our west. winter weather advisories along the appalachians. we won't have any snow around here, but we do have raindrops to deal with with from washington, arlington, right up i-95, that is headed out toward the bay bridge. melissa mollett keeping track whether or not there will be any restrictions on the bridge today because of the high wind. temperatures thousand in the upper 40s to near 50s. headed out for a run, may need the umbrella or wind breaker. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour now, coul 4
6:54 am
hour by later today. by tomorrow morning, windchills back down this to the upper teens to near 20 and subfreezing windchills all day tomorrow. so tomorrow windy, sunny and cold. into the weekend we go, saturday and sunday look great, but sunday is the better day. chopper 4 over this major problem, georgetown pike at springville road this great falls. a free went down taking all of these wires with it. thank you for zooming in. part of the power pole, as well. that will will be closed for qu some time. all of the green moving through here, that is the moisture moving across the roadways morning. had some real slowdowns on 270 for pretty of the entire stretch because of the rain that just moved through. 270 south through germantown, going 13 miles per hour. other wires down this other spots. eastbound old dominion drivedy swre diverted on to
6:55 am
westbound southeast/southwest freeway, stay right on get by. 295 looking nasty. 66 and 95 okay. 95 north approaching quantico, quite slow. typical slowdowns inbound on 210 in prince george's county. developments now in the spread of the zika virus. health officials in florida say three pregnant women have tested positive for the infection. doctors believe all three women traveled to affected countries in latin america before testing positive. the virus can spread through mosquito bites. it's been linked to birth defects and brain damage. virginia officials want you to know that they're taking the zika virus seriously. tonight the secretary of health will explain what his department is doing to prevent the spread of zika. the briefing begins at 7:30 tonight in
6:56 am
flex wenext week a new scho this woodbridge will get a new name. recommendations include kyle wilson, the county firefighter who died in the line of duty in 2007, and african-american scholar dr. george hampton. you can go to saunders middle school tonight at 7:00 to weigh in. it is now 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out. a silver spring man is recovering after part of his basement wall collapsed on top of him. firefighters say rain water seeped into a basement and the pressure caused the wall to give way. >> power crews out in full force this morning getting wires off of area roads. . several major streets have been closed because wind brought down power lines. in virginia, some people were trapped in storm debris, at least 25 are recovering along the eastern shore where 15 buildings were for a litt
6:57 am
destroyed. >> four people dead including a 2-year-old after tornadoes hit virginia. windy with a hit or his shower today. take your umbrella. cold, cold tomorrow. better for the weekend. >> wires down all over the place. georgetown pike at springvale road, no doubt the tree will be there for quite some time. looking above the beltway, middle of the beltway, eat everywhere. going to have to use those windshield wipers. >> go out with a chain saw some. >> you look a little stronger. >> chop your own wood. >> that is the
6:58 am
my school reunion's comi♪ fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct.
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good morning. breaking overnight, fierce storms move up the east coast after slamming the south. >> took my truck up in the air and glass is coming in. >> a new round of tornadoes killing at least four people in virginia. heavy rain and high winds knock out power across the northeast and in the midwest a crippling blizzard. mitt romney jumps into the presidential fray taking on donald trump. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> trump insist tlg is nothing there. when will he release his return? hurt and humiliated. erin


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