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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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my truck was up in the air, glass came in. i thought the truck would turn over on me. >> virginia's governor and national guard are out this morning touring even cleaning up the damage left behind by the violent storms last night that killed four people in the state. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. the storm is gone but we're still dealing with wind out there. we have team coverage of the storm clean up from the damage slowing down commuters in our area to one of the hardest hit spots in waverly, virginia. >> let's beginning with new video from the bw parkway. chopper 4 was over the roadw
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water covering the north and southbound lanes. road was closed about 695 and 95. checking in with lauren ricketts. is it going to stay dry? >> say that one more time? is it going stay dry? yes. thank good maine. i got rain on my mind. we're pretty much drying today. we have a chance for a few passing showers but only 30% chance you'll see them flow through your area and where you're located. a few out there this morning and again possibly a few before 7:00 p.m. again just a slight chance. look at the cloud cover we have. it does look like it might rain out there. that's live from our tower camera. temperatures pretty much staying put until the next hour or two and then start to fall. temperatures in the 40s across-the-board. some areas upper 40s, some areas low 40s. we don't have too much rain on our radar. few spots hitting the ground. light spotty rain. we'll talk
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>> people living in three virginia communities are struggling to clean up after this devastating storm. there was reports of several tornadoes touching down in appomattox county, tappahanock and waferly. here in weaverly, you can see this brick in my hand, glass is scattered throughout the city. take a look at the destruction. this is the aftermath. this is what we're seeing. to my left you can see a roadway, it has been blocked off by debris. homes are damaged, cars are damaged. let's show you some video of that storm as it hit this town yesterday. you can see those strong winds, homes damaged. we do know this morning a curfew has been lifted for this town. 50-year-old man, 26-year-old man a 2-year-old boy
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after that storm ripped through this tiny town here. we also can tell you eight other people were injured in this storm but they are expected to be okay at this pour about 411 people are without power, dominion virginia power crews are here trying restore forepeople. we have been asking people how they plan to move forward. they are say they are trying to grasp this situation. they vow to rebuild. >> a lot of us are feeling the impact of the storm not just last night but this morning too. trees are lying across roads and there's plenty of power outages around our area. megan mcgrath is i in great falls, virginia. are they making any headway? >> reporter: well they are making some progress but there was a lot of wind, a lot of trees came down. some of them on these power lines. there's still some working done. we're on georgetown
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spri spri springvale road. they have to restore power, all of that needs to be done before the road will re-open. quite a mess. >> the trees starting coming down horizontally. >> reporter: first the rain. and then came the wind. close call for david. falling tree just missed his car. >> as soon as i started driving down to my driveway, two fell down, missed me by about 30 feet. or so. and then we had a power outage also. >> reporter: high winds brought trees and limbs crashing down last night. in many cases on top of power lines. a number of road closures including this one on old dominion drive in mclean and another mess on georgetown pike in great falls. work crews spent the morning
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worked to repair downed lines. we met lisa as she cleaned up her yard. no major damage at her house but -- >> we have quite a few degrees down in the neighborhood and back to georgetown pike and three huge trees down on georgetown pike that brought down power lines. >> reporter: you can see here live dominion virginia power on the scene, working on the lines as we speak. however there still are these trees you just heard that last woman reference, large trees down on georgetown pike. still trying to carve up the house and get them out of the way. in territorial of an estimate when georgetown pike will re-open we don't know but it looks like it will be several more hours yet. back to you. >> thank you. coming up at 11:15 a look at the damage in tappahanock, virginia where as many as 25 people were injured in last night's storm. a lot of questions right now about a frightening situation on an airplane. a united
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to san antonio. the pilot dropped that plane 20,000 feet and then landed in dallas. our sister station in dallas says that there was some kind of cabin pressure issue but not clear what went wrong there. the faa said no one on that plane was hurt. just two days after the metro train shoopting the transit agency plans to meet. its regularly scheduled meeting for metro's board but hoping to hear more about plans to curb crime. officials are expecting to learn about the dismal 2015 safety report which shows more passengers and employees were injured in 2015 than the year before. now to decision 2016. where it could be the last night -- last night all five gop hopefuls are together on the debate stage. campaigns may call it quit after next week's super tuesday vote. political analysts say it's important for senator ted cruz to have
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tonight. we'll be watching for a potential fight between senator marco rubio and dulles toll road. rubio called trump authentic by name last night for his stance on health care and in israel. to the democratic side now, they are spread out across the country. hillary and bill clinton are campaigning in soutcarolina ahead of saturday's prime. sa -- primary there. bernie sanders is in the midwest. polls show him behind clinton in south carolina mainly because african-american voters are coming you want so strongly for clinton. >> saved after their boat flipped. also right now the damage left behind in long island from the storm that hit us. a power line came down on this car. we'll have more on this in just a few minutes. stay with us.
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>> it is free to the public and will be on display for two weeks. here's a sneak peek of what you expect. photography is encouraged so make sure and tweet us at nbc. find out more details about the installation on our app. >> very
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take a look at this video. it's lighting up social media. this is a work out called wine work out. she's doing push ups and then drinking wine out of a straw. it's a health fitness coach combined her dedication to exercise with her passion for red wine. she's lifting the wine. i don't know. i would drop it. you have to be very careful. whatever floats your boat. the 15 second clip has racked up 18
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right now almost 20,000 people are still without power on long island after a strong storm blew through that region. a downed power line in
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county. we still have some flood warnings out there. i want to tell you about. really through frederick and carroll county. the river will continue to rise and they keep extending this flood warning up there through frederick and carroll county that goes until 1:00 p.m. please be careful. we do have other flooded roadways out there. just be careful. do not cross a flooded roadway. please turn around. a lot of water rescues yesterday as well. this is the current wind speed. that's the main story. sustained winds. then the gusts that cut right through you. we'll have gusts up to about 40 miles per hour throughout the day today and they are going to continue into this evening. so make sure you have both hands on the steering wheel. maybe some passing showers. we'll show you the future cast what you can expect this evening. five coast guard members are
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capsized off the coast of new york. the boat they were on overturned just before 5:00 this morning. the crew was responding to a fishing boat that ran aground. the crew members were hoisted out of the water using a helicopter. no injuries have been reported. we are getting some of our first daylight pictures from tappahanock, virginia. after the break the huge tree that nearlyook out a t h
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i'm erika gonzalez from the live desk. talk about a water main break. let's show you what's going on at 14 and k. check that out. d.c. water tweeting you've heard a thereafter mflash mob this i y geyser. that's 14 and k. a crew is headed that way. we'll get you more pictures. we tweeted those as well. i'm erika gonzalez. right now the clean up effort continues in appomattox county in southern virginia. dozens of home were ripped apart by powerful tornado winds. one man is lucky to be alive after a reported tornado tore through his mobile home. seven own people in appomattox county were hurt. dangerous storms swept through central virginia last night. this was e
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injured. we have more on recovery efforts this morning. >> reporter: take a look at this home. you can see the tree snapped and blew right into the couple's sun room. they told me the house shook and sound like a train went through. over here more downed trees and power lines. rescue crews had to rescue several people from inside their homes after the storm hit. we'll keep you updated. back to you. >> we had a lot of storms. in fact nine tornadoes have been reported throughout virginia. and a lot of them in the tappahanock area and right around the richmond region. appomattox as well. we had -- we all know those storms are moving from the south to the north. we got our fair share of it. no tornado activity right around here but we had enough warnings last night. passing showers today. nobody wants any
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pass light showers. very windy through friday. those winds aren't going anywhere. sticking with us through the day and through tomorrow. we're warming up. here's more showers. very, very spotty. we'll keep the clouds around through the first part of the night and then get some clearing. sunshine tomorrow. still breezy tomorrow. we're in the low 30s as oppose tlod 40s. then saturday looking gorgeous, winds will finally die down. that seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll turn to alexandria where firefighters had to use a cherry picker to rescue a woman. this happened at cherokee avenue at navajo drive. >> a news 4 viewer took these pictures. the storm slammed into the church at davis mill road. the church was damaged and it appears some trees also c
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we did not get any reports about injuries. there's been an outpouring of support for two deposition that have died and someone is trying to take advantage of it. a scammer is calling people asking for donations for the families of mark and patrick. the deputies were shot and killed while on duty two weeks ago. the sheriff's office said it's fake and never ask for money that way. however there are ways for you to donate to the deputies families online. next week we'll find out the name avenue elementary school in woodbridge. the prince william county school is set to open in september. proposed names include the name of former county firefighter kyle wilson. wilson died in the line of duty back in 2007. another possibility is the name, to name the school of a living african-american scholar george hampton. you have one chance to weigh in set for a
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tonight. >> we could learn the fate of two prince george's county schools both forestville high and skyline elementary could be closed. students from forestville would go to suitland high school. a former student said she's not sure combining the two schools how would it work? >> suitland was a wild school and already over populated why a lot of people opted to go forestville. >> if the vote passes the changes could take effect next school year. after the break a retiring olympic star and don't forget catch news4 midday anywhere. all you is your smartphone or tablet. open the
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it used to be all the rage but not any more. abercrombie & fitch is the most
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they earned a score of 65 out of 100 on the customer satisfaction list. walmart ranked lowest among department and discount stores. it scored 66. nordstrom, costco and wegman's all scored high on the list. >> the gymnastic's champion behind the not impressed face is not competing any more but she won't call her retirement. she won a gold medal in the teen's gymnastic at the 2012 london olympics. she won't defend her medals at this year's summer games in rio due to a series of health issues. the teen now has to fill her spot before august. pretty impressive. his mission is almost over. after the break scott kelly talks about finally coming home. >> rain and wind a not the only weather issues. snow isausing majo cr
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right now the midwest is recovering from heavy snow and biting winds. this video is from south of michigan where snow knocked down a power line causing a fire. a school bus slid in the snow. no children were on the bus. a semitruck jackknifed. lots of dwriefrs were stuck in deep snow just abandoned their vehicles. yk
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astronaut scott kelly has never lost sight of his home even as he circled the globe thousands of times. now after a year in orbit he'll take the trip back to earth next week. lester holt talked to kelly one last time before his homecoming. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly is in the homestretch. >> i started counting down when we got to the homestretch which was ten days ago. >> reporter: he's the first american to spend
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space. you look out the window, you see the world pass by. you see familiar sights. what does it do to you >> you definitely have a different perspective on earth and things that happen down there. i'm looking at it right now. the window is open. i follow the news closely. so i keep probably more in touch what's going on on earth when i'm in space than when i'm on earth. >> reporter: kelly has been posting videos on social media. his inspiring pictures of his home planet have become a hit. are you a bit nostalgic as your time in space ends. >> the ability to press our limits with regards to exploration and discovery i think it's been a privilege of being a part of that and something that i'm going miss but i've been up here for a long time and i also look forward to going home. >> reporter: the
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expected to make his homecoming next tuesday. when kelly wraps up his mission he will have word 343 miles in space and one thing he's looking forward to the most when he gets back home. >> human contact. people you love on earth. your family and friends, people you miss. >> something about living in a can in a weightless condition. gets to you after a while. national security in the spotlight tonigday. president obama talking about the fight against isis. >> lawmakers are hearing from the dirtor ofec
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right now our area still working to try to dry out. chopper 4 was over the bw parkway just before 8:00 this morning. as you can see water covering the north and southbound lanes. road was closed between 695 and 95. the storm left a lot for crews to deal with in great falls, virginia. three trees came down and took power lines with them. take a look. this is what they are cleaning up on georgetown pike. lots of people lost power in that area. and today virginia governor terry mcauliffe will visit community devastated by tornadoes. in weaverly three people died including a 2-year-old. dozens of homes were ripped apart. let's get caught up on the weather for today. >> with strong storms yesterday that powerhouse of a storm not seeing anything like t
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we have a few passing showers out there today. you can see the cloud cover coming in right now. that's going to stick with us unfortunately throughout the day. good news we'll clear it out just in time for the weekend. clouds and winds are the main story today. wind chills in the mid-30s by 6:00 p.m. and 20s and teens during the overnight. temperatures pretty much staying put right now and then after lunch they will start to drop and end up in the 20s and 30s tonight. kids want to go out or get them at the bus stop temperatures mid-to-upper 40s. wind chills will be the main factor. bundle them up. they will get enough energy to go outside and play. weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> today we'll find out how well the fight against isis is going. president obama meeting with his national security team at the state department and then he'll deliver a statement about the terror group. that's happening this evening. erika gonzalez at the live desk about what we're learning about our national security
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>> good morning. right now on capitol hill the man in charge of national intelligence is testifying about worldwide threats. director james clap certificate o -- clapper is one of several talking to the intelligence committee. they talked on a wide range of topics. we got an update on infectious disease and migrants in europe. director clapper spent a good amount of time addressing isis. >> isil estimated strength exceeds that globally of al qaeda. isil's leaders look to strike the u.s. homeland beyond home grown extremist attacks opinion uss a harder target than europe isil external operations is remain a critical factor. >> fbi director also spoke said that the dispute between apple and the fbi is the hardest question i've seen in goven
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back to you. next month the u.s. capital police department will have a new chief. the assistant chief is getting a promotion. he served as incident commander after the deadly 2001 anthrax mail attacks. driving is part of life in our area. after the break the action ma'am of you are admitting to
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new today it's estimated more americans died in car crashes in 2015 than the year before. turns out many drivers are make being some fatal mistakes. tripaaa said within the past mo 80% of drivers did at least one risky thing behind the wheel. those risky behaviors included talk on a cell phone. 70% of people said they made a phone call.
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or e-mail while driving. nearly half of the people reported speeding more is that 7b miles per hour above the speed limit. >> all this week we've been giving you a look at the soon to open national museum of a african-american history and culture. the studio is not that far from the museum and the studio is one of few places in the country where the artist works. leon is nothing new. a sign of the times in '40s and '50s. those colorful tubes dotted our landscape for decades calling out to us to come on in. not surprising neon will find a home in the smithsonian museum of african-american history and
11:36 am
culture. this was one of the places to go for jazz. the best of the best played here. >> there are people who have been there and remember and reminisce. >> miles davis and many, more played there. those jazz great are gone but their music lives on. preserving something as simple as this neon sign can say come on in. calling museum guests to learn about the music and people who played it. >> it's a rich place and, you know, a place where people can think about all those cafes and music houses where these stories happen. >> making the sign is an art and craft. at this little shop this artist has made a business of creating and repairing neon signs opinion his workshop is filled with neon art in various stages of creation. he's often sought out by
11:37 am
across the country to repair or restore pieces of significance. minton's playhouse sign was the most recent and more difficult reconstructions. >> this job was so big we couldn't haul the sign back here. we did the work at the smithsonian warehouse. designee said a job like this is more than replacing broken tubing. >> just an elaborate process. you have your transformers, wiring, you have to have it inspected. it's complicated. >> even more difficult was this sign. the soul train iconic logo. my he sum collection chief ray anderson said this one will bring back memories to a lot of people. >> when you're out at a party and you see people form two lines and they dance down the middle that's the soul train line and it came from that show. >> soul train sign was the most complicated. it was a stack of 100 tubes and like 12 foot x
11:38 am
made up that area. >> his team worked on the roger for five weeks repairing tubes and replacing wiring. one more sign to evoke memories of the museum this one not music but millinery. hats from church to presidential inaugurations the ones worn by great ladies in african-american history. greg kraft said he can't wait to see the signs as they take their place in the my sim of african-american history and culture. >> it's an important part of our history. it was an honor and privilege to work on it. >> the museum will open its doors september 24th. the grand opening will include a week of celebration with celebrity guest from around the country and no doubt there will be plenty of music. for extended coverage of what's inside the coverage go to the nbc app and search black history. after the break what needs tbe doo ne
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>> the faa will consider allowing small drones to fly over people. that could allow package
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touched down in suffolk, virginia. >> after the break a look at damage there and parts of
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right now the same storm system that pushed through our area last night is moving off the northeastern coast but not before leaving behind a lot
11:45 am
damage. as nbc reports -- >> reporter: another night of severe weather. in pennsylvania some 50 homes damaged. dangerous winds in new york city. while in long island firefighters rushed to extinguish cars on fires. in washington, d.c. hammering hail. but it was the smallest towns hit with the biggest damage. overnight rescues in virginia, some communities wiped off the map as homes were destroyed, tornadoes dropping from an ominous sky. >> picked my truck up in the air. glass was coming in. >> reporter: frank rhodes witnessed the deadly twister blow through waverly, virginia. >> i saw the roofs flying every where. what can you do? >> reporter: the wild weather claiming the lives of two men and a toddler. tossed from a trailer
11:46 am
adding to the storm's death toll. another man killed in south carolina when a gust of wind snapped a tree on the him. >> the guy he was laying down and tree was on top of him. and he was hurt. >> reporter: the powerful storm system battered the gulf coast. among the hardest hit a trailer park in louisiana where a tornado killed two and shredded 150 homes. >> looked like a blender. stuff lying around. >> reporter: some parts of florida also reduced to rubble. 200,000 lost power. this morning while the storm is diminishing, the scope of the damage is just being realized. >> some frustration on flights around our area following last night's severe storms. across reagan national, bwi and dulles 40 flights had to be cancelled and more than 60
11:47 am
it was a complete mess in illinois where it snowed last night. take a look at the huge crowd at o'hare airport. between o'hare and midway more than 1,000 flights had to be cancelled. today dozens more were delayed. >> now from the same storm system that moved up from the tennessee valley from really mississippi, tennessee valley. we have a lot of trees down from damage from tornadoes and flood warnings. flood warnings for carroll county until 1:00. see if they extend that because the river is continuing to rise. for us most of the day we'll have a chance for a passing shower. cloudy with limited sunshine. winds are the main story. temperatures dropping for the second half of the day. we'll have to introduce a wind chill. not for the weekend. weekend looking good. we'll start a little on the cold side on saturday morning. by sunday right around 60 degrees. this is the temperature we can deal with especially with the sunshine a
11:48 am
sunday looking good with temperatures right around 60. beautiful for the weekend. looks like we carry that into early next week. we'll show you that seven day in a few minutes. >> there's a new twist in the fight over who could replace late supreme court justice antonin scalia. tim kaine from virginia is with fellow democrats urging senate republicans to at least hear the president's nominee. tracie potts shares the new developments. >> we not have hearings. in short there will not be action taken. >> reporter: now the white house and senate confirm that jack grassley the republican head of the judiciary committee that holds supreme court confirmation hearings will meet with president obama next week. nbc news has also confirmed the white house is vetting a republican, nevada governor and former federal judge brian sandoval to replace justice antonin scalia. >> it will be very difficult
11:49 am
determines this person is very well qualified that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. >> this is a way for democrats in the white house to extract maximum pain on republicans. >> reporter: democrats have a petition, 1.1 million people who say the senate should not block the president's nominee. >> it's wrong and american people i really believe won't stand for this. the senate needs to do its job. >> reporter: republican leaders insist they won't even consider an obama appointee during an election year. but we still don't know how skoon or how long it will be before the president has a nominee. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> safe to say the main character in this next story could be in the dog house for life. he pranked his girlfriend earlier this weekend, faking his own murder inside her kentucky apartment. she came back home from work to a terrifying scene and course she called
11:50 am
>> he was hollering it was a joke, the police come through the door and he had the knife in his hand and he dropped the knife and said it was just a prank, it was just prank for my girlfriend because she was a few minutes late from work. >> the police officers sort of had the last laugh. the frankster had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. he's in jail this morning and facing deportation to mexico. >> weird. >> after the break a hockey team's social media promotion that ended badly. >> but after the break ellen asked gwen stefani about popping the question. >> when he popped the big question about you being his mentor, how did he do
11:51 am
for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. we're following the stories that are
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cuteness. newborn hippo took a dip with his mom and dad. they shared the moment. they didn't want to steal the spliegt. hippo in this video making a huge splash on the web this morning. very cute. the montreal canadiens reached 1 million twitter followers. to celebrate the twitter account made an automated response to tweet from fans. seemed like a good idea. the responses were automated so there was no screening process. not all the team twitter followers received a message from players. instead string of tweets with some offensive names things such as #iloveisis. the team tweeted an apology to fans and hopefully things will get better on that account. >> now more than 2 million of you have checked out this
11:53 am
onyoutube. you can see this crab clutching a blue kitchen knife with its right claw while a very brave soul tries to take it away. bad enough it's a crab but now the crab has a knife. the crab scuttles away. he has the pinchers, the clause to defend himself. back to you. >> he's not going to go quietly. >> i didn't think that was real. i guess he was. >> he doesn't want to be anybody's dinner. >> lauren the talking a lot about the wind. >> after the
11:54 am
developing right now we're learning about a death investigation going on right now in frederick, maryland. i want to show you some pictures from chopper 4 over the scene right now of a body found in a
11:55 am
willowdale park and willowdale drive. this is in frederick, maryland. we don't know much else. we're making some phone calls now. whatever new information we get we'll be sure to bring it to you first at 4:00. i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. >> something nice to think about because of that major storm last night. we saw some very pretty rainbows out there today. take a look. a lot of you sent us your photos. our reporter posted some as well. and look at that. isn't that beautiful. >> nice to see that after storm. so lauren, what's on tap for today? >> no more crazy weather. that's a good thing. i do want to say that. there are a lot of winds out there. the newest thing -- see that green. that is the western branch of the upper marlboro river. that will come out
11:56 am
to do that throughout the afternoon. flood warnings are up for frederick and into carroll county. we're talking about winds, winds staying breezy as you make your way home and early tomorrow morning. stay anywhere from 25 to 40 miles per hour. gusty with us tomorrow so make sure you have both hands on the steering wheel. they will die down by saturday morning. thank goodness. it looks calm for the weekend. we'll show you that. look at the weekend temperatures. upper 40s to around 60 on sunday. we got to get through today. windy as well throughout the overnight and through tomorrow. wind chills around 30 degrees for your friday. weekend looking good. monday looking good. few more clouds but dry. temperatures in the low 60s. step it back on tuesday. next chance of rain tuesday to wednesday. >> we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> get your news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. hope you have a
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look forward to seeing you in the morning. you'll be
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>> announcer: today on the meredith vieira show. why one mom is in hot water over a picture posted of her baby daughter. and lance posts one of the biggest regrets of his life. and the oscars are just three days away. and ever wish you could steal the hairstyles of the red carpet styles. and malcom-jamal warner and why he almost didn't get the cosby role that made him famous. it all starts right now on "meredith". ♪ makes you


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