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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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stepping up police patrols in the wake of a high-profile crimes including a shooting on the green line and an attack of a man on the red line. >> metro officials are encouraged but a new trend of banning passengers who get rowdy from the system. our transportation reporter adam tuss is at the gallery place station with this report. >> reporter: a fight spills onto the gallery place platform. a man is punched. six wilson high school teens picked up and charged with everything from assault to conspiracy. a judge has now banned those students from riding the rails, and metro says that's a good thing. >> i think it speaks for itself. we're very encouraged by that. we thank the judge for that. i think our riders thank the judge for that. >> reporter: it's part of a response of what's become an unsettling theme in metro, attacks in the system, including a shooting on a train this week. the incidents have some riders on edge.
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beefing up the police force in the system to deter these kind of incidents and riders are happy. >> just knowing how easy it is for any of those things to happen, it's nice to see we're taking a stand against these types of activities. >> reporter: metro is paying over 1 million bucks to bring in private security officers who will be responsible for looking over metro's revenue collections. that will free up the current metro transit police officers performing that revenue work to then be out in the system. does metro have enough officers? >> we probably would never have enough. probably no one ever does. >> reporter: more on the way though and riders should start noticing. and metro says officers are now going to start overlapping shifts so they can have higher visibility in late afternoons and evenings, jim. back to you. >> thanks, adam. as it regards that shooting on metro's green line this week, we have learned that the suspect, a teenager, has a criminal past. he's 16 years old.
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he's being charged as an adult with armed robbery from the metro incident. court documents though claim he was also part of a robbery at a 7-eleven last december. police say graves shot a man during a robbery on the metro train on tuesday. it happened at the anacostia station. a 19-year-old named andre broadie was with him at the time. he's also been charged with armed robbery. the cleanup is under way after severe storms pummeled our neighborhoods. the high winds also toppled trees. some fell on homes and cars. as people begin to pick up the pieces, we have team coverage of the conditions and a look at what's coming next. we start with derrick ward live in germantown. derrick? >> reporter: well, good afternoon or good evening again. we are on the grounds of the upper seneca baptist church here, and take a look at this tree. this is no small tree.
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these roots can't hold on like they normally would, but still, this tree is no pushover, unless, of course, the pushing is being done by a 70-mile-an-hour wind and then trees like this and their roots, well, they just don't stand a chance. there are places here in montgomery county that truly give you a sense of the force of the winds that swept through the area wednesday. trees laid down like match sticks, others snapped off or uprooted. >> this was bad. i mean, this was something. >> reporter: al heard the warnings and heeded those warnings, though once the tornado watch was downgraded, he relaxed a bit. >> i had the radio on and they were talking about tornado warnings, and then they said the warnings had been lifted. so i didn't think anything of it. >> reporter: then his wife heard that proverbial sound that accompanies high winds. >> she said it sounded like a train. i have never heard a sound like that before. >> reporter: it tore up his mailbox, took it right out of the ground and trees that once provided shade and adorned the outside of his house, well, they
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betrayed him and his car. trees have been coming down all over the county, though in this section of montgomery county, the pines were the most affected. it's been keeping tree removal crews on their toes. >> the pine trees come out easy because the ground got wet and saturated for the last couple weeks. doesn't take much to knock down the pine trees. we'll do a hundred pine trees, one oak, a hundred pine trees, one maple. >> and all this damage happened in hat seemed like the blink of an eye. >> and then whoosh, and so fast. >> reporter: a lot of people have been coming by asking was it a tornado that came through here? we don't think it was a tornado, but there were some pretty high straight-line winds. nothing to toy with. we're live in germantown, derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> quite a scene out there. thank you, derrick. tonight we're also hearing the desperate plea for help from a woman in silver spring. she called 911 last tignight wha wall collapsed trapping her -y
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basement. >> i was upstairs. i heard a tremendous crash, and my landlord, he's downstairs. he's lying there. i can't get in because the wall is blocking it. he's conscious, talking and he's stuck. he needs help. >> the victim's daughter tells us he's doing better tonight. he is now out of the hospital and recovering. meanwhile, investigators are trying to figure out why the wall collapsed. the governor of virginia says as many as 13 tornadoes may have touched down during those storms yesterday. at least four people died in the state. chris lawrence here now with more on all this devastation. chris? >> well, as of now, vance, six tornadoes have been confirmed in virginia including this one right here in waverly. today governor terry mcauliffe got a look at the damage in the three hardest hit areas. he spoke with some of the victims' families and thanked the first responders. one family took shelter in their mobile home with
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waverly. two men and a 2-year-old boy were killed when the winds ripped them right out of the home. toddler's mother survived and governor mcauliffe is calling on virginians to help her in the wake of this tragedy. >> the mother doesn't have the money to bury her child. they don't have any clothes. everything they had -- she said what little money she did have was blown away. everything was gone. school books gone, everything. they literally have nothing left. >> another tornado hit a mobile home in ap pat tox county and killed a 78-year-old man. his wife and six others were injured. the funnel cloud cut a path of destruction eight to ten miles long and we're hearing a third tornado has been confirmed in tappahannock where it destroyed 15 buildings and injured 25 people. right now rescue crews are in shenandoah county trying to find a bowoman whose car was swept o b
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mile away but no sign of her so far. >> chris lawrence, thank you. the baltimore washington parkway is back open now. the area between 695 and 95 was closed for several hours today because of the flooding. chopper4 flew over the scene. you can see water was covering both the north and southbound lanes. some cars got stuck in the high water even though the flood threat is mostly over now. the high wind and cold air is still very much with us. both of those things. doug is in the storm center with the conditions out there right now. hi, doug. >> right now we're on the back side of that same storm system that brought us the very warm air and the very severe weather that we saw yesterday afternoon. right now completely different story. those winds out of the west to northwest. you can see what it's bringing. notice all the snow coming down from the great lakes in and around our area. many locations around our region at least saw some snowflakes today including right around downtown d.c. earlier. you can see how this whole thing is spinning around out to sea, and it will be out of
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residual showers left. most of these just sprinkles or flurries, but we have seen a little bit more up toward thurmont, up around route 15. look at the winds. we've seen those winds gusting upwards of 30 to 40 miles an hour. martinsburg current wind gust of 38. ye near 30 in camp springs. the windchills will go down. i'm show what you to expect on friday and more importantly the weekend. spring does want to return. >> good. thanks, doug. presidential politics now and a bit more than two hours donald trump's republican rivals will have their last opportunity to challenge the front-runner before super tuesday. nbc's jay gray is at the university of houston now with a preview of the high-stakes debate tonight. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim. yeah, and this is the place where all five will be on the stage for the last time before the pivotal super tuesday vote as you talk about, and many say the last chance for
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front-runner donald trump travels to texas with growing momentum. >> we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right? >> reporter: and the rest of the republican field desperately trying to slow him down. >> his three chief opponents all have to run in their home states and trump could beat them all. >> reporter: which means the stakes and tension in tonight's debate will be high with marco rubio -- >> the vast and overwhelming majority of republicans do not want donald trump to be our nominee -- >> reporter: and ted cruz taking shots at the nominee. >> we can't be fooled by p.t. barnum. the time for the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears has passed. >> reporter: but many analysts warn the time for other gop candidates to block a trump domination is running out. >> the wa"the washington postt"
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stop trump. >> reporter: history that either way will begin to play out when the republicans walk onto the stage at the university of houston in just a few hours. former president george h.w. bu and his wife barbara who live in the houston area are expected to attend tonight's debate, the first since their son jeb dropped out of the race. that's the latest live here in houston. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> as you know, virginia will be one of the key battleground states in the november election. as tom sherwood shows us, you can expect a flood of candidates in the days leading up to super tuesday. >> reporter: it was bernie sanders in norfolk on tuesday. >> please come out to vote. help us win. >> reporter: president clinton stumping for hillary yesterday in alexandria. >> thank you for being here. are you ready to win this election? >> reporter: other presidential candidates a t
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virginia, a november battleground state, before next week's super tuesday primaries. and virginia voters are making their choices like these voters in mclean today. who are you going to vote for? >> marco rubio. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: and why? >> because she's better for poor people. >> reporter: and who are you voting for? >> that's my business. >> reporter: on sunday republican marco rubio makes four stops from northern virginia to roanoke. republican ted cruz is to be in virginia beach friday. donald trump campaigns monday in southwestern radford, and virginia democratic governor terry mcauliffe told news4 hillary clinton on monday will be in northern virginia and hampton roads. >> we have a very strong base in the commonwealth. she's going to win virginia. >> reporter: virginia is one of nine states holding primaries tuesday. tom sherwood, news4. well, as tom just
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hillary clinton will be back in northern virginia. that happens monday. for an underdated list of the presidential candidates and their scheduled events, open up the nbc washington app during the commercial break. just search candidate tracker. thanks but no thanks. that's the response to president obama in the supreme court showdown these days. today nevada's governor brian sandoval removed his name from the vetting list of possible supreme court candidates. in a statement, sandoval said he told the white house he is grateful, but he does not wish to be considered right now for the nation's highest court. sandoval is a republican and a former federal judge. he was unanimously confirmed for that office. president obama is set to meet with senate leaders next week to talk about the vacancy created by the death of justice antonin scalia. top secret technology used by local police. how they're tracking your calls and text messages
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criminals, and why lawmakers are now getting involved. also a new twist in the legal fight between the government and the apple corporation. the fbi working to unlock a terrorist's iphone. whose name will go on this new elementary school being built in prince william county, virginia? how the
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a new step today in the legal fight between apple and the fbi. today apple asked the federal court to throw out the order to unlock a terrorist's iphone. steve handelsman is on capitol hill right now where the fbi's director told congress his agency is not backing down. steve? >> reporter: that's right. but he tried to be nice about it, jim. james comey is a good speaker. you will hear him in a second. this is comey versus co, the head of the fbi versus the head of apple. with the apple battle being fought in public, the fbi director made his case. james comey telling congress he loves privacy and encryption. >> part of me thinks that's great, i don't want anybody looking at my stuff, but then i step back and say, you know, law enforcement, which i'm part of, really does save people's lives. >> reporter: that's why after san bernardino looking for others who would kill for isis, knowing terrorists rely on texts, e-mail, twitter, facebook, and other apps, the fbi got a court to order apple
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bernardino killer say yyed faro. >> the government wants them to write brand new software that doesn't exist right now that would give them access to the phone. >> reporter: apple's ceo tim cook told abc the new code could get stolen and spread. sort of the equivalent of cancer, he said. we would never write it. think about what else they could ask us to write. our job is to protect our customers. comey said law enforcement's job is to protect the public. >> with lawful court orders, read the communications of terrorists, gangbangers, pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people. >> reporter: but in its filing today, apple charges the fbi could ask apple to turn on iphone microphones or cameras for surveillance and apple is fighting 12 our court orders to unlock iphones. some in congress are working on a new law that would require all smartphones to have back doors while apple is reportedly working
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never be unlocked by apple or law enforcement. steve handelsman, news4. about 100 tenants from a low-income apartment building in washington demonstrated over in arlington today. those tenants live in the museum square area near the verizon center. they're fighting a move by a firm based in arlington, a firmed called bush companies, to displace those low-income ris dents by tearing down the building. under law they have the right to band together to buy the property but they say the developer is asking way too much for the 302-unit building. a school name debate gets under way in under an hour in prince william county. there are at least 32 names under consideration for the new elementary school in woodbridge. news4's chris gordon reports. >> reporter: the choice of names for the
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barack obama, bernie sanders, and former supreme court justice antonin scalia. i asked residents of the neighborhood next to the new school what they prefer. >> there's a lot that happens in the community. people give back, and i just think that an area school should be named after someone in the community that gives back. >> reporter: there are a lot of local names being considered. local firefighters are pushing for it to be named after kyle wilson. he died in this woodbridge house fire on april 16th, 2007, the same day as the virginia tech massac massacre. >> it's first time in prince william's 41-year history, it would be 49 or 50 years now, that they lost a firefighter in the line of duty. >> to my family to be able to see children affected by him every day, it would mean the world to us. >> reporter: another name getting a lot of sfor for the school is dr. george hampton, an educator whose foundation has awarded more than
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scholarships to high school students. hampton would be the first living african-american man to have a school named after him in prince william county. >> dr. hampton serves as an example not just within the prince william county school system directly but to his contributions both at a state and local and national level. >> reporter: the school naming committee will meet tonight for the final time before making its recommendation to the prince william county school board. this elementary school will open in august. in prince william county, virginia, chris gordon, news4. >> the committee will recommend a name for the school board to approve at next week's meeting. search school name on the nbc washington app to see all the names under consideration. coming up tonight, we'll show you how a metrobus driver stepped in to help a woman who was being targeted by purse snatchers.
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well, there was an unusual robbery. the victim a teenager left barefoot and broke in a capitol hill alley. that story coming up. news4. a local police officer's lasting legacy. how his death may help save
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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behold, if you will, one of the true wonders of nature. a double rainbow. we love to see them, don't we? viewers all over the area sent us some really nice pictures after that rain and wind finally died down last night. you can see more of really nice stuff that was sent to us on our nbc washington app. >> love seeing those. well, the storms have cleared. the cold is going to be with us for a few more days. doug kammerer is in the storm center to tell us when we'll ever get a break, doug. >> we're going to get a break. we're going to get a good break i think as we move into early next week. we're really talking about a quiet pattern that's going to be setting up over the next week or so for about a week, and then we get back into some stormy stuff. right now we are dealing with some colder air making its way in after a high temperature that was just after midnight. we're down to 46. winds out of the we
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miles per hour. the winds have been gusting upwards of 20, 30, and 40 miles an hour and the windchills are down, down to 29 in martinsburg. 38 in manassas. gaithersburg at 3237 it. it's going to be a chilly night. we have snow showers going on around frederick. says it's rain but most of it is coming down as snow. we even saw a couple snow showers in and around tyson's corner, vienna a little earlier, northwest d.c. a little bit in the way of light snow. back to martinsburg. don't be surprised to see some of this. it's all part of the same system that brought us the 65 degree weather and the tornadoes yesterday. it's now bringing us the snow. let's take a look at the wider view. you can see the front. here is the front, and it's moving way out into the atlantic ocean. behind it you see the area of low pressure back around from canada right into our area. that's bringing down the cold air. that cold air extending down in towards atlanta. that's why we have all that cloud cover down that way. you can also see the snow trying to move our way too. snow is not going
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much. so tomorrow morning no delays at the bus stop. it's just going to be rather cool. 33 degrees. rather breezy, windchill around 20. 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, 42 degrees. just on the chilly side. and that impact for tomorrow, we've got it low to moderate for the potential for some of that cold wind, so again more sunshine, but a very cold afternoon. windchills all day in the 20s to lower 30s. so get ready. it's going to be quite chilly but what to do this weekend? go skiing. a great ski weekend. saturday a little cool. sunday beautiful. liberty mountain still has over two feet of base. down towards bryce resort, they have 36 to 54-inch base. that's some amazing base. 100% open. back to snowshoe, 56 traltioils. 100 inches of natural snow. back to the west, wisp should see some snow. maybe 3 to 6 inches. wisp or snowshoe some of the best locations for skiing this
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but even around liberty, round top, white tail, all looking good. all right. 42 degrees on your friday. 45 on saturday. saturday not as much wind. so chilly but not bad. 60 on sunday. 59 on monday. and a couple more days in the 60s before our next chance of a storm moves in. that one not for another week. i'm taking a break. >> okay. let's all take one. thank you, doug. still ahead, barefoot and broke in an alley. hear from the young girl who was robbed during last night's storm and the reason why she was targeted. the secret way local police are tracking cell phones. i'm mark segraves. coming up on news4, why congress wants to know if the fbi and the police are lying to the public about this. and a gamble that could set a precedent. we'll report on the new action taken by the state of virginia in regard to those daily fant
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. now at 6:30, they followed her, they used a taser on her, and then they stole her shoes all during last night's big storm. a teenage girl targeted on her way home from school. tonight, new reaction from her grandmother. >> and it's very -- nobody is
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tonight the search is on for the group of young people who robbed that little girl. >> this all unfolded just about a block from the potomac avenue metro station in the capitol hill area. news4's pat collins has our report. >> if you come off the subway stati station, it's like you got a target on your back. >> reporter: this is sandra. she's bedridden. her 17-year-old granddaughter has been helping to nurse her back to health. last night her granddaughter was tased and robbed after she left the potomac avenue metro station. >> and in this area nobody is safe, nobody. >> reporter: there are five suspects in this case. three men, two women. it happened during that big rainstorm last night. it happened as the teenager was walking down 14th street
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she was jumped, knocked to the ground, tased. they stole her money, they stole her shoes. >> it was like one of them tasers that just keeps going when they hold the button. so they just kept holding the button. >> reporter: the victim said she hid behind trash cans in the alley until police got to the scene. the victim says it was a woman suspect who tased her. the victim says it was a woman suspect who stole her shoes. her pink shoes, the same color as the suspect's jacket. >> for them to do what they did on any night is bad enough, but for last night the way it was poured down rain, it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: in southeast, pat collins, news4.
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new void yo shows a metrobus driver going after some teenagers who snatched a purse. police say the teens took the purse from a sight-impaired woman outside the l'enfant metro station monday. the bus driver in the white short sleeved shirt follows them into the station. a short time later you see him walking back out, purse in hand, delivering it back to the woman. that driver was recognized today at the metro board meeting. the d.c. man who appeared on the mtv reality show "catfish" appears in federal court tomorrow. jerez coleman is going to be sentenced for making threats against the d.c. metrorail system. he pleaded guilty in december to making threats against buses and trains. he also made about 300 calls to 911 a year ago to issue those threats. local police departments have been using secret technology to track cell phones without a
6:34 pm
the practice is being challenged in the d.c. court of appeals, and local and federal lawmakers are raising questions. mark segraves reports there is concern that the technology could be used to track innocent citizens. >> reporter: d.c. police have had the devices known as stingrays since 2003, and they have been using them to track criminals without a warrant. >> this technology was given to them by the federal government for emergency circumstances, not, you know, there's a bank robber running down the street and we're worried he might rob somebody else. >> reporter: it's driven around a target area where police believe a suspect may be. the stingray mimics the signal of the closest cell tower. every cell phone in that area is then redirected to the stingray and police can then determine your location and more. >> the police have the potential to use it to say, well, we want to know the identity of everybody in this demonstration or everybody at this meeting. >> reporter: co
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raising guess aboquestions abou agencies requirements that the local police department don't reveal anything about the technology to the public. a constitutional law scholar says lawmakers have to keep up with technology. >> ability of the government to have access to our phone data, our text, our location, to be able to track us, you know, from a point in time to whenever is almost unlimited. >> reporter: news4 asked d.c. police and the u.s. attorney's office to explain how they use the device and why they've been using them without warrants. both agencies declined to comment. in the district, mark segraves, news4. cuba is getting ready to welcome president obama for an historic visit next month. at some of the hotels in havana, cuba, advance teams from the white house are already in place. they're working with cuban authorities to scout locations for the trip and to get an idea about the logistics involved. our david culver has been in cuba this
6:36 pm
student from annandale to see if he could gauge how cubans are feeling about the upcoming trip. >> reporter: do cubans talk about this? >> i know people are really excited. i think people -- maybe some people are worried. it's just such a huge move and such a huge presence here, i would imagine that's so overwhelming. >> reporter: mayor bowser and other local leaders have just returned from a trip to cuba designed to promote business and cultural ties. more about the allegations of sex abuse at an elementary school. tonight an attorney for some of the victims reveals how a teacher's aifd got access to the students, sometimes even with the parents' permission. first in the nation. a new move from virginia as it regards daily fantasy sports sites. and our storm system is moving out of the area. cold air is moving back in. tonight sunset was about 40 minutes ago, but still look at this, a beautiful shot as we end the n
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we'll talk about the windchills tomorrow coming up next. there's that (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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virginia is poised to become the first state in the nation to regulate and formally allow people to use those popular daily fantasy sports sites. the lawmakers passed a bill that would require those sites to register with the commonwealth's agricultural department. the bill would ban anyone under 18 from playing and it would require a $50,000 registration fee from the fantasy site operators. the governor still must decide whether to sign that bill. in a statement to news4, draft king says more than a million people in virginia play fantasy sports each year. we should note that both nbc sports and nbc 4's parent company, comcast, have invested in fan duel, the other site. a unified front in
6:40 pm
battle against the growing heroin problem in northern virginia. police departments across the region arrested dozens of people yesterday as part of operation save a life. the goal is to put dealers behind bars and get help for users. in fairfax county, people charged with possessing heroin were given a choice to face the charges or check into rehab immediately. >> this is part of our diversion first efforts in which individuals who would be better served in treatment services rather than being incarcerated. >> five of the people arrested chose to check into rehab. those charged with dealing heroin were not given the option. tonight, the family of a man who was found murdered in his own home is looking for some answers. he was found shot. he was found dead tuesday afternoon in his apartment in falls church. maintenance workers found him when they went in to do some work. family and friends say he stayed
6:41 pm
peaceful, and they don't know why anybody would want to hurt him. >> everything is just a shock to us. you never wish to bury a child. it's just something very terrible. >> police believe the victim was targeted, but they have not said why. nobody has been arrested yet. more than 120 inmates had to be moved in recent days at d.c.'s central detention facility in southeast. heavy rain caused the roof to leak there. water got into jail cells and a cellblock control room. the inmates were moved to a separate part of the facility. an i-team report revealed the city had asked for money to make roof repairs. a complete roof replacement won't begin until april. a former ti eer teacher's a accused of abusing students. we will tell you how he alleg
6:42 pm
prey on his young victims. from tragedy to change. how local police
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
a former teacher's aide accused of producing child pornography in an elementary school is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. he faces life in prison if he's convicted. he also faces civil lawsuits from some of the victims' families. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins spoke to their attorney who is offering new details in the case. >> reporter: karen austin is a volunteer at judge sylvania
6:45 pm
regularly with deonte carraway. >> i worked in the classroom with him in kindergarten, and he showed no symptoms or signs. >> reporter: carraway, who was a former aide and volunteer at judge sylvania woods elementary, is now facing federal and state charges for sexually abusing children and using them in child pornography. 17 victims have been identified by police so far. timothy maloney is the attorney representing six of those victims in civil suits. >> they feel confused, some shame. they're worried about what people will think about them. >> reporter: it appears carraway could do what he wanted when he wanted at woods elementary. >> he would the run of school. he could pull kids out of classrooms, pull them out of the library. he ran what was called the walking home club where he would have access to various homes in the community. >> i asked him, i said why are you walking all these kids home? and he told me that their mothers gave him permission. th
6:46 pm
the street. >> reporter: according to federal prosecutors, some of the pornographic videos were shot in the homes of students. documents show he shot most of his videos using this orange phone seen in this picture posted on twitter. his victims were part of what he called the aka club, also demonstrated with this pic on his twitter page. >> we have found the abuse was pervasive and occurred in many public and community space where someone should have caught it much earlier than this. >> reporter: maloney is expecting to file additional sift suits this week. in glenarden, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. part of the legacy of a montgomery county police officer who was killed in the line of duty may well be tougher drunk driving laws in the state of maryland. a bill named after officer noah leotta would strengthen ignition lock requirements for dui offenders. yesterday his family and law enforcement leaders urged state
6:47 pm
>> my son was murdered by this irresponsible, reckless individual. >> but this is about dozens, hundreds, thousands of people that have been killed on maryland highways over the years because of our weak drunk driving laws. >> back in december officer leotta was hit by a driver with a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit. that bill under consideration requires convicted drunk drivers to use a device that disabled a vehicle if alcohol is detected on the driver's breath. astronaut scott kelly is heading back to earth on tuesday after a year in space. kelly held his final news conference from the international space station today. he said when he gets back to houston he will have several hours of medical tests. apparently he's not tired of floating yet. he said the first thing he plans to do when he gets home is jump into his swimming pool. kelly has been in orbit for a year, part o
6:48 pm
test the effects of prolonged space flight. >> pretty cool because he has that twin brother. they can check the difference with that aging. that's fascinating. great stuff. >> doug, we're glad you still have a voice. we appreciate everything you did to keep us safe yesterday. now you're still able to talk and tell us about the cold and wind. >> cold and wind but i think we have probably the best stretch of weather we've had maybe in a couple months coming our way with temperatures upper 50s to low 60s for at least three or four days. we'll take that after the nasty weather we've seen mostly in the month of february. february has been kind of nasty. sunset tonight at 5:56. the sun goes down after 6:00 next week and our days definitely getting longer. 46 degrees. wind i conditions. temperatures dropping through the 40s to 38 by 11:00. the windchill at that time around 11:00 will already be
6:49 pm
41 in gaithersburg. 45 in manassas. we have the colder air moving in here. the windchills tomorrow morning, how about this? it was 65 last night at this time. windchill tomorrow 15 to 20. by noon we're at 25 to 30. by 4:00 28 to 34 degrees. yeah, it's a cold friday afternoon. tomorrow evening if you're heading out to dinner, it will be a cold night. tonight cold enough, at least in the upper levels of the atmosphere to get some snow. the radar is picking this up as rain but most of this is snow coming down around the frederick area, up towards thurmont, back to hagerstown, martinsburg. even snowflakes in tyson's corner in d.c. the snow came down, fairly big flakes, but didn't amount to much. this is a monster storm, and now we're on the back side of it. so that's why we have the wind. that's also why we have the snow showers coming through. but tomorrow they're all out of here and we're just talking about the chilly conditions. 42 for a high on
6:50 pm
45 on saturday. and then here we go. 60 on sunday. 59 on monday. 62 on tuesday. and then that's the next storm. we've been talking about march 3rd, that's the next storm. right now it's looking like rain but stay tuned. >> march 3rd, we're going to remember that. >> thanks, doug. we have sports coming up. bryce harper today talking about how he plans to follow up his mvp season. but first, here is lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> hi, jim and doreen. ahead for us tonight, why tonight could be the last shot for cruz and rubio to derail trump. another big city warns its residents about high levels of lead coming into their homes, and we'll tell but a surge in super lice in half the states across the country. they're resistant to the traditional ways we get rid of them. we'll tell you what you need to know when we
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> we've got carol tonight and she says she doesn't care she's here and not in florida. >> no. who needs 50 degree florida weather. >> cold down there,
6:54 pm
poor jason. >> it's breaking my heart. >> they had workouts today. new manager dusty baker addressed the whole organization and he introduced royce harper. jason pugh joins us live with more. dusty sounds like he's already endearing himself to the nats. >> that's right. i have been here since monday and i have heard dusty called bryce harper royce three different times. now, in dusty's defense, he says he's never met a bryce in his entire life, but i guess he has met a few royces. he might want to call him the most valuable player because that's exactly what the 23-year-old is coming off a phenomenal year given his age. i had a chance to sit him down today and ask bryce how do you plan to follow up an mvp type season from a year ago? >> i just want to win, and i know if i stay healthy and i can
6:55 pm
team on a daily basis, then hopefully all of us come together and we win games and do the things we can to get to that next level, that new level, and do everything we can as a team. >> your manager, dust just bay your impressions of him so far. >> i'm excited. he's something that's very special and you don't get that many managers that, you know, go about it the way he does, and i'm super excited to play for him. can't wait to, you know, pick his brain a little bit more on a daily basis. you can always get better. i can't wait for this year to start and very excited to be playing for a guy like him. >> reporter: meanwhile, the group back together again. first full day of full squad workouts. the nationals coming off a season where they couldn't live up to expectations. some new faces but some familiar ones as well and they're still
6:56 pm
>> we're pretty ticked off what happened last year. don't think this is just, you know, now because we don't have expectations on us that we're all happy. no. i'm actually upset we didn't accomplish what we wanted to accomplish last year. there's a chip on my shoulder. i think we're a great team. i think we're going to do a lot of great things. we need to work hard and do everything we can to make sure we can do that. >> so the expectation is still the same for you and your teammates. >> yeah. that's the reason i'm here. i don't come here to be in second place. i come here to be in first and i expect everybody to go out there and have career years and i expect that of myself as well. otherwise just pack up the bag and go home. >> max scherzer and the rest of the nationals ready to get this season started. one note from practice today, outfielder jayson werth, he did not attend practice. he came to the complex sick. dusty baker said he sent him home. hopefully he's back on the diamond tomorrow. carol, it's a little cold out here. i'm going to go inside and warm up. >> in the
6:57 pm
hoodies. jim vance wants one. >> if it's so cold, why don't you have a hoodie on if it's all that cold. >> jason pugh. thank you so much. ian desmond still looking for a job. if only he could play for a team up north then he can play outfield he wouldn't have to move very far. the orioles welcoming yovani gallardo on the second day. he agreed to a two-year, $22 million deal with the birds. he comes over from the rangers. someone who is not coming over anymore, outfielder dexter fowler who according to every baseball reporter out there had agreed to a deal with baltimore but today reversed course, went back to the cubs. shocking everyone. fowler said today that he never did a verbal agreement, so he didn't know where those reports were coming from but it definitely shocked the birds today. >> scherzer sounds like he expects to be this year's mvp. >> there's a lot
6:58 pm
the mets are expected to win the division which i think helps the nats. >> a little fire und them. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave.
6:59 pm
as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
7:00 pm
developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump, a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald trump's trump march to the nomination. super lice warning. striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them. what every parent should know. don't drink the water. another big city warns its residents about what's flowing into their homes. and video horror. the chilling moment that made erin andrews get up and leave the courtroom. as jurors see the tape that she


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