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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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not just for now, but really through the rest of the daylight hours. but the wind will go to bed at sunset tonight. sunday starting to feel a little more like spring. out the door this morning, layer up. and have your wind breakers on. feels like factors are down in the low and mid-20s this morning. and there could be some occasional snow flurries here northern end of the shenandoah valley, up into northern maryland, not much around town. but if you see a snowflake, send a picture @chuckbell4. feels like temperatures in the defens 20s, but air temperatures near freezing. only about 35 at 7:00 tonight, but the wind will be laying down and not much of a breeze on saturday morning, but temperatures still in the mid-20s. p so a cold start. we'll talk about the weekend warm-up coming up, but for now melissa mollett. >> 66 and 95 looking quite good. nice and green. 270 southbound here out of frederick, 70 down to the spur goin
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exactly what it should take. so no major issues there either. remember to residence to wtop 103.5 when you hop in the car for the latest on any issues in your area. top of the beltway still a little slow outer loop at new hampshire avenue. otherwise looking quite good. remember we have the wind warnings in effect on the bay bridge and the governor harry nice bridge. no vehicle restrictions. 66 at waples mill rolling roonk just fine. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. an update to a story we've been following. five people are in critical condition after a shooter in hesston, kansas opened fire on several people including those in his workplace. flags will be flown at half-staff in kansas where three died inside the excel lawnmower plant. 14 people were wounded before police shot and killed the gunman.
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by "some things" is how they put it. we'll win, win, win. >> marco rubio goes on the attack. >> this guy, this is what we'll have -- >> this guy inherited $200 million. if he hadn't, do you know where donald trump would be right now? >> no, no, no. no, no, no. >> rivals taking on donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. >> you are all talk and no action. >> first of all, this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. a lot of fun up here tonight, i have to tell you. a five man debate looked a whole lot like a brawl. for the first time senator marco rubio was on the attack challenging trump from the very first question. rubio hit him over immigration, his hiring practices and his position on the palestinian/israeli conflict. but it was a discussion over the
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country's health care system that got really explosive. rubio pushed trump to explain his plan beyond removing state boundaries to increase competition and then the two went back and forth about whether there were actually efforts to move those boundaries or a real plan to change the way the health care system would work. listen. >> here's what you didn't hear in that answer. and this is important. what is your plan? i understand the lines around the state, whatever that means. this is not a game where you draw maps. >> you don't know what it means. that's the problem. in wh >> what is your plan? >> moderators had a hard time containing the debate. trump and senators rubio and ted cruz talked over each other so often that the closed captioning often read [ unintelligible ] the big question now, will marco rubio's performance be enough to convince vote ares. edward lawrence will vote us with the an analysis plus what to
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storms and tornados are now responsible for five deaths in virginia. search and rescue teams found a woman's body in wood sock lasto night. she was driving when her car was swept off a bridge. there are nearly reports of up to 23 tornadoes up and down the east coast on wednesday 13 of those reports came from virginia. the national weather service has confirmed at least six tornadoes in virginia. an emotional vigil for a man found murdered in his fairfax county apartment this week. more than 100 people gathered to remember 35-year-old tunde admanuensis, he was discovered by a maintenance crew on tuesday. >> we thank you for him being a blessing for us. >> police say he was shot to death and they're still looking for suspects this morning. the community tries to come to grips with the tragedy and they are also asking for the person responsible to come forward. >> i hope that whoever did
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in. give his family some peace. give us some peace. >> police have reviewed surveillance video and conducted several interviews. still no leads, though. if you have any information that might help, you're asked to give police a call. a former police officer and church pastor could spend 18 years in prison for sexually abusing two girl. darrell best will be sentenced this morning on child pornography and sex abuse. he pled guilty to abusing a 16-year-old girl inside his church and a 17-year-old girl inside police headquarters. the mtv star who made threats against buses and trains finds ut hout his. ishment today. kidd cole made about 300 calls to 911 a year ago to make those threats. at a sentencing this morning, he faces up to ten
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27 months. the wait is almost over. the d.c. street car set to make its debut tomorrow. molette green is live this morning in northeast at the start of the street car line. good morning, molette. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, after many delays including a top to bottom ddot review, the first passengers get on board right there along h street here northeast. for the first time since 1962. want to take you back in time a littlebit. take a look at some of the last trolley cars still housed at a museum out in silver spring. on the weekend tourists get to see a bit of history up close and personal when trolleys transported passengers all over the city. it is unclear how the new rollout and 2.2 mile line fits will in to our modern day lifestyle. here is the trolley museum director. >> the arrest
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lated bus. [ do the articulated buses have sufficient xhas. many would tell you yes, they do pd a the street car is just in the way. >> reporter: the grand opening of the city's $200 million street car project set for tomorrow right here at 13th and h street northeast. we're live this morning. back to you. p. some developing news just coming in this morning about a show of force from the u.s. to north korea. the mess still launissile launc learning about. and what metro is doing after recent spike in crime. and what can you expect on your walk to the stops this
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another missile large,is
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stockpile and whether it still works. the air force put out this photo. this is the second u.s. missile test this month. not only does it check the 1970s era technology, it also sends a message to other countries like north korea. beware of scammers posing as verizon fios workers trying to get inside your home. the scrammers claim they need to get inside your house to check the speed of your internet or to check on another verizon device. if someone knocks on your door like that call 911. they don't make unscheduled or up announced visits and all of their workers have a photo i.d. chuck bell keeping an eye on what you should expect when you head out to the bus stop. >> outside this morning, brr. windchills are down into the low and mid-20s this morning.
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windchilled on your way out the door. windchills in the 20s. coming home this evening, still a little breezy, but the wind will be laying down with time and after sun down for sure. far less of an impact. no real weather impacts. new york and new england, a couple of snow showers if you're headed in that direction, but nationally quiet weather out to the west and south. melissa mollett, nothing really? >> nothing this morning. let's keep it as nothing this morning. 207 at falls road, dry and green and no major issues. of course chuck has been saying we have a couple of days of nice weather. just so awesome to hear that. taking a look at 95 as you're headed northbound from quantico to the beltway, going to take you 18 minutes. and then as you apply back the beltway and head into
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looking quite good in to the city. it's 5:13 now. breaking news just into the live desk this morning in the fight against isis. it has nothing do with the battle going on on the ground. new details about the school volunteer charged in a child pornography case in prince george's county. what we're learning about the civil case now filed against him.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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the u.s. military launch as cyber attack on isis. a new campaign against islamic campaign. that according to the associated police. now, officials would not go into detail about the operations, but say the attacks target the group's abilities to use social media and the internet to recruit fighters and inspire followers. sglools this morning, startling new details about the side effects the zika virus may have on the u
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why some babies may not survive at all. and taking a look at the current windchills, we're off to a cold start. but wait until you see what is in store for the weekend. metro is making some big security changes to try to make your ride safer. all of this comes after recent attacks. megan mcgrath is live at the gallery place station now with how your ride might be different ca today. >> reporter: eun riders should expect to see increased police presence along the system and that will come in the form of additional metro transit officers on patrol as well as private security officers picking up certain tasks. the increase in security comes on the heels of several high profile crimes that have happened, including a shooting on a green line train this week swellings a recent attack at the gallery place station by a group of teenagers. now metro has hired a private security firm to patrol its rev new facility in alexandria. and to escort technicians who
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now, that will allow 17 metro transit officers to be reassigned to patrol duty. 11 will be reassigned immediately, six in 60 day. metro place will also use overtime to overlap day and evening shifts creating a greater police presence in the late afternoon and evening. also worth mentioning, metro officials are very supportive of a judge's recent decision to ban the teenagers involved in a recent fight on the red line. metro's police chief says that disorderly and rowdy passengers should be barred from traveling on metro's rails. back to you in the studio. prosecutors are claiming a former teach are's aide accused of sexual abuse had wide access to children in montgomery county. deonte carraway is accused of abusing 17 children. a lawyer representing six victims claims that carraway could do what he wanted when he wanted at judge sylvania woods
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elementary. >> deonte carraway had the run of the school. he could pull them out of the classrooms, the library. he ran the walking home club where he would have access to various homes in the community. >> and i'll correct myself. the accusation is that he had access to children in prince george's county, not in montgomery county. prosecutors claim that some of the porn xwrafgraphic videos we shot in the homes ever students. carraway faces life in prison if convicted along with several civil lawsuits. it is 5:19. today a teen in massachusetts who raped and killed his math teacher in 2013 will be sentenced. 17-year-old phillip chishom was found fwiguilty. p they want 25 years for each crime. his defense attorney has asked for concurrent sentences and ask that he serve 26 years in prison. and nfl players
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answer accusations about sexual abuse. johnny manziel's ex-girlfriend said he confronted her at a hotel and hit her and restrained her when she fried to run away. he plays for the browns. both the nfl and the browns declined to comment on the case. if convicted, he could face a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. taking a live look right now at the capital this morning, that is whereby partisan members of congress will speak out against anti-islamic sentiment. they're teaming up with the nation's largest muslim organization to talk about interfaith understanding. the community has launched a campaign called true islam. it's working to create understanding and combat extremism. and we're expecting a major decision on the future of how many of you pay your power bill. . the d.c. public service commission is voting on the pepco exelon merger. there have been several efforts to block exelon from buying pepco. if the deal goe
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$6.8 billion deal would impact nearly 10 million customers. if news 4 your health now at 5:21, it looks like parents who worry their kids may drink alcohol with friends are more likely to let them try it at home. a new study shows moms and dads who did allow their children to sip alcohol believed it would prevent them from drinking while unsupervis unsupervised. researchers say these parents could be prematurely introducing children to drinking, but the risks of early which possess sure are not known yet. hang with me on this next story.possess sure are not known yet. hang with me on this next story. a unicorn loose on the california highway, aaron. there she is. a 20-year-old pony spends her days making dreams come true obviously. posing -- did you want to say posing some unicorns for kids, on wednesday juliet had enough with the posg
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now her owner are making changes so that she doesn't get loose again. i'm kind of feeling sorry for juliet. they make her wear the thing and she has a pink saddle and kids are probably poking and prodding her. >> and you can't get rid of all the glitter. >> luckily jewuliet was not hur no injuries reported. the owner says she was not issued a citation either. so she'll be okay. poor girl. give her a break. >> you need a unicorn now. let's turn to chuck bell and get our magical forecast. >> keep me away from the unicorn conversation. outside, yeah, it is a cold start for now, but we're turnin corner on winter. cold today and chilly tomorrow, but by sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures should be running about 10 degrees warmer than afrpg. our average high now is 51. p
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temperatures running 60 to 63 or 4 glees each day. that is nice. that is later. right now you need to brace yourself for the cold. right now temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees colder this morning than we were at the same time yesterday morning. so a big change there yesterday. skies are still partly to at times mostly cloudy. current windchills are back down into the mid-20s here this morning. here is storm team 4 radar. what appears to be a very light snow showers and snow flurries here riding in on the cold northwesterly wind. if you see a snowflake, let me know on twitter, @chuckbell4 or facebook, as well. it's all part of a broad northwesterly flow will keep us way below average for today and for tonight. as that area of low pressure moves away, that is when the warming trend begins. so planning out your day, sun is up at 6:45 this morning. temperatures low to mid-30s here between now and about 9:00 a.m.
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yesterday, no chance for rain. so that is good news. but it will stay breezy and cool. highs today about 10 degrees cooler than average and dippnne and movie friday night, breezy and cold. temperatures only in the low 30s. so cold night tonight and a cold start tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon, things start to get better. we'll be in the mid to upper 40s for tomorrow. could get the car washed and keep it clean for the next couple days. next big change saturday night into sunday when the wind turns back around to the south so your weekend saturday 47 after 20s in the morning. sunday, much nicer indeed. top down weather comes on sunday. >> looks good to me. right now want to remind you of the wind warnings it will pekt if you're headed over any bridges this morning. warning on the governor harry nice bridge and bay bridge, but no vehicle restrictions. taking a look at the beltway, again inner loop and outer loop, everything rolling just fine. we are green and moving along nicely.
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we deserve that of course. 395 south after seminary, this construction hanging around. two left lanes get by the work zone and the ramp is also blocked this morning. 270 northbound and southbound looking very good this morning. 270 south from germantown down to the spur on time. people going about 70 miles per hour. might want to pump the brakes just a little bit here this morning. beltway at central avenue, again the camera not working. we'll be back in a few. when a local lyft driver did not pull over, a local woman took out her phone and started recording. >> the door is open because he won't stop about sflp d. taylor says she opened the car door after the driver ref e refused to take the friend home. but she stayed in the car and asked to be taken home. news 4 brat caught up with the driver. p. >> we had the door open and i
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i pulled to a safe location. i was taking them to the police station. >> the woman eventually was let out near a stop sign. he says he filed a police report after and i lore got out of the car. she complained to lyft and has been removed -- he has been removed as a driver. the zika virus may lead to more severe birth problems than first believed. doctors in brazil found a case involving the mosquito spread virus that led to a severely deformed still born baby. the case was the first to show possible link between zika and damage outside of the central nervous system.infant was also missing major parts of the brain. researchers say more studies are needed before they can better understand the physical problems that may be connected to zika. the find my iphone app led list right to him. quentin battle will spend 18 years in prison for rmed a carjacking and robbery spree. the montgomery county state's attorney believes battle is behind at least a dozen crimes in d.c. and montgomery co
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stole an iphone. battle pleaded guilty last november. it is now 5:27. happening today, a bipartisan gun deal heads to the governor's desk. governor mcauliffe signs the bill this afternoon. the deal will require anyone convicted of domestic violence to give up their guns or face a felony charge. it also puts state police at gunl shgun shows. and conceal carry permits issued by other states will stay in place and be expanded. it was a no holds barred as the gop presidential candidates took to the national stage for the final time before super tuesday. this morning, though, last night's debate is being compared more to a slugfest. and if lice weren't bad enough, did you know there is something called super lice? what you need to know in case your
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scratchy itchy head. live look outside for you. a lot of you waking up to temperatures in the 30s. but the cold winter breeze you can expect in the
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but the presidential candidates are only thinking about tuesday. what candidates on both sides of i'aisle will to to get the virginia vote. and poli w
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>> aaron was quoting a little poetry, so it caught me off guard. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm poet laureate -- no. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i love it. great. >> that's why the -- >> you're a renaissance man. >> no, chug be rk, chuck bell i the joke. i know. >> good morning, aaron, good morning, eun. four things to know about the weather for today. cold winter wind today. northwest winds, 15 to 30 miles per hour. we'll keep you windchilled all day long and a frigid start tomorrow, as well. but there will be a spring like pattern this weekend. taking a bike out for a ride or the hog for the weekend, friday, today, probably not the best day for biking around the
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temperatures will only be in the upper 30s to around 40 today. so that is certainly cold. you'll need your leather bomber jacket for sure today. over the weekend, saturday mostly sunny, not a bad day. 47. sunday will be milder, highs up they're 60. how are the strikes off the road? >> you threw me off there with the hog thing. beltway at central avenue, just fine here right now. no major worries. you can take a look overall prince george's county don't have any problems here. a little bit of an issue that i'm just seeing now on the outer loop, so i'll federal government o figure out what that is and get back to you. wind warnings in effect on bay bridge and governor harry nice. no vehicle restrictions, though. travel times in ten minutes. governor kasich, you have the floor. you will have a response, but i p promised governor kasich he could respond. >> can somebody attack me, please? >> that was the voice of ben carson off camera asking for and
5:33 am
on the screen. five gop hopefuls were on the stage in last night's cnn debate in houston, but all the attention turned to the center. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill right now. so the big question, did either senator marco rubio or ted cruz do enough? >> reporter: they were trying the best they could. this was a slugfest. both teaming up against donald trump. now, senator marco rubio is actually lose to go trump in polls in his home state of florida by almost double. he slammed trump and decided to take the glovers off. >> if you're going to claim that you're the only one that listed this into the campaign, that you acknowledge that you're the only person on the stage that has been fined to hire people to working on your project illegally. >> reporter: he's referring to a 36-year-old investigation into donald trump saying that he used illegal immigrants to tear down the building that is now the trump tower in new york. trump had settled
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p donald trump fired back saying he's the only one on stage who has actually hired anybody and employed them. >> and edward, let's talk more about next week. texas offers the most delegates. does senator cruz have an advantage in his home state? >> reporter: he is it a does an the only tuesday of the super tuesday state that is he's actually winning. cruz has 44% to donald trump's 23%. so cruz does have an advantage in that state. trump is trying to catch him. >> edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us. thank you. a moment of consensus in last night's gop debate. all of the hits agreed apple should help the fbi unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the tech giant has defied a court out. in a few minutes, what apple is doing today that could change the course of this conversation. we turn to the democrats now and their last full day of campaigning ahead of tomorrow's primary in south carolina.
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digit lead in the polls there. she turned her fight toward republican donald trump instead of attacking bernie sanders. the vermont senator spent yesterday in flint, michigan dealing with the water crisis after lead pipes contaminated the drinking supply. of course this is all leading up to tuesday the day virginians will be among the millions who weigh in on the race for the white house. >> who are you voting for? >> that's my business. >> today republican ted cruz will be in the virginia beach area. sunday marco rubio set to make four stops from roanoke to northern virginia, donald trump targeting southwestern at a rally at radford university and governor mcauliffe says hillary clinton will be in the hampton roads area and northern virginia on monday. you can download the nbc washington app and search candidate tracker. developing right now, isis cl
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suicide bombing inside a mosque this bag tad. 15 people are dead and another 50 people are wounded from the attack. there were two suicide bombers in this attack. within who detonated his vest inside the mosque and another when security forces began to arrive. here in washington, the state department condemning the bombing and expressing its sympathies to all those affected. she was 20 years old when she died back in 1982. veronica hepworth was found dead this loudoun county. detectives are asking to your help to solve her murder. this new sketch was put out. investigators want you to take a look at this man and they want to talk to him. they believe he was her last serious boyfriend and that sketch you saw is what he would look like today. police are not the saying that he is saws pekt, but though want to find him. yesterday marks 34 years since she was last seen
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and three sites are competing to be the location of new fbi headquarters. the fbi has not decided where it would build. maryland state officials have promised to invest millions in road improvements to bring the fbi to greenbelt rather than to springfield, virginia. the search for a new home began about three years ago. well, you've heard of the state flower, maybe the state food. p how about a state snake? yeah, they do that apparently. virginia is poised to approve the eastern garter snake at its state snake. a bill made it through the house and senate. p all that is left is for governor mcauliffe to sign off on it. the "post" says an 11-year-old first pitched the idea after attending a science camp. >> science camps are great. take a live look across our area this morning. here is the district where it is only 37 degrees right now. but the windchill is making it feel much cooler. we'll telt
5:38 am
before they head to the bus stop. and i'll add -- go ahead. >> mineral county, two hours delayed. p forget the days of candy bars and potato chips. the law being tossed around that would make it mandatory to put healthier snacks in vepding machines.
5:41 am
snacks in some vending machines. an act aims to make healthier food and drink more widely available on state rot. if passed, 75% would have to meet healthy standards. good morning. i'm chuck bell. it is now 5:41 on your friday morning. friday morning indeed, everybody. mostly cloudy outside. a couple of snow flurries or occasional conversational snowflakes cooperate s couldn' out, but no accumulation, no travel troubles and no school cancellations. windchills are in the cold 20s this morning. bus stop temperature near 32 this morning but again, windchills in the 20s. staying chilly all day long today. highs only up near 40 degrees. so the kids will definitely need the winter coat, long pants and warm hat. seven day forecast in ten minutes. p for now trouble on route 50. >> just
5:42 am
fire westbound at kenilworth avenue. no word yet on what is blocked. but a warning for you there. also 395 north at the 14th street bridge, warning there, callers reporting a pothole in the middle of the roadway. so watch out for that. 395 south after seminary, still have that road work happening around. 270 looking pretty good right now. maryland travel times, german town to the spur on time p. p top of the beltway on time. outer loop 66, 95 north also good. she had just left a metro station when out of nowhere somebody tased her. wait until you hear why. and the battle between fbi and apple heats up.
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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in 1937, this was the modern day d.c. street car. what the new ones will look like and whnd
5:46 am
finally roll again in the capital city. that coming up on news"news 4 " today." and we're all ready to go from winter to springtime, but we have snow showers across far northern maryland for get through. how long the cold chill will linger coming up. and report of a car fire 50 westbound close to 295. and remember we have wind warnings because of the wind out there this morning. in effect on the bay bridge and the governor harry nice bridge. flags are flying at half-staff in kansas where a man killed three people and police shot and killed him. sarah plake is following the story. >> reporter: good morning. today police are trying for figure out what might have sent the shooter cedric ford over the edge.
5:47 am
everyone is in shock. and so it was a normal day yesterday toward the end of the workday, cedric ford, who is an employee at a painter -- or was an employee working as a parent at excel industries opened fire as he was going this to the building and continuing to shoot on his rampage as he entered the building. three shot dead and 20 others injured, many critically. police arrived on the scene, exchanged gunfire with ford shooting an killing him dead and the first responding officer is a hero because he single handedly took the gunman down. that led them to ford's trailer here bye where his roommate was not letting nanybody in, so tha was a standoff situation. it ended at about 11:00 last night. so people are trying to put the pieces together dealing with death and tragedy here in rural kansas, an otherwise peaceful
5:48 am
so today we hope to find out more information in a news conference later on this morning. >> sarah plake live for us in hesston, thank you. a water crisis is happening in the jackson, mississippi, children and pregnant women being told not to drink the water. officials in jackson are down playing any compare sons to the water crisis in flint, but it is warning women and children under the age of five to avoid drinking tap water for six months fp also they're saying small children need lead testing. the public was not warned until wednesday, nearly eight months after the first high lead levels. p. >> we've done what the federal requirements were. >> but you look at those requirements and your evaluation is they're not sufficient? >> they're not shuufficient ande have made the change so they will be more sufficient. >> the mayor in jackson says the plans need urgent upfwrad grades
5:49 am
get rid of lead.polls are open determine whether iran will continue along a path of diplomacy. the election pits supporters of rouhani against conservatives. a warning for parents about an outbreak of super lice. experts say an outbreak has spread through 25 states and they are here in the district, too. the super lice are much more resilient to traditional treatments. the cdc says about 12 million children are affected. >> it's important not to panic. lice are not a health hazard, they don't transmit disease. >> health experts say learn how to comb lice out of hair and ask your doctor for prescription treatments which are stronger. also avoid sharing brushes and hats.
5:50 am
your breakfast, sorry. a new set of wheels set to hit the streets tomorrow. we're set to talk about the long a wait d.c. street cars. molette green is live this morning in northeast at the start of the street car line. molette. >> reporter: that's right. just minutes ago, a trolley sighting here on h street. just a test run, not the real deal. take a look across the street at that shelter there. that is where passengers will board for the very first time tomorrow. the trolley-we saw about ten minutes ago had its not in service light on and slowly went down here on h street. trolleys last carried passengers in 1962 all over the city. even into roslyn, virginia. and a local trolley museum expert told me it's unclear how this new 2.2 mill line with fit in with the buses, the car and our modern day
5:51 am
>> it's a trial balloon. and i fear that it's been hurt by the delays that have gone along so far. so we'll just have to see what happens. >> reporter: and this has been a long time coming with ddot doing a top to bottom review of the whol trolley system. the grand opening set for tomorrow right here at 13th and h street for the $200 million project. that's the latest live from northeast d.c. back to you. 5:51 now. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we're starting off windy and cold. chuck bell, tell us it won't be like this all weekend. >> it's not going to be like this all weekend. >> thank you. >> i'm here to cooperate with whatever you ask for. outside it is cold this morning. can't do much about that. but we are just about ready to start thinking about springtime around here. february an extra day long this year because it's leap year,
5:52 am
b march isn't too far around the corner. final fleez last yereeze last y march 29 and the first 80 degree day, march 13. so keep thinking spring. today staying breezy and cold. you'll need to layer up. and if you're going to be outside, you may want to move it indoors if you can. but saturday and sunday, other than a cold start tomorrow, all of your outdoor plans this weekend look uninterrupted by the weather. there are lake-effect snow streamers down wind off the lake. so that is the wind that has maybe an occasional snowflake spotting here northwestern virginia, eastern west virginia, northern maryland. no snowflakes spotted around the metro and i still haven't heard from any weather watcher tha ee have seen any snowflakes. @chuckbell4. 30 in gaithersburg, 36 in frederick, but it is indeed the
5:53 am
that will impact your day. we'll only get up in to the upper 30s to around 40 in most neighborhoods today. colder to the north. contin going out tonight, breezy and cold. temperatures down near freezing. and by tomorrow morning, this will be the last of the really cold weather for a while. mid upper to 20s to get the day started tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon looks like a nice enough day. you upper for the tomorrow. 60 coming up on sunday. monday, tuesday, low to mid-60s. we should be dry all the way until wednesday afternoon or thursday of next week. and at least three maybe four 60s in a row. hour by hour coming up. still have problem on 50 here inbound near bw parkway, 295. so a car fire reported there that is slow things down here a bit as i zoom in closer on some of my other maps. 395 inbound just before the 14th street bridge, just before you hit the span, report
5:54 am
large pothole there in the middle of the roadway. people having to dodge this morning. went warnings in effect, bay bridge, governor harry nice bridge, but no rivehicle restrictio restrictions. no major problems right now. 66 and 95 both looking good. 95 north through woodbridge typically throw there around the bend. in this area, it's -- nobody's safe. nobody. >> the reaction this morning from the grandmother of a 17-year-old girl who was robbed and tased. this happened wednesday night in the capitol hill area. right now the search is on for five suspects in that attack. two of tell women. the teenaged girl left the potomac avenue metro station and head out on to 14th street. that's when she was attacked. she said she was thrown to the ground, tased and robbe
5:55 am
shoes and cash. the teenager said it was a woman who tased her. >> it was like one of them tasers that just keep going when they hold the button. she kept hole holding the button. >> the victim hid behind trash cans until police arrived. the woman was wearing a pink jacket, the same color as the shoes they stole from her. take is the deadline for aem to respond to the court order to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the shooters in spb. apple has said helping the fbi undermines basic security and privacy interests of iphone owners. the u.s. will pay $33 million to settle a lawsuit claiming it sold toxic mortgages to credit unions before the
5:56 am
financial crisis. they say the loans met underwriting guidelines. $2.5 billion has been covered from banks. i'm landon dowdy. we know the name of the man shot and killed in broad daylight in southeast d.c. police say that demetrius medlay ran down the street and collapsed after being shot on martin luther king avenue. he later died at the hospital. no no word on a possible motive or suspect. the university is asking students to consider a probably to get a metro pass with unlimited riding privileges. it would address about $100 a semester to student fees. if students vote to accept the deal, it would take effect for the next academic year. this weekend you can check out a new art display at
5:57 am
park in southeast d.c. the light show is called light yards and it's ones c s candisp beat of a giant deejay. giant rabbits are being put up for a family event. >> complete light up giant rabb? >> wouldn't it scare kids? it would be 3:00 to 6:00 tomorrow and also a giant lite brite to play with. the art display closes next sunday. >> very cool. stepping up efforts to make sure you are safe when you ride metro. the changes being put in place after a series of high profile climbs. also ahead, trying their best to slow down donald trump ahead of the crucial super tuesday contest.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. i'm chuck bell. layer up on your way out the door. there is a serious winter chill to be dealt with here early this morning. i'll show you how low the windchills are at your house coming right up. >> if he hasn't inherited $200 million, do you know where donald trump would be right now? will.
6:00 am
the latest republican debate as candidates try to put the brakes on donald trump's momentum. >> we are also watching a developing story right now in kansas after a series of shootings that leaves four people dead and a number of others injured. as i mentioned, it feels cold outside this morning. northwest winds still averaging 15 to 20 miles per hour. so windchills are back in the teens and 20s on your friday morning. layer up. it's a cold start to the day. planning out your day, sun is up 44 minutes from now. temperatures near freezing, but windchills are in the teens and 20s. it will be breezy and chilly ae all day. temperatures only getting up to around 40. next big change arrives saturday night into sunday morning, we lose the northerly wind so milder weather for sunday and beyond. melissa mollett, at what point do


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