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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the latest republican debate as candidates try to put the brakes on donald trump's momentum. >> we are also watching a developing story right now in kansas after a series of shootings that leaves four people dead and a number of others injured. as i mentioned, it feels cold outside this morning. northwest winds still averaging 15 to 20 miles per hour. so windchills are back in the teens and 20s on your friday morning. layer up. it's a cold start to the day. planning out your day, sun is up 44 minutes from now. temperatures near freezing, but windchills are in the teens and 20s. it will be breezy and chilly ae all day. temperatures only getting up to around 40. next big change arrives saturday night into sunday morning, we lose the northerly wind so milder weather for sunday and beyond. melissa mollett, at what point do
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sinkhole? >> we have it listed at a pothole/sinkhole 395 inbound just before the 14 strooth stre bridge. and suitland parkway they're silver hill, a crash in the right lane. westbound 50 near bw parkway, a car fire still slowing things there. wind warnings in effect on the bay bridge and governor harry nice bridge, but no vehicle restrictions. 66 and 95 pretty normal right now. 95 south through quantico, just a tad slow. the mtv star, kidd cole, appeared on catfish and court records show that he made about 300 calls to 911 a year ago it on make threats. at his sentencing this morning, he faces up to ten years in prison, butpl
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threats like that one and recent attacks involving metro passengers have led to major safety changes. metro is stepping up security. megan mcgrath is live at the gallonry place station with the new measures being put into action. >> reporter: eun, that's right. metro wants people to feel safe, that everything is being done to keep them safe while using the system. so some changes are being made to beef up security. and riders should expect to see an increased security prepares on t presence on the system. that means added patrols as well as private security officers picking up some tasks. the increase in security comes in response to several high profile climbs including a shooting on a green line train this week as well as a recent attack at the gallery place station by a group of teen aenlgers. metro has hired a private security firm to patrol its reven
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and they will also excourt technicians who service the fare machines. that will allow security officers to be re150i6assigned overtime pay will be used to overlap shifts creating a greater police presence during late afternoon and evening. and they are supportive of a judge's decision to ban steep agers involved in a recent fight from using the metro system, metro transit police chief saying that unruly disorderly passengers should be banned from using metro. back to you in the studio. it is 6:03 now. former d.c. police officer and church pastor finds out his punish chment today for sexuly
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darrell best pled guilty. best was the head pastor of a church in southeast washington. he's accused of abusing a 16-year-old girl inside the church and a 17-year-old girl inside d.c. police headquarters. best faces up to 18 years in prison at his sentencing this morning. you you are all talk and no action. >> make america great again, we'll win, win, win. >> first of all, he's a joke artist and he's a liar. >> i weren't to talk about the economy. p. >> i know you're embarrassed, but keep swinging. swing for the fences. just a brawl from the g get-go. two players dominated in the debate. for the first time senator marco rubio was on the attack challenging donald trump from the very first question. rubio hit trump over immigration, hiring practices and his
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palestinian/israeli conflict. but it was a discussion over health care that really got explosive. rubio pushed trump to explain his plan. p. >> here's what you didn't hear in that answer and this is important. what is your plan? i understand the lines around the state, whatever that means. this is not a game where you draw maps. >> and you don't know what it means. that's the problem. p. >> what is your plan on health care? you don't have a plan. >> the change in tone there senator rubio just days before millions of americans vote on super tuesday. mark murray tweeted last night the debate had, quote, gone off the rails. his analysis when he joins us in just a little bit. democratic candidates are focused on tomorrow's primary in south carolina, but have a are a governor mcauliffe has his sights set on getting voters to the polls next week for super tuesday. he will be out over this weekend campaigning for hillary clinton. governor mcauliffe is a long time friend, fundraian
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she and former president bill clinton. hillary clinton will be in th e northern virginia and hampton roads area on monday p. this week's storms and tornadoes are being blamed for typhoon dea five deaths in virginia. a woman's body was found in woodstock last night. she was driving when her car was swept off a bridge. there were there are early reports of up to 23 tornadoes up and down the east coast on wednesday. 13 of them came from virginia. the national weather service has confirmed at least six tornadoes in virginia. a decision on a major merger could change how you pay your power bill. the d.c. public serve commission is voting on the pep he company exelon merger. there have been several efforts to block exelon from buying pepco. if it goes through, the $6.8 billion deal would impact nearly 10 million customers. this door is still open. i'm trying to get out and he
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cellphone after what she says was a frightening ride on lyft. what the company and the driver are saying about the accusation. and the cold and breezy start to your morning as you look live on a chilly -- looks like the woodrow wilson bridge there. the conditions you need to prepare for on your way to work. i'm tracking developments out of kansas right now after a man near wichita goes on a shooting spree leaving three dead and a number of others in critical condition. what we're learning about the suspected gunman next from the live desk.
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four people dead, five in critical condition after a shooter in hesston, kansas opens fire in and around his
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14 others are wounded. police say the killer began unloading shots at anybody who crossed his path culminating it at the lawnmower plant where he worked. they say the killer had a long ghun an pistol and while they would not go into detail, they said the man was triggered by "some things" as they are putting it. kansas law does not require a permit to buy holong guns or happen handguns which don't have to be registered. it is now 6:11. last commute of the week, out the door this morning, temperatures are down near the freezing mark, but it is wind d wind-chilled. coming home later this afternoon, still a little on the breezy and cold side, temperatures up near only about 40 degrees. and i have finally heard from some weather watchers up here in winchester, some of the snow showers are making it to the ground. no accumulas
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traveling conditions. new england and new york, a little steadier snow showers there. check of the "7-day forecast" coming up. chopper 4 top of the beltway near 95 and you can see inner loop and outer loop looking quite normal here this morning. everybody moving along just fine. inbound suitland parkway at silver hill road, we have a crash in the 4re69 laleft lane. travel time, 270 south there german town to the spur, 11 minutes. top of the beltway 95 over to 270, going to take you ten minutes here this morning. so again you're on time there. 66 inbound fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 10 minutes. and quantico to the beltway, 20 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. 6:12. police trying to get the word out about a scam making its way around the area. what they say the scammers are doing to try to get inside your home. also ahead, looking to save your family some money after
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we'll show you the models that are the cheapest to ensure. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda.
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i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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the door is open because he won't stop. >> that is the voice you haer of desiree taylor who started recording what she says was a scary lyft ride. taylor says that after repeated requests to get the driver to stop, he just kept going. the driver is now out of a job. taylor says she caught a lyft near 14th and u wednesday night. she says her friend left the car after the driver refused to take her home, but taylor stayed in the car hoping the driver would take her home. she said she became scared and opened the door while the car was still moving. >> i wanted to get ou
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hoping he would stop at some point. >> she had the door open and there were parked cars. i didn't want to damage my car, so i pulled to a safe location. i was taking them to the police station. >> that is the driver giving his side. he filed a police report after taylor left the car. she complained to lyft and he last been removed as a driver. she was 20 when she died this 1982. now investigators are renewing their efforts to solve the murder. loudoun county sheriff's office put out this new sketch of her last serious boy friend. he is not a suspect, but a person of interest. the sketch on the left is what he would look like today. tears and prayers for a man found murdered in his fairfax county apartment this week. more than 100 people gathered last night for 35-year-old tunde admanuensis, he was discovered by a main than
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crew on tuesday and he was shot to death. an aide may have had wide access to students. deonte carraway abused 17 children. a lawyer representing six victims claims that carraway could take children out of class at judge sylvania woods elementary and that he ran a you can walking home club. proce prosecutors claim some videos were shot inside the homes of students. he faces life in prison if convicted. beware of scammers posing as verizon fios works trying to get in your home. the guys claim they need to get into checkn
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internet connection or to check some other verizon device. police and verizon say if someone like that knocks on your door, call 911. verizon sdwnt madoesn't make up scheduled visits and all workers have a photo i.d. scores of people in prince william county waited in line last night to weigh in on what to call a new elementary cool. there are 23 names being considered. including kyle wilson, a local firefighter who died in 2007 and dr. hampton. the committee will make a recommendation to the school board if a vote next week. the school is set to open in august. the zika virus may be connected to more severe birth problems than first thought p doctors in brazil found a case that led to a severely deformed still born baby. the case is the first to show a potential link betweeni
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nervous system. the infant was also missing major parts of the brain. researchers say more sfud studie needed. the fbi has not decided where it would build its new headquarters. three sites are competing. maryland officials promise to invent millions in road improvements if the fbi comes to greenbelt rather than to springfield in virginia. the search for a new home started about three years ago. an amazing rescue. police pulled a man out of a burping car in texas. the officer who responded broke open the window with his baton, opened the door, quickly tagged the man away from that burning suv
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do you believe in unicorns? >> of course i do. >> of course you do. there is one in california. i can't believe i just said that. there is a un any corn in california that has had enough. >> let's introduce you to juliet. you know she has some stories to tell. she's a 20-year-old pony who spends her days making dreams come true by being a unicorn and doing photo shoots and being led around by children. but on wednesday, juliet became loose. >> she hopped on her rainbow and tr flew into the sky. >> you don't know. local animal control spent hours trying to catch her. her owners say she will make chai changes so she doesn't get loose again. she probably just needed a break from all the kids. no injuries reported. and the owner was not issued a citation. good luck, girl. 6:21ur
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chuck bell in the storm team 4 "weather center." a little reality check for us, chuck. sunrise about 20 minutes from now. postally clear skies farther down to the south, but if you look mort bound there, here is the national harbor camera looking back northbound, look at all the clouds from washington metro north and westbound, those clouds are generating some snow flurries and show showers. so my weather watchers out here along i-81 are seeing snowflakes. so not accumulating, but i can't rule out a conversational, hey, was that a snowflake going by your window. most not quite making it to the ground around the immediate metro area. windchills are the other side of the story this morning. 18 is what it feels like this hato
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only 31 in culpeper and 27 in anne arundel county. so as you plan out your day, sunrise is at 6:45. temperature now 35. with thats in windchills in the teens and 20s. even with more sun, chilly, temperatures only averaging up around 40 degrees. that's about 10 degrees colder than average. out for dinner and a movie, date night, breezy and cold. you'll have to hold your loved one close tonight and into tomorrow morning. start off temperatures not much wind tomorrow, but start off temperatures will be even colder. back down into the mid and upper 20s. but tomorrow looks like a nicer day. highs tomorrow mid to upper 40s with plenty of sunshine coming around. sunday will be the better day of the weekend with highs up near 60 and we'll be in the 60s into early next week, as well. so only about 36 more hours ever the winter chill. let's push it out of here. choer
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loop possible pothole and a bunch of cars with flat tires in that area. chopper is looking for that problem here right now. inbound suitland parkway at silver hill road, a crash there still being reported in the left lane. 50 westbound near bw parkway, that vehicle fire that was reported, that is now out of the way. you can see inbound 295, though, still typically slow as you are headed down south. 66 and 95 looking good. i'll use my magic lasso and make it 80 degrees this weekend. does that sound good? >> that would be hilarious. make that happen. today a celebration for a brand new dmv. the benning ridge service center opens in southeast washington next week. d.c. leaders including mayor bowser will hold a ribbon cutting for the new building today. the opening
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branch service center will be closing for good tomorrow. d.c. has one dmv in every quadrant in the city. family car are some of the best ones to own if you don't want to pay a lot to ensure them. these cars are the cheapest to buy insurance for. this is according to the hop today odyssey lx, that's a minivan. and then came the honda crv lx small suv. and then dodge grand caravan. and the most expensive to ensure, the dodge gt viper. you know with a name like gt viper, it will cost you more than $4,000 a year just for insurance. not in this lifetime. >> i've been there. as a single guy -- >> so you can buy that car. go ahead. now a reason to worry about your cellphone's privacy
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police departments have been using secret technology to crack phones without a warrant. the stingray could let police follow innocent people, too. >> police have the potential to use to say we want to note identity of everybody in this demonstration or everybody at this meeting. >> stingrays are now being challenged in the d.c. court of appeals. d.c. police and the u.s. attorney office declined to comment for this story. it's something you hope your kids never bring home. we're talking about head lice. and we'll show you why getting rid of those bugs may be haerde than you expected. and cold and windy conditions make it feel like in the 20s out there. chuck bell will have four things to know at 6:31. trolley cars making a comeback.
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stweep e sweepers on them. these would remove the snow off the tracks during a storm. when and where our modern day d.c. trolleys set to pick up passengers once can again.
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it is all quiet right now, but d.c.'s long delayed street cars will be rolling into this station this weekend to pick up the first passengers in decades. here is a live look. what you need to know about the service debut. first, though, storm team 4 tracking some noticeable changes outside as you leave for work. feels like it's below freezing again thanks to some breezy conditions. the question we have, will the cold ruin the weekend? >> chuck bell here now with four things to know. >> well, it won't ruin the weekend. it will get you off it a cold start, but if you have stuff to do outside, the weather will be pretty cooperative. cold wind take. bringing a snow influence ry
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or two. it will be dry all weekend and a spri spring like pattern coming our way sunday into monday. one or two snow flakes have been spotted out in winchester, presented rick cou frederick county, virginia. p its for highs this afternoon, only getting into the upper 30s to near 40. about ten degrees colder than average. so a cold friday and cold start, but saturday afternoon, sunday near 60. that is feeling like spring. >> i don't need to bring out the lasso then because you will cooperate a little bit. >> good to know. >> chopper 4 outer loop to northbound new hampshire avenue right now, this is what we were talking about. several people came through here and head the nasty pothole and got some flat tires. big look at the beltway and all of the main routes here in and out of town, we really don't have any major problems.
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sloe. everything else quite nice and green. inbound suitland parkway at silver hill road, that crash is now out of the way. and 395 south after seminary, road work until 8:00 a.m. travel times in ten minutes. 6:32. after years and years of delays, the d.c. street cars are ready to roll at $200 million project that has been held up since 2013 will make its debut tomorrow. molette green live this morning at 13th and h street in northeast where the cars will pick up the first riders. >> reporter: that's right, d.c. street cars on the move this morning conducting test runs. and as you said, passengers get to ride for the first time tomorrow. these modern day trolleys, they launch right here from 13th and h on a 2.2 mile line. after so many delays and a whole lot more money than planners participated.
6:33 am
back in 1962. some of these trolleys sit in a museum in silver spring. and way back in the days of could be belled streets, they transported people all over the city. it is unclear how these new street cars will fit into our lives. >> there is a mystique. when they see track, there is a presence there that buses just don't have. and it does encourage ridership. >> reporter: and there you see that is where the brand opening ceremony will be at the marquee spot there. and look, a metrobus just crossing-of just passing us by. passengers will board at 13th and h tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. after the ceremony. the fleet will be five cars only. free rides to start things off. and no sunday service. that is the latest live here from h street this northeast.
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molette green, news 4. today construction crews are closing lanes on the pennsylvania avenue bridge over rock creek parkway. the closings and leans on that mark way while they make sure the bridge is safe. the work is supposed to happen between 10:00 and 3:00. but not during rush hour. today a man who shot his cousin in northeast will be sentenced. roosevelt robinson has been found guilty of murder. d.c. police say robinson shot 63-year-old loretta cardwell and then barricaded himself for more than 24 hours inside a home back in august. cardwell was a retired metrobus driver. p. a b bipartisan gun deal heao the governor's desk. it will be signed this afternoon. . the deal will require anyone convicted of domestic violence to give up their guns ore
6:35 am
state police must be at gun shows to do voluntary background checks of unlicensed selders, but conceal carry permits issued by other states will now be allowed. sfwloot t the search is on for five suspects who be ro erobbed and d a teenage girl. the victim left the metro station and headed out on to 14th street when she was attacked. she told news 4 that she was thrown to the ground and hit with a taser and robbed of her shoes and cash. the teen says it was a woman who tased her. >> like one of then tasers that keeps going when they hold the button. so she kept holding the button. >> the victim says she hit behind trash cans until police arrived. she says the woman who tased her was wearing a pink jacket the seam color as the shoes they stole from her. 6:36. virginia is ready to legalize daily
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the state legislature has approved the first legislation in the u.s. to regulate and formally allow the increasingly popular fantasy games. the bill would require the web sites to register with the commonwealth agriculture department and would prohibit anyone 17 years old and younger from playing. it would also require a $50,000 registration fee from the fantasy game operators. . virginia governor terry mcauliffe must decide whether to sign the bill. in a statement to news 4, draft kings company says 1.2 million virginians play fantasy sports each year. they are those unwanted bugs that so many kids have to deal with and now they're tougher than ever. an outbreak of super lice has spread throughout 25 states and they're here in the district, too. these lice are much more resilient than traditional lice. about 12 million children each
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health experts say ask your doctor for a prescription treatment which would be stronger and avoid sharing brushes or hats. health leaders will remind everyone it's not a health risk because they don't transmit disease. it's just a pesky problem. and i know -- >> and it itches. >> so many schools deal with it. first of all, this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. p. >> that is just one of the memorable exchanges during a fiery republican presidential debate. mark murray will join us in studio to talk about whether all these attacks will have any impact on donald trump. and the decision in the day ahead that could impact your power bill. and if you thought it was cold yesterday morning, it's 10 to 15 degrees colder this morning than it was yesterday. and it will be even colder tomorrow morning. . a chilly start to the weekend. complete forecast comi
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every wonder what nature valley is made of? ♪ that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter.
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i'm storm team 4 met guest chuck bell. coming up on 6:41. a low to moderate impact coming your way. a cold wind. snow showers are being spotted. @chuckbell4 is my twitter handle. snowflakes spotted at shady grow metro stop. temperatures at or above freezing. temperatures will only get to they're 40 degrees today. milder by the end of the weekend. more on that with the 7 day. brand new crash lee highway here between the beltway and 7. so trying to get more information on this one right now. but it sounds like that could be shut down for some time. chopper 4 over the outer loop ramp to
6:42 am
hampshire. a pothole here. a couple folks getting some flat tires there this morning. overall no major problems talking about travel times. 270 south looks good, top of the beltway typically slow. outer loop to 270, 66 inbound and 95 north both looking good. google is now getting more involved in the apple dispute with the fbi. the company says it plans to file a brief on apple's behalf within the next week. google makes android software that powers most smart phones in the says like apple, it doesn't want to create a precedent that authorities could use. china town metro station one of the busiest stops on metro. coming up, we'll show you the changes being put in place to make sure your next ride is a safer one. plus new developments out of kansas this morning where we are learning new information about the man accused of killin
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much others in a shooting rampage. we'll take you live to hesston next.
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we're working to get you up to the minute the meant you'inu up. new information about the man accused of killing three in kansas. and we're also tracking the fallout in the presidential race as republicans go after donald trump. first, he
6:46 am
bell has more on the cold conditions. >> you'll need an extra hot coffee this morning. temperatures in the low to mid-30s, but the northwest wind has windchills in the 20s. how long does this chill stick around? "7-day forecast" coming right up. and this situation lee highway between the beltway and 7 here just confirmed that we have at least one pedestrian struck. so could be some time before that is completely cleared out of the way here this morning. chopper 4 still over this problem big pothole outer loop ramp to northbound new hampshire area flattening some tires here this morning. not what you want on a friday morning. 6:46. brand new developments in the last half hour. we gotthis photo of a man susped of a mass shooting in kansas. and his name is cedric larry ford. he killed three in hesston, kansas. sarah plake now live in
6:47 am
>> reporter: well, this morning police are working to figure out what triggered ford into his shooting rampage. in a few hours we hope to hear more information here at the sheriff's office in newton. people that lived by him just can't believe it, they never would have suspected anything like this would have happened. so he was armed with an assault style weapon and a handgun. and barged into his workplace excel industries. before tahat opening fire outsie the door and continuing to shoot as he walked through the building. he shot three people dead and injured as many as 20 others. a lot of them are in critical condition. police arrived at the scene exchanges gunfire with ford shooting and killing him. one officer is being hailed as a hero and he is single handedly gunned ford down. in a separate situation, a standoff incident happened just nearby here in newton where he lived at his trailer. his roommate barricaded position and the situation ended about 11:0
6:48 am
get answers to our questions at a news conference here at the sheriff's office. back to you. >> sarah plake, thank you. everyone is dumb, going to make america great again, going to win, win, win. this guy inherited $200 million. if he hasn't, do you know where donald trump would be? >> no, no, no, no, no no. >> selling watches. >> you are all talk and no action. first of all, this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a layer. >> you can get back on your -- >> a lot of fun up here tonight, i have to tell you. >> mark murray joins us. you even tweeted this debate has gone off the rails. so senator marco rubio attacked donald trump last night. p is this roach going to matter ahead of super tuesday for him? >> he better hope so. the same day the debate came out, there was a pollow
6:49 am
donald trump by 16 percentage points in his own state of florida. that contest is coming up on march 15th. so there is still time. but if you want to knock touchdown off his game, you have to do it now going into super tuesday and beyond. last night watching the debate, i was reminded of the school yard king of the hill where someone is at the top of the hill and everyone else fries to knock them down. marco rubio and ted cruz were going after donald trump. >> for sure. and rubio actually called for a fact check on trump's statements. anything that stood out to you? >> well, there have been multiple fact you'll incorrect statements from donald trump. but donald trump has been channeling the energy. i'm the big dog, i'm the strongest person on the stage. and so far that has paid off for him. now that he's candidates are getting more krut st
6:50 am
matter. would you rather be marco rubio or the one who has won the last three contests. >> all right. mark ma murray, thanks so much. and democratics focused on south carolina, but mcauliffe has his sights set getting to voters on the spols next tuesday. he will be campaigning for hillary clinton. he says hillary clinton will be in northern virginia and hampton roads area on monday. and much more ahead on the to y "today" show including a live interview are marco rubio. 6:50. because of recent threats and attacks, met strro is making so big safety changes. megan mcgrath is live with the added security you can expect. >> reporter: security measures will include more metro transit
6:51 am
security officers who are going to take over certain tasks. now, this comes in it light of recent crimes within the system including a shooting on a train this week. metro has hired a private security firm to patrol their revenue facility in alexandria and escort technicians who work on the fare machines. this will free up another 17 metro transit officers for patrol duty. riders we spoke to this morning say it's needed. >> a lot of fights, people screaming at bus drivers. a lot going on. so people need to feel safer. >> now the guy just got probation. >> reporter: and the last gentleman says prevention is just one part of it, there also needs to be stiffer men al itities for people who cause problems within the metro system. back to you.
6:52 am
have now died from this week's storms and tornadoes. search and rescue teams found a woman's body in woodstock last night. she was driving during the storms wednesday when her car was swept off the bridge. there are early reports of up to 23 tornadoes up and down the east coast on wednesday. 13 of those reports came from virginia. the national weather service has confirmed at least six tornadoes in in virginia. >> and chuck, i think folks will be looking for calmer weather to clean up. >> and also a quick thank you and shout out to simpson middle school in leesburg, where i was out talking to the kids. about 350 sixth graders on tuesday afternoon. >> and you made it out alive. >> 1,000 great questions and a lot of well behaved kids. so thank you for the shirt. outside this morning, we're ready to turn the page, everybody, from winter to spring. last year that turn occurred right at the end of march, so we have about a month or so to go. last year the final freeze at national airport occ
6:53 am
but the first 80 degree day was barely two weeks after that, april 13, with the cherry blossoms out. they may be earlier this year because the winter hasn't been quite as ferociously cold. may want to take some of the outdoor plans inside take. windy and cold through your bring. other than a cold start tomorrow and sunday, both look like perfect out door weather days. could even get the car washed. it will be dry for the next four to five days. been a while since we've been that mild and dry for a long time. but this morning streamers of snow off the great lakes down into our area. a weather report out here in the shenandoah valley and snowflakes spotted in frederick county, virginia. so couldn't rule out a conversational snowflake or two, but temperatures are generally at or above freezing. so just one of those, hey, there go as snowflake kind of moment. planning your day out temperature-wise, that dog walk this morning going to be a
6:54 am
chilly one. windchills are in the 20s. highs today only in the upper 30s and low 40s. date night friday night, breezy and cold, temperatures around freezing mark. and by tomorrow morning, that's the last of the real cold for a while. starting off in the mid-20s. tomorrow afternoon rising in the upper 40s. 60 degrees, yay for that, 60 or better on sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. melissa mollett, here you are. >> lots of claps for that. eun and i are very sxhexcited. aaron as excited as aaron can get. lee highway good the beltway and 7, we still have the situation with police on the scene. so we'll keep you updated on that. sounds like we have two pedestrians that may have been hit there. p no word yet on the severity. outer loop ramp to northbound new hampshire, take a look at that pothole. it's massive. and we had crews out there trying to patch it. perhaps they will be
6:55 am
back. but flattened several tires already. 295 north at hmalcolm x, a problem. route 1, 29, all no worries. former d.c. police officer and church pastor could spend the next 18 years in prison for sexually abusing two girls. darrel west will be sentenced this morning on child pornography and sex abuse problems. best was the head pastor of a church this in southeast washington. he pled guilty to abusing a 16-year-old girl inside her cis church and a 17-year-old girl inside police headquarters. tom sherwood following a major division involving the pepco/exelon merger. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood in the district. we all take power pretty much for granted. we don't think about it until we get the electric bill or the power goes out. but later this morning, the d.c. pu
6:56 am
future of pepco. it will be voting on the controversial plan to merge with energy giant exelon. the case will affect power service in the washington region and elsewhere p. the merger plan is head with both stiff resistance and strong business support. the story and its effects on rate payers as it develops later today on news 4. it is 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door, tomorrow passengers finally get a chance to ride the long awaited d.c. free cars. grand opening at 10:00 a.m. and a strong debate performance there marco rubio. he and ted cruz teamed up on donald trump. rubio's reaction this morning on the "today" show. and the mtv star who made threats against d.c. metro stations, buses and rains is being sentenced today. kidd cole could get ten years
6:57 am
prison. a lee de plea deal calls for 27 months. this man killed three in kansas before police shot him. nbc newed confirmed his name, cedric larry nord. we could learn more about him today. >> and two pedestrians hit lee highway between the beltway and 7. that will take some time to clear out of the way. chopper over some potholes. >> and that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next.
6:58 am
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good morning. tragedy in kansas. four dead, 14 injured after a gunman goes on a shooting spree at a factory where he worked. >> everybody was running. people were screaming. people were crying. >> the shooter identified as cedric ford. this morning, police say they know what may have triggered his rampage. texas smackdown. things get ugly at the republican debate, with cruz and rubio taking repeated shots at donald trump. >> if he hadn't had $200,000, you know where donald trump would be? selling watches and hats. >> anybody who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't hire illegal immigrants. t


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