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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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for the weekend. and first at 4, metro transit police are out in full force. police officers are lining up on the platform and entering the cars as part of beefed up patrols we have been telling but. >> a couple people were the targets of the crackdown, teenagers at the tenleytown station. they picked up two teens they suspected had been banned from riding metro. those teens of wilson high school student and they have been barred from riding after an attack inside one station. >> we want to put these changes in perspective. no better person to do that than our transportation reporter adam tuss. adam, barring these wilson students, is this a one-off or something metro may do more of in the future? >> reporter: well, chris, i think what's interesting about all of this is metro had told
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this week they were encouraged by what was happening with the six wilson high school students. they were encouraged by the fact a judge had gone and said they should be banned from the metrorail system. keep in mind through all of this they still were able to ride the bus system but what you saw today is metro clearly understood there was a pattern with some of the students who were still riding the train. they were at the tenleytown station. they were there when they got off the train this morning waiting for them as they were going to walk to school, and they picked those kids up. what this tells you about everything that's been going on in the metro system lately, specifically when it comes to teens, is that metro really is drawing a line in the sand here. if a judge says you're not supposed to be on the rails, well, then metro is probably going to know where you are going to be getting on and off the train. they will position transit police officers there and then they're going to pick you up, and if you break a judge's order and go against what a judge is saying, then you're in big trouble. these kids are facing some big charges, and that's a trend we could see with the transit
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future. >> adam, are we going to see these officers spread out around the city, around the region, rather? >> reporter: yeah. so what we're seeing now with the transit police officers is that they're actually being supplemented by another force. so officers that were on one specific detail are now able to go out and cover more ground around the transit system, and also what you're going to see is more targeted enforcement and late afternoons and evenings right about this time of day. they're going to be overlapping their officers so they can get the most coverage on the system as possible. so definitely things changing as far as the security standpoint on metro, guys. >> all right. adam tuss, thanks so much. a new twist in an already stunning presidential race. we sent a breaking news alert out on the nbc washington app when new jersey governor chris christie endorsed donald trump, his former opponent in the republican primary. christie praised trump as the best candidate to face hillary clinton in the ger
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his debate performances. so did trump with this animated moment during the event, slinging a water bottle around the podium. two candidates are making stops in virginia over the weekend. tonight at 7:00, senator ted cruz has an event at regent university in virginia beach. marco rubio is coming to our area on sunday. he's going to be at patrick henry college. you can follow the candidates' events in virginia in our nbc washington app. just search candidate tracker. >> reporter: we are just a few days away from super tuesday, and virginia once again a battleground state. yeah, we hear so much back and forth, heated rhetoric at times in this election season. the televised debates showing us just that, but we wanted to know what voters really make of all of this, what they make of the issues, what they've heard, what they haven't heard. we've come here to haymarket, virginia, in prince william county. everywhere from a salon to a cafe where they sell cuak
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caught up with voters. >> i'm not focused on the angry banter that's going around. >> reporter: what they're focused on going into super tuesday, that's ahead on news4 at 5:00. reporting from haymarket, virginia, i'm david culver, news4. the democrats have to get through south carolina before they can fully focus on super tuesday. the primary is tomorrow. hillary clinton is bouncing from south carolina to georgia and back for campaign events today. vermont senator bernie sanders will also finish his day in the palmetto state. the latest poll from emerson college shows clinton with a 26% lead over sanders in south carolina with a margin of error of six percentage points. storm team4 is staying pretty busy on this friday afternoon. it's brisk out there. the question is, is it going to stay that way for the rest of the weekend? chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. what about that, doug? it's cold. >> look at that flag blowing in the wind. we
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40 miles per hour, even with the sunshine. it has been one cold day. just take a look at the numbers across the mid-atlantic. only 39 in d.c. 25 in elkins, west virginia. 37 in hagerstown. the winds have been blowing. look at these wind gusts. 36 miles an hour in d.c. 25 in fredericksburg. 28 in frederick. 30 in leesburg. now, the winds will begin to subside as the sun goes down, but it is going to be one cold night tonight. if you're going out tonight, going to dinner, of course it's a friday night, make sure you bundle up. chilly night for sure. a much nicer weekend. i mean, we are really in for a good weekend here. temperatures climbing maybe even close to 60 by sunday. but winter is not over yet. oh, no, no. not over yet. i'll talk to you later in my forecast. for the past 11 months, darrell best has been in solitary confinement awaiting his sentencing after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting two teenage girls, one of
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inside police headquarters, the other one inside a church where he was a pastor. today the judge sentenced him to 18 years in prison but said he should be going away for life. during the proceedings, one of the fathers of the victims stood up and yelled, he should die in jail! court officers removed him from the courtroom. coming up on news4, you will hear from that father and why the judge says 18 years just wasn't enough. new developments involving the zika virus. today the centers for disease control confirmed nine pregnant women here in the u.s. have been infected. three of the babies have been born, one has a brain defect. two of the pregnancies ended in miscarriage and two of the women decided to have abortions. the cdc says all of the women got the virus overseas, which is primarily spread by mosquitos. also today virginia governor terry mcauliffe announced the creation of a statewide zika task force. the group will focus
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control the mosquito population before mosquito season begins in may. tomorrow is the day a lot of folks in this area have been waiting for, about $200 million and ten years later it's here. a big transportation project finally going to get going. the last-minute preparations under way right now. and it's what everybody will be talking about on monday as hollywood gets ready for its biggest night of the year. the big issue that could overshadow the oscars. you're watching news4.
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since the death of freddie gray and the unrest that followed, a group of faith leaders in baltimore has been working diligently to try to help the city heal. that group of christian, jewish, and muslim leaders will now travel to the vatican next week. according to "the baltimore sun" they will meet with pope francis and receive his blessing for their work. they have gotten together at least once a month since gray's death in april. six police officers have been charged in the
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cost $200 million, but now we're less than 24 hours away from the first ride on board d.c.'s new streetcar line. it will run a little over two miles down the h street corridor. first time in more than 50 years that you'll be able to ride a streetcar in the district. the cars will run every 10 to 15 minutes and for now it's free. there is no service on sunday. our transportation reporter adam tuss will be there for the official launch. you can look for his live reports tomorrow morning on news4 today starting around 8:30 in the morning. 24 minutes, that's how long you could be waiting for the next metro train this weekend. which stations will see the longest wait and how the wait could impact your plans. it looks like a windy, chilly start to the weekend but are things going to stay that way and for how long? doug's updated forecast first a 4. t
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everybody was running, people were screaming, people were crying. we just didn't know what to do. >> new accounts of the chaos and the horror during that workplace shooting in rural kansas yesterday as we learn new details about the gunman. police say authorities had just served cedric ford with a protective order before he carried out the attack. but they didn't confirm who filed the order against ford or whether that person was one of the three killed at the factory where he worked. in our next half hour, we'll have an update on why police say the number of deaths and injuries could have been much higher. i'm melissa with your first at 4 traffic and a look at the rails for the weekend. let's look at the track work on metro. red line running every 12 to 24 minutes. silver line every 10 minutes. blue line every 20 minutes. same thing on the orange line. green line every 24 and the yellow line a little bit of a tweak but
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as for the silver line, trains running every 10 minutes between ballston and wiehle-reston east. only here this weekend, yellow line regular service but it's only between huntington and mt. vernon square. red line single tracking between friendship heights and gloveser in. you walk outside and that wind was a shocker. >> winter doesn't want to give up just yet. we have had a couple nice days. we had spring-like thunderstorms just two days ago, and now on the back side of that storm we're much colder. it looks pretty. i mean, outside right now looking out your window it's a gorgeous afternoon. we have some bright blue skies out there, a few clouds coming in but not all that bad at all until you actually walk out the door and it's 39 degrees, but the wind is howling upwards of 30 to 40 miles an hour. that gives us the
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if you're going out tonight, it will be rather breezy. it's going to be a very cold friday evening. if you're heading to dinner, make sure you bundle up. windchills 25 in winchester, 23 in fredericksburg. a cold friday evening and it will start saturday on the cold side too. no rain, no snow to talk about today on the radar. we're not seeing anything at all there. one thing we did see though snowshoe, west virginia, right here, one of the highest ski resorts in the east, over 5,000 feet at the peak. they got 14 inches of snow. 14 inches of snow with that flow, with that very cold flow coming over the mountains, we saw a couple snow showers yesterday, but that was about it. now what do we have? well, all we have up here is cold and that cold is going to eventually move out towards the east and be replaced by some very warm air, but we have one more cold day. tomorrow morning will be a cold start. 29 degrees early tomorrow morning. 25 gaithersburg.
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so a cold start for sure, but again not all that bad as we move on through the afternoon. next couple days the impact, of course, is going to be on the low side for sure. look at the next four days. 46 degrees on your saturday. look at sunday. a high of 60 degrees. beautiful. now, it is going to be a little breezy on sunday so that's something we have to watch, but winds are out of the southwest. that's a warming wind. that puts fredericksburg at 61, gaithersburg at 68, annapolis a little cooler right along the water but the wind goes a little further west and you do get a little warmer than that 51-degree mark, but it's going to be a very nice afternoon. plenty of sunshine, great afternoon to get out there and do whatever you want to do whether it's hiking, skiing. then monday a high of 59. so still on the mild side. we'll see another storm system pass by but it will stay to the north. tuesday a high temperature of 64 degrees, and then the pattern gets a little tricky again. we're going to talk much more about what to expect next week.
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could even be some snow. yes, i said it. >> all right, doug. major decision today that could affect what you pay for electricity for decades to come. >> d.c. regulators approved the nearly $7 billion merger between pepco and energy giant exelon with some conditions. the d.c. public service commission voted 2-1 for the merger as long as they settle a few bookkeeping issues in the next couple weeks. the states of maryland, nnl, and delaware have already approved a similar deal but critics for the district say it doesn't offer city residents a whole lot of benefit. >> it doesn't fit, and it's not in our favor. it's not in the public interest, and the people of the district of columbia were harmed today and will be harmed on into the future by this deal. >> pepco and exelon officials say they will study the conditions set by the commission before they actually
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comment. the blizzard last month resulted in a lot of cancellations, including a fairfax county evident to collect food for those in need. the event is rescheduled for tomorrow at two locations. there will be buses at both locations between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. you leave the restaurant, get the bill, add the tip, sign, leave. well, it wasn't that simple for two local women who say their server changed their receipts. susan hogan shows you how to keep it from happening to you. >> and it's hollywood's biggest night, but will one issue overshadow the glitz and the glamour? first at 4.
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you're watching news4 at 4. hollywood's biggest night takes place this weekend. the red carpet is all rolled out and ready. >> liz hernandez is joining us live from the
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studios in burbank. liz, so many great story lines from leo dicaprio to others. who do you think will come away the big winner? >> i think alejandro has a great chance of winning best director. leo, it's his year. if this isn't the time for him to take home the oscar, i don't know when it is. i think brie larson. everyone says it's between the ref nant and spotlight for best picture but i think the most attention will be on chris rock and him hosting the big night. >> we know some big names are taking part in a boycott this year. do you think that boycott will cast a shadow over the evening? >> i don't think it will cast a shadow. you know, i think chris rock is really smart, and he's very funny, and he's going to be able to deliver the message and do it in a way that will be wrapped in humor, and i think definitely there will be a message that's delivered, but as far as it being the great cloud over the oscars, i don'tth
4:25 pm
there to have a good time and celebrate this year's film work. >> thanks, liz. we're going to be watching you guys, of course, leading up to the big night. "access hollywood" will have all the behind the scenes. >> thank you. meet the local student who is using his personal experience to change the conversation. and our sunny skies today sure don't tell the whole story. storm team4 is tracking what's in store for our friday evening and the weekend.
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a potentially game-changing star of approval just weeks after ending his own bid for the white house. new jersey governor chris christie throws his support behind donald trump, and that's just the latest grenade that trump has thrown into the most explosive presidential campaign season in modern history. >> thing
4:29 pm
argued that experience is critical to being president. now he's campaigning with trump just four days until super tuesday. steve handelsman has the latest from south carolina where the democratic primary is going to be held tomorrow. >> reporter: thanks. good evening from columbia, where the democrats face off in their primary tomorrow, and they might have thought they would have the spotlight today but it got stolen by these two republicans who seemed like unlikely allies until lunchtime today. >> the next president of the united states, donald trump! >> reporter: no warning, chris christie and donald trump just showed up together in if the worth. >> america, america must have a strong leader again that can restore american jobs, that can restore american confidence, and donald trump is just the man to do it. >> reporter: and trump can beat hillary clinton, christie said. >> i think that this is the one endorsement that i felt very strongly about i wanted to get. >> reporter: before he dropped out, christie had battled trump. now the fight is for super tuesday.
4:30 pm
country on tuesday. >> reporter: last night's texas debate was fiery. >> this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. >> reporter: for ted cruz winning at home on tuesday in texas is a must. >> if donald trump is our nominee, hillary will be very difficult to beat. >> marco rubio is in super tuesday attack trump mode. >> the charade is up. this is a con job. so we unmasked him last night, and let me tell you, it's time for you to unmask him too. >> reporter: trump is mocking rubio as melting down. >> it's rubio. >> reporte >> reporter: hillary clinton had hoped for today's spotlight. clinton has the support of african-americans, the key to a win. >> thank you very much for coming. >> reporter: bernie sanders is seen by many blacks in south carolina as unproven. back to the republicans, if donald trump is the nominee, might chris christie be his running nate? ri
4:31 pm
to stay on as governor of new jersey until his term ends in 2018. live from columbia, south carolina, steve handelsman, news4. chris? >> thanks, steve. after last night's debate and governor christie's big announcement, we want to know which republican candidate you think is acting the most presidential. it's our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. you can call or text the number or head to the nbc washington facebook page to weigh in. a little breezy today, right? but i was still smiling because we had a lot of sunshine across the area. really a pretty day here on a friday, and now we're getting ready to kick off the weekend which is going to be i think in many ways just as nice as last week, and i like the temperatures last week and i know a lot of folks were saying we didn't get as much sunshine but the temperatures were at least up there, and tonight this is your evening on the town forecast for tonight. cold, less wind, 30 to 35 degrees for tonight. take a look at saturday night's temperatures. 36 to 39. not quite as col
4:32 pm
way you're going to need the coat and either way each night is going to feel still like winter. it's still breezy to gusty out there right now. not helping our windchill temperatures. those gusts still 25 to over 30 miles per hour. the wind settles. by morning, sunshine. 26 to 30 degrees and we'll just continue to warm up again with that sunshine tomorrow across the area. 47 degrees around stafford, around fredericksburg, areas in d.c. 46. 44 your high to the north in frederick, but it gets even better, believe it or not. second half of the weekend. we're going to make our move from winter to spring and then back to winter again. there's your sunday. next friday way down, even lower temperatures than 40 degrees. and, yes, we could get a little bit of wintry weather back next week this time. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thanks. going out to eat recently cost some local women more than they expected. >> they say there was a big problem with the tip, which they only discovered when they checked their bank statements. consumer reporter susan hogan
4:33 pm
you get your check, leave a tip, sign your name, and off you go, right? well, we heard from a number of people who all claim the tip total was changed after they paid their bill. >> i think people should know. >> reporter: ruth hess said it happened to her at this bennigan's in tyson's corner. >> we were completely taken aback. >> reporter: jenny murphy said it happened to her and two other couples at 21 great american bee stroh in fairfax. >> they gave us no explanation. >> reporter: a night out for dinner with friends at two different restaurants served up a very similar situation. >> we were just looking at our credit card account, and we had seen that we were overcharged by $10. >> i checked my credit card statement, my debit card statement a couple days later and it had been closed out to $99.99. >> reporter: ruth was charged almost $60 more than what her bill came to. the customers called the restaurants. 21 great american bistro
4:34 pm
jenny and her friends. >> immediately we saw the gratuity amount and the total amount was modified, and then when -- >> reporter: when you say modified, what do you mean? >> it was changed. the numbers were changed. they had added an additional $10 to each of them. >> reporter: not only can you see the tip amounts were changed, jenny says her receipt showed something much worse. >> and i even went a little further, and i looked at our credit card slip which had been completely rewritten and signed by somebody else and not my husband. therefore, it was forged. >> reporter: jenny filled out a police report with the city of fairfax police department, which is now investigating. >> i'm still missing $60. i mean, i didn't quite budget for $60 to be missing. >> reporter: after ruth contacted news4, bennigan's refunded her the overcharge. we contacted both restaurants. the manager at bennigan's tell us the server made a typo error and as a result the staff has been retrained on the
4:35 pm
the manager at 21 great american bistro vehemently denies his em pli modified the tip and even suggested the customers changed the tip amount. in the end, the manager did offer to refund $10 to each couple. >> it's not about the money. i think i was just so appalled myself that they would question our integrity that i wanted to get this story out there to prevent this from happening to anybody else. >> reporter: bottom line, next time you go out to eat, make sure you have signed up for alerts with your credit card company to get immediate notice of a charge. you'll receive it even before leaving a restaurant. and always check your credit card statements. if there's a discrepancy you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. now, we reached out to the national restaurant association. it says tipping diskrip crepani nor the industry norm and it's the restaurant's best interest to make sure they're being vigilant with staff in order to
4:36 pm
accurately. >> i didn't even know you could get those alerts so quickly, before you even leave the restaurant. >> i'll tell you i have been doing it for a year. all of my credit cards. any kind of a purchase, and you can set the amounts, $50, $100. if there's a purchase on your card at that amount, it will let you know even if it's one of your purchases as well. it's a great, great thing to have. >> wow. >> and check the statements. >> oh, my gosh, definitely. >> thank you, susan. >> sure. cell phone standoff. a closer look at the cell phone security issue that's dividing the country and who some think should actually decide what happens. and this time tomorrow the nation's capitol will once again have street cars. we're showing what you it was like the last time they were in
4:37 pm
4:39 pm
after years of delays, d.c. street cars are finally ready to roll. tomorrow the streetcar will make its long anticipated debut at 13th and h streets.
4:40 pm
some folks in our area, this is going to be like a blast from the past. >> reporter: we're sort of going back in time in this new modern day. the d.c. street cars' launch tomorrow along much different h street dor kocorridor. >> and they started literally at roslyn with routes 10 and 12, and then if you feature going around the city in an arc. >> reporter: trolleys once carried passengers all over washington even through snowstorms equipped with their own sweepers, bamboo bristles like these cleared the tracks. >> so this one is route 10 from rosslyn across counsel to kenilworth avenue. >> reporter: for the first time since 1962, passengers will board d.c.'s new street cars. city leaders welcomed the
4:41 pm
delayed $200 million streetcar project back to the capital city. the 2.2-mile long line spans the h street corridor. >> this woman remembers the old street cars. >> going as far as union station right now. so i would still ride the bus. >> reporter: trolley expert ken rucker, who runs the capitol trolley museum in silver spring, isn't so sure how well a new generation of street cars will fit into modern day life. >> so it's a trial balloon, and i fear that it's been hurt by the delays that have gone along so far. >> reporter: and take a look at those tracks. drivers behavior, don't block them or you risk being ticketed and towed. right now there's a fleet of about five street cars in the system that will
4:42 pm
minutes, and it's free for now with no sunday service. in northeast d.c., mollette green, news4. >> we'll be live for the launch tomorrow morning. >> you betcha. first at 4, a local college student is writing a lot more than just term papers. >> how he's drawing on his experiences to inspire people everywhere and he's doing it from his dorm. and the weekend is here, but will our weather cooperate. storm team4 is tracking what's next.
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4:45 pm
developing right now at 4:00, apple's ceo tim cook defended his legal battle with the fbi at the company's annual shareholder meeting today. >> the debate is heating up and other tech companies are rallying to apple's side. mark barger reports lawmakers may end up making the final decision. >> reporter: enkrige
4:46 pm
>> prently presently there's a court order directing apple to create a software that disabled certain security software feature. >> reporter: it would allow the fbi to attempt to retrieve data from one of the san bernardino shooter's phones. apple has refused to comply. >> this could affect the security and the encryption technology on phones that most of us carry today. >> reporter: apple's ceo tim cook said in a letter that developing a back door could put all iphone users at risk and set a precedent threatening civil liberties. >> there a big problem. >> reporter: several recent polls indicate the public sides with the government, but one poll by reuters indicated support for apple and denying government access to phone and internet communication even in the name of stopping terrorist attacks. >> i think it represents an overall concern that people don't want the government intruding into their priva
4:47 pm
>> reporter: some argue the issue should not be decided by nonelected authorities and private companies but rather the american people. >> the way do you that is by having congress through representatives enact a law to deal with this directly. >> reporter: two lawmakers announce they plan to introduce a bill next week to form a commission. mark barger, nbc news. facebook is going to join google, twitter, and microsoft to file a friend of the court briefing on behalf of apple. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> okay. if you didn't like today's weather, just wait until tomorrow. or actually sunday. wait until sunday because, wow, we're going to turn things around again. a little bit of march, a little bit of april. a taste of that coming our way the latter part of the weekend and then it will try to hang on for the early part of next week, but for this evening a lot of you wanting to go out. here is our impact forecast for this evening. yes, temperatures will continue to drop. upper 30s for the 5:00 hour. mid-30s by
4:48 pm
what's so important, that the wind will start to settle down. we've had windchill readings today that have been in the 20s. when we get down to the low 30s, it shouldn't feel too much colder than that. current windchills, look at this, 39 in d.c. 38 frederick. 33 that feel-like temperature in fredericksburg. this is where there was some snow over the last 24 hours. that system that came through our area with all the severe weather managed to produce snow in areas of west virginia, the back side of that, the cold air, the westerlies. snowshoe getting 14 inches of snow. that's right there where you see that little big dark blue blob. even areas of western maryland seeing some snow too, so if you plan on going skiing, nice conditions. again, fresh snow in west virginia. we're going to give you a green light in fact for everything this upcoming weekend. hiking, i think great for both days. if you're going to head to the car wash, i would do the drive through maybe on saturday unless you can get out in the sunshine right at the max during the day
4:49 pm
you can hand wash even on sunday as we get up to 60 degrees. let me show you saturday's temperatures. i'll take you hour by hour. there are the sky conditions. partly sunny on saturday. sunday we have even more sunshine coming our way, but we'll get up to 42 degrees by lunchtime. 45 by 5:00 and then 40 around the evening hours when the winds start to settle. our change still here. we've been talking about this over the last couple days. sunday from 49 to 56 by the 2:00 hour. so sunday is going to feel very nice across the area. your four-day forecast, monday is mild. we try to hang onto that spring-type warmth for tuesday and wednesday, but not quite because wednesday weather system comes through. right now it's looking like rain likely with a chance of thunderstorms. some of those storms could be strong, and if it comes through early enough, that 56 that you're seeing there, that will be in the early part of the day with falling temps. we'll talk more about that and friday's possible rain/snow coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> thanks,
4:50 pm
grew up with a disability is using his experience to help kids dealing with the same thing. >> he was born with just one hand. news4's melissa mollet has more on the student's uplifting and unique undertaking. >> what makes trace wilson unique isn't his disability, it's his drive. he's found the time to write a chirp's book that's taking off and helping kids across the country. trace wilson is very much like your average 21-year-old. he loves playing video games, he's in a fraternity, into weightlifting and deejaying but he's also incredible at adapting. he was born without a right hand. >> my mom remembers me having a moment of clarity at one point when i was little and kind of suddenly realizing it myself and asking her why do i have one hand? >> reporter: the questions could be hurtful. >> i was always given a few scripted responses for whenever other kids or adults, anyone,
4:51 pm
was made or this is how i was born. >> reporter: a few years back trace decided he wanted to help other kids like him. >> if i help one child get through a rough patch or help them understand their disability or their difference, then my goal has been met. >> reporter: the idea for a book came during a family road trip. >> i wrote the whole story in the car and it kind of sat in the notes application on my phone for i think two, three years. >> reporter: a kickstarter campaign brought in about $5,000 to pay an illustrator and a publisher. >> before half of a deadline was up to raise the donations, i had already raised everything i needed. >> reporter: everything he needed for uniquely me. >> once there was a little boy who only had one hand. >> reporter: the boy in the story sets out on an adventure to understand why he's different. >> snake, the boy asked y don't i have two hands? >> reporter: and in the end realizes he's not different but unique. >> they don't have to worry about being different
4:52 pm
it's just a different thing. >> reporter: teaching kids to accept their differences and giving parents a little help. jive gotten a lot of very ecstatic and enthusiastic reactions from kids and parents. >> reporter: parents like connecticut's nicole la salle whose 4-year-old loves uniquely me. >> why do i got two hands, fish? >> reporter: she was born without part of her right hand. her mom says when myla first saw the book, her eyes lit up and her jaw dropped. >> we have many different books, but this one she really connected to. >> reporter: the book released last month is being printed locally. it's in the gmu bookstore, online at barnes & noble. trace has sold more than 700 copies so far and is planning to now print 1,000 more. >> people are walking in the stores and buying it. it's kind of surreal. >> reporter: if fairfax county, melissa mollet, news4. >> and we posted a link to the book on our nb
4:53 pm
just search uniquely me. this is chris gordon at the montgomery county courthouse with the story of a drunk driver with four prior convictions who struck a police officer. it was a hit and run on copper road last october. despite being injured, police officer michael murphy chased the driver down and found him with a 12-pack of beer in the car and a cold can in his pocket. >> you hit me with your car and you didn't stop. i had to chase you down. >> reporter: ahead, we'll see the part of the dashcam video that has police officers so upset. that's coming up on news4 at 5:00. back to you. >> thanks, chris. the pieces are starting to come together about that shooting spree in kansas. now we're learning about who stopped the attacks before they got even worse. >> this is news4 at 4:00.
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searching for answers in kansas where a man killed three of his co-workers and injured more than a dozen others. >> the governor said the officer who stopped that man is a hero. chris pollone explains how many people were in danger. >> reporter: as investigators try to figure out why a worker at this lawn equipment factory opened fire killing three and injuring 14 thursday, they're also learning more about how the attack unfolded. kansas governor sam brownback says it was the rapid response of police that saved lives. >> the hesston police chief in particular went in immediately to address the situation rather than even waiting on backup. he went right in and did heroic duty and service. >> reporter: a hesston police officer went into the building after cedric ford. he shot and kid hlled him. they served him with a protective order hours before the rampage. gee didn't display
4:58 pm
was outrageous. he was a little upset that he was getting this order. >> reporter: police say ford armed with a rifle and handgun shot two people, stole a car, and came to excel industries. >> people running, pop, pop, pop, pop. i started running too. >> reporter: within moments the shooting was over and ford was dead. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: as this small community mourns those lost, we're starting to learn more about the people taken in this shooting. one of the man killed was a man named josh higby. today president obama called the mayor of hesston to offer condolences and gratitude for the first responders who put their lives on the line to save others. in hesston, kansas, chris pollone, nbc news. right now at 5:00 -- >> 18 years ain't [ bleep ]. 18 years ain't enough. they supported a
4:59 pm
>> reporter: an emotional day. a former d.c. police officer sentenced for sexually assaulting girls inside police headquarters and inside a church. america must have a strong leader again that can restore american jobs, that can restore american confidence, and donald trump is just the man to do it. >> plus a new twist in the republican presidential primary, but do voters in virginia care? but first, keeping their promises. a teen arrested on metro today. a day after police promised to step up security. you won't see this video anywhere else but here on news4 at 5:00. and during this rush hour right now, metro riders are seeing more transit police on the trains, on the platforms. >> and the last hour we got a good look at what they're doing now to respond to that recent violent crime wave on metro. news4's derrick ward is live at l'enfant plaza. >> reporter: it's a response to that and some other incidents that have happened since then. we're
5:00 pm
metro, but that teen we talked about who was involved in that brawl back in january, well, he was reasesed today just for riding the system. this is because a judge has already ordered him to stay away. the arrest today at the tenley station stems from an incident at the gallery place station on january 28th. police say a teen, part of a group of teen, all students from wilson hoom, punched a 35-year-old man on the subway. surveillance foot oge shage sho melee that followed. a judge ordered them to stay away from the subway system while the case spending. apparently at least one student didn't. >> any stopped that individual and a second individual and determined that, in fact, he was one of the six of the students. >> reporter: that teen was arrested at tenley and he now faces a contempt of court charge and an unlawful entry charge on top of the assault charges from th


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