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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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it was her first day on the job. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the jic. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the jca. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the jca. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the jal. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the jle. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the jed. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the jed. ashley guindon lost her life. it was her first day on the job. and what you see there, a full police procession. >> very heavy story this morning. guindon and two other officers were shot responding to a call about an argument at that home yesterday. >> neighbors reported hearing several rapid gunshots and a swarm of police arrived. the shooting happened on lashmere court right off ridge field road. kids were playing outside when the shooting began. not clear what led up to it. but prince william county police say all three officers were shot by one suspect. officer guindon had worked for the police department a few years back and had just returned. >> she was sworn in yesterday and her shift was -- this was their first day working. so the whole thing is just tragic.
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>> guindon served in the marine corps reserve and had family >> and prince william county officers are holding a vigil at the hospital. two others remain hospitalized this morning and we're working to find out their conditions. we are learning some new information also about the suspected gun man in this investigation. >> and we've found out the charges the suspect is face. te dak require ward joining us. >> reporter: we know proper police ovfficers remain hospitalized. they along with officer guindon were shown here after the shooting on lashmere court. of course a woman was found dead t in that home. the shooter is in custody, but not identified. he's believed to have lived at that home with his family. n
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what she knew about him. >> met the tdad, and he's a coo guy. quiet, nice, always pleasant, respectful, bringing his son over to lay with my son. so i've seen the wife in passing. i've met the mother, his mother. >> reporter: now, he is facing a capital murder-degree murder. two counts of malicious wounding and lee firearms charges. this comes from the prosecutor here in this area. of course when there is an officer who has been killed, those capital murder charges which carry the death penalty are allowed here in virginia. again, we're waiting more word about the names and conditions of the officers who remain hospitalized here at inova fairfax. derrick ward, news 4.
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say with news 4 and our washington nbcnd you breaking ns alert when we get new developments today. the last prince william county police officer killed in the line of duty, officer chris young, husband and father of three, died new year's eve of late 2012. a driver hit and killed him as he was responding to an emergency call on his motorcycle. officer guindon makes the fourth prince william county police officer killed in the line of duty since the department's inception back in 1970. it's 9:03 and we do have more on a developing story. this one out of bethesda, maryland. we have learned the names of the victims killed in a horrific car crash. this happened on river road near pyle road around 7:00 last night. parents and r
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their teen daughter was also badly hurt. the other direether driver was the hospital but expected to being on. the crash is under investigation. i'm meteorologist tom kierein on this sunday morning. lots of sunshine, temperatures are really climbing quickly. we're well into the 40s now much of the region. a little bit of a breeze coming in out of the south bringing in that mild air. you can he soo the flag flsee t flapping. it will feel springlike today, tomorrow and again on tuesday. temperatures right now mid-40s shenandoah valley. stanto stanton, virginia, up to 50 degrees. mild temperatures moving into the metro area. lots of sunshine, just a few clouds off in the west. live view from tower camera looking off to the north and west, and the temperature will steeply climb by noontime, we should be into the mid to upper 50s. and then briefly tin
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afternoon. just a little bit of a breeze and a mild pattern it continues here for the next three days. a big change moving in for wednesday, a look at that and our next chance for rain and snow stay tuned. 9:05. now republican presidential candidate marco rubio going to be in loudoun county today. he's hosting a rally at patrick henry college. it will be at 1:00 this afternoon. this is one of four stops for rubio. he's making his way through the commonwealth ahead of what is super tuesday. and "meet the press" moderator chuck todd going to join us in about an hour from now. he will bring down the results heading in to super tuesday. here is who he has coming up. bernie sanders, john kasich and ted cruz, all of that at 10:30 right after "news 4 today." tornadoes left major damage across parts of virginia. take a look at that
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where thousands say they did not get a warning and what is being done to fix lindsey graham emer. and olympics starting in less than six months and there is major concern about sewage in the water.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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3,000 people in at mappomat county say they didn't get the official alert before the tornado. neighbors say they were thought notified by the county's automated alert system before that tornado hit. county officials trying to figure out what happened. the system notifies verizon land line phones when it's triggered. the powerful tornado left man man dead, seven others hurt and close to 100 structures
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uc berkeley alerts 80,000 people after a major cyber attack. hackers got access to the information of alumni, current and former employees. the university was in the middle of packing a security flaw in the financial management system when the intrusion happened back in december. thenotified and the flaw has been fixed. protestors say brazil has a serio serious sewage problem and the olympics start in august. an independent report last year found there were dangerously high level of viruses and bacteria in that water. you can look forward to what will be a warm and sunny sunday. we're expecting temperatures in the 60s. tom kierein tracking
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can expect 134 some showers in the week ahead, as well. and it is the biggest night in hollywood. the controversy over this year's academy awards and the movies and actors hoping to walk away big winners.
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we're on our live facebook chat. hollywood's
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>> a lot of you you chiming in about sylvester stallone hopefully walking away a winner. and we'll also be watch to go see if leo can finally take home that golden statue. mark barger has predictions. . >> reporter: anticipation is not just about the awards. >> i'm looking forward to chris rock. i can't think of a better host. >> reporter: rock will have the academy's diversity issues squarely in his sight, but keep it from dominating the event. >> you want to feel historic. >> reporter: and it could be for alejandro, favored to be the first back to back best director winner in 65 years, his film "the revenant." >> the first time ever that one director has directed back to back best picture winners. >> reporter: "the revenant's" competition includes spotlight and "the big short." both have shared numerous. >> i think a lot of people lov
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"revenant," but i don't know if it's something everybody embraces. >> reporter: more certain is the love for leonardo dicaprio. it would be his first oscar. >> i think he's at home writing his speech right now. at least he should be. because i can't imagine anyone else winning. >> reporter: the feeling similar about brie larson. she's dominated the best actress field. >> and no other performance in that category this year that goes through wringer like her character does and she portrayed it beautifully. >> reporter: supporting actress has a tight race. >> i kind of think it will go to allessia. and sylvester stallone should have won for rocky. >> reporter: winning this time
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golden night. mark barger, nbc news. and at the complete opposite, "50 shades of grey" came out on top of the razzie awards. the adaptation of the novel scored five razzies. it was sweep. including worth actress and worst actor. fantastic four won this year's super hero flop. the awards were launched back in 1980 as a spoof of hollywood's awards season. a lot of folks talking on our facebook live chat about oscars. and brooklyn, the big short, a lot of good films. >> someone says if leo doesn't win, he'll quit making movies. and one thing we want to watch this year ise
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introducing lady gaga and her performance. and this is to spotlight their initiative with campus sex assaults. so it will be a serious note in there, too. so talking about the weather. did somebody say 60s? >> yep, it will be quickly climbing now. we're on target to hit the 60s by later this afternoon. do you have plans to get out today and maybe get in a hike or brifg wa brisk walk, perfect weather for that. the mud is starting to dry out. and this morning what to wear, you do need a jacket this morning still. it's rather chilly. but this afternoon, you'll be comfortable in short sleeves and make sure the sunglasses, that bright high anxious he will sun is with us now the end of february and you won't need any rain gear. we'll stay dry all day. terrific day to get in a run and temperatures will be climbing into the upper 50s by 1:00. should be near 60 by 2:00. by 4:00, ought to be hovering in the low 60s much of theio
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lots of sunshine through the day. just delightful. a mood enhancing kind of day. radar not showing any rain, any snow anywhere in the vicinity. i love this photo, this was taken yesterday at cunningham falls state park in maryland and frederick county. up there by larry helms. share your pictures. put them on facebook, share them on my twitter page, as well. and on instragram. love reading your comments. the four day forecast after today, we'll keep it going tomorrow, but tomorrow morning at the bus stop at the metro, you might need an umbrella. we might get a few sprinkle of light rain early tomorrow morning. we'll be in the upper 40s. then in the afternoon with sunshine coming back, climb manage to the mid-60s. 40s again on tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon, lots of sunshine again with highs chiming into the low 60s as we say hello march. good voting weather, too, in virginia on tuesday. much of virginia with sunshine, temperatures
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then a front comes in and inevitably it will, doesn't keep this kind of pattern going very long this time of year. on wednesday, the front brings in some showers. maybe even some thundershowers. brief downpours, but not as wild as it was on last wednesday. we'll have it in the upper 50s by the time we g in the afternoon hours before the rain arrives. and then the rain sweeps through and then it's gone. and by thursday as we look at the storm team 4 seven day outlook, chillier weather moves in into the mid-40s. right now on friday, there is still some concern about maybe some snow on friday, maybe beginning as rain changing to snow. how much snow we meet at the time on friday still way too early to say. but just be prepared we could get some snow on friday with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. does look like the wet kind of snow if we get it at all. then saturday, some sunshine back, temperatures in to the mid-40s. next weekend's outlook, terrific day on saturday. and then sunday, a
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week from today, ought to be into the mid-50s with cool weather next weekend looks like a great weekend to enjoy. but up and down we go here for the week ahead. >> we'll be ready for it. thanks so much. coming up, a college student using his experience to help others dealing with a difficult situation making a world of difference in a creative way.
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astronaut scott kelly is heading back to earth on tuesday after almost a year in space. kelly said when gets back to houston, he'll have several hours of medical tests but apparently he's not tired of just floating around kryet becae he doesn't want to eat a burger or watch a movie, he wants to jump into a swimming pool. he's been in space for a year to test the effects of long space flight. and it could really be a major step in nasa's plan to try to send humans to mars by 2030. he takes the most spectacular photos. a local college senior grew up with a disability and uses his experience now to help kids dealing with the same thing. he was born with
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melissa mollett shows us his uplifting and unique undertaking. what makes trace unique is his drive. he's taking 18 credits graduating from george mason this may but have found time to write a children's book that is helping kids across the country. trace wilson very much like your average 21-year-old. he loves playing video games, he's in a fraternity, into weightlifting, deejaying. but he's also incredible at adapting. >> my mom remembers me having clarity and i asked her why do i have one hand. >> reporter: the questions could be hurtful. >> i was always given a few scripted responses when anyone asked and this is how i was made or this is how i was born. >> reporter: a few years back, trace decided he wanted to help other kids like him. >> if i help one child get through a rough patch or help
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them understand their disability or their difference, then my goal has been met. >> reporter: the idea for a book came during a family road trip. >> i wrote the whole story in the car and it sat in the application on my phone for i think two, three years. >> reporter: a kick starter campaign brought in about $5,000 to pay an illustrator and publisher. >> before half the deadline was up, i had raised everything i needed. >> reporter: everything he needed for "uniquely me." >> once there was a little boy who only had one hand. >> reporter: the boy in the story set out on an adventure to understand why he was different. >> why don't i have two hands? >> reporter: and in the end he realized he's not different, but unique. >> they don't have to worry about being different because it's not a bad thing. it's just a different thing. >> reporter: teaching kids to accept their limb differences and giving parents help. >> i've gotten a lot of enthusiastic responses. >> reporter: and this 4-year-old
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loves "uniquely me." mila was born without part of her right hand. her mom says when mila first saw the book, her eyes lit up and her jaw dropped. >> we have gotten many different books, but this one she really connected to. >> reporter: the book is printed locally and is sold online. he's sold more than 700 copies so far and is planning to print 1,000 more. >> people are walking in to stores and buying. it's surreal. >> reporter: in fairfax county, melissa mollett, news 4. we've posted a link to that book on our app. just search uniquely me. we have warmer weather sticking around for a while. feast your eyes on this beautiful shot of the national
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tom is tracking when some showers could impact your commute next week. and we're just getting an update on the breaking news out of prince william county. this is the one involving an officer who was killed on her first day on the job. what we have just learned about the suspect and another woman killed.
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as we come up on 9:30, we're getting new details on breaking news in prince william county. a woman dead, an officer killed during her first day on the job and two fellow officers in the hospital. all of this connected to a shooting in woodbridge. >> we have officers involved in a shooting. >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> dispatch tapes, and breaking news coming in. just heard from our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey. she confirmed the name of the suspected gunman in the police shooting. we are told his name is ronald hamilton. and he's being held at the prince william county detention center. he's being held on a capital murder charge. now, prince william county police also sent out a picture of officer ashley guindon's cruiser via
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take a look at this. the caption -- actually we plan to put that out on our twitter feed coming up shortly and have it here later in the newscast. but along with the photo, it says blessed are the peace makers for they will be called children of god. to take you back, this all started with a call to police about a domestic argument at a home on lashmere court yesterday. gunshots started flying soon after officers arrived and kids were outside and they had to run for cover. >> we heard three to four gunshots, so we started running. and when we got up here, we saw all the cops and we were trying to come home and they told us to go inside. >> three officers were shot the and air lifted to inova fairfax office. that is where officer guindon died. two other officers remain hospitalized this morning. and the name as we mentioned again is ronald hamilton. he's being
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and some of the other morning's top stories, three people are dead this morning in a car crash. this happened on the river road near pyle road. take a look at the scene. we've learned the parents and their 17-year-old son all lost their lives in this crash. their teenage daughter was seriously hurt. the other driver is expected to be okay. hillary clinton is on top again this morning. she won last night's south carolina primary taking 39 dell gets. bernie sanders earned 14 more delegates in the contest ahead of super tuesday. later today, marco rubio going to be in loudoun county. he's hosting a rally at patrick henry college. it will be at 1:00 this afternoon. this is one of four stops for rubio. a springlike day under way on
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great day to take the kids to a local play ground or maybe a great day for a family hike, bike ride, as temperatures will be climbing into the 60s during the afternoon. right now looking off across the region, we have a beautiful blue sky. just a few clouds off to the north. looking at tenially up lleytow right, on the right is bethesda on this sunday morning. all is calm and quiet. no rain, no snow anywhere in our vicinity. the nearest is way up here in the upper midwest. now, this 1 goiis going to be o track to come close to us tomorrow morning, b it will be too warm for any snow. we could get a few sprinkles at the bus stop monday morning. we'll be in the upper 40s. but heading back home tomorrow afternoon into the low and mid 60s. a look at the big changes on the way for the week ahead and maybe a little snow in the forecast. that's coming in a few minutes. happening today, neighbors
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store that is supposed to open up next month. the nova armory will be located on pershing drive. they say they will sell items for skeet shooting. maybe residents say they didn't learn about the store until last week. and then on the other side of the law, a police officer suspended after being charged with assault. officer olaseha is on suspension after fellow officers arrested him for domestic disturbance in upper marlboro on friday. he was off duty at the time. the victim had to go to the hospital. the officer has been with the department to three years. and fairfax county police crediting the community and social media with helping them quickly arrest a sex assault suspect. officials released this sketch after a woman was raped in her own home last saturday. police say the man broke into the apartment on blankenship street, woke the
9:35 am
assaulted her. on friday night, they saw a suspicious vehicle and found edwin martinez inside. he's been arrested and charged with that incident. >> my neighbor next to me was thinking about moving out because she also has kids and we didn't hear anything from the apartment managers. but now that he's arrested, we feel a little bit are more relieved. >> here are the exact charges for martinez. burglary, rape and providing false identification to a law enforcement officer. we do know the victim is out of the hospital. new controversy in the race for the white house. why gop candidates are in a new fight over tax retu. and why one claims a candidate may have something to hide.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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and iti tanti-immigration rn california ends with three being stabbed. the ku klux klan organized the rally and count at ter protesto confronted them. a fight broke out and three were stabbed. one man used the eagle on top of a flag pole to stab the man. 16 were arrested. but maybe his tax return shows that he doesn't quite have as much money as he says he does. >> strong words from ted cruz. he's pushing rifle donald trumpoff the billionaire businessman's reluctant to release his tax information. on saturday night cruz joined marco rubio putting out two page summaries. cruz says he will put out more if the florida senator is the same. a mass shooting leaves four dead in washington state. what we're now finding out about the gunman and the victim.
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challenge with the workday commute tomorrow. we'll tell you where you can catch a ride.
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a coroner in washington state has identified the gunman and three of his four victims in what was a horrific murder-suicide. david campbell shot and killed his wife, alina carlson, and her teenage children. the coroner has not ti
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the fourth victim. so they can let loved ones know. tomorrow is your next chance to ride the brand new d.c. street cars. after many years of delays and controversy, the street cars made their debut to an excited crowd saturday morning. adam tuss shows us the city's new addition. >> reporter: the street car is here. plenty of excitement. >> we've been waiting with bated breath for this to come. >> reporter: and it's opening day. >> so everybody let's ride. ♪ >> reporter: the marching band getting a big crowd warmed up. mayor muriel bowser on board a packed street car for the first trip. >> did you ever think that today would come? >> i knew it would come, adam. >> reporter: the mayor taking time for a selfie smiles all around, the mayor saying an extension already being planned into ward 7. >> our next focus will be connecting to benning road.
9:43 am
>> reporter: and this ride was definitely the main attraction. long after the mayor had taken her inaugural ride on the street car, people are still excited, right? >> oh, yeah. >> everyone still excited? >> reporter: street car definitely catching some buzz here. this line is years behind schedule. it faced rising costs, safety concerns. but the city says it's committed to making it work. riders like wendy remember the last time street cars rolled this 1962 and she sees promise. >> especially for my seniors because we're looking for another mode of transportation. >> reporter: some had to ask themselves is this really happening. yep, street cars now back in d.c. along h street northeast, adam tuss, news 4. this week we'll learn what will happen to what is a unique piece of white house history. we told you concepcion passed
9:44 am
outside in a camp for 34 years. monday it will be decided if the camp will remain there or be donated. back in '81, the anti-war camp was set up. she passed away just last month. if you thought you saw natalie portman on 17th street yesterday, well, you you did. she and a film crew are taping scenes about the life of jackie kennedy. they will be back up filming again today. we have details about the road closures on our app, search jackie. >> and if they're out there filming today, they will have some nice breaweather by midday. >> and predict a backup at the slide he local playground. >> it's really the start of a springlike pattern. >> and things are drying out. it was so muddy after all the rains, but now you can go
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playground without qkids gettin all muddy. a terrific day is under way and a great day for a bike ride, too, on the towpath or maybe the wond trail. a lot of great trails for biking around the region. and temperatures that are be in the mid fourth right n-40s righ this afternoon, we should be in the low 60s. you might be buffeteded a little bit of wind out of the southwest during the afternoon hours. right now storm team 4 radar not showing any rain or snow locally. but tomorrow morning, we might have some rain moving into the mountains. this is as of 5:00 a.m. this area in green is some light rain coming into western maryland, panhandle of west virginia. then it advances closer to the shenandoah valley, maybe just a few sprinkles there, frederick county maryland and virginia and up toward the pennsylvania border. but it's after that it moves off farther for the east and we might get just a few sprinkles by 8:00
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thendri drifts off to the eastern shore. and then the sky clears out, sunshine breaks out the rest of monday and another mild day. so storm team 4 four day forecast showing temperatures again tomorrow after the chance of morning rain climbing into the low to mid-60s tomorrow afternoon. and the mild pattern does continue on tuesday. morning lows in the mid-40s. afternoon highs on tuesday into the low 60s. now, the average high this time of year is 51 as we say good-bye to february and hello march. first day of march on tuesday, good voting weather by the way in virginia for super tuesday. and then clouds around on wednesday in advance of a cold front coming in. we can't get this kind ever pattern lasting long this time of year. that front coming in triggering likely showers, maybe even some thundershowers that will be late wednesday afternoon into wednesday evening is the new timing on
9:47 am
into the upper 50s. then on thursday, the cooler air moves in behind that front out of the north and west. partly sunny and highs just into the mid-40s. so below average temperatures by the end of the week. and then we'll get a little disturbance coming through or an area of low pressure passing just to our south and east. enough cold air in place maybe to give us some cold rain change to go some wet snow on friday is the way it looks right now. temperatures in the 30s. too early to say if we'll get much if any accumulation. and then saturday we dry out, temperatures on saturday next weekend looking good in to the mid-40s. still rather chilly, though, for early plarn early march. and next sunday, should make it into the mid-50s. a lot of changes on the way for the week ahead. we'll see up and down temperatures starting off the week and ending the week quite chilly. and that's the way it
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13 away from the 10:00 hour. you pay your bill. you add the tip. you sign, you go. how many of us do that? why it wasn't that easy for two women who claem their servers changed hair receipt.
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning we're hearing chilling new details about that
9:51 am
kansas. one of the survivors says that the gunman had no remorse. melissa torez was inside the plant thursday when she says she heard five gunshots. and she saw the shooter walk into the building with two guns and opened fire. >> it looked like he was ready to go to damage. he had no remorse, he had his hands up just bam, bam just evil, he didn't care. he was just trying to kill whoever he could. >> melissa was shot in the hand, hip and back. three people died and a total of 14 were wounded. cedric ford was killed in a shootout with police. a massive search is under way for a 4-year-old little girl reportedly kidnapped in northeast monday ttanamontana. witnesses say the also girl was taken from a park against her will. the suspect has been taken into custody, the lit
9:52 am
the fbi has taken charge of the investigation. in the week ahead, this week we could learn the name of prince william county newest elementary school. the school board will pick a name on wednesday. and among the suggestions, kyle wilson after the county firefighter who tied in the line of duty in 2007. also another name, dr. george hampton, a living african-american leader and scholar. the new school is set to open this fall in september. fresh off of her south carolina primary win, democratic frontrunner hillary clinton going to hit the campaign trail tomorrow. she'll make stops in northern virginia as well as hampton roads ahead of super tuesday. bill clinton has already made stops on her behalf in alexandria as well as in ri richmo richmond. so going out to eat residentially cost some local customers more than they anticipated. >> they checked their bank statements and found all the trouble had to do with the tip.
9:53 am
consumer reporter susan hogan explains. >> you get your check, you leave your tip, seen your name and off you go. but we heard from a number of people who claim the tip total was changed after they paid their bill. >> i think people should know. >> reporter: ruth says it happened to her at this bennigans in tyson's corner. and jenny says it happened to her and two other couples at 21 great american bistro. >> they gave nous explanation. >> reporter: a night out for dinner with friends at two different restaurants served up a similar situation. >> we were looking at our credit card count and we were overcharged by $10. >> i checked my credit card statement, my debit card statement, and it had been closed out to $99.99. >> reporter: ruth was charged almost $60 more than. the customers called the restaurants. 21 great american bistro e-mailed copies of
9:54 am
jenny and her friends. >> immediately we saw that the gratuity amount as well as the total amount was modified. and then when i -- >> when you say modify, what do you mean? >> it was changed. the numbers were changed. they had added an additional 10 ths to each of them. >> reporter: not only can you see the tip amounts were changed, jenny says her receipt showed something much worse. >> and i even went a little further and i looked at our credit card slip qwhich had bee completely rewritten and signed by somebody else but not my husband. therefore it was forged. >> reporter: jenny filled out a police report with the city of fairfax police department which is now investigating. >> i'm still missing $60 and i didn't quite budget for $60 to be missing. >> reporter: after ruth contacted news 4, whbennigans d refund the overcharge. we contacted both restaurants.manager at bennigans tells us the server
9:55 am
has been restrained on the computer system. the manager at 21 great american bistro vehemently denies his employee modified the tip or forged bill and even suggested that the customers changed the tip amount. in the end the manager did offer to refund $10 to each couple. >> it's not about the money. i think i was just so appalled myself that they would question our integrity that i wanted to get this story out there to prevent this from happening to anybody else. >> reporter: bottom line, next time you go out to eat, make sure you have signed up for alerts with your credit card company to get immediate notice of a charge. you will receive it even before leaving a restaurant. and always check your credit card statement if it there is a discrepancy you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. news 4 reached out to the national restaurant association, it says tipping discrepancies are not the norm. in fact they say it is in the
9:56 am
ensure that tips are reported accurately. susan hogan, news 4. 9:56 is your time on this sunday. starting to warm up. we'll see temps in the 60s today. we like that. wondering how long that stretch of nice weather will last? and when you can see a big change in the week ahead. >> reporter: new information following the assault in prince william county that left an officer dead, two wounded and another woman dead, as well. details coming up.
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right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus no interest for 48 months. hurry, ends monday. be advised two officers have been hit. all units respond. >> and one of those officers hit killed her first day on the job. the heart it t t theheartbreaking loss. and another woman is dead and two fellow officers are in the hospital. what we're finding out about the shooting and the man police say is responsible. updated breaking news getting up new information in this deadly shooting involving a prince william county police officer. our northern virginia bureau
10:00 am
chief julie carey just confirming the name of the suspected gunman is ronald hamilton. he's being held at the prince william county detention center. police also just sent this picture of ashley guindon's cruiser. and they captioned it blessed are the peace make makers for they will be called children of god. >> and three officers as you know were shot responding to a call about an argument at that woodbridge home yesterday. >> neighbors reported hearing several rapid gunshots and then saw the swarm of police officers arrive. let's show where you there this happened lashmere court in woodbridge. kids were playing outside when the shooting began. but not clear what led up to it. but prince william county police do say all three officers were shot by one suspect. officer guindon had worked for


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