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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> we sometimes have a very lich limited view of the past of dealing with true evil. >> it was her very first day on the job. and she died doing what she loved. tonight, we learned more about ashley joinden. joined now live in woodbridge where fellow officers held a vigil for her. >> erica, you can see this prince william police county cruiser behind me with flowers and other moe men toes following that vigil. other people did not know this officer very well. she had just joined the force. she was remembered t
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>> a vigil held for a young officer working her first shift on her first day. the ultimate sacrifice knowing a gun man on the other side of the door had already allegedly killed his own wile. >> when the suspect tried to force the door closed and shut them out of the home, they fought to protect what ended up being his wife, who was, unfortunately, tragically, deceased. >> reporter: the bravery of the officer highlighted. she was sworn in one day before the shootings. >> she was extremely, extremely in the battle. >> she was shot when they responded to a domestic call.
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although she was new at the department, those who knew her spoke of the dedication to service. >> that was the dedication of ashley. >> this was the second time she had joined the department. she said policing was her passion. >> we pray now for ashley and her friends. we ask her that she have peace on these days of loss. >> it just shows you that our community supports our officers. >> we moved here maybe 6, 7 months ago and it hits close to home. so it's going to be part of the community. there was a large outpouring from the community tonight. one small bit of news, two officers shot and wounded, they remained in the hospital, wu the chief says they are g
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police department to announce funeral arrangements for this fallen officer. >> darcy was there as fellow officers came together to mourn officer ashley. she was per scoping the heartfelt condolences that officers shared. you can find those on darcy's twitter feed. she was a accomplished woman. at 28 years old, she had degrees from aeronautical university in florida and from george washington university. she was a marine reservist. it's not the first time her family has faced tragedy. there are local reports her father took his own life after returning from military service in iraq. >> if somebody can pull the card down, i know he's got a long gun. we have some people who need assistance over here.
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things are. the police chief says. the whole incident unfolded before the community. >> it broke my heart. i didn't see his mom come out. i don't know what happened. he ran so fast. i can't imagine how scared he must have been. i just feel wad for him. >> police say they recovered a handgun and rifles from the scene. stay with news 4 and
11:06 pm for continuing coverage. the suspected killer is scheduled to be in court tomorrow morning and we will be there for his appearance. tomorrow will be a rough morning at walt whitman high school. there will be one less face in their high school. their friend, tommy. a principal looking for one of their ohm. tommy was a senior at walt whitman high school. his teachers.
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>> we were cautiously optimistic. >> the crash happened here in bethesda. an intersection many say is dangerous. an intersection community mem r members many say wanted to see safer. we will revisit where this accident took place. >> they all know the days ahead will be rough. what will tomorrow be like. >> well, i think tomorrow will be sad. it's going to be sad for me.
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meanwhile, learning more about the driving record of that crash. back in 2013, pled guilty to speeding and wrereckless drivin. that case was dismissed. tonight, news 4 spoke with his attorney who offered his condolences to the crash victim's family. he said he did not do anything wrong in yesterday's crash and that the other vehicle made a left in front of him. he has not been charged in saturday's crash. >> announcer: and, now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> i'm meteorologist lauren ricets. it was beautiful mid 60s. it's still fairly mild outside right now. it will continue to be mild as we go into the evening.
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temperatures are going to fall in the 40s in the overnight and could have an isolated shower early tomorrow morning. but by the time you head on home, temperatures could be around 60 degrees with isolated showers. we're also talking about this warm-up. only a little bit of snow on that seven day. that's all coming up. >> thanks, lauren. new at 11:00, we learned a police officer has been suspended after his fellow officers had to arrest him friday. they were called to a home in rosaryville road in upper marlboro. he was later charged with two counts of second degree assault. the victim was treated at the hospital and is expected to be okay. he's been with the department for three years. chris rock didn't waste any time hackling the diversity controversy at the oscars.
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so we've got an update on the water main break that's causing problems in prince george's county.
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ashley was a very dedicated student. she was motivated. she was the student the professor wanted. >> tonight, ashley is remembered as extremely kind and bright. you just heard from her academic advisor from her time in daytona beach, florida. she was killed during a domestic violence call in virginia yesterday. a woman was also killed and two other officers were also injured in that shooting. well, it was supposed to be a holy day and ended in tragedy. tonight, a pastor is dead after being shot inside his church during a service this morning. missay william had just walked back to the pulpit in zion baptist church when the shooter got out of a pew and followed him. the shooter is believed to be schooler's brother. they are investigating a possible motive.
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supertuesday. hillary clinton is basking in the glow of her landslide win in south carolina. and nbc shows us the gop presidential race is taking an even nastier edge. today's fire storm was note over what donald trump did. >> do you just say une kwif cably, you condemn them. >> i don't know what group you're talking about. you may have groups in there that are totally fine and it would not be unfair. >> he's told his radio audience that voting against donald trump is really treason to your heritage. trump treated he did disavow duke. he said so on friday. but less than two days before
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pouncing. >> so is john kaisich. >> i don't understand it. but donald trump chose to disassociate himself. >> trump also fired this morning for making a quote from benito mussilini. >> i want to be associated with interesting quotes. >> also accusing trump of not wanting to release his tax returns because of possible mafia ties. >> maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than what he's reported. >> that's openly speculative. do you have any facts to support th
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>> the bear knuckle insults flying. >> i am pleased to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. well, if you fly often, maybe you noticed seat sizes are getting smaller and smaller. chuck schuber wants to change that. he wants to produce a seat size guideline. as an amen
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authorization act which is pending right now in congress. >> thousands of customers loss power this morning because of a small sub fire. the fire happened at around 5:00 a.m. knocking out power to 7,000 customers. pepco was able to restore power to everybody by about 10:30. they say a breaker at their facility is what caused the fire. >> it's going to be a while until this water main on 38th and hamilton streets is fixed. the 90-year-old main broke early on saturday. >> announcer: and now, your storm team 4 forecast.
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>> a beautiful day out there today. hopefully, you got outside to enjoy it. temperatures in the 60s. some areas around 70 degrees. i'm sure your car they will mom material is right around the upper 60s. temperatures still mild. this is above normal for this time of year. this is where we are at at 11:00. 56 right now. and you know why? look at this wind. these winds are coming from the south so that helps bump up those temperatures. we do have rain for wednesday. that's when we'll start to cool down. we still have some questions for friday. you may have heard me talk about a little bit of snow, a little bit of rain. that forecast, looking unlikely for snow. several days away from friday, unfortunately, i know we all like our weekend. but we'll continue to watch it. as i said, it's a little breezy for you, that
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temperatures in the 50s. so very mild overnight. a very mild start tomorrow morning. clear skies for the most part. we'll have a few more clouds built in by daybreak tomorrow. this is a weak frontal system. could drop off a few sprinkles in the morning. our next storm system up here in the northern rockies. it will be breezy before we get into the rest of the day. so your hourly forecast looking good as we top out right around 60, those winds will come in the afternoon about 4:00 or 5:00 tonight. let's take you hour by hour if you're headed west along i-91,
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blue ridge mountain. clearer sunshine as we get into the afternoon and looking good. tuesday, again, looking fine for supertuesday. and then we head into wednesday, another frontal system coming through. the timing on that was going to be in the morning. we're looking like we could see some rain. speaking of supertuesday, if you're headed out to the polls, not looking too bad. temperatures will with in the low to mid 60s. could have some rain showers late on tuesday. and then, on friday, again, still a chance of rain and snow that's looking unlikely. but not making it out of the 30s. the cooler weather comes back. >> the lack of diversity at the oscars. front and center at tonight's academy award show hosts chris rock starting his opening monologue with voeks.
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gina king has more from hollywood. >> the issue is also on the minds of many on the red carpet. >> it's about time we talked about it. i like that we're pushing the agenda. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow. i want to see if we have the debate and conversation next thursday. >> also about excitement. the 9-year-old pulling for bree larsson. >> i'm so proud of her. i found a cure every time she wins she's like my best friend.
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top of mind from the show's out set. labeled the evening the white people's choice awards. >>
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it's been teams that have been trying to measure up to the capitols. today, in chicago, it was the other way around. the blackhawks, they have all the hardware. after winning four straight games against the defending cup champions. the hawks snap that streak today. it looks like icing. no whistle. fighting for the puck, panic kicks it out. he puts it home. trying to get back in it here. 5-on-3 hockey. zips that one passed. his 19th goal of the season. the caps get the win, but they could not complete that comeback. they lose by a final score of 3-2.
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on the basketball court, john wahl and the wizards trying to take advantage of a lebronless cleveland cavaliers today. he had 9. wizards up by 5 at this point. wahl with a nice spin move here. he did whatever he wanted today. the former hoya had 21 points. they beat the cavs 113-99.
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>> he wins the race under caution, but meanwhile, that crash involved a few drivers.
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>> he did have a league high last season.
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that's our news for tonight. "sports final" is coming up next. right now, on "sports final,". >> we played better today. but losing sucks. >> one starts sideline and another shunned. why the wizards say this might be the start of something big.


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