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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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trouble. and good evening. i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. hillary clinton and donald trump both visited virginia today. >> but we begin this evening with steve handelsman who is in texas, the only super tuesday state where anyone other than trump is now leading in the republican polls. hi, steve. >> reporter: that's exactly right, wendy. it's ted cruz, and this state tomorrow is make or break for the texas senator's campaign. he's as much as admitted that with appearances here in houston, dallas, san antonio. he's not going around all these super tuesday states. he's right here at home where a cowboy, a real cowboy i talked to today at the houston rodeo said cruz is popular but that cowboy said a lot of folks in the state are also seeing a serious move by donald trump. ted cruz
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in texas, the only super tuesday state cruz figures he can win and must win. cruz vows to take texas tomorrow and then catch fire. >> at that point it will become abundantly clear this is a two-man race. >> reporter: at the houston rodeo today, the cowboys are divided between trump -- >> you're a trump voter. >> you bet. >> reporter: and cruz. >> he's more of a constitutionalist type. he's not really a whiny yankee new yorker. >> reporter: donald trump was in virginia. >> believe it or not, we're going to unify this country. >> reporter: but he's being called a racist. >> all lives matter. >> reporter: claiming he couldn't hear the question, trump on sunday refused to condemn the kkk. marco rubio today is adding that to his trump attacks. >> he's unelectable now. he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> but trump got support from ex-new yorker frank vick. >> when i was small, donald trump fce
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bit more about donald trump than a lot of people. he's not a racist. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton today is jumping on the republicans. >> what we can't let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, the finger pointing that is going on on the republican side. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in minnesota, besides vermont a state sanders hopes he can win. while back in texas ted cruz is fighting just to win his home state. the latest polling here in texas shows ted cruz has got a lead over trump, around 10 points, and it looks like that lead if the polls are accurate, which could be a big if, that lead is expanding. live from houston, steve handelsman, news4. >> steve, thank you. voters in virginia will start casting their ballots at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. hillary clinton is the latest candidate to push for support in northern virginia. clinton spoke within the last hour at a rally at george mason university in
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reporter david culver continues our decision 2016 coverage with what undecided voters thought of what she had to say. hi, david. >> reporter: hi there, doreen. yeah, hillary clinton actually just wrapped up within the past hour, and we showed you at 5:00 some of the undecided voters. it was interesting, the line had a good 1,000-plus folks waiting for several hours. they had not only clinton supporters, but bernie sanders supporters, even republicans in the line, but at 5:00 we introduced to you a few undecided voters. within the past 15 minutes we caught up with them again as they left the rally. we wanted to know what, if anything, changed. when we caught up with you in the last hour at 5:00, this is what you had to say before you went into the rally. >> i'm actually still deciding but this might change my mind. >> reporter: now you have come back out, is your mind changed? >> i think a little bit, yeah. >> reporter: how so? >> she had a lot of good points to say, especially about health care and how she's going to keep it how it is
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and a lower cost. i think that's really important, especially in my future and my family's future, so i think that brought me closer to voting for hillary tomorrow. >> reporter: aaliyah, i want to you hear what you had to say before you went in, okay? let's take a listen. are you leaning towards one or the other right now? >> right now bernie. >> reporter: could this change that for you? >> perhaps, yes. >> reporter: does it change it for you or are you still a bernie fan? >> i still really like bernie but i appreciate her view on gun regulation so i really like that. i'm still thinking. >> reporter: still deciding. >> yeah. >> reporter: i know your mom and dad wanted you to be here. we're going to play what you had to say before you went in there. this is at 5:00. take a listen. >> i'm actually planning to vote for bernie but they really convinced me to come out here and check it out and so i'm willing to give it a shot. >> reporter: so the question for you, mom and dad right? >> mom and dad are right. she seems very confident and most of
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guess i was a little unsure of how she felt about the gun laws and the obamacare and whether or not she would actually continue it, and so she definitely made it really clear. >> reporter: one of the things almost every single person we encountered told us was that they were just frustrated with overall noise. didn't matter which party they were on, they were tired of the fighting back and forth and coming to a rally like this, they had john kasich here last week. they feel like they have an opportunity to at least hear in a clear way what they want, that is the substance, out of these elections and these campaigns. coming up tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., that's when polls are going to open here in the commonwealth of virginia, a battleground state. we'll be here to cover it all, wendy. >> interesting poll you just took there. it was interesting results. thank you, thank you. and lester holt and savannah guthrie, chuck todd, the rest of the nbc news political team will bring you the super tuesday results in a live report that starts tomorrow night at 10:00 here on nbc 4. >> you will want to
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nbc washington app. we'll be sending out breaking news alerts when a winner is declared in both parties' primaries. you can watch the victory speeches there too. right now we are learning more about the man who is accused of killing his wife and then turning a gun on three local police officers, killing a rookie on her first day on the street. that suspect, staff sergeant ronald hamilton, is a decorated veteran of two deployments to iraq, and he was most recently working at the pentagon. well, now he is in jail. he is being held without bond. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live from the scene of this tragedy. julie? >> reporter: a vigil is set for tomorrow night at the scene of this terrible crime. this one to remember the suspect's wife. her name crystalh hamilton. she was a counselor to wounded warriors, but they also fear she was hiding the domestic abuse going on behind closed
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here. commonwealth attorney ballpaul t and other prosecutors coming to see the crime scene, to tour the house where crystal hamilton was shot and killed allegedly at the hands of her husband. when officers arrived to help, ronald hamilton reportedly turned an assault rifle on them. rookie officer ashley guindon guide from her wounds. two other officers were seriously injured. clear to see in the front porch glass a large bullet hole. >> always call this an officer's worst nightmare, to go to a routine call and wind up dead. >> reporter: in court today the accused killer showed no emotion. he will be held without bond on capital and first-degree murder charges. new court documents reveal after his surrender, hamilton, quote, made statements that he shot his wife and the police officers. back at the woodbridge home, a memorial to victim crystal hamilton grows. her sister believes hamilton kept quiet about trouble with her husband. >> her life was not taken in vain. i feel like this is just the beginning of somethin
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>> reporter: wendy howard tells me when the couple's 11-year-old son returned home from a sleepover saturday, co-tell his parents had been arguing. howard said her sister yelled to her son to run. as he fled, he reportedly saw his dad pick up his mom and throw her down. howard says the boy heard gunshots as he ran down the stairs and out of the house. now howard is hopeful her family's terrible loss will open others' eyes to the issue of domestic violence and the danger of remaining silent. >> if you know of people going through the same thing my sister i'm sure was going through and never said anything about it, don't be afraid. this is your opportunity. if you don't get out for yourself, get out for your kids, get out for your family because you wouldn't want this to be how you remember. >> reporter: as you can see, friends continue to come to pay their respects to crystal hamilton. incidentally, this is not the first time ronald hamilton has been in trouble with the law.
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charged with assault in 2007 in another state, was allowed to enter a diversion program to avoid any jail time. reporting live from woodbridge, i'm julie carey, news4. this is darcy spencer at the prince william county police department in woodbridge, virginia, where you can see a patrol car here draped in black bunting. all of the flowers and mementos the members of the community continue to drop off as they pay their respects to this fallen officer who was killed on saturday. just today the prince william county police department announced the funeral arrangements. also this evening, there is going to be a procession here in woodbridge where her body will be taken to the chapel where that funeral will be held tomorrow. i'm going to have all those details coming up in a live report at 6:30. in woodbridge, darcy spencer, news4. d.c.'s new plan to improve how it responds to emergencies will start in a few weeks. a private ambulance could pick
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only on news4 mark segraves takes us inside the company that runs those ambulances to tshow s how that operation is going to work. mark. >> doreen, yeah. we wanted to know when we see these ambulances, there will be dozens and dozens of them on the streets of d.c. in just a matter of weeks, and when we sat down with the company, we asked them, what happens if a citizen sees one of these glancambulances on streets and tries to flag one of them down? >> reporter: every 911 call for every medical emergency will still be anticipated swered by and ems but if they decide your emergency isn't life threatening, they will request a private ambulance be sent to trment you. amr tells news4 they won't have their ambulances stationed in firehouses. they will be patrolling the city based on data that can
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911 call trends. they say rush hour will also play a factor. >> our posting plan changes throughout the day. as traffic is coming into d.c., obviously in the morningtimes, our posting pattern will be different than when traffic is flowing out of d.c. >> reporter: so what if you need medical help and you spot an amr ambulance nearby? can you flag them down? amr tells news4 the answer is yes. >> if that occurs, our emts would start providing care but we would immediately notify d.c. fire and ems and request their response and guidance. >> reporter: amr is hiring more than 170 people, mostly certified emts. >> we're getting a lot of people who are fresh out of school who are interested in finding a career. we're getting a lot of people from volunteer fire departments around the area who are looking to do this full time for a living. we're getting people who are coming out of hospitals and clinics who have the certifications. >> reporter: and just like the d.c. fire department, d.c. residents will get priority in hiring. >> we want people who are familiar with the community and tied to it. those are the kind of people who
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looking to do here. >> reporter: now, there will be about 12 to 24 ambulances on the streets of d.c. 18 hours a day. this all should start by the last week of march, and those emt jobs are about 170 of them available. they pay about 21 bucks an hour. wendy, back to you. >> mark segraves. and right now we're finding out when the charlottesville man suspected in the murders of two virginia college students will enter a plea in both cases. >> for the first time in a decade supreme court justice clarence thomas spoke from the bench during oral arguments. and the man arrested for filming sportscaster erin andrews through a hotel peephole detailed h heow
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developing right now, doctors are fighting to save a man who was shot in southeast d.c. it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon. on langston place. police say when they got there the man was not responsive and he was medevacked to a hospital. a tweet from police say they are looking for three teens in connection to the shooting. this was one of three shootings within an hour in southeast. it is unclear if all three are connected. also developing tonight, new indictment returned against that prince george's county school aide who is accused of child pornography. chris lawrence has details. he's in the newsroom. >> prosecutors have just upped
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carraway faces from 8 to 13, all of which involve sexually exploiting children. they've also increased the number of victims from 6 to 11 and those children are all between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. prince george's county police say they've discovered as many as 17 victims but not all of them have been included in this indictment. today's documents also specifically accuse carraway of engaging in crude sexual acts with these children. some of those sexual acts and videotaping took place at judge sylvania woods elementary where carraway had been working as a volunteer aide. he's going to be in federal court on friday. doreen? chris lawrence, thank you. the man suspected of killing two virginia college students will enter a plea agreement this week that could help him avoid the possibility of the death penalty. the prosecutor in albemarle county says jesse matthew will enter a plea in court on wednesday. he's charged in the murders of virginia tech student morgan harrington and uva student hannah graha
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life sentence for a sex assault in fairfax. well, today supreme court justice clarence thomas broke his ten-year silence during arguments, oral arguments in the high court. he asked ten questions of a justice department attorney who was defending a federal gun law. that law bans anyone who has a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction from owning a gun. in years past justice thomas has offered several reasons for not asking questions from the bench. he has noted that lawyers usually only have 30 minutes to present their cases and that the judges have, in his words, a lifetime to go back in chambers and argue with each other. parents of more than 300 montgomery county students are being warned that their children's personal information may be at risk. the names and addresses of the special education students were on a computer that was stolen. it happened during a break-in at west ed. a contractor that works at the school system. the school board says they aren'su
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even be accessed because it's password protected. howard university founders library is probably the most recognizable building on campus. now it's getting its own recognition and a makeover. tom sherwood explains what this means for the building's future. >> the library opened in 1939. today it's a national treasure. >> reporter: founders library, designed after independence hall with its distinctive clock tower. >> it's actually a historic image of the long walk. >> derrick williams, a national merit scholar, graduated here in 2007. he now oversees howard's campus plan as an architecture student he remembers exploring the library. >> i recall walking in the stacks and looking at the steel angles and understanding how this building was put together structurally. >> reporter: now the library is
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officially a national treasure. it qualify it is for technical assistance and tax credits to spur fund-raising for renovations. howard president william frederick, himself a howard graduate, said the designation has one major goal. >> to embark on a designation on a project that we feel will restore the founders library to its full glory. >> reporter: the renovation will take a couple years of planning and fund-raising before work can even begin. the work will preserve the library's history anda te architecture. >> obviously the national trust is the pre-eminent organization, you know, that's focused on the preservation of historic buildings and places of historic significance. >> reporter: there's no firm date for any parts of the library to close yet, but all the students, everyone is excited. this is such a super building. it has a great exhibit of
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rights. >> it's wonderful. how much we love our libraries. that's wonderful. >> lots of old books in there. going to be a lot of new digital stuff inside too. going to be great. >> thank you, tom. a developing story in nashville, tennessee. emotional testimony late today from tv sportscaster erin andrews as she took the stand in her stalking trial. andrews is suing michael david barrett and the manager of the marriott in nashville for $75 million. bare rot bobarratt booked a roo to andrews in 2009 and secretly recorded nude videos of her and posted them to the internet. he claims he did it because he was in a financial bind and says he picked andrews because of her popularity. >> he told "the new york post" and espn scandal. fox news and cbs. everybody put up that i was doing it for publicity and attention and that ripped me
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apart. >> barrett took voerved 2 1/2 yn prison for stalking andrews. right now police in prince george's county are looking for two men after a shooting put several area schools on lockdown. plus, why you should not donate to a go fund me page for a fallen police officer. a beautiful day across our area today. temperatures in the 50s and even the mind d to upper 60s in partf the region but winter is not quite done with us just yet. i have got that forecast. there'a little snow in it. s check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish,
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the egg mcmuffin. made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> just another 65-degree day today. we saw one yesterday, we saw another today, tomorrow another day. at least i think we get to the 60s in most locations. temperatures out there on a very nice night looking like 59 degrees. the sun went down just before 6:00 tonight. winds out of the north at 9 miles an hour. so still nice and mild even at this hour. 52 gaithersburg. 52 in frederick. rockville at 56 degrees. bowie currently at 58. over in calvert county around 59. a very nice, mild night. storm team4 radar is clear, no rain, no snow to talk about and that's going to be the case during the entire day tomorrow. tomorrow night, that's when we will s t
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there's some pretty big changes moving in. first off you notice the sunshine from boston all the way down toward raleigh back towards st. louis, but you also notice what's happening just back to the west of chicago. you have got some winter storm warnings posted here. that's the storm that will make our way on wednesday. now, the cold air for that storm will stay way up to the north. we're not worried about that at all, but behind this storm we will see significantly colder air. so let's take you through it. future weather hour by hour. tomorrow morning, no problem. here we are tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. we have the sunshine, nice mild air. tomorrow is great but we see the increasing clouds and by tomorrow night at 11:00, notice the shower activity. not a lot of shower activity but some showers tomorrow evening and then on wednesday morning, and this is very early wednesday morning, around 4:00 a.m., the front actually comes through. we could see some very quick downpours, maybe even a little bit of thunder, wouldn't be surprised to hear a little bit of thunder as this moves on through. this is how dynamic this system is. it's a very stro
6:26 pm
quickly, and we get rather breezy and chilly. a much different day on wednesday than we have during the day tomorrow. get ready for big changes here the next 24 to 48 hours from spring back to winter. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, a nice start. temperatures of 43 degrees. the kids still need the jackets but maybe not the heavy coats. 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon those coats may be left at school. 62 degrees. that's the temperature we're going for tomorrow. a great one out there on our tuesday. high temperatures all around the region, upper 50s to low 60s so we'll be about three or four degrees cooler than they were today but still a very nice tuesday. wednesday temperatures in the afternoon only around 45, and that comes with a good wind. so windchills could be down into the 30s. 40 degrees on thursday. there's friday. 60% chance and right now i have rain, snow, it really does look like more of a snow event but it would be thursday night into friday. it could impact your friday morning commute. we'll have much more on this
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we're not talking about a very big storm here. >> good to know. thank you, doug. a bomb threat in the tenth largest school district in the country. it forced school officials to evacuate classrooms and send students home. when students in fairfax county will be cleared to go back. gunfire on greenbelt road, a teenager fighting for his life. police looking for suspects. neighbors looking for answers. that story coming up. a community is devastated over a crash that killed a bethesda high school student and his parents. coming up, the one thing neighbors say could eliminate the danger at this intersection once and for all.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> now at 6:30, a 17-year-old fighting for his life after a shooting along a busy prince george's county road that put several nearby schools into lockdown. tonight we're hearing new reaction from people who live and work in the area. news4's pat collins is in lanham with the latest. >> reporter: the shooting happened over there, but the impact, the impact was felt all around this neighborhood. this couple lives nearby. >> scares me a little bit. >> it does. our daughter goes to the school
6:31 pm
>> reporter: this man runs a store here. >> something like this happening in front of the store, it's really scary. >> reporter: this woman, she works here. >> it's sad. it shouldn't be happening but it continues to happen and i think we need to bring a stop to it somehow. >> reporter: a sense of shock and sorrow after a broad daylight shooting this morning on greenbelt road. the victim, 17 years old. police say he was walking down the sidewalk when he was approached by two men. shots fired. the teenager ends up in the middle of the road. medics on the scene working feverishly to save his life. this man we called mike said he heard the shots and saw two teens running away. >> heard three gunshots, came over here, saw two boys run behind this building. that's all i saw. >> reporter: did they have anything in their hands? >> one of them had books in their hands. >> reporter: one of them had books in their hands.
6:32 pm
>> duval high school is nearby the shooting scene. a couple other schools, even a seniors' home, was put on lockdown for about an hour as police investigated the case. a police source says there's no known connection between the victim and duval high school. police believe the motive may be an ongoing dispute between the victim and the shooter. the 17-year-old victim still in the hospital, still in critical condition, still fighting for his life. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. we are tracking developments at another school shooting. this time it was a high school in madison township, ohio, just outside of cincinnati. a 14-year-old boy pulled out a gun and opens fire in the cafeteria. he hit two students. two other students were injured in the chaos that followed. everyone is expected to survive. the shooter ran out of the school and dropped the gun.
6:33 pm
investigators say he had a motive but they did not disclose it. meanwhile, a bomb threat at mclean high school today was an apparent hoax. that threat came in via e-mail this morning just as students and faculty were arriving on campus. school officials decided to send everyone home. police swept the building, did not find anything suspicious. mclean students will be out of class tomorrow. fairfax county schools will be closed because of the virginia primary. in about a half hour the body of that prince william county police officer who was killed in the line of duty will be taken from the funeral home to a chapel and the police department is asking you to come out and line that route. our team coverage of this story continues with news4's darcy spencer who is in woodbridge this evening. darcy? >> reporter: wendy, that procession is set to pass right in front of this prince william county police station. it's the garfield station. this is where that young officer was assigned.
6:34 pm
we have a police cruiser that was set up here. members of the community continue to come out, dropping off flowers. you can see balloons, other mementos as they pay their respects to this fallen officer. we want to show you a map of the procession getting under way at 7:00 this evening. the fallen officer's body will travel from the mountcastle funeral home to hylton memorial chapel in woodbridge. police are asking residents to line that route this evening. you want people to come out and see that? >> yes. this is a great opportunity for the community to show their support for officer guindon and for what she's done for this community. >> reporter: also announced today, funeral arrangements. services are going to be held tomorrow at the hylton memorial chapel. the viewing is set to begin at 10:00 tomorrow morning. funeral services get under way at noon. the public is able to attend these services, but they want people to know that law enforcement and public government officials wi
6:35 pm
there is limited space available. officer ashley guindon was shot while responding to a domestic call on lashmere court on saturday afternoon. it was her first shift on her first day on the job, and she died late they're evening. the alleged shooter has been captured and is now facing charges. today the medical examiner ruled the officer's death is homicide. she had been shot in the torso and right arm. police services will not be disrupted during the funeral services tomorrow. prince william county police are getting help from virginia state police, manassas city police, and the prince william county sheriff's office to make sure all of the calls are handled tomorrow so that these officers can go and mourn and pay their respects. i did ask if the two wounded officers will be able to attend the funeral services tomorrow. i'm td they will not be able to. they remain in the hospital. for any additional information about the services or the route here tonight for that ocio
6:36 pm
website, reporting live from woodbridge, darcy spencer, news4. wendy? >> thank you, darcy. thoughts and prayers, yes. go fund me donations, no. tonight prince william county police confirm the go fund me pages for officer ashley guindon's funeral expenses are frauds. police say money is not needed for this funeral of this officer who was gunned down on the first day of her job. instead, they urge people to keep the victim's family in their thoughts and prayers. a former university of virginia football player made a big impression during his nfl combine with more than just his 40 yard dash. maurice kennedy quote a special tribute on his creates in memory of officer guindon. he plans to give one of those cleats to guindon's family. the other will go up for auction with proceeds going to a memorial fund in her name.
6:37 pm
for prince george's county. arlgtop county police are trying to learn more about a sex assault suspect. his name is santos vasquez lopez. he has just been' re arrested a charged withen a an attempted sl assault on north pershing street. police say dna evidence links vasquez lopez to the crime. they're looking into whether he's involved in a series of assaults along the bike trail. a horrific crash in bethesda has the community reeling and rallying about an intersection many have been complain being for years. >> what could be done to make sure what happened over the weekend doesn't happen again. and almost a postcard like picture across our region. look at the shot of the national cathedral looking down across the washington monument as well. beautiful tonight. we're still near 60 degrees. find out where we go the next couple ys
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our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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right now virginia state police are hoping you can tell them more about this deadly crash in loudoun county. it happened february 15th on route 7 near leesburg. the driver of an suv was killed when she slammed into a backhoe. the road was plowed and cleared of snow at the time of the crash, but there were some icy spots. if you were in this area at that time, virginia state police would like to hear from you. and there is new video that shows the impact of a serious crash between a car and atv in montgomery county. right now doctors are working to save the life of the driver who was on the atv. after the crash it flipped over at sugarland road and white's ferry road. this was this afternoon. the driver of the car did stay on the scene and investigators are working to figure out what caused this crash. and there's an update in a crime that pat collins reported on last week. a d.c. teenager was shocked with a stun gun and robbed after she left the
6:41 pm
station. the suspect stole her money and her shoes and left her barefoot in an alley. a news4 viewer contacted us wanting to help. he gave the teenager's family a donation to buy her a new pair of shoes. the donor wishes to remain anonymous but we'd like to thank him for his generosity. paving the way, what that is working on to make aviation more planet-friendly. after a horrific tracrash i bethesda, this community says take away the left turn completely. i'm
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a dacar crash kills a whitm high school student and his parents and it leaves his sister critically injured. it happened on river road near the school at an intersection that neighbors have said for years is especially dangerous. a vehicle slammed into that family's car, and tonight there's renewed call for changes to make that busy corner safer. >> adam tuss is live in bethesda with a look at possible solutions to this problem. adam? >> reporter: i want to give you an idea of where that happened, where these cars are making the turn right here. the car was trying to make a left turn onto river road, but this community says close off the possibility of even making a left turn there by extending the median all the way. >> it's unregulated, and it's extremely dangerous and hazardous as it is right now. >> reporter: richard has lived in this naked for almost 20 years. back in 2008 he collected hundreds of signatures and comments s
6:45 pm
this intersection. now initially there was talk about a traffic light going in here, but now some say just extend the median and close the left turnoff. >> just eliminate the left turn altogether. >> that's right. and i have to admit, that would resolve the problem. >> reporter: while we still don't know what specifically happened, investigators describe the scene here saturday night as horrific. this left turn does provide a back entrance to the parking lot at whitman high. it's used by students, staff, and buses. a family was trying to make this turn on their way to a school play at whitman high saturday night. today montgomery county council member roger berliner who represents bethesda telling the state highway administration change is needed. >> many of us had been urging sha for some time to do something, and now this tragedy has taken place. by god, they better do something. >> reporter: the state highway administration says it will be coming back out to conduct a
6:46 pm
test. now, the state highway administration also says it makes the point there's a signalized intersection not far from here and that provides direct access to whitman high school. >> adam tuss, thank you. nasa unveiled its vision today for changing the way we fly. the administration laid out a ten-year play to build x planes, what could be the future of commercial air travel. administrator charlie bolden and other top officials made that announcement at reagan national airport this afternoon. nasa says it will design and build a variety of flight demonstration vehicles. it says that the x planes will be lighter, faster, quieter, and greener than the planes that are in the air today. >> and here is the magical part, the design is for a piloted test aircraft that can fly at supersonic speeds but create a sonic boom that's more like a soft thump instead of the annoying boom that currently prohibits commercial super son
6:47 pm
ic flight over land. >> it will be hard to drink my diet coke on that plane going that fast. it calls for field tests with airlines, airports, and the faa over the next decade. congress still needs to approve federal funding for this project. it's official. astronaut scott kelly handed over command of the international space station today. kelly is returning to earth tomorrow after spending a year in space. he'll face hours of medical tests when he returns, but apparently he's not tired of floating yet. he says first thing he plans to do when he gets home is jump into his swimming pool. >> can you even walk after a year in space? >> tha whathey're going to find out i guess. he's been in space longer than anybody. >> they do actually tie him down to those treadmills so they do not have the atrophy on their legs, but, yeah, they can. >> nice monday. nice way to start our week. >> amazing. wow. >> absolutely beautiful. coming into work was one of those days you go i'm coming into work and
6:48 pm
outside? spring today, spring tomorrow. we're going to see a high temperature tomorrow of around 62 degrees. and then by friday you may not make it to 40. that's the kind of cold air we have moving on in across our region. now, evening planner tonight, sun goes down. by the way, sunset after 6:00 from now on. that's some good news. so we got a little more good news there. 59 degrees dropping through the 50s but nice all the way through. for this time of year, 50 degrees at 11:00 is pretty good. look at the temperatures around the area. rockville coming in at 54. 57 camp springs. 57 back towards manassas. 53 back towards the warrenton area and leesburg. around ashburn around sterling coming in at 54. nothing on the radar. not worried about rain tomorrow. so get out there on the bike, get out there for the run. this is the time of year we all start to get out a little bit more and it's going to be perfect during the afternoon tomorrow. beautiful by 3:00, around 62 degrees. here is the next couple days. 62 on your tue.
6:49 pm
that front will come through and bring rain early on wednesday morning. around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning maybe even accompanied by thunder. then we will see falling temperatures during the day. we may start 1:00, 2:00 in the morning in the mid-50s but by 7:00 a.m. we're around 45 degrees and temperatures will drop during the day. it will be rather windy during the day and that puts windchills in the 30s. so wednesday is going to be a whole lot different than tuesday. thursday not too bad. it's cold, temperature around 40 degrees. most of you in the 30s here. but we're not talking a whole lot of wind. now, we will see an increase in the clouds and then overnight we'll see snow chances move in during the day on friday. i have rain/snow but it does look a little more like snow. however, i'm not predicting a big storm. this is a storm we're going to watch very closely, even a couple inches early friday morning could have a big impact on the commute, and then this weekend looking a little bit better as we start to dry out but still a little bit of a cool weekend. average high temperature now up to
6:50 pm
number right there. okay. i'll change it. 51 now. >> all right. thank you, doug. coming up in sports, an emotional good-bye for one of the longest tenured capitals. but first here is lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." juke see we're getting ready for our super tuesday coverage. tonight donald trump's earpiece explanation for his awkward answer about the kkk and its former leader. the man who shot xromentsicompr video of erin andrews tells the court why he did . it
6:51 pm
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low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> brooks, not only is he cute as can be but he's got a cute girlfriend. everything about him is cool. >> julianne hough. >> my teacher at my kids' school, she named her first son after him. >> whoa. >> seriously, that's how -- caps fans, he's part of the family this guy. brooks laich. named him brooks. brooks laich, he helped put the wag capitawashington capitals o map. no t
6:54 pm
verge of a historic year laich is leaving. they traded away their beloved center. laich found out while watching the oscars. he and conner are heading to toronto in exchange for daniel winick. he's battled injuries. he has a $4.1 million cap hit. it might be a good hockey and business decision, but that doesn't make it any easier. listen to how emotional the team's gm becomes when talking about this trade. >> it's a hard thing to do, to trade a player like that, but in the end we had to do what's best for our organization. >> is this the hardest thing you have had to do since you game gm? >> yeah, it was, yeah. i mean, i was hapart of scoutin him in the beginning so it's hard. can't take the emotion out of it, and you still got to make the deal. >> right, i know. ovechkin tweeting we make this team together. we'll miss
6:55 pm
attached favorite pics over the year. and the team, good-bye is never easy. it's like losing a member of the family. here is a look at who the caps are getting for brooks. daniel winick, eight-year veteran playing in his hometown of toronto. you probably will see him on the caps' third or fourth line. in hockey terms a blue collar grinder. you can say good by to brooks on wednesday night. the wizards have the floor hosting the 76ers. the wizards are inching closer to the playoffs. just two games back. john wall on offense and the team playing tough defense. those are two big reasons why. wall just walked in right now. the playoffs looked out of reach after the all-star break. 5-2 run. just two games behind the bulls in the east. wall impressive over his last few games averaging 22 points, 12 assists i
6:56 pm
tonight they're going to face the sixers team who they just beat on friday. to the college level, new rankings out today. maryland making the move not in the way they'd like. the terps go from 10th in the country to 14th after a tough loss at purdue. next up, a home finale against illinois on thursday. virginia not moving very far, going from third to fourth. a big home win against seventh ranked north carolina. uva versus clemson tomorrow. the biggest name in boxing was in town today. floyd mayweather promoting a huge fight at the d.c. armory on april 1st. mayweather representing ashley who is taking on the always entertaining adrian broner. mayweather excited to be back in town. >> this is an unbelievable city and we couldn't choose a better place to put
6:57 pm
d.c. >> this is going to be the best performance of my career. i'm talking about highlight reel performance of my career, man. i ain't coming to just get a win. this fight ain't going four rounds. that's probably too much. nine minutes is too much. >> i love me some boxing promotions because that's always -- >> entertaining. >> so brooks, he comes back on wednesday to play against the team? >> yeah. >> that's so fast. >> isn't that crazy? >> do you remember the story when he -- >> awkward. >> -- when he was driving home from the game, found a woman who had a flat tire on key bridge, changed her tire for her, remember? >> after game seven loss he changes people's tire. after the storm he was going around helping people dig out. >> the ladies are not happy that brooks laich is gone. >> no. >> the ladies are
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6:58 pm
>> that's too bad. anyway, thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is next. >> "nbc nightly news" coming up next. see you at 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders alarmed are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand. an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to get more rest. and hollywood rocked as controversy takes center stage at the oscars. "nightly news" begins


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