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tv   Today  NBC  March 10, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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good morning. breaking news. gun men open fire in an ambush style attack in a backyard party in pittsburgh. right to the point. hillary clinton faces a tough questions about her-mail controversy during last night's heated presidential debate. >> if you had been indicted. >> i'm not answering that question. on the republican side donald trump says he is going for the knockout in winner take all primary in florida and ohio. catastrophic, historic flooding leads to at least three deaths, thousands of power outages and more
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south. nearly 30 million people facing a new threat today. and a group of women brawl in the aisles during a cross country flight. police greet them as they arrive in los angeles to the delight of fellow passengers. >> this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1 a. >> welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. we have balloons out there. we are saying good bye to wrangler. >> big sendoff for that little guy. things you don't do on a plane. how about that fight? apparently no arrests. >> and wait until you hear what started the fight. it is
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that deadly shooting in a neighborhood outside of pittsburgh and the desperate search for at least two gun men. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police have left the scene but tell me they will be back out to the shooting scene behind me here soon. allegheny county police say they are looking for two gun men they believe carried out the attack about 1:1:00 last night. the gun men open fire in an ambush style attack during a barbecue. bullets riddling a backyard filled with party goers. >> we've got multiple people shot here. >> i have six people down. >> total of five people deceased, three other people with gunshot wounds, two in critical and one
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of the victims, three women and one man were found on the back porch of a house. investigators say shots may have been fired into the rear of a home and two different weapons could have been discharged from two different suspects. residents say they were walking in the area when they heard gunshots and saw people walking away. >> probably shocking everyone else up here. i'm shaking because it's pretty bad. >> right now police do not have a motive for the shooting. as for the three surviving victims two men are in critical condition and one woman in stable condition at the hospital. >> thank you so much. let us turn to the presidential race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed on the debate stage last night ahead of next tuesday's crucial winner take all primaries in florida and ohio. the republican candidates have their own debate tonight. both races
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with democrats and nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: secretary clinton and senator sanders will send the day barn storming. ohio and illinois looking a lot more competitive. the biggest prize is right here, florida. with the democrats locked in an increasingly fierce fight secretary clinton faced one of the sharpest exchanges yet. >> if you are indicted will you -- >> it's not going to happen. i'm not answering that question. >> reporter: clinton took aim at senator sanders for opposing the auto bailout. >> if everyone had voted as he voted we would not have rescued -- >> it was the wall street bailout. >> clinton used the strategy
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primary but still lost in a stunning upset to sanders. she is hoping the attack will help win chicago. >> the candidates sparred over immigration. >> you are telling us if you become president you won't deport children? >> i would not. >> i don't think the secretary fully answered the question. i think the proof may be in the pudding. >> reporter: while both candidates took sharp aim at donald trump they deflected a question about whether he is a racist. >> i think it is unamerican. i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with american values. >> i think that the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims. >> reporter: and clinton
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why so many voters say they don't trust her. >> i'm not a natural politician. i have a view that i just have to do the best i can. >> reporter: senator sanders still has a very steep climb in order to win the nomination he would have to win more than 65% of the delegates moving forward but he has a lot of momentum and a lot of money in his war chest. >> that momentum could be key going into next tuesday in ohio and florida. >> reporter: the stakes couldn't be higher next tuesday. if secretary clinton has a strong showing and wins florida and ill it solidifies her as a front runner and puts the race out of reach mathematically. that is something she and her team are eager to do. if senator sanders were to win in ohio or missouri this would make him
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is making a real play for these states outpacing secretary clint in ad spending and would add to momentum. that is when you see the race stretching through the spring and possibly the convention. >> let's talk about the republicans meeting for the 12th debate of the campaign and there are signs we might not see tough personal jabs that dominated last week in detroit. peter alexander is covering the race for us. >> reporter: beautiful back drop here at the university of miami. marco rubio is candidly acknowledging that his personal mudslinging may have back fired. he is going to have to change strategies quickly if he wants to win next tuesday. >> you're g
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president. >> reporter: donald trump looking to notch another win in north carolina. >> he has the great wall of trump. that's done with love. >> reporter: raising eyebrows when asked whether islam is at war with the west. >> i think islam hates us. there is something there that is a tremendous hatred. >> reporter: stepping in the ring with rivals the billionaire boasting he will bring home the championship belt with wins in florida and ohio next week. >> the ultimate way of doing it. if you knock him out nothing can happen. >> reporter: will marco rubio pull his punches? facing do or die in his home state the florida senator expressing regret about trading insults with trump. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. >> reporter: speaking with chuck todd. >> not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it. >> reporter: compare
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comments last week. >> are you sorry you went there? >> no. donald trump spends a year on a regular basis. i said something one time. >> reporter: his crowd count wednesday in the hundreds in a florida stadium that seats thousands. >> our campaign has beaten donald trump not once, twice, three times but eight separate times. >> reporter: touting new support from a familiar face, carly fiorina. other people in our party are horrified by donald trump. >> reporter: john kasich's positive push may finally pay off. >> i refuse to get down in the mud to be elected president of the united states. i refuse to. >> reporter: with new poll numbers showing kasich leading trump. >> i'm going to win ohio.
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and one outstanding question is will the former florida governor jeb bush endorse any candidates. he met with marco rubio yesterday and will be with ted cruz and john kasich today. sources tell nbc news he hasn't made a decision whether or not he will endorse. what happens tonight at the debate could effect that choice. >> who could forget last week's debate? it got so personal and so nasty. do you know about how the candidates adjusted their strategies or should we expect more of the same? >> reporter: marco rubio telegraphing the need to focus more on policy and demonstrate that donald trump is more of an empty vessel suggesting he is a better choice. ted cruz and john kasich doing the same. this is a last opportunity for all candidates trying to stop donald trump ahead of super
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rubio said he will win his own state. john kasich said he will win his state. they may cater their mess mgs to those audiences. donald trump has won 44% of the delegates. if he winz wins florida and loses ohio he will need 59% of remaining delegates to clinch nomination. even for trump the stakes are high. >> florida, florida, florida, ohio, ohio, ohio. let's take a look at deadly storms across the south. record rain, historic flooding with tens of millions still facing tough weather today. janet shamlian is in hard-hit louisiana just east of shreveport. >> reporter: good morning. this is not over in louisiana. some homes behind me have as much as five feet of standing water in them. we are getting another storm here expected five inches of
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this time the threat of tornadoes. for a community so battered the fear this morning what is coming next. this morning severe weather is putting millions at risk. tens of thousands still without power. record breaking rainfall and deadly flooding ravaging much of the south. waters devastating parts of east texas and louisiana. overnight's flash floods in west monroe forcing road closures as rain water inundated this shopping center. in shreveport some residents can't get back to their homes. many residences submerged to the roof. the water level so high this bridge barely clears the flooding. >> there is nowhere for the water to go. the ditches are full and continues to rain. >> reporter: cars stranded and simply abandoned in the road.
7:13 am
a river. >> i have no idea how to deal with a flooded house. >> reporter: coming to the rescue of elderly and so did the national guard. residents forced to evacuate themselves and their pets. others gathering what is left from ruined homes. >> everything you see is gone. i have a brand new roof on a house that is absolutely worthless. me and my kids lost everything today. we need dry clothes. >> reporter: there are temporary shelters for some of those displaced. >> we want to keep everybody safe through this and going to work together. we will get through it. >> reporter: those residents are anxious to see when they can return and what will be left when they do. there is not a lot left. he has three little girls, carried out the only items in their bedrooms that were dry and that was a handful of clothing. heartbreaking.
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very much. what is going to happen with all of this? >> unfortunately, we don't have relief for at least the next 72 hours. we have an upper level low over mexico blocking high pressure. you can see this rain train coming in pushing in more rain from eastern texas into louisiana and now into mississippi. they have dropped some warnings back through central texas. 15 million people under flooding risk because it is only going to take another half an inch to inch of rain to cause more flooding. the storms move over the same cities already with saturated ground. the heaviest rain starts to shift east by tomorrow moving into alabama, panhandle of florida. look at the rainfall totals. we are expecting upwards of about seven to ten inches of rain throughout much of louisiana. that moves on into parts of mississippi and alabama and will continue to see that rain for at least 72 hours and
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finally does dry out. right now not good. >> i haven't seen a map like that of yours in a long time. >> this is more like a hurricane, the moisture from a tropical system, these kinds of rainfall rates. there are new developments on the failed drug test by maria sharapova that she claims was an honest mistake. now a suggestion that she may have been warned multiple times that the drug in question was going to be banned. >> good morning. in two days the world's highest earning sports woman will begin a temporary ban from tennis. maria sharapova saying i wish i didn't have to go through this. the big question, is this the end of her career? she's on her knees under fire from the tennis world,
7:16 am
by some plmajor sponsors. >> are you where you are today because you follow the rules? >> sharapova broke rules and admitted it. >> i made a huge mistake. >> reporter: taking positive for meladonium. others say it is a bad day for tennis. >> the rules are like this. it's fair. now she must pay for it. >> reporter: her former coach blames her team. >> that is where her team let her down. her physical trainer, doctor, agent, coach, somebody should have looked at the list. >> reporter: anti-doping officials saying she was warned about the drug five times in a month. she was reckless says one. >> i'm sorry. if you are r
7:17 am
a year you make certain you don't make anything that makes you ineligible. >> reporter: 23 million had come from endorsements. her main sponsor, nike, has suspended her eight year $70 million deal. other sponsors are decided whether to cut ties. in an open letter to her fans sharapova says i'm determined to play tennis again and i hope i have the chance to do so. i wish i didn't have to go through this but i do and i will. the stakes are huge. it's not just the money. she faces a possible ban of four years. >> i don't want to end my career this year. >> reporter: a lengthy ban would do just that for the richest woman in tennis. there are questions, too, for that world anti-doping body. why did it allow a heart drug that was a known stimulant not
7:18 am
for decades? sharapova took it along with hundreds of world class athletes. dozens of them have not tested positive. how many more drugs are out there legal, not made for athletes but giving some a winning edge? >> that question to go around this morning. we have an update on the flint, michigan water crisis. the city says it will stop sending water bills to residents until credits can be applied to those customers. last week michigan's governor approved a $30 million plan to help residents with their water bills. flint's water was tainted with lead after the city switched from detroit's water department to the flint river back in april 2014. the city switched back to the detroit system last october. the knife reportedly found in o.j. simpson's former estate most likely not connected to the kill
7:19 am
friend. the knife is common among gar n gardeners and too small to make the wounds. that official says confirmation will take at least three weeks. we have more coming up on this warm weather that is going to effect the eastern seaboard. good morning. outside this morning, !p coupl of cloudsñr around. not rain making
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we'll be leftçó with a partly t mostly sunny day today. temperatures on your wayxd out e door to the bus stops this coming home later takoday, a fa amount of san ñiantonio. and record high temperatures. highs up into the low 80s. so a warm onexd today. and that's your latest weather. coming up, no place for a brawl, the fight on a crowded plane caught on camera. wait until you hear how this started. >> as people pay their final respects to nancy reagan her daughter speaks out in an exclusive interview. what she is revealing about the good and bad times in their relationship. first this is "today" on nbc.
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7:26 is your time now on this thursday. it is march 10th, 2016. good morning to you. >> in the "news4 today," developing now in southeast washington, two men critically hurt after a gun fight on benning road. this happened just before 1:00 this morning. right now, both men are in the hospital and they found them on the sidewalk and think the sh t shooting happened in a parking lot in a nearby apartment building. today, metro officials hope to finalize some money matters. the finance committee is expe expected to approve the system's 2017 operating budget of 1.$1.7 billion. this new budget keepses
7:27 am
existing rail and bus service. look for an update right here at news4 at 4. we had backups on the parkway southbound because of an earlier accident. crash looks like it's out of the way. we do have pretty big backups northbound and southbound near nasa goddard parkway. things looking okay right now.
7:28 am
good morning, everybody. temperatures are mostly in the upper 50s and near 60s and will make it to upper 70s and low 80s, rec highs likely at all three major reporting stations. chance of light rain tonight into real early tomorrow. all day this evening and tomorrow dry, to
7:29 am
dry. showers possible late saturday
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7:30 on a thursday morning, 10th day of march, 2016. four days to go until an epic concert on rockefeller plaza. next monday cold play will do their thing live on our concert stage. >> wrangler said they are coming after i leave? man hunt underway for at least two gun men who ambushed a backyard party outside pittsburgh. at least five people were killed and three others wounded. hillary clinton faced a very direct question about the ongoing investigation into her
7:31 am
>> if you were indicted -- >> clinton admitted using a private e-mail account while secretary of state was a mistake. marco rubio is expressing regret over personal attacks he launched against donald trump. >> it's not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it. if i had to do it again i wouldn't. >> the republican candidates set to debate in miami tonight. let's take a look at this scene on a flight from baltimore to los angeles. these are passengers having a fist fight in the aisle. >> this is a crazy story. can you imagine being a passenger watching this play out? a group of women arguing throughout a five-hour flight. when the plane finally landed
7:32 am
things got physical. it was an all out brawl caught on camera. several women exchanging blows on a spirit airlines flight as a plane full of passengers looked on. >> the last thing you want to see happen on a plane. >> reporter: the flight broke out. >> the ladies were serious. to be honest i felt like alcohol was definitely involved in the fight. >> reporter: emerson sylva and friends captured the video on cell phone. >> a lot of people were, stop! nobody actually did anything. i saw the ladies swinging on each other, punching each other. the stewardess got punched. we stepped in and broke the fight. >> i sat the ladies down. >> reporter: the fight broke out between a group of younger and older women after an
7:33 am
over loud music. police responded taking away several women but authorities say no one was arrested or charged. so what caused the brawl? this morning we received an explanation saying prior to landing two customers who appeared to be intoxicated were playing loud music on a boom box speaker. several other customers asked them to turn down the music. the first two ladies refused. they were holding it up in the air. this prompted the second group of customers to approach the first group and a fight broke out. i feel like i just did play by play in a boxing match. a boom box on a plane. >> were no charges filed because it happened once the plane was on the ground? >> that's the stunning part, no one was arrested or charged. if there is a physical altercation -- we got to the
7:34 am
bottom that it was apparently a boom box. >> that is crazy. we'll move on now to a shooting in florida making headlines across the country. a mother is recovering this morning after being accidently shot by her 4-year-old son. here is kerry sanders. >> reporter: the shooting story is exploding on social media but there is not a lot of sympathy for the gunshot victim. >> she had been shot by a hand gun. >> reporter: a 31-year-old mother accidently shot in her truck. >> do we have a suspect? >> it's going to be a 3 year old. >> reporter: it turns out a 4 year old. investigators say the child who pulled the trigger and shot the woman in the back is the victim's son. >> the questions that remain how was it stored in the vehicle and how did this young boy come to be in possession of it.
7:35 am
sense is a facebook page. just hours before it happened jamie gilt posted even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with a .22. no 4 year old should be anywhere near any kind of firearms another calling gilt an abomination. you are now the best adverb for gun control. authorities say jamie gilt could face two possible charges, culpable negligence and failure to store a firearm safely. tragic consequences. >> i'm sure this child grows up will not be happy with his behavior and will regret this and will have to live with this. it is a shame this
7:36 am
this child in that position. >> a lot of unusual stories today. >> that is a sad one. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> we have rain east. what's going on today? >> this is the rain going on now, hot louisiana. that rain is actually going to make its way into the northeast. actually, quite as heavy but we see heavier showers in the northeast later today and ends overnight. we will also see very warm conditions today. this blocking high actually keeping all that moisture from moving in, that is going to help set up records for islip, new york, baltimore, washington, d.c. we move to the southwest. elkins, west virginia, richmond, greensboro, knoxville, all seeing record highs today. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's ha
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61 in gaithersburg, manassas, 57 arlington, 50 by the bay in annapolis. a nice mild start this morning. we have clouds out now but will have more than enough sunshine and nice southwesterly breeze. record high temperatures in the upper 70s. most neighborhoods get in the low 80s. a little coo and that's your latest weather. up next an exclusive interview with ronald and nancy reagan's daughter, patti davis. honest reflections on their earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash® card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase
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so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ we are back now at 7:41. another day of public mourning at the reagan presidential library where nancy reagan lies in repose. >> this morning we
7:42 am
with patti davis. >> good morning. patti told me she was moved by all the people who came out to honor her mother, nancy reagan. she said the support brings her great comfort. davis' relationship with both of her parents and in particularly with her mom was at times complicated. she says in recent years thankfully they were able to find great peace between them. >> i think she would be very honored and very happy that people paused in their lives to pay their respects to her and to honor her. it's really comforting to see all of these people who i'm sure not all republicans standing out on freeway overpasses. >> you came in walking by
7:43 am
>> he didn't come down today. i don't know why. it's sort of not my question to answer. he will be here friday and doing the eulogy. >> did you feel alone there walking with her? >> a little bit. a little bit. you know what? i feel very complete in my relationship with her. i feel very clear and clean in where our relationship came to particularly the last few years of her life. >> how did you get there? >> at some point and it really was the beginning of my father's illness i made a choice. i chose to aim for peace of mind and peace in and of itself with my mother. and all of our sort of straine
7:44 am
peace of mind in that at all. and i really made a decision to look at her and look at us through a different lens, through a more living, forgiving lens that doesn't mean that it was a smooth journey. it was not. there was still a lot of peaks and valleys in there and a lot of really deep valleys. >> anything left unsaid or did you get everything out? did she get everything out? >> i think so but not in a way that i think you are asking. i think my mother was not someone who would have been comfortable with an analytical conversation about let's talk about -- let's work through this. it's different generation. and i think that needs to be respected. i think the better route is to just behave differently. >> it's hard to learn how to ha
7:45 am
public stage. >> i get now why i behaved the way i did and why i acted out in the way i did and wrote things i wish i could remove from the face of the earth but i can't. i did have an incredibly public family. the feeling is one of being sort of invisible and excluded and marginalized in all of that. it was my attempt to go see and hear me. i did it completely the wrong way. >> there has been so much written about their relationship and this incredible love story and that everybody else really was outside the two of them. did you feel like that as children? >> it was as if a band of gypsies came and took me and ron away they would miss us but they would be fine. they would go on.
7:46 am
us. it meant their lives wouldn't be destroyed if we weren't there. they were complete unto each other. and that can be a complicated thing for children. where i came to in my life and with her is to be really happy for her that she had this great love in her life. >> much is being said that your mother couldn't wait to be reunited with your father. >> she told me once that she was not afraid to die. she said i don't want it to hurt. i'm not afraid to die. i'll see ronnie again. they were my parents. so, yes, america has lost a former first lady. i lost my mother. and i am happy for her that she is with my father now. >> patti davis says all
7:47 am
tomorrow's funeral service were planned by her mother. as for her own eulogy she said it will include funny stories and loving memory. >> i wish you could have seen us watching that interview especially when she talked bet that feeling that if the gypsies had come to take her and ron that her mom and dad would have missed them but been okay. that is a very revealing comment. >> she has done a lot of work, very insightful, very honest and brave i think about how she has come full circle. she is really at peace. i don't think it has been easy. but she is in a place of clarity and comfort and she feels she was a good daughter at the end and she was there bringing her mother home to the library yesterday. i asked her do you like it here at the library, what does it mean to you? she said this is their li
7:48 am
that represent my life with my parents. i think that is always a fine line when you grow up in a public family to find your own space and your own privacy and your own relationship. >> excellent interview. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> just ahead, the debate that has been sparked by last night's democratic debate. what color was bernie sanders suit? that is the debate right after i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live.
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7:56 am
7:56 is your time on this thursday this evening. good morning to you. let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first alert traffic. >> good morning. looking much better here on manassas. much of that problem has been cleared out of the way as we look at the beltway. ibd 395 is slow and the outer loop basically from 4 to 50 than what we normally see here. on montrose, the volume is actually pretty light.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4, meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures near 60, up near 80 degrees for another record high temperature coming our way this afternoon. this is the last of really warm weather. we will stay far milder than average next week. 82 today, near 70 tomorrow. plenty of clouds and showers sunday night
8:00 am
coming up, kardashian controversy. the debate over the reality star's latest naked selfie spree. is she a good role model or a bad influence? then the things we do for love. we are throwing a big fat today wedding. we will meet the finalists live in studio 1 a. and fond farewell. wrangler bounded into our hearts growing up before our eyes. we'll send off our pup
8:01 am
purpose. thursday, march 10, 2016. ♪ it's been a hard day's night ♪ and i've been working like a dog ♪ >> hi, from portland! >> let's go dogs! ♪ >> welcome back to "today." it is thursday, march 10, 2016. >> this is march 10th, i believe. >> this time of year i love because big east tournament down in madison square garden. that means we have a lot of college basketball
8:02 am
>> so awesome. >> look at that m. >> we are getting ready to send wrangler off in style. >> victory lap. >> i want to draw your attention to the fact that we put out fire hydrants for him everywhere. >> carson said it is very confusing for him. >> so many places to go. >> how to make her favorite pie for dinner. >> remember we had spaghetti pie on the show. katie tells me penne pie will blow the spaghetti pie out of the water. >> challenge is on. let's get a check of the morning's top stories. >> we have breaking news overni
8:03 am
shooting during the night at a backyard party outside pittsburgh. this morning the search is on for two gun men who police say opened fire from an alley behind the home. the ambush style attack killing four paem awomen and one man. investigators say it appears party goers were trying to run inside to escape the barrage of gun fire. no word on what led to that shooting. today in the race for president candidates are focusing on next week's super tuesday states. last night democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed on a sometimes fiery debate that touched on economy and donald trump. >> i think it is unamerican. i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with american values. >> i think that the american people are never going to elect a president who insults
8:04 am
>> asked if she would drop out of the race if indicted over the use of private e-mail server clinton said that is not going to happen. i'm not answering that question. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich meet in their latest debate tonight in florida, one of the winner take all super tuesday states. trump said if he can win in florida and ohio then it is over. there is disappointing news from cleveland clinic where the first uterus transplant has failed. word of the transplant had given hope to recipients and other women. >> we did it. >> reporter: doctors had high hopes for the ground breaking surgery. >> when i was 16 and told i would never have children. >> reporter: monday doctors announced the transplant performed on a
8:05 am
as lindsay. >> i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. >> reporter: the hospital announced the devastating news. we are saddened to share that our patient recently experienced a sudden complication that led to the removal of her transplanted uterus. the hospital says there is always a risk with any organ transplant. doctors say the complication is under review. the trial procedure has been planned to include ten women who all suffer. >> i am thankful to this amazing team of doctors. >> reporter: the mother of three adopted sons remains thankful writing i just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards all of my doctors. they acted very quickly to ensure my health and safety. unfortunately, i did lose the uterus to complications. however, i am doing okay and appreciate your prayers and good thts
8:06 am
the u.s. doctors in sweden have performed nine uterus transplants since 2014 resulting in five births. there is some hope and success to point to. very sad. >> thank you. let's turn to conversations sparked by racy selfies posted by kim kardashian. >> good morning. nice to see all of you. those posts seem to be creating two distinct camps when it comes to kardashian's image and influence. the woman who famously broke the internet with this famous magazine cover can never shy away from the spot light. with or without clothes. even publishish a bookf selfies called selfish. the reaction to this week's photos. kim kardashian seeking for attention at its finest writes one.
8:07 am
body and herself. let her be says another. celebs weighing in. i think everyone, men and women, should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies and not be criticized. from pink shout out to all of the women across the world using brain, strength, work ethic and talent. you will never have to make silly excuses for yourself. if kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen she will have to swallow the camera. kardashian quickly firing back. >> i don't think the women who have been critical of kim kardashian are helping women. there is really no one real way that somebody should be allowed to express their sexuality. >> reporter: kardashian addressed that broader conversation. i never understand why people get so bothered by what other people choose to do. i am empowered by my body. i am
8:08 am
i hope through this platform i can encourage the same empowerment for girls and women. you be you and let me be me. >> i'm a little concerned that she does a disservice to young women who might be looking at her as an example. this is her job. for us as parents i think we really need to make sure our children understand that that is what she does. she gets paid to break the internet. >> reporter: the reaction ranges from support of selfies to criticism to a woman who never fails to attract attention. >> i don't think it is surprising that kim's naked selfies have sparked a lot of conversation. i think it is interesting that someone would try to assign role model status to kim kardashian. i don't think people would do that about a man who posted naked selfies. >> there was a little back and forth between kim kardashian and bette dl
8:09 am
but she is using it as an opportunity for fundraising. she tweeted this photo out last night saying put your selfie to work for a good cause. >> at least she is getting a laugh about it. >> a lot to say about this in terms of whether you think it is right or wrong. >> there are some people who say leana doneham is applauded. i don't have a right or wrong. >> there are standboards tween men and women and women like kim kardashian and others. discuss. >> coming up next, ready for his modeling close up. the big plans in place for the man matt calls hot convict as he is released from prison. help from parents how to get your kids organized when
8:10 am
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hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. time for what is trending today. >> the most decorated olympian of all time, the winner of 22 medals. he is hoping to earn more this summer in rio before retiring. but what does it take to make a champion? we are getting an idea thanks to a gripping commercial from underarmer. ♪
8:15 am
it's a very cool commercial and all that goes into his training. you see like 4,000 calories for breakfast. he doesn't do that anymore. by the way, all the grueling preparation pays off. when michael saw the ad he got emotional saying the world finally gets to see the real michael phelps. we spent time with michael phelps in phoenix a short time ago. you will get to see that interview coming up on nbc. earlier we showed you the debate wednesday night between y clinton and bernie sanders. what color was senator sanders suit? some say brown suit and others see a black suit. this is like the 2016 version of the dress. so the inet
8:16 am
year. the senator's response team offered a definitive answer. >> i see brown. >> i see brown. >> clearly brown. the rapid response team says it was neither brown nor black. it was blue. i know. >> crazy. >> it was blue. >> the background is blue. >> you know what? in that other shot -- >> depends on the monitor. over there it looks blue. >> i read a funny tweet. i don't care what color as long as it is not birthday. >> took us a minute but we got there. west virginia just passed a bill allowing people to drink raw milk which is milk that hasn't been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria. supporters say it is more
8:17 am
nutritious. lawmakers celebrated the passing by drinking raw milk. some people who drank the milk are saying they are sick. one told our affiliate he is not pointing fingers. >> i'm not feeling that great. probably some sort of bad stomach virus. >> not what you want to hear. >> state health officials are planning to look into the matter. >> one heck of a coincidence. >> several people who drank raw milk. >> got raw milk? now surprise proposal made possible by howard stern. say good bye to the most interesting man in the world. >> maria surprise by that matchmaker on howard stern. >> she does the news and got a
8:18 am
years. >> reminds me how much i do love you. although i said, this isn't a proposal -- i wanted to ask you something. would you make me the happiest person on earth and would you marry me? my gosh, i can't believe this is happening. >> is this ring big enough? >> they've been together 19 years. i hope they're not rushing into anything. thank you, maria. we had that conversation a lot about it. when you're happy, whatever w k works works for you. kevin wanted to propose on howard's show because that's the first time they listened to it together. >> saying good-bye to the most interesting man in the world. the beer brand, and for 19 years
8:19 am
ladies and now they are retiring him and sending him on a one way trip to mars. today, they're saying good-bye to be replaced by an equally interesting younger man. a few things we know. his only regret is not knowing what regret looks like. >> sharks have a week dedicated to him. presidents take his birthday off and his only regret is not knowing what a regret feels like. >> great ad campaign. >> why end it? >> i don't know why. >> they're not going to end it but bringing in a younger man. >> is that going to be a mistake? >> can a younger guy be interesting as this older guy with life experience? >> i don't know. it made it great. >> wed ho
8:20 am
finally the update about the man who stole hearts, been known as the hot convict. his name is jerry meeks and served time in prison for gun possession. he is a free man now. he has a manager now and says, i want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers and overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead. what lies ahead, a successful modeling career. maybe an interesti ing younger man. >> the first time we showed that picture, the reaction was overwhe overwhelming. >> most flattering mugshot ever. >> to the most interesting man in the world. al. we've been talking about heavy rain going on and having heavy rain in california as well. look at it. it just continues in the same area, will not go away. a good time now to think about this.
8:21 am
can knock a person off their feet and 2 feet can float a vehicle. turn around, don't drown. when you have water flowing at 4 miles an hour, it is enough to damage or destroy a home. please, make sure you take ample precaution, sandbag, do whatever you need to, to protect your home. rainfall rates, 2-3 inches an hour throughout parts of the gulfcoast. 6-12 inches of rain. since monday, some areas will get 20-inches of rain more than you get in a tropical system. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> temperatures currently in the 50s and 60s. 60 degrees in the district. we'll have partly sunny skies and record warmth in the forecast for today. high temperature around 82 degrees around 3:00 in the afternoon. by noon, spectacular, with temperatures in the mid-70s. there's a chance of spotty-like showers
8:22 am
tomorrow morning as the cold front moves through. dry later on but temperatures now to our special series. this morning help for kids who struggle getting homework done or getting to bed on time. >> we had an expert give one girl a productivity makeover. ♪ >> it's homework time and 9 year old is all over the place. >> i start one thing. then i try another one. >> and i'm a little unorganized. >> reporter: her mom has had enough. >> i'm always having to crack the whip and say did you do this or that? things that should be taking ten minutes to do turn into 45 minutes or an hour. >> reporter: call it the preteen
8:23 am
productivity gap as kids approach adolescence physical and neurological changes can throw them into a state of disorganization. so what can parents do to help? >> i'm a productivity coach for kids. are you ready to go to work. >> we had a top expert give four simple strategies to boost productivity. do a backpack autopsy. >> going to see how this backpack died. >> reporter: susan says backpack chaos, lost assignments derails kids before they start their homework. instead -- >> all of your math is in the math section. >> reporter: get organized with labelled binders and folders, pencil cases. and separate places for food and drink. every paper. >> before you go to school you can see everything you need is there. how doe
8:24 am
>> better. >> reporter: next suze pren pairs her brain for homework. have kids do some focus breathing. >> just notice your breath. >> reporter: susan says three minutes of deep breath can reduce anxiety and clear minds of distractions. >> when you can focus, concentrate, relax you are much more likely to get your work done well, efficiently and in the best possible way. >> reporter: tip number three keeps kids efficient. create a special homework space designed to teach them about time. >> we have set up your new work space, your desk, your pegboard, monthly calendar just for you. >> reporter: susan says many kids don't have a grasp of time and feel overwhelmed by homework. she gives her this desk clock to time how long assignments are taking her. >> that apparently took you
8:25 am
>> reporter: and the last tip make sure to give your kids break for fun. >> fun elevates levels and that enhances learning. >> after she spleets an assignment she gets 15 minutes to play boosting her motivation to finish her work. >> i'm more organized so now i can do more fun stuff. >> i no longer have to be the bad guy telling her do this, do that. >> hug. >> cute. >> a struggle for parents. >> good ideas. think the breathing exercise would go over in your household. tomorrow we have help for adults, secrets to juggling chores, bills and errands. over to you, carson. we will honor our buddy wrangler on his
8:26 am
this is a "news4 today" news break. >> good morning. 8:26 for this news break. we start with a check on the morning commute. melissa mollet for traffic. >> good morning. southbound a report of a crash between montgomery village and 370, not seeing it here on camera. my chart says it is there. the beltway looking normally. you can see the top of the beltway and spur here to the legion bridge as well, 66, west
8:27 am
8:28 am
right now live look outside, you can see filtered sunshine. temperatures at 60 degrees, right at 60, 63 in gaithersburg, record forecasts with high temperatures in low 80s and mix of clouds and sun
8:29 am
day. chance of showers on into early tomorrow morning, otherwise clouds diminish throughout the day, cloudsreezy and b
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] 8:30 on this thursday morning. 10th of march, 2016. big spring break crowd on the pla plaza. lots of college basketball fans. >> as we say good morning to them coming up it is a bittersweet day. the fake grass is out, balloons are out and fire hydrants because wrangler, this is
8:31 am
big moment. taking a victory lap with carson. >> it's been great how many times you are walking down the street and a viewer will say wrangler. he really makes an impression on a lot of people watching the show. >> we love our wrangler. don't forget all this time it has been a great cause being trained to be a guide dog and off to his next adventure. >> he is so excited. >> this is my moment. >> also coming up -- >> our couples in the running for the big fat today wedding are here looking for your votes. we lined up something fun to help you learn more about them so you can make
8:32 am >> we are getting ready to know what katie lee is making. she is here with her pick, penne pie. you will want tomake it tonight. how about a check weather. >> let's show you what we have going on for the weekend ahead. friday, sunshine, mild temperatures in the northeast and great lake, more heavy rain in the gulf and mississippi river valley. southern california to the pacific northwest and looks wet. saturday, we have record highs in the plains, wet weather in the pacific northwest, lot of rain to the mississippi river val, sunshine in the northeast atlantic states, sunday, eastern seaboard states make their way with showers in florida. mississippi-river valley, central california, to the pacific northwest, rain and mountain snows, windy conditions, nice and toasty through texas. that's what's going on around the country.
8:33 am
>> temperatures around 60 degrees, high of 82, with mix of clouds in some, chance of shower overnight to early tomorrow morning. otherwise, clouds diminish throughout the day tomorrow. breezy and cooler, still pleasant, high temperatures near 70. plenty of clouds and in the mid-60s. and chance of scattered showers sunday. daylight savings time . and that's your latest weather. you can check us out every morning on sirius xm channel 108. we sound great. back to you guys. >> love is in the air this morning because our three finalists from our big fat today wedding are here. we have caitlyn and john, megan and john from los angeles and lara and david from new york city. >> we
8:34 am
for the big day in a game called walk the aisle. we are going to read a fact about one of these couples. all you have to do is take a step forward if you are the couple that the statement applies to askand tell us why. >> your goal is to reach the bouquet of flowers. whoever gets there the quickest wins this. everybody ready? >> where am i going? >> down here. hi. >> i think i have the first question. this groom to be was forced to get a tv to keep his bride to be. what happened? >> she loves the today show so much that i didn't have cable at the time. >> every morning. it's my morning routine. >> i knew i liked you. >> you guys are like my best
8:35 am
was get a tv and cable. this couple re-creates their first date every year. >> so romantic. whose idea was this? >> her favorite restaurant is venezuelan in the village. it was special that she shared that place with me on our first date. we go every year. >> i have one here. this couple has a love story that involves fish. >> what's that about? >> we met on plenty of fish. after dating we realized we did hang out at similar restaurants and never ran into each or. >> sushi restaurants? >> who's next? >> this couple performed in a halftime show at madison square
8:36 am
gardens. >> we performed a dance. it is so crazy to dance next to your love. >> y'all are dancers. >>. >> here we go. this couple has something in common with willie and al because they count the number of kisses they have shared. do you really? >> how many kisses have you shared 3,650 give or take a couple hundred. >> you have a log or book or something? >> weas kiss every morning befo we leave. >> what does that take you to 3,651. >> here is one. this couple lives three doors down from the bride to be's mom. >> how does that work
8:37 am
>> she's actually become the wreath fairy. for every new season she will replace our wreath. >> i won't be home and look at the door. >> it's mom. >> we have one final question. it's for everybody. a free pass to grab the bouquet. which couple wants to get married on the plaza? i think it was a photo finish. the real way to win is for people at home to vote. now that you know more about the couples don't forget to head to the voting ends at 8:30 eastern tomorrow. our couples will return. we will find out who is getting married live on "today." >> i love all of you. >> i don't know. >> up next,
8:38 am
for penne pie crazy good. this is today on nbc. >> y'all did good. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free.
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eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. now awhere you can create itthe perfect home.e event, from now until march twenty-first... you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces, plus you'll save an extra one hundred dollars, on every thousand you spend. and, we're offering twenty-four month, no interest financing. come in today for storewide savings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. [thwack] the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys.
8:40 am
8:40 we are back with more of our chef's choice week. in the hot seat katie lee, co-host of "the kitchen." good to see you. >> good morning. >> chef's choice. as soon as we gave you a choice you blurted out penne pie. >> i made it about a month ago. it was really cold and i made this recipe and it was one of my favorites. >> is it a family recipe? >> i made it up one day. i love pasta. i thought let's put it together with cheese and bake it and see what happens. >> i usually take times to be convinced. the finished product looks great. >> really easy
8:41 am
penne pasta, onions, eggs, ground beef, parsley. you can use home made marinara sauce or store bought. a large pot of boiling water. cook pasta three or four minutes less than the package said. it will cook a second time. you want to drain that out and save some of your pasta water because we will use that in our sauce. >> you will add a few table spoons. i have ground beef browning. >> you could use ground turkey. you could use some sausage, ground pork. you can make it vegetarian and put a lot of chopped vegetables. drain this beef and take fat out. >> that won't hold together as well? >> it will be greissy and won't taste as good. we will use the same pan. add olive oilnd
8:42 am
saute those for about five minutes. i have some here that are done. and then now we make our sauce. so i'm starting with ricotta cheese, add onions and eggs. the eggs will hold everything together if you start whis issi that. i will add in parmesan cheese and fresh parsley. here is our tomato sauce. all good stuff in here. let's put a little bit of salt in and more pepper. and our pasta water. the pasta water will thin this down but then thicken it up in the oven. and add in that beef and you will toss the pasta in there. >> you want the paper towel in there or no? >> you can leave the paper towel out. toss that all together and add the pasta in and get it nice
8:43 am
>> it goes into a pan. i like to use a cake pan because i think it gives it more structure and holds it together better. you can use a spring form pan. >> do you grease it at all? >> grease the pan and top it with mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. >> we have our panel of tasters down stairs. they are as finnicy as i am. >> so good. >> a lot of times you have half boxes of pastas. >> that's a great idea. you can use whatever pasta you like. i always wind up with the little bits left. >> never enough to make a whole meal. >> great idea. it goes into the oven. you can also freeze that and bake it another time. comes out like this. take it out of the pan. it looks like that. >> how did you get that out of the pan. >> a little
8:44 am
and then -- >> serve this with a little salad. now i have been honest that i did have a previous favorite. let's see how this goes. >> he is hard to please. >> that is fantastic. >> what are the greens? arug lu. >> i love it and i know i would love it with sausage meat also. >> katie lee. fantastic. penne pie. get this recipe and much more at up next it's time to say good bye and good luck to wrangler. celebrate our puppy with a purpose on this thursday morning cht first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
sponsored by iams, good for life. >> we are back on a very bittersweet morning. it's our last day with wrangler. >> seems like just yesterday he joined our family just a little puppy. now he is ready to embark on the next step of his journey. for the final time on our show may i introduce our friend wrangler. >> hey, buddy. >> check out -- how much wrangler has grown. he is a big boy now. we take a moment and look back at the memories that we have made and wrangler's exciting road ahead. ♪ >> at only eight weeks old wrangler officially became the youngest member of our family. over 80,000 people chimed in on our puppy's new name and it is wrangler. >>e
8:48 am
hearts. >> our puppy with a purpose grew up right in front of our eyes while learning skills needed to become a guide dog. >> down, good boy. >> and brightening up our mornings along the way. >> so how many memories did we make? wrangler spent 288 mornings with us. he travelled 30,000 miles, played with some 57 toys. >> he has been obsessed with that toy all morning long. >> earned about 5,767 treats. >> it is true wrangler loves you best because you keep kibble in your pocket. >> and kisses too many to count. >> wrangler instantly became friends with everyone he met, sometimes he was very friendly. >> wrangler and i
8:49 am
>> we shared exciting firsts with wrangler like his first time climbing the stairs, his first snow and his first birthday. and some extraordinary mile stones, too, like his first super bowl commercial and his first cross country road trip. having a puppy on set during our live show led to many unscripted moments. >> wrangler took off. >> a lot of laughs. >> just about house trained, willie geist. >> and just a good old time. >> walking the dog. >> but it's all in a day's work for wrangler. the moment he has been working towards happens tuesday when he takes his test to determine if he is ready for formal guide dog training. he will be tested on his ability to deal with loud noises and distractions along
8:50 am
when wrangler passes his test he will say good bye to his puppy. >> it is exciting and emotional. the time when it is really time to say good bye but they are ready to move on to the next step in their journey. >> a journey we were honored to be a part of. >> wrangler's puppy raiser is here. when the show is over you take wrangler home. what does this moment feel like for you? >> so many emotions. this is the hardest part of puppy raising because you have to say good bye but so rewarding because it is what you worked for for the past 16 months. you have seen this dog grow from a little 8 week old puppy to an adult ready to move on. i'm so proud of him. >> such a gift you are
8:51 am
invest yourself this way and send him on his way. do you feel good about his chances? >> i feel really good about him. he is a really nice dog. i feel like all of the love he received here and experiences -- >> he doesn't want to go. >> i think he has the best chance to have success. >> talked about being prepared for loud noises. this environment did prepare hip. >> he has had so much socialization in this environment. he is excited for the next step. he has had so many socialization experiences in this environment that he really can handle anything. i'm so proud of everything that he has done. >> will you keep us updated what happens on tuesday. >> absolutely. definitely. >> i will miss finding the little pieces of kibble in my suit pockets. >> me, too. >> thank you for all you have done. >> you get to sleep in
8:52 am
>> wrangler, we can't leave you out. >> we just want to say our loss is someone else's gain. the reason we can deal with the losing wrangler here on the show is we know wrangler will make a huge difference. thank you so much. cheers to you. >> you can sleep in now. >> cheers. >> we'll miss you. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
why not, go get smukers a little later. we have very accomplished folks who want to celebrate. we are going to start off with julie lavine. happy 100th birthday married for 70 years. he says the secret to longevity listen to your wife. arue is from hawaii. she loves to smile and eat ice cream. ethyl bauer 100 years old crafting over 200 pieces of needle point. that is a talented lady. happy 100
8:55 am
year of fort myers, florida. he was a teaching instructor for fighter pilots during world war ii. mrs. margaret hutchinson is also 100, positive outlook and half a klondike bar every day. and a very happy 100th birthday to matthew sherrill from nashville, tennessee. we don't want to forget you're honoring somebody turning 100. log on to tell us about him. all right, wrangler. he is happy about it. >> another guide dog in the studio. >> he is saying hello. that was the wrangler salute. >>
8:56 am
gl this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 8:56 your time this thursday march 10th, 2016. good morning to you. let's check on your morning commute now with melissa mollet. what's going on. good morning. beltway not so bad. inbound 295, headed into the city northbound or southbound we're a tad slow. if you're
8:57 am
american legion bridge a little slow. 66 looking pretty good. live picture there. an a little slow hered a
8:58 am
8:59 am
we've warmed up in washington 5 degrees the last hour, 66 in manassas as we continue to climb to record temperatures. by noon we're already in the mid-70s. by tomorrow, we're cooler and breezy with a chance of a
9:00 am
the couple who hit it out of the park with the ultimate gender reveal and busting internet health claims that seem too good to be true. all that and more coming up right now. from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" thursday morning march 10, 2016. i'm al along with tamron and dylan. the morning ja
9:01 am
>> you know this song? my husband didn't know it. >> it's true. this is "pride and joy." i was listening to classic rock yesterday and these types of songs, this blues rock, my dad and i when we would ride his harley i would sit on the back with my helmet. rocking out to this. >> texas austin this is where it happens. you looking for a good time hit up austin for your family vakay. >> i have never been to austin. >> this is where the sound is. >> give me a personal tour. >> done. i have the miles, you got the time. let's have some fun. >> i used to live this on lindb boulevard on my way to john's barbershop. >> are
9:02 am
>> you can go around the world in queens. it's unbelievable. >> i feel that way about new york in general. >> let's talk about memories. spring training game between the pirates and braves that bat heading towards young landon cunningham and dad gets his arm out just in time. we surprised landon with an autographed jersey from his favorite player braves first baseman. that young man was so cute. we told him he was getting that jersey. so happy. >> guess what. he is stealing hearts once again. he and his wife are expecting a baby. they revealed the news the way a big leaguer can only do it. hit it.
9:03 am
they're having a boy. >> that is such a good idea. >> revealing hitting that ball and exploded in blue. that's pretty cool. >> giving the jersey to landon and now this. he might be our favorite right now. >> reminds you there what sports is all about and that there are a lot of great athletes out there. a few bad ones but so many others. >> it's true. >> there are so many others that are role models and just terrific. >> well said. we know my thing is zac efron. i get worked up when i interview him. let's talk about zac efron. they are filming the reboot of bay watch and flexing his muscles. >> look at thos.
9:04 am
>> look at that. he is down there shooting this. there was a fan who ran after him and in an attempt to get a picture of him drops his phone and it shatters. cracked beyond repair so what does he do? he invites the guy to the set and surprises him with a brand new phone. so not only did he get to go on the set and get to talk to him and take pictures he got to do it on his new phone that zac bought for him. >> it is amazing the effect he has. i wish we had that video. >> we do. >> sorry. -- >> it's just so
9:05 am
>> if it had been me i would have felt that way about seth. >> breathless. >> when you get home what do you say to brian? >> i say you won't believe what happened. >> let's look at that one more time. it's really special. >> so sorry. >> i should have just said it. i'm sorry this is happening because i'm distracted around you. >> you didn't know. >> i can't -- >> you didn't know it was going to happen. you went in being professional and you didn't know it was going to happen. >> al, name one actress -- >> halle berry. >> that is fair. >> is
9:06 am
her. i was fine. >> what was your heart saying inside? >> be my polar vortex. >> that didn't get awkward. >> not in the slightest. strange dreams. let's just -- >> not about zac efron. career builder survey and they say 60% of us have dreamt about work. it's usually a nightmare. in this dream they dream about this is so uncomfortable for me to read, hooking up with a co-worker. has that happened before? >> in dreams. >> the dream didn't happen nor the reality. >> sometimes you have the dream about a co-worker and then y
9:07 am
see them it's like you think they know that you had the dream about them. >> i had a dream about a co-worker two nights ago and it was megan, our pr guru. megan, please come by. megan is pregnant. i won't reveal her due date. she won't stand up either. i said you won't believe this, i had a dream you had the baby. i was at an event and you didn't show up and a colleague showed up all sweaty. you are going to have the baby tonight. that was three nights ago. the baby is still camping. i cannot predict the future. >> baby is still here. >> telling off the boss. have you had that dream? >> fantasize. >> getting in a fight with a co-worker. showing up to work in pajamas. >> you have done that. >> i come to work in my pajamas. in the morning i come to w
9:08 am
my pajamas and usually -- >> sometimes the flap is buttoned. >> the back flap. >> i do have the back flap pajamas. >> i always have the dream that five minutes before the show and i don't have makeup on and glasses on and i can't read the prompter and i can't move forward with the show. >> i dream about zac efron. >> and thoseabs. those chiselledabs. >> and polar bears. >> polar bears are cute. >> unless you are in a cage with un. >> baby polar bears are cute. we have pictures of this adorable polar bear cub at the german zoo yesterday. she went out and checked the world outside, came back and cuddled with mom. born in december and spent first days being cared for by her mom. the cub has no name. i don'tnk
9:09 am
that. he is good to go. >> so cute right now. >> so we have heard the expression watching paint dry. how about watching pavement breathe. this is from our producer. she saw this and thought -- it is kind of creepy looking. this is italian coastal town. waves force air underneath the pavement and it actually looks like it is breathing. >> what is that horror film when the thing comes out of the sand? >> with kevin bacon. >> tremor. that is what that looks like. >> the great thing is that our producer watched that for about an hour. she is from australia. >> kate has the most unusual taste in videos. there was a big discussion
9:10 am
the guy who does candy surgery. literally and she wanted us to put this on watching people like franken candy. >> willie geist on the e-mail. we are never going to get the four minutes back that she made us watch this. >> you are fantastic. you are the best. nobody is better than you when it comes to viral those viral vid videos. anyway, we have more heavy rain pushing its way up to the south. 15 million people under flooding risk and 2 million people under flash flood warnings, watching this all day today and into tomorrow. the next three day, we could be talking about areas that pick up all total six monday, 20 inches of rain. in new orleans and low-lying areas of louisiana, we will have big problems, rainfall rates, 2-3 inches per hour. that's what's going on
9:11 am
here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> temperatures right now in the mid to upper 60s. 67 degrees in camp springs, 66 in college park, high today in the low to mid 80s. record warmth in the forecast today. a chance of a shower overnight to very early tomorrow morning. more importantly, that will cool us down for our friday. high temperatures near 70 degrees, a bit of a breeze throughout the day as clouds give way to increasing sunshine. the weekend looking okay. pleasant for spring. saturday, high, 64, chance of scattered showers on sunday. la >> so brace yourselves, prepare yourselves. coming up, you won't believe your eyes when he performs his mind
9:12 am
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9:14 am
not yet. not yet! pull the peach! mmmm, yoplait. you probably recognize mentalest, a finalist on season ten of the hit talent show. >> well, we loved him so much he is back again. good morning. i missed you the last few times. >> number one question i get how do you do it? people don't realize the stuff they give away. they let slip. dpiv you a great example. let's say you are reading a magazine as the words are being pr
9:15 am
in tandem to the words. as a mentalest you are not aware of the tongue moving. those subtle movements can serve as my entry way to your thoughts. i picked up all current events. you will take a magazine. i gave you choices. each grab one. and i'm going to turn and face you. in a moment you will find a long word. the key here is ten letters. don't do a short word and i didn't do anything beach reading. we have long words to choose from other than kardashian. looking sharp today. >> thank you. >> i don't know the comfort level in a black shirt. did you get a word in mind. close the magazines. put them down. who do we have on the front here.
9:16 am
whole different topic. think of the first letter of your word. notice al she is trying not to breathe right now. i'm going to go. open your eyes. she just let it slip. grab the marker. what was the first letter of your word? >> i wrote down an s. >> when did you write that? >> al, think of the next letter. i got the second one and it all comes together. i'm going to show you. you see what i wrote. i'm putting the marker away. there are thousands of words in that magazine. what word did you pick out of the thousands. >> sportsmanship. >> there's no way. you just
9:17 am
>> i told you it is all about lip movements. certain letters make different phonetic sounds like vowels. you have to open your mouth. >> you have about 45 seconds. the word start with a u? >> look at me. it's an. >> a celebrity to run in 2020. who is the celebrity? george clooney. anybody else? any women? >> taylor swift. >> i like it. >> i have a prediction i just thought of i want to show you i planned ahead of the campaign slogan dylan, tell us what was the word? >> we need a slogan.
9:18 am
>> independence. >> get out of here. >> no way. >> mind blown again. >> this is not real. >> have your people call my people if you need a campaign manager. >> are you human? >> you are like the zac efron of mentalests. >> unbelievable. >> thanks so much. coming up, t.r. knight having fun playing the bad guy. tell us all about it after this. why just shave, when you can choose to smooth? choose suprises over dull. choose design, over in a lull. choose for women. choose leader. choose bars. choose movement. choose delight. choose to love your knees and treat your underarms like queens. choose skin you adore. choose venus. choose more. choose to take a stand.
9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. we are back with meantalist oz pearlman. >> for folks who didn't see it he asked to pick up a magazine, find an eight or nine lr
9:22 am
word. they did. and it was a random word. we had like five magazines there. i didn't pick a word from an article. i have a headache right now because i feel like you infiltrated our brain. >> i picked a word buried in an article. >> what can you tell us? >> i told you i was watching your lips but the power of influence cht how about this? i'm going to try to sync up your brains. >> one of us has one and one doesn't. >> how will we pull this off? a feeling watch if i take a piece of your newspaper and i want you to shake hands and stay right there. lock it in. imagine you have connection. anything al feels dylan will feel. >> are you hungry? >> it's going to be what happens to you travels through. did i tell you anything about to take
9:23 am
close your eyes. watch her close. did you feel anything. whatever i do to al it should have gone through his hand over. tell us the truth. what did you feel? >> i felt something on my chin. >> you didn't touch my chin. >> all of america knows. >> you didn't touch my skin. >> this is really good. >> this could be fantastic. >> hold on a second. hello. something is going on here. you're wasting your time. >> i'm so -- >> how long have you known -- >> i have been doing this for 20 years. >> you were like a kid walking around -- >> freaking everybody out. >> he touched his chin. >> that is weird. >> thank goodness this is a family show. >> i stay strictly abovehe
9:24 am
equator. >> wow. >> and you thought of george clooney and went taylor swift. that is why i'm wearing the shirt. >> when did you have the shirt made? >> two days ago. >> if you watch the clip back again you will see i have something wrong and i said let's shake it off and i put the suggestion in his head. >> i'm performing all over the country. >> independence still. >> i'm angry right now. >>
9:25 am
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9:26 am
incredible in every detail. good morning. it's 9:26 this thursday. in the headlines, d.c. police are looking for two suspects involved in an armed robbery on georgia avenue. they released this video where one suspect demanded money threatening a clerk with a gun and there is reward money for an arrest in this case. police also arrested two in a violent incidents -- no s
9:27 am
9:28 am
temperatures right now in the 60s. mid to upper 60s. highs today 25-30 degrees above normal. currently at 65 here in the district and we will have a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day. high of 82, cooler tomorrow, chance of isoled
9:29 am
late tomorrow night and early tomorrow morning and that will cool us down. still 70 grees for ade
9:30 am
clashed in a sometimes fiery debate. clinton faced one of the sharpest exchanges yet about the fbi investigation into private e-mail server asked if she will drop out of the race if indicted. >> it is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. clinton took aim at senator sanders. and disappointing news days after the cleveland clinic announced it has performed the country's first uterus transplant. the hospital
9:31 am
experienced a sudden complication that led to removal of the uterus. the trial procedure is supposed to include ten women who suffer from uterine factor infertility. and chinese exercises might help improve health of people with cardiovascular disease. researchers looked at 35 studies that compared tai chi. the exercises were effective in reducing depression among patients living with heart disease or stroke. and united airlines is planning to squeeze more seats into some planes. it will change the configuration so that economy seats go from nine in each row to ten, an increase of about 20 seats per plane and will have upgrades for passengers. >
9:32 am
girl scout cookies are everywhere. some girl scouts looking to close the deal are using a poster with oscar winning actor saying leo wants an oscar. leo buys girl scout cookies. leo wins oscar. be like leo. roq al roker is standing by. >> what is that? crouching tiger hidden al. >> >> crouching tiger. look at our's date. like us, would you, we have 331,000 likings. we'd love to get some more. you know what else sells girl scout cookies? posters of zack e fron. -- zac efron. more wet weather
9:33 am
northwest in southern california. and we continue with the el nino fueled rain in the pacific northwest. showers and thunderstorms make their way up to the upper mississippi valley with sunshine along the east coast, continues warm in the plains, wet and sunshine and rain through florida all the way back to the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> a live look outside with our tower camera. you can see hazy sunshine out there already gorgeous temperatures in the 60s pushing 70 degrees in some marks like fredericksburg and col pepper. 82 in washington, 81 in frederick and a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. cooler tomorrow but still pleasant. temperatures near 70 degrees with a breeze throughout the day. clouds give way to increasing sunshine and and that's your latest weather. >> playing with
9:34 am
for an emmy award for playing dr. george o'malley for five seasons on "grey's anatomy." >> and now starring in a high school teacher who travels back in time to find out who killed jfk. good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to have you here. >> i feel like any plot line about time travel makes things that much more complicate. where does your character come into play? >> he goes back into time. the story when he falls in love with my life and then the story about trying to prevent jfk. i am part of that other story line. >> you are playing the bad guy. every actor i talk to says it is fun to be the bad guy. is it fun? >> it is wonderful. it's conflict and trying to figure
9:35 am
works when there is clearly something -- >> he gets more messed up in the next episode which is just like -- it is great. james directed this episode which i don't know how he did it. he was amazing. >> he is in the show. >> every scene. >> and for him to go back and forth in the episode to direct this and then -- it is remarkable. i'm in awe of him. >> remarkable my niece is 16 and binge watched "grey's anatomy." it is incredible the impact of the show. and final farewell to the cast at some point i imagine. >> just looking back to the flashback of the impact of that show and the farewell how is it to have a new generation of
9:36 am
you don't this can there is so much television that people and so much more coming out and coming out. people go back to something that started like in 2004. but i love playing george cht he was an incredible character and so complicated. he tried so hard and failed so miserably. not that i can identify with any of that. >> you cannot. >> the voices in your head right now. >> maybe this isn't so much of a challenge. >> maybe not. >> playing crazy. >> thank you so much for being here and you can catch 11.22.63 on hulu. our head is in the game. i don't know. up next it's throwback thursday. this is a special edition of my tr
9:37 am
jeans? these jeans are sold out everywhere. just watch. after this. i'm not kidding you can't get your hands on these things.
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listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. it is time now for my tuesday trend. it's not tuesday but thursday. we decided to do throwback thursday decision based on fashions i'm pretty obsessed with. thankfully we have saved today for you. lifestyle editor here for throwback thursday fashion trends. >> i'm so great and so excited about these trends. >> full disclosure here. this first trend -- this is our first one. >> it is so major. >> i spent and i know you will
9:42 am
for this trend. take it away. >> we have them for you. this is the new wedgy fit jean. it's all about the wedgy. this is made popular by ms. kylie jenner which we can see here. and she broke the internet just like her sister with these jeans. these are from levi's. the deal is they lift the bum. they lift your bum, operate and they give the illusion of a wedgy without the discomfort. >> she was brave enough to turn her bum to the camera. >> here is the deal. they claim any size range that this will lift and gives you what's instyle right now.
9:43 am
places. >> what is so great about them. they are universally flattering. the higher waist. this is mom jean 2.0. can we show the madonna video. madonna wore a similar style in papa don't preach video from the '80s. it accentuates the waist. it makes the waste to hip ratio look super curvy so you are instant bombshell. that is madonna in the background. >> in stores levi's $88 for this wash. online they only have the white wash. you can find them in stores. >> you look smoking hot wedgy and all. we have a style that i have worn a couple of times on air. it looks like from the '80s movie the
9:44 am
>> i love you when you wear this look. the bow blouse really is a huge trend right now. first of all, if you choose that sexy secreryta look everything you wear it with looks pulled together. >> you look beautiful. >> this is a great trick. her bow there is detachable. so it's on an elastic so you can trade it in and wear it with any blouse. >> when you do wear this be prepared to be called colonel sanders. that is what i got all day and pilgrim from little house on the prairie. be prepared. >> you look great. >> we have inspired by stevie nicks, the maxy dress is back and i love it. >> we have seen it and the new take is the skirt. and this is inspired by
9:45 am
favorite gold dust woman. what we love about this is it is a wrap skirt. so it shows a little leg. and this is $69. >> not the dress but the skirt. platforms are back. >> huge. your feet will be thanking you. >> thank you so much for our special throwback thursday. it is the show that fans love to binge watch. house of cards alright, let's do this. i got minds to twist and values to warp. mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. that is e to the z oh twiddly dee-sgusting! you haven't heard me sing diddly-ding yet. ♪ dream on! higher. ♪ dream on! i think a little higher! ♪ dreammmm onnnnnnnn!
9:46 am
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9:49 am
your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. one sure fire way to know you are in a hit show is when the portrait of your fictional president ends up in portrat gal re. >> we will talk to michael kelly in a moment. more on the series. if you haven't finished season three cover your ears now. >> the road to power is paved and casualties. >> welcome to the world of house of cards. kevin spacey plays president frank underwood who schemes his way from congress to the oval office but not without getting a little blood on his hands. >> i love her more tn
9:50 am
>> who last season strode away from her marriage. >> i'm leaving you. >> reporter: the first three seasons have earned the series a slew of awards including 33 emmy nominations and six wins. and fans in high places. >> i watch house of cards. i have to tell you life in washington is a little more boring. >> reporter: one of the most calculating characters is doug stamper played by michael kelly. >> can't afford anymore mistakes. >> house of cards season four is streaming now. be prepared for more back stabbing and bomb shells. >> democracy is so overrated. >> doug stamper himself joins us this morning. good to see you. >> good to see you guys again. >> when people see you, doug is such a twisted individual. do people kind of like nice to meet you
9:51 am
>> yeah. i never stop smiling. there might be a quick reservation in an elevator or something. for the most part i never stop smiling. >> nobody wants you behind them in an elevator. i have had people genuinely scared. doug stamper for a quick second. >> i was just on my phone. >> we heard cover your ears. you and your wife have an arrangement as far as when you can watch the episodes? >> we film them almost a year before it comes out when we start the season every year so for me i forget a lot of what happens. i had to go to london to do the press circuit and i was like i need episodes if i'm going to talk about it.
9:52 am
the first six and i watched the first four and kept going. i was like i have to stop. i stopped at four so my wife and i can watch it together. >> hard to keep things secret because you don't remember. >> that happens to me every day. >> the older i get. >> this show, how has it changed your life? >> i mean, night and day. i have been very fortunate in my career to work with incredible directors and on projects that we love. it has been a nice study little step by step climb. and with this one you take all of that and you put it into something. the momentum that you gain and then you get to be in a role of a lifetime that i'm so blessed to be in. >> tell us about taboo. >> it's a limited series
9:53 am
fx doing early 1800s, dirty, nasty. tom hardy is a genius. it is brilliantly written. very excited about that. >> is there any light in doug's life in season four? >> there has been plenty of light. >> i think we have a difference between what we think is light. michael kelly, thank you so much. season four of house of cards on netflix. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
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a. i am going to tickle your -- >> how does this feel? >> is that crazy? he was unbelievable. whatever he is doing. >> i felt it.
9:56 am
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9:57 is your time now on this thursday march 10th, 2016. good morning to you. today, metro officials are finalizing money matters. the finance committee expected to approve a 2017 operating budget of 1$1.7 billion. it does not include fare increase or major service changes. it does include more federal money grants for maintenance. once the proposal is out of
9:58 am
now, let's check on your forecast. love this weather! >> my gosh, love these temperatures, just about 10:00 a.m. already at 72 in the district. 72 in manassas, record high is in the low 80s. mix of cloud and sun, chance of light shower late tonight early tomorrow morning. it will cool us down to friday. temperatures near 70 degrees tomorrow. still running a little above normal, a bit breezy at times. more rain chances at midday. >> thank
9:59 am
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ilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v which is what you should not be. because at least in new york, it's springtime. it's the '70s, we can feel it. it's like knocking on the door. >> and it's thursday. >> and it's thursday. and friday eve. friday eve. one more wake-up. a great show today. tory spelling is here. she had her hands full, juggling four kids, a couple tv


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