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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nchtsds also new at 11:00 tonight, police arrested a 17 year for making a bomb threat in high school last week.
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note con negligented to thooes zemp piends. two days late ere, one of zempb to receive robosets. >> oond part of a house partially krapsz u
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>> and early thoorks's exactly the way it was. no interupgtss, no personal attacks of full-on discussion of the issues. like free trade. >> we have to sort of take a strong, good, hard look and come up with plans that work. >> immigration, we're going to build a wall. triple the border patrol. >> we're going to end sank chew ware city. >> vrjts first of all, let
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federal echblg case programs p. >> oiingsings, oon ook wroi wrgs are oon earl wrer kbe liet. skbl. >> but, tonight, the candidates show as opposed to restrachblt and even vice president. >> we're all? this together. request
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i. biering po
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>> an akuds sere yool robber is dmien bars tonight. police
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>> whoa was a 23-year-old from maryland with a strimpk of these robberies glvmt the viiers stuck in t 450e67. >> police had le leased this imooj ho ovm. >> wrups again, it was these wretch
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. >> many d.c. residents are becoming increasingly vocal about what they're calling an involving door of jus is. they see people being arrest oond then they feel v ever v of
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isle. v v. raw sewage is not meant to flood your basement, but that's what's been happening over and over. and, now, they eve called consumer reporter sister hogan, for help. >> here's the dool. the kmigts doesn't die this happens and everyone boy play is to the crossing piper.
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there's a history of problems in that area. we're aware of it. >> just this week, they say confirmed news 4 that they are in process of replacing may juror steward lood mplts. >> the breast ofrd its is goik doth sea as well.
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>> it's stet for tomorrow. and, today, families of victims killed by drunk droifers, show their sport e srt pr a long est bell.
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>> this rain isn't going to help. i ill n thil e7xd wrd roofer
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overcast. and that shower chand gebsz earl ler for the day torn rrns. other a sliegt that can el. it else
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>> eight points for him, uva on a 10-0 run. brompton put this one away. for the senior, game-high, 26 points for him. virginia rolls 72-52, the final. late game at verizon center. buzz williams taking on virginia tech. head coach, back in town, speaking of back in town, former terp setting that one. seco
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hurricanes from down one. spot-up and he nails it. miami takes the lead. right now, late in the second half, they are leading, 70-58. in new york, did it for saint lewis. the junior creates his shot. it was a beauty of a play. he had 13. boom, gw level a 13-point lead. gw wins it with 73
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score of 81-67. >> folk, i'm so sorry, looks reich he's not guilty not going to get into the nca tournament. >> so maryland is going to face the krornl huskers for next week.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hillary clinton, lucy liu, musical es


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