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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have live coverage from around the park all morning long to help you prepare for today's festivities. i'm sure a few folks leaving work a little early today to get to the park. good morning, everybody. >> eun yang got the lucky assignment today anchoring our coverage of opening day from nationals park. hey, eun. >> i do feel like a lucky girl being down here on the field for the home opener. i'm right in front of the dugout on this very exciting day. and you can feel the field coming alive and even though the nats do this every year, there is excitement and even the players said if you don't feel butterflies, you shouldn't be playing baseball. of course people want to know if the rain will wash out today's festivities. for that we put pressure on storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. tell us it won't be a complete washout. >> it will not be a complete washout today. i can play ball with the best of them. the bulk of the rain is heading
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later on today, hit and miss shower chances for sure, but most of the day happens before lunchtime. here is the leading edge of the rain coming into the area now. should be arriving in leesburg within about 35 or 40 minutes. fairfax in about 45 or 50 minutes. into downtown by about 7:30 and then east side of the metro by about 8:00 or 8:15. so grab the umbrella. this is all coming our direction. so it will be a wet start this morning. however, we go back to just passing showers later on this afternoon. so here is the next 24 hours. rain at 7:00. 5:00 this afternoon, which will be right at the early parts of the baseball game, occasional hit and miss showers. relatively mild. temperatures in the low 60s. we dry out overnight, but it turns chilly again down near 40 by this time tomorrow morning. time for a check on traffic, trouble in prince george's county. >> trouble in brandywine northbound 5 before the 301 e,
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the crash there. 95 north before the beltway, that accident has moved off to the right side of the roadway. we're still a little bit slow there, but hoping that gets better here in the next couple of minutes as volume really starts to pick up. >> eastbound 7 at battlefield parkway, we do still have a crash blocking the left lane. 123 at chain bridge road, same thing yesterday, traffic lights are short timing and really causing some backups through the area. chopper 4 over 50 inbound at the beltway, you can see pretty light volume right now at least. travel times in ten minutes. 6:02, developing right now, a young boy is in the hospital after a shooting on foote street in northeast washington not far from eastern avenue. d.c. police tell us he was shot in the arm and should recover. we asked, but officers are not releasing any information about who shot the boy about 11:45 last night. now to new hope in the search for an 8-year-old girl who disappeared two years ago. megan mcgrath has more on what is happening today at the
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>> reporter: good morning. it's been two years since relisha rudd disappeared. and despite the pass alleage of, police have emphasized that it remains an open investigation. they will continue to seek information, that they will follow up on leads as they present themselves. and today's search here at the national arboretum is evidence of that. we are expecting to see investigators early this morning possibly as early as 6:30. they will be focusing on a small pond here on the grounds of the arboretum. dive teams will being a part of today's search. they will also searching yesterday here at the arboretum, they were out here for several hours. there were dozens of police officers involved, k-9s and the like, spent a lot of time looking away on the grounds, however nothing was found. they are going to be out here again today. the chief of police saying
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has led them here to the arboret arboretum. that is why the new search is under way. they won't elaborate on the kind of information they received, but that is why they're here. and we're expecting folks to begin to gather just in about an hour, hour and a half from now. and of course we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you the very latest. back to you. it's official, a prince william county middle school will get a name change. the decision came late wednesday evening after residents packed a board meeting. last month the board decided to rename the school in honor of dr. george hampton. a black community leader and scholar. some felt the school board never gave them a chance to disagree and that the ordeal has turned in to something it should never have. and i'm eun yang live at nationals park for the home opener. even though the game is hours away, there is excitement at the ballpark already as people get ready. and we'll let you know
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one thing you will notice is the big role security will play this year as soon as you arrive at the ballpark. kristin wright is live outside the park now with more on the metal detectors that every fan will have to walk through this year. >> reporter: good morning. you know, what the worst thing is when you're standing in line trying to get through security after the game has already started and you're watching all the people in line and you just want to see the nats get a home run and you want a hot dog but you don't want to be that person today. metal detectors of course they're pretty common sense, but the biggest thing to remember today is to get here early enough to give yourself time to get through the security lines. gates open at 1:30. keep in mind metal detectors are at every entrance of the park. it w last year mlb said we have to have metal detectors for safety reasons.
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through, you can opt for the wands. your bag will be checked by security. and we're told that this season there are new efforts to keep everybody safe. some that are seen, and some that are not seen. so some that are quite obvious and others that are not. what could really slow you down is if you try to bring something through the garts that you're not supposed to. eun has the dos and don'ts. >> and a big question is what you cannot bring to the ball arc. you don't want to be slowed down as kristin mentioned. so let's begin with what is okay to bring through the gates. you can bring a camera, although the lens cannot be longer than 8 inches. a lot of people just take pictures on their phones. you are allowed one unopened bottle of water per person. unopened is the key. you can also bring your own food in a single serving bag. now to the items you cannot bring. you are not allowed to bring a bag that is
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by 8 which is basically a tote bag. and try to fit everything in there. if your umbrella, if it doesn't collapse, don't bring it. they must an to fit into a bag. you cannot bring metal, plastic or glass containers. once you get inside, things will look different, inside. one of the bringing changes you will notice, more netting extending out into the stands. the nats are one of five teams that are extending the netting over the dugout. they say the change is in response to new guidelines from mlb to keep you safe. we know the pop flies, foul balls can come fast and so the netting is there to protect the people in the stands. back to you. >> i always worry about that, or at least position abothink abou. but good to hear. >> bring your glove and try to catch it. >> and stay off the phones. thank you,
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putting a stop to scenes like this one on our streets. the new crackdown to keep atv and dirt bike riders from terrorizing the community. heavy rain pushing into the area as you get ready to work. the impact on your commute and when you can expect the heaviest rain where you live. and at the live desk, right now i'm breaking down new poll numbers released in the past few minutes showing how virginia voters feel about this presidential race, the support they would have if donald trump and hillary clinton land their party nominatins. o
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here come the raindrops, everybody. still mostly dry in montgomery, fairfax, prince george's county, arlington and the district now, but all this rain out here toward the shenandoah and blue ridge is all coming in our direction. it will be a wet start to the day for everybody. rain likely to be in the complete area around the metro area between about 7:00 and 8:00 at the latest this morning. so a rainy morning, tapering back to showers this afternoon and some periods of dry weather between about 2:00 and 4:00. but if you're headed down to nats ballpark, may want to take a poncho because a passing shower cannot be ruled out. right now still have this problem in brandywine, we're talking about northbound 5 just before you get to the 301 merge there. left side still blocked by that accident this morning. eastbound 7 out of leesburg at battlefield parkway, a crash blocking the left lane. i zoomed if and i eed in and i' too many slowdowns. south
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the beltway 95 over to 270, no big problems. 66 looking good. 95 north quantico to the beltway, just a tad slow because of that crash as you approach the beltway. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm. it's 6:13. inspectors with the federal transit administration are going to put an extra set of eyes on metro's troubled tracks. wtop say that the fta has launched a safety blitz to make sure the rails are safe. its focus is on ten track sections where problems were found during last month's one day shutdown. no system wise shut down expected, but some service could be delayed if a major problem is found. the comments about these riders on our nbc washington facebook page are not that nice. and police say they're warranted. today federal, state and local police will announce a joint effort to keep
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off our streets. as many as 30 atvs surrounded an ambulance carrying a child. one rider reportedly yelled threats at the driver and this past weekend, a group of riders hit and dragged a d.c. police officer. today services begin for the young kentucky couple that died in last month's terror attacks in brussels. two days of visitations begin it afternoon for justin and stephanie shults. they died at the airport on march 22nd after two bombs exploded. the funeral is set for friday in kentucky. new numbers just released show a significant loyalty gap in the presidential race in virginia. it breaks down party loyalty for the frontrunners this both major parties. donald trump loses big in the critical swing state if he becomes the nominee, with almost a third saying they would defect. on the flip side,
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stick with hillary clinton it if she wins the nomination. the poll focused on voters who cast ballots march 1. that's the latest for now. 6:15 and right now the countdown is on for the nationals home opener as the nat the prepare to take their field. >> eun yang joining us with the fun that you can expect this season. >> reporter: so much fun. look what i have in front of me, this is a bryce harper bobblehead. this will be a hot ticket item. and joining me thorn this morning this morning is the chief revenue and marketing officer who will talk more about the fun promotions for fans. is th this is going to be a big one. >> celebration of the mvp, we will give that away in hey. so super excited about that. and we have a little guy
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teddy roosevelt. >> and now people will be asking me how do you get these promotional items. >> how do can he gwe get the id? we brainstorm and try to come up with ideas that fans will like. we think about nostalgia think. like we were thinking about the old '80s garfield and we said who wouldn't want a modern ized version with teddy. >> so how do fans pick up the item? >> usually 20,000 to 25,000 fans at the gate will be able to have a chance too g get it. i believe is this may 11 and this is one april 29. so the whole promotional schedule is on our website at >> and anything else to look forward to? >> the food. we always bring in new items, celebrity
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mike ez belisabellas is coming board with ribs and chicken. hot mini dough thunuts will be at the end of the month. >> all right. val valerie, thanks. and great promotion at items to look forward to. and nats today are honoring the community and what is sure to be an emotional moment of silence before the game. the team is remembering five first responders who died in our area in recent months. ashley guindon, jacai colson and brennan rabain, noah leo tta an kevin mccray. and two prince william county officers injured in the line ever duty will throw out the ceremonial first pitch. and the new team hgmanager will experience his first home opener. dusty baker is the sixth manager
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in history. and players tell us they have a lot of confidence in him. >> dusty is definitely one of those coaches that likes to get the job done. he's kept it real loose in the clubhouse. >> just wants to win. he has supreme confidence in every one of us in here and i think all of us know that he has our back no matter what. >> players say they position that baker is going to bring more confidence among the players, as well. here is a trivia question for anyone out there who following nationals. tweet us @nbcwashington. who was the nationals first ever draft pick? tweet us @nbcwashington. we'll have the answer for you coming up. >> i'm clueless. i'll admit it. >> i'm sure someone can figure it out. >> i'm a
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6:18. we want to get a check of your weather and traffic, two big things that you're dealing with in order to get to nats park. >> glad they didn't ask me that one i don't have a screw. outside first day of baseball. over the years because of the tricky time of year, opening day weather has been all over the place. 2011, it was only 42 degrees. very first opening day here, 66 back in 2005. 83 the warmest one in 2010. and just last year, opening day, 77 and sunny. today, neither of those things. it will be wet this morning. umbrellas required for your ride into work and school this morning. already moderate rain near hagerstown just west of winchester. headed up into warren county and front royal. moderate showers headed up in into rappahannock county. and all of this is coming in our
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to move right into western fairfax county. here is dulles international airport for reference. this is all only about 20, 30 miles away there downtown washington. puts it in here about the next hour or so. so what to expect then? much milder. we'll be in the 60s today, but it will rain and there could be a delay in the baseball game later this afternoon. most of the rain is before lunch, you'll see a little bit of sunshine today, but then another chance for a passing shower after about 4:00, 5:00. if they push the game to tomorrow, it will be a drier day tomorrow, but it will be breezy and cooler. tomorrow's highs only in the 50s and baseball this weekend, feeling like wintertime. saturday will be ferociously windy with a passing shower. temperatures in the 40s. sunny and flat out cold on sunday, highs in the 40s. and sunday morning, we may be flirting with record low temperatures. right now we have a brand new problem will in hyattsville, ken i will worth avenue
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liddell road, that just popped up here. overall beltway looking good. northbound 5 before the 301 merge, left side blocked by a crash. eastbound 7 at battlefield parkway, a crash there blocking the left lane. and remember in the tysons area, 123 at chain bridge road, the traffic lights still short timing. we had some this problem yesterday as well and really cause something backup ing some area. cracking down on those who don't watch the road. the steps being taken in our area to get drivers to pay attention and how many people have already been cited in this distracted driving crashdown. plus
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. a 17-year-old texas girl is dead the
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defective takata air bag. ntsb says it's the tenth death in the u.s. the victim was driving a 2002 honda civic. honda says it mailed multiple recall notices but the repairs were never made. the automaker says if you have a recall on your car, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. montgomery county police have increased enforcement of distracted driving laws. county police are on the lookout for drivers talking on their cellphones or using them to text. the crackdown started on wednesday and runs through the rest of the month. police have already issued more than two dozen tickets. students this montgomery county can thank the winter snow storm a longer school year. the "washington post" reports maryland officials denied the request for the district to waive two snow days. the state says montgomery county public schools did not make a calendar adjustment to compensate for mistakes. the district still has time to fix the problem and resubmit its request.
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would an exercise label on junk food make you watch what you eat? experts say the label could tell you how much physical activity you'd need in order to burn off what you just ate. for example, this coke can says you would have to bike 23 minutes to work off the calories. how critic s say it's not a one size fit all. exercise for a 250 pound man would be less different than his young slender teenage daughter. i don't know if that would work for me, though. because i think it's just the same as -- labels are already there and that's why most of us don't read them. >> good point. but it do could he a remind per. >> the struggle is real. i'm eun yang and in just the last moment, there a rehearsal for the unfurling of the american flag. service members are holdin
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just unfurled old glory. it's always a beautiful moment at any game. and so exciting to watch this rehearsal as they practice unfurling the flag for the big day today. and we are gearing up for the first pitch here at nationals park and what is a contribute to the ballpark without the food? we'll show you new menu items to watch for. but first, we asked you earlier, the nationals moved here in 2005, started playing in 2008. who was their first ever draft pick after they moved some he is still playing for the team today, the answer is ryan zimmerman. we'll be right back.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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right now we are gearing up for the nationals home opener. a live look on the field at nats park right now where the tarp is out to protect the infield from the heavy rain we're expecting really this the in the next hour. >> and that has many of us wondering if we'll even have a game later today. so for that, chuck bell. no pressure, right, chuck? >>
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i do think we'll be able to play some amount of baseball today. i can't guarantee that we'll get a complete game in, but i think we'll have enough dry weather at the beginning where we should be able to at least start baseball season. four things you need to know about the draft today, number one, grab the umbrella. it will rain on you this morning. the heaviest of the rain today occurs before lunchtime. but during game time, 4:00 to 9:00, there could be a passing shower or two. this ahead of another blast of cold coming our way for the weekend. moderate rain now starting to develop south of winchester out here toward warrington and rappahannock. timing out the arrival of the raindrops, fairfax before 7:00, down up to washingtdown washing. bowie about 8:00. so heading out for a walk or jog, prepare to get wet. we'll be in the low to mid-60s for a time today. glass half full, we should
6:32 am
>> i believe you. we have to stay positive here. orang orange/blue lane delays. chopper 4 over top of beltway, everything looks pretty normal right now on chopper. northbound 5, right side of the block way blocked. and 5 before the 301 merge, left side still blocked by the crash slowing things a bit. 66 and 95, showing you this because, yes, you can see the radar over the roadways now and the rain is fall. travel times for you in a coukce minutes. school officials want to hear from parents on how to protect students, this comes after a school volunteer was charged with know legs students and making child pornography. the county schools ceo has created a task force, but that task force is not
6:33 am
public. instead, officials have launched and online survey regarding reporting of abuse and screening of volunteers. some in the the community, though, don't want to be shut out from those task force meetings. >> not enough if they're not opening up the meetings because that is where the business will take place and i think the public has a right to see what the business is. >> we've posted a link to the survey on our nbc washington app, just search "task force." this morning a d.c. doctor faces charges and is no longer being allowed to practice medicine after a woman claimed dr. robert yancey jr. placed his groin against her left knee during a physical on tuesday at clinic on georgia avenue in northwest. the woman says that happened after he repeatedly asked if she was in a relationship and made a loud sexual noise. three clinic employees denied hearing any noises from the room. dr. yancey jr. should be in court later this month. you may be able to
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trials if a court approves a media request for greater transparency. tuesday a judge agreed to consider the media's request. it should come up during a hearing on may 10th, the same day the trial of officer edward nero is supposed to begin. six baltimore police officers face charges of a streinvestiga say gray died from spinal injuries he received in the back of a police van in april of 2015. >> drivers who say they were unfairly charged on northern virginia's express lanes are about to get the money back. trans urban has settled a $1 million class action lawsuit. the company also says it will give drivers more time to fix mistakes in the future. a judge still needs to sign off on the settlement. it's safe to say we have a little baseball fever around here today as we gear up for the nationals home opener. first pitch supposed to be in about 9 1/2 hours, but who is counting. >> and
6:35 am
can't think eun yang be on opening day other than nationals park. what is that in the background is this. >> there is nowhere else to be for the home opener than right here on the field. lucky me. i'm right here at nats park right in front of the dugout. and we just experienced a great moment. service members helping to practice the unfurling of the american will flag. and it's allege a special moment when you're watching any ball game. and you know me, i'm all about the food. if you are going to the ballpark, you will want to wait if line for some of the new exciting options locally. in section 302, pinched dumplings. and in section 105, haute dogs and fries, they will make hot dogs and fries using locally sourced ingredients. and also you might be thinking about something before or after the game. restaurants o
6:36 am
also getting ready. >> we have a real southern vibe here and i think everybody in the south loves baseball, so we do a lot of smoked meats and barbecue. and i think it fits right in. >>s and that was from a new restaurant called due south. and today they will have a pop-up beer garden on fourth street right outside of the park. food, live muse issuiic. even if you don't have a ticket, people like to be part of the festivities and excitement about having baseball back. so if you are searching for last hi minute tickets, the median ticket price for the home opener is $101, but if you think that's expensive, nats actually rank low when it comes to ticket prices. the cheapest tickets in baseball belong to the becaurewer and as. most expensive, r
6:37 am
that's a lot of money, but today's home opener will be a very exciting day. i cannot wait. back to you. >> we're all looking forward to it. coming up, the debate over the name of a local middle school. the reason for the uproar and what the school board is now doing about it. storm team 4 radar lit up about raindrops, moderate rain across much of fauquier county headed in to marshall and middleburg. this is all coming straight into the metro. grab your rain gear. another live look at nationals park as we gear up for the home opener today. eun anchoring our coverage from the wall paru ballpark. follow her behind the scenes on facebook live.
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress
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d key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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good morning. i'm eun yang live from nationals park. you can feel the excitement in the air as baseball comes back to d.c. and the grounds are ready, the team is ready and today i'm lucky enough to be joined by the vice chairman and principal owner of the nats. and i know your family is excited. >> very much so. >> talk about the lead up to the home opener for the fans, family and for the team. >> well, it really starts in october. a lot of work that goes into not only preparing for opening day, but the whole season. so our folks have done a mazing job. >> and this is a fresh start, a new season with a new manager. talk about the expectations. >> my wife and i were at spring training since almost the beginning this year and i could honestly feel it in the first year the difference with dusty in the clubhouse. these guys respect him, they know what is
6:42 am
heard constantly through the interview process and doing our due diligence that the players take ha that have played for him would run through a wall for him and i saw that immediately. i think they're excited. if we can stay helg any, we'll be fine. >> it started raining just as we sat down. what are the plans some ? we don't want a rainout. >> you have to think positive. we'll get the game in. >> go nats. and of course the man of the hour, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, no pressure, but we want to play ball. >> doing all i can, but all i can tell you, we have been promising a wet start to the day and moderate to heavy rain now, this will be quite the slug of moisture to deal with early this morning. temperatures in the mid-50s now, rain and 50s this morning.
6:43 am
after lunchtime and hit and his showers during the game. game time temperatures, we should be able to get it in in the 60s. update on traffic now. take a look orange and blue still have the delays on the orange and blue lines to new carol top and largo. earlier malfunction at foggy bottom. chopper 4 trying to find a crash beltway at cabin john. southbound bw parkway at 410, right side of the road blocked by a crash there. 270 south looking pretty normal. top of the beltway typically slow over to 270. 66 inbound is looking pretty good and so 195 noris 95 northb the beltway. we a remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. a child shot at a home in northwest washington. >> and also tracking few develoents in the search forpm
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♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays
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i'm molette green at the live desk. just in terrorism charges announced after a 20-year-old man accused of building a suicide bomb to blow himself up in sweden. we just heard from prosecutors in sweden. they say this man who was detained in turkey last june on his way to joining isis was sent back to sweden. look for updates on this story coming up in just a few on the "today" show. back to you. it is
6:47 am
young children at the center of both of them. first, to northeast washington where d.c. police say someone shot a bi-oy in the arm last nit on foote street. overnight police blocked off streets in the area and they are back open now. no word on a motive, but earlier today, police said they were looking for a man with a gun in a gray suv. now to new hope possibly in the search for an 8-year-old d.c. girl. relisha rudd disappeared two years ago. megan mcgrath is at the national arboretum with more on today's search. >> reporter: no sign of police yet. however, we have been told that it will search is going to begin early this morning. we are expecting to see some activity here at the national arboretum shortly. now, investigators will be focusing their attention on a small pond that is on the grounds of the arboretum. they were actually here yesterday, as well, taking a look around the grounds, they had d
6:48 am
k-9 units. investigators have been brought to the national arboretum by new information in the case. however, they will not discuss the nature of that new information. the arboretum i should henks is just down the street from a hotel where are a lish a rudd was last seen with her be an duck to kalil tatum. the police have promised this is an active ongoing investigation. that they will follow up on leads. and that's exactly what is happening here today. back to you. it's official, a prince william county middle school will get a name change. the decision came late wednesday evening after residents mo s paa board heating. one teacher says the name debate over godwin has distracted students. >> until there were two groups of people who wanted the name on
6:49 am
to name. g >> the board's decision is final, the school will be named for dr. george hampton. the rain has started to fall on nationals park as we gear up for opening day first pitch a little more than nine hours from now. >> eun yang anchoring our coverage from the ballpark this morning. she got the short stick today, right, eun? >> i don't feel like i have the short stick. even these it just started to rin, th rain, this is so exciting. we're not going to allow the weather to put a damper on our spirits. and we're hoping that by game time, 4:05, that a lot of the rain will be moving out. but the nationals do have a contingency plan. check @nationals to find out what they will do if there is a lot of rain. what you can and cannot bring to the ballpark? here are some good reminders. we'll begin with what is okay to brih
6:50 am
you can bring a camera, although the lens cannot be more than 8 inches long. you are allowed to bring one unopened bottle of water per person. you can also bring thin your ow food, but did has to it has to e searching bag. you are not allowed to bring a back that is larger than 16 by 16 by 8 which is basically a tote bag. your umbrella has to collapse. they must be able to fit into a bag. you cannot bring any middle, plastic or glass containers to the park either. and you will see some new things when you head to the home opener today. there is some development around the park that has really exploded. kristin wright has more. >> reporter: tom sherwood talked to one of the marketing folks here and they told us th
6:51 am
cranes where they try to figure out how much building is going on in the area because there is so much development around nats park. it's one of d.c.'s fastest glowing neighborhoods arguably, the capital riverfront area. and that's what you'll see as you're coming to the home opener. the new inn on first street, rooftop lounge. so it's hotels, restaurants, housing, events bringing people to the neighborhoods. business improvement district says to us since last opening day, about ten few places to eat opened up or are set to open this spring. so they want you to come before the game hang out, go to the game and hang out after the beca game. >> and we have trivia question. which game brought the most fans to nats park and how many fans were inside the park? tweet us your answer
6:52 am
we'll give you the answer in a few minutes. thousa now we're send it back to the studio. sdl we'll wait for the answer on twitter. thanks. turn to chuck bell now and everybody is worried about the weather today. >> well, good news is most of the rain will happen before lunchtime. bad news is i can't give you the all dry for the forecast later today. cloudy skies and for many its eye already raining. it's about 30 degrees warmer this morning than it was at the same time yesterday, but rain chances 100%. and game time, a delay i think at least some portion of the game is likely to have a delay. should be able to get the game to completion, but that's into the a guarantee. weather in your plans this morning, red lights. prepare for steady rain and no outdoor activities this morning. this afternoon, back to just occasional passing showers. tomorrow the rain is gone, but cloudy, cool and breezy.
6:53 am
moderate to heavy rain up into parts of warren county, virginia. also moderate to heavy rain across culpeper, rap thpahannoc counties. later today, this little pocket of showers out near cincinnati, that is about ten hours away from us. that puts it in here right at about 5:00 this afternoon. so the game likely to start dry, but end wet. tut weather, here is the heavy rain this morning, it continues up through about 9:00, 10:00. here is noontime today, there is a little break or two of sunshine between noon and about 3:00, 4:00. and then that hit and miss scattered nature of showers that come in here during game time. so a delay is a possibility, but they should be able to play basketball. both saturday and sunday, the games will be frigid. so your "7-day forecast," 60s and rain today. 50s and cool tomorrow. down right cold over the weekend. nicer of the days this weekend
6:54 am
will be sunday. breaking news on the beltway right now, take a look chopper 4 over the outer loop just after the spur, two left lanes blocked here with the two car crash. you can see somebody being transported. is th this is a four mile backup. 270 at montrose, we're jammed. allow extra time. this could be a while before it's completely out of the way for you. southbound bw parkway at 410 right side of the roadway still blocked there. big look at the beltway, you can see all of the green stuff, that of course is the radar shown over our maps. northbound 5 at auth road, right side still blocked there. northbound gw parkway at 123, you can see the slowdowns as well. 66 and 95 overall behaving themselves but yet very wet. and we have been down here at nationals park all morning long and the rain had just started, but you heard from
6:55 am
the rain dampen their spirits. hoping it will move out and still expect to play ball toddo postponing the game. but they do have a plan in place. but this will be just an exciting day for the home opener. everything is in place. there a tarp covering the field, players are ready and this is a new era with the new manager dusty baker. and the area around the ballpark has certainly changed dramatically since the nats arrived in town. people who live around here are definitely taking notice. >> now there are four hotels i think being built, navy yard, prices are increasing with all the businesses coming to town. looking like a whole new part of the city that 20 years ago didn't look like this. >> city officials have turned old parking lots in the area into hotels and restaurants. new hon
6:56 am
a new pizza eatery. there are so many different things to try out. and make sure that if you are heading down here, give yourself plenty of extra time. there are just a handful of parking locations, but a lot of restrictions with the neighborhoods, as well. there is a lot of construction in the neighborhoods and so a lot of people concerned there would be fewer parking spaces. that is not the case. you can use an app to park on many of the streets, but the message from the neighbors is get here early. and i would suggest even taking public transportation at this rate. and here is what we asked you. the trivia question. which game brought the most fans to nats park and how many fans were inside the park? the answer, game five of the 2012 division series playoff, they played the cardinals. there were 45,
6:57 am
it was a great game. >> nice work out there this morning. beal see y we'll see you at 11:00. and there is your four day forecast. a rainy day. umbrellas ready. heaviest rain before lunch, scattered showers this afternoon. blustery and cold, cold over the weekend. there could be a snowflake on saturday and a record low on sunday. >> my gosh. >> thank you, chuck. that is the broadcast. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
6:58 am
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good morning and welcome to new york. >> ted cruz gets a chilling reception at his first new york city event and donald trump tries to make cruz's past words content. >> talking about new york values with hatred of new york. >> on the democratic side things take a nasty turn. >> i don't believe she is qualified skblmpt it the battle for new york is on. reported tornadoes rip across the south. at least two people injured, homes destroyed as crews struggled to contain wild fires. >> over the


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