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tv   Today  NBC  May 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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donald trump and i have had our differences. >> what's your name again? >> it was not me in the file. >> giving them a medal, hopefully that means enough. >> good morning and welcome to sunday "today," i'm willie geist. i hope you're enjoying your pivot to the general election. that presidential campaign has provided an all-star cast of characters to the writers at the "the onion," that's been mocking our politics, culture and mundane lives for nearly 30 years. this morning, "the onion" opens its doors to us for a
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behind the scenes look at how the comedic sausage is made. >> hillary clinton bowled over catcher in campaign staff softball game. love it. >> then a date with clooney or a bike ride with bono all for a good cause. the powerful new trend in philanthropy that's boosting fundraising. >> this one you got to go on a best friend double date. he won the collapse to be in "star wars: the force awakens." >> and richard angle will take us to the democratic republic of congo for a love story. richard will join us in studio a bit later in the show. let's begin with the latest on the race for the white house starting with republicans who are trying this week to come together. donald trump met with house
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speaker paul ryan on capitol hill. ryan was asked a very pointed question about trump. >> [ inaudible question ] >> well, i think the question is where are we going from here? i'm not focused on wading into the day by day commenting internet back and forths. i'm interested in preserving policies and principles that unify us and give the country a clear choice. >> we are outside trump tower here in new york. good to see you as always on a sunday morning. unity seemed to be the word of the week for the republican party. how's that going for them? >> reporter: good to see you, too. i think it's going to be tough for the republicans. that sound bite that you just played there of paul ryan i think underscores his internal struggle over whether to endorse donald trump. he met with trump on capitol hill earlier this week, and the two did take a step forward and d
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issues like taxes and entitl entitlement reform. but there's still sharp differences over his muslim ban for example. the republicans say they want to unify. i think that is going to be very difficult with so many divisions and these ongoing controversies that continue to surround donald trump. the reports this week that he impersonated his own publicist during the '90s. if paul ryan does ultimately endorse him, that could weaken his candidacy and all of this could hurt republicans in down ballot races. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton spent the week going after trump. her campaign producing a web ad slamming trump for refusing to release his taxes. >> maybe i'm going to do the tax returns when obama does his birth certificate. >> the state of hawaii released my official
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certificate. >> if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> so kristen, at the same time hillary clinton is trying to focus on donald trump, she's still got a fight in this primary. she's in kentucky today. she can't afford to suffer an embarrassing loss there. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, willie. secretary clinton's biggest challenge right now is trying to figure out how to allocate her resources, her time, her money. she's spending big money in kentucky because she doesn't want to lose there. now, tough to poll in that state. we think she probably had a slight lead. the campaign is going to aggressively go after new jersey and california as well. she wants to turn it around a little bit after a slew of losses to senator sanders. she also wants to head into the convon
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so this has to do with momentum more than it actually has to do with math. but she is also fighting this general election battle with donald trump. she's been going after him aggressi aggressively. and i've been talking to her top aides who say her fight with trump is still very much her primary focus. >> kristen welker covering both sides of the campaign. thank you so much. other news this morning, parts of texas are under water once again after a line of powerful storms dumped more rain on the area. in flood fatigued houston, high water forcing several drivers to abandon their cars. houston has received more than 6 74 inches of rain. more expected today. investigators are not ruling out heavy rain as a possible cause of a deadly charter bus crash
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its driver lost control and the bus rolled over. eight of the passengers on board died, more than 40 injured. a plane suddenly slammed to the ground killing its pilot. it happened in front of a crowd of spectators as the pilot was performing a stunt in tandem with another plane. this morning investigators are looking into what caused that accident. the red hot chili peppers were forced to cancel a show last night after the band's leader was sent to the hospital. no release yet about his condition. cheryl samberg gave the commencement address on saturday, telling them about the challenges life will throw at them. >> it changed me in
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profound ways. i learned about the depths of sadness and the brutality of loss. but i also learned that when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, find the surface, and breathe again. >> and the united states and china going head to head on the world stage in planking. a retired united states marine taking on a chinese police officer at the national planking competition. that's a thing, i guess. the marine held the position for an impossible seven hours, four minutes and five seconds. but it wasn't enough to win. his competitor held on for another hour after and celebrated with a bunch of push-ups. let's head to the table now where we've assembled three of the brightest minds who would wake up at this hour on a sunday. also a contributor on "the circus" which
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presidential campaign. george clooney once hired her and a sitting president of the united states attended her wedding. >> and i can plank for nine hours. >> can you really? >> not today, willie. mondays and fridays. >> skip the competition this year. >> west moore is our returning champion. best selling author and entrepreneur in his hometown of baltimore and a decorated officer in the united states army. sometimes to impress people i say wes was at my wedding. hallie jackson making her debut with sunday "today." covering the campaign literally morning, noon, and night. the best thing to come out of philly since rocky. how's everybody doing? >> good. >> great. >> let's go dealer's choice on trump. where do you want to start? >> don barron, baby. >> let's start with the phone call. le
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miller talking about how madonna wanted to date donald trump back in 1991. >> she called and wanted to go out with them, that i can tell you. the people that you write about really are -- i mean they call. they just call. actresses, people that you write about call to see if they can go out with him. >> this is from a "people" magazine interview in 1991. donald trump says that was not me on that phone call. most people believe it is him, even his own pr in a long conversation talking about the many women who want to date him. it's funny. it's fun to listen to. does it tell us anything about him that we need to know? >> my initial reaction was was this option to be a movie in the 1980s? it is, you know, to your point, willie, this guy is running to be the commander in chief of the united states. do we want someone who is
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impersonating a publicist and basically prank calling new york media outlets, so much so that it became a running joke at the news desk of the "new york post." it raises a lot of questions that the clinton campaign will be eager to point out in the coming weeks. >> obviously trump has said this isn't me. it does say something about this crazy campaign. >> you had to start the conversation by saying dealer's choice, which crazy thing do you want to talk about now. what does it tell us about trump that we don't already know? i'm not sure it says anything that the american public isn't already aware of when it comes to donald trump. that he sort of does his own self-promotion like this. what don't we know? that is going to be a bigger bombshell or have a
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>> does this mean anything wes? >> kind of to that point. is he going to lose a single vote because of this or will any trump supporters right now say you know what, i was going to support him, but then i heard about the whole john miller thing. when you think about all these things in sum, the bigger question is, has he been properly vetted. that's been one of the big challenges. not just being a new candidate, but for so long even when he was in the race, no one thought this was real. now you're sitting at a point where he is the presumptive nominee and you've got to deal with this in some way. he's now going through a realtime vetting. >> i think for his campaign staff, it's evidence of how in control and in the driver's seat donald trump wants to be. this is the guy who wouldn't hire a publicist, but pretended to be his own publicist. good
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>> paul ryan said he wouldn't enforce beforehand. donald trump made the rounds. everybody said the right thing afterward. is the republican party now going to start to fall in line? >> you're already seeing that, even in the last three or four days since those meetings. you say that paul ryan said the right things, but he didn't say the one thing everyone was looking for. you heard that question of, would you want your kids to look up to donald trump. this is actually something you saw from rival campaigns. they thought that would be really effective messages. you saw that out on the campaign trail. think about your kids looking up to the next president of the united states. is that person that you want to see donald trump? paul ryan didn't answer that question and that is significant. he is trying to give a little bit of cover here to the candidates down ballot who are in
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he's going to draw major distinctions like the muslim ban on policy, like some of these other areas they differ. >> yet, donald trump's theory is, this has gotten me this far. he said this week in an interview with the "new york times," when a team wins the pen net, it doesn't change the way it plays to go win the world series. >> i don't know why he's in a rush to get them behind him now. he knows that that's part of his brand. even one day win the endorsement from paul ryan comes, it's going to be tepid because everything that donald trump stands for, not just personality, but policy-wise is opposite the things paul ryan has been doing his entire career. so we're not going to see a big
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establishment side. >> we have a full hour left to talk about donald trump. this week, i thought this was really cool this could be future of transportation. elon musk originally put out this idea. test run in a desert outside las vegas. the concept is to create a tube that shoots capsules carrying passengers or cargo anywhere you want to go. first off from l.a. to san francisco, normally six hours. 30 minutes. during this week's test, it covered a third of a mile in a couple of seconds. the test run was 2.5 gs. in theory eventually, new york to l.a. in under an hour. >> the only thing that should be traveling at this speed is a wad of bank cash really and that is through a pneumatic tube. this seems really dak rowngerou would say. if i had been around in the age
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been like, why do we need this, we just need new trails! >> even our alleged high speed trains are much slower than high speed trains around the world. so this is the next thing. you're on the test run. >> no way. stick with me. we're going to go through some of the highs and lows of the week, including hillary clinton crushing it right now with voters in a new area. area we'll grets to the low fifd l. 50s, but the wind may be increasing up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. lots of sun, though. clear and chilly tonight, upper 30s rural
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purina. live big. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you that was a quote from alex. we're back with alex, wes, and hallie. our first high goes to hillary clinton who's sloging her way through the democratic nomination process. voters who wear tinfoil hats. the "new york times" wrote this week about
8:20 am
rallying around the former secretary of state because she has vowed to open secret government files about alien life and area 51. she's being called the first e.t. candidate. secretary clinton said recently, quote, there's enough stories out there that i don't think everybody is sitting in their kitchen making them up. >> confirmation! >> she's all in. >> was that not confirmation? >> she's secretary of state. she'd know. >> now we know why she's running for president. >> seems like a good time to remind you this is the strangest presidential election of all time. our first low is only low if you hate beer and america itself. bu budweiser saying it will rebrand simply america. we are embarking on what should be the most patriotic summer this generation ha
8:21 am
lines from tpledge of allegianc and star spangled banner. >> this was a high. >> i was testing it. >> fun drinking game. try to recite the pledge after a 12-pack. our next high to greg boost, came out of a coma and uttered the following heart-stirring words, i want taco bell. he had been in a coma for 48 days, stunned his doctors by waking up, then stunned his family by requesting the taco bell. he got to go ahead, that's a few days ago, he housed eight crunchy tacos. they have set up a go fund me page to help pay for his recovery. >> just demand whatever he wants. >> ten crunchy ta
8:22 am
with taco bell. >> -- when you came back from combat? >> not taco bell, but i respect his decision. our final low goes to the proud new owner of this giant tattoo. back in april, this fan bet his friend that if there was a home run this season, something the pitcher had never done in his career, he'd get a tattoo of his face. wouldn't you know it. he was at the game in the stadium last saturday night when he jacked the first home run of his career. he said, quote, my brain just exploded. true to his word, he got the tattoo three days later. bartolo's face and then the date of the home run. to me, you just bail on that. >> yeah. this is your five minutes of
8:23 am
>> same tattoo, lower back. >> really? >> the many wonders of hallie jackson. so fun having you all here. coming up next, inside the writer's room with the wonderfully sick minds at the "the onion." and head over to facebook for a facebook live chat in two minutes. sunday "today" is coming right back. you know when i first started out, it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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it's 8:26 on this sunday may 15th. good morning, i'm adam tuss. we're working to learn more about a little boy recovering from a shooting in southeast d.c. police say he's in serious
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condition. neighbors near 12th and bruce place say they heard as many as 16 gunshots last night and called the shooting a reckless. they criticize the d.c. police chief and mayor for not coming to the scene. you have to make other plans if you were hoping to go inside the washington monument gatoday. it's closed again this time related to power issues relateded to the elevator. they hope to have it open sometime tomorrow morning. we'll get ♪ stand by me
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tom, all that rain we've gotten has made everything so green, but no rain today, right? >> right. you have to get the lawn cut or maybe get some exercise in. we have temperatures in the 40s right now. we're talking windchill in mid may this morning. gusts to arou but it feels like around 40 with the wind. it will be climbing in to the upper 50s by 11:00. hovering in the low 60s during the afternoon. but the wind gusting around 30 to 35 miles per hour this afternoon. so it will feel chillier than the low 60s. you'll need a wind bringer and the sun grasses. we'll have bright sunshine, highs tomorrow will be in the mid-60s after a chilly morning in the 40s in the metro area and partly cloudy in the afternoon. then another round of rain moves in on tuesday into mid day wednesday. highs 50s tuesday, then drying out wednesday afternoon upper 60s. sunshine
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>> we have another hour of no, it's true, i'm telling you. [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump is the real life inspiration for iron man. who am i? i'm his publicist, joey pepperoni. this is just what classy people sound like. >> john miller call getting the snl treatment across the street last night. "the onion." it started in 1988 out of a dorm room as a small campus
8:31 am
newspaper. today, the platform is digital, the audience in the tens of millions. "the onion" agreed to open its chicago offices to us for a peek at how the team cranks out america's most consistently funny comedy. i sat in on a staff meeting where they tick through writers' proposed headlines to determine which are "onion" material. ♪ ♪ >> sunday morning show, people. keep it clean. this show airs in churches. [ laughter ] everyone, big hearty welcome to our guest toorday willard scott. [ cheers and applause ] >> you can feel free to jump in as we read
8:32 am
heroic police officer talks man down from purchasing subway foot long italian sandwich? love it. i'm the only fan i need, silently willie geist says to self in mirror. >> can i go yeah on that one? so is all "the onion" right here? >> yeah. >> how many total employees? >> there's about 100 in onion, inc., but only about 12 writers. >> what's the typical background? >> we all came through the chicago federal reserve bank. >> i know you did. since that's not difficult. >> yeah, richard pryer came through. >> there you are at the federal reserve typing away.
8:33 am
the website. >> did you really? >> yeah, yeah. so i did that for about five months. then a head line i had written was very similar to one that had ran on their website. i sent like a frantic e-mail. hey, i think you used my headline. they said, no, that was pitched by one of my writers. we'll give you a shot next week. >> trump spends entire morning on hold renewing library card. dad can do better job than either of these bozos. >> so silence is bad, i'm picking up on this. [ laughter ] >> silence is bad and normal. look at all the tiny houses whispers trump has jet reaches 10,000 feet. >> there was a theme on the trump jokes. him performing these mundane everyday activities. >> we thought we'd go in a
8:34 am
where he's a soft spoken tender human being who has a lot of love to give. >> it does seem like he presents a dilemma, though. when he puts out a tweet of himself with a taco bowl with a thumbs up, happy cinco de mayo. >> he got in a twitter feud with the pope. hillary clinton bowls over runner in campaign softball game. love it. >> how about on the other side? more fun to make fun of, hillary clinton or bernie sanders? >> hillary. there's number of angles we approach hillary with. there's also her ruthlessness and the inevitable march of her presidency bse
8:35 am
>> one of the highlights has been diamond joe biden. ♪ >> just really pulitzer prize worthy. biden huddling with advisors on whether or not to buy scorpions tickets. >> he kind of needs the vice president job. >> and he's embraced it, right? biden's one guy who likes it. >> yeah, we did a reddit ask me anything as diamond joe biden. he replied to that, but it was a picture of like corvette or something that he likes. >> and then we can go to the magical place, the graphics department, where they're hard at work doing what they do
8:36 am
>> got some favorites? >> from our -- from the past here. we'll start with, this was a classic here. sea world discontinues great white shark show. this is one of our editors and two guys from the distance department -- >> is that right? you got them to lie on the ground for you. >> we hut him into a prop jacket. >> like many of the newspapers that you guys spoof, you've gone through the same challenges, going digital. >> we were facing the same cost pressures, revenue issues. certainly not something that the editorial board wanted. >> do you lose anything by not having a print newspaper? >> i think we do. i think any time we can look exactly like something very dry and stilted, it helps our comedy. and there's nothing drier and more stilted than just a newspaper, a form of
8:37 am
years. >> as you look big picture for "the onion," what's the next big thing for you guys when you think strategy? >> i'm sure you know that "the onion" is the largest media company in the world. >> yes. >> we have 12 billion daily readers. i think we're going to continue to dominate the media landscape. i look forward to acquiring nbc and this dog and pony show you got going on here. >> so how does "the onion" keep that high standard for comedy? in the meeting we joined, about 150 headlines were pitched. bunch were discarded for being even slightly derivative. in the end, only three were chosen. to hear how politicians have responded to "the onion's" parodies of them, watch our web extras. here's a hint, one of them threatened lawsuit. next week on sunday "today," we're out on
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connecting with friends, shopping or even hailing a car. now you can add to that list, raising money for charity. a booming industry has sprung up to combine social communities with the power of celebrity. >> are you serious? >> shut up! ♪ all of me >> reporter: would it change the world if john legend sings at your wedding? how about make difference by crushing things with arnold schwarzenegger. your favorite stars are now only $10 away. it's among a new crop of companies shaking up the norms of charity fundraising. offering celebrity dream dates to make philanthropy more accessib accessible. >> you'd have one high net worth individual that would pay
8:41 am
experiences. we make them available to anybody in the world. >> philanthropy is moving online. that means it's tapping a much younger donor base. >> reporter: in just four years, they've completed over 200 campaigns and helped over 150 charities, raising millions of dollars online. >> walk-on role in the next star trek. >> here's how it works. they partner with a celebrity and a charity. digital marketing then gets the word out, as online fans give as little as $10 for a chance at the prize. funds are raised. celeb and donor are united. >> with this one you got to go on a best friend double date. >> with ben affleck and matt damon. >> this is "breaking bad". >> this is the one that broke us out. >> reporter: making hollywood dreams come true for everyday people lik
8:42 am
finalist. >> you, my friend are the winner! >> a connecticut mom of two, kate donated $50 for a chance to meet chris pratt. now she and a friend will meet him in atlanta. money that will benefit his hometown boys and girls club. >> hey, guys! >> reporter: other companies are popping up with a similar mission, like this one featuring a day with grey's anatomy star. to raise money for a charity featuring multi-racial harmony. >> i was raised that it's every citizen's responsibility. your duty to speak out about what you're passionate about. >> reporter: they understand the limited time celebrities have. >> we make it very easy. we utilize technology and mine miez the time needed. >> still, somech
8:43 am
the model. >> bottom line, they're for-profit businesses. let's face it. they're in it for the money. >> reporter: and the celebrities have more to gain than just supporting a charity. >> a lot of the celebrities may have good intentions, but they also are looking to boost their standing and build a bigger fan base. >> reporter: the founders insist their company has a bigger idea in mind. >> the mission is really to build a communicate that leverages the power of story telling to transform lives. >> reporter: supporters say it's a win-win for everyone. >> our whole goal is to find donors that weren't there before. working with talent, they enable us to do that and make giving fun and easy. as a result, you can raise much more for the charities. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: and usher in a new generation of
8:44 am
>> the experience that raised the most money was a day on the set of "star wars: the force awakens" pulling in $4.2 million for charity. next, richard angle takes us to africa for the story of an american couple in a dangerous part of the world. that's after a quick break and your local weather. great day for a bike ride except you'll be battling a wind that is picking up now gusting over 30 miles per hour. temperatures will be only in the low 60s by early to mid afternoon. lots of sunshine, though. then the winds diminish overnight tonight. by dawn monday, low to mid-40s in the metro area. afternoon highs monday mid-60s. more rai because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself.
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8:47 am
richard angle in the world east most dangerous places. this morning, richard brings us something a little bit different. a love story from the democratic republic of
8:48 am
scratched. >> reporter: the first thing a laura wanted me to know was that these chimps are wild animals. the orphan survivors of the massacre of all of their relatives. eight years ago, she got offer add dream job. to research chimps in the wild here in congo. there was just one snag. >> but i had this friend. >> reporter: you say hey, new boyfriend, you want to come move to africa with me. >> and i said yeah. >> reporter: together, they travelled to congo. it was a grueling six-day ride on the back of a motorcycle just to the get to the village which was their new home. >> laundry -- >> reporter: and on top of laura's research, they were also caring for five orphan chimps who needed love and attention. two of them lived right there in the house with em
8:49 am
>> needy way. >> reporter: by christmas, they were one big family. >> we send you a very merry christmas. >> and a happy new year. >> from our little family to your family. >> reporter: until laura got a very bad case of ma lara. >> she's like, no, no, don't help me clean up. no, no. this is how it's going to be when we get old together. that's the day we decided we're going to be together forever. >> reporter: and just like that, they were engaged. but things in the village were not going so well. a corrupt official was shaking them down for money, threatening to seize the chimps. by spring, they decided they had to leave. >> i found somebody who was willing to pay for a flight if we could find one. >> reporter: the couple trudged across a riv
8:50 am
on the airfield. >> here comes the airplane! >> i can't even describe the relief of actually seeing the plane come because we saw it, we thought, now everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: but by then, they were surrounded by villagers and another corrupt official. things were starting to get physical. then the pilots american missionaries stepped in. >> said we really, really have to go now, sorry. closed the door. still didn't want to go. >> and adam and i just started weeping. >> reporter: at last, laura, adam and the chimps were all safe high above the canopy. >> i'm so happy. >> yeah, we did. >> reporter: they took the chimps to a rehabilitation center f
8:51 am
one of only two chimp sanctuaries in congo. it's been seven years since they left their baby chimps here. this was the first time they've been reunited. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. you've gotten so big. >> hi. >> reporter: so how do you feel? >> i'm a little overwhelmed honestly. you're not sure what's going to happen when you take them as little orphans. lot of the orphans that come in don't make it. >> reporter: but these lucky five did, thaks to laura and adam who kept another promise. they got married. >> both our mothers said to us after this trip, you two will love each other forever and be together forever or you're going to hate each other. >> reporter: you took a gamble on him. and you took a gamble on everything. >> yes. a
8:52 am
in studio. great to have you off the road. >> it's good to be here. been doing some domestic stories. have one coming up tonight with u.s. connections. >> that's a beautiful story. you've been doing stories for "on assignment". >> and congratulations on your new show. >> thank you very much. the show tonight will have you looking for americans joining isis. what did you find when you went looking? >> so we've been looking into the story for a long time. it's taken two months, really. two months ago, we got a big stack of documents from someone who said he was an isis defector. there was thousands of names of isis members. people who went from wherever their hometown was and joined up with isis. among those were 15 americans. then what? we have to figure out who these americans are. it's taken us weeks to figure out who they
8:53 am
from, why they went. and that's the story we're going to put on tonight. it's not american isis cells in this country. it's americans who went abroad to fight for isis and why did they do it and are there more of them. >> you literally go out knocking on doors. >> literally knocking on doors. we had a former fbi agent who helped us sort through the process. we had a great team of producers here and did a lot of gum shoe reporting. >> you can watch it tonight "on assignment" at 7:00, 6:00 central right here on nbc. good to see you, my friend. this week, we highlight another life well lived. a ugandan doctor and helped turn the tide against the outbreak. she led a team into liberia as other organizations were pulling
8:54 am
the island clinic where more than 1,000 patients were tweeted. suffering from pancreatic cancer in recent months, she said, quote, even if i die, i'm happy that i saved a million souls in liberia. she died this week at the age of 59. ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty. ♪ it's simple: just get your red nose, only at walgreens, and get your silly on, seriously. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. is caringing because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day,
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we close this morning as we do every time this week with prediction for the week ahead. tuesday night, fox will air on interview between megyn kelly and donald trump. they have had a feud throughout the presidential campaign since last august. we predict donald trump will perform the interview in
8:58 am
john miller character and that the ratings will be "yuge." nigh kwis looks to take the second leg of the triple crown. america pharaoh will watch on the couch home alone. and next weekend is ferris fest in chicago. a celebration of the 30th anniversary of ferris bueller's day off. the man who many of us believe should have won the lead role, busey, busey. that's right. gary busey. we'll see you back here next week. enjoy your sunday. ♪
8:59 am
right now on ne"news 4 toda" we've been hit with rain for weeks, but not today. how long the sunny stretch will last. a little boy shot and neighbors drougoutraged. how they're calling for action in their community. i'm glad the republicans are where we are because we're on our way to unifying. democrats are still ripping each other apart. a challenge to unite, the path ahead for the leading presidential candidates and why both campaigns may actually have a similar problem. we can see it, the sun is out. but it will be much cooler today. a lot of places morning waking up in the 40s. if morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. you can trade
9:00 am
light jacket. hey, tom. >> you need a wind breaker this morning. we have the wind gusting up to 30 miles per hour on this sunday morning and we can see that right there at union station. the storm team 4 capitol camera showing the flag flying in a stiff wind that will continue to be with us here true much of the day ahead. right now storm team 4 radar showing no rain or snow in the area. i say snow because western pennsylvania getting some snow right now. that's how chilly the air is north and west of us. and it's keeping us on the cool side. right now beginning to climb into the low 50s. reagan national at 53 degrees. and the capitol camera showing the wind kind of changes direction and it's gusty as can gets calm at times and then gets blowing at 30 miles per hour. we'll look at when things calm down and our next chances to rain coming up this half hour. the winds were no match for this tree. it crashed down on to a track on


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