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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  June 22, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- anna kendrick -- star of "the legend of tarzan" alexander skarsgard -- cooking with food network's giada de laurentiis -- featuring the 8g band with ray luzier. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] yeah. great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. in an interview earlier this morning, donald trump said that he's gotten the worst three weeks of publicity i've ever had in my life. his biggest problem is that he can't get this guy to shut up. [ laughter ]
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hundreds of demonstrators showed up in times square today to protest donald trump's meeting with evangelical leaders at a nearby hotel. that's how much those protesters hate donald trump, they're willing to go to times square. [ laughter ] at a meeting with nearly 1,000 evangelical leaders today, donald trump told the attendees that hillary clinton is not worthy of their prayers. although i'm pretty sure hillary's prayers were already answered when trump won the gop nomination. [ laughter ] oh, i'm good. you don't have to answer any more. [ cheers and applause ] i got the one. a recent report found that 52% of voters think hillary clinton is more intelligent than donald trump while the rest disagreed with that statement bigly. [ laughter ] according to insiders, the key factor in yesterday's firing of donald trump's campaign manager was his attempt to trade information on trump's vice presidential pick in exchange
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for positive news coverage about himself. said chris christie, well, that's crazy because donald's not even having a vice president this year. he told me himself. why would he lie? [ laughter ] a 77-year-old man was recently arrested in mississippi after he allegedly stole three boxes of frozen chicken from a fast food restaurant. oh, come on, things aren't that bad, bernie. [ audience ohs ] i was hungry! [ light laughter ] i'm not a millionaire or a billionaire. i don't just have chicken money lying around. new york subway this morning suffered an accidental stampede in manhattan after commuters mistakenly thought a man had a gun and dozens panicked and ran for the exits. but luckily he was just masturbating. [ light laughter ] just masturbating. i'm sorry to alarm everyone!
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and this is where i get off, so i bid you -- [ laughter ] a good day. [ applause ] you guys didn't like that till i had a -- i don't like this at all. oh, that's a pretty good pun. okay. [ laughter ] and finally, video has surfaced that shows eight employees of a chinese bank being spanked. so if you're in a chinese bank and see a guy wearing a mask, don't worry. he's the manager. ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] from the new film "mike and dave need wedding dates," one of our favorites, anna kendrick is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] from "the legend of tarzan" alexander skarsgard is here. looking forward to talking to him. [ cheers and applause ] and we'll be cooking up some incredible pasta and making a summer cocktail with food network's giada de laurentiis. [ cheers and applause ]
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food. before we get to all that, the senate yesterday rejected several gun control proposals that have broad support among voters. now, this is the point at which the nra and the gun lobby would like us to stop talking about this issue and just move on, but we can't keep doing that. and there are some signs, however small, that the politics of this issue may be slowly changing. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ applause ] last week we told you about the 15-hour democratic filibuster to push for gun control. it had everything. from roving stenographers with typewriters strapped to their chests, to senators who literally could not leave the floor for a bathroom break for 15 hours. how do you even prepare for that? go over your notes and then eat a huge block of cheddar cheese? [ laughter ] i can't even make it through an "avengers" movie without having to pee like four times. but the filibuster worked, and republicans agreed to allow several gun control proposals to come up for a vote.
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prevailed. the senate responded to the national outcry to do something about gun violence and -- i'm just kidding. all of the bills were rejected. >> the senate votes down new gun control measures tonight as 55% of americans say, in a brand-new cnn/orc poll, they want stricter gun laws. >> the u.s. senate has rejected four gun control measures introduced after the orlando shooting. the amendments would have strengthened background checks and prevented the sale of guns to people on a government terror watch list. >> seth: it's always such a bummer when you get u.s. news from someone with a foreign accent. just feels like they're shaming you. we're not mad, we're just disappointed. [ laughter ] the bills democrats proposed would have done two things -- bar people on the no-fly list from buying guns and mandate universal background checks for all gun purchases. and that's something we badly need because there are plenty of ways to get a gun without going through a background check. as we explained last week, private dealers at gun shows don't have to conducck
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checks. and that applies to private dealers online, too. >> you can only buy a gun without a background check in the 32 states that allow sales between two private citizens to take place unregulated. to find a gun in those states there's no easier way than this website. >> you can see that it has plenty of guns for sale. a gun that is listed for sale for $2100. it's a 308 rifle. this is a gun that if you're in the state of georgia, you could legally buy this gun without a background check right now. >> seth: you can buy a gun online without a background check. you don't even have to fill out a captcha. [ laughter ] even worse, after you buy the gun, they deliver it via drone. [ laughter ] now that only applies to transactions between two people in the same state, but that doesn't matter very much given how easy it is to transport weapons across state lines. in fact, even states with strict gun control laws still face
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with much looser laws, as new jersey senator cory booker explained. >> the overwhelming majority of the guns being used in crimes are not coming from new jersey where we have strong laws against acquiring guns without background checks but were coming from states that have very lax laws. >> seth: and the last thing new jersey needs is more guns. they have so many guns they use them in place of the letter "r." [ laughter ] so that's why we need new federal laws curbing the easy availability of guns, laws like the ones the senate rejected yesterday. because there are often fewer hoops to jump through to buy a gun than to buy all kinds of much less dangerous items. as cnn found, in many places it's less of a hassle to get a gun than it is to get a driver's license, a passport, cold medicine, a pet and a divorce. it's easier to get a gun than a divorce. and by the way, if you ever hear your spouse mumble that in their sleep, get out of there! [ light laughter ] get out of there! [ applause ]
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not vote on yesterday was an assault weapons ban that would limit the availability of semiautomatic weapons like the ar-15, which have been used in several high-profile mass shootings. republicans and the gun lobby have steadfastly refused to reinstate a ban on the sale of weapons like the ar-15. but many argue that the ar-15 was never designed for civilian use in the first place. and last week, the family of the man who first invented the gun came out publicly and said as much. >> it's the most talked about gun in america, and now the family of the inventor of the ar-15 assault rifle is speaking out about its intended use. the family of eugene stoner, the gun's creator, says that he designed it to be a military weapon to combat the ak-47, and that it was never meant for civilian use. they say stoner was an avid hunter and sportsman but that he never used the gun for those purposes, and he also never kept one h
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defense. >> seth: wow. the inventor of the ar-15 never even used one. next we're going to find out dr. dre still uses the ear buds that came with his iphone. [ laughter ] i like how i can hear my music and everything else. unfortunately, all of this evidence has failed to overcome the nra's sway over gop lawmakers. in fact, the nra has given more than $36 million to the 56 republican senators who blocked the gun control measures on monday. now, the money may be a factor, but it's not the only or even the main reason the nra is so powerful. it's that gun owners are passionate and mobilized and often vote on this one issue alone. which is why every election cycle politicians have to go through the ritual of professing their love of guns, even if they have to fake it. like mitt romney, who in 2007 tried unsuccessfully to convince hunters that he was one of them. >> i've always been, if you will, a rodent and rabbit hunter, all right? small, small varmints, if you will. and i began when i was, well, 15 or so. and h
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varmints since then, more than two times. not deer and large animals. but i've hunted a number of times of various types of small rodents. >> seth: is it possible to make yourself sound less impressive. let's see, what else? i've hunted mice, hamsters. i hunted a bee once. well, not so much hunted as waved it out the window using a magazine. i'm one of you. romney was so bad at self-aggrandizing, i guess i shouldn't be surprised the gop nominee after him specializes in it. i've killed bears, dragons and osama bin laden. [ laughter and applause ] even hillary clinton, even hillary clinton when she ran in 2008 criticized her rival, then-senator obama for making supposedly anti-gun comments, which prompted this classic obama response. >> she's running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen. how she values the second amendm
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annie oakley. hillary clinton is out there you know like she's out in a duck blind every sunday. she's packing a six-shooter. come on. >> seth: i think stand-up comedy obama is my favorite obama. [ laughter ] [ applause ] hey, why do they call them the secret service? they're not secret. they're standing right there. i see you mother[ bleep ]. what else? what else? but now there are fortunately some signs that the politics of gun control may be slowly changing. for example, two vulnerable republican senators voted in favor of some of the gun control bills proposed yesterday and hillary clinton has made gun control a key part of her primary and general election campaigns this time out. hopefully that means there will be ait
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for lawmakers who oppose gun control at the behest of the nra because that's the only way we'll make progress on this issue, if gun control advocates out organize the nra and voters hold pro gun politicians accountable at the ballot box. banning assault weapons and expanding background checks is common sense or as president obama might put it -- >> come on. [ light laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with anna kendrick, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. here again tonight to sit in with the 8g band, he's a highly respected rock drummer and ten-year member of the grammy award-winning band, korn. ray luzier, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] beginning next month, you can check out ray and korn on a co-headlining tour with rob zombie in venues all across the country. thank you so much for being here, ray. >> thanks for having me, seth. >> seth: and give it up for the 8g band, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest is a golden globe, oscar, and tony-nominated actress you know from movies like "pitch perfect", "up in the air", and the "twilight" saga. starting july 8th, you can see her in the new comedy "mike and n
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let's take a look. >> you manage a hedge fund? i don't even know what a hedge fund is. >> oh, so there's a regular fund and then there's a hedge fund. and our fund -- we hedge it. we hedge it hard. >> oh, wow. >> and i get in in the morning and i'm like, you know, "how's the hedging coming? you know, you been hedging? you hedge much?" and it's like too big to fail. corporate greed. bailouts. and in a new york minute everything can change, you know, on the floor of the nasdaq and the u.n. and then fannie mae, bernie mac. d.l. hughley. >> do you want some water? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show our friend anna kendrick, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i missed you terribly. >> seth: i've missed you so much. >> i missed so
12:55 am
have you back. >> thank you for having me back again. >> seth: and this is very exciting. i have to ask, you shot this film in hawaii. >> oh, yeah. it was -- yeah. >> seth: is that nice? >> it's amazing! it's paradise. but it turns out i'm like allergic to paradise. i don't know if you can tell this by looking at me, but not so much like a sun and surf kind of gal. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> more of an indoor kid. sort of under a roof with air conditioning reading a book gal. >> seth: yeah. and i would say like historically you don't hear, "oh, my god, if you love reading a book, go to hawaii." >> go to hawaii. [ light laughter ] >> seth: just so many great inside rooms in hawaii. >> yeah. lots of sunscreen, lots of bug spray. >> seth: gotcha. did the bugs get to you? >> hawaii was trying to kill me. yeah. >> seth: oh, really? >> oh, yeah. no, then the bugs loved me. and adam divine, who's in this movie, he thought i was being like a little overdramatic at some point. and he saw my back and he was like, "you look like a leper." [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, okay. >> this is alarming. >> seth: so you were not just exaggerating. >> no. >> seth: it was trying to kill you. >> yeah. >> seth: now, this is based -- this film is based on a true story about brothers who used -- >> yeah. >> seth: inspired by.
12:56 am
>> it's inspired by a true story. like the broiest bros of all time who were told by their parents, like just find some nice girls to bring to the wedding so you don't like make a scene and try and, you know, sleep with all the girls at the wedding. >> seth: okay. >> they put out a craigslist ad, as one does, to look for respectable young women. [ light laughter ] >> seth: got it. >> the kind of women you want to bring home to mom and dad. and i think in real life they found some nice girls. in the movie, they are looking for nice girls and they get me and aubrey plaza instead. [ light laughter ] >> seth: got it. there you go. >> yeah. and we are there to ruin lives. >> seth: and -- did you meet the actual brothers? is it true they came to the set? >> yeah, they came to the set, like, halfway through filming. and by that time we were doing like so much improv and i was kind of in the zone. and our director was like, "oh, that's the real mike and dave over there." and they're very tall and very attractive. and we're in like this crowded hotel lobby and across the lobby i was like, "get your dicks out!" [ laughter ] and i'm not -- i don't -- i'm not that person. >> seth: right!
12:57 am
like that. but i was very method. i was very daniel day-lewis. >> seth: oh, i see. [ laughter ] and that's something that daniel day-lewis would say. >> yeah, yes, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: he said it as abraham lincoln. that was -- >> yeah. "get thou dicks out." >> seth: yeah, i think that was. yeah. "we need to abolish slavery! get your dicks out!" [ laughter ] >> i remember that. >> seth: i think that was a famous scene. i think it was -- >> yeah, i learned that in, like, sixth grade or -- i remember that. i remember that. >> seth: yeah, i remember it, too. have you ever used craigslist in your life? >> well, i like have used craigslist to like sell furniture, buy furniture, that kind of thing. >> seth: gotcha. >> but i did -- i don't know if you've ever spent any time on the male/male casual encounter section of craigslist. [ light laughter ] but -- not that you would or i would. >> seth: right. >> and yet i did. >> seth: and if i had, i wouldn't bring it up now, certainly. [ laughter ] >> but a friend of mine showed me that section. and it is -- you could just lose yourself in that section of craigslist. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> so we wanted to see if it was kind of legit. and we -- we just said, you know, we will -- me as a guy, we had a picture of our friend's
12:58 am
butt. >> seth: okay. >> he doesn't know about this. but -- [ light laughter ] and a picture of our friend's -- >> seth: you just had it on hand? >> yeah. >> seth: okay. gotcha. >> yeah. do you not? >> seth: no. >> and posted it and we're like, "if you would be interested in having sex with this butt, it will be, you know, on the corner, in the bushes and i'm there for kind of casual sex." >> seth: okay. >> and then my friend and i like went and walked around the neighborhood to see if anybody would show up. and eventually like two guys showed up. and they were both like, "are you the" -- "yeah?" [ light laughter ] and they went off together. so we like -- we created like a romance connection. >> seth: oh, my god. >> yeah! [ laughter ] i'm like expecting an invitation to the wedding any day. >> seth: do you think there was a moment where those gentlemen got to wherever they were going and disrobed -- >> oh! like that's not your butt! >> seth: and they both thought, "that's not the butt?" >> oh, no! [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> oh, maybe it ended badly. >> seth: i wonder if each of them thought the other one had used a fake butt picture. >> oh. and they're not trustworthy now. >> seth: yeah.
12:59 am
>> i didn't think about that. the next time i do one, i'm gonna call you -- [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> and just clear it to make sure that it tracks. >> seth: it's about -- i can tell you, and again, i've never used it. >> uh-huh. >> seth: but it is about getting the details right. you and aubrey, friends in real life. >> yes. >> seth: which is really nice. and she's a fantastic person. and i heard -- did she help you buy a car? >> yeah. so this was like a couple years ago, i finally had to buy a new car. i've been driving the same car for like ten years. and i had never bought a car since the first car i bought when i was 17, i'd never bought a car without like a parent. so i brought aubrey, because she's like a father figure. >> seth: sure. [ laughter ] >> and she came -- and i'm a terrible negotiator, because i just want to be like, "but -- come on." that's my negotiating tactic. like, "come on. don't." [ light laughter ] and aubrey was just -- she's like legitimately unhinged in real life.
1:00 am
back like, "well, my dad owns a car dealership. and he builds rockets and he could kick your ass." [ light laughter ] i don't think it was helping much, but it confused them. >> seth: right, right. [ light laughter ] >> it confused them. so i ended up getting a pretty good deal. i think they were just like, "get out. get out." >> seth: yeah. we desperately need these two women to leave, so we can go back to selling cars. this is very exciting. i don't know how you possibly had time for this. but you wrote your first book. >> yes. >> seth: that's really exciting. what's your book called? >> "a scrappy little nobody." >> seth: that's fantastic. that's a great title. >> thank you. >> seth: and you write about your entire career? >> yeah, various things. you know, i just try to be funny. like that's the idea. i think, like, my editor was like, "you should add some depth." and i was like, "nah." [ laughter ] if i had any i would. >> seth: "i'll give it to you guys and you can write some in, then i'll just sign off on it." >> be like, "and then i was sad." [ light laughter ] >> seth: but you, i heard that you wrote about your experiences on the "twilight" saga.
1:01 am
like, i spent very little time in my career on those movies, but they are just rife with stories. it was just the weirdest set i've ever been on. >> seth: yeah. >> and i ended up devoting an entire -- just like 'cause stories kept coming out. like an entire chapter to just "twilight." there was a day where -- my favorite day of filming a movie maybe ever where we're doing, like, a dream sequence. and i was just a dead body. i got flown down to like baton rouge, louisiana, just for one day, to be a dead body. and that was awesome, 'cause it was a dream sequence. and we were like -- all these characters are, like, in white. and we got in this line and there's this guy who's like the fake blood guy. >> seth: yeah. >> like, that's his job for the day. so he's got this like hose -- it looks like a plant mister, you know? and there's like this line of characters, like we're at the dmv. like so casual, so normal and casual, just like each one of us getting lined up and then like getting sprayed down with fake blood by this mister. and then like climbing on top of a pile and laying there with our
1:02 am
eyes open. [ laughter ] i was like, "oh, this is my job!" [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's fantastic. that's when you know you made it, when you're in a pile -- >> a pile of dead bodies. >> seth: you also -- animated film coming up, "trolls." >> "trolls." yeah. >> seth: and i know justin timberlake is also -- >> dude, i was doing press with justin timberlake. and i was like, "oh, i'm not famous." like, he is so famous. we did this press tour in cannes and i could tell that like every interviewer was like, "okay, we gotta throw her one question." then they're like, "justin, what about your baby? what about the music? what about 'nsync? what about the ramen noodles in your hair? and have you seen that meme?" [ laughter ] and i was like, "oh, i'm like not -- i'm not a celebrity. i get it. i get that." >> seth: well, in time i really do think somebody will put ramen in your hair, then you'll know you -- that's really when you know you made it. >> okay. dead bodies. ramen noodle meme. >> seth: there you go. thanks so much for being here. it's always such a pleasure. >> thank you for having me. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: give it up for anna kendrick, everybody. "mike and dave need wedding dates" is in theaters july 8th. we'll be right back with
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a talented actor you know from hbo's hit series "true blood." you can see him in the highly-anticipated blockbuster, "the legend of tarzan," which is in theaters and imax 3-d july 1st. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ >> your chief is under my knife. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> seth: please welcome to the show, alexander skarsgard. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:08 am
>> thank you, sir. thank you for having me. >> seth: it's so nice to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> seth: i did not know this because i know the film "zoolander" very well. i obviously know you. i did not realize that you were in "zoolander." the first "zoolander." >> yes, i am. >> seth: and because -- this is one of your -- was this your first american film? >> yeah. yes. >> seth: and so did this give you a false sense of how easy it was to be in america? >> it was -- yeah, i was here -- i was actually in -- my father's an actor and he was shooting a movie in l.a. at the time. and i was here on vacation and his manager said, well, alex, you worked a little bit as an actor in sweden. do you want to go and audition? and i thought this is -- it would be a great story to tell my friends back home. wow, i was in hollywood and i auditioned. and it was for "zoolander" and i walked in and ben stiller was there. and i auditioned and then they called and said, all right, we're going ly
1:09 am
and fly you to new york to shoot with ben. and i showed up and i did it. and then i went home to sweden so i was like, "guys, it's a piece of cake." [ laughter ] they send you some sides and then you walk in and some big celebrity like ben stiller will be in the room. you read the lines and then they fly you business class to new york. [ laughter ] piece of cake. >> seth: how many auditions after that did you realize? >> about 9,000. >> seth: yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] but you did want to -- >> because i told everyone in sweden, i was like, hasta la vista, i'm going to hollywood. and then i didn't work for years. >> seth: one of the best scenes in movie history. you were one of the guys who -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the gas fire. a great role. >> thank you, guys. thank you very much. >> seth: and so then is it true that someone watched that scene again and goes, that's our tarzan. [ laughter ] they saw this and they were like, we found our tarzan. >> i actually sent it this to warner brothers when i heard they were making tarzan, i was like -- >> seth: so this is -- >> i think i'm your guy. >> seth: obviously what we saw is sort of the tarzan th
1:10 am
this is a different sort of telling of the story. >> yeah the movie opens in london when he's been -- he left the jungle eight years ago. and he lives there, so he's lord greystoke. a very kind of sophisticated british gentleman. he lives there with his wife, jane, in -- at the greystoke manor, but he's not happy. he's not -- and yes, it sounds ridiculous. you're married to margot robbie and you live in a mansion and you're not happy? i guess -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: but you want -- we saw the clip. you want to go hang with -- >> you got to go hang with your brothers. you know, the apes. >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> that he grew up with. >> seth: yeah. >> so sam jackson's character, george washington williams, shows up, invites him back to the congo where he's from. john or tarzan is very reluctant to go but his wife convinced him to go and then kind of the adventure kicks off and stuff like this happens. >> seth: you mentioned seeing you're old friends which is actually part of the film. you -- there's a great scene where you see lions that last saw you when they were cubs and you nuzzle up against these
1:11 am
>> seth: now, obviously, that's cgi -- >> yeah. >> seth: because they can't train lions to -- [ light laughter ] or even if they did you -- >> we tried but i was hurt badly. >> seth: so -- [ light laughter ] what were you actually nuzzling up against? [ laughter ] >> ace, a 25-year-old break dancer from south london. [ laughter ] >> seth: and so, what's ace -- is ace dressed like a lion? or is he a dude? >> he was in a gray pajamas. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and -- >> seth: now i'm interested. keep going, yeah. >> we -- he ended up playing -- he was also one of the apes later. but this was our first -- we met on set the day we shot the scene with the lion. and again, it's on -- it's an emotional moment because it's like the lion he's known since she was a little cub. and there's tension because they see each other and sam's character is like, oh, they're going to fight now. and then i go down on all fours and we start to kind of -- >> seth: right. [ laughter ] >> nuzzle. [ laughter ] it doesn't -- they were platonic friends.
1:12 am
she was just a little cub. >> seth: yeah. >> so it's -- yeah, so we go down. >> seth: it must be. >> should i show you? >> seth: yeah, please. >> do you want to join me? >> seth: yeah, sure. [ cheers and applause ] so i'm ace? >> so you're ace. you're down on all fours already. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> and then so john or tarzan shows up and he's like -- >> seth: i would know -- i would know you as tarzan. >> well yeah, but there's this -- we want to sell it to the audience as like a stand-offish. >> seth: oh, so -- >> so there's tension. so the audience will be uh-oh, it's a big -- it's a big lion. they're going to fight. [ laughter ] and i freeze. >> seth: okay. >> you can bring it down a little bit. >> seth: okay, yeah. >> all right. and then i stay like this, and then margo tells sam, like, they're fine. and then i go down on all fours. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: this seems like a really good movie! >> yep.
1:13 am
>> seth: i also want to point out, cause you mentioned he played a -- he played a gorilla. >> that's ace. >> seth: this is ace. like ace is watching at home saying, oh, great, they're going to show a picture of me. [ light laughter ] this is ace dressed up as a gorilla later. >> this is post nuzzling, yeah. >> seth: okay. so that's what you were actually nuzzling. [ laughter ] i also heard that you would make primal screams to get yourself ready to go in your trailer, like tarzan it up. >> yeah, i mean it sounds so pathetic and so method and i'm not a method actor. but yeah, i guess, in order to kind of tap into some more primordial darkness i -- yeah, i would just walk around and, yeah, go -- [ grunting ] that kind of stuff. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ]
1:14 am
seems like it was a really fun set to be on. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] >> seth: that sounds like al -- i'm doing al pacino instead of -- >> and that's not the only sound i know. in the movie there's no like phil johnny weissmuller from the old "tarzan" movies. it's like the whole background. >> seth: you don't ever do that? >> not really, but in getting ready like in prep before a scene i would do a bit of that. i would walk around and go -- [ grunting ] >> seth: that's great. ace must have been like, this guy's a weirdo. i can't believe -- [ laughter ] >> i can't believe i have to nuzzle him. >> seth: i can't believe i have to nuzzle this dude. exactly. congrats on the film. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: alexander skarsgard, everybody. "the legend of tarzan" is in theaters and imax 3-d july 1st. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
1:15 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back. before we move on, i wanted to take a second to mention some of the very exciting guests we have coming up on next week's show. >> hey, uh, seth, aren't you forgetting something? >> seth: no. i don't think i am. >> are you sure? >> seth: yeah. i'm sure. >> so you mean to tell me that you're going to go this whole entire show without mentioning that today is the one-year anniversary of the "late night with seth meyers" reoccurring comedy bit "anniversary guy"? >> seth: um, i'm really sorry, everyone. this is one of my writers, conner o'malley. >> writer, star, and executive producer of the bit "anniversary guy." [ laughter ] you know, it's the one where i sit planted in the audience and bring up odd anniversaries for all-but-forgotten pop culture things from the years of 1998 through 2003. i wear goofy costumes.
1:20 am
i actually think we have some stills. let's take a look. this is me as darth maul for the 17th anniversary of "star wars: episode i." here's me for the 21st anniversary of the release of "the mask." and here's conner o'malley from three seconds ago for the one-year anniversary of "anniversary guy." >> seth: conner, no offense but no one, i mean no one in this whole studio wants me to talk about the one-year anniversary of "anniversary guy" and to be quite honest, i feel like you're grossly overestimating how familiar people are with this bit. >> oh. oh, wow. yeah, people don't know this. oh, okay. well then tell me why people are constantly asking me questions about it! >> seth: like who? >> oh, god, so many. let's see, dan and trish o'malley. sean o'malley. kevin o'malley. >> seth: are those all members of your immediate family? >> possibly. i'm not quite sure about my dad. i mean, i did grow up in chicago. and my mom could have been having an affair with scottie pippen. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's a bit of a stretch. >> what?
1:21 am
could [ bleep ] scottie pippen? [ laughter ] >> seth: how did this turn into that? you know what? >> she can do it all night long! [ laughter ] >> seth: my bigger issue, conner, is this bit is not popular enough for you to be deconstructing it like this! in fact, it's a little self-indulgent. >> oh, self-indulgent! okay, wow, this coming from mr. i want to be the host of this show. point the camera at me as i bitch, piss, and moan about congress passing a new egg law or something for 20 minutes from my ivory desk! >> seth: i have to move on with the show, conner! >> come on! why won't you talk about "anniversary guy"?! >> seth: because i don't think it's important to celebrate the one-year anniversary of really anything, conner! >> what about your son's first birthday, you jagoff?! >> seth: let alone a comedy bit, that if we're being real, we always bury at the end of the show. >> come on! it spawned the classic catchphrase "talk about it." need i refresh your memory?
1:22 am
>> why don't you want to talk about it, man? >> then talk about it! >> talk about it! just talk about it! >> please talk about "the matrix reloaded" on home video! >> this is the number one selling shirt at the nbc experience store. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you clearly made that. and by the way, even if i did talk about "anniversary guy", what would i even say? >> i don't know. something like this? ♪ june 23rd, 2015, a date that will live on forever. the place, the u.s.a. the obama administration lifts its trade embargo with cuba. bruno mars's "uptown funk" burns up the billboard top 100. and prankster rachel dolezal delights the country with her race-based comedy. [ light laughter ] but our story does not begin there. no sir, it starts in 30 rockefeller plaza, studio 8g. where a nervous, young and up-and-coming comedian sits planted in the audience,
1:23 am
weighing 340 pounds of pure muscle, 6'8" and very, very thick hands. sits in the audience waiting to change comedy forever. >> seth: hey, conner, buddy how much longer is this going to take? >> why? you got somewhere to be? >> seth: all right. you know what? that's enough! we'll be right back with giada de laurentiis. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ e ] ♪ (ehit every ♪ thread every needle. turn every ride, into a thrill ride. the power and precision of the lexus performance line... now available with turbo-charged engine. for even more exhilaration.
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around hgets the waffle.rd but for all the other birds who could use a few more minutes of sleep, we've got you covered. enjoy free breakfast on the run and free wi-fi. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night." we're here with chef giada de laurentiis. welcome. >> i'm honored to be here. >> seth: so happy to have you. i know. first time. it's very exciting. >> i know. >> seth: you can see giada alongside bobby flay as the co-host of the food network's competition series "food network star," which airs sunday nights at 9:00. >> yes. >> seth: and what are we going to do today? [ cheers and applause ] what are we making? >> becau i
1:29 am
>> you know. >> seth: yeah. >> i thought i'd start with a little cocktail. ease you into a little cooking. >> seth: oh, thank you. >> because i hear you do not cook at home? >> seth: i don't cook much at home, no. >> all right. >> seth: but i drink at home all the time. >> great. [ laughter ] >> seth: usually alone. >> oh, god. [ laughter ] okay, well, this is a good drink to have by yourself after a long day. >> seth: okay, great. >> okay? so we're going to do basically one and half ounces of campari, which is an orange liqueur. >> seth: orange liqueur. great. >> okay, and then one and half ounces of sweet vermouth. >> seth: okay, great. >> which is usually found in martinis and stuff. >> seth: yeah. >> you can do the bitters. >> seth: okay, how much bitters do you put in? >> a couple dashes. >> seth: okay. >> you know how to make a cocktail, right? >> seth: yep, i do. >> okay. and then we're go -- oops. we're gonna -- >> seth: we need to be neater. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's very important that we're neat here. >> oh, oh, oh, oh, god! >> seth: i'm almost done. oh, my goodness. thank you so much. >> here. just suck it down. suck it down. suck it down. all right, cheers. >> seth: i feel like i'm at a bachelorette party. cheers. [ laughter ] [ applause ] that is great. i like it. >> it's pretty strong, right? >> seth: it's really strong. it's a lot strge
1:30 am
looks. [ laughter ] >> yes, but it's a great color. >> seth: this is not the kind of drink you want to get drunk on. oh, have a lot of the campari. >> it's a little much. [ laughter ] it's a little strong, but i think it looks great. >> seth: it does. it's beautiful. >> with my outfit, quite frankly. >> seth: it matches very well. >> and if i spill it on myself, it would be fine. >> seth: there you go. >> so that helps. okay. >> seth: so what's next? >> so now -- this is so -- >> seth: i'm sorry. what is next, giada? [ light laughter ] >> i got it! you know, this is my first cooking demo, right? >> seth: really? ever? on a television show? >> ever. ever. ever. for you. >> seth: oh my god. you're doing such a good job. >> so i -- okay, so i am making my tea and lemon alfredo. you like alfredo sauce? yes, most people do. >> seth: i love alfredo sauce. >> this is really great when it's 90 degrees out by the way. >> seth: oh this is a very good summer meal. you just want to have a lot of heavy creams and pastas. [ laughter ] you know i like to -- >> and you can wash it down with campari. >> seth: i like to bring it to the beach. just a big -- [ laughter and applause ] big bowl. >> you know what i like even more, seth? >> seth: what's that? >> it's some roasted asparagus. >> seth: roasted asparagus. >> because i know how much you love asparagus. >> seth: i don't.
1:31 am
>> seth: i don't love asparagus, but i like eggs so i'll have those. >> okay, so you can eat the fried egg. [ laughter ] oh, delic -- perfect. now as long as it runs all over you, that would even be better. >> seth: there you go. okay. >> okay, so melt some butter. >> seth: okay. >> okay, and add the garlic, if you may. >> seth: i would love to. >> okay. can you get it out? >> seth: there we go. okay. [ light laughter ] >> then i'm going to add this cool little pasta. these are fusilli. >> seth: okay. >> but they're long fusilli and they have a hole in the center of them. >> seth: what are you calling them? sorry? >> fusilli. >> seth: fusilli. okay, great. >> you have kids, no? >> seth: i have one. >> right. do you -- he, she? >> seth: what? it's a boy. yeah. >> a boy. how old? >> seth: 3 months. >> oh, he doesn't eat pasta yet. >> seth: no he doesn't. >> but let me just tell you that -- >> seth: just pizza. [ laughter ] you and your wife will pretty soon will know every shape of every pasta in the book. >> seth: oh because -- yeah, because kids likes pasta. >> yes. i have an 8-year-old and it's all about pasta. okay. >> seth: okay. >> so now you're gonna grate one and a half cups of that parmesan cheese. >> seth: that's a lot of cups. >> i was just gonna say. so we'll be here all night while you do that. et
1:32 am
one 100th of a cup right now. [ laughter ] okay, two 100ths. [ laughter ] >> you see, this is what your life's gonna be pretty soon when you cook. >> seth: okay, great. so what you're adding -- >> some pasta water. >> seth: okay, ooh pasta water. >> the pasta water is the secret to get a great sauce. >> seth: another great, great beach beverage. [ laughter ] just go to the beach, drink a few pasta waters. [ laughter ] >> and you will feel so good. >> seth: so good! it's for your beach body. >> all the gluten. it's just perfect when you're wearing a bathing suit. >> seth: hey, pass the peas. all right. >> and you're doing really well there, seth. okay, now you can grate the lemon. >> seth: grate the lemon. oh, okay. so this is a zest. right? wouldn't you say we're zesting? >> it's pasta with a little water. pasta water, lemon zest, and parmesan cheese. >> seth: all right, there we go. great. >> now you're good. you're good. okay, you can squeeze the lemon on there. i'm gonna add the peas. you like peas? i hope you like peas. you like peas? [ laughter ] >> seth: i do like peas. >> oh, god, you don't like peas either? >> seth: what? >> you don't like peas either? >> seth: no, i love peas. >> what's your favorite food, seth? >> seth: what's my favorite food? >> yeah. >> seth: chicken. >> chicken, great. [ laughter ] and what kind of chicken? >> seth: any kind of chicken. >> any kind of chicken. >> seth: is this gonna have chicken?
1:33 am
>> seth: is this gonna have chicken? okay, what was this? >> oh, god. sauce? oh, mascarpone cheese. >> seth: okay, well don't just throw something in here without telling me. >> we were busy talking about your favorite chicken. >> seth: that's right. all right. >> so mascarpone cheese, very italian type cheese. do you know is what it is? >> seth: it's a very italian kind of cheese. >> have you tasted it? [ laughter ] here, taste it. >> seth: very good. >> good right? [ laughter ] lots of flavor, right? >> seth: lots of flavor. >> no. >> seth: no flavor at all. [ laughter and applause ] >> some salt and why don't you try these pea peppercorns, you might like them. do you like spicy? >> seth: yeah, i do. that's really good. how much of this? >> oh, my gosh. >> seth: what? hey, i'm -- okay. >> go. go. there you go, there you go! >> seth: this is great. >> so now once this all melts together. >> seth: okay. >> your dish is right there. >> seth: okay, great. >> you can take the whole bowl. >> seth: can i try this? can i just start eating this? >> yes, you may start to eat. >> seth: hey, ladies! >> i love cooking -- [ laughter ] >> seth: looking good in your bikinis! we've got some pasta over here!
1:34 am
>> don't forget to wash it down with your campari negroni. >> seth: we got some room on our beach blanket, ladies. [ laughter ] this is delicious. giada de laurentiis, everybody. "food network star" airs sunday nights at 9:00. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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1:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to anna kendrick, alexander skarsgard, giada de laurentiis, everybody. ray luzier and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> carson: welcome to "last call." carson daly here. tonight we're at 97.1 amp radio. we got a good one for you. let's go through the line up. elliphant makes her tv debut from the troubadour. james wan tells you all about


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