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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 23, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- gayle king. star of broadway's "dear evan hansen" actor ben platt. a performance from "dear evan hansen." featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. ?? [ cheers and appuse ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening everybody i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how are we all doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that's great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. according to reports incoming chief of staff reince priebus tried to get donald trump to cancel today's meeting with "the new york times" because trump could face questions he wasn't
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cancelled yesterday's meeting with "highlights magazine." [ laughter ] president obama today awarded 21 people with the presidential medal of freedom. said obama, "you're free! quick, go before he sees you." [ light laughter ] donald trump has begun outlining the first issues he plans to tackle while in office including a $1 trillion plan to improve airports, bridges and roads. roads, where we're going, we won't need roads. donald trump said this afternoon that he was surprised one of his top picks for secretary of defense is not in favor of waterboarding. man, you think you know somebody and then they turn out to be a decent human being. [ light laughter ] when asked this afternoon if he reads "the new york times" donald trump told reporters, quote, "i do read it. unfortunately. i'd live about 20 years longer if i didn't." "got your paper, sir!"
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hillary clinton was spotted over the weekend shopping at a local rhode island bookstore while donald trumpstill prefers borders. [ applause ] donald trump has put out a youtube video outlining his plans for creating jobs. then in another video he explained how to outline almond shaped eyes. [ light laughter ] special christmas tree that does not feature any lights or decorations. said the designer, "i didn't know this was due today." [ laughter ] and finally producers have started developing an untitled biopic about former vice president dick cheney and we actually have a clip of it right here. [ gunshot ] looks good. looks good. you guys we have a fantastic
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magazine" and co-host of cbs' "this morning" gayle king, is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] he is the star of broadway's, "dear even hansen" ben platt is here. [ cheers and applause ] and it's a fantastic show, and very exciting. he and his cast will be doing a performance of "waving through a window" from the play "dear evan hansen." so that's very exciting. you're here on a great night. also a reminder, this is the third year we will be doing a thanksgiving she the only guest on the show will be my brother and my parents. so catch that, make sure you check it out. i figure if i'm gonna spend it with my parents, might as well get them to work for it. all right. moving on. president-elect donald trump continues to face increasing scrutiny over his foreign business ties, and the conflicts of interest that could pose during his administration. with some experts even warning they could violate the constitution. for more on this it's time for a
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>> seth: because donald trump refused to release his tax returns. we know very little about how his financial dealings might effect his presidency but trump has been able to distract from those questions by stirring speculation about his cabinet picks. every time he hints at a new name the media runs wild with it. >> president-elect donald trump's white house takes shape. mitt romney a top candidate for the secretary of state spot. >> other names in the mix, house speaker newt gingrich. >> newt gingrich is apparently out. he tells nbc news he won't be in the cabinet. >> rudy giuliani is the leading candidate for secretary of state. >> it looks as if rudy giuliani is no longer the leading candidate to be secretary of state. >> john bolton might be trump's choice for secretary of state. >> john bolton is no longer under serious consideration for secretary of state. >> we have seen a number of cabinet prospects paraded in front of the cameras all day long. it has been sort of a reality tv show. >> seth: everybody is in the running. well, almost everybody.
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trump's obsession with spectacles even seems to dictate in a large part who he's interested in picking for his cabinet. more so than their actual qualifications. according to "the new york times" trump was interested in romney despite their rocky past because quote, "trump believes that mr. romney with his patrician bearing looks the part of a top diplomat right out of central casting." [ light laughter ] do you think he looks like a diplomat? i think he looks a lot more like ferris bueller's dad. [ laughter ] which could workout perfectly since we just elected a president who respects the rules as much as ferris bueller. in the end it's hard to tell what's serious and what's not. because trump just enjoys the game of it. as "the times" reported "trump loves the tension and drama of the selection process. and is thought to stoke it." a senior advisor described the meeting in part as "mr. romney simply coming to pay his respects to the president-elect and kiss his ring." and just look at all the psychological mind games at play in their encounter.
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the top step is for me. okay now let's do that awkward white guy pat. pat, pat, there we go, pat, another pat, and then come on in and one last pat. and while trump has been parading contestants for cabinet spots in front of the media he has also been scolding that same media for what he claims is their bias coverage of him. at an off the record meeting with anchors and media executives, monday. trump reportedly launched an unhinged attack on he even complained to the president of nbc news that, quote, "the network won run a nice picture of him. instead choosing this picture of me made a face with a double chin." what picture do you mean? oh, that one. okay, right. no, no, no that's right. that was pretty bad. that's not fair that they used that. that is not fair. in fact, let's switch it for something else. there we go. [ light laughter ]
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him accountable. specifically on his promises to separate his business empire from his administration. during the campaign for example, he claimed that if he won the presidency he would have nothing to do with his business. >> if i become president i couldn't care less about my company. it's peanuts. i want to make -- i want to use that same up here -- whatever that may be to make america rich again and to make america great again. >> seth: that same up here whatever it may be. "brain." you know, the thing up here. what's the word for it? skull meat? but in fact, trump doesn't seem to be taking any steps so far to separate his business from his government work. for example, we told you yesterday about how trump's new hotel in washington d.c. was pitching itself to foreign diplomats as a place to stay. while those diplomats are in town doing business with trump's government. and then there was also trump's meeting with indian business
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his daughter ivanka, who trump said would run his business while he governed sat in with him on an official meeting with the prime minister of japan. >> it started with what as billed as a courtesy call. japanese prime minister shinzo abe slipping in a back elevator at trump tower to meet the president-elect. trump's daughter ivanka in attendance, but neither reporters nor their cameras were at the meeting which reportedly included a gift to trump of a golf club like this one. a gold honma beres driver worth nearly $4,000. >> seth: a bullying authoritarian who meets in secrets with foreign leaders and receives gifts of gold. we're probably a month away from trump growing out a saddam hussein mustache. of course his mustache would probably look like this. [ light laughter ] and then it emerged on monday that trump had reportedly used the congratulatory call from argentina's president to push for a stalled building project in buenos aires. now spokespeople for both trump and the argentinean president
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journalists weren't even notified about the call, and weren't briefed on it. in fact, the only other person who was invited to join the call was once again ivanka trump. i'm starting to think we might end up with a woman president after all. [ light laughter ] now trump could have responded to these concerns by pledging to liquidate his holdings or put his assets in a legitimately blind trust. instead donald trump has spent months accusing hillary clinton of pay to play politics and corruption tweeted this response last night quote, "prio election it was well-known that i have interest in properties all over the world. only the crooked media makes this a big deal." yeah the crooked media has some kind of crooked hard on for the crooked constitution. [ light laughter ] now there aren't any laws preventing the president from running a business but legal experts are warning that if trump receives foreign money through his hotels or any other part of his company while he's president. not only could that be unethical it could actually be a violation of a clause in the constitution that prohibits public officials
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>> the founders were so concerned about bribes, they barred them in two different parts of the constitution. the, emoluments clause which bars officials from accepting presents or benefits from foreign influences and then the impeachment clause. the founders reserved impeachment to address high crimes by presidents and they only listed two of them by name. treason and bribery. >> seth: treason and bribery which incidentally were both majors at trump university. [ laughter ] serious concern not just to trump critics but to his supporters as well. remember trump spent the closing weeks of the campaign promising to tackle corruption in washington. and as he put it. >> we're going to drain the swamp in washington d.c. >> seth: that's right. trump is going to drain the swamp and then he's gonna build a golf course on the swamp, bottle the swamp water and sell it to voters as trump all natural organic elixir. this has been a "closer look."
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yes, but it has to be a comedy. a little cash back on the side. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. throw. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back,
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also, we're so thankful to have fred armisen with us this week. [ cheers and applause ] thanksgiving week, so thankful to have fred. and one of the things i love most about having fred here, we both love tv, fred, would you say that's true? >> fred: love it. everything. >> seth: and you always say, "what shows are you watching" and i'll name one or two shows, then i say to fred, "what shows are you watching" and you say, "all of them." >> fred: everything. yes. >> seth: you claim you watch every television show that airs at any given time. >> fred: every episode. >> seth: and i -- i claim that's impossible. >> fred: no, it's very possible. time once again for "fred armisen's extremely accurate tv recap." ?? >> seth: so, here's how this works, i try to prove that fred is lying when he says he watches every show. i'm going to name the title of the show and fred's going to tell us what's it about. what it's about. "masha and the bear." >> fred: "masha and the bear." "masha and the bear." >> seth: uh-huh. [ light laughter ] >> fred: you know "masha and the bear?" >> seth: i do not. that's why i asked you. >> fred: i told you about "masha and the bear," didn't i -- >> seth: you did not. >> fred: didn't i say something? >> seth: no, i don't think so. >> fred: the pilot is great.
12:53 am
[ light laughter ] >> fred: it's a casino. it's a casino drama and the editing is great. it's like a lot of like the spinning wheel and the cards and the sort of like you see las vegas all the casinos, like, you know, it's like so fast pace. and like people are up all night. and they're coming in and there's like a lot of the dealers are there. a lot of like poker faces. a lot of poker faces. >> seth: a lot of poker faces. [ laughter ] >> fred: you know, like they're just -- >> seth: you can see a lot of people who you can't read their emotions. you don't know what they're holding so they have like aces, jokers, you know -- >> seth: i know the cards. [ laughter ] >> fred: you know the cards, yeah. all of them. so, they're just holding them. but, they don't know what the other one has so they just sort of lay them down and they're like, you know, "i'm out" or whatever. i fold. i fold. [ laughter ] so, "masha and the bear," it's one of the casinos. >> seth: there's a casino called "masha and the bear." that does not seem like a normal name for a casino. >> fred: well -- you've got to watch it.
12:54 am
it's called that. and there's all of these tourists that come in and they try to gamble and you just see what unfolds. yeah. >> seth: who is the name character? >> fred: masha. >> seth: that sounds great, but according to tv guide it's an animated show about a spunky russian girl who lives without parents in the forest with a pig, a goat and a brown bear. >> fred: and they gamble. >> seth: okay, they probably just didn't have room to fit that in. >> fred: right, yeah. >> seth: give it up for fred armisen everybody. [ cheers and applause ] she can be seen weekdays as co-host of "cbs this morning." she's also the editor at large for "o," the oprah magazine. the annual oprah's "favorite things" issue is on stands right now. please welcome back to the show our friend gayle king, everybody. ?? [ cheers and applause ]
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>> seth: how are you? >> i love "masha and the bear." >> seth: you're a big fan of "masha and the bear" as well? >> yes, i love that show, fred. >> seth: you like casino dramas. >> yes. >> seth: also congratulations of "favorite things." >> oh, thanks, thanks, thanks. >> seth: our favorite thing, this is an annual -- a big deal. >> i was psyched about that. you know, it was a big trademark when "the oprah show" was on and we thought after the show went off the air, can we still pull it off in the magazine and years later, we can, seth. we can. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> we can. >> seth: and you are integral -- did you bring something for me, first? >> yes, i did. >> seth: oh my goodness. >> can we please get a tight shot of the wrapping paper? >> seth: so, what is this wrapping paper? that's you. [ laughter ] >> i bet you don't have anything wrapped like this. would you like to open it? >> seth: i would love to open it. well, i mean, i think i know what it is. >> this is from oprah. yeah, this is from oprah. >> seth: this is from oprah? >> yeah. >> seth: oh my goodness. oprah wanted you to be on the wrapping paper. "to seth, love oprah." that's really great. wow. [ laughter ] >> silver oak wine. >> seth: that's fantastic. [ cheers ] >> she's a big wine drinker.
12:56 am
here, shall we? >> she's a big wine drinker. and i heard that you actually like this kind of wine. >> seth: i do. this is silver oak wine, right? >> yep. >> seth: is this on the list? >> it is on the list. >> seth: and is that wrapping paper with your face on it on the list. >> no, i did that just for you. >> seth: okay, thanks. >> i did that just for you. >> seth: cheers. >> cheers. i actually, seth, don't drink, but i hear this is very good wine. [ light laughter ] >> there's something else. >> seth: so, what's on the list? >> so listen, it's the biggest list that we've ever had, over from 0 to 15,000, a big screen tv. >> seth: what's zero? >> zero, it's a game. >> seth: oh, a game that you play -- >> a game that you play online. >> seth: okay, great. >> see, so it's sort of like "candy crush" meets "wheel of fortune" except with oprah, it's quotations. so if you fill it out, and you do the puzzle correctly, you get a quotation from oprah, from maya angelou, from lady gaga. she's very big on words, as you know. >> seth: of course. >> so that -- it's called "bold move" so that's free, and then there's a whole big range in
12:57 am
>> seth: now i want to ask this -- >> and, and! if you -- this is what we did. you don't even have to do christmas shopping, guys. we've done it all for you. >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: like we just call you and you bring the stuff over? >> you just call me and you order it through amazon. >> seth: okay, there you go. [ laughter ] so everything is available on amazon. >> yeah, but that's the beauty of it, it's available through many places, but we teamed up with amazon this year. so you can do a click of one button and get everything. >> seth: that's great, now when you put this list together, does oprah then come into the end or >> well, no, no, no. so we start working on it maybe six months out. it's a whole big to do as you might imagine. and we narrow it down and then she comes in, and picks the things that she really likes. but what's so interesting, we'll pick something that we like and she'll say, "well, it's called 'o, the oprah magazine.'" gayle, when you have a magazine then you can put your list on it. [ light laughter ] you know so we, you know -- >> seth: would you call it "g?" >> no, i don't know. [ light laughter ] no, i think "the oprah magazine" is good. but i mean -- she has very
12:58 am
friends, people will send things, we'll see something on tv and somebody in the audience will suggest something. >> seth: that's great. >> i think so too. what i like is that it still holds up after all these years. >> seth: yeah. as well, i think of the list as one that people look forward to every year. >> yeah, i think so too. >> seth: you have of course many jobs and one of them is hosting "cbs good morning," which you are fantastic at. >> yes. me, charlie, and norah! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so great, you, charlie, and norah. >> yes! it's our fifth year. >> seth: fifth year. and that day must start -- when does your day start? >> it's our fifth year. it starts at 3:30. >> seth: 3:30 in the morning. >> i have been up since 3:30. [ light laughter ] i've been up since 3:30. i get up, i actually bathe every day. >> seth: wow. >> yeah. i bathed extra today because i was coming to see you. >> seth: thank you so much. [ laughter ] >> you're welcome. put on perfume and everything. car picks me up at 4:30 and then it's off to the races. >> seth: and they're such fantastic races and one of the reasons is, you guys have such good chemistry, you, norah, and charlie. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: is it true that women all the time ask you about charlie. >> oh, god, yes and it's sort of
12:59 am
>> seth: but he's a sexy guy, right? >> you know, i do think that he's a very sexy guy. but, this is the thing that's so great about him. he's a little naughty. she's scary smart. he really is a class act and a gentleman in every sense of the word. and i think that that is attractive to any woman, black, white, young, old. women stop me from all around the country and ask me about charlie. he is single. >> seth: oh, wow. >> he is available. >> seth: is he on the -- >> i'm not chilling for charlie. i'm just sg. amazon. [ laughter ] >> no, he's available -- you can reach him by the telephone. he's an old fashioned guy. >> seth: you're one of the people -- one of the members of the media that went to this donald trump off the record meeting, that we mentioned. >> let's highlight the word "off the record" because now it just seems like swiss cheese. >> seth: yeah, 'cause as soon as it was over we heard a lot of stuff that happened in that meeting. they actually took a picture of you, i think this is you leaving the meeting? is that right or is it heading
1:00 am
that's where it looks like -- you know, this is that very awkward thing, seth. because it's supposed to be off the record, you know there's cameras there. i'm trying to hold my face on straight, but it looks like i'm skulking away from the scene of a crime. [ light laughter ] >> seth: there was -- there was a headline. >> i mean, i didn't know what to do. >> seth: there was a headline that said, "donald trump meets with the dishonest media." >> yes, yes, yeah. >> seth: and then you look right there like you were going to have a lot of secrets, yeah. >> i know, seth, it did look like what is she hiding? but i have to tell you something, when he was talking about dishonest media, you know, charlie, norah, and i, we're all sitting there and i'm thinking why are we sitting in this room because i honest to god didn't think he was talking about us. he went hard, it's been reported on, you know, some people that were there. but the whole time i never thought "he's talking to us at cbs." i never did feel that. yet it's uncomfortable when you're in a room that way and there's a slap down going on that is uncomfortable. but, i never thought he was talking to us. >> seth: yeah. >> and listen, donald trump has been very clear throughout the campaign that he's not a fan of
1:01 am
>> seth: no, he is not. >> so, we've heard that. i can't wait for him to come on your show after that monologue. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> lord have mercy. >> seth: oh, i think he'll wait awhile, gayle. [ laughter ] i think he'll wait awhile for that. >> you better take a drink. you better take a drink. so, it's true, he's been no fan of the media but the thing is, we have a job to do. he has a job to do. sometimes it's adversarial but we have got to figure out a way to work together. he's now the president for the next four, maybe 8 years. and i think we've got to figure out how to make this work. i love what barack obama said -- >> seth: can i just ask something real quick, though, what is working together? like what is -- why does the media have to do anything but report on what he is doing? like what's the other part? >> that is all that the media is doing. >> seth: i agree. >> but we have to have access to the president. that's what i'm talking about. he has to give access to the press -- >> seth: but don't you think he has to do that no matter what. >> yes, but listen this is a
1:02 am
>> seth: it is a whole new ball game. >> this is a whole new ball game with a very different kind of candidate, and i like what barrack obama said after they had that meeting together. he said, "listen, we want him to succeed because we want the country to succeed. i love this country and i think that we've got to figure -- figure this out. dave chapel was here. "saturday night live." he was great, did you guys see dave? >> seth: fantastic, absolutely, great. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, he was so good, and i liked even dave chapel's message at the end of the monologue where he said, "listen, i'm going to give this president a chance. chance as well." you know, i'm very -- i'm very worried. i'm very -- the country is very divided. >> seth: yeah. >> and i don't like that. hate crimes are up, that's not good. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, we've got to -- we have to figure this out. >> seth: well, i also genuinely want him to succeed. >> do you? >> seth: i think one of the keys to him being successful, is the media being successful -- >> yeah, yeah. >> seth:in covering him and i'm very glad that you're one of the people in charge of that because i have a lot of trust and faith in you and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, seth.
1:03 am
the oprah "favorite things" issue. >> thank you, thank you. >> seth: "oprah magazine" is available now. be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa.
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back you guys. so, as you know every night of the show we do a monologue and that monologue is comprised of jokes that my writers write and i think they're very smart. i think they're clever. i think they challenge you as an audience. but, there are times where my writers just don't have it. and the jokes they come up with are no better than something you find on one of those corny popsicle sticks you know when you were a kid. those corny jokes they believe they can save them with what they call kick ass graphics. let's see if they're right in a segment we call "popsicle schtick." ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: okay, so the way this works is we'll take a joke and then we'll give them the popsicle stick treatment. first up what did the sheep text at 3:00 a.m.? you up? [ lick ] [ light laughter ]
1:08 am
>> seth: why was the female postal worker passed up for the promotion? [ lick ] it's a male dominated industry. [ audience groans ] >> run for your schticks. kicking it in the popsicle schtick. >> seth: why did larry king ay [ lick ] he was suspendered. ? popsicle schtick popsicle schtick popsicle schtick popsicle schtick ? ? popsicle schtick popsicle schtick popsicle schtick popsicle schtick ? ? popsicle schtick popsicle schtick schtick schtick schtick ? [ light laughter ]
1:09 am
>> seth: why did the meth dealer take his car to the shop? [ lick ] it was breaking bad. [ audience groans ] >> mommy what are you thankful for? >> the same thing we're all thankful for. popsicle schtick. >> i don't know. [ splat ] >> gross. >> nice. >> seth: such a huge waste of money. you guys, why did the stapler lose the election. [ lick ] he was running with scissors. >> here is your final jeopardy
1:10 am
time we do it. you have 30 seconds. good luck. [ jeopardy jingle ] ?? ?? ?? ?? >> seth: last one, what's donald trump's favorite musical? [ lick ] putin on the ritz. [ cheers and applause ]
1:11 am
let's keep going. >> are you sure? yeah. hit it. ?? ?? >> it's a moer >> seth: this has been "popsicle schtick." stay tuned. there's more "late night" coming up.
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t friendly dumpster diver outside. i wouldn't sit there. it's your tv, take it with you.
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1:16 am
[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> seth: welcome back everybody. our next guest is the talented young actor you know from the "pitch perfect" films. he is currently starring in the new broadway musical "dear evan hansen." which opens at the music box theatre december 4th. please welcome to the show ben platt. ?? [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> seth: welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. >> seth: this is your first late night show. we're so honored to have you. >> in my whole life. >> seth: in your whole life. >> i'm terribly nervous. >> seth: oh no. you'll be fine. trust me. and this is very exciting. you are in previews right now. as soon as we finish taping this you're going to run off and you're going to have to do a show tonight. >> yes, sir. we have an 8:00 curtain. luckily we're all in the same neighborhood. so it's pretty quick. >> seth: well i just have 100 questions. >> excellent.
1:17 am
have been on your entire life. >> it really has. yes. >> seth: you love musical theater. >> i am a big, big huge musical theater nerd. always have been. my whole family is really. it's kind of our bread and butter since i was a really, really little kid. my parents put me in the program. called the adderley school. in the palisades in california. when i was 6 years old. all of my siblings did. which is you rehearse once a week for twelve weeks and do some semblance of a musical. >> seth: okay. >> and the parents come and watch, clap. >> seth: what was your first musical? >> my first time ever on stage was "cinderella." i was the prince. >> seth: we have some photos. ani' you look very princely. >> thank you so much. >> seth: that is fantastic. >> and we're done. thanks. >> seth: what is -- the next photo i'm going to show you, do you know what this is? explain it real quick before i show it. >> well, so, tori livovic who was my cinderella who i'm still friends with to this day she came to do "evan hansen" on saturday night actually. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> she and i had sort of a disagreement about how a waltz should be done. >> seth: gotcha. >> i was correct for the record.
1:18 am
that looks like someone is teaching a self-defense class. like how to take down a guy. but you -- this wasn't just in programs. you were doing musicals in your back yard. >> yes so this wasn't enough for me because we would only do one show every twelve weeks. and i was like i need to be doing a musical every day. so i would go home. i have a platform in the backyard of my house in los angeles. that screams to be a stage truly. >> seth: so the platform was there first. >> oh, yeah. that was the inspiration. so it started doing shows on my own and making my parents watch. h and then they would start to grow. i asked for a fog machine for my 7th birthday to kind of add some tech value. i asked for clip on microphones for the following birthday. because it was difficult to hear in my backyard when it's just me. >> seth: that was something. you just wanted to have a clip on microphone. >> yeah because i saw the professional shows and i was like that's what you need to make a real show. so they became higher budget over time. >> seth: you had a lot of enthusiasm early on for this. >> i'm just so glad america knows just how cool i am. >> seth: what show are you
1:19 am
one. this is my friend molly gordon who's actually now playing melissa mccarthy's daughter in the new movie "life of the party" which is coming out next year. and we're doing "mama mia." a two person "mama mia." yes, yes of course. you'll notice she's wearing tallit which is a jewish prayer shawl. yeah, we're jews at my house. >> seth: not in the original new "mama mia." >> no it was kind of a directorial choice. there's a number where donna's preparing her daughter to be wed. and i didn't have any veil or dress or anything so as is sang the song i lovingly draped her in the tallit. and that was just my take on the number. >> always. always yes. very harsh if i was luck enough to get like a few cousins to come. i had auditions in my bedroom. i would post call backs on the door. the full nine yards. >> seth: is this a singing family? does everybody have a descent voice. >> everybody can sing in the family. we're known as the von platt's around my home town. >> seth: great, fantastic. >> trademark, and we sing. we started singing only at bar mitzvahs and weddings. we would sing. we would like rewrite musical theater numbers to be about whoever the person being
1:20 am
"satisfied" from "hamilton." it's called "plattisfied." you can find it on youtube. >> seth: gotcha oh wow fantastic. >> quick plug. >> seth: that will be the only "plattisfied" on youtube? i just want to make sure that i'm watching the right one. >> i haven't checked. and then the word got out around the small jewish community that we're this singing clan of mutants so we sing at high holidays. they'd get us to sing at parties and things like that. we would always do a number for yom kippur, thing's like that, and we're like sort of neighborhood celebrities. >> seth: so can you sing -- do you do any show tunes in hebrew. >>l, i played sky masterson four times in "guys and dolls" in my childhood and one of those times was at my jewish summer camp, camp ramah in california and we do all our productions there in hebrew so i can give you a little bit of "luck be a lady" in hebrew. just a warning there's no word for lady in hebrew. >> seth: oh no. [ singing in hebrew ] [ applause ]
1:21 am
to talk to you about the show but i realized there was one more photo left. >> oh, yes. of course. >> seth: this is i'm gonna guess, production of "cats." >> yes one of my biggest works. >> seth: obviously you spent a lot of money on costumes. >> big money. i inverted that jacket to be a little more cat like and you'll notice my sister was on fog machine duty. >> seth: so, that's the fog machine. >> yes, she's been allocated to sit there and pressed the button when i look at her. >> seth: does that mean that her audition didn't go well? >> that's correct. yes. she did not get rumpleteazer she got fog >> seth: congratulations on this show "dear evan hansen." >> thank you very much. >> seth: tell us a bit -- because we're going to do a scene from it. >> yes, yes. >> seth: and i know you brought one of your co-stars. >> i did laura dreyfiss, she plays my love interest in the show. she plays zoey murphy. she's very talented. >> seth: so we're kind of getting a hybrid performance. this is not the full cast. this is just the two of you. you brought some musicians thank you. tell us about the show. >> sure so this is a brand new musical from scratch. not based on any previous material written by benj pasek, justin paul and steven levenson. it's a brand new piece about this really sort of profoundly
1:22 am
lot of trouble connecting and sort of being seen by others. which is only sort of amplified by the hyper connectivity of social media and the way things can be instantaneously judged these days. and so through a sort fabricated friendship that this boy creates with the kid in his class that has passed away, he not only helps the family of this child to heal. but also finds a new confidence and a new openness and a new way to show himself to the world although it's all pr and the show is a lot about trying to sift through all the many superficial connections that can be made to find the real ones that make all the difference and that can help you find any kind of meaningful self-validation. it also has a lot to do with the generational gap. and parents not knowing a lot about what's going on with their kids. and kids not feeling that they can be seen by their parents. >> seth: it's safe to say this is a tear jerker. >> it's a little sad. it's pretty funny as well.
1:23 am
but, yes we get a lot of tears at the show. which is a beautiful thing. >> seth: it must be nice when you get a reaction from an audience like that. that must feel incredibly satisfying. >> it's wonderful and especially at the moment which is kind of a scary moment we're having in this country it's been a really amazing thing. we just opened last week. >> seth: vice president elects are showing up for broadway musicals all the time. >> he is more than welcome at dear evan hansen." >> seth: i hope so. i hope he comes to all the shows now. >> me too. but, it's really nice to sit in a room full of people who want to connect with each other and feel something and listen to a story and talk about human connection and acceptance and equality. i cannot tell you how happy i am you're sticking around to do a song from your show. than you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> seth: such a pleasure to have you. ben platt everybody. "dear evan hansen" opens at the music box theatre, december 4th. stick around for more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ??
1:24 am
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: now here to perform "waving through a window" from the new broadway musical "dear evan hansen," please welcome ben platt and lori dreyfus. [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? ? i've learned to slam on the brake before i even turn the key before i ma ? before i lead with the worst of me give them no reason to stare no slipping up if you slip away ? ? so i've got nothing to share no i got nothing to say ? ? step out step out of the sun if you keep getting burned step out step out of the sun ?
1:30 am
because you've learned ? ? on the outside always looking in will i ever be more than i've always been ? ? cause i'm tap tap tapping on the glass i'm waving through a window i try to speak but nobody can hear ? ? so i wait around for an answer to appear ? ? while i'm watch watch watching people pass i'm waving through a window ? ? oh can anybody see is anybody waving back at me ? >> hey, i'm sorry about my brother. i saw him push you. evan, right? >> evan. >> that's your name. >> yes it is, it's evan, sorry. >> why are you sorry? >> because you said "evan" and then i said it and then i repeated it, which is just -- that's so annoying when people do that, though. >> i'm zoe. >> yes, yeah, no, i know. >> you know? >> no, no, no, i just -- no, i mean i've seen you play guitar in jazz band.
1:31 am
jazz. that's so weird, i'm sorry. >> you apologize a lot. >> i'm sorry, i mean, you know what i mean -- >> okay, well i'll -- >> you don't want to sign my cast, do you? >> what? >> what? what'd you say? >> i didn't say anything, you said something. >> no, i -- me, no way, jose. >> um, okay -- jose >> right, cause i said -- ? we start with stars in our eyes we start believing that we belong but every sun doesn't rise ? ? step out step out of the sun if you keep getting burned step out step out of the sun ? ? because you've learned because you've learned ? ? on the outside always looking in will i ever be more than i've always been? ? cause i'm tap tap tapping on the glass waving
1:32 am
speak but nobody can hear ? ? so i wait around for an answer to appear while i'm watch watch watching people pass waving through a window ? ? oh can anybody see is anybody waving ? ? when you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around do you ever really crash or even make a sound ? ? when you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around do you ever really
1:33 am
on the glass waving through a window i try to speak but nobody can hear ? ? so i wait around for an answer to appear while i'm watch watch watching people pass waving ? ? through a window can anybody see is anybody waving back at me oh is anybody waving ? ? waving waving whoa-oh whoa oh oh oh ?
1:34 am
1:35 am
1:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to gayle king, ben platt, the cast of "dear evan hansen." fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly.
1:37 am
?? ?? ?? ?? >> carson: hey, whats up everybody? i'm carson daly. thank you so much. it's "last call." tonight, "american honey" star sasha lane gets our spotlight treatment. the music is elliphant.


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