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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 8, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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six in the box. >> al: third and one. carr, to the end zone. and one-handed away by marcus peters. intended for andre holmes. and one second until the two-minute warning. >> cris: well, he's the guy, marcus peters. eight takeaways on the year. watch him get his head around and make the play. that was the play of the night, if they make one here. >> al: here's the play of the night for oakland. crabtree is back in the game. will work out of the pistol. final play before the two-minute warning. fourth and one. oh, man. who moved? oakland did. >> referee: false start,
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third down. >> al: the tackle, austin howard. >> cris: a little flinch by howard. and babe jackson reacted. and that's going to be the first flinch. >> al: back to the 19. ten penalties tonight. against oakland. it's fourth down and six. the crowd, stamping its feet. four-man rush. down the left sideline. batted away. incomplete. terrance mitchell. big night for him. intended for roberts. that takes us to the two-minute warning the and gives kansas city the ball with 1:56 left in
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coming up after this contest. kansas city cannot run the clock out. they can take it to under a minute. oakland had to use a time-out with 4 1/2 minutes to go. they have two. from the 19 yard line, ware with a run here. that puts oakland in a box. they have to take a time-out. and they have to stop kansas city from getting the first down. looking up at the clock, pe will save the two time-outs to see what happens after the second down play. but you're taking it down to 1:10 right now. before they have to snap it. >> cris: the clock had to run on one play of this series. he chose to take it there. >> al: second and two from the
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and ware, now, they have to stop it with 1:07. and clearly, what you have to do here, first down would in effect end the game. you stop it and take the time-out and you will get the ball back. >> cris: what should have been fourth down and one turned into fourth down and six. and instead of coming down to the crossing routes and the pick routes, they try for the fade one more time. and give credit to terrance mitchell who had to start for phillip gaines. the most part, all night. >> al: he's done quite the job. >> cris: i thought he was terrific, too. >> al: a free agent. free agent, third year. played his college ball at oregon. been all over the lot tonight.
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it comes down to this. k.c. is going to get the win. and pair is going to lunge forward. make he picked up the first down. >> cris: he does, it's over. >> al: will measure. if they did, they stopped it very quickly. that's ware, backing. where is that mark? the mark is going to be at the 39 yard line. and there you have it, folks.
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21 points in the second quarter burst, withstand two turnovers early in the third quarter, leading only to three oakland points. hold them off at the end. and the chiefs will have the same record as the raiders. 10-3. but will have won the season series. and will go into first place in the afc west. >> cris: look at that. one win in the last 44 years, with a 3-0 turnover differential. >> al: taking one more look at the spot. nothing is challengeable inside two minutes. new york just wants to take a look and make sure. and so, mcaulay will take a look himself under the hood. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa.
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run-arounds ? ? my dark and despair ? ? but the best stuff came ? ? when all the sweat wasn't there ? ? you gotta say ? ? hey-y ? ? ho-o ? ? hey-y ? ? ho-o ? >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field stands, first down, kansas city. unless they fumble. but don't count on it. >> cris: very disappointing night tonight for the oakland raiders. a 3-0 turnover advantage. to miss the opportunities they had in the passing game. and to simply not take advantage
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they don't make mistakes like they made tonight. and the raiders, unable to take advantage of it. and they find themselves dropping from a one seed to a five seed, on one night in kansas city. >> al: well, when you look at the numbers, carr, tonight, threw 41 passes, 117 yards. that means the raiders tonight, averaged 2.85 yards in pass attempt. in a game that a quarterbaas that's the second-lowest in the history of the nfl. topped only by -- and i promised brent musburger i would get jesse palmer's name on the air. jesse was the guy, with carolina, 2.6. >> cris: and jesse probably wishes you had not. >> al: yeah. what can i tell you? we're here to serve. we're journalists.
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reid and the chiefs. that was a monster win. >> al: you had a hill runback. smith got red-hot. and all the 1 points for k.c., in 8:06. postgame report coming up, "thursday night football"
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welcome to the "volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> despite scoring no points after halftime, and turning the ball over three times, the kansas city chiefs score as many points as degrees on the thermometer. and it's good enough to beat the raiders, 21-13. the final score. and they swap spots with the oakland raiders at the afc standings. the raiders at the five seed. and the chiefs are the one seed. an would stay that way, if the ravens beat the patriots on "monday night football." it is now time to send things over to heather cox, to take on a conversation with alex smith. >> alex, with first place in the division and positioning for the playoffs on the line, what was the key to the season sweep against the raiders?
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year. we knew it would come down to the end like this. a big, big rivalry. that's a really good football team. you know, there's so many things. it's doing the little things. play in, play out, playing good team football. to get this win and to lose the turnover ratio to three, down three, is pretty special. >> you have won eight of the last nine. what's the key to sustaining your success so long this season? >> i think it just starts with practice and preparation. and coming out on game play and executing. >> and the fourth-consecutive 100-yard game for travis kelce. what impact did he have on the offense tonight? >> he is a spark for us. we look to a guy that can get it done. he makes big plays in games. has a ton of tools. it's a great speed. he's a guy we feel good about. and he did it today. >> congrats.
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>> all right, heather. you think of the kansas city chiefs. they get off to a bad start last year. and they run the table at the end. win a playoff game. 20-3. 20-3, in the last 23 regular season games. >> and you have to be careful with a team that can play defense, and play special teams with tyreek hill, the way this team can. right? you're always in it. you're always going to be in the football game. and the more these wins they put ge they're going to be playing games right here in this stadium. and they're tough to beat here. >> speaking of the defense, without derrick johnson, at one point it looked like, wow. the raiders took advantage of that, after he came out of the game. but then, able to regroup and did a masterful job in the second half. >> and it's amazing. the raiders ran for better than four yards per carry. but given the circumstances of how the chiefs were playing on defense, if they had osemele in there, they probably would have
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would have gotten out of the defense that they could not beat in the game. >> coming back on christmas night. the denver/kansas city game could be interesting. could have wild card ramifications. the afc west, a lot of drama this year. >> no doubt. >> okay. "volkswagen postgame show" from arrowhead continues after this. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies ? oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ? ? and the seagulls they'll be smilin ? ? and the rocks on the sand ? it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack
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stay tuned for your late local news, for those on the nfl network, "mazda postgame show" is next. al michaels, cris collinsworth, heather cox, good night from
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prince george's county. >> from the party for the vips to traffic and security. >> we take you inside the grand opening of mgm's national harbor. and the coldest air of the season making its way in right now. i'll show you what you will wake up to and how long it is a going last. police, why police officers spent tonight delivering a truckload of packages to dozens of homes. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 and resort is open for business tonight. but right now some entrances are closed. these are the first people who filed into the casino floor at mgm national harbor tonight. the doors opened a little earlier than expected tonight, about 10:30 but in less than an hour the casino and hotel hit capacity. >> this massive crowd is testing the the weeks of preparation that have gone into this opening night. traffic is now backed up onto
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and now they have nowhere to go. >> shomari stone will tell us more about that in just a moment. let's start inside with tracee wilkins. tracee, how's it going. >> reporter: just what he expect. backed up on the roads and backed up in the casino. we are look over at the atrium here. those will folks lining up to get into the casino. when it gets too full momentarily stop people from entering. oh, man we have got a lot of people out here tonight. just when it looked like it would be this kind of party, these guys entered. and things quickly changed. ?? >> it's las vegas in washington, d.c. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 guests descended on the new mgm national harbor for its opening vip gala.
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or on par with what you expected? >> more than i expect. it's big. it's crowd. it's colorful. it's all the things you would want it to be. did get to use the ladies room, spectacular. >> that's a girl thing. >> reporter: for many of the guests it's their first time in a casino. >> we have people who graduated from dealers school locally here in prince george's. it's exciting for them. the hospitality has been wonderful, the people have been gracious and generous. it is a wonderful place. >> reporter: it's what mgm promised an upscale destination resort. >> i think we are going to be the most successful resort in the state of maryland. >> reporter: you are coming back? >> definitely would come back, yep, wouldn't miss the opportunity. ?? >> reporter: as you can see, the
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and dining. this is part of what mgm promised, and that was an upscale casino that offered other amenities not just the gambling but also the dining and the rhett of it. people have been enjoying all that they put together here throughout the night. reporting live in national harbor tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> chopper 4 has been over national harbor much of the early as well. they started letting cars in at 9:00, about an hour and a half earlier than scheduled. it has been a steady stream of traffic. >> prince george's county police have been preparing for this night for quite some time. they let news4's shomari stone into their traffic command center tonight. shomari is live with a look at just how the traffic is moving. what's the word, so mary? >> reporter: well to quote a
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why? well you have prince george's county police officers doing a good job of directing traffic. an officer is telling people like i'm about to do on live television, folks, the casino is filled to capacity and it is closed. yes. well the entrances are closed. make sure that you do that. a lot of folks tell me they are continuing to come here despite what's going on. let's take a look going on. the mgm national parking garage was supposed to open at 10:30 tonight but it opened up at 9:00 p.m. some drivers told me it eased congestion on the roads leading to the casino. >> i come this route and i was obsessed with the traffic and it's definitely going to be crazy. >> reporter: the traffic is monitored here in this high-tech command center. there is live stream patterns that are shown on monitors like
11:58 pm
look at this monitor over here. they can even look at parking lots. maryland state police and virginia state police are helping prince george's kounl officers with the grand opening. 65 prince george's county police officers are on shifts patrolling and directing traffic. officials tell me they volunteered for overtime. they are not being pulled from neighborhoods. >> it makes me feel comfortable. at least they are being pro active. better to be pro active keep things calm. >> reporter: back out here live you are looking at the intersection of tanger boulevard and oxen hill road. police are directing traffic. people are still going to the casino right now. the entrances are closed. however when some people come out others are let back in. do you see that? that is the tanger outlets parking lot. it opened up because the parking lots were filling up. officials allowed people to park
11:59 pm
and as we showed you with chopper 4 the woodrow wilson bridge has massive back ups right now. gridlock. people are still coming here. and we'll just have to see how this all pans out into the night. live here, oxen hill, shomari stone, news4. >> one of our producers called it black friday for gamblers. mgm promises the national harbor property is as much resort as casino. the right now there are 15 luxury retail outlets and restaurants for every taste and budget. one of the stores is owned by actress sarah jessica parker who has been there all day. it promises the state-of-the-art stage experience. and there are a variety of restaurant manned by famous chefs. >> this is the way i will do seafood.
12:00 am
virginia seafood prepared this way. >> there is also a spa that makes it a full service resort. >> mgm is expecting up to 30,000 guests in just these first 24 hours. even if you are not one of them it could have a big impact on your drive to work tomorrow. first 4 traffic is going to have you covered first thing tomorrow. see how the routes are holding up with all the extra news4 today at 4:26 a.m. since we have just passed midnight we can tell you we are into a weather alert day here on news4. and that freezing cold air is already here. >> it is. it is bitter out there, doug. we'll be used to this middle of next month. but this is our first real taste of it, right? >> it really is. wind chills right now in the teens across parts of the area. just look at the numbers.


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