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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 13, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right now news 4 midday, charges changed for the comet ping-pong suspect. the new information coming out of his court appearance. plus, donald trump makes it official. the newest cabinet members nominated and why one could face trouble from republicans on capitol hill. >> also developing a home invasion investigation, criminals posing as police to break inside of a house. news 4 is live at the scene. and i'm lauryn ricketts. subzero wind chills are in the forecast. we'll talk about when in just a couple of minutes.
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>> woe do want to begin with that breaking news. >> the man accused of firing a gun at a d.c. pizzeria is facing new charges, he is being transferred to federal court. mark? >> reporter: this is his third appearance before a d.c. superior court judge since that incident last weekend on connecticut avenue and like the previous hearings this was very quick. this time prosecutors came in, told the judge they were dismissing the charges. three felonies and one misdemeanor and executing an arrest warrant on him. these are pictures taken from his facebook page. he walked into comet pizza and fired an ar-15 multiple times telling police he was there to self-investigate the fake news reports about children being held in captivity at that recent pizza parlor.
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felonies and one misdemeanor. today prosecutors again told a judge they are dropping those four charges and instead with one felony in federal court. welch is expected to make his first appearance down the street in federal court later this afternoon facing one charge of felony transportation of a weapon to commit a crime and for the first time his parents were here in court. reporting live from d.c. superior court, mark segraves, news 4. >> thank you, mark. new at midday we are getting some new details about how several people broke into a home in lanham, maryland. they're all still at-large and darcy spencer is live on franklin avenue. darcy, tell us what happened here. >> reporter: good morning. prince george's county police are still trying to identify the g gunmen involved in the incident here on the street early this morning. one of the scariest is these suspects appa
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officers. we begin our report with one neighbor who was outraged. >> don't come to my house. i'm a peaceful person but i'm ex-military and i do know what to do. >> reporter: residents are alarmed about a home invasion. at the police tell me the would-be robbers were armed and wearing all-black clothing when they showed up at a house just after midnight and demanded cash. they told residents this were police officers. they ransacked the house but left with nothing. >> everybody goes to work, come home, expect peace. it's disturbing. >> reporter: police are looking for three to five people involved in the attempted robbery. residents told me there has been
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like this. >> six months ago they opened my car and grabbed my wallet from my wife. >> reporter: one neighbor told me there was police activity at this very same house just a couple of days ago. residents here making sure their doors are locked, back to you. >> this just in, a prince george's county police sergeant is under criminal investigation and suspended from his duties right now. this information coming to us from his department. they tell us that the charges against him include assault, fourth degree sex offense and false imprisonment all stemming from an incident that happened in ann
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after an arrest warrant was issued for him there. so, of course, we're working to find out more about what exactly sergeant conley is accused of doing. melissa? all right, thank you. new this morning d.c.'s fire hazmat team did not find any issue that the augustine court in northwest after multiple people fell sick there. crews used meters to check out the building because of the call. two adults and a child were taken to the hospital but two others refused. president-elect donald trump has made it official. exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson is his choice for secretary of state. shortly after the announcement trump took to twitter to praise tillerson. now the big question, is tillerson in for a tough confirmation fight? >> news 4's tracie potts has more. >> reporter: calling him an international deal maker, the trump transition announced this morning that exxon mobil ceo rex till
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state. >> it was chemistry, it was presence, it was vision, it was also the ability that rex tillerson had to maintain relationships across the world. >> it's about in the middle -- >> reporter: the 64-year-old millionaire heads a global company with nearly as many foreign offices and more than twice as many employees as the state department. mr. trump tweets, he's one of the truly great business leaders of the world. >> we just couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership has stepped forward to serve our nation. >> reporter: he's been endorsed by two former secretaries of state and roberts gates who called him a person of great integrity. but there's a concern among democrats and republicans over his close ties to russia's president. >> god parents to each other's children, i think this is getting blown way out of proportion. >> reporter: sources confirm former governor rick perry is mr. trump's nominee for secretary of energy.
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the thursday news conference explaining how he'll lead his business has been postponed until january. he tweets that his sons will run the company with no new deals while he's in office. hillary clinton's campaign chair is asking the government to declassify intelligence about russia's attempt to influence the election. some republicans agree. electors set to confirm trump's election are asking before they vote. wisconsin and pennsylvania targeted for recounts have now certified their results. mr. trump is heading to wisconsin for a thank you rally tonight. from washington, tracie potts, nbc news. this is something new. a bit of a surprise here. take a look at the scene. donald trump meeting with kanye west just a couple hours ago at trump tower. they came down after the meeting. they didn't answer questions from reporters. trump only said he and west were, quote, good friends.
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time to check in with lauryn ric ricketts. how are we looking? >> cloudy but not bad in terms of temperatures. we have the end of the workweek to really get some of the cold air here and it's going to be dangerously cold air. look at this. clouds hanging out over d.c. some areas are seeing a little pop of sunshine here and there but, again, mostly clouds out there. temperatures right around 44 and, again, a south wind on and off. not bad as we continue through the day. we do have clouds in place and they're going to stay in place through the remainder of the day. we have two systems trying to work their way through. one is an area of low pressure that will form off the coast. another system coming out of the midwest. we could have a few isolated snow or rain showers. anything we do see will be light but, again, today is not the problem. thursday and friday we have weather alert days, dangerous
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we're going to go all through it in about ten minutes. and new this morning from the pentagon, a coalition air strike in syria has killed three isis leaders. the pentagon describing them as part of a terror network. currently plotting attacks against western targets. the pentagon saying two of the three were involved in organizing those terrorist attacks in paris last year. angie, back to you. >> walker mill road is back open after this deadly crash. it happened overnight. it appears the driver of the minivan crashed into the light pole near the gas station. we're work iing to learn how ma were hurt and what caused the crash. a centreville woman rear-ended the fairfax county police chief. 40-year-old christie he h
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roessler's vehicle. he was stopped at stone road in centreville after leaving an awards dinner. roessler is back to work this morning and doing okay. prince george's county liquor license commission chairman apparently tried to use his job to get out of drunk driving charges according to a police report detailing caldwell's arrest. he tells police he only had one drink at mgm's grand opening before being involved in a minor traffic accident. officers say caldwell asked if there was a way to, quote, make this go away. the 72-year-old lost his balance during a field sobriety test. he told officers he had no memory of the crash. >> tonight you can help a family who lost a mom in a terrible accident. businesses in del ray will offer specials tonight. all the proceeds will be donated to the family of rose cruz who was an employee. ri
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the street december 1st. she died several days later. she leaves behind four children. an alleged murder-for-hire plot heading to a jury. why a previous verdict was tossed out. >> plus, another arctic blast headed our way and it will
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two police officers are recovering this morning in georgia. they're the fifth and sixth officers shot in the state in the last week. it happened late last night. they pulled a man over, he shot them and ran off, police say. investigators say that the man is now -- two of six died. a lufthansa plane that had to be evacuated overnight is being flown back to houston today without any passengers onboard. it had 530 people onboard at the time. taking a look right now at video from passengers after it landed at jfk. the plane was searched and nog
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>> a soccer player who survived is now going home. this is new video of medics putting him in an ambulance. he's one of only six who survived the crash. 71 people died. early reports suggest the plane ran out of fuel before it crashed into the mountains. the head is in custody until the investigation is complete. a plane vanished back in 2014 with 239 people onboard. they are all presumed dead. it's still not clear what happened to that plane. four ships have scoured the indian ocean for years but found no trace of it so far. a few pieces of the plane had been found washed up on the beach. the us a traustralian governmen the search effort has cost $150 million. >> we are expected to find out mo
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their ship sailed into a hurricane. the in tntsb is releasing the findings from the voyage data recorder of the el faro. you probably remember this sank during a hurricane near the bahamas last year. everybody onboard was killed. more than 26 hours of data was found in the ship's wreckage. > bill kocosby is expected back in court today for a key hearing before his sexual assault trial. his attorneys are trying to prevent 13 of his accuseers from taking the stand. prosecutors are hoping that the testimony will show a pattern of behavior from the comedian. now despite allegations from dozens of women, cosby was only charged in one case. the trial is set to begin in the spring. today jurors will begin deliberating the high-profile case against a woman accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband. she was arrested last august
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video shows her trying to pay an undercover officer to kill her husband. police recorded her actions at a fake crime scene they staged on the day her husband was supposed to be killed. jurors were able to watch both videos. her first conviction was thrown out on appeal. in news for your health right now we are learning that fewer teenagers are using and abusing drugs. this is according to a new survey released just this morning from the national institute on drug abuse. they say the decline includes alcohol, cigarettes and opioid painkillers. marijuana use is down as well except among high school seniors where levels remain steady. >> we think the declines overall are part of overall prevention efforts where families and communities are doing a good job in keeping these substances out of the hands of their kids. there's also an important overlap among all of these substances so as some of them decline the others seem to go downward along with them. >> the report included data from 45,000 students. cold
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can leave your skin feeling dull, dry and flakey and so can a lack of sleep, we know that. >> but -- excuse me -- my throat is dry, too. i need water. there are a few changes you can make, we can all make, to our skin care routine to keep our skin healthy. in wintertime it gets cold. the humidity drops and dry air sucks moisture out of the skin. >> reporter: because of this determineologist dermatologist tells us this. >> you may want to switch it to a more hydrating cleanser. if you're more oily you don't want to go quite that far and stay with your foamer and try to moisturize more. >> reporter: to help moisturizer penetrate the skin, it's recommended to exfoliate your face and entire body. >> we recommend not skipping a step of your skin care even in the wintertime. if you're a person with really
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dry or sensitive skin, one time per week may be enough for you. >> reporter: a hot shower or bath may seem relaxing, it's actually not good for your skin. >> super hot water will weaken and soften that natural oil layer on the top of your skin. >> reporter: though her skin is most ly covered during the winter, it's still important to protect the exposed areas with sunscreen especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. >> with the snow and ice you get the reflection of the uv rays back up at you and that refle reflection can be up to 80%. you get it coming up from below. >> reporter: dermatologists recommend spf 30 or higher. another cooldown is on the way. you will be feeling an arctic blast heading our way. >> and when you'll need to bundle up. we'll let you know plus
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exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. we don't have to tell you it's cold out there. we have the brr factor going on and it's not officially winter yet. >> now is the time to make sure your home is ready for winter. consumer reporter susan hogan has four things to know about staying warm and safe this winter. >> reporter: winter storms and cold weather can wreak havoc and be pretty hazardo
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ahead you can keep your home safe and warm all winter long. winterize your home at home installing weather stripping and installation keeps the drafts out but keeps your heating bill from hitting the roof. check your heating system now. don't wait. have it serviced by a professional to make sure it's clean and also working properly and ventilated to the outside. get a certified chimney sweep and dispose of your embers safely. put them in a metal container outside and away from your home after you're done with the fire. losing power can be disastrous. if you have a generator, never use a generator inside your garage or home. before you buy one get a generator that is rated for the amount of power that you actually need and frozen pipes are another big pro
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really wreak havoc in your home. we did a whole story about how frozen pipes, how you can prevent them from happening. catch our full report now on our nbc washington app. just search frozen pipes. >> okay, thank you, susan. a lot of good information there that we all could use. bitter cold is on the way. >> talking about this thursday morning with a low of 15 or 19 it's going to be? >> thursday morning and into -- not thursday morning, friday morning. thursday morning temperatures will be dropping. so we're going to spend most of our day in the 20s. >> the arctic air is wednesday. >> wednesday night it comes in. we'll probably hit our daytime high at midnight, 1:00 a.m. and that will only be in the 30s. and then we'll drop. >> hot chocolate, everybody, friday morning. >> drink it afterwards when i get in from wtop. it is going to be chilly out there on thursday. and honestly i don't even know if hot chocolate can warm you up.
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this afternoon isolated showers and a light snow shower north here and then as wednesday is our transition day temperatures now haven't budged too much. passing rain or snow shower not out of the question. you can see a little bit trying to pop up in the west. we have this system upper level system moving our way. which will spread the snow, a light rain shower, and an area of low pressure forming off the coast. we're wedged between two places. anything we do see will be light. let me take you hour by hour. you can see by 9:00 here is some rain, a little cooler out to the mason/dixon line where they'll have maybe a little bit of sleet and possibly some snow. we clear out just in time for wednesday morning. temperatures in the mid-40s with quiet weather. now as we continue through the next five days we have our weather alert
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temperatures only 30. wind chills in the teens. this is what we'll be talking about next. >> thank you, lauryn. you see them all over facebook. sounds good but ahead why you can't even trust your friends when it comes to these posts.
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone.
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here are the top stories that you might have missed. the case of the man suspected of firing an assault rifle into a northwest d.c. restaurant is moving to federal court. a d.c. superior court dismissed charges against edgar welch this morning. welch told police he was self-investigating a fake news story about a child sex ripping ring at comet ping pong. >> rex tillerson will serve as secretary of state. former texas governor rick perry the energy department. it was a cold morning wake-up call for guests at the capital hilton houtel. take a look at the scene. a fire breaking out in the
11:30 am
we're told around 4:30 this morning. the fire sparked in a laundry bin and the sprinklers kept it from spreading. firefighters came in and extinguished the flames. >> it was a mother's day murder that shocked our area. they were killed inside their home by a longtime name. they say he broke into the home and attacked the sleeping couple in their bed. their adult children found their bodies when they didn't show up for a mother's day brunch. the state's attorney is asking for life without parole. the loudoun county school board is asking all classifications to be removed because of it's nondiscrimination policies. this started after a proposal to add lgbtq people as a protected
11:31 am
the president of the loudoun naacp says removing the labels would wipe out civil rights protections for employees as well as students. the meeting is at 6:30 at the school administration building in ashburn. well, this is something you need to hear before doing any more christmas shopping. a new lawsuit says some are cheating customers. the suit claims retail giants are creating fake sales, for example, they advertise a dress originally sold for $50 on sale for $15. the lawsuit claims they never sold for $50 making it a false discount. experts suggest going on the website to check out the sucked retail price. if it isn't any less than that you're not getting a real sale. >> it is called the secret sister exchange and it's all over social media. consumer reporter omar jimi
11:32 am
>> reporter: it's that time of the year. hotel shopping is at the top of the to-do list. on the other side of the aisle so is holiday scamming. >> it's perpetuated over and over by social media because you think it's from your friends, relatives, people you like and you trust. >> reporter: according to the better business bureau that trust is being played through two scams in particular, wine exchanges, give one get six back, for example, or so-called secret sister exchanges. buy one gift and in return get up to 36. >> you're just encouraging your friends to engage with you in what ultimately is fraud. we don't take the time to investigate. we trust the information. that's one of the most odd things about today, right now, where we are in our social world. >> reporter: it's a mind-set many are hard at work to take advantage of. >>cam artists know it and
11:33 am
fraud now is online and by the use of social media. >> reporter: and because social media isn't going away anytime soon, the better business bureau says make sure you're double-checking what websites you're going to. beware any calls to action and keep an eye on how you're sending e-cards and, remember, above all else, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> remember, it's the holiday time. you're not going to get anything for free right now. transforming your home into a holiday showcase for entertaining can be stressful this time of year but designer jonathan adler is on a mission to bring modern american glamour to your life. wait until you see the photos. you'll be so jealous. he joins us with his favorite holiday entertaining looks and tips. i saw the pictures, my gosh, can i bring him home with me. you have 30 stores worldwide. of course one here in georgetown. >> of course. >> many, many people have been to. so tell me what is your idea for the holidays because you don't have to do the mistletoe thing,
11:34 am
suggestions. >> it doesn't have to be red and green but have gobs of gold. it's a chance to get in touch with your inner kardashian. >> bling everywhere. bling it out. >> and glamour. if you see the stuff that is on this glamorous table, i can see my decorating fill philosophy. >> start here and we have these little ornaments. >> you'll see lots of metallic -- i believe you can mix with abandon so you'll see gold and silver, these are like porcelain teapots that is splattered with real gold. >> oh, i love it. a little bit of eccentricity never hurt and i always like to get handsy on everything.
11:35 am
also is that you like using ornaments for the napkin rings. >> it's a nifty trick when you're having people over instead of a place card hold er use an ornament and then people can have a take home gift. >> more hands here. >> the nut cracker. >> this is so cool. >> i think they are an essential part of a glamorous life. it lets people know that you're fun, you're a little bit hedonistic and these are the decanters i made for storing your favorite livation. >> talk a little bit about the ceramic, the pottery, and many of the things that you do and what you have in your stores. making your own stuff, taking it to stores. >> i am a potter. you'll see a
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with furniture and lighting and rugs all with a modern american spirit but i start ed out as a potter, a full-time potter. 22 years ago. >> who is counting? >> only me. >> started out as a potter and now i have a whole world of stuff. >> you are here today in washington for a really cool reason. explain that. >> we're having a holiday party from 6:00 to 8:00 and the exciting thing is that 20% of the proceeds go to an lgbt health and advocacy center which is a cause near and dear to my heart. i'm thrilled to be supporting them. i hope your viewers come out and support me and the great work they do. >> a great reason to shop tonight and you're donating in the process. thank you so much for joining us. i want to buy everything here.
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is that all right? all right, angie. >> i love that he invited you-all out. a southern twang there. protect your presents, everybody, criminals getting even more crafty when it comes to stealing your holiday gifts. up next we are going to show you video of a fake delivery thief and the disguise he used to f under thlye
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strand restoring ading a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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take a look at this footage in indiana. a man who looks like a pizza delivery driver, doesn't he, ringing the doorbell. nobody answers. he looks around, he picks up the package, takes it from the front porch right there and then gets in his car and takes off. well, the homeowner says that package had a gift for her son's girlfriend. no word on whether police ever were able to track him down. >> i cannot stand that. do you know how many stories we see? my brother's
11:40 am
stolen from his front porch. that thief opened it up and said, oh. >> gifts are expensive and those are so frustrating. that is really heartbreaking. have to reorder. >> someone stole from the dollar store last week. people are getting crazy around this time. the weather, though -- >> how cold it will be out there. >> are you going to have the boots on? >> oh, yeah, my big snow boots. >> you'll see them on social media. >> i wear those only when it snows but we do have snow in the forecast. it may be time to break them out and break out that big jacket because you're definitely going it to need it as we have dangerously cold air headed our way for thursday. right now not that bad. see if we can get there in some spots. a light pass iing shower or sno shower. that's it as we continue through the day. 47 will be our daytime high, mostly clouds.
11:41 am
a few peeks of sunshine. maybe a light rain or light snow shower. a good idea, a good time to download the nbc washington app. we could have a few flakes fly later on today. an upper level system back to the west that could bring a few showers and snow showers our way especially for the second half of the day and also a coastal low forming. but all in all not that bad. let me take you through the day part. you can see a little bit of rain trying to formulate or on tonig, just some light stuff, maybe snow to the mason d-dixon line l out of here. we'll get some sunshine tomorrow. a lot more sunshine than we'll have today. we have an arctic frontal system heading our way tomorrow night. temperatures in the low 40s. that arctic cold is here on thursday and friday. 20 to 30 degrees colder and we're going to have the wind. now with the cold air we have a system on
11:42 am
sleet before changing to rain as temperatures rise. that ten-day forecast is coming up in ten minutes. i'm kristen wright at the live desk. a man from tennessee has pled guilty to federal offenses after a confrontation with law enforcement officers at the u.s. capitol. in the visitor center back in march, you may remember this, larry dawson is charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding law enforcement. that confrontation, again, he came into the visitors center. police say that he had a gun in his waistband, pointed it at a security officer, they fired and shot him. just now in to the newsroom he has pled guilty. >> thank you, kristen. his heart may be three sizes too small but the grinch is a christmas character i'm crazy about and of course the whole family can enjoy. >> he sure is and he is performing live in our region this holiday season.
11:43 am
up next we'll talk to the man h
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♪ that is a scene from dr. seuss' "how the grinch stole christmas." it makes its washington-area premie
11:46 am
tonight and phil o'brien plays the title role and joins us with a preview of the show, but you look a little different here. >> i know, right? >> you look a little different. how long does it take to you get transformed into that? >> completely, the makeup itself takes 45 minutes and then i have a whole fat suit that i put on and then i put on my fur and my fingers. >> and your voice. you're bringing it here with us. now this production, a lot of people wonder -- i've seen it three times already. it's fabulous. but those who haven't been will often wonder how close is this to the actual book and to the story that we know so well? >> basically what we try to do with this show is bring the book to life. the whole show is design ed off the actual book itself and it's -- we really do re-create it on stage just like watching it live. >> and it's very animated, as you can tell right here, a wonderful scene, the scenes that we're familiar when we think dr.
11:47 am
kids. this is something that not only the children can enjoy, it's enchanting for adults. >> it is. it's a whole family show. people get the misconception it's a children's show. it's full family, everyone has fun. i love it. i really do love performing this show. it's heart warm. everyone can enjoy it. >> and when you think about the grinch people think, oh, he's scary and so for the little kids, what would you say to that? would you say he is, or do you perform it in a way where it is inviting and entertaining and comical? >> i would hope that i do it entertaining. i think the grinch is -- he can come off scary but a lot of the times he's completely happy. the only time he's disgruntled is when he's confronted with people not really inviting him in on the fun. and that's really what the show is about is community. so, yeah, it's not that scary. >> because we know that his
11:48 am
but that's not how it ends, right? >> no. once he realizes what he wants is just to be included with everybody -- all the whos down in whoville and cindy lou brightens his life and warms his heart and makes him realize that's what he wants in it life. >> it's a true holiday heartwarming story. what is your favorite moment? i know mine. i love the part -- i don't want to give it away but it's where you enter the stage in a nonconventional way. but what's your favorite? >> actually my favorite parts of the show are working with cindy lou. the scene where she comes in and catches me stealing christmas, catches the grinch stealing christmas and has her song with me and just the interaction and the dialogue i share with her is really my favorite part of the show. >> is it going to snow during the show? >> i don't know. come and find out. >> a tease. that's what we like
11:49 am
washington if it does happen. it is so great to have you here with us, the grinch. "how the grinch stole christmas" is at national theater. we cannot wait to see you. >> i can't wait for you to be there. >> we will be. back to you, melissa. are you still doing your holiday shopping? need a few ideas? up next some tech toys perfect sr themart kids on your
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at this morning we're making
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air gadget guru with smart toys for smart kids and a few ideas for grown-ups. that's right. steve greenberg, author of gadget nation. even brought me a sweater. >> these are from which is an online thrift consignment shop. 3,000 sweaters or more. they've been used before but they're great. >> they're clean. >> this is from roselle, their ju junior kit and these are kids from 5 years and up can build. no glue involved. everything is put together with screws and a little screwdriver they give you. it's simple and fun, about 17 to 40 pieces each kit and the price about $17 to $30. it's old school but all of these kid products are science, technology, engineering and math. the next one is a great example of that. this
11:53 am
alexa for a kid. >> will it tell jokes? >> let's do what's four times four? >> the answer is 16. >> very good. another one here. where do babies come from? >> it gives age appropriate answers. [ inaudible ]. >> you can ask how far away is the moon. a million questions and available toys 'r' us. >> and matches the sweater. >> just a coincidence. this is code and go robot mouse activity center from a company called learning resources. what you do you teach kids coding so this mouse and a program on top of it, you set up the maze and then once you set it up you see if he will make the turn and go for the
11:54 am
so basically what you're doing is framg one forward, make a turn, two more forward and all of that so you can program for any kind of maze you create and do it on the floor as well. >> that is amazing. >> ages 5 and up. this is from sam lab. these are sort of like lego pieces, all little pieces that you put together and you actually tie them together using a smartphone or tablet where you can wire them up that way basically and you can build 20 products -- >> they move? >> i'll show you here. you can build a car right here. a smart watch. >> this is like pee-wee herman style. >> you can get creative.
11:55 am
>> one minute, go. >> for the grown-ups, switching over to the grown-ups gear this is called tracker, a little device here that you put on to all sorts of things, on your remote, put it on your purse, put it on your keys and you sync it to a tablet or smartphone and when you can't find it push a button, it makes a noise so you can hear where it is. plus a map and you can also -- this is the only one that syncs up with alexa, so you can say, alexa, where is my phone and it will find it. if you push a button here, the phone will signal. you can go back and forth. this takes all of your smartphone information and it puts it right on to this little clear screen so it doesn't block your line of sight so you can
11:56 am
see your text messages, your navigation, your map, even things like how fast you're going, miles per hour and you change the screen swiping with your hand. a safer way to go. you can see what's going on in front of you and that's my car and me actually doing it. >> futuristic, be safe. wear your seat belt and your christmas hat. >> it's a must have here. >> with that, back to you, melissa. >> i want that hat. do you know who would love that hat, lauryn ricketts. i know you would rock that thing. a passing shower cannot be ruled out. then as we head into tomorrow, tomorrow is our transition day. temperatures in the mid-40s this is a weather alert these 48 hours.
11:57 am
wind chills single digits and teens. air temperature only in the 20s on friday before we have a wintry mix. >> thanks, lauryn. a texas zoo is throwing a baby shower for an orangutan. >> it is actually registered at target. >> throwing the baby shower on december 18th. this is for mae and kj. they are registered for children's books, a dvd of the movie "zootopia." finger paint, adele's album. mae is expected to have the baby in late january. what? >> they say all the items are under $25. a lot of them already purchased and they are great for enrichment. orangutans love sound, movies and music.
11:58 am
thanks for joining us. >> who doesn't like adele? have a great day, everybody.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ >> stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> just friends. just friends. and he's a good man. >> how long did you -- >> long time. >> i think that was a smile at the beginning. who knew. they were such good friends. >> what is going on? kanye west met with donald at trump tower today. i'm not sure what they talked about or went down. yeezy and trumpy. >> kanye resurfacing after his time in the breakdown. good to see him back. a little blonde fuzz on the top. going back to blonde again. interesting, though, because a lot of people questioning could he be talking to him about performing at t


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