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tv   News 13 6  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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standing by in lynchburg. katie, let's get over to you first live. this storm was pretty expensivethis storm was pretty expensive? >> reporter: that's right, mark>> reporter: that's right, mark. this storm cost the city $117 per ton of salt, as you can imagine, you a lot was used, that is one of the reasons they can't pretreat every residential street. they just don't have enough resources, trucks or man power to do that. i spoke with director of public works danielle hart today and tells me the city is a mess. the plow truck was down every road in the city at least once, but the presidential streets have snow pack down so hard that it is hard for plows to fear them. we found mark harmon shoveling off his car on lakeville drive. he works for the schools and part of a team that gallons out to scout the roads to see how to they look. the city has cancelled school tomorrow, he said they are doing their best to make sure all roads are clear and safe before making the call to start school again. >> when you have the kids at home, there is really nothing
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but we are definitely working to get the side roads done so they can get back in school. >> reporter: and, remember, although the sun was out today and temperatures are not dipping as low tonight, there is still a possibility of black ice on the roads, and these wet roads refreezing. that is just not for residential. that could be for any road. be aware. drive safely. look out for icing dangers and keep off the roads if you can. live in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> mark: katie, thanks. schools out in schools out but not the only places shut down because the weekend storms. nonprofits like god's storehouse that feeds thousands of people have not been able to reopen its doors. right now valerie bragg is live in danville with how they are staying on track despite the snow. valerie? >> reporter: mark, the director of god's storehouse tell me they had about 20 people try to come in today, but they had to
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day. the employee there went to check out the parking lot this morning and said it was nothing but a sheet of ice. god's storehouse didn't want to put their volunteers or their customers in harm's way, so they decided not to open until tomorrow. the director said no one is out there starving. the majorities they are helping get snap benefits and get three days worth of food one to are twice a month. in the days leading up to the snowstorm they were slammed with customers, and tomorrow is not going to be any different. >> we are fully expecting tomorrow given we were closed monday and tuesday that we are going to be busy, busy, busy tomorrow. and i just pray that our volunteers can get here because no way we can open without themno way we can open without them. >> reporter: another reason god>> reporter: another reason god's storehouse had to remain closed, many other volunteers were stuck in their neighborhoods, but with the
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the ice on those residential roads were able to melt away. they are confident that they are going to be able to open up tomorrow morning. live in danville, valerie bragglive in danville, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. >> thanks, valerie. this now is a live look outside in lynchburg right now. it has been has been raining much of this late afternoon but it is finally staying above freezing tonight. >> mark: many of you may be in the path of some of that rain. chief meteorologist george flickinger is in the weather center with the very latest. >> george: hi, mark. hi, noreen. yes, temperatures are above freezing and will be remaining above freezing which is good news for the rain staying liquid not having to worry about it refreezing. upper 40s in lynchburg right now. danville we are looking out live over danville right now. you are at 50 and roanoke at 42you are at 50 and roanoke at 42. here is an update on the rain. still had small showers in lynchburg, but bulk of the rain is trying to move off to the east, moving fairly slowly. you can see the snowshowers
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rain moving toward appomattox. the showers amherst making waits into buckingham and watching us from pennsylvania county, small showers near gretna. for this evening remain above 3for this evening remain above 32 so we will see more melting32 so we will see more melting. coming up later we will let you know if we will have a big warmknow if we will have a big warm-up for all of virginia. >> in his own words, jerry falwell is telling abc 13 why he is officially endorsing donald trump for president. suri crowe got off the phone with falwell just minutes ago. let's go to her live. >> reporter: that's right, noreen. i got off the phone with fa li got off the phone with fa lwell who said it was a tough choice to go with trump against ted cruz who launched his own campaign at liberty, but he said it was trump's business experience that won out. he remembers when liberty was struggling financially and he feels that trump can lead the country with his business acumen. not a big surprise when you pay attention to the bond between him.
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late father and made no secret of his affection and admiration of flump his introduction also ast last week when the republican candidate visited the campus. trump's campaign used falwell's words in a recent ad. mr. trump said it is truly an honor to receive jerry's endorsement. could be a blow to ted cruz his top challenger in iowa. the son of evangelical pastor banking on the support. trump is a private citizen and not through liberty which is a nonprofit university and as such cannot endorse political figures. falwell also told me he thinks that social conservatives are voting on a different set of issues this time around. live in the newsroom, suri crowe, abc 13 news. a campbell county murder trial has been postponed for the second time this week. vincent spinner is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 89-year-old james payne. investigators say spinner was looking for money when he
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that trial was originally scheduled to start yesterday but was moved to today because of 9of the weather. the judge is sick, so it has now been moved to thursday. a bedford county man who took no action after his wife smothered their baby to death with a stuffed animal learned his sentence this afternoon. >> mark: priscilla kaiser was in the court room for the sentencing and joins us live in bedford. priscilla? >> reporter: mark and noreen, the judge sentenced michael smith to ten years in prison, but suspended all but four years. this after his convictions on conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, as well as child neglect charges. there was a moment in the court room when smith was visibly upset during the hearing. prosecuting attorneys say while he wasn't directly involved in the death of 22-month-old jordan smith, they do argue he was responsible for not taking action after the child's motheraction after the child's mother, shonda witt informed
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young son. >> there was not any evidence to indicate that mr. smith had anything to do with the actual murder. all the evidence pointed to the fact that he was in the bed asleep when the death took place. but when he became aware of it, he did not act. >> reporter: smith has been behind bars two two years. so he has two more years yet to serve. smith's family was in the court room during the hearing and seemed visibly upset afterwards. shona witt is serving a 15-year prison sentence for suffocating their son to death. she admitted she killed her son to win over her husband's approval. live in bedford, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thank you, priscilla. investigators say a fire that left $70,000 worth of damage to a home in roanoke was caused by an electrical problemcaused by an electrical problem. crews say the fire broke out
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3500 block of3500 block of vetner road southeast. the time. he tried to put out the fire himself, but he wasn't able to. when fire fighters got there, they were able to get the flames out before it spread to any other home. well, we were luck the time, because we were able to see the fire hydrant when we thing was, it was still surrounded with snow. a pile of snow in front of it from where the plows came through, and so in a situation like that, not only do we have to climb over the snow, but if you celt your tools down, you lose your tools in the snow. >> noreen: the red cross is helping a man who lived there. they asked, you an end. lynch's landing says they know what you want to see in downtown lynchburg. a lot of decisions being made in bedford county
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are going to nu crematory the new river valley. we have a quick clarification for you. shauna witt is serving a 52shauna witt is serving a 52-year sentence with no time
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16 years. well, bedford county now has a new county administrator. supervisors last night voted to hire carl bagus permanently. he is the county attorney taken on the role of interim administrator since reger lost the post. and the board appointed patrick skely as the county attorney. he served as assistant county attorney since 2009. a lot of talk of the mu middle school in bedford county as school officials hash out a new budget. a school spokesperson tells abc 13 that right now the supervisors are talking about cutting the budget from $51 million to $38 million. the school came in at an estimated $5 1 million. and the supervisors had allotted $38 million. earlier this month the school board estimated construction to be around $35 million. supervisor also vote on a final budget february 8. crews will break ground on the new middle school in november. food, gas, music and
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those were the top needs named for the downtown area in an online survey taken last fall. lynch's landing conducted that survey along with several other groups. nearly 700 residents took part in the survey which revealed that most residents living downtown are young, educate and predominantly white. 70% of stlem a college or gradual level degree. lynch's landing president linda jones says many people who don't live downtown also took part in the survey. >> the interesting thing president results is that the nonresidential responded pretty much we need the same thing that the residents said they needed. number someone a grocery store. fortunately a move afoot for a grass-roots local market. a live music venue, dry cleanera live music venue, dry cleaner, more bars. thing is certainly reflective of how many millennials entered the survey. >> mark: jones said that economic development groups need to find ways to adjust
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because the customer base exists to support that. we are getting an inside look at what the newly renovated virginian will look like. take a look at this artist rendering. actually photo of bun of the rooms. the richmond-based company pastthe richmond-based company paster canville will be handling the interior decorations. the apartment building was once riddled with beg bugs you might remember and closed down for this renovation back in 2014. it is a 25 million project. it partnered with hilton and it is going to be completed in 2017. when it does, there will be 115 high-end guest rooms, luxurious ballroom, and conference center and rooftop lounge and cafe. abc 13 has learned a long abc 13 has learned a long-time radio personality has passed away. bob abbott worked in the lynchburg radio market beginning 19786 at wlll, wgol, and many other stations before retiring from wlni two years
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staffer there is tell us his family says he passed away suddenly early this morning. we will let you know when we get some more information. a few small showers are moving across our area tonight adds we saw earlier on the tower cam.
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we have a chance for fre
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the heart of virginia a few passing showers and not expecting heavy rain and now through the evening hours and early tomorrow morning, a few showers will be possible. temperatures are going to remain above freezing and this means we are not expecting any significant a's ice, but watch out for a few slushier areas out on some of the roads. pinpoint doppler radar. in the last hour light rain make its way through lynchburg and still a bit more rain out to the west. we will zoom in and give you a closer look at this rain. the showers that moved through lynchburg are trying to hold together to make their way into appomattox county, and some light rain near concord, but really not much more than heavy sprinkles could you say and looking toward south side, looking toward smith mountain lake. light rain ongoing right now and pennsylvania county or halifax county, small showers and light rain, but a lot of the rainfall totals are going to end up almost near zero, the rain is so light. if you were watching us from roanoke, ien 81, you can see a few small showers that direction. so cloudy skies.
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freezing, so this means the snow is going to continue slowly melting for this evening. 49 degrees and southwest wind coming in at 5:00. around the rest of the a area all of us are above freezing. at the university of virginia, charlottesville at 48. blacksburg, 44 blacksburg, 44. martinsville, 47 and 50 in danville and south boston. i am going to stop this futurecast at 4:30 in the morning. most of us will be asleep in the middle. night at this time, but if you are driving very early on your wednesday morning, there will be patches of light rain. i think we will miss out on the snow as the temperatures are going to be too warm. by the time you really get going tomorrow, most of the rain will be well to the east. dry at lunchtime, dry tomorrow afternoon and we will see the sunshine coming out for the clouds will be clearing out as we go throughout the day. yumping ahead toward your thursday. your thursday is also going be too dry day here. there will be some areas of light snow up to the north, but overall, fairly quiet weather conditions. for this evening and during the early morning hours tomorrow, i
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lows for most of are going to remain just above freezing overnight. altavista, 34. bedford at 33. your hourly weather tomorrow shows mid-30s, above freezing at 8 a.m. 41 at lunchtime and lower 40s with the sunshine coming out tomorrow. and it is going to be cooler tomorrow as we will have the wind shifting around to the west and northwest as the cold front moves in, bringing us cooler weather, but look at this weekend forecast, 57 on saturday. then all of us should be making a run toward the lower 60s on sunday. so we are going to see a rapid melting of the snow; however, before we get there, we will have three more cool days with highs in the 40s. do notice the lows are going to get colder with lows in the 20sget colder with lows in the 20s. here which come with the warmhere which come with the warm-up. 50s and 60s into early next week. a big warm-up. >> mark: george, thanks. abc 13 giving away good food for free. the good eats contest. from today through monday, february 1, you can log on to our web site at or the
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chance to win. now you can find a form if you go to the station tab on our homepage. and then click on "contest." today we are giving away a $50 gift card to bull's steakhouse. look for different prizes each day. good luck. sports is next. den from his take a look at college football schedule thurms released today for the hokies and the cavaliers. >> mark: a former hokie and
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bowl . hi, everybody, the acc released their football schedules for the coming near. virginia tech and justin fuente and battle of bristol against tennessee and home game with boston college and east carolina open week. then at unc in ciriaco. tech has back-to-back thursday night games hosting miami and at pittsburgh, and then at dukeat pittsburgh, and then at duke, hosting georgia tech at notre damenotre dame and the first-ever meeting with the irish at home. bronco mendenhall get a break out of the gate early. host richmond. they travel to oregon and play at uconn. host central michigan at duke open week, then hosting pittsburgh. second half uva home against unc and louisville at wake. home against miami before finishing at georgia tech and
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the cavs and hokies both avoid facing clemson and florida state in the regular season. college basketball, uva is 0-3 on the road in acc games this year. the cavs trying to put an end to that skid at wake forest. >> always the same guys back from last year. so they are really talented team. i know they have very good big you man. and mitglue and devin thomas. really good guard that we are going to match up with really well. >> these grimes to find out what we can do and make a deeper impact. you san antonio took a 13 you san antonio took a 13-game winning streak as defending nba. champ golden state. steph curry with a 30-point beat down. 37 points in three quarter. the spurs playing without tim duncan had a season high 26 turnovers. stomp the spurs 120-90 and approve to 41-4 on the season.
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a couple of players with area ties have been added to nfl pro-bowl rosters and play in hawaii. cincinnati special team cedric pearman. former campbell will take the place of injured new england patriot slater. and replace cam newton who has a super bowl to get ready for. speaking of the super bowl, rooting for carolina. he has a good-looking panther snowman to prove it. nice work by alan and his girlfriend sydney arrowwood. serena williams in the quarterfinals continued her
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beat her in str developing tonight, a journalist is suing the state department. at 7:00, why he wants hillary clinton's e-mails released before the iowa caucuses.
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