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tv   News 13 6  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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wife, the victim's daughter, tamara. tamara battled a crack cocaine addiction and often she and spinner needed money. the defense and the commonwealth say no dna evidence that links spinner to his father-in-law. the commonwealth is dealing on wounds. the medical examiner said stab wounds were consistent with a kitchen steak knife. there were two steak knives missing from the butcher block on payne's counter. no murder weapons have been recovered. the defense says the only physical evidence linking spinphysical evidence linking spinner to the victim is the fact that police removed an insurance card from spinner's vehicle. that card had james payne's name on it. spinner has never been able to give an explanation as to why the car -- the card ended up in his car. we will be here until the trial is over and be updating you at the trial starts against in the morning at 9:00. live in campbell county, katie
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we are tracking any developments tonight in the case of a missing teenager from blacksburg. it is now been two days since 13-year-old nicole -- nicole love ll went missing floridalove ll went miss from her parent and time is of essence. when she was 10 months old she had a liver transplant and needs twice daily anti-rejection medicine. she missed three dozes. they set up a master control center near a park near lovell's apartment. they throughout help from local fbi. >> it can be any -- what they may feel could be you something of no consequence could help news an investigation. we ask anyone with any type of with us. we are in day two of a multipronged investigation. one of the worst things our community can deal with. >> noreen: again, if you do have information, you are asked to contact the blacksburg implement.
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are searching for whoever has been breaking into homes and stealing from them. they say there have been nine burglaryburglaries in the dearton neighborhood since january 3. they are all, most of them at least happening during the day when the residents aren't home. stolen items include consumer electronics, clothing, firearmselectronics, clothing, firearms, cosmetics. police say they do believe that at least some of these are related. if you have any information about this, you are asked to call crimestoppers. the number is 1-888-798-5900. good evening to you. many of you enjoyed the beautiful sunset today as we saw just a few breaks in the clouds this afternoon. temperatures today remain cool. we saw highs in the lower 40s. tomorrow will be another day with temps in the 40s, but it will feel colder due to the wind. we will see refreezing of some of that melted snow overnight. watch out for some slippery parking lots and sidewalks by morning with lows in the 20s.
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will let you know when we will see a huge warm-up and when we will see rain returning. right now the gop candidates for president are preparing for the final debate before the iowa caucuses. while donald trump will not be taking part, our parent company got an interview with him before the debate. you can watch his one on one with scott thuman at 8:45 on our web site at the nelson county commonwealth attorney has confirmed to abc 13 that anthony martin is leaving to take another position. we first reported to you yesterday that martin had handed in his resignation. he has accepted a position at a private law firm in central virginia. martin was first elected to office in 2011. then reelected this past november. the assistant commonwealth attorney jerry grath will serve as the assistant commonwealth attorney until they hold a special election. taxpayers need to cough up $23 million if a plan to renovate the courtshows approved. the judges filed a lawsuit in
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now a member of the board of supervisors are scrambling to come up with an agreement before the trial in march. valerie bragg is digging into the story for us tonight and joins us live in danville with more. valerie? >> reporter: mark, it is obvious that the courthouse needs renovations and that the taxpayers can agree on, but what they don't agree with, the multimillion dollar price tag. poles and pipes. >> you will see an awful lot of things like that. >> reporter: cracks and crumble>> reporter: cracks and crumbles. >> i think if i tugged on that brick, it would come out. >> reporter: former commonwealth attorney john greenbacker can easily point out why exactly this courthouse needs work. taxpayers lake james gordon, something needs to be done, but renovating in 1830s building and adding a second circuit court room. >> doesn't make sense to me. >> because you decided to add this extra circuit court you added all the logistics of transporting from one side
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all extra costs they have to bear the city of the county. >> reporter: this they telling you how much extra that is? >> nobody can tell us that yet. tell us. >> reporter: in their personal opinion, the extra court room is not needed but they have cut for the project and have to give in somewhere. >> if we go to trial, i don't think we can come out a winner. again, we have cut costs by about 4 billion, and if we lose control of this courthouse, then it could cost us a lot more. >> reporter: jp davis said the county raised property taxes by $.02 last july to pay for the costs and if they crunch their numbers correctly, that should be enough to cover it, but no promises. >> we don't know where it is going to end, and with this economy going in such a tailspin, it could be more. these are just estimates at this point.
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big concern -- safety is also a big concern right now. the judges and witnesses and jury are all using the same hallway to get into the court room. taxpayers like james gordon like you saw in the story think that the county needs to build north courthouse or that they need to renovate another vacant building in the county for this courthouse. that way by the time the taxpayers pay off these renovations they will not need another 23 million again. mark. >> mark: valerie, thanks. tonight, the museum on the south side needs a new roof. the director. museum said last week's snowstorm made it more evident than ever. a section has a leaking roof. workers used buckets under tarps. useusing a funnel system to get water into the buckets. they have been patching that roof for years and the temporary fixes just won't do anymore. >> you can only fach so much
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it so much that it needs to be replaced. you have a center that you want to put back in here, we need to fix the roof first. >> the price of the new roof, $600,000. the museum is applying for grants and we have a link on our web site at a great news after our pet a great news after our pet-of-the-week segment today. the lynchburg humane society picked up this white cat they named bagel bite. allen johnson said he sat down for lunch and turned on channel 13 just at the right time and realized he was there beloved gabriel. gabriel disappeared from their home back in july, and they checked all the area shelters several times but couldn't find him. when johnson saw him today, he went straight to the adoption center and brought gabriel back home. that is such a great ending. >> mark: and another example of why -- i don't know if they had a chip, but you should get the chip for your animals.
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i know. a lot of questions tonight about the zika virus and how much of a threats in our area. our suri crowe went to the health department today to get some answers for you. what we can expect to hear tonight from the virginia tech
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water crisis innd crematory roanoke and the new river valley. there is now a confirmed case of the zika virus in virginia. >> noreen: but health officials stress that the person who tested positive for it did not contract it here in the united states. we have been digging into this, what it always means, and we go to suri crowe with all the latest details on this. suri? >> reporter: i have been talking to health department officials all day and they have confirmed that a person -- they won't say whether it is a man or a woman who traveled to central america has contracted the zika virus sand back home in northwest virginia.
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about the zika virus. >> there appears to be a link between the zika virus infection and pregnant women having babies born with microhaving babies born with >> reporter: the condition in which infants are born with small heads and a concern in brazil and other south american countries where the virus is widespread, but haley evans, district epidemiologist for this central virginia district says there is no reason to fear yet with the one important case in virginia. >> until we have evidence of local transmission, you don't need to panic because you have been bitten by a mosquito in virginia. >> reporter: he was says the good news is it is not mosquito season in virginia. >> we are concerned about pregnant women who have traveled to areas where zika virus transmission is occurringvirus transmission is occurring. >> reporter: anyone suspected
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stay home for seven days post mosquito bites. that is when the virus is said to be nontransmissible. >> one of the goals of public help throb ask people that -- -- is to ask people to stay at home. >> reporter: again no connection of transmitting zika virus within the united statesvirus within the united states's border. i know many of you have questions about zika. it is transmitted person to person. the answer so far is no. zika is a mild illness, fever, rash, aches. the concern again is for pregnant women. for the latest information on zika, head over to, mark. >> mark: suri, thanks. tonight we will get a chance to hear from the team at virginia tech that helped uncovered the water -- the toxic water cry cities in flint, michigan. researchers mark edwards and students will be speaking on cam bus what they uncovered. annie andersen has a preview.
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away from flint, michigan water the water in flint. the researchers at virginia tech are being called heroes flint. all led by dr. mark edwards a professor at virginia tech and special guest all the away from flint is leon walters. her husband tested the highest for lead and one of her children have lead poisoning. >> and annie is out there waiting for that. we will certainly have more on that at 11:00. we still have patches of snow all over the place, but you are probably not going to see a whole lot of it after this weekend. it will get super frustrated with your overactiv bladder medicine not working can't handle the side effects? boto treats symptoms of leaking going too often,
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we have another cool day coming for tomorrow, and then by saturday, we are going to see the warm-up beginning as we get closer toward february. for tomorrow, for your friday, it is going to probably actually feel cold to you and that will be due to the wind. the wind will gust over 20 miles per hour. actually weak cold front. a clipper-type system moving into the area and the wind will keep you chilly. warming into the 50s on saturday, and then by sunday and monday, we are going to see highs warming into the 60s. so a lot of that snow is going to be melting a way. right now, a mix of clear skies and clouds as we look out over lynchburg. this view is looking out over liberty. we are just above freezing right now, but we will see a freeze tonight and we will see
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36 and wind is light and will stay fairly light overnight. if you were out take a coat with you and for tomorrow, you will need that coat as the wind will keep you quite chilly. around the rest affidavit area 30s and 40s. farmville area you are at 40. 39 in south boston. martinsville, 37. blacksburg, virginia tech is at 41. here is what it looks like across virginia. as you probably noticed today a lot of high clouds and clouds obviously block out the sunshine, and temperatures are down slightly, but for tomorrowdown slightly, but for tomorrow, we are watching this right here. a clipper system, and that is a fast-moving cold front that briefly brings you colder weather. now as this moves in tomorrow, we may see some snow to our west in the mountains. so if you have travel plans along i-81 and into west virginia, we could be seeing snow tomorrow. so here is what it looks like on your friday morning. most of lubs waking up to sunshine, the closer you get toward the mountains and especially on the other side mountains, there will be some
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some light snow possibly some snow flurries in the blacksburg and roanoke but no accumulation. tomorrow afternoon, it is going to be breezy and cool with that west -- that wind rather coming in from the west and northwest. 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts, and then on saturday, we will have lots of sunshine and the warm-up begins in the 50s. probably will enjoy the weather for your saturday and we will see toward 60 in south side for saturday. so tonight, we will be seeing a freeze with lows in the 20s. if you are watching us from lexington, 25. amherst, 27. appomattox, 28. 27 for lynchburg and altavista in the upper 20s. we will remain below freezing through 9 a.m. on your friday. make it above freezing between 9 and noon. highs tomorrow will be similar to today, but it is going to feel colder due to the wind. 43 at 3 p.m. around the rest of the area tomorrow, bedford, 43. appomattox, 45. alta vista, 44. if you were watching us from halifax county, you will make a run toward the upper 40s. show you the weekend forecast.
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morning with 20s and 55 during the afternoon, and for sunday, we will see a high in the lower 60s. your seven-day forecast show we will have those 60s and a lot and monday. we are going to remain dry for the weekend. good news for your outdoor plans. a few showers possible by tuesday. increasing heavier rain for all of us for wednesday. a reminder now for our abc 13 good eats contest today through monday. log on to for your chance to win. if you scroll down on the home page, the link is under "trendpage, the link is under "trending." you can also get this information on our station facebook fan page. today, we are giving away a $75 gift certificate to crown sterling. you can look for different prizes each day. sports is next. the hokies come up short again against one of the country's top 20 teams.
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its basketball legends class deny hi, everybody. mike houston is filling his coaching staff. the dukes announced long-time virginia tech assistant brian st inspring will be the new tight end coach. stinespring is the jmu grad that coached with the hokies and last three years as tight
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liberty flames has hired scott downing as running backs coach and special teams coordinator. a former head coach at sterling college. this past year special teams coordinator for the canadian football league's toronto argonauts. the hokies picked up 23 points against louisville but it wasn't enough. jeff allen added 26 jeff allen added 26. zack leday, 20 and justin bibbs 10. the only four hokies to score. louisville shot 52% for the game and nailed a season high 12 three hadn't pointers. what is wrong with this shot? the guy in the 14 jersey having too much fun in the castle. cardinals beat tech for the 1th straight time. try to snap a three-game skid at pittsburgh. the acc today announced its basketball legends class for the acc tournament in march in
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nolan who played with the ca vs from '94 to '98. virginia tech's legend is howard pardeau who played in the early 60s. great shooter who averaged 20 points a game for his career. nascar's daytona 500 is just three weeks from sunday. after opening races at daytona in atlanta, cup drivers head west for three straight stops. at las vegas, phoenix and fontana. >> those are the types of racetracks that are in our choice. we kind of get to figure out how much homework our team has done in the offseason and kind of where you stand. >> both of my primary sponsors, monster energy and haas automation is here in southern california. a lot of pressure but the best way to look at it on the 41 team is to connell with a win and work on the chase later month year. an ugly inconsistent last night's calgary flames.
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behind on his way to the bench. oddly enough, no penalty calmed on the play. late this afternoon the nhl announced wideman has been suspended indefinitely while they investigate. the referee finished the game before being treat at a local hospital for neck pain. week four of full court press is tomorrow night. hope you can join us after 11hope you can join us after 11:15. high school hoops tonight as
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the gw isis is gang ground in libya. >> mark: tonight at 7:00, what breaking news tonight. trump versus fox. donald trump, a no-show this evening. holding his own event up against the debate. and his fiery moment with bill o'reilly. >> i told you, up front, i said, don't ask me that question. >> taking aim at megyn kelly,
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fox says, the show goes on without him.
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