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tv   News 13 11 Sunday  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> this has been an extremely fast paced investigation within the past 12 hours. it was late saturday night when the investigation led to eisenhauer, a virginia tech student here in blacksburg. this morning, he was charged with one county of felony abduction. since the discovery of nichole, and through consultation with the commonwealth attorney, we have since charged eisenhauer with first-degree murder. >> whitney: police say that lovell's body was found yesterday around 4:00 p.m. the teen was first reported missing last wednesday. her body has been sent to the medical examiner's office for autopsy. according to her former middle
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staff tomorrow for students and teachers to grieve. >> and we're taking a closer looked at david eisenhauer. he was an accomplished cross country runner. he was part of virginia tech's cross country team. now we do know that eisenhauer was friend with lovell on social media, but police have not gone into detail about how well they knew each other. as for keepers, police have not said whether or not she had any connection to lovell prior to her death. keepers is a software engineering major from maryland. today virginia state police divers were out searching tech's lake on campus.
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saying that as a father, as well as virginia tech's president, i assure you that we are resilient. you are not alone. the school has not released another statement since the announcement of that second student's arrest. we'll be live in blacksburg tomorrow with the latest. we have an update on the search for a west virginia man on the run from police in allegheny county. andrew allen arnold has turned himself in after taking off from that trooper during a traffic stop police said the 28-year-old fled on food after the trooper tried to make the traffic stop yesterday afternoon. he was wanted in west virginia on unrelated charges. he has now been charged with wreckless driving, driving without a license, and
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>> will: after a warm day today, temperatures are slowly starting to fall back down. and clouds are rolling back into the area as well. and temperatures not in much of a hurry to cool. it got to 64 today. and if you flip that, that's our average high for this time of year. if you break it down in how many days we were actually below average, 17 days. on two days where we were above average. the full forecast in just a little bit. >> whitney: a lynchburg teen is dead tonight after police say he crashed his car in pittsylvania county yesterday morning. it happened around 10:00 a.m.
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cameron nicholas long's car crashed. long died at the scene. the crash is still very investigation. >> tonight a 17-year-old is recovering at lynchburg general after his family says he was hit by a truck while walking home last night. some of the pictures you're about to see are graphic. his parents say it happened around 7:00 p.m. on dodson road. helper suffered a brain injury, broken bones, and his mouth is wired shut. the driver of the truck did wait with the boy until first responder's arrived. >> i mean, out of respect, if i was in that man's shoes, i would be here. i would be calling. i would be finding ways to
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and make sure that child okay. nothing. [indiscernible] >> whitney: now, the family is urging people to slow down in that area to avoid accidents like this in the future. people often travel that road much faster than the speed limit. >> tomorrow a new trial begins for the alleged gang members accused of killing hillsboro police captain quick. his body was found a week later in gouchland county. there was a mistrial declared last year. in july the trial was moved from charlottesville to roanoke. >> fire crews responded to 135 ruben court just before 4:30 this morning. they found a storage on fire in the woods.
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the fire under control in half an hour and no one was injured. the cause is still being determined. a heads-up for drivers in lynchburg. the department of water resources will be doing waterline work in the 2400 block of langhorne road. most of the work willing done in the evenings but will be restricted to one lane of travel in each direction. and in danville both lanes of newton street between craghead will be closed from 7:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. there'll be signs. coming up tomorrow, it's a being day for voters in iowa.
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>> whitney: it's the last mad dash in iowa. presidential candidates are
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voters and all the hype is reaching a fever pitch since we're hours away from the pivotal caucuses. how important are they? we caught up with two caucus winners. >> reporter: the rally, handshaking, and tv time. it all comes down to monday night and iowans possibly forging a path to the white house. on the flipside, it can also leave candidates baffled. just ask mike huckabee. >> this is certainly one for the books. >> reporter: whether it's a reality tv star or a former president stumping for his house. >> what about the predictability? >> the polls have been inaccurate. gallup said they're not doing
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>> reporter: right now the polls are showing donald trump and hillary clinton in the case. >> they're a strong, hardy, intelligent group of voter when they go. they study the issues and the candidates. they're not easily bamboozled. >> reporter: although not the best at predicting nominees. while more successful on the democratic side, they're more afternoon than not wrong at choosing republicans. >> mike huckabee wins in 2008. same scenario there. >> sometimes iowa is going to predict a nominee. sometimes we're not. if jimmy carter can rise from obscurity, you can have a rick santorum come out a caucus winner. >> reporter: with all of that said, you can look at iowa like a horse race. you may not need to win, but it's important to place or show. in recent history, no candidate has ever finished outside of the top three and
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i'm scott thuman in iowa. >> whitney: it will be interesting to see if things get shaken up. >> will: our producer said
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interesting >> will: let's check the old wset inbox and see what we have there. whittaker in lynchburg sent us there. and it was so warm that clarence put out the jet ski and took it out on smith
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and lauri sent us a sunrise. we appreciate all the pictures we get at 53 in lynchburg. 43 the dew point. and visibility at ten miles. wind out of the southwest at seven. pressure is holding at 29.91. other temperatures to speak of include 52 in charlottesville. 51 in farmville. 55 for danville. we are cool back to the 40s and even a few upper 30s in the mountainous locations. we are starting to see the clouds stream back to the area. we feel the temperatures won't fall too much from where they are right now. and here's our weather-maker for monday. showers from cleveland to cincinnati. and our weather-maker for wednesday, phoenix, vegas, all getting water right now. this will blow to the central portion of the country and we'll get that on wednesday.
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that give us the fantastic weekend is moving offshore. tuesday we will get into a cool air wedge and cloud cover. and this big system out by the four corners will move into the area and that will provide us the best chance of rainfall for the week. and by tuesday, we expect a large winter storm. and we could have an enhanced risk of severe weather for the keep and midsouth tuesday-wednesday. we could see showers and maybe a rumble or two of thunder for tuesday and wednesday. we'll start out the morning hours dry on the way for monday. and here comes the boundary and we could see showers. some of these could be heavy
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tuesday about generally cloudy with a light chance of drizzle. the best chance of rain this week comes on wednesday. our temperatures climb on wednesday before shooting back down for thursday-friday. 43 lynchburg tonight. 46 danville and south boston. lexington 40 degrees. clear-partly cloudy skies. 62 in lynchburg tomorrow afternoon. 62 bedford. 63 rustburg. we'll start out the morning with nine and then the afternoon showers coming in. 66 danville, 67 south boston. 63 at the lake. roanoke 62. new river valley, 60. southern shenandoah valley 63. 50s sandwiched by a pair of 60s and 40s. >> whitney: this year you've
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what's next? >> will: i'll think about it at the last minute. we'll see what you can do.
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the north carolina man loves >> whitney: an alzheimer's patient in north carolina is hoping football will help him fight the dollarsment. by keeping up with the stats with his beloved carolina panthers. >> reporter: spend just a few minutes with peter setzer and you'll realize that this is a man that loves the carolina panthers. >> i read everything that charlotte writes about the panthers. >> reporter: he doesn't just read them. he cuts them out. >> here's cam. >> reporter: taping them to his bedroom door.
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>> reporter: setzer reads the articles over and over again because if he doesn't, he'll forget. >> about a year ago i was diagnosed with mild alzheimer's, and of course, that was a blow. >> reporter: seltzer's alzheimer's is in early stages. >> and then when -- >> reporter: he hopes to keep it that way. >> the average person who is diagnosed with alzheimer's will die in 11 years. and my determination is to slow that down. >> reporter: the former pastor has list of things he does hoping to slow the disease down. >> an hour of brain games. >> reporter: his favorite is
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>> my hope is he'll always know who i am when i call him and that he'll always know who his grandson is. >> reporter: for many with alzheimer's, uncertainty is the only thing they can see ahead. >> whitney: such a brave, brave man, and very creative as well. super bowl 50 is just over a week away. and check it out, this is the video of levi stadium outside san francisco where the super bowl is being played. you can see the denver broncos name and logo displayed in the south end zone. and you can see what's left of the logo in the north end zone.
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they were in both zones. boo! boo! . i'm going to throw one out. i don't like that. >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> whitney: carolina. carolina. >> reporter: no football today, but lots of college football.
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receivers of the game mig >> reporter: hi there, everyone. virginia tech had lost their last three in a row in tonight's game. notre game, u.n.c. and louisville. their opponents tonight, the pit panthers lost their last three out of five. and first half, hokies down three. and that ties up a 23. and allen hits from the outside again.
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and in the second, allen is going to have a crossover dribble. and allen a career-high 28 points. and the hokies turn it over 25 times. and pittsburgh sends virginia tech home with a 90-71 loss. the hokies travel on tuesday before a match in charlottesville next week. hicks, the lone hokey, with ten points. and the hokies host georgia tech on thursday. and the averett men lost to lagrange. the cougars host covenant on tuesday. and notre dame taking on wake forest.
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and jackson is going to spin. and he finishes off the half with a dagger. and notre dame wins 85-62 over wake forest. and this was the scene in omaha last year. and the team was presented with their championship rings and a fundraiser in charlottesville. while most of the roster will suit up again this season, many have moved on to the big leagues. >> it just seems so surreal. and we go out and work every day towards that goal. when you reach it it's something different. >> it's still sinking in. when people say
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and i want it to sink in forever. >> the run that we went on was so crazy that it didn't just seem real. maybe when we get that ring tonight it finally will. >> reporter: and espn reporting that calvin johnson has told the lions that this year was his last year. he told coach jim caldwell the day after their regular season finale that he was done. no official statement yet from the lions or johnson. big orange wrestling tournament wrapped up yesterday. lagrange, there but that's okay. reed stewart at 140.
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we have all the winners at wset bottom. serena williams got upset in the women's final. and joka will freeze murray. and second set murray turns up the heat. watch djokovic on the bottom. and another tie break. and djokovic wins three straight sets. what happened next? a famous curtain of distraction. is it gold, silver, or bronze? >> whitney: gold. >> will: all of this above. >> reporter: whitney is right it's gold. michael phelps, the gold
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he misses both free >> whitney: all right. so what are we looking at for the start of the workweek. >> will: it will start out sunny with showers in the afternoon. dress the kids appropriately at the bus stop tomorrow. and we're bottoming out and back to reality on thursday. and monday and wednesday in the 60s.
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that's lovely. ma'am, can you turn him a bit?
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