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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> anytime, anywhere, award>> anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. >> two virginia tech students were arraigned today after being charged in the murder and kidnapping of a 13-year-old girlkidnapping of a 13-year-old girl. nicole lovell's body was found 100 miles away from her home in blacksburg over the weekend. authorities believe that david eisenhower knew nicole and used their relationship to lure her out of her home. natalie keepers is accused of disposing of the body. what we don't know tonight, the motive. annie andersen is live outside the courts with what we know new tonight. >> reporter: well, david eisenhower and nicole keeper were both arraigned at the montgomery county court house and neither said anything about motive in fact they hardly said anything at all.
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emerge in the kidnapping and murder of lovell. a warrant said she was kidnapped last wednesday but a second warrant said it happened on or around saturday. the montgomery county commonwealth attorney said the medical examiner autopsymedical examiner autopsied lovell but could be late march when we know when and how she died. a firearm was not used in her murder but other than that details of how she died was limited. the pastor said she is extremely distraught and getting by as well as can be expected. >> it's day by day process. there are a lot of decisions that they are making right now. a lot of things that they are hearing. and right now, just shock and -- and it is just setting in as they go. >> eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder. if convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison.
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eisenhower removing lovell's body. if convicted she could spend six years in prison. annie andersen, abc 13 news. >> danner: we want to break down the timeline of nicole lovell's disappearance and murder. a little perspective. the teenager disappeared last wednesday. police spent days searching for her. then saturday morning, a break in the case. police arrested eisenhower and charged him with abduction. they said he knew nicole lovell and he used their relationship to that advantage. they found the 13-year-old's body 80 miles ain north carolinabody 80 miles ain north carolina. yesterday natalie keepers was arrested as an accessory helping eisenhower dispose of the teen's body. the virginia tech community is reeling from this use and trying to come to terms with the arrest of the two students. priscilla kaiser is live with what she learned from campus today. priscilla? >> reporter: a gloomy die mark
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this as police turn their investigation on to the campus. seven divers took to the waters of duck pond on virginia tech's campus searching for any clues into the murder of nicole lovell. >> definitely a damper on campus. something everyone is talking about. >> reporter: students like senior heather harkum is left with many questions. >> we are kind of wondering why it happened and how it happened, how this went from being able to just arrest the guy to, you know, finding her body. we don't know anything that happened in between. so there is a lot of speculation going on right now. >> reporter: police arrested virginia tech student david eisenhower and natalie keepers over the weekend in connection with lovell's death. >> heartbreaking to hear that something like could happen here at virginia tech. >> reporter: we are told that one of the virginia tech's student arrested lived in these dorms. students say they are upset saying they lived near someone
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death of 13-year-old nicole lovell. >> i can't even put words to how i am feeling about it right now. it's been rough. >> reporter: students talked about the winter each other and being reminded of why they should stick together. >> kind like that reminder to stay in groups, travel in groupsstay in groups, travel in groups, to always have a buddy system. you never know what could happen or what people are going throughor what people are going through. >> reporter: students thinking of the families behind the family. >> i can't imagine the sides the family. yes, i definitely think it is hard. >> reporter: some students told me eisenhower was part of the cross-country team on campus. live in christiansburg, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> danner: we are trying track down more information on the suspects tonight too. both are from maryland. >> are you related to natalie keepers? >> reporter: a woman to came to the door of natalie keepers family home did not want to talkfamily home did not want to
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eisenhower did. he lives few doors down from the eisenhower home in columbia and her thoughts are with his parents. >> that has to be the darkest day of their lives. >> danner: eisenhower graduated from wild like high school last year and named the 2015 indoor track athlete of the year. he was featured by the abc affiliate in baltimore. that was video you saw before. natalie keepers graduated from hammond high school. next at 5:30, you will hear the voice of one of the suspects david eisenhower after he won a track championship in high school. once we get new information, we will post it for you at wset.comwill post it for you at check there for updates as our crews find out more about what happened in this case. new information coming in every day. you can also follow updates on our abc 13 facebook page. be prepared for rain this evening as we are seeing light
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across the heart of virginia. a lot of green showing up on the radar. the showers through lynchburg and amherst, appomattox getting light rain, also down to alta vista and brookneal. heavy rain toward blacksburg and south of blacksburg to hillssouth of blacksburg to hillsville. scattered hours. have your umbrella ready to go. temperatures mild. mid-50s at 7:00. upper 40s and drier for many of us at 11. coming up later we will let you know when all the area will get heavier rain. it is day three of the murder trial of vincent spinner. spinner is accused of stabbing his father-in-law 25 times in august of 2012 at his home in campbell county. davie brook stepped out the court room where the judge is contemplating a verdict right now. katie. >> reporter: danner, testimony wound down with a friend of spinner's who testified she was with him the day of the murder and noticed he came back to the house that day in different clothes after being gone for about an hour that afternoon. an investigator testified about
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and the insurance card registerand the insurance card registered to james payne in spinner's car. the judge also watched and listened to audio recording and video of police interview with spinner days after the murder. in closing arguments, the defense said the commonwealth is relying on circumstantial evidence and argued since spinner used cocaine all day and affects premeditation and not a first-degree murder case. the defense said likely that spinner only found the body but took off because he was high on crack cocaine. the commonwealth stated in closing arguments that spin remember motives, means and opportunity and the judge contemplating that decision on the verdict. he should make that just around 5:10, and in just moments, i will jump into court and bring you the update on that verdict coming up at 6:00. >> danner: thank you, katie. a franklin county woman has been indicted on the death of a 3-year-old boy she was taken care of. hope perdue is charged with second-degree murder of calen mullins.
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after her husband called 911 and told the dispatcher a child they were keeping and to have been beaten. calen died at the scene. they later found perdue hiding in a garage a mile from her homein a garage a mile from her home. mullins and his 1-year-old brother were among five children being cared for by the perdues according to the commonwealth attorney. the franklin county sheriff's office has never though fully explained that relationship. a family lost everything they owned in a house fire. out in fire marshal's office is digging through the rubble to find a cause. valerie bragg was on the scene today. she is live in danville now. >> reporter: the family is still in tears tonight, danner. it all happened yesterday while the family was at church. when they got back, their home was gone. fire investigators have their work cut out for them. this axton home was taken out by fire. the family that own it is
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sandra keith doesn't have the strength to stand up without leaning on her truck. >> it was devastating. i am trying to wake up and for it to be over. >> reporter: instead she woke up to more fire trucks of what used to be her home. the fire marshal says the wind called a small fire to rekindle. sandra's brother, bobby, was next door when it started. he smelled smoke. >> come back out and it was fine. i could hardly blame him. >> reporter: the keiths and their two grandchildren that lived with them lost everything they ever owned including two cars, but they also lost something more precious. >> my baby. >> reporter: their two dogs. this picture was taken just the night before. >> just numb right now. hard to think about tomorrow. >> reporter: through their church, neighbors and other
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also slowly rebuild what they have lost. >> the lord has to help us. >> reporter: sandra tells me they built the home just about six years ago. danner, luckily none of the family members were home at the time. >> danner: that is a real blessing. thank you, valerie. a case of zika confirmed closer to our area, and this time it is affecting a college. plus tonight's mommy monday breaks down fact from fiction when i next "e.t," backstage the s.a.g. awards.
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>> all thed-winning coverage you can count on. dporj gorge right now you are looking live at a wet evening commute. if you were getting ready to head home from work, the roads are going to be wet. looking out the door at liber in the lynchburg, and you can see some of the roads including highway 460. the roads will be slick from the rain; however, visibility is fairly good. not seeing major issues with fognot seeing major issues with fog, but keep in mind you may want to ride a little slower thanks to the wet roads. additional rain will be headed in your direction monday evening. here is what it looks like right now. where you see the green is where rain is falling and the pockets of yellow green is locate and some of the downpours. the heavier rain mixed in. the rain extends southwestern virginia down i-81 blacksburg to roanoke. rain through lynchburg and stretches eastward toward richmond. zooming in toward the lynchburg
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pocket of heavier rain in amherst county making its way to gladstone. watching from concord and appomattox. light to moderate rains now. looking toward south side, you missed out on the rain for the most part so far, the showers toward hillsville and martinsville is headed your way and most of us will be getting rain for this evening. occasional showers for monday evening. right now temperatures are in the 60s in may be hard to believe that we will rain and temperatures in the 60s, but it is going to be a fairly mild evening for you. 61 degrees. the wind is light and we have the mostly cloudy conditions. you around the rest of the area, cooler toward blacksburg at 51. roanoke, 58. danville, you are still at 67. and near 70 right now south boston where we have to see highboston where we have to see highs reaching into the lower 70s toward south side. now when you wake up tomorrow morning, it is possible that you could have some drizzle on your windshield, but most of tomorrow, most of your tuesday is going to be dry. we will have cloudy, gray skies throughout the day. also tomorrow, it is going to be colder. looking very early into
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the big area of rain. that is going to be headed our way, and when you wake up on wednesday morning through lunchtime, you can see showers. you may even be hearing some thunder as thunderstorms will be possible on wednesday and for wednesday, it is going to be a 1wednesday, it is going to be a 100% chance of rain. so for tonight, we will see scattered showers for the evening. then after midnight, all of this will be turning cooler and 40s in the morning and will stay above freezing. you don't have to worry about any icy roads this evening. amherst, 41. appomattox, 43. and closer to the upper 40s and lower 50s into south side. your hourly weather for tomorrow show the 60s are gone. we will be cloudy and cool, with most of us staying in the 40s today. 45 at lunchtime. highs only reaching the upper 40s. the wind tomorrow is going to be out of the north and east. around the rest of the area, temperatures mid- to upper 40s. it will be milder toward south side. if you were watching us from danville, you will make a run toward the mid-50s. a few small showers are possible
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heavier rain for all of us very late tuesday night into wednesday. after wednesday, colder and drier air arrives, and we will see highs in the 40s with lows into the 20s for the weekend. a reminder now about our abc 13 good eats contest. log on to for your chance to win some good food. if you scroll down the home page the link to the contest is under "trending." you can get the information on our abc 13 facebook page. today a $25 gift card to avila. today is the last die enter our contest. and an article about the hpv vaccine and ovarian failure is making the way on social -- rounds on social media. >> associated with the vaccine
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>> a local p . an article popping up all over sews media have parents worried. the american college of pediatricians recently released a statement about the hpv and premature ovarian failure. a local pediatrics group cautioned you not to take it too
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that is tonight's mommy monday. the american academy of college pediatricians is not the american academy of pediatrics. it is a small group that went around a community agenda. this is what she wants to tell parents worried about the information they released on line about the hpv >> the guardasil vaccine is shown to be very safe and the claim of receiving ovarian failure is not validated or scientifically proven. it was pulled out of a bigger article and. >> it tends to be something that you are born with. elseworth -- elsworth said the group has taken back that claim. gardasil is for boys and girls around the age of 11 to help
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a college of william student contracted the zika virus while travelling in central america during winter break. the university said the student is expected to recover and is not currently experiencing symptoms. the school said after consulting with its own health and wellness team and cdc and prevention, believes there is no health risk to anyone on campus. zika is a mosquito-borne virus that has been linked to severe birth defects. parents, you asked abc 13 what was going on with an elementary school in amherst
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the superintende this just into the abc 13 newsroom, vincent spinner has been found guilty of firstbeen found guilty of first-degree murder. spinner was found guilty of murder and robbery. katie brooke, who is in court, said he left in tears and his family sobbed uncontrollably when the verdict was read. she will have a live report tonight on abc 13 news at 6:00. the virginia house passed a so-called kings dominion law that let's schools start before labor day. it now heads to the gopit now heads to the gop-controlled senate. the measure remove the requirement that the schools start after labor day and allow local boards to set their own calendars. some parents in amherst county are concerned after documents reveal the school board was looking into closing the school. under the 2017 budget, the
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closing pleasantview elementary. abc 13 spoke with superintendent david nichols today and says that is not the case. nichols said the paperwork was there for the board member who brought up the option, but he
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at this hour, we are waiting for autopsy results on nicole lovell, the blacksburg teen found dead. meanwhile, suspect david eisenhower made his first court appearance this morning. >> he just was a very pleasant young man, but very goal-driven. >> danner: natalie keepers made her appearance just after that. coming up, we have advice from the experts for every parent. >> and responsibility to make sure that your child or your children are safe. the first time, you will hear david eisenhower's voice. that is tonight on abc 13 news
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