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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>>announcer: anytime, anywhere, this is award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. tonight at 5:30, searching for justice in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> danner: two of virginia tech college students faced a judge today. megan hughes has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: 18-year-old virginia tech engineering student david eisenhower and in court today charged with the premeditated murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell. police haven't said much about the motive. >> we have determined that eisenhower and nicole were acquainted prior to her disappearance. he used this relationship to take advantage and abduct and kill her. >> reporter: 19-year-old natalie keepers also arraigned facing charges of transporting or concealing dead body. after police arrested eisenhower for abduction, they found
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she push addresser next to her door and climbed out of a window. she tells the"washington post"that her daughter was bullied online and at school. she was a liver transplant that needed daily medication. >> she was always the cutest little thing. >> reporter: the police investigation continues with police searching a pond for the second straight day. in court documents, eisenhower claimed i believe the truth set me free. he was a high school track star with big aspirations. his high school principal is shocked. >> very pleasant young man and very goal driven. focused on his academics, but he also was focused on running. >> reporter: eisenhower's parents live in a quiet maryland neighborhood. neighbors say they moved to the area from washington state within the past few years. >> always surprising when you hear of something terrible like. >> danner: one outstanding question, how was lovell killed. court documents reveal that a firearm was not used. megan hughes, abc news, washington.
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mother said she was bullied online and at school. our suri crowe spoke with a psychologist what could you do with your teen, suri. >> reporter: bedford county sheriff mike brown said when it comes to bullying the numbers are staggering. only 4% of parents intervene. 11% of their peers and 85% of people do nothing at all to intervene. i looked at nicole lovell's social media and troubling messages on her instagram and facebook accounts. now we don't know if any of these social media connections contributed to her alleged abduction and murder. that is for investigators to piece together, but we do know she was bullied according to her mom, and several of the messages on her social media accounts would seem to confirm that. norma white is a licensed clinical therapist and says it is time for tough love on you parents to get involved. >> well, one is, i think the
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will offend their child or their children. and the reality is that these are your children and your job is to keep them safe. no matter what. >> reporter: it seems we report on bullying stories over and over again, and yet the numbers are telling us there is still so much more to be done. more on this coming up at 6:00. mark and danner. >> mark: all right, suri, thanks. such a heartbreaking story and we are hearing the voice of one of those suspects david eisenhower. >> danner: a station in baltimore interviewed him after he won a track championship. >> i hate to lose, but i am okay with second place if i run a fantastic job. >> second place is not what it is about, right? >> correct, i do not like losing. >> danner: eisenhower won the 1600 and 3300 state championship1600 and 3300 state championships that year. his coach said he had a healthy ego but most good athletes do. >> mark: you can read everything we know about this
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>> danner: head there for updates as our crews find out what happened. you can also follow us on our abc 13 facebook page. if you were getting ready to head out to dinner, if you were going to be driving, the roads are going to be wet as we are tracking some showers. nothing overly heavy but light to moderate rain. looking around 460 and liberty and the vine center. you can see the light to moderate rain covering part of the heart of virginia, hillsville, martinsville getting rain, rocky mountain, franklin county, bedford county, lynchburg, these showers will continue to make their way to the east. occasional light to moderate rain for your monday evening. coming up, i will let you know when heavier rain and colder weather arrive for all of us. tonight, we are learning move of a lynchburg teen that died in a car accident over the weekend. cameron long died saturday morning when his car ran off the side of route 40 in gretna and overturned. he was 19. long was a student at ferrum college and played basketball there two seasons.
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time of the crash. assistant athletic director say the team and coaches are devastated by this loss. police say speed and alcohol were not involved,ing and the crash is still under investigation. ferrum plans to hold a moment of silence before their next one person has died, another injured in a fiery crash between a freight train and a commercial truck today in roanoke county. engulfed in flames when crews got to the scene just before noon. wilfork -- norfolk southern and the person killed and the one injured was in the truck. no one was injured in the train. the truck was struck at a private crossing where the track speed is 40 miles per hour. just a few hours left before the iowa caucuses start tonight, and candidates have been out making that final push. now let's send it to cecila vaga and tom lamas. >> reporter: i am cecila vaga and in des moines, iowa, this is
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clinton's victory party will take place. the entire clinton family here hopehoping to be celebrating the end of caucus monday. hillary clinton on campaign trail over the last few days sounding more energized and confident we have heard her this cycle. 2200 people turning out for a hillary clinton rally, a raucous crowd, but privately her campaign is telling me they are approaching this day caution in race at one point seemed like it was hers to win could be hers to lose and it all comes down to the polls. she has a slight lead over vermont senator bernie sanders, but really about the ground gamebut really about the ground game. will this infrastructure she spent the last year building up beat this momentum that bernie sanders has in his corner. bernie sanders overnight telling the crowd he plans to stay in the race until the very end. >> reporter: tom lamon des moines covering the republicans. the story star power versus the ground game. donald trump with his entire
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they are splitting up to cover more of the state. and sara pail is in town. i just spoke with her. she is very excited. she is confident that trump will win this. the man that wants to take iowa from donald trump, ted cruz. today he hits his magic number visiting all 99 counties the hawkeye state. 12,000 volunteers. they tried to make 20,000 phone calls day. this state is so important to him. finally senator marco rubio. polls have him in third place, and he is putting a lot of pressure on cruz. he says cruz has to win this state, putting the pressure there. marco rubio is hoping to get one of the three tickets out of iowa. >> mark: and donald trump is also getting help from liberty university president jerry falwell jr. who spent all weekend with his own family in iowa campaigning for the presidential candidate. >> i really believe donald trump is uniquely qualified to run this country, and i am proud to be endorsing him. >> reporter: since falwell
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endorsement of the candidate, he has received backlash among fellow conservatives who say trump's values don't fall in line with true evangelicals. abc 13 caught up with falwell after his whirlwind weekend campaigning with the trumps. this is how he defended his despecial. >> who will do the best job for the united states of america. that has been pounded into me since i was very young. and so it is just my -- i respectfully disagree with folks who say he's not good enough or he is not as good a christian as i am. and just don't think that is our job as christians to judge other christians. >> mark: well falwell said trump paid for all of his and his family's expenses to fly to iowa and he is not ruling out further campaign trips with trump, and he has said that donald trump reminds him a lot of his dad. >> danner: his dad, yeah. an amazing story of survival. what made it so difficult for an
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after his you house caught fire. facebook has chang next "e.t," backstage the s.a.g. awards.
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>> all the t river valley. >> george: going to show you a live look over lynchburg right now and watching a pocket of heavier rain that is moving in town. as we look to the southwest and south, you can see it in the distance. it is right through here, and this is looking toward the south side of lynchburg and out toward
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of heavier wind moving in. if you have weekend plans everything will be wet as the showers make their way into town. looking live over danville where traffic is moving along smoothlytraffic is moving along smoothly. you can see a little birth snow in some of the parking lots. watching us from south side, you will see increasing rain this evening. don't have to worry about any icy roads as temperatures are above freezing and will remain above freezing. 61 in lynchburg. light to moderate rain, nothing severe but light to moderate rains making everything wet. the showers are tracking from west to east across the heart of virginia and where you see the darker green and yellow, those are some of the pockets of heavier rain. right through here some of the heavier rain moving into lynchburg. westburg as we make our way into campbell county, moderate to occasional heavy rain that is ongoing. zoom you on out, the entire area will have showers. get your umbrella ready and a break in the rain as this moves out. however, additional rain is ahead for this week.
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morning, not showing up very well on your futurecast, and i think many of us will have cloudy gray skies for the day. it is possible could you get drizzle and very light rain for your tuesday. i don't think tomorrow will be a washout but it is going to be colder for all of us as we will have temperatures in the 40s. by tuesday night and early wednesday morning we will see increasing lighter rain that is out ahead of the heavier rain that is going to arrive for later wednesday morning through lunchtime, so if you do have any outdoor plans for wednesday, i would highly recommend moving those to thursday or friday because wednesday does look like a washout as some of the rain is going to be heavy, and it is going to persist for a good part of the day. for this evening, cloudy. eventually turning cooler. but right now things are fairly mild. we will see scattered showers moving across the heart of virginia. bedford, 41 by morning. appomattox, 43. upper 40s and lower 50s toward south side. the hourly weather for tomorrow show the temperatures are going to change little during the day. when you wake up, we will be in
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and when you are finishing up your workday most of news in the 40s with highs in the upper 40s and cloudy skies drizzly at possible tomorrow. and if you were watching you from south side, you won't be as cold. running 15 degrees colder compared to today. danville, 55 and mid-50s in halifax. bedford and amherst in the upper 40s. the seven-day forecast show up to a 100% chance of rain. also warming up back for your wednesday and outwednesday, the outdoor plan also be safe from the rain as we turn colder and drier with highs in the 40s with lows in the 20s toward your weekend. a man escaped a bad house fire in amelia county. he was especially difficult for him, because he is blind. yesterday morning, roger delp said his dad escaped with just minutes to spare. according to delp, his dad was in a state of confusion when that house went up in flames. >> he felt an intense a.heat on his face once he opened the
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into the house, got his phones and attempted to call 911. when that failed, he realized he needed to get out of the house immediately. >> neighbors came to his made it a nick of time after noticing those flames. the shows a complete loss, but delp says he is thankful that his dad is still alive. no word how that fire started.
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what you can facebook announced it is banning users from coordinating private sales of firearms on its social networking site as well as instagram. a that ban does not apply licensed gun dealers for purchases completed off facebookpurchases completed off facebook. the move brings facebook's ban on farmvilles, illegal drugs. samsung announced its latest unpacked event. the event is scheduled for february 21 and suggests that the world will get the first look at the galaxy s 7. among features a micro sd slot, a pressure sensitive stream, and water resistance which are will be really nice. >> mark: that will be very cool.
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>> mark: i want to jump ahead to your weekend. if you have plans on saturday, i think you are going to be okay. temperatures near normal for this time of year. it is on sunday that you may have some issues for your outdoor stuff. tracking a chance of rain on sunday and little too early to tell and stay with us and we will keep you updated on your rain chance for your sunday. the virginia department of health is looking for
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meals for kids during the summermeals for kids during the summer. organizations that participate in the summer food service program will be reimbursed by the health department for the meals they serve. now if you are picked, you do have to go through training. you can call the health department for more information or go to the web site. we will have a link to it at our web site, and advances in arts and arts education. the point of the new study. announced they have joined the arts and economic prosperity. a national study to measure the academic impact of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. city officials will get detailed financial data about our local nonprofits, if you attend an art event, you will get a survey that asks, how much money you spent as a result of the tentingspent as a result of the tenting. the result will be released next june. we have a huge arts community here so that will be interesting to see how that pans out. >> mark: yeah, that will. a lot of breaking details in
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we are following the murder of a 13-year-old girl in blacksburg. >> mark: let's go live to annie andersen in christiansburg. annie? >> reporter: mark, both suspects in nicole lovell's murder were arraigned early this morning. david eisenhower and natalie keepers are being held without bond. we learned a lot of how nicole's family is doing after this. we talked to her youth pastor.
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interview on abc 13 news at 6:00 . anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. >> noreen: these two virginia tech students david eisenhauer and natalie keepers made their first appearances in court this morning charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl. tonight team coverage. the news broke this weekend that
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