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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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charged in the death of nicole lovell. >> mark: we start our coverage with annie andersen who has been on this story since lovell went missing. she joins us live from outside the montgomery county courtthe montgomery county courthouse, annie? >> reporter: mark, 18-year-old david eisenhauer was arraigned early this morning and he was assigned a public defender to try his case. he has been charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder. natalie keepers hired a private attorney to defend her. she has been charged with accessory after the fact and helping to conceal the body of 13-year-old nicole lovell. >> this little girl, talkative, friendly, looked out for a lot of the younger kids that came in on the bus. just sweet. >> reporter: but now many will not get a chance to know 13-year-old nicole lovell. according to the arrest warrant this they think david eisenhauer kidnapped her wednesday but didn't kill her closer to saturday.
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died and it wasn't by a firearm and wasn't until after then that police think that natalie keeperpolice think that natalie keepers got involved. >> i can't tell them i know what they are going through because i don't. >> reporter: pastor josh blakeen>> reporter: pastor josh blakeenship has stayed by the family's side during this whole or deal. they are doing as well as can be expected. >> a dayby y day process. a lot of decisions that they are making. a lot of things they are hearing, and right now i think it is just shock. and -- it's just setting in as they go. >> reporter: lovell's school is also trying to cope with her death. they throughout extra counselors to help students work through itto help students work through it. >> in our classrooms talking about what has happened and talking about this traumatic event. >> reporter: drake says counselors will be available as long as students need them.
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attorney says that lovell's body was autopsywas autopsied today. eisenhauer and keepers are both expected back in court on march 28, and the commonwealth attorney say it is could be until then until we find out exactly how and when lovell diedexactly how and when lovell died. live in christiansburg, annie andersen, abc 13 news. the virginia tech community is on edge from this news and trying to figure out how two of their students could be involved in such a heinous crime. prison spris live with what she learned on -- priscilla kaiser is live with what she learned on campus today. priscilla. >> reporter: students seemed concerned and worried as police turned their investigation on to campus today. seven divers took to the waters of duck pond on virginia tech's campus, searching for any clues in the murder of nicole lovell. students like nick gentile say the mood on campus has been dampthe mood on campus has been dampened after finding out that two fellow students, david eisenhauer and natalie keeper has been charged in connection
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>> a lot of worry about everything. you know, it could happen to anyone, really. and you will know who -- you don't know what people's motives are, especially no one knew they would be able to do something like this. >> reporter: students say they are sticking together during this time and are thinking of the familythe families on both sides of the incident. live in christiansburg, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> mark: lovell's mother said her daughter had had been a victim of bullying. whether that led to her making bad choices really isn't known right now. suri crowe talked to mona white a counselor for couples and kidsa counselor for couples and kids. >> reporter: she said it is time for parents to wake up. parents are trying so hard to be their children's friends that her shrinking their friend. i spent time looking over her
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not any of other social media pages led to her death is for investigators to figure out. nicole's mother said her daughter didn't want to go to school because she was being bullied and it does appear this child was in pain from several of her posts, some of them talking about suicide even. now white admits it was just about every kid out there having a cell phone, it can be very easy to lose track what they are doing online, but she said parents have to stop being nice and start having rules, even if you think your child knows better. >> cell phones have to be given up at night so parents can check the cell phones for inappropriate contact because sometimes our children cannot monitor themselves. they just get caught up in social media and things happen that they are not even aware that this is happening, and it is so very serious.
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how serious those numbers are, association estimates that 160,000 children nationwide miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation. live in the lynchburg newsroom, suri crowe, abc 13 news. >> noreen: we are getting new information on this case every day, even by the hour, as we learn more, you will too. when we are not on the air, you can always go to for updates. the rain has moved into the heart of virginia this evening, and we are going to see occasional showers off and on for the next few hours. so if you have any outdoor plans. if you were going to go out to dinner tonight, make sure you have your umbrella with you. right now we are looking live at the rain looking out over route 460. a check of the rain on the radara check of the rain on the radar, it is late to moderate rain. it extends from richmond to charlottesville down through nelson county down to lynchburg to martinsville. it is moving slowly to the east.
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remain well above freezing so you don't have to worry about icy roads. temps in the 40s. coming up later when heavier rain arrives plus much colder temperatures. all right, we want to take you to some breaking news out of campbell county where a judge just a few minutes ago handed do you know guilty verdict in the vincent spinner murder trial. katie brooke has been there since that trial begin last week and joins us live with the breaking details. katie? >> reporter: guilty, mark, is the judge's final decision after hearing three full days of evidence. rang throughout court room as the judge gave his final conclusion finding spinner guilty of the first-degree murder and robbery of his fathermurder and robbery of his father-in-law 89-year-old james payne. after hearing the evidence from the commonwealth, he think the pieces of the puzzle together that spinner is guilty of stabbing his father-in-law 25 times in intentional and deliberate act and stealing his wallet. spinner left the court room
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james payne's son on camera. hear what he has to say about the guilty verdict coming up at 7:00. live in campbell county, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thank you, katie. the halifax county attorney is not happy with the new courtis not happy with the new courthouse plans. the proposed plan will cost taxpayers $23 million but it doesn't include renovating her office. tracy martin says her office is just as insecure as the courtjust as insecure as the courthouse and needs a lot of work. she is going to present these problems to the halifax county board of supervisors at tonight's meeting. . a nelson county attorney is eyeing the commonwealth attorney's seat. anthony martin submitted his letter of resignation. daniel rutherford ran as the republican contender. he currently has a private practice out of lovtionton. weatherford said he is waiting for a special election to be set to make his run official.
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tonight as the first numbers come in for who americans want as their nominee for president. all youall you need to know about the iowa caucus. how three local small businesses with very different missions are getting some help to grow. next "e.t," backstage the s.a.g. awards. >> that's what i was kpated
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>> all the award-winning coverage you can count on. >> mark: after months of campaigning, tonight we will have our first votes cast in the nominating process for president. the iowa caucuses are set for 8 p.m. eastern tonight. right now bernie sanders and hillary clinton are nothing a dead heat on the democratic sidedead heat on the democratic side. for the gop, a new poll out show donald trump widening his lead. that could change though with a third of likely caucus voters saying they are undecided. stay tuned to abc 13 and tonight for the very latest results. keeping our dollars local. that is what a local business plan competition is all about.
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economic development organizes the small business investment forum competition every year. tola adamson met this year's winners today. tola? >> reporter: noreen, they represent a wide range from dance, education and event rentals. they all won valuable prizes, and they say it is helping them jump start into successful entrepreneurialship. for this event rental company, it started as a problem. >> we started planning our wedding. it was a challenge trying to find the colors we wanted. we ordered a couple of times before we actually got the colors we were looking for. that is four shades of turquoisethat is four shades of turquoise. and we ended up getting all of them in. >> reporter: for this day-care center, a passion. >> working with children. >> reporter: and this dance wear store, a need. >> dancing since 3 and i am 23 and nowhere to find dance wear and i hauls that problem and order it online or go out of
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what better idea than to have my own dance store here. >> reporter: martinsville county is helping these location bring their ideas to life by starting a company in the area. they won funding, space and mentoring service through a business plan competition. prizes totaled more than $10,000prizes totaled more than $10,000. round one, putting together a business plan. round two, presenting it in front of judges. >> it was geared toward marketing and the financial piece. >> it will definitely help martinsville. there are at least five dance studios here and a whole lot of dancers. >> once we goat in a small inventory for our we hading that we didn't need. we decided let's save everybody else the heartache that we went through. we have to go outside of the area to get what we need. we are making that city rich, not ours. >> reporter: since its launch in 2008, the business plan competition awarded 20 businesses more than $3,000.
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such a great weekend for walks my dog. he loved it. >> mark: yeah, but -- >> george: and then we get into monday. >> mark: the sky is about to fall. >> george: we have rain falling right now.
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for you and that will be good news. we will be getting rain over the next few days. if we have evening plans, everything will be wet. we have already seen some rain moving on through. right now we are looking live over lynchburg and looking toward wards road. >> mark: that looks like a green fog, doesn't it? >> george: looking out over the intramural fields. >> mark: that is what that is, -- okay. >> george: not too many people outside due to the rain moving in. 54 degrees. cloudy, gray skies. temperatures are actually very mild for this time of year, even with the rain. we are going to stay above freezing so you don't have to
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still even in the 60s ahead of the rain as you work your way to south side. boston, south boston, you are at 66 66. clarksville 65. mid-50s toward roanoke. a look at the rain. light to moderate rain making its way across the heart of virginia where you see the dark greens in addition to some of the yellow where is some of the heavier rain has fallen. right now along route 460 looking to the new london area, westburg, altavista, you are getting heavy rain. amherst, moderate to heavy rain showing up near and south of amherst toward madison heights. occasional showers moving through this evening and we have a break in the rain overnight before we see additional rain moving in later this week. so here is what it looks like for you tomorrow. if you do have outdoor plans tomorrow which are densetive -- sense i have to rain, i recommend holding them off until thursday and friday. not expecting anything heavy tomorrow. cloudy, gray skies and cooler temperatures and drizzle, doesn't show up very well here. patches of drizzle and light
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the bulk of the rain on tuesday is going to fall tuesday eveningis going to fall tuesday now wednesday does look like a washout. when you wake up wednesday morning, we will have patches of light rain with heavier rain moving in from the west, and so we will see increasingly heavy rain by late in the morning and also into the afternoon. and you may also be hearing some thunder as a line of thunderstorms will be possible on wednesday. then after wednesday as we work our way into wednesday night, we will be colder, drier and quietwill be colder, drier and for this evening, scattered showers moving ray cross our area. temperatures staying above freezing. 43 for appomattox. altavista, 43. 50, south boston and martinsville at 43. cloudy gray skies about 15 degrees colder than tomorrow. the cloudy weather we are going to have. we will be in the 40s at lunchtime tomorrow. a few small showers and sprinkles and patches of drizzle are possible. the heavier rain though will hold off until wednesday. around the rest of the area for your tuesday, amherst, 47.
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bedford, cloudy and school, 47. altavista, 50. and mid-50s toward south side. your seven-day forecast show the rain chances increasing to 100% on wednesday and that rain is going to be moving in during the morning. so if you have any outdoor plans that don't like rain, i recommend holding off, doing your plans until thursday or friday as thursday and friday and into the weekend will be dry. will be colder and highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. and monitoring returning rain coming next week. >> mark: george, thanks. a reminder about our abc 13 good eats contest. go to our web site for our chance to win some good food. if you scroll down the home page with a link to the contest is under trending. you can also get that information on our abc 13 facebook page today. we are giving a $25 gift card to lavila. today is the last day tonighter the contest. >> noreen: some good food. >> mark: good eats. sports is next.
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the ac basketball poll. >> mark: we will hear from the
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hi, everybody. fresh off saturday's 16-point win at louisville, the virginia men have climbed back into the ap top ten this week. the cavaliers jumped from 11th to 9th. you don't see duke. the blue devils are out of the top 25 for the first time in more than eight years at 15 and 16. they lost four of their last five. virginia hosts boston college wednesday night after the
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then that 16-point win saturday at louisville. >> you know, if could you bottle real good performances that wouldn't be that challenging right now. so i think the fact that the guys played that well in a tough environment against a quality opponent was important. certainly got some momentum from the fortunate win versus wake forest. high school national high school signing day it this wednesday. lowry of north cross has signed to william and mary. we will have full coverage wednesday night on abc 13. way. for the first time ever, super bowl media day takes place not on tuesday afternoon but in primetime monday night, tonight. cam newton says the way he plays the game creates animosity from some fans, love and passion from others. >> for me, i just take it for what it's worth. i am a guy that loves playing the game of football, and i want people to see it.
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>> they got pro bowl, all pro players all over the field. so it is a tremendous challenge. i mean there is a reason they are 17-1. >> dennis: i will be honest, i did not watch a lot of last night's pro bowl. i know from the highlights, seattle russell wilson threw three first-half touchdowns and a lit later the vikings teddy bridgewater hit allen robinson for a 50-yard score. the fourth quarter action i did see was a joke. nobody was tackling. it was touch football. the nfl should be embarrassed for that product. no wonder so many fans don't bother watching any of the pro bowl. they don't care. some cleveland browns fans are sacking johnny manziel for a month and maybe longer. tired of the quarterback off-thetired of the quarterback off-the-field issues, the fans have started a johnny-free february movement on twitter. 750 people have signed up not to tweet, retweet or mention mantweet, retweet or mention manziel on twitter or until he
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manziel's latest trouble being investigated for a possible assault of his ex-girlfriend in texas. sneteke r won the insurance open without hitting a shot. he was able to finish his 3 under 79 in nasty wind and rain. jimmy walk her a one-shot lead but had 8 holes left to play. he bogeyed four of the eight and wound up three shots back. the win today may have been worse than yesterday with a change -- the wind today may have been worse than yesterday in a change of direction. a birdie you putt that would have forced a playoff but did not go on. grant sneteker takes home the farmers insurance open trophy. johnny manziel just cannot stay out of trouble. >> mark: oh, my god. are you kidding me? he's got to be gone.
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>> mark: as a brow
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county is without a home tonightcounty is without a home
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