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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the night >> mark: new tonight. remembering nicole. >> it sounds like she got involved with the wrong people at the wrong time. >> mark: what we're learning about the suspects and victim in this murder investigation. >> off and running. tonight how the presidential candidates are faring in the caucuses. and what we know about a college student and the second confirmed case of the zika virus in the state. >> we have determined that eisenhauer and nicole were acquainted prior to her disappearance. eisenhauer used this
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to abduct and then kill her. >> mark: tonight, searching for justice in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. two virginia tech college students faced is judge. both accused of connection in the death with nicole lovell. keepers is facing accessory, accused of helping eisenhauer get rid of nicole's body. marissa para is live with reaction from those who knew the suspects. >> reporter: mark, the feeling in blacksburg is somber and quiet. people don't really want to talk. and the feeling, the neighbors of eisenhauer and keepers have can be described as complete shock. this is david eisenhauer in high school. runner.
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>> i'm okay with second place if i run a fantastic time. >> reporter: that's the david eisenhauer they remember in columbia, his home for two years after a cross country family move from washington state. the principal at lake high says that he's surprised to see the image of eisenhauer at a killer. >> he was focus on his athletics and did very well here. >> reporter: that same feeling of disbelief is echoed by virginia tech students. >> to think that one ofmy classmates could do something like this is shocking. >> reporter: nobody answers the door at eisenhauer's columbia home. a neighbor says there was no sign of trouble. >> it was unbelievable. >> because? >> because they seemed to be nice people. >> reporter: it's the same reaction in natalie keepers' laurel neighborhood.
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helping to dispose of nicole lovell's body. at home, her reputation was spotless. >> nice people. >> reporter: keepers was involved in drama and writing. they say she was a strong student. >> it sound like she got involved with the wrong people at the wrong time. >> reporter: neither keepers nor eisenhauer are charged with using a gun, and neither have entered a plea. court documents show that eisenhauer told police "i believe the truth will set me free." >> mark: marissa, thanks. here's a breakdown of the timeline. lovell disappeared wednesday. saturday morning, a break in the case. police arrested eisenhauer and charged him with abduction. saturday afternoon, authorities found the 13-year-old's body in north
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and yesterday keepers as charged as an accessory. she's accused of helping eisenhauer dispose of the body. nicole lovell's mother said that her daughter pushed a dresser against her door and snuck out of the her room. lovell's pastor says the family is extremely distraught. >> it's a day by day process. there's a lot of decisions that they're making right now. a lot of things that they're hearing. and right now i think it's just shock. and it's just setting in as they go. >> mark: lovell's family says
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and at school. she was a liver transplant recipient that needed daily medication. she appeared to have troubling messages on facebook and social media counts. we don't know if any of the messages had anything to do with her abduction and murder. it's up to the investigators to figure that out. a clinical therapist says it's up to adults to pay attention to what's going on. >> sometimes children do not want to talk with a parent because they feel like they're in a position to handle this on their own. aren't. >> mark: white says that even if it means taking away phones what messages their children are getting and putting out on social media. as we learn more, you will,
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check out wset for complete coverage. >> george: rain from earlier has moved out however we're still seeing light patches of drizzle topping. we're going to see light patches of fog. the worst visibility is in southside and in the mountains. where the number is under one on here, that means the visibility is less than one mile. and this is thick fog. and in the morning, lows in the 40s for many of us with that fog and drizzle. later, i'll let you know when to expect heavier rain. >> mark: this just into the newsroom. police say two men were shot tonight as a result of an attempted robbery. danville police were called to the 200 block of mount vernon avenue. they discovered dr. randolph kneel suffering from a gunshot wound. he said he was walking home from danville regional medical
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two men. they demanded money. she was shot several times before the men took off. a neighbor went outside and was also shot by the suspects. anyone with information is asked to call danville crime stoppers. tonight police and fire crews released the name of a man who died on the train tracks in roanoke county. police say two men were an an appalachian power work truck trying to cross spring hollow road when it was hit bay norfolk southern freight train. the train was not carrying hazardous materials. they lost their family pets when their house went up in flames. the keatts family was at church yesterday when their home in pittsylvania county caught fire. the fire marshal's office is
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of the fire. and the candidates for president are finding out what campaigning, words, and 10s of millions of dollars has done. randi hick has the latest. >> reporter: high turnout making for high drama in iowa. and marco rubio running strong. on the democratic side, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is two close to call. >> i think what we have shown is that the american people are very dissatisfied. >> i'm doing the right thing for you. >> reporter: tonight the presidential hopefuls gave one more pitch before the votes were cast. >> we'll win the election and turn the nation around together. >> reporter: as many as 400,000 iowans expected to show up at 2,000 locations.
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important. >> reporter: this caucus even held in gary and mary weaver's living room. >> they're doing it almost as a convenience for ourselves and our neighbors. >> reporter: for republicans, even a third place finish here is a key. giving the candidate momentum moving into new hampshire. >> and we don't know if the earth to the establishment is a category 1 or 5. >> reporter: and both jeb bush and chris christie aren't even here for tonight's results. they're in the granite state campaigning for next week's primary. >> mark: and martin o'malley is ending his bid for the democratic nomination for president. that leaves just sanders and clinton on that side. and mike huckabee says he's
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>> and trump asked for the becoming of liberty university president jerry falwell jr. and got it. >> i believe believe donald trump is qualified to run the country and i'm proud to be endorsing him. >> reporter: trump flew falwell jr. and his family to stump for him. some liberty university students say that they don't believe that trump falls in line with true evangelicals. we asked jerry falwell if it was overstepping his position as l.u. president. >> i have ever right as a private citizen to support candidates as anybody else, and i think i'd be -- i don't think i'd be a very good citizen if i didn't exercise my right to choose the best
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candidate who i believe in. that's part of our duty as american citizens. >> mark: and falwell says he's not ruling out future campaign trips with trump. the u.s. supreme court denied a request from congressional republicans to put a new map on hold and allow the 2016 elections to proceed. republicans are asking the court to reverse a decision that says that lawmakers in 2012 illegally packed black voters into the third district. the court is set to hear arguments on march 21st. the second case of the zika virus has been confirmed in virginia.
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an (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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>> mark: university officials in virginia say a william and mary student contracteded the zika virus while traveling on spring break. it is the second case in virginia. >> i feel shocked. >> mark: a spokesperson says that the student concluded the college and the college contacted its wellness team and the c.d.c. they determined there was no wish. most people won't show any
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>> they're currently not exhibit symptoms. >> mark: women who eat a lot of fiber may have less risk of breast cancer later on in life. amazingingly, for every ten games of fiber, there was a 13% decrease in breast cancer risk. >> the legal blood alcohol level may go lower. the national transportation safety board is asking states to lower their levels to 0.05. tonight the story of how a
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>> will: a lot of the snow has been melting away with the warmer weather. the hacket family sent this in picture. this sunrise with the clouds is a double wow. as more rain is ahead, we're going to see more of that rain melting away and a few showers around for tomorrow. if you have something planned outside, it's not going to be a washout. but if you do have something which is sensitive to the weather, i'd hold off until tuesday. any time tomorrow you could get drizzle and in the evening light rain is going to be possible. into wednesday we'll see heavier rain arriving. temperatures are in the 40s.
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the lower 40s. the wind is becoming east and northeast. the cooler air is making its way on in. we are going to have a cloudy and gray day for tuesday. charlottesville, 46. blacksburg, virginia tech 43. and mid-50s -- by the way you saw highs in the 70s in danville and south boston. tomorrow, you can see this area of white getting brighter. this means that the clouds are going to thicken up as we go throughout the day. so cloudy gray skies for tuesday. tuesday-early wednesday, areas of heavy rain developing. wednesday morning, evening is going to be wet as we'll see high humidity and areas of showers developing. if you have something planned outside on wednesday, i would recommend postponing it until
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wednesday, you can see this area of rain. and it is possible you may hear thunderer. and the heaviest rain on wednesday is going to fall late morning-early afternoon. and by 5:00 a.m., all that rain is going to move east towards.richmond and drier weather for wednesday night. for tomorrow, temperatures only in the 40s. drizzle and light rain is possible, not expecting anything heavy. and the wind tomorrow is going to be out of the north and east. 40s for most of us in the area. and 50s toward southside. danville 55. south boston in the mid-50s. your 7-day forecast shows increasing chances for rain especially by tuesday night. and 100 percent chance of rain on wednesday. all of us will get rain. by late afternoon into the evening we'll see drier weather. thursday-saturday look good
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we'll see highs in the 40s with lows in the 20s. mark? >> george: george, thanks.
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every day, it adds >> mark: two families met over the weekend for the first time after a girl got a heart donation from a baby boy. >> that's my heartbeat. that's luka's heartbeat. >> mark: the little boy's mother got a build abear with a heartbeat of the bill boy. around the time that jordan needed a heart transplant, lucas passed away. jordan was selected for his heart. jordan and her mother and lucas's mother met for the first time.
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that she would is be so selfless when she's going through grief. >> i thought i can't save my own son, why not save somebody else's. >> mark: people nationwide are waiting for an organ transplant. last year, 433 people's lives were saved by organ transplants. how do you trim your coffee budget? one, brew at home. also buy coffee in bulk for savings. and look for gift cards on resale sites. sign up for loyalty programs. also bring you own cup. >> reporter: sports is next.
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>> reporter: hi there, everyone. the virginia man have climbed back into is -- the top ten. carolina still number two behind oklahoma. and duke out of the rankings. they're 15 and 7 now and have lost five of their last six. virginia hosts boston college wednesday at seven. >> if you could bottle real good performances, it wouldn't be that challenging right now. so i think the fact that the guys played that well in a tough environment against a quality opponent was important. >> reporter: and tonight, louisville upset north
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l.u. won by ten at charleston southern. in high school, the red devils played host to jefferson forest. and mike jones sat out the game after the death of his grandfather. and the cavaliers started with an early lead. and the foul. it's 25-9, j.f. and later kennedy's jumper won't go, but he got his own rebound and scored. and the red devils with 12. a tough shot here in the lane. and it's logan tyree with the foul. and the cavaliers built a 3-14 halftime lead. navy jones with the two here. jefferson forest wins 57-39. girls' action at l.c.a.
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and bulldogs broke out to a 9-2 lead. and bree jeffersonson brought the bishops back. and l.c.a. takes it into smith who powers up for two of her game highs of 16. she had ten rebounds. jefferson is 13 points in the first half. l.c.a. shut her out the second half and wins 54-31. the bulldogs now 12 and 4. they play at brookville wednesday night. brookville improved to 16 and 2 with a 30 point win over liberty. young led the bees with 19. and buckingham wins 66-58 in glouchland. and monday night instead of the traditional tuesday, here's what the players were saying.
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weakness in his arm. i don't know what [indiscernible]
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>> reporter: and that's >> mark: all right. tomorrow is going to be a lot different than today.
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lot colderer and you also may
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