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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i imagine the family getting an outpouring of support right now. >> reporter: yes, quite a few people are coming to pay their respects to 13-year-old nicole lovell. the viewing started at 5:00, as more people are getting off workmore people are getting off work, the funeral home is getting fairly full. out of respect for the family we are staying across the street and staying out of the way. there is a saying in times of tragedy you see true strength and that been the story this last week in blacksburg. >> we will not let this violence define us. this is it still the place of anywhere else on this earth that i would live, that would raise a family, and this i would send my children to college. >> reporter: when 13-year-old nicole lovell was reported missing, law enforcement from all over offered their help and support. so did community groups and the virginia tech corps of cadets. that didn't go unnoticed by lovell's family as they told us friday. >> it is wonderful. and thank you, everyone in the community for all your support.
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community learned that lovell had been killed, but the support didn't end. >> from this tragedy that thank has happened just to see the outpouring of support and the phone calls that we've gotten and the friends that -- that care about this family and about this -- this girl. that is just a testimony to her, the person she was in the short 13 years that she was here. >> reporter: and even now, the community is coming out in force to pay their respects to lovell. >> all this is the people that knew her coming together like that. maybe they did love her. our community has been awesome with the prayer vigils and just the people praying and the comments i have read on facebook and whatnot. >> reporter: now tonight's viewing will go on until 8:00, and then her funeral will be here tomorrow at 3:00 at the mccoy funeral home. live in blacksburg, annie andersen, abc 13 news. police in rocky mount are determining whether to file
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found dead overnight in a dutch administer there. police got a call from carillion memorial hospital saying 24-year-old katherine delis came in showing signs of just having a baby. she denied having that baby after searching her house though, they were led to the dumpsters at the blackwater collection site they found a baby. police don't know at this point whether that baby was alive or dead when a it was put in the dumpster. six people are in trial in federal court charged in the death of wanes bureau reserve police captain kevin quick. after two days of jury selectionafter two days of jury started today. mona kosar abdi is in the court room and joins us now live from outside the courthouse. mona. >> noreen, the prosecution today. they say shows that these alleged gang members have been terrorizing the charlottesville area in the months leading up to kevin quick's murder. they say they are affiliated
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linked to a string of burglarylinked to a string of burglaries, robberyburglaries, robberies and other criminal activity. today, we flared several victims of those alleged crimes. of the six, only four are charged with murder, but the prosecution says uru from danville and anthony stokes both charged with obstruction of justice and racketeering are the ringleaders who called the shotsringleaders who called the shots. the attorneys for both men claim their clients were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. the prosecution says the four charged with murder carjacked quick, kidnapped him and drove around different atms account. they say the group then shot quick, leaving his body out in the woods in goochland county. the trial is expected to go on for several weeks and will be heard on some saturdays. in court it was revealed that three others arrested in this case will testify against the six on trial as part of a plea agreement in roanoke, mona kosar abdi, abc 13 news. danville regional medical center ce association reaching out to the community tonight following the shooting earlier
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allen larson sent a letter out asking for people to come out for a neighborhood walk and prayer vigil friday night at 6:00 in front of the medical center in comes as an anonymous donor increased the reward for information in the case to 20,000. police say someone shot dr. randolph neal while he was walking home from work monday and then shot neal's neighbor after he came out to to see what was going on. at last check, neal was in stable condition at wake forest baptist medical center. his neighbor was released from the hospital. all right, thing is a live look at our tower cam tonight. you can see nothing. but we are starting to dry out from all the rain we got earlier today. george flickinger joins us now. how much did we actually get today, george? >> george: we picked up one to two inches of rain. that is the most common total. as you can see in that view right there, the visibility is near zero. we have very dense fog, and as it is after sunset, it is very difficult to see.
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lynchburg over an inch of rain. over an inch and a half of rain in danville. roanoke, you also picked over an inch of rain and rain totals between an inch and a inch and a half, blacksburg, south boston and farmville. a good soaking raina good soaking rain for all of us. the edge of the rain is clearing our area as we move away. keep in mind we have dense fog and visibility is going to be poor if you were headed out. watch out for that thick fog as it remains this evening. coming up a little later, we will let you know when we could be tracking some chances for snow in your way out wednesday. the last one proved to be quite expensive, george. the cost of traevting and removing the -- -- for treating and removing the snow from our last storm put lynchburg 45,000 over its $197,000 budget. lynchburg officials say that includes overtime and contractual services that they needed during storms magnitude plus the cost of chemicals to treat the roads.
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$250,000 and that has been tapped into that leaves about $1tapped into that leaves about $150,000 left for any future storms this fiscal year. the pennsylvania county board of supervisors voted unanimously to approve the design for the county's branddesign for the county's brand-new animal shelter. that building is $2 million less than the original plan proposed last year, but will still cost taxpayers more than $3 million. valerie bragg is checking out the county plans to pay for it. she was live in danville now. >> mark, well, right now, there are no plans in place of how the county plans on finance thling new animal shelter. the board still needs to hire a general contractor before they know the final price. then they will start looking for ways to pay for it, but simple fact is, the county has to build a new shelter. the state has fined the county for violations at their current locations, and they need to get the plans rolling before they are fined again. the estimate for the project, 3the estimate for the project,
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>> we do have the funds to cover the estimate -- the estimated cost in reserves. that will be up to the entire board of supervisors to determine whether we want to go out and borrow money for the project or if we want to use funds that are currently held in reserve. >> reporter: i also just got off the phone with the president of the pennsylvania county spca, katherine east. he she said the organization has been waiting years for this project. noreen, mark, the only thing she would change is to add a pet crematory for proper disposal of animals as well as a small play area for the dogs. >> noreen: they need a play area to get out and exercise. how often does this happen, the kids are at school. illnesses spread and they end up running a fever. >> fever certainly can be frightening never parent; however, it is not necessarily the fever itself and it is overall how your children are
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details on wha cover count on. >> mark: we have some breaking news just in that we got from the rocky mount police department, and they are telling us that that case involving a baby that was found in a garbage dumpster there, that their preliminary investigation based on evidence from the medical examiner have ended or show that the pregnancy ended in a stillbirth. so we are continuing to follow this developing story, and we will have much more for you later tonight at 7:00. well, if you have kids, chances are you are reaching for the thermometer this time of year -- a lot. >> mark: now two fevers -- no two fevers are treated the same. danner evans breaks down the dos and don'ts of fighting your child's fever in the health check. >> danner: mark and noreen, you will worry ben the temperature rises, you are.human. stay calm and remember this.
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a pediatric practitioner. focus on your child. not the number on the thermometer. if they are fighting the fever and running around, you stop the medication. if they are laying around crankyif they are laying around cranky, medication may be more appropriate. make sure you give your child plenty of fluids. fever sweats can dehydrate your child and that is very bad news. remember fever is just a symptoms and generally speaking, kid says it is a good thing >> the time that the body is trying to re v up the immune system to try to fight an illness going on. and good news for us as physicians is, it is good to hear that that theism mountain system is working. >> reporter: now let's start don'ts. don't starve a fever. nourished kids can better fight infection. and don't underdress or overdress your child when they have a fever. grandma's advice may not be the best treatment in those cases. mark, noreen. >> noreen: what about chicken newspaper.
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>> mark: it does. fouv go and run some errands this afternoon, you definitely needed your umbrella. >> noreen: next week we are
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george each wednesday at 6 and 11
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segment which is a look at the long-range weather forecast and here what we are going to be tracking. cold weather and a cold snap headed this direction. here are a few dates we are watching for you. looking into next week, the 8-10looking into next week, the 8-10, a monday through wednesday8-10, a monday through wednesday. and also looking through the 9and also looking through the 9-16, and the 15-17. here is what we are tracking for you. we are going to see a chance for sleet and snow early next week. right now it looks like that late monday and into early tuesday that would be the 8th and 9th is when we could see a chance of sleet and snow. too early to tell right now. this does not look like a major winter storm, but there could be a chance we could see an accumulation. it also looks like that we will see very cold weather moving on down from the 9th to the 16th, so we are going to have a week of cold temperatures with highs only in the 20s, 30s and 40s. we will have a lot of nights with lows in the teens. looking toward the 15th and 17thlooking toward the 15th and 17th, just after valentine's day17th, just after valentine's
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see if the winter storm could be forming somewhere along the east coast. we will let you know if this could be having any impact if it does develop and still more than two weeks away, but i wanted to give you an idea what we are tracking for you and update you on that coming up on friday as well. so friday will give you an update on the potential for winter weather in is a look out over lichb lynchburg right now. usually you can actually see parts of town. cloudy skies, visibility near zero. temperatures at 52. watch out for thick fog. roanoke at 48. blackburg at 51. south side temperatures in the 50s and lower 60s toward danville. there is still some drizzle but the mesh sharp rain has ended as it moves off to the east. you can see the rain makes its way to and for the coast. richmond, williamsburg picking up the rain and our measurable rain has ended. reasonable travel plans, everything will be foggy and wet. when you wake up on thursday, we are going to have dry weather.
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tomorrow. we will see clouds around for the morning and afternoon sunshine jumping ahead to your friday. your friday looks good for your outdoor plans as we will have sunny skies across the commonwealth. no rain going up and dry throughout the rest of your week. for tonight, the temperatures are not going to change very much. hold in the 40s as the rain endshold in the 40s as the rain ends. cloudy and cool. amherst, 41. appomattox, 45. altavista at 44. your hourly weather for thursday show cloudy skies for the beginning part of the day and we will see some sunshine coming out in the afternoon. most of us seeing highs in the upper 40s with 50s down toward south side. south boston, 55. smith mountain lake at 50. mobing, 53. upper 40s toward amherst. your seven-day forecast dry for the weekend and watch for late monday into tuesday, and there is a potential for sleet and snow across the heart of virginia. stay with us, we are going to keep you updated on that new information on that potential for sleet and snow.
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well, it is national signing >> dennis: hi, everybody, all that hard work paid off. the area athletes got to reach the fruits of labor on national signing day. six athletes signed letters for football.
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girls soccer and boys lacrosse. you navy jones has not made a decision. ben trent to uva and josh carlin to liberty as walk ons. ashley evans with washington. and lacrosse's sam hunter with randolph macon. >> virginia is i have been here my whole life. it is close. great academics. i really like what the coaching staff is bringing to the programstaff is bringing to the program. seems like an obvious you choice. >> i had a scholarship to division two schools and god was calling me. i am ready to see how far i can go. i am -- might stop or might not stop with college. i don't know. but it will be fun. >> i won't get a lot of playing time professionally, but i hope y'all get a few minutes in and i am going to try my best to play up to that playing stime it was nerveracking making my decision and narrowing it down between different schools. i feel like i made the right
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>> randolph macon stood out with intern opportunities and so close to richmond. the bulldogs had five athletes sign letter. natural will play football for uva and already en involved in charlottesville. anna maris for liberty. heading to the sec to play baseball for lsu. three football players, 'noles tenor football if jmu. jacob strong the university of charleston, west virginia. and logan lake will up for the richmond spiders. such a great environment. all the girls on the team. seemed like the perfect place to go to not only grow in volleygo to not only grow in volleyball and education but in my spiritual you life as well. >> lsu is best for me not only amam democratically. but the coach and staff and a chance to get playing time right away. >> specific, i mean, they have told me and wanted to spend my
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ready for it -- which i think i am. i am very excited for the opportunity to play for jmu. >> they treat them well. and when i go there, i plan to be a starter and contribute in the best way. >> the college experience and then there is a high level of football. we have a chance to go to the playoffs and win a national championship. so, i mean, that is the best part about it. >> dennis: this afternoon in gw, the eagles had four standoutgw, the eagles had four standouts signed to play college football. glass signed with nc state. receiver and d back smith to hampton. tight end henders on signed with north carolina center and kerr us it brooks, d-lineman will play for the cincinnati bearcatsplay for the cincinnati bearcats. >> since i was a young kid i have been dream being it my whole life and now it is happening. it is a big deal. >> i have been thinking about this since i was small. and want to take it to the next level. >> oh, man, a lot of process of
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best for my family. >> grateful, and i look forward my future and seeing what new doors open. >> dennis: and rage doll of henry star joe reed signed in charlotte courthouse with the virginia volunteer. and defense city ofback bradley lisko mr. play for the d-backs. and left to right, johnson headed to.bloomfield. and maguire for north carolina central and harris with coastal carolina. red is already enrolled at bake forest. and demon deacons bastion jr. as well. the 6'5" senior signed with his family by his said. stanton river girls soccer game. white is headed to bridgewater. lindsey boone is headed to bristol, tennessee to play for the university tornadoes. basketball standout kilia-jones has signed his let
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today representatives from the mcdonald's all american game antidepressanted sasha with his honorary game jersey and hat. the bishopthe bishop seniors one of 24 young men across the country selected to compete in the mcdonald's all american game march 30 at chicago's united center. former americans all-americans
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jordan, lebron james carbon monoxide, the silent killer. what the danville fire department is doing that could save lives. national debates play a large role in the presidential elections. at 7:00, why some presidential candidates think the format should change. those stories and more coming up at 7:00. tonight, donald trump's new charge. arguing ted cruz stole iowa with
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