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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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bad romance. tonight the new report claiming a 13 old girl and a college student had an inappropriate expose. why some say brazil has no business hosting the olympics ; anytime, anywhere, award on. this is abc 13 news. ; anchor: good to have you with us. we begin tonight with a story that is rapidly changing. preliminary autopsy results on an infant found dead in a dumpster. police charge kathryn delis with unlawful concealment of human remains. saying delis came in showing signs of having had a baby. delis denied being pregnant. after searching her house
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dumpsters at the black water collection site where they found the baby. a relative threw away soiled bed bedding at trash collection site sites. there are many reasons why a pregnant woman may feel she is not able to have a baby. options for soon to be moms with unexpected pregnancies. she joins us live in the newsroom. ; reporter: with situations like this the number 1 thing to remember is know your options because they are out there. pregnancy can be beautiful but are also scary. ; of the 9 on this wall. half of them had no idea what they were going to do after the baby was born. ; reporter: especially when you're a child yourself. ; the young lady whose come to us. we've had them as young as 13 and 14. definitely 15. ; we how's young ladies going
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or unexpected pregnancy. help them get ready for plans when baby comes. ; reporter: unwanted pregnancies pregnancies. ; safe haveb of virginia allows people to drop off a baby up to 14 days old of any emergency room. any fire station in the city would meet that criteria. ; reporter: basham says she want wants to be a resource because she was one of them. ; i was 16 when i found out i was pregnant and totally overwhelmed. i came here 22 years ago and i'm so thankful i did. ; reporter: she just wants to give back what was given to her. ; those young ones are precious and terrified. they don't know what is going on with their bodies. help other young ladies going through the same journey i did many years ago. i'm thankful there is a place like this where young ladies can
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; reporter: a no question policy that allows people to drop off babies without legal repre reprecushions. she's never seen a case of an abandoned baby in lynchburg. for other options you can go to the website ; anchor: tonight cnn is report reporting that david eisenhower and nicole lovele had an in inappropriate relationship. they also report that nicole was going to expose that relationship. investigators believed eisenhower stabbed her because of that. police say nicole lovele was active on social media with instagram and kick accounts. the other suspect in this case natalie keepers will have a bond hearing tomorrow. we have learned that keepers began planning the murder in early january.
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the heavy rain has made its way out of virginia. we saw hefty rain totals today. most of us picking up an inch of rain. lynchburg over an inch. over an inch in south boston nearly an inch and a half. for this evening we are seeing areas of lingering fog and drizz drizzle. cooler in the morning with most temperatures in the 40s. coming up later take a look at way out wednesday and when we're tracking snow. ; anchor: 6 people on trial in roanoke and charged in the death with a wanes borrow police capt captin kevin quick. after 2 days of jury selection witness testimony began today. it included quick's mother. rhonda quick was the last person to see her son. she choked back tears when she described her last night with him. she called police. the tape of the call was played in court. ; [inaudible] my son.
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; okay. ; and he's been here with me. he always keeps in contact with his mother. ; anchor: prosecutors presented evidence they say shows the alleged gang members had been in the charlotte area. of the 6 only 4 are charged with murder. those 4 kidnapped quick and drove around to different atms withdrawing money from his account. the group shot quick and left his body in the woods. it was reported that 3 others arrested in that case will testify against the 6 on trial as part of a plea deal. a man is charged with threatening to bomb synagogues. robert doyle signed a plea agreement. doyle faces robbery conspiracy and firearms charges. a codefendant pled guilty last month. robert chainy the third faces
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doyle and chainy are white supremacists who bought guns and explosives from undercover agent agents. plan to rob a silver and coin dealer and use that money to finance a race war. investigators in amherst county know what was on bacon found on a suspect they arrested last september. evan cater is found with tresspassing and wearing a mask in public. cater was drunk when they found him hiding behind his neighbors dog kennel with bacon. the lab found meth lin chloride and a standard hydrocarbon mixture. meth lean chloride is an ingredient in paint thinner. the common wealth's attorney will decide if charges will be filed. force inmates to die by electric chair is gaining steam
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that's because the state has run out of the drugs and there is a looming execution scheduled for march 16th. the state is searching for the needed drugs. even if the bill passes it wouldn't go in effect in time for the scheduled execution. the state must ensure an option is in place for future inmates. there was a shortage of drama tonight from the campaign trail. ; get the young man -- ; anchor: rick santorum dropped out of the race and announced he was endorsing marco rubio. carson would be dropping out out. and donald trump is accusing cruz of fraud. claiming cruz didn't win iowa and stole it. cruz ended up apologizing. bernie sanders is calling into question whether hillary clinton is a progressive. clinton and sanders face off
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and then the republicans in new hampshire saturday night on abc. donald trump has been nominated for the 2016 nobel peace prize by a mystery patron. the nobel committee counts among recipients martin luth king jr. and president obama. many expect trump's nomination to fall by the way side. sweet briar college has received a record breaking number of applications. the number of aplecants is more than a thousand this year. that's increased from 750 this time last year. hearing from residents taking a stand in flint. 2 women testified about concerns about the water crisis there. hearing from a patient who
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zika virus in the
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dennis carter. award winning coverage you can count on. ; anchor: it was a packed house. dozens of people from flint including officials with the e.p.a. and the michigan department of environmental quality testified about the water crisis there. gladys williamson brought in dirty water dirty water and clumps of hair she claimed she lost due to the led in flint's water. she wasn't happy with what she heard. ; i'm hearing a lot of finger pointing. i'm not hearing we're coming flint to replace your pipes. ; anchor: also the woman who went to virginia tech professors
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she's the one known as kept the pressure on city state and federal leaders. ; i feel city and state will be handled in time. now it's getting what is going on with the e.p.a. on record and make sure the laws change. ; anchor: government rick sneider owes it to the people to tell lawmakers what he knows. this isn't the last hearing regarding the toxic water crisis crisis. make sure corosive water can't impact it. ; it involves a phosphate based core ocean controlled product in the water before it leaves the plant. that core ocean control keeps the water being corosive to the metals. ; anchor: lynchburg had never had problems with led. right now they are all in the process of being replaced.
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be done at abrew growingan park. beginning next month they plan to construct a bathroom facility dock, fishing, sidewalks and up upkeep the landscaping. they plan to enhance access accessibility to the river. they hope to be done by memorial day weekend. the park will close during that construction.
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what does that mean on from the abc 13 weather experts. ; reporter: tonight for way out wednesday we're going to update you on when we're expecting cold weather as well as the potential for snow. i want to give you a heads up that next week is looking cold possibly the coldest weather of
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we're looking at the eighth through the 10th, ninth through the 16th and just after valentines day. eighth through the 10th this does not look like a major winter storm. however there is a chance that we could see accumulating sleet and snow. too early to make a guess on this for now. this does not look like a major event. however there could be a small accumulation possible. i'll keep you updated on that. we'll start giving you totals if it looks like this pans out. highs in the 20s 30s and 40s through -- through valentines day. very cold weather on the way. watching toward and just after valentines day for the potential of a winter weather system affecting the east coast. bottom line early next week there is a potential for measur
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right now the weather trying to dry out. temperatures at 51. this is the view from lynchburg. cloudy skies. very thick fog. and the visibility is near 0. if you have travel plans tonight visibility is not that great. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 60s in south side. 62 in danville. when you wake up in the morning we're going to see clearing ski skies. have a few clouds around. and then by the afternoon a nice amount of sunshine as the thick thickest clouds move off to the east. tomorrow the weather is going to be dry. looking ahead toward your friday friday. looks good for outdoor plans. a cold start in the morning. during the afternoon highs in the upper 40s near 50 which is normal this time of year. once the drizzle ends tonight we'll have dryer weather for the remainder of the week. temperatures aren't going to fall much more. 40 in blacksburg.
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appomattox 48. for tomorrow a breezy west wind. and temperatures upper 40s to low to mid 50s for highs. closer to 60 in south side. only upper 40s towards the mountains employ the 7 day forecast shows quieter weather with near normal temperatures. normal temperatures thursday night and friday morning. a cold start on saturday and sunday morning. monday will begin dry. increasing chance for rain possibly changing to sleet and snow in the day. as well as a chance for snow on tuesday. we'll keep you updated.
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you can't see it, taste (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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; anchor: tonight we are hearing from the first patient with a confirmed case of the zika virus in the state. got a letter from the cdc saying
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; after i got home from my trip i discovered a swollen lymph node on the side of my head. ; anchor: baker said she contracted the virus in november on a mission trip to guatemala. she wasn't concerned. the past few weeks have been about managing the symptoms. the second case of the zika virus has been confirmed at a student at william and mary. so far there are 50 cases in 15 states. the latest case in dallas was transmitted sexually. the risk from zika is primarily for pregnant women. doctors are seeing a rare but alarming neurological complication. one of the world's most prom prominantth cysts is calling for the olympics to be cancelled.
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the olympics and epidemic control at the same time. ; anchor: the cdc says it will release new guidelines. old guidelines still stand. if you're pregnant avoid travel traveling to zika affected countries. the red cross is asking donors to wait 28 days after visiting zika infected countries before donating blood. brand new equipment could save your life. a carbon monoxide detector will be hooked on the fire fighters e ems bag. the fire department will begin using them friday. ; reporter: sports is next. the cavaliers were at home tonight against boston college. high school girls action lca at
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; reporter: hi everybody. ninth ranked virginia won it's 4th in the row and 16th straight straight. beating boston college tonight in acc play. mal comcontinues great play. poured in 17 of game high 27 in the first half. and when malcolm missed anthony gill was there to jam it down. virginia led by 9 at the half. broke it wide open in the second second. leading score carter to 7 points points. cafs beat the eagles to improve to 18 and 4, 7 and 3 in the acc. road win at ham don sidney. randolph falls at wezly an. miami in the acc beat notre dame dame. women's action take a couple of those scores roanoke over gill ford by 2.
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go today at bef. representatives from the mcdonald's all american game represented sasha killia jones with the jersey and hat. one of 24 young men across the country to compete in the all american game. former mcdonald's all americans include greats such as michael jordan and lebron james. ; it's great company. and i'm excited to play against the best and compete with the best and be on the list with the best of all time really. ; i got a call out of class to come to office to be notified. a lot has changed. but much well deserved honor. ; reporter: brookville led by 12 at the half. chelsy moran drops to the paint. kyla marshal with a steal take
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points employ charged back to within 6. she led all scores within 21. alexa rossor any and the bees hang on. bees improve to 16 and 2 on the season. new virginia tech football coach justin fenty announced a signing class life 21. one is salem spartan offensive line men. enrolled this semester. the class includes 2 quarterback quarterbacks. 6'4" gerard evans from dallas. ; obviously 2 quarterbacks that are here now. and then several offensive line linemen that hopefully we can put away in several years and break out and you get a chance to watch them play. ; reporter: signed 20 with letters of intent with 4 more recruits enrolling last month.
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common wealth of virginia including randolph henry's joe reed. ; i didn't have to do much convincing. it was more just initiating a new place to start from. that was the experience in almost every particular high school or home i went into. there was research done and optimism this is going to work. ; reporter: turner gill announc announced a class of 18 including players from 10 different states. only one from virginia. and miami steven buck shot calvert. steven mash is in the system. gill wants to see what these guys can do in camp before nam naming a starter. ; we're going to have an opportunity to compete. that's for sure. i'm not afraid to play freshmen if they're suited and ready to play and make plays for us, we'll do that.
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class of 17 today. 13 from virginia. included in the class are bradley litheco and elliott brew brewster. and for all the area high school signings we showed you at 6 you can check them out torian gray is heading to the
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that's what is ; anchor: looking at a foggy night right now. that's going to get out of here by morning. ; reporter: yeah, and we're well. we'll be able to dry out. tomorrow will be breezy and cool cool. highs in the 50s. now on the 7 day forecast all eyes are going to be on next week. going to keep you updated on late monday and tuesday that potential sleet and snow. whether this could be a school cancelling type event or just a
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; anchor: hope it's a
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