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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> patti: we are learning about a side story out of rocky mount. autopsy resultos an infant found dead in a dumpster yesterday show the pregnancy end indeed a still birth. police charged catherine with
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delis came in showing signs of having had a baby. delis denied being pregnant. they recall lead to the dump sters at the black water collection site where they found the baby. an relative relative through away soiled bedding at trash collection cites. >> mona: there are many reasons why a woman feels like she can't keep her baby. there are options. >> patti: safe options for moms with unexpected pregnancy. >> reporter: pregnancies can be beautiful and scary. >> half of them had no idea what they would do after the baby was born. >> reporter: especially when you are a child yourself. >> the ladies that come to us, as young as 13, 14 and 15. >> reporter: jannel runs liberty godparent homes.
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have an unexpected pregnancy and help them get ready. >> reporter: among the many save options for pregnancies. >> safe haven of virginia allows the mother to drop off a baby up to 14 days old in the emergency room or a fire station meets that. >> reporter: she want to be a resource for young pregnant women because she was once one. pregnant. i had no clue what to do. i came here 22 years ago. and i'm thankful i did. >> reporter: she wants to give back what was given to her. >> the young ones are terified. they don't know what is going on. this is a calling for me to help other young ladies going through what i did many years ago. i'm thankful there is a place like this where ladies can get the help they need.
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a no questions policy that allow allows people to drop babies out legal repercussions. she has never seen a case of abandoned baby in lynchburg. for information go to our website. >> patti: we are continuing our look toot death of nicole lovel. an immag concerning her activity online. nicole lovel was active on social media with facebook, instagram andkik. we learnedkikhas been active in helping the fbi carrying out their investigation. kikis popular and impossible to keep under aged users from signing up. apple stoppedkikappropriate for kids nine and old or i tunes. stick with us for the latest. we have details on a suspect due
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virginia. >> melissa: after 6:00 we are talking about morning fog. if you are ready to head out the door. here is your weather. we are seeing over cast skies and clear skies mixing in. cleaver in lunch burg 49. 46 in danville. 56 in danville. 46 in roanoke. 54 in brooknil. 41 in blacksburg. 45 in hot springs. continuing to watch visibility. you see a couple miles in south bostonful be alert as you head out the door today. what are you going to need? you want a jacket. tell be cooler. wind shifting out of the northwest. colder air arrives. may not be a bad idea to dress in layers. dry for today as we look at your school forecast. the 40s and 50s. warming up a couple of degrees. many of us staying in the 50s. sun peeks through. we are dry through the weekend. patty?
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it was a packed room. dozens from flint michigan including the epa and michigan department of environmental equality. testified. gladis brought in dirty water and clumps of hair she claims she lost due to the lead in the water. she was not happy with what she heard. >> i'm hearing finger pointing. i'm not hearing. we are coming to replace your pipes: >> patti: the mother of four the mother who went to the virginia tech professor for help. she is known to keep the pressure on leaders. >> i feel tell be handled in time. now it is about getting what is going on with the epa. on record and getting the laws changed to make sure it does not happen to the united states.
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rick snyder oweings it to people to tell them what they know. this is the not last hearing regarding the rights. >> mona: lynchburg say its has a plan to make sure corrosive water can't affect it. >> adding a corrosion control product into the water before it leaves the plant that is corrosion control it keeps the water from being corrosive to metace. >> mona: lynchburg has never had issues with lead despite the fact the city has 100 lead service line. they are in the process of being replaced. need good news her fight with cancer helped doctors learn about the form of neuroblast onlia. we followed her fight after a trial drug put her cancer in remission. four years later she has great news she wants to share with the world.
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doctor's office and they told me i no longer -- [inaudible] i would like to thank the doctors [inaudible] [inaudible]. >> patti: eddie is going to focus raising money for alex's lemonade stand. eddie raised 24, 500 dollars. >> mona: consideration. almost everyone will be affected by cancer at one point in their life through family, friends and smun know. >> patti: reaccepters are working to discover treatments. today on world cancer day there is something everybody can do. mark reports. >> one in two men and one in three women will be affected by
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report are the deadliest diseases. >> tell imfact all of us. report report the doctor at hutsman cancer institute says we need to fight cancer now. >> you should be invest indeed reducing the burden. >> reporter: through prevention. >> i think there are throw big themes that emerge from world cancer day. >> reporter: a healthy lifestyle. studies show that changing your diet and exercise could make an impact. >> this would reduce the number of case of cancer worldwide by a third. report report a key part is to stop smoking or never start. >> the earlier you start the better your chance of not developing a cancer 20 years later. >> reporter: two, vaccinations. >> human pap loafva virus is opinion for cancers. >> reporter: early screenings. >> there is evidence that screening reduces death rates.
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to stop it when it starts you can prevent it now. >> there are things to do to have a huge impact on developing it years later. >> mona: access to vaccination and screening have a global challenge.
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>> melissa: it is 6.:6:. 14. we could see morning fog throughout the morning. over all a mix of sun and clouds the sun makes a come back. dry and cool. the 60s earlier this week, they are long gone. cold air will arrive. latest look at satellite and radar. showers condition showers continuing. clouds left over. overcast and clear skies. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 49 in lynchburg. 56 in dan v. 59 in farmville. 41 in blacksburg. freks in roanoke. it is a bit cool out there. grab the jacket. after all that rain we saw yesterday you have flood warnings in affect.
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county, city of danville and the halifax and charlotte county. those areas over the next couple days as we are watching for the roanoke river at randolph and dan danville river. if you notoriety areas watch out. today, clouds linger in the morning. sun returns throughout the day. temperatures, though, in the upper 40s. lower 50s for many of us. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy over night. temperatures drop into the 20s near 30. cold front pushes off the coast. taking the stormy weather. high pressure build in over the next couple of days. as you know that means sun returns to the heart of virginia. today morning clouds and dry sun for the afternoon and increasing sun for your friday. all the way through the weekend. east coast is looking at a gorgeous weekend. attacking you through future cast, cloud cover but we are
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no issues for that afternoon commute home. future cast trying to develop a spoet shower. may see light drizzle over night. over all mainly we are dry. mostly clear and partly cloud and he cloud cover over night. we are clearing out for friday morning enjoying sunshine. highs this afternoon about 52 in lynchburg. 54 in app mat ox. fid mid 50s to the south side. and 49 in roanoke. now for tonight we are in the 40s we are dropping into the upper 20s near 30. break out that blanket. 28 in lynchburg. 30 in alta vista. 24 in lexington. a look at the next seven. high pressure means we got a quiet weekend. watch for rain and see light snow showers early on tuesday. we will keep you updated. here is your weather photo of
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look at that sun. keven sent in this gorgeous photo of an afternoon. if you have the weather foeies we have a great weekend get out and enjoy temperature send them to here is tech bytes. >> in tech bytes if you have trouble filing tax it is not you the e file is down because of a downed hardware. work. they don't think the problem will delay your refund. >> a galloning engineer and ray smart bedroom. >> posted these images of his bedroom mirror the date, time. headlines. >> never miss out. for those of us who need caffeine to get through the day or night. this wearable will feed the drug into your blood. >> there will be no need to run to the coffee maker.
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buy one and will not be available until this summer. gi will stick with my coffee.
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>> have a great day >> this morning's health news acpuncture practiced for thousands of year its is reduce nausea and vomiting after chemo and relieve pain now they are seeing it if will will help with breast cancer >> when she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer here doctors put her on a treatment that caused side affects. >> i had joint pain. my knee from ankles and my [inaudible]. >> reporter: recommended she take part in a trial that looked at acpuncture to relieve pain.
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>> i was sleeping better and the pain reduced. >> more than 60% of women with early stage breast cancer suffer from hot flashes. joint and muscle pain and depression. they thought if acpuncture could help it could be used as therapy along with the medication. what they found both patients treated with acpuncture which involved retractible needles not placed in pressure points said they felt relief. >> minimal side affects. this can help them have significant improvement. the doctor says the pricks from real and sham acpinkure needles may stimulate the body which relieves pain and it may be an alternative to help these women. for health minute.
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viewed news stories. a woman charged after an infant's body was found. many of you are log on to read about danville medical center organizing a vigil for the doctor shot this week. a former lynchburg girl
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3 ninth-ranked
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row and 16th straight at john paul jones arena, beating boston college in acc play. senior malcolm brogdon continues his great play, brogdon poured in 17 of his game-high 27 points in the first half. the cavs built a lead as many as 25 in the second half. and when malcolm missed, anthony gill was there to jam it down, gill added 10 points and 11 rebounds.virginia led by nine at the half and broke it wide open in the second. brogdon held bc leading scorer eli carter to just seven points. cavaliers beat the eagles 61-47 to improve to 18-and-4. 3 wednesday at v.e.s. representatives from the mcdonald's all-american game presented sacha killeya-jones with his honorary game jersey and hat. the bishops senior is one of only 24 young men from across the country selected to compete in the marquis high school all- american game march 30th at chicago's united center. 3 high school hoops at brookville, the bees hosted the l.c.a. bulldogs.
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half, chelsie moran here in period three drives to the paint for two of her 10 points for the bees. later it's kiala marshall for brookville with the steal, she takes it all the way for two of her 13 points. faith begin helped l.c.a. charge back to within six, she led all scorers with 21. but brookville wins 64-55. 3 and for all the area high school signings from wednesday, plus comments from uva's bronco mendenhall, tech's justin fuente and lu's turner gill, you can go to that's what is going on in sports. >> melissa: hope your thursday is off to a great start t. is 6:26 we needd that umbrella yesterday. look at the rainfall totals from yesterday. an inch in lynchburg. danville you set a new record. breaks the old record from 96. 1.65 inches. an inch in roanoke. same in
6:23 am
ed with widespread rain. what does that mean for your thursday? temperatures a bit cooler. wind out of the north and northwest. breezy at times. upper 40s near 50s as we head to the 8:00 and 9:00 hour. 50 for lunch. low to mid 50s in the afternoon the clouds give away to sun later in the day. sticking around and showing you the high's for the afternoon. 54 f dylan and an mat ox. 52 from bedford up to lovingston. the south side. mid 50s. 56 in south boston. 53 in brooknil and smith mountain lake. morning fog will burn off and sun for the afternoon. around 49 in roanoke. upper 40s fer lexington.
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let's check the weekend. low 50s for saturday and sunday. seasonal temperatures and mostly sunny skies. patty and mona? >> patti: thank you. coming up in the next half-hour of good morning virginia the latest on the death of a 13 year old blacksburg girl. family and friends are prepare to say goodbye and a suspect is due in court.
6:25 am
pennsylvania county >> patti: latest on the caves 13 year old girl murder. natalie keep are one suspected in the death of nicole lovel will have a bond hearing. cnn is reporting the other suspect, david eisenhower had an inappropriate relationship with nicole. they site a law enforcement official. they report nicole was going to expose that relationship and investigators believe eisenhower stabbed her to prevent that eisenhower is charged with first degree murder. nicole was active on social media with facebook, instagram and kik accounts that have where she met eisenhower.
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early january. >> melissa: good thursday. after 6:30 we are seeing cloud mixed with clear skies. over all, no rain to report. cold front is long gone. we will see dry weather for your thursday. giving you a live view of danville a carrot roads. 59 in lynchburg. 56 in danville. 41 in black burg. could see areas of fog this morning. be careful on that commute. what do you need as you get ready to tackle your thursday? grab a jacket. it will be cooler. wind out of northwest in the 40s and 50s. check of weather. dry but clouds give way to sun this afternoon, temperatures 52 this afternoon in lynchburg. patty? back to you. >> patti: thank you. day four. trial for the alleged gang members accused of killing captain kevin quick. after two days of jury selection.
6:27 am
including quick's mother. she was the last person to she her son. she choked back tierce when her son did not come home she called police. tape was played in court. [inaudible] >> we just lost his damped he always keep in contact with his mother. >> patti: prosecutors shows the alleged gang members terizing charlotte'sville area in the weeks leading up to his death. four are charged with murder. those four kidnapped quick and drove to different atms with drawing money from his ash count. they shot him and left him in the woods. in court it was revealed three others arrested will testify against the six on trial. as part of a plea deal.
6:28 am
planning to shoot synagogues is pleading guilty. records show robert doyle signed a plea e. graf faces robbery, con conspiracy and firemanarms charges. rornd chainly the third faces the same challengers. fbi says in a court confidence doyle and cheney are white supremist supremists who bought guns from agents. 2 planned to rob a silv and are coin deal and use the money to finance a race war. >> patti: danville medical center is reaching out to the community following the shooting of a doctor. allen larson sent a letter yesterday asking people to come for a neighborhood walk and prayer vigil tomorrow at 6:00 as a donor increased the reward for information in the case to 20 thousand dollars. police say someone shot doctor neil while he was walking home
6:29 am
neighbor after he came to see what was going of neil was in stable conditionful his neighbor was release friday the hospital. >> mona: a man accused in a home invasion in madison heights will not get a new lawyer. a judge denyied his motion. marshall beat gnarla gene freman to death and beat her sop after break nothing their madison heights home. 29th. >> patti: a bill that would force inmates to die by electric chair if drugs can't be found is gaining steam in virginia. the state run out of the drugs. and there is an execution scheduled for march 16th. state is searching for the need drug. if the bill passes it would not go in affect in time for the scheduled execution. the state must ensure an option in place for inmates.
6:30 am
kathy byron chair woman of danville betsey young. danville councilmember lee vlog ler all gave support to the candidate. 31 leaders and activists from all over the common wealth back senator rubio. >> patti: ahead of the debate in new hampshire tonight the presidential hopefuls are battling over who is progressive enough. >> mona: is there is a new war of words with the front runner. bobby reports. >> reporter: democrats laceow difference in new hampshire. >> an objective assessment say there is more excitement and energy in our campaign. >> reporter: sanders argues he is more electable than hilary defeds his plan to raise taxes to pay for universal health care. >> pay more in taxes but you will not have to pay private health insurance premiums. >> reporter: and progressive political revolution.
6:31 am
health care for all. >> hard to see how his proposals could be achievable. >> reporter: clinton fights back that she is a moderate not a progressive. >> i'm a progressive who getings things done. >> >> reporter: pledges to make history. gi will break the highest glass ceiling. [applause]. report report leading republicans in a new battle. ted cruise fires back after trump accused him of fraud for ending it e mail to supporters suggesting carson was dropping out of the race. cruise told his team to spread the word trump tweets. ted cruise did not win iowa he stole it. cruise accuseds trump of a nasty temper. >> i don't know anyone who would being comfortable with someone who behave this is way having his finger on the buttom. we are liable to wake and you will donald would have nuked denmark.
6:32 am
small worry san torum and paul dropping out. abc news, washington. >> patti: you may have smelled the sewage odor down route 29 in rusburg. the landfill is well and many residents say living and working by it is almost runbearable since the landfill joined the authority in 2008. trash is hall indeed from lynchburg and amhurst the amount coming in is causing gas e missions. chairman of the board of supervisors lives half a mile from the landfill and says something must be done soon. >> it means interference in our ability to enjoy our lives. as we live near the landfill. >> patti: they are a year and a half away from real solutions, there is a plan to install a mist misting system to cover the smell that is an 18 month plan. talks of a gas extracting system
6:33 am
>> mona: pennsylvania county board of supervisors says the ball is rolling on a new animal shelter. the board voted approve the design estimateed cost tax payers 3.2 million dollars. how the county will pay for it is yet to be decided. the county needs to put the project out for bid whchlt they get the final cost they will decide how to pay for it. >> that will be a decision the board will have to make how we will pay for it. i, myself would like to see us use reserve money we have. surplus money we have. i'm not interested in borrowing more. >> mona: fined bite state previously for violations at their current location. they need to build a new one. >> patti: another step toward the finish line for the historic academy of music theatre this time in the form of a 350 thousand dollars grant from becky hawkins of lynchburg.
6:34 am
everyone new donation made through march 16th the be matched up to the 350 thousand dollars total. construction is under way for the theatre slateed open in 2018. capitol campaign to restore and reopen it began in 2012. 14 million dollars raised 9 million in the last year alone. executive director says this challenge is just what is needed to encourage first time donors. >> if i give 20 dollars now i'm a first time donor that turned to 140 dollars. that is a big thing now. and now for people that may be were not sure they would want to give they thought it would not be a big impact. now it makes a big difference because we are close to the end. >> patti: if this challenge is met. 1.8 million will be left toward that goal.
6:35 am
taken by parents and students from lynchburg school system revealing something interesting about the classroom. >> melissa: 40ary but 56 in danville now. we will see a bit of sun later today.
6:36 am
heavy >> melissa: you see that shower activity pushing off the east coast. strong are storms along the carolina coast. we are seeing clear skies and the clouds will give way to sun later in the day.
6:37 am
a snapshot of today's weather. dry. clouds clears, a breeze. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. so it will be cooler. no more 60s and a big are cool down for next week. 49 in lynchburg. 56 in danville. 58 in farm very much 47 in martinsville. 41 in black burg. 46 in roanoke. quick check of the day cast. 47 for the 8:00 hour. 50 by lunch. low are 50s for the afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. again staying dry. there is the cold front continues to push off the east coast. if you you wonder what the rest of the week looks like. it will be awesome. high pressure builds in sitting on top of us for the weekend. we'll be dry today with a bit of cloud cover. but sun for friday. mostly sunny into saturday and sunday.
6:38 am
see that sunshine peeking through. cloud clouds hang to the south and east. could be clouds beginning to build back in future cast trying to develop showers. seeing most will stay to the east coast the cold front departs. partly cloudy skies over night. could see a stray shower late in the night a 20 percent chance. and see flurries it is showing temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. by the time you wake up tomorrow. lots of sun, remember the sun glasses. here are the high's today. 52 in lynchburg. 53 in alta vista. mid 50s to the south. 44 for the new river. 49 in roanoke. 54 in smith mountain lake. over night, cooler weather. no more 40s. we are back in the 20s the cold air arrives. 28 in lynchburg. 30 in amhurst.
6:39 am
23 in the new river valley. quick check of the next seven. quiet thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. our average high this time of year being 47 degrees. we will be there or above throughout the next four day. watching as we head late monday into tuesday. light snow. not expecting accumulation. we will keep you updated. mona and patty? >> patti: thank you. of lcs released the results of a survey on culture and climate in the schools. students, teachers and paurnts were commenting. 91% of apparents agreed, my child respects their teach are. 33% of elementary students and 20% of high school students agreed that students treat teachers with respect at my school.
6:40 am
telling. a telling piece. we have to figure out -- how to have the conversation. one thing that came up last night in the meeting was who is talking to the students and the parents, even. what how is it you are telling me that your children are being respectful? when in the school, the teachers and the students are saying, not so much? >> patti: they plan to define what respect means within each class. >> mona: less than a year after closing sweet briar college received a record break number of mrikzs. the number of applications is more than a thousand this year. that is an increase from 750 at the same time last year. >> patti: good news for those taking the ged the minimum passing from 150 to 145 and 647 people got their ged because of it.
6:41 am
took it in 2014 and 15. officials decide to change it after comparing the graduates to high school graduates. virginia's 71% pass rate on the new ged will be adjusted once the new numbers are added. >> more ahead on good morning virginia. this morning we are hearing from a victim of the zika virus.
6:42 am
for the sum are >> >> patti: as you head out the door allow extra time that fog will slow you down. >> it was thick and dense. >> mona: it has been patchy. you may be driving and everything is fine and, boom. visibility. >> please, everyone that will be the big story for the day. over all, quiet conscience the rest of the week and weekend. tell be good to get out there.
6:43 am
first part of the day. temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s this morning. that is where they will stay as we head all the way through thursday. by lunch we are sitting pretty at 50. around 52 for the afternoon. we will see mostly cloud tow partly cloudy over night. could see a stray shower. not going to impact us. the story will be the sunshine and the cooler weather. that s arriving the week and weekend. and looking ahead to next week highs in the 30s. enjoy the 50s and 40s. 52 today. upper 40s friday and saturday. look at the back at 52 for the high on sunday. what is your weekend outlook? it is awesome. mostly sunny. a little more clouds on sunday afternoon. for the over night lows drop in the 20s. where we should be this time of year. dress in layers and get out and enjoy a gorgeous weekend for the
6:44 am
here is what i was talking about. you see lower 50s and the upper 40s through the weekend. thanks to high pressure. lows in the 20s. as we look ahead to monday and today. later on monday a 40% chance into the night. early on tuesday we could see light snow showers as temperatures are below freezing. we are drying out for wednesday. look at highs today and wednesday in the 30s. mona and patty? >> patti: thank you. this morning we are hearing from the first patient with a confirmed case of the zika virus in virginia. healther baker got a letter from the cdc saying she has the zika virus. >> after i got home from my trip i discovered a swollen node on the side of my head. i knew my body was fighting something. >> patti: she contract today in november on a mission trip to guatemala.
6:45 am
the past few weeks about managing the symptoms and learning about the virus. a second case in a student at william and mary. >> mona: 50 case in 13 states. florida declared a state emergency because of nine cases. the latest in dallas was sexually transmitted the risk is for preg mantle women. doctors are seeing a rare and alateraling neurological complication. gillian syndrome a progressive paralysis. the world's most prom nan is calling for the limpolympics to be canceled. >> i don't know that it is up to doing the olympics and epidemic control at same time. >> mona: the cdc will release new guideline. if you are pregnant avoid travel to zika affected countries and others wear repellants and avoid
6:46 am
asking donors to wait 28 days after individualing zika country countries before donating blood. >> patti: the latest on the lovel case as the family and
6:47 am
>> mona: the m >> patti: a look at the top stories. today's 13 year old nicole lovel will be laid to rest. 19 year old natalie keeper one suspect indeed her death will have a bond hearing. documents show that police believe keepers planned the killing weeks before it happened. the other suspect david eisenhower is charged with first degree murder and now eisenhower and lovel had an inappropriate relationship and site a law enforcement official.
6:48 am
that relationship and investigators believe eisenhower stabbed her to prevent that. eisenhower is charged with first degree murder. >> mona: autopsy resultos an infant found dead in a dumpster yesterday showed the pregnancy end indeed still birth. police charges with kith risen with unlawful concealment of human remains. they got a call from the hospital saying she came in showing signs of had a baby. delis denied being pregnant. after searching her house they were lead to a dumpster at the black water collection site where they found the baby. police say an relative relative through away soiled bedding. >> patti: a step toward the finish line for the academy of music theatre in the form of a 350 thousand dollars challenge. under the terms of challenge every new donation will be matched up to the 350 thousand dollars total.
6:49 am
way for the theatre which is slide slayeded open in 2018ful 1.8 million will be left toward their goal. >> mona: good morning america is next. here is amy with what they are working on. >> next on good morning america the latest on the zika emergency. struggling to contain the out break should the olympics in rio be canceled. all next on gma. >> mona: we have to wait a few hours. >> melissa: it is clear in lynchburg. but we are seeing that mixed with over cast skies. 44. temperatures have dropped. watch out for that morning fog. clouds will burn off. we will see sun as we head to the afternoon hours. temperatures upper 40s and lower 50s for many of us. cool are than the 60s we were teased with earlier this week.
6:50 am
watching monday night into tuesday high's back in the 30's next week. >>
6:51 am
date. let's get hitched. >> stay with us for "gma." good morning, america. tornadoes tear through the south overnight. >> oh, my god. taking the roof off houses. >> are we going to die?
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