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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this just into our newsroom. a former pta treasure is now facing embezzlement charges. the lynchburg police arrested jennifer just hours ago and charger with six counts of tony embezzlement. that is according to members of the elementary school pta. abc 13 has learned from lynchburg city schools that she is accused of stealing money from the school's pta account. new details tonight on abc 13 news at 5:00. right now, a hearing going on for the second virginia tech student charged in the death of nicole lovell. 19-year-old allie keepers is charged with being an accessory to murder. abc 13 reporter annie anderson is inside the courtroom. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it.
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will be laid to rest. her funeral service will begin at 3:00 p.m. at the mccoy funeral home. there will be a graveside burial in blacksburg. abc 13 has confirmed a memorial fund has been set up in nicole's honor at the blacksburg national bank. a former fbi profiler weighing in on the level case. doctor mary ellen o'toole said based on her experience it is much easier for those admired to hide behind criminal behavior. we must point out david eisenhower is innocent until proven guilty. o'toole says she believes eisenhower may have had a criminal mindset and hid that athlete. >> this is not the result of snapping. there is an evolutionary process to this type of behavior. investigators will be looking
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>> eisenhower stabbed level after she tried to expose their inappropriate relationship. right now, a judge's hearing witness testimony in the trial for the alleged gang members accused of killing waynesboro police reserve captain kevin quick. of the six on trial, only four are charged with murder. after two days of jury selection, witness testimony began yesterday. they drove to several atms withdrawing money from his account. the other two were the ring leaders who call the shots. the trial is expected to go on for several weeks. our crews are just getting back from the danville regional medical center where the hospital is addressing the shooting that left a doctor wounded. ceo alan larson says the hospital had increased security for the safety of their staff. larson has held the position
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since he has been there, more than 25 gunshot and stabbing emergency room. he said it is time to address the violence. >> this is not the only incident. there are other parts of the community where violence exists as well. we are meeting today to talk about crime across the whole community. >> noreen: doctor neal was walking home from a meeting at drnc when he was shot. the hospital does not want anyone to be afraid to walk in their neighborhood. they are holding a meeting community. let's take a break and check in with melissa le fevere. what should we expect going in to the weekend? >> melissa: mona, we have lots of sunshine in store friday, saturday, and sunday, but a bit of cooler weather.
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danville tower cam. at the lunch time hour, roads are dry. we're going to stay dry for the rest of the week and weekend. 49 in lynchburg. 52 in danville. sunshine in roanoke, blacksburg, and hot springs. temperatures are going to stay in the upper 40s and lower 50s. we have even cooler weather next week. details coming up. the cleanup underway after several tornadoes touched down in the southeast. megan hughes has more on the extensive damage. >> a tornado warning has been issued. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, tornadoes hit parts of the south. in crockett county tennessee, the surveillance camera at a local high school show the bullets and ef-1 tornado came crashing through classrooms. fortunately, the school day was over when the tornado hit. >> no one was hurt. >> reporter: in the area
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left with visible damage like the band vandover home. >> my shop is completely destroyed. the roof is gone, the doors are gone, and all the contents are pretty much destroyed and soaking wet. >> reporter: despite the obvious destruction, there's a silver lining. >> we will rebuild. >> reporter: a tornado came through the base. >> abandoned vehicle. >> reporter: frightens parents and children cannot believe their eyes. >> oh my god! taking the roof off houses. >> reporter: the military sent 50 people to new homes. destroyed. in thomasville, north carolina, jeff locke considers himself lucky. >> my mom called to say she saw a tornado come through and the garage was gone and the porch was gone and the buildings were gone, but the house was fine. >> reporter: the national weather service will be out to
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determine if it was caused by a tornado or straight line wind. they can hughes, abc news, washington. a bill that would require public school students to get at least 20 minutes of physical activity daily is advancing. a house version of the bill received culinary approval despite lawmakers criticizing it for him positioning school districts. the senate has already approved its version of the bill. the legislation applies to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. to make the iowa caucuses are over, but due to strong showing they place a target on marco rubio's back.candidates are attacking rubio and scrambling to get their own message across the head of new hampshire. marcy gonzales has the details. >> why are people so engaged in the political process? >> reporter: marco rubio moving up in the polls. the latest showing the senator now in second place behind donald trump and other candidates are taking aim.
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he has had no experience at all at ever managing anything. >> reporter: trump is still going after ted cruz accusing him of fraud in iowa. the billionaire businessman also running into some unexpected drama on the trail. his plane forced to make an emergency landing yesterday in nashville because of mechanical problems. trump eventually making it to his campaign stop in little rock. >> i guy said, that's okay, we can go back to new york and we could come another day. >> i said there is no way. i love arkansas. >> reporter: the front runner and other candidates campaigning across new hampshire. the democrats after taking on voters questions in last night cnn town hall. hillary clinton defending she paid big money for giving speeches. >> did you have to be paid >> i don't know. that's what they offered. >> reporter: sanders saying he will raise taxes for healthcare. >> you will pay a little bit
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>> reporter: the democrats will face off tonight just two days before the big republican debate right here on abc. marcy gonzales, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. he fought for his country overseas, but an iraq war veteran had to fight for his
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again! again!
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again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! you're watching abc 13 news, award-winning coverage of lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke, and the new river valley. this you have to see. he was already considered a country. now, in iraq war veteran fighting off an armed robber. check out this video taken at a gas station in florida. the robber came in and demanded back. with the robber moved beside
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gunmen and throw some around while punching him. the robber runs out of the store. the gun was an air soft gun. in wisconsin, new technology helps to predict 9-1-1 calls. it would help dispatchers position ambulances where they think they will be needed even taking traffic into account. >> reporter: echo across amulet service, dispatchers work around the clock sending paramedics where they are needed. the screen it looks like weather radar is helping them do that. >> it will predict where the highest calls are going to come in within our service area. >> reporter: the software uses data from the past five years of calls to show where the next calls are likely. >> it is real-time based on previous years called data at that time of the day. >> reporter: the darker color shows the most likely spots for
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dispatchers move the ambulances around based on the colors. >> sometimes you move the ambulance to the darker area. within five or 10 minutes, you get a call from the is a little bit spooky how accurate it is. >> reporter: it will take into account traffic patterns, which dispatchers say is especially helpful during bad weather like tuesday snowstorm. >> the closer to a call, the better they can respond. >> reporter: gold cross has ambulances. those are expected to be a big help during bad weather. >> it helps us get on scene a little quicker. we do have one on the road right now. within the next few weeks, we will have the second one. >> reporter: the vehicles are larger meaning more protection for the paramedics. >> it will be safer for them in general. >> reporter: gold cross said the overall goal is to make response times as short as possible. >> sometimes seconds really do matter. >> reporter: what a person's life is on the line, every second counts. time is running out for a
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claim his prize, or they will be out $63 million. the 60s we saw earlier this week
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be a forecast you can count on from abc 13 weather experts the clock is ticking. a lotto ticket holder in california has until the end of the day to claim their prize, or lose out on $63 million. the super lotto ticket was purchased back in august 2015. the store where the ticket was bought is even posting signs to get the word out. if they don't come forward, this will be the third largest prize to go unclaimed in u.s. lotto history.if no one claims the winning, the money will go toward the california public schools. >> melissa: at least it's going toward a good cause.
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>> mona: are you sure it wasn't you? >> melissa: no. it is going to be a win in the weekend department for weather. we have unseasonable temperatures. we will not see the 60s, but still above average for this time of year. if you're heading out for lunch, you are going to encounter temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 49 in lynchburg. 47 roanoke. 41 blacksburg. 47 martinsburg. 52 in danville. this time yesterday, we were talking about a washout, but that cold front is across our area pushing across the east coast taking the rain and stormy weather with it. behind it, sunshine and clear skies. here is a look at the service map.
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off the coast. high pressure is going to build in as we head throughout friday and into the weekend. a little cloudy for today, but it's going to be dry. friday, increasing sunshine. keep the sunglasses handy through the weekend. i want to time everything out on futurecast. clouds will hang tough further to the east. we will see some breaks in the clouds with a little sunshine later on today. mostly cloudy and drive for the afternoon commute home. we may see a stray light shower. mostly cloudy for the overnight. clouds clear out and we have sunshine in store for the end of the work week. we're looking at about 52 in 53 in altavista. 56 in south boston. right around 49 in roanoke. 44 in the new river valley.
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been in the 40s. we are back in the upper 20s and lower 30s as we have cold air building into the heart of virginia. 30 in altavista overnight. 29 in bedford. 23 in the new river valley. we will look at low 30s down to the south side. a quick check of the weekend outlook. it is friday eve. i promise you a great weekend. mostly sunny skies. we will see temperatures in the upper 40 saturday. lower 50s on sunday. still above average. overnight lows will be in the 20s. we have some cold air on the way as we head into next week. the jetstream is going to take a trip to the south. we're going to see the coldest air of the season. temperatures are back in the 30s for your highs, tuesday evening to wednesday. more cloud cover for today, lower 50s. upper 40s friday into saturday.
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monday, we're looking all right with highs in the upper 40s monday night into tuesday. watching the chance for a little rain-snow mix. could see snow showers on 30s. we're going to need that coat.
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day, we will introduce by audiology hearing and associates danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. each week we are partnering with chideo to bring you stories about cause and giving. this week, chideo cause wire takes a look at how the trials we face in life are often our for others. >> reporter: >> you go from planning which are going to do for the weekend
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>> reporter: it's what is all about. it's why johnny immerman started a mentoring program connecting cancer survivors with cancer sufferers. >> how to empower those who struggle along the way. >> reporter: a very 14, the group is participating in the la marathon . is it immerman angels. expire change. in marie's case, it sparked an idea that not only changed his life, but the lives of thousands of at risk youth. >> my younger brother was brutally murdered. at his funeral, i made a promise i would personally do something. >> reporter: maurice started street waves as a way to
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>> you have to get back up. that is the way have to be in life. >> reporter: to keep kids off the streets and in the ocean, go to street waves.
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when we come back, let's go live to annie anderson who just stepped out the christiansburg courtroom where natalie keepers had a bond hearing. what is the latest?>> reporter: we just got out of court here at montgomery county courthouse. the main thing is natalie keepers was not given bond. that means she will stay in jail the duration. we did learn some interesting things during this testimony. keepers herself took the stand and said when she was younger she was a cutter. she stating counseling in eighth grade through ninth grade. when she came to virginia tech,
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transitioning from high school to college and she went back to counseling. she told the commonwealth attorney that at that time not only did she receive counseling, they sent her to a psychiatrist who gave her prozac for depression and anti-anxiety meds. when the commonwealth attorney was questioning keepers and her parents, keepers dad also took the stand as did her mom and they were both in tears. her dad said when he learned about the news it was like somebody punching him in the stomach.the commonwealth attorney also gave us an idea of the timeline of everything that happened. she said keepers told police that prior to levels disappearance she and david eisenhower, the person charged with first-degree murder for lovell's death so they set down
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other of how they could kill lovell. >> mona: stay with abc 13 for the latest on that case. time for our lynchburg pet of the week. taylor is here with magneto. >> he is such a social dog. we instantly all fell in love with him the day he came in. >> mona: how old is he? >> about a two-year-old husky mix. we think maybe some golden retriever. he does great with other dogs. he has lived with a couple already. >> mona: how about the outdoors? >> he loves going outside. absolutely. >> mona: he said he's good with kids? >> yes. he would make a wonderful family dog. we don't know quite how he is with cats. he would be perfect for any lifestyle. he is fantastic. >> mona: if someone wants to adopt magneto, what should they do? >> come in and fill out the adoptive profile and we will finalize it in our system.
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melissa for a last look at your forecast.
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