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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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during the whole investigation. her mom came surrounded by family members as did her dad, david. court house. attendance. keeper's mom and dad took the stand during the bond hearing. the couple cried during much of the hearing when they read a statement from keepers to police of how she and david eisenhauer to slash the neck. trying show when she wanted bond. she has a gluten allergy and is not getting a gluten-free diet in jail. she started cutting herself in 8th grade and just recently stopped. she had been seeing a counselor and psychologist at virginia tech and on depression and anti-anxiety medication. she says the jail is giving her half of the prozac she prescribed. keepers dad said if granted bond he will get her an electronic monitoring device.
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consideration but because of the severity of charges and residents of delaware, keepers have no ties to virginia that tech banned her from campus. denied the request.denied the request. police found lovell's body more at 7:00. nicole lovell's family and friends said goodbye to her this afternoon. her funeral started at 3:00 and wrapped up not too long ago. kate skate live in blacksburg outside the funeral home with what we know new tonight. katie? >> reporter: noreen, hundreds of pay the respect to the 13-year-old. the family asked media not attend the fine, a, so out of respect, we stayed away this afternoon, but here is what we know new tonight. nicole's funeral expenses were covered and i have been delvecovered and i have been delving into how today. the montgomery commonwealth attorney said it helps through their victims witness program.
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paperwork needed, but the compensation fund in richmond will help cover expenses. a memorial fund has been set up for nicole in the national bank of blacksburg. i am told the police department had a hand in setting that up in nicole's memory. it will be used for expenses and any leftover funds will start a scholarship fund in nicole's name. if you want to give you can at any national bank low dmaition pwlab blacksburg or an address to send funds on our website at mark? >> mark: katie, thanks. we have a lot more details about today's bond hearing, and we will continue to provide you updates at our web site, we are going to see the clouds clearing out late tonight, and that means you will see a lot of sunshine coming up for your friday. right now we are looking live. this is in danville. boulevard. you can see some clearing there in the distance. we will completely clear out overnight. temperatures right now are cool in the upper 40s and lower 50s. for this evening, temps are
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mid-30s by 11, and then colder in the morning. most of us will see dropping toward 30 at 6 a.m. we are tracking a lot of changes ahead. coming up, we will update you on the sunshine and when we will see snow back in virginia. tonight danville regional medical center is increasing security to escort its staff to and from their cars after someone shot a doctor while she walked home monday night. valerie bragg is live in danville now with more on this story. valerie? >> reporter: noreen, drnc ceo tells me just for the past six months, he has seen more than 25 gunshot or stab wound victims come throughout er. i asked them, why did this shooting prompt him to start addressing violence. he tells me because this one hits close to home, but it is not any more important than any other victim. >> sometimes there are catalysts that make things change. >> reporter: police stepped up patrols in the west main area, but some neighbors still feel uneasy.
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whenever i get out of my car, looking around making sure no one will come at me. >> reporter: police are sorting through tips and searching for any clues that could lead them to a suspect. now drmc says it is time for the hospital to step in and help fight crime. >> this is not the only incident. there are other parts of the community where violence exists as well. so i think the -- the bigger concern sieve working collaboratively with the police and chief broad foot coming and meeting today to talk about crime across the whole communitycrime across the whole community. >> reporter: doesn't want the community afraid to walk to work or a friend's house, he is organizeorganizing a neighborhood walk friday evening. he hopes to take away the fears so many are feeling. but there are other neighbors who say they want whoever pulled the trigger scare them into changing their habits. >> the coaches have a lot in their community and not particularly healthy when it comes to building bridges and making friendships with neighbors.
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this stuff goes on in every city, every neighborhood. >> this walk will happen tomorrow night at 6:00 right in front of the hospital. on that walk, will listen to community members who have any ideas how they can work together to address the crime. danville police is also still looking for any tips. you can call them, e-mail them and hit them up on social media. mark. >> mark: valerie, thanks. police charge the pta woman lynchburg with embezzlement for stealing from the nonprofit organization. lynchburg police say jennifer musik turned herself in and was arrested this morning. she reportedly stole 31,000 during her three-year term as treasurer for paul monroe elementary school. musik was reportedly taught when pta members noticed that dues were not being paid and ultimately bank statements were not adding up last fall. the historic academy of music theater in lynchburg is a
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today the center of the arts announced a $350,000 challenge from becky hawkens of lynchburg. every donation made through march 16 will be matched dollar to dollar up to the $350,000. construction is already under way for the theatre which is slated to open in 2018. the capital campaign to restore and reopen the theatre began in 2012. it this challenge is met, just 178 million will be left toward their fund raising goals. okay, animal lovers and anyone thinking of getting a pet, we are talking about your pets and your health. >> noreen: i found a woman whose doctor said her dogs are definitely keeping her away from the doctor's office. >> really makes a difference. kept my weight down. help to keep my blood pressure under control. >> noreen: we heard more and more of the health benefits of pets, but now researchers have
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making policymakers take notice. the new river valleyroanoke and the new river valley. >> noreen: it is not a secret that our pets can keep us healthy and more and more research is backing that up. my cadbury is high energy and always keeping me on the go, but have you thought what that better health means in termss in terms of dollar figures? a new study boils down the day to show just how much money dog owners specifically are saving both in doctor visits and lower obesity numbers, and i found a woman with almost two dozen reasons her health is thrivereasons her health is thriving. >> wait [dog barking] >> reporter: anna bell has a corgi smorgasbord. >> lucy, bo. >> reporter: 21 of them. >> noel, missiletoe. >> reporter: they range in age from seven months to 13 and a half years.
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dog, jake. [dogs barking] >> reporter: and that means a lot of dog walking. >> i try walk a mile every day with the younger dogs. and we take shorter walks with some of the older ones. >> reporter: so how many walks a day are you doing? >> well, on a good day five time, i would do probably four or five walks. >> reporter: and she says it definitely has been a plus for her health since she is at risk for diabetes. >> my doctor a couple of years ago told me she could tell when i have been walking regularly. my blood sugar was slower. i don't have diabetes, but she said the walking is really help. keep walking. so -- they keep me walking. honestly if i didn't have to walk them, i am sure i wouldn't really walk that much. >> reporter: that last point
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new study funded by hambi. the human dog initiative. it saves health and money. a professor of public policy at george mason university and co-authored what is basically a study of studies. with the available day ca, they found that those who walk their dogs about five times a week had a 5% lower obesity rate than nondog orns and they found dog owners in general have an average of one less doctor visit a year. that may not sound like much, but together, it adds up to almost 11.4 billion dollars in health cost savings. >> the obesity we included the cost of medication and hospitalization and visits because the nih data actually breaks it down that way. we did not have that level of details, but, you know, you can make a reasonable assumption that if i am having to go to the doctor less, then i am probably using fewer prescription medications, for example.
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available, clower said the dollar figure would likely be much higher. he is hoping this study leads to more research on the psychological benefit of pet ownership, especially for those suffering from trauma like war. >> we are all concerned about the number of folks we are having coming back from overseas that have been in combat situations, and -- and if it is a matter that -- you know, of -- of helping provide that soldier with a pet, with a dog, whatever it is, you know that might help them, i think that becomes a part of our obligation to do. >> noreen: and he hopes one day insurance companies will take note. as for anna bell. >> leave it. leave it. >> reporter: she is staying on track for a healthy lifestyle a few dogs at a time. >> come on. i know. >> noreen: and anna bell tells me she only goes to the doctor for her yearly check-up. an interesting note about pets and your health. the national center for wet research studies showing that having a dog or cat in the room with you can lower your blood
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is works better than ace inhibitors. a study of female dog owners in china found fewer doctor visits and sick days from work. another study found a lower infection rate among nursing home residents who had contact with pets. mark, a lot of pet owners rather have commented a lot about the physical and mental benefits they attribute to their pets. i have got much more information online at >> mark: all right, noreen, fascinating. pets are good for our health. you should have an easy you should have an easier
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what i i will jump straight into the weather for next week because probably what you are going to be talking about. maybe what you are going to be hearing about. we will see a chance of snow early next week. i want to let you know exactly what we are thinking in terms of the timing and the amounts of snow. this is jumping a i head to monday night and tuesday. right now we are wording it as "snow probable." want to get more information before we say "snow likely." right now saying "snow probableright now saying "snow probable." as far as the amounts we are looking for for the virginia, this does not look like a major storm. we are looking at a half inch to two inch for monday night and tuesday. also next week, it willing much cold we are highs in the 30s.
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this is still four days a way, and want to give you an idea what we are thinking, what we are tracking for you for next week for monday night and into tuesday with snow. that total is likely going to change at half inch to two inches. that's where we are starting for now. this is not going to be a major winter storm. right now beautiful evening. temperatures in the upper 40s. the wind is light. we have cool temperatures, but not overly cold. around the rest of area, blacksburg at 41. roanoke at 45. uva and charlottesville 47 and lower 50s toward south side. clouds have been very stubborn today. on the edge of the clouds i-91 and west of i 81 sunshine today. the showers off to the east are going to sty our east, so we will remain dry overnight. then we are going to get a push in which these clouds and area of rain are going to be moving away, and this means that for tomorrow, we are going to see a lot of sunshine. 9 a.m. on your friday morning, sunny weather all across the heart of virginia. now it is going to be breezy tomorrow. the west wind will be gusting
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so take your coat with you. even with the sunshine tomorrow afternoon, it is going to feel cold. highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. jumping ahead for your saturday, cold and dry start to the day. lots of sunshine for the morning. then during the afternoon, we are going to see high clouds moving non. the weather remaining dry. so overnight tonight, once the clouds clear out, we will see colder temperatures and in the morning, we will be near and just below freezing. appomattox, 32. south boston, 33. danville near freezing. altavista, 31 and bedford at 30. your hourly weather for your friday show the 30s on the morning. pleasant though breezy at lunchtime. that wind will keep you cool. 24 at noon tomorrow. highs in the upper 40s and down to the 30s by tomorrow evening. and around the rest of the area tomorrow, if you were watching us from danville or south boston, a run toward the lower 50s. altavista, 48. bedford, 47 and roanoke at 46. a quick check of your weekend show both days are going to be fine for your outdoor plans.
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lows in the 20s and highs upper 40s to low 50s. sunshine, cool and dry weather for much of the weekend. we will see high clouds increasing for saturday. then for next week, we will be watching that snow probable coming up for monday night and tuesday. may also see some light snow into wednesday. to stay with us. we will keep you updated on the new details for that potential snow next week. >> noreen: all right>> noreen: all right. well, the nascar will begin at daytona will start without
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the hokies lost their long hi, everybody. three hp-time nascar champion tony stewart will miss the start of his final sprint cup season. stewart fractured his back in that atv accident on sunday and had surgery. no time table is set for his return but he is expected to make a full recovery and return to the driver's seat this seasonto the driver's seat this season. football friday player of the year navy jones of jefferson forest has made his college decision. the speedy elusive running back committed to the naia blue field college rams in southwestern virginia. the all-state back racked up more than 3100 total yards and 37 touchdowns his senior season helping lead them to 12 back to back number one seasons.
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players heading to blue field college including travon lewis, five warriors. also martinsville carter and danbridge, and desh a zer, mcdowell and griffin. also had h two linemen, deck and allies you dorian gray has resigned to take a similar job with the florida gators. gray heads back to his home state. 's native of lakeland, florida, outside of orlando. gray coasted the past seasons with the hokie and plate '92-'96with the hokie and plate '92-'96. team of the week thursday with all of yesterday's signings. today we spotlight the timbertoday we spotlight the timberlake christian tornadoes. ranked number two in the state in the independent school's division three poem. coach branch has a young scad
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set to graduate this year. jones and christian are both averaging more than 16 points a game, while sisrs dar hold down nearly 13 rebounds a game. >> this is very hard work. you have to be in the gym every day. sometimes we have off days but we work right back together. >> we have new players on our team this year, but we have all been clicking pretty well and getting in the groove, and we are working our hardest and practicing hard. it has been a lot of fun. >> they have been there to push one another and push one another to be the best players we can be. we have definitely seen improvement game by game. steph curry had a huge score steph curry had a huge scoring night. drove seven threes in the first quarter. at washington curry finished with 51 points you. he scored 51 last night and so did an area player, nelson county anthony lee poured in 5
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governor's 95-78 win overgovernor's 95-78 win over william campbell. wilson plays host to gretna tonight.
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both steph curry and anthony a new report outlines ways to defeat extremist groups like isis. tonight at 7:00, why one of the authors of the report say coalition and military tactics have to change. plus, thousand of americans get sick each year to food borne illnesses. how dna fingerprints play crucial role in identifying these illnesses. these stories and more at 7:00. tonight, just two days until the big republican debate here, the new poll at this hour in new hampshire. is there a shakeup coming? donald trump, ted cruz and, tonight, we're one-on-one with marco rubio, now the target of incoming fire.
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