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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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an integral part of our business. our employees are passionate of providing exceptional services for policyholders and distributors. our top priority is that our employees are treated with dignity and respect. genworth said they still have close to 100 jobs in lynchburg, and we will continue to stay on top of this story trying get you details and will bring them as soon as they happen. live in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> thank you, katie. a chilly night tonight. a look at route 460 in lynchburg from our v dot camera. a lot of traffic out there, but it is clipping along. chief meteorologist george flickinger in the weather center with what we can expect this weekend. >> george: danner, in that view there, you can see the shadows which obviously means the sunshine is out today. tonight we will have clear skiestonight we will have clear skies. take you thrive danville, looking toward central boulevardlooking toward central boulevard. beautiful blue sky. traffic moving along just fine and then still breezy and cool and temperatures in the 40s.
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wind. lynchburg at 42 and danville at 41. watching us from blacksburg in the upper 30s. the winds will be decrease after sunset and light winds by your saturday morning and we will see a freeze tonight dropping down to the lower 20s by 7 a.m. coming up a little later, we will let you know when to expect snow for next week. >> danner: thank you, george. in less than an hour neighbors in danville are getting ready to pray and walk together to see this a recent shooting won't scare them from leagued a healthy lifestyle in all comes after dr. randolph neal was shot monday night while walking home from work. valerie bragg live outside of danville regional medical center meet. valerie. >> reporter: danner, it is hard to say how many people will show rsvp event. the hospital wants anyone with them. they will start with a prayer and then they will start walking
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dr. neal was walking phloem a meeting when he and a neighbor were shot. the hospital has organized this walk for neighbors to come together and come up with ideas on how this stop crime here in danville. i spoke with dmrc's ceo yesterday. alan larson said that won't be any type of march or protest and they won't be holding signs or lighting candles tonight. they simply want neighbors to come together and help make danville crime-free. the danville police department said another anonymous donor has come forward and donated another $10,000. that makes the total reward money, 30,000 for anyone who provides some information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. i will be live at 6:00s that walk kicks off. danner. >> danner: thank you, valerie. be sure it call danville police if you know anything. more on the allegation that's a friend nicole love lovell's went to school officials weeks before she
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that friend says she was worrythat friend says she was worried about her friend's safety. annie andersen is live in roanoke tonight with the latest. >> reporter: well, the new allegations from carrie cook addallegations from carrie cook added another twist to the disturbing kidnap and murder investigation, but the police department says they have their doubts. they even issued a statement saying had a student or even nicole herself reached out to anymore advance of her disappearance about anything that would have caused concern, we have acted on it through the appropriate channels. she was interviewed by investigators january 28 and did not provide any information concerning recent contacts or conversations she had with -- with nicole. cook said in january weeks before lovell was kidnapped, she was worried and said that lovell showed picture office man she was messagewas messaging on facebook. cook said that man was over 18. she said lovell kept talking about them saying they were a cute couple. cook said she was scared about what could happen and told a copwhat could happen and told a cop. >> because he just looked too old. i went to the school and i told
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>> danner: we should point out that cook said the man on facebook was not david eisenhauer, the person accused of killing lovell. we will more from cook and also the school strict at 6:00. annie andersen, abc 13 news. >> danner: thank you, annie. a campbell county man accused of tattooing young girls against their will faces three new indictments. according to the web site, the grand jury indiet alexander edwards on conspiracy, attempted murder and criminal solicitation all felonies last month added to other charges he faces such as child abuse, malicious wounding, abduction and rape. edwards trial is scheduled march 2. lynchburg's national guard battalion have been called to duty. soldiers known as task force red dragon are hoping what will likely be a nine-month deployment. they will serve some time in may and replace the winchester-based group conducting security
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450 soldiers are being deployed. >> probably in the early part of the fall. notified by the department of the army we would be entering federal active service. so, you know, since then, we have been in preparation to get the team ready, prepare for deployment, do some training in prep trying go to fort bliss, texas. >> danner: while the soldiers won't be going into what is considered combat zone, all are combat trained to face any situations. a richmond-area marine is now walking again after he broke his neck serving our country. >> it is all kind of a blur. >> danner: 20-year-old joshua birch broke his neck this past september serveseptember serving in guam. his mom emily at home in chester 24 hours later was on a plane to hawaii where her son was in surgery from there came to here
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thanks to a robotic ex oskeleton after two hours after learning that this would be the day that josh took his first step. his mother in tears. >> trying keep my balance. doing this and leaning back and forth. >> danner: a doctor says walking like this a few times a week will help josh prevent many of the issues that spinal cord patients have like blood clots. isn't that amazing. making sure you are safe. we look at the security at the super bowl. >> george: much colder weather is headed to virginia. up next, when to expect the big cooldown.
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how your award-winning coverage you can count on. >> danner: that sunny friday forecast which is nice to see. a sunset too. as you can tell the days are getting longer. >> george: a minute longer each day. the sunset closer to 5:45. a little closer to spring. >> danner: nice week ahead. >> george: play outside this weekend and going to be cool. not overly cool. a lot of sunshine is ahead for both your saturday and sunday. it is going to be a cold start to the morning. 20s in the morning. that is normal for february. cool and dry tomorrow afternoon. not much wind.
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highs will range from the mid-40s to the lower 50s. and all eyes are going to be on the weather for early next week. we are going to update this from snow probable to snow likely for monday night and tuesday; however, this does not look like a major winter storm. as far as snow totals, most of us will be between zero -- so this means some of us are not going to get any measurable snow to as much as one to two inches. we will see higher snow fall totals in the mountains and the big weather story for next week the colder weather for tuesday through friday, and we will see several davis highs only reaching the 30s and lows in the teens and 20s. right now beautiful evening though. clear skies as we do get closer toward that sunset that danner mentioned. 42 degrees. the winds light and around the rest of the area, watching us from hillsville, 35. blacksburg, 37. roanoke, 41. 42 up to uva and charlotteville. farmville, 44 and lower 40s south side.
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across virginia. when you wake up in the morning, beautiful blue sky and we will see some high clouds moving on across throughout the day, and that means sunshine and high clouds, and looks good for you tomorrow afternoon. the weather is going to be dry. i do want to show you something that we are watching for sunday to our south and southeast. if you have travel plans, if you were headed into the carolinas, there is going to be some pockets of heavy rain toward and south and east of raleigh-durham and by sunday, we are going to see some of that rain spreading into virginia. now we are going to stay dry here, but as you make your way east toward richmond and the coast, increasing clouds and increasing chances for rain that direction for your sunday. for us tonight, we are already seeing the wind diminishing. clear skies and cold by morning with lower 20s. amherst, 22. appomattox, 23. 25 for south boston. 20 in martinsville. and 22 for smith mountain lake. here is your hourly weather for your saturday. we are going to be below freezing through 9. by lunchtime, we will be in the
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day with sunshine and high clouds. 42 at noon. highs in the upper 40s. lights out wind. and then falling back down to 40 degrees at 7 p.m. around the rest of the area tomorrow, we will see 50s for highs if you were watching us from danville. south boston at 51. appomattox, 49. altavista, 48. bedford at 47. your seven-day forecast show pleasant weather ahead for your weekend and then for monday night into tuesday, stay with us, we are going to keep you updated on the forecast right now, we are forecasting 0 to 2now, we are forecasting 0 to 2-inch snow total. that means monday morning won't see any travel problems, but for monday night into tuesday morning, we could see some slippery roads with that chance for the accumulating snow. again, zero to 2 for monday night, tuesday morning. >> danner: we will keep on watching that for you. happening right now, security crews are gearing up for super bowl 50. >> we know of no specific credible threat directed at
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>> danner: an inside look a massive security presence is now in place for super bowl sunday.
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the fbi and homeland security took two years to plan. machines are scanning every truck delivery for explosives and radioactive materials. radio sensors are posted at train stops and bomb-sniffing dogs and undercover police are everywhere. the one thing security officials don't want to see, drones. they have become a new potential threat and are not allowed anythreat and are not allowed anywhere within 32 miles surrounding the stadium. the big game is two days away and in lynchburg, they are almost sold out of all things super bowl related. the store is seeing more people grabbing carolina gear. left. sales rep robby laughlin attributes so many wanting carolina panther gear because the team is close to virginia. they had folks drive in from north carolina since all the gear is sold out there. >> every year when the super bowl comes around, you have your
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favorite teams and super bowl teams jersey. this year it has been more -- more people coming in looking for the panthers since they are so close to virginia. >> if carolina wins, the store will have a huge shipment in of more gear since the demand is going to be so large. you won't see footballs like these on the field any time soon. these are fashion footballs. they were dreamed up by the council of fashion designers of america toward the super bowl. designers produced their own takes on the brown leather ball. tiffany and company, betsy johnson some of the designer. each piece is being auctioned oneach piece is being auctioned online between now and february 14. proceeds will go to the nfl foundation, the charity serving various causes. lake horn elementary school in lynchburg just completed their soup-er bowl. soup. canned soup drive.
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team they are rooting for. it had to be cut shower because of the snow, but the school raised two full barrels of canned goods. most super bowl athletes played when they were younger. what helped them get to the big leagues? their coaches.
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>> danner: tonight, .
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include travel plans along the east coast. looks good tomorrow. much of the east coast will have dry weather. no problems out of lynchburg. the other major airports are doing okay. there are a few delays in atlanta and new york city. though the weather there is clear. a youth sports coach will impact a child for a lifetime. a good one sets in motion a positive foundation for a lifepositive foundation for a lifetime of healthy physical activity. a bad one may crush an athlete's confidence, success and even the desire to play. how did we develop and encourage better coaches? well, sinclair broadcasting has joined youth sports of the americas to bring together experts in the field to provide practical guidelines with resources in education. here is cynthia gould with your winning ways. >> reporter: too often we see the ugly side of coaching. >> nobody on. >> reporter: but in reality, most are in it for the kids. barbara humphrey is the parent of five athletes, coaches
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>> i want someone that's fair. i want a coach with integrity. i want a coach to care about my child. yes, we want to win, and i am the first one to say, yes, how many ws can we get on the column, but what about the child that can't always win. >> reporter: one of those hot button issues always on a parentbutton issues always on a parent's mind. playing time and if the coach is playing favorites. >> everybody participates. if this is middle school, everybody participates, but as you go continue to high school, then it kind of changes. >> reporter: she says the focus can't just be on those few star players. some of the qualities in a good coach, one that inspires, never embarrasses or humiliates a player, teaches life skills, nurtures every athlete's talent. the most a coach can ask of any athlete, did do you your best. >> if you come off the track and
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i am happy. you get a hug that day. did you whatever could you do to represent you. >> reporter: coach judy green has seen coaching from all sideshas seen coaching from all sides. she remembers those who impacted her playing days. >> one i think the demand for discipline and the discipline for the details of the game. we had coaches who weren't afraid to push us past our limitafraid to push us past our limit, and even allow us to fail at times, so we could be resilient and recover. >> reporter: green said at the end of the day, we need to ask our children did they enjoy the game. was it fun. did they learn something, and their coach is central to those answers. for your winning ways, i am
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a new stu does a vaccination protect for life? new research reveal that one important vaccine may wear off more quickly than you think.
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for pertussis or whooping cough. your child gets it at age 10. studystudied teens that got that shot and the effectiveness was 70% in the first year. after four or more years, that effectiveness decreased to only about 9%. despite that finding, researchers say the vaccine is the best defense we have. more police presence. >> the pop-up precinct is a good idea, but it is also very expensive idea. >> mark: next at 5:30, we look at what some businesses are asking for to cut down on crime. plus ... >> we are going to need to get -- >> danner: it's numbers game. we will break down the latest discussion on bedford's new middle school. and -- >> the fact is, this is a very, very sad incident. we lost a life. >> mark: a crane collapsed in manhattan and crews have been on the scene for hours. everything we know.
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award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. >> mark: taking a live look at danville right now where in about 30 minutes, people will begin walking as part of a vigil for a doctor shot earlier this week. dr. randolph neal was walking home monday night when he was shot. his neighbor also shot after coming out to see what was happening. there is now a 30,000 reward for information leading to an arrestinformation leading to an arrest. the walk begins tonight at 6:00 in front of the danville regional medical center. abc 13 will have a live report tonight on abc 13 news at 6:00. well, business owners want to protect their customers. a topic the danville police right now. >> the owner of two businesses on north main street say they want more police presence there. danville. and tola, you spoke with police and those business owners today. >> reporter: danner, the owner
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