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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and the 616 the new restaurant would like a police precinct or at least more police presence on north main street. they brought up the idea at city council this week. wayne allen with the historic north theatre said his arrest comes after the shooting of that doctor in danville on monday. he says he has 200 shows a year and more police presence will make his customers feel a little safer. i spoke to chief phillip broadi spoke to chief phillip broadfoot and he tells me more patrols would be a better option because a precinct would not be efficient. >> takes the officer off of the beat and out of the area, and there is one less officer to actually run the radio calls. >> we just think is an opportunity to make things even safer, if you will. and, you know, mitigate any potential neglect history that could happen down the road. >> reporter: now chief broadfoot
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precinct in 2003 but too expense stove run and was just not effective. they do have one on green street though. coming up at 6:00, the chief's plan to step up patrol. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. i am will stafford. we saw some sunshine out there for today. that coastal storm, that dropped all the rain out toward the coastal areas on its way to yesterday. moved its way to the northeastern states. that has dumped a lot of snowfall in areas around massachusetts and also around maine. no snow like that for us tonight. clear, crisp and seasonably chilly. overnight temperatures at least through midnight back in the '30s. drop lower than that for the he thinks evening forecast. full forecast is coming up. new at 5:30, a judge froze money of a foreclosure auction against lindenburg industry that was supposed to move into appomattox.
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pledge to create 349 new jobs. this move freezes $860,000 according to newspaper. they are trying to get $1.4 million in grant money. we talked to the moneta developer that brought the old thomassonville plant. they think it is a good fit for many storage developments, but appomattox has been very good to him and any other opportunities that arise, he will consider them. more trouble more troubling news for the u.s. postal service. in november, the mail carrier reported a $5 billion loss, and now we have learned it is paying malls year to lease property from dead people. david williams from taxpayer protection alliances is talking about this report by the inspector general. it says the postal service is paying $5.3 million a year to lease 338 spaces from dead people. but average person being dead for nearly ten years. >> this is a microcosm of what
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right now is that they are not doing oversight on the leases they are paying. so what aren't they doing oversight on. >> mark: the post office refutes that report and says that the 338 leases account for 1.4% of its properties this they say they don't have the resourcesay they don't have the resources to check the life and death status of its leasers. a tough timeline to work out budget issues for the bedford middle school in time for the 2018 school year after designs put the school board over the county's initial budget of $38 million. priscilla kaiser joins us live right now with how the school board is handling the budget constraints. >> reporter: school officials met last night with the architectural firm designing the new middle school and was able to come down some, but not enough to get them to the initial $38 million county supervisors set aside for the project. they are hoping the bedford county board of supervisor
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million to just and you $46 million. that amount not only includes a new school but a new competition gym for liberty high school. school officials say the low end of the range puts them at a point of losing some state-of-the-art features they were hoping to incorporate in the new school. >> you have to keep in mind this school is going to last 50-plus years. we have one chance to get it right. that's why we want to keep the features that will -- will keep the school current into the future. >> reporter: school officials were hopewere hoping to get going on the design this month and break ground in november. final budget issues are expected to be hashed out monday. the school representative tells me if they are given a number they can work with before the meeting, then that meeting will be cancelled. if not, they will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a number that allowcome up with a number that allows them to keep the quality and integrity of a long-term middle school. live in the lynchburg newsroom, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news.
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on that. thank you, priscilla. >> danner: the d-day memorial will notice attendance by county stud incidents are down and the school budget faces challenges. so the memorial foundation reached out to local schools because they believe it is important for students to know the story of v-day. this affects 6th, 9th and 11th graders. the memorial part of a field trip. right now abc 13 is at a town hall at sweet breyer. state officials, alumnae and community members are there. the school's president talked about triumphs over the last year and what they are planning for the future. items on the table increasing -- recruiting international students, increasing student body and raising more money. you will hear from those at the town hall tonight at 11. one step closer. what we now know about amtrak potentially coming to bedford. a child weekend, but changes possible by the beginning of the week.
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it was a huge noise. and it just, like, went sidewaysand it just, like, went sideways, and we didn't actually see anything. >> reporter: did you feel it though? >> yes, of course, could you feel it.
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crashing down in manhaerage you can count on. >> it is the weekend, and it is going to be a good one.
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dance. >> mark: your weekend dance. >> will: that is a good one too. the good weekend dance. not the bad weekend. >> mark: do you have one? >> will: i do not. you see -- >> danner: you have your weekend shoes on. >> will: i do have my weekend shoes on. >> danner: take a picture and tweet it to you. take a look outside from the time lapse from earlier. a nice day in fort pulaski county. check in with anthony tower camera to see what was going on. a phenominal day outside for today. clear skies in danville and current temperature at 45. humidity at 31%. visibility is wide open at 10 miles. a little bit of a breeze out of the north at about 12 miles. that has actually come down from what was earlier on for today. pressure right now is holding steady if not going up a little bit. 42 right now in lynchburg. 45, danville. 41 in the roanoke valley. already down 21 in hot springs.
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charlottesville at 42. cooler amount of air. 7 degree cooler out there. might feel even worse than that with the winds that were blowing around earlier on today. winds slowly start to subsidewinds slowly start to subside as we head into the evening hours of tonight. a dry scan here locally on pinpoint doppler radar. good news for the post. the rain has let up areas around the virginia coast and the carolinas. the rain associated with this massive area of snow for the coastal sections of massachusetts and also for mainemassachusetts and also for maine. our next weather maker we head all the way to the pacific northwest to find that. rain right now around vancouver and also seattle. and our next weather maker coming in for at least the first half of the week. we are looking at high pressure for the area today. looking at more high pressure to the area. a southerly flow and a little bit more cloud cover around. saturday, we are looking with sunshine and seasonable conditions, and sunday we are in between systems. in between this coastal low and this clipper system up to the north. more on those momentarily because one of those will be
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beginning of the week. overnight tonight clear skies. a little bit more sunshine on the way for tomorrow. do notice that the model will have high level cirrus clouds from time to time. clear skies for saturday night. sunday not looking too bad. toward the east a little more rain coming in and coastal low-pressure system. usually this time year we are a little more concerned about that that will usually bring us snowfall and that will stay safely offshore. what will start to affect us a clipper system up toward the great lakes. as we put that into motion by monday -- or monday, we should say, will see a little bit of wintry weather. not a big deal. less than two inches area wide and something we will be watching very closely. and then it is all about the cold weather. this massive blast of cold air that is currently up toward canada will slowly begin to ooze down our way and will have time to moderate before it gets here. we will have a pretty good shot of cold air coming up for the middle to at times end of next week.
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maybe a couple of teens with that light breeze. daytime high temperatures will approach at near 50 degree mark. the next seven days, watching that snow potential monday night into tuesday and turns plain cold wednesday through friday. a push for a train stop in bedford. right now local officials are putting together a package they hope is approved for an amtrak train station to open on plunkett street. the town manager has to convince the state it would be worth while it invest in the stop when the train starts traveling through town and to and from roanoke next year. >> for people from other areas to come to bedford on the train and go -- visit the town of bedford, visit the peaks of otter, the smith mountain lake area, and for people who live here to travel. people who do business here and ho bring in client and travel to other areas, we think the economic impact will be great.
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says that nearly 8,000 people signed a petition forking this move. if approved, the state will fund the track work and town will be responsible for parking and other station improvements. >> mark: that will be a pretty
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>> danner: they would apple for the first time is accepting bang-up items as a trade-in for people wanting to upgrade. until now apple offered credit to iphone owners only if the device had an intact screen and had working buttons. apple hopes with more leeway, more people will be encouraged to upgrade their new phone. apple pace up today 350 for phones without cracked screens. for damaged phones $50 for a 5 s. $200 for a 6 and $250 for a 6 plus. more calories and salt than a big mac. starts with baby spinach and kale. sound healthy, add chicken, cheese, tortilla, beans, black beans and dressing. it comes in at a whooping 710
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this 1330 milligrams than salt. the big mac turns out to be a better choice with 540 calories, 28 grams of fat and only 970 milligrams of salt. >> danner: almost half the fat of that salad. >> mark: almost. >> danner: that is amazing. a crane collapsed in manhattan. one person is dead.
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sitting in a parked c this weekend, it is looking like a like a nice weekend for you condition-wise. sunshine and temperatures in the mid-30s. near 50 degrees near snow flex. the mountains of west virginia, maybe a little more cloud cover. but temperatures in the 30s. one person is dead after a massive crane collapsed in lower manhattan today. several others have been seriously injured too. this massive crane stood nearly 600 feet in the air and weighs more than 300 tons, and it all came crashing down this morning. you can see in that video, crushing cars and swiping at least one building on the way down. look at the wreckage here. now lies several blocks. a 38-year-old man from the upper west side who was sitting inside of a car did not survive all this. ironically enough, crews were in the process of putting the crane in a secure position because of today's high winds, and it was
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collapse took place for reasons that are still unclear right nowthat are still unclear right now. and new video obtained by tmz shows those frantic rescue efforts in the seconds after the massive crane collapsed. first responders can be seen here in the accident fighting to pull victims from those vehiclespull victims from those vehicles. look at that. the crane which is longer than a city block took out multiple carcity block took out multiple cars. disturbing surveillance video out of west palm beach showing someone trying to rob a grocery store with a loaded gun and the age of that someone had everyone talking. the assistant store manager did not want their identity revealednot want their identity revealed. >> i saw the little boy pointing a gun at the cashier. i was so shocked. at the moment i didn't know if it was a real or a fake gun, but my priority was to take it away from him. >> mark: he said little boy. the boy in this video only 11. they say he walked in with the gun and pointed it at a cashier r and demanded money, but the manager was able to get that gun
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now it is unclear if he or an adult will be charged. you have to see what is lurking at the bottom of the sea.
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what scientists a deep sea creature that resembles a purple sock has been identified as resembling an early form of life. the zenoturbala has no brains, gills, eyes or reproductive organs. for a decade they thought it evolved from more complex organisms but species were found at the bottom of the ocean that allowed scientists to do extensive genetic testing that the deep sea creature was not a complex one but always simple. >> danner: a simple guy. a big blow to the lynchburg economy. genworth is laying off 200 workers. what the company said sparked the changes.
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right now as people get ready to news. we begin tonight at 6:00 with a huge loss for lynchburg. >> genworth financial announced today it is cutting 200 jobs from its hill city location. katie brooke is live in downtown lynchburg with the very latest details on this. katie? >> reporter: noreen, we tried to talk to employees coming and going from the building this afternoon, and no one wanted to comment. the decision to lay off so many came as the company decided to suspend insurance and fixed annuity sales. the company said that most will receive 60 days pay and begin notifying everyone today. they say they deeply regret the impact the layoff have on employees and their familyemployees and their families and their top priority will be to
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