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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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utmost dignity and respect the ceo said in an e-mail, genworth is proud of their long-standing ties to lynchburg. we have a deep and rich history of being a good neighbor. our business is an integral partour business is an integral part. our employees are passionate. our top priority now is ensuring that our affected employees are treated with dignity and respecttreated with dignity and respect. genworth financial say they have close to 1,000 employees in lynchburg and will continue to stay on top of the story digging into details and bring them to you as soon as we have them. live in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. happening right now, neighbors are gathering in front of the danville regional medical center. they hope this is the first step to make danville a safer city. the hospital organized the prayer and walk after the doctor and neighbor were shot a half mile from the hospital. valerie bragg is live there right now. bring us up to speed, valerie. roark roark mark, this event is just about to get started behind me, and as you can see, there
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for tonight's event. first, they are going to get started with a prayer. then they are going to join together and walk through some of the neighboring communities. dr. neal was shot while he was walking home on monday, and the hospital doesn't want anyone feeling unsafe in their community and feel like they can't walk out in their neighborhood leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. the hospital ceoalan larson tellthe hospital ceoalan larson tells me the group will not be marching and protesting and won't be holding signs or lighting candles here tonight. they simply want the community to come together and help come up with ways to reduce crime in danville, walk and talk is what they are calling it. the hospital leaders will be joining as well. they say this recent shooting is a catalyst. and now they want to be part of the solution to help make danville a crime-free community. the police department tells me the reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case is now at $30,000.
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full coverage of tonight's eventfull coverage of tonight's event. live outside danville regional medical center, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. good friday evening to you. finishing up an absolutely beautiful day today with the sunshine. a little breezy out there, but you will notice the wind diminishing tonight. this afternoon highs in the mid-40s. lynchburg at 44. danville at 47. for the evening hours, temperatures are going to drop below freezing after sunset, and we will have light wind and clear skies and dry air, and we wake up in the morning, we are going to see lower 20s. 23 for many of us. coming up a little later, we will let you know when we will see bigger changes and when colder weather and also snow likely. get a load of this, a parking lot in danville at the corner of mount crossroad and piedmont drive. the city engineer said a section of it washed away during the heavy rain. all the debris fell into a creek below the parking lot. some are still stuck on the
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we are told there are no injuries. >> noreen: looks dangerous. abc 13 has an exclusive interview with the attorney of the man shot by the centra security guard. our marisa parra is live outside lynchburg hospital with what he told us new today. marissa. >> reporter: night now i have the documents that jonathan warner's attorney said he got from centra. 3,000 pages of warner's medical records. these are just a few of him. his lawyer reviewed the records from the day of the shooting just about a month ago. the medical records see this barn her a gunshot wound to his back. now he says the commonwealth attorney allowed him to see the surveillance video which he says show a timeline of events that he finds concerning. abc 13 has requested to see the video but has not yet received a response to our request. he says the video shows that warner was shot from behind; however, the police department
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report that addresses this specifically. valwa said he saw tensions between gillespie and warner when warner attacked gillespie and took his taser. he fired the taser hitting a door across the highway. warner fumbled around with the taser when an unidentified male employee tryemployee tries unsuccessfully to tackle him and runs to another room. warner strikes him with a taser, and then that officer gillespie fires the first three shots at warner. >> i don't know than starts to walk toward the door. he falls to his need, the exit door. he is crawling toward the exit door and it does appear that at that point, crawling toward the exit door. another fourth shot was fired by officer gillespie into jonathan warner's back. now he says he doesn't know yet if it was that fourth shot that rendered him paralyzed.
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will continue to request its release. abc 13 will have contracted the commonwealth attorney about the video and as of yet, has not responded. police did respond that they are not make anything comments about this case at this time. live outside of the lynchburg general hospital, marissa parra, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thank you. days after nicole lovell was killed, one of her classmates came forward saying they tried warn people weeks before of an inappropriate relationship that lovell was having. abc 13 talked to that classmate. annie andersen is live in roanoke with what the teen is saying happened. annie? >> reporter: the allegations from keri cook added another twist to the disturbing kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old. cook said she tried to warn her school resource officer that lovell was seeing an older male and said she was scared about what could happen. >> i remember this one guy, he
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were -- they were datewere -- they were dating, and it was -- yeah, it was just -- screen shots of how they were a cute couple and how they were great together. >> reporter: so she decided to let someone know. >> he just looked too old. i went to the school and i told the police officer there. >> reporter: but blacksburg police say if that happened, it would have set off alarms help in declined an on-camera interview but in a statement said had a student or even nicole herself reached out to him in advance of her disappearance about anything that could have caused concern, we have acted continue to throughout appropriate channels. because of student privacy laws, the montgomery county school district is not able to comment on this individual case but explains what happens if a student expresses a concern to a sro. >> something like that is -- is presented to on officer, they would have a conversation with school staff. they would have a conversation with the student. have a conversation with the student who presented that to them. there are a wide number of
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>> reporter: cook's account was made public in a newspaper article, but police say when they spoke to her on january 28, a day after lovell's appearance, she didn't mention it. she did not provide any information of recent contacts or conversations she had with nicole. cook said the man in the picture was not david eisenhauer, the virginia tech student accused of killing lovell. the montgomery county school district said any time a student express concern for another student they take it seriously and do their due diligence. annie andersen, abc 13 news. >> noreen: of course we are staying on top of this story. lynchburg police need your help finding a woman wanted on several charges. a grand jury has indicted 26-year-old skylar lewis on charges of gang recruitment in a school zone, participation in a school zone, and assault and battery by a mob. police say these indictments are related to the arrest by three
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if you know where lewis is, you are asked to call crimestoppers at 1-888-798 at 1-888-798-5900. 2015 was quite a year for sweetbriar college, and right now college leaders are holding a town hall meeting to talk about the progress they made since you reopening. our courtney whedon was there and will have more at 11. hundreds of soldiers from the national guard battalion will be going far from home later this year. >> mark: where they are going
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us about the upcoming deployme coverage you can count on. right now, soldiers from lynchburg's national guard battalion are gearing up for active duty. >> mark: soldiers from the first battalion. those soldiers are prepping for a nine machine month deployment overseas.
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and what is their mission. >> they will replace the winchester based group for military central command operations in qatar, about 450 soldiers are being deployed. we caught up with some who have been through the drill before and some who have no idea what to expect. the soldiers of task force red dragon are on the move. formerly known as 116th infantry brigade combat team. the men and women of that first battalion will be the boots on the ground in qata r some time in may. until then, many drill it is go through and many preps to make before. for some, like specialist douglas harris, this is the first-time experience. >> actually my first deployment. i am very excited. >> reporter: he might be excited but a different story for his mom. >> my mom, she is definitely nervous. >> reporter: sergeant first>> reporter: sergeant first-class james bartell, he
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17 years in the army but leaving his wife and three sons behind is the hard part. >> my wife has been with me. the third deployment she has been on as well. she is as trained as well in experiencing that and it is really rough on her to go through that with the family. >> reporter: the next few months, they will prepare for goodbyes are set. >> are you going to check in with your mother? >> i got to. chief requirement. >> reporter: for chief sergeant bartell, this is more than a jobbartell, this is more than a job, a duty and calling. >> i can't really picture>> i can't really picturing myself doing anything else. >> reporter: the battalion will drill at fort bliss, texas before they deploy. once they get to qatar, they will be a security force at gates, tower control and other support. noreen. >> noreen: we fish them the best of luck, thank you, suri. area kids will get food assistance thanks to a new big grant. the abbott grant the food bank
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help fund the family back pack program at altavista elementary school. the program helps provide snacks and meals when kids on extended breaks and on weekends. it is going to be a pretty good weekend to be outside as long as off jacket. >> a little chilly.
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talking here about who is going to win the super bowl. >> mark: yeah, we all have our predictions. >> noreen: dennis will have his coming up in sports. >> mark: right now you need to predict what the weekend is going to be. i thought i heard you say it was going to be very nice. >> george: a have i nice weekend. one those weekends where we will predict a 100% chance. i think you will enjoy being outside if you have a jacket. >> mark: okay. >> george: how about that. >> we have a jacket. that's good. >> reporter: a lot of us do and will put it to good use. cold mornings coming up for your saturday and sunday. that means when you wake up in the morning in the 20s unless you sleep a long time in the 40s and 50s by the time you wake up tomorrow afternoon. a lot of sunshine. we will see high clouds and then for next week, we are watching big changes. much colder weather arrives. for monday night and tuesdayfor monday night and tuesday. we are changing the wording from "snow probable" to "snow likely." this does not look like a major
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be pro ze, o to 2 inches. we will update you on that. but right now zer, to 2 inches is the most common with higher amounts in the mountains. less snow toward south side where the totals are probably closer to zero, and on wednesdaycloser to zero, and on wednesday, we will see a chance of light snow and some snow flurries. right now we have cool and dry weather. clear skies. beautiful night right now. finishing off a gorgeous sunset. temps in the upper 30s. 39 degrees and you will notice notice drier air moving in for the weekend. light wind at 3 miles per hour and with clear skies, dry air light wind. temperatures will fall in a hurry here after sunset. roanoke already at 37. now nearing freezing in blacksburg at 34. hillsville at 32. and lower 40s if you are watching us from south boston or in danville. when you wake up in the morning, we will be waking up to sunshine and a lot of sunshine tomorrow, a and also high clouds. this area gray is. we will have thin high clouds for your saturday. i do want to point out something for you on sunday. if you have travel plans into
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large area of rain which develops, most of the rain will stay fairly well closer to the coast, say from raleigh durham noughtsouth and eastward, and by sunday afternoon, we will see some of the rain spreading into virginia. the rain is spread together east of us, but the closer to richmond, east and southeast of richmond, better chance you will see rain on sunday, but locally we are going to remain dry. going to be a cold night. lows in the lower 20s. bedford, 22. smith hometown lake, 22. danville in the mid-20s. appomattox at 23. south boston at 25. your lowerly weather for tomorrow show we are in the 20s in the morning. 23 at 7:30. at 9:00. lower 30s at lunchtime and upper 40s. not much wind tomorrow. we will get the break in the wind around the rest of the areawind around the rest of the area. 50s to the east and southeast50s to the east and southeast. watching us from dillwin, 50. lower 50s toward south side charlotte courthouse and south boston. if you live closer to the
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upper 40s and light winds. the seven-day forecast show increasing chances for rain. changing over to sleet and snow for monday night and tuesday. that means we will begin monday with dry weather. 0 to 2-inch totals most common. stay with us for the new information on this. all of us will be much colder next week. highs only in the 30s. louisville basketball fans got crushing news this afternoon. >> mark: we will hear from the super bowl starting qb and get
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game, and hi, everybody. a huge blow today for the louisville men's basketball teamlouisville men's basketball team. the school has imposed a onethe school has imposed a one-year post-season ban on the cardinals for this season amid the ncaa's ongoing investigation scandal. so louisville currently second in the acc, and coming off monday's upset win over conference leader north carolina will not play in this year's acc or ncaa tournament. >> this is a punishment i thought would never happen this season. this is a -- a decision that is as harsh as anything i have seenas harsh as anything i have seen. so we will go along with this, and we will play the last nine games of the season as this they are the last nine games we will ever play the game. >> dennis: tomorrow's game include virginia tech hosting clemson at 4.
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and uva led by malcolm bragton at pittsburgh at noon. >> i have been pa patient. trying to not force shots. and i feel like when you work hard, when you get your skill working every day, you really work, things pay off. things come together. >> dennis: week five of full court press. we hope you can join us. the game of the week a rematch from the heritage ec glass thriller three weeks ago at glass. and a put back at the buzzer to give the toppers a 70-68 win. round two tonight. 7:30 at heritage. speaking of playing the game. the long two-week wait is almost over. carolina and denver squaring up a sunday night 6:30 in the super bowl. let's hear again from peyton and cam. >> had a chance to play in this game, super bowl 50 game, super bowl 50. i certainly think our players understand the significance of that, and we are grateful for
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forward to finishing the week with hopefully a couple of good practices. >> the ups and downs just means the world for us to -- to get what you -- you prepare for. for us, the ultimate goal for this sport is to win the super bowl. time for my annual super bowl prediction.bowl prediction. is got the patriots right last year. i will be honest i am a peyton manning fan and i will be rooting for denver. as much as i want to pick the broncos, i think that carolina is the more complete team. i don't think denver's defense can contain cam, jonathan stewart and company most of the game, and if it gets into a shootout, the panthers have more fire power. i say carolina to win 31-23. but as i warn you each year, don't bet the ranch on that pickdon't bet the ranch on that pick. >> noreen: you were right last year. >> dennis: i was right. i have been on a nice little roll and could come to a crashing end. i would like to see denver win
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>> mark: not me. >> noreen: do you think they are going to win? >> no.
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more than 200,000 people are incarcerated in federal prisons. tonight at 7:00, how a new bipartisan bill could reform the justice system. plus the super bowl is just two days away. at 7:00, how a tonight, the deadly crane accident. crashing down in new york city. a construction crane plunging onto a busy street, killing a man. the race to save victims trapped in crushed cars. breaking news in new hampshire. the new polls on the eve of abc's big republican debate tomorrow night. is there a shift in the race? the deadly winter storm this friday. drivers losing control on ice. hundreds of crashes. a foot of snow in some places. and tonight, the new storm we're
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the major new concern.
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