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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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3 a former consignment shop owner has pleaded guilty to multiple burglary charges in lynchburg. thanks for joining us for 13 news midday. i'm mona kosar abdi.mona turn tight police arrested katie hyatt back in 2014. officials found stolen items in her shop, the burnt orange.. her car.. and her home. she was charged with breaking and entering and grand larceny in three different counties. today - she pleaded guilty to 5 grand larceny and 5 burglary charges. in october she pleaded guilty to 20 charges in campbell county. her sentencing date has been set for april 27. 3 mona plasma keep those coats, gloves and earmuffs handy.. temperatures will be falling this week. and we might even be seeing snow. melissa lefevre has been tracking all that in the weather center. so let's send it to her for the latest. 3 monday brings a mix of rain
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system drags a cold front across the area. highs will reach the mid 40s this afternoon with overnight lows mainly in the upper 20s. timing: moisture begins to arrive to the western parts of our viewing area around the noon hour, then pushes east through the afternoon precipitation type: we'll see a rain snow mix, before changing over to snow once temperatures start to fall later on tonight accumulation: the accumulating snow will be confined to areas west of the parkway and north of lynchburg where 1 to 3" is possible. expect higher amounts west of i-77. lynchburg and central virginia are looking at just a light coating. look for a few flakes on the southside. impacts: while there shouldn't be any widespread issues, please watch out for slick roads later on tonight and into the tuesday morning commute. 3 mona plasma this morning - lynchburg police were reconstructing a motorcycle accident that happened on lakeside drive. this is video of officers collecting information on the friday night crash. they say only one person was involved.. and they were taken to the hospital. police have not released that person's identity...or their condition. 3 mona tight we are
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bedford police officer arrested on chid porn charges. 54-year-old brian mcalexander was arrested, on friday, and charged with six felony counts. bedford police say the southern virginia internet crimes against children task force.. told them in early 2015 that an officer was under investigation. they too launched an internal investigation. but at the end of april...mcalexander decided to resign. bedford police released a statement saying that they were disappointed that mcalexander damaged the trust between the department and the public. 3 mona tight right now - the mother of the pulaski county boy who died in a septic in court today on abuse and neglect charges. 31-year-old ashley white's jury trial is scheduled to take up to five days. white and 32-year-old paul thomas are accused of leaving their 5-year-old son, noah thomas, and infant daughter, abigail, home alone on march 22 of last year. noah's body was found in a septic tank near the family's home in dublin four days later. the
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that the boy drowned and that hypothermia contributed to his death. suri crowe is inside the courtroom and will evening. 3 3 mona tight packed schedules and sharp attacks on the campaign trail in new hampshire. less than 24 hours before the polls open in the nation's first primary in the presidential race... and candidates are pushing hard to get voters out tomorrow. kenneth moton reports. 3 the fight for new hampshire voters?nats - "...rally..." it's a non-stop day of rallies to energize supporters and town halls to lure those undecided voters. donald trump is looking for his first win.sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate"...." in the republican race, trump has a double digit lead. the battle for second is between iowa caucus winner ted cruz and marco rubio.sot marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate"people keep- well, the press anyway- why do you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america? i'm gonna keep saying that a million times, because it's true." the junior florida senator is combatting rivals like chris christie who is hammering away at rubio's experience.sot - gov. chris christie / (r) presidential candidate"the fact is, he's never accomplished anything of any note in the united states senate." for the democrats, bernie sanders is trying to keep the momentum. sot - sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate "...." poll shows his
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closing the gap while her husband is on the attack.sot - president bill clinton "for her this is not about grand theories of revolution this is about whether we can improve people's lives."kenneth moton oncam close:new hampshire is known for being really process.despite a forecast of snow, the state is expecting record turnout, more than half a million voters.kenneth moton, abc news 3 manchester, new hampshire. 3 deadline to register to vote in the march primaries has arrived. virginia voters will select their candidates on march 1st. but to vote you must register before 5 pm today. you can register at your local registrar's office or online at elections dot
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3 mona plasma accusations of attempted rape and sexual assault at an ivy league university... today, a fraternity president at cornell stands accused of attacking a female student in the frat house. he maintains he's innocent... but the school has suspended his fraternity. elizabeth hur has the latest. 3 the president of an elite fraternity at cornell.. whose father is the owner of one of new york city's famous concert halls.. is 21-year-old wolfgang ballinger.. seen in this youtube video talking about his goals..sot -- wolfgang balligner"at a young age i was taught to appreciate hard work and especially self- made worth."and now fighting charges that he sexually assaulted a female student inside this fraternity house on campus.. ((gfx1))according to court documents, the woman alleges ballinger locked the door and forced himself onto her after she "verbally protested" several times. ballinger pleaded not guilty to first degree attempted rape, first degree criminal sexual act, and first degree sexual abuse. sot - alex spiro / former prosecutor "the speed at which they took this case out of the university's pruview and brought it into a criminal setting suggests that the prosecution believes that
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university president.. also taking immediate action.. upsilon, on interim suspension.. saying ((gfx3- gma)) "sexual violence has no place at cornell".. the college junior now sits in jail.. after surrendering to police four days after the alleged attack.. last sunday.. ((gfx2))his lawyer is denying the accusations.. telling abc news.. ballinger's "innocence will be established at the proper time and in the proper place"elizabeth hur oncam close:ballinger is set to face a judge tomorrow.. for now.. the fraternity says it is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.. eh, for now, it is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. elizabeth hur, abc new york this disturbing video shows guards standing back and
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why investors believe the juvenile correction officers
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it's "e.t" at the big coverage of lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke, and the new river valley. new details are emerging in the investigation into last week's explosion on board a somali jetliner. somali intelligence officials have released a new video whvideo which shows two airport workers who they say were involved in the blast. you can see the men hand over the laptop.
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>> this was a deliberate terror act. >> anchor: so far no one has accepted responsibility for the attack. state investigators found guards put teens together they knew had previous fights. the 70 bed state facilities run by a private company. the department of juvenile justice released a statement saying they will be replacing that firm. ohio officers went one-on-one with a group of kids. the officers were on duty when they noticed some kids playing basketball.the only problem was the kids were playing on a hoop without a backboard. the officers went to walmart and bought a new basketball hoop and backboard with her own money.>> we just started talking that we should buy them
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it is something easy for us to do. man travis were having a hard time with it. >> anchor: the kids love the hoop. still to come, peyton manning is talking his super
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leaving the nfl a forecast you can count on from abc 13 wts. >> that is a pretty dress you are wearing. is that broncos orange? >> melissa: that is broncos orange and navy. >> anchor: he lost a bet? >> melissa: i lost a bet.
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if you like cold weather, this is the next step in days just for you. in my view of our danville power cam.still seeing some sunshine out there.clouds are beginning to roll in, but we are still dry through the lunchtime we zoom into pinpoint doppler, you see a little snow crossing into virginia. a lot but not making it to the ground. we still have a dry air mass in place. as the cold front gets closer, we will begin to see the wintry mix moving in in the early afternoon continuing into the evening. temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s for many of us. 44 in lynchburg. danville. 40 in martinsville as well as roanoke. 38 in blacksburg.
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beginning to move in. areas east of lynchburg warming up, but further out west, we will hit the highs for the day. we do have a winter storm watch is in winter weather advisories in effect until thursday morning. we're talking about cold weather with low wind chills. we have winter weather advisory in effect until this evening. here is a look at the system that is making its way to through our area. you can see counterclockwise circulation. a strong arctic front will drag its way across our area throughout today. that is where we will see the wintry mix. we have two cold fronts. we have a second cold front that will bring a reinforcing shot of cold air. we're looking at rain and snow showers. could be snow showers and flurries tomorrow. highs all the way through next sunday into the 30s.
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were temperatures are continuing to warm up. we will see more of a cold rain. in blacksburg and hot springs, they're staying in the 30s and that is where we will see the grace accumulation. the further east you go, temperatures warming into the 40s. as we head throughout the overnight hours, temperatures will drop into the 20s. that is where we expect it to change over to snow. as you head out the door tomorrow, be careful for any slick spots you may encounter. we will be in the upper 30s tomorrow. we could still see a few lingering showers. temperatures only in the 30s. a few flakes mixed into the south and east.could see a light coating in the lighter blue color.1 to 2 inches hospital.
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40 lexington. 47 martinsville. overnight, temperatures dropping into the upper 20s with a chance for lingering snow showers. we are going to be dry wednesday through sunday just in time for valentine's day. look at those high temperatures. 33 wednesday. 35 thursday. the lows in the teens and 20s. now to the star of super bowl 50, peyton manning. manning scored his 200 career win last night in his second super bowl ring. the broncos beat the panthers 24-10. what's next? manning said his former coach told him to take some time off before reaching a decision about retiring. >> he told me to take some time after this game and not make an emotional decision. there has been a lot of emotion these past two weeks. >> mona: manning kept with
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going to disneyland. the super bowl halftime performance was the highlight of the night. bruno mars, coldplay, and beyonce stealing the show. even the fans got up on it. brian smith was therefore at all. [music] >> reporter: for 12 minutes on super bowl sunday, some of music's biggest stars brought down the house. coldplay kicking things off. chris martin writing to the stage. over 70,000 fans at levi stadium getting into the action. fireworks exploding behind it. then, halftime stars, beyonce and bruno mars intercepting the show. bruno clad in all black, gold
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old-school dance moves. in saving the best for last. electrifying the crowd with her brand-new song formation. a cameo. averaging 470,000 tweets per minute. just when you thought it couldn't get any better, and epic dance off between the star-studded players. there is will more thing. >> what you think is more memorable about the super bowl? >> reporter: celebrate they
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down in super bowl history. [music] >> reporter: before finishing their epic concert in a blaze of glory >> mona: who can forget lady gaga singing the national anthem. coming up, making sure you don't get ripped off when you file your taxes. i'm stacy johnson. tax time is already taxing
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up ito you by audiology aid associates danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory we are well into tax season. in addition to getting a return prepared on time, there are tax related scams you should watch out for. stacy johnson explains. >> they use the mail to receive fraudulently obtained credit cards or tax refunds. people find out when they go to file their taxes and it gets rejected. >> stacy: every year, margaret alvarez investigates crime involving the mail.her advice. >> check your credit on a regular basis at least once per year and pick up the mail from the mailbox to make sure they're getting all the mail. >> stacy: for years, identity theft was at the top of the irs dirty dozen tax scam.
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irs agents. here are some of the ones to wash out for. first, fishing. don't buy. the irs does not send emails asking for personal information. and then there is tax preparer fraud. aware of accountants offering gifts. remember, you are the ones signing the return and you are the one ultimately responsible. also, false filing. claiming deductions or credits you are not entitled to is fraud. it can land you in hot water and even jail. budging retirement plan contributions and withdrawals is another common tax scam. sometimes preparers do and sometimes tax filers do it. either way, the irs is looking for it.
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someone say income taxes are unconstitutional, so you'll have to pay them. incorrect. don't believe me? ask an accountant. >> that doesn't mean they won't come take your stuff. >> stacy: protect yourself from friday resist the temptation to engage in it yourself. for more information, do a search at
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pay less taxes next april? this gave me a nightmare last night . a puppy monkey baby. the creepy super bowl ad was for mountain dew's kickstart drink which combines mountain dew, fruit juice, and caffeine, and a puppy, monkey, and baby. >> melissa: i love all those things separate. i just couldn't look away. it was one of those things you feel like you should watch.
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mentioned that you know exactly. >> melissa: of course. this week, we're going to get down in the teens. basically, we are in the 30s. enjoy the 40s because highs in the 30s the rest of the week. overnight lows in the teens and 20s. watch out for a wintry mix this
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