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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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they found buria >> the initial report is out. archaeologists says there no evidence of any burials around two historic buildings. a story we have been following for you. shirley lewis of roanoke has filed a lawsuit from moving the slave quarters of the greenfield plantation. she air isshe air es her ancestors were buried here. the county would do an archaeological review before removing any buildings, and initial reports show no evidence of grave sites both where the buildings are now and where the county wants to move them. helping a man in i need. >> at the end of the day, you know, what you want a person
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type of treatment, some type of health. >> danville police walk us through training to help those with mental health issues. >> vote for me tomorrow. >> we have to get rid of the bushs of the world. >> danner: we are down to the wire in new hampshire and the candidates are holding out for votes. and. >> they were you going around our room is frightening. >> reporter: terrifying for royal caribbean passengers. their ship ran into a bad storm. what those people are asked to do for their own safety. anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, there is abc 13 news. >> check it out. this is a live look at lynchburg tonight as light rain is falling and we could see some light snow. >> danner: and this is not expected to be a really big storm if you are wondering but we are watching the radar to keep you up to date. >> anchor: that's right. fright chief meteorologist
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>> george: danner and whitney, we are seeing light rain and snow. where we are seeing the snow it is not sticking. having a difficult time sticking as the temperatures are too warm. this view is from our bedford county camera in thoxton and looking straight down. some of the snowflakes. but look at the ground. it is not stick as a lot of the temperatures are well above freezing. here is what it looks like for you on the radar. you can see it is snowing in the mountains but having difficulty accumulating. lynchburg is having light rain as well as much of the heart of virginia. blue ridge mountains are seeing snow. use caution if you were travelling that direction, but for the rest of us headed home from work, i think most of the roads are going to be okay in that they are wet but not icy. you can see all the local temperatures are above freezing. 40 in lynchburg. mid-40s in danville. looking out live over danville right now where we have light rain and upper 30s toward blacksburg and roanoke. coming up a little later, we are tracking colder weather and let you know how told it will be for
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>> danner: that you are, george>> danner: that you are, george. we are talking with with danville police of how they handle a situation like the one they faced yesterday morning. they went to a call for a man dragging a body in the woods, but when they got there, they said an armed man was there wanting flows shoot him. tola adamson is live in danville now. tola, what new information did they give you today? >> reporter: whitney, police say the man was mentally unstable, and after two and a half hours of negotiations, he was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. >> reporter: always ready for surprises. >> just because you receive a call and you are given what the call is, it may not necessarily be what the situation is. >> reporter: exactly the case for them on sunday. in situation where is they encounter a mentally unstable person, officers with crisis intervention team training step up. >> the training on dealing with mentally ill persons come up quite often. >> reporter: so far, 200 officers in the danville, pennsylvania county region has
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melanie tosh helped conduct it. >> so stupid. we hate you. >> reporter: this is one of the videos officerswatch to learn about people diagnosed with schizophrenia. >> they have symptoms of auditory and visual hallucinations. >> reporter: practicing of scenarios that happened throughout the state. tosh said the goal is to follow four steps, ball develop agrafor with the suspect. >> introduce yourself. you get that person's name. then you -- all right, what are you seeing. and then the fourth one is to figure out, okay, what kind of resolution can we have to this problem. sometimes you can't do that. >> reporter: in sunday's case after two and a half hours of talking, police say they used three leslie that will option and the man dropped his gun. >> reporter: danville police say at the end of the day what they really want is for the person to
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they say not all the officers have cit training, but that is their goal. live this danville, tola adamsonlive this danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. we have new information after roanoke county police say they found a man stabbed. here is how this story went down acovereding to police. all -- went down according to police. it happened on golf road. brock was in the living room with a stab wound to his side and he went to the hospital for nonlife-threatening. they charged joy kent with malicious wounding. the bedford police department has issued a statement after one of their former officers was arrested on child porn charges. investigators told the police department last year there was an investigation into 5an investigation into 54-year-old brian mcalexander. investigators arrested him friday and charged him with six felony counts in a police department statement, they say they want the public to know if he is found guilty, it does not represent the members of the department. and it goes on to say they are
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damage the trust of the public. 138 people will be able to keep their jobs after volvo trucks announced they were laying off 730 people at the dublin plant. today a company's spokesperson told us they are only laying off 600, still a significant number. the original layoff estimate in december was based on figures from november, but after seeing more recent numbers, the company decided that they could keep more people. the plant in dublin is the largest volvo truck manufacturing facility in the world and pulaski county's largest employer. layoff s are expected to start later this month. the hours are winding down before new hampshire voter goes to the polls for tomorrow's first in the nation primary. it is a campaigning frenzy across the granite state with presidential contenders fighting for those undecided voters at the rallies and town hall meetings. snuck single digits. new jersey governor and republican candidate chris republican candidate chris christie got down on his knees
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>> i want to vote for you. >> i was going to get up, but i think i will stay on one knee. [ laughter ] >> anchor: donald trump is holding his lead in the polls on the republican side. for the democrats, senator bernie sanders is trying to keep the momentum new hampshire voterthe momentum new hampshire voters are very involved in the political process. despite a forecast of snow, the state is expected record turnout, more than half a million voters. virginians who aren't registered to vote but want to cast ballots in the march 1 presidential primary need to act fast. today is the deadline to register. in virginia, they don't register by party. any registered voter can cast a ballot in the democratic or republican primary. for weeks it looked like voters in the gop primary would have to sign a statement affirming their republican affiliation. the plan drew criticism and state board of elections has rescinded that requirement at the request of the state gop governing body. if you went to grab lunch at
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couldn't get in. we will tell you why the doors were locked. plus, president obama is ready to put up a lot next "e.t." it's "e.t" at the big game.
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secrets that only the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement. we want to change the world. nd the new river valleyroanoke and the new river valley. >> danner: taking a live look on the roads. interstate 81. mile marker 72. around the montgomery county area. as you can see, the snow is definitely sticking on i-81 at this hour which leads to some trouble out there on the roads. please, please be careful out there.
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our thaxton camera there. >> george: that's right. most of the measurable snow toward southwestern virginia where we are looking toward i-81where we are looking toward i-81. just too warm here. whitt well, good. we don't want -- >> whitney: well, good. we don't want trouble on the roads here. >> george: wet roads and icy roads. our view from bedford. our bedford county camera and sky where is you have the snow. it doesn't look as impressive as it did earlier. >> danner: could you seat ground earlier, i promise. >> george: also take you into lynchburg. we are seeing light rain in lynchburg. so if you were getting ready to head home from work, the roads will be wet, but not having to worry about any icy road as the temps are going to remain above freezing for this evening. this is good news if you are going to be headed out. pinpoint doppler radar will zoom you on down. this is mostly falling as rain; however, if you were travel tluingt mountains, if you were headed up highway -- traveling through the mountains, if you were heading up highway 9, the
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most of highway 29 will be okay as the road will be wet. you can see the snow falling in the blue ridge mountains. if you were watching us from south side, you are only going to get rain as the temperatures are going to remain well above freezing. but we are going to get more areas of light rain and snow tonight. as you can see all this precip, all this precipitation out to the west that is moving into virginia and very little of it will be sticking. the other big story for the week is going to be the cold weather. this will be the coldest week that we have seen so far this winter for much of the week. this is tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all the way into sunday. highs are mostly going to be in the 30s, possibly the 20s, and lows each night in the teens and 20s. so right now in lynchburg, we have light rain which is falling across virginia. across lynchburg and across the heart of virginia. temperatures at 40 right now. winds coming in at 5 miles per hour. the wind will stay fairly late to evening. if you were traveling right now, the roads are wet. those icy conditions where you can see some of that snow toward southwestern virginia.
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closer toward freezing. roanoke at 38. 45 in south boston. danville at 46. and 46 toward charlottesville. so, again, the big story for this week is going to be the cold weather. it is possible that during the week, we could be seeing some chances for snow flurries, but i don't think we will be seeing any measurable precipitation. and the temperatures tonight are going to stay above freezegoing to stay above freezing this evening, and after midnight will be dropping below freezing. amherst at 29. roanoke at 30. if you were watching us from south boston, danville, altavista. temperatures in the lower 30s. your hourly weather for tomorrow shows that we will briefly be below freezing. at lunchtime, we will be in the mid-30s and highs in the upper 30s tomorrow. so it is going to be colder than what we had today. we will see a chance for light rain and light snow, but for most of us it is not going to stick. highs tomorrow upper 30s to the lower 40s for danville and south boston. the seven-day forecast, call the seven -- the coldest seven-day
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highs upper 20s to lower 30s and nearly each night week, we will see lows into the teens. it is what everybody was talking about at the water cooler today. all the super bowl ads.
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internet did for - . chipotle closed every one of its location for four hours for a food safety meeting. this is video from a roanoke location today. one those locations closed. it came after an ecoli outbreak. they went over a food safety program implemented by the chain last month. all restaurants reopened at 3. quicken loans super bowl ad did not sit well with some viewers. created market mortgage during the big game. allows consumers to get a mortgage completely online. according to quicken loans president, the goal was to promote the convenience of the app, but some shoes on twitter said the ad was promoting a lengthy environment similar to the years leading up to the housing crash and the great recession. the consumer financial
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a tweet encouraging home piers to take their time and ask questions. quicken loans said all of their mortgages are fully underwritten. now is a chance for a free burrito from chipotle. we just mentioned they are open as of 3:00. the company closed all of their locations for that food safety meeting earlier this year. several e. coli and norovirus outbreaks were tied to the popular restaurant chain. again, they did this apology. what you want to do raincheck 88what you want to do raincheck 888222. and they will suppose lead give you a free meal. >> whitney: you can't beat that. you might want to try that out. not the trip they hoped for. >> when we looked out the window, would you see waves that were -- looked like the height
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>> what passengers o a dream vacation has turned into a nightmare for thousands of cruise ship passengers. their royal caribbean ship caught in rough weather. giant waves damaging the vessel. take a look at the damage done here on anthem of the seas after it hit hurricane-force winds off the carolina coast, and this is just some of what people are posting on twitter. some passengers are reporting the ship lifting 45 degrees.
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cabins for hours at a time. the ship left new jersey on saturday for a seven-day cruise to the bahamas. royal caribbean is offering a full refund and half off for future cruises. the sent out an alert for strong storms for days before that ship ran into the weather. >> scary stuff. president obama is asking congress for $178 billion to help fight the zika virus. the request comes as the world health organization calls this a public health emergency. the administration wants the money for emergency response in the u.s. and overseas. it also is targeted for cdc research of the virus. zika is transmitted by mosquitoes and tied to birth abnormalityabnormalities in newborns. it has spread to 29 countries. >> danner: talks of athletes
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registration is now open for the statewide tornado drill. over the last few years, a part with businesses, organizations, schools and cover. the drill is at 9:45 a.m. on march 22, and we have that information at
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white whose 5-year-old son noah anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. >> whitney: check thought live look from i-81 in whitvilles a some snow has been falling this evening. here in lynchburg, you might see some light snow, but we are not accumulation. >> noreen: head over to george flickinger in the weather hey, george.
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