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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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measurable snow will be in the mountains and that's where we will see a trace of snow so far. this picture in from amherst county from long mountain. jd moore send in this picture and you can see a dusting to a light coating of snow on the ground, but in lynchburg, it is too warm. so we are just getting a light rain right now. so traffic right now along route 460 near liberty is moving along just fine as the roads are wet. pinpoint doppler radar show we have rain from lynchburg down to brookneal and south boston and snow through bedford county and into amherst county and nelson county in the mountains. you can see the snow there around long mountain in amherst county as well as some of the snow through the blue ridge mountains in bedford county. all temperatures above freezing which is good news for your travel plans and temp also slowly fall off. 38 in lynchburg right now. coming up a little later, i will let you know when all of us will have much colder weather. >> danner: whitt all right, thank you, george. one of the areas expected to have the most snow is in craig county.
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chilly but not raining or snowing yet. v dot was busy well before the storm. they spent much of yesterday pretreating the primary roads like 77 and 460 with a brine. and they have crews ready to go tonight, but on secondary roads like the ones leading into craig county, crews aren't able to pretreat. >> that's one of the things that helps with the ice and snow from bonding to the road surface. so if we do see any significant accumulations on the secondary roads, if people drive on it, then we are able to see some of that frozen, icethat frozen, icy snow combat down -- compact on that road surface. >> with it forecasted to be a very cold week, whatever snow you see won't melt as quickly as the last storm. >> we are not expecting this to be a major snow event. stay with abc 13 if the roads get slick. we will have up to the minute information on any closings too at well, just moments ago,
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pulaski county where a judge was working to seat a jury in a trial of ashley white, charged with child abuse and neglect of her 5-year-old son. noah thomas was found dead in a septic tank four days after he went missing last march. suri crowe has covered this case since the very beginning and joins us live from outside the courthouse with an update. >> reporter: the snow is really coming down out here, and jury selection has wrapped up for the evening here in the pulaski courthouse. it has been a long day indeed for these jurors. this morning, 31-year-old ashley white entered a plea of not guilty in three felony charges of child abuse and neglect. then began the long process of jury selection. the defense attorneys and prosecutors question the potential jury pool over the media exposure of the case over whether potential jurors have formed an opinion on guilt or innocence and tipped their hat what kind of testimony we will
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the presence of marijuana, and folks from social services will be testifying in the case. white sat expressionless you next to her attorneys. her aunts and family members were also in attendance. 15 of 22 potential jurors have been selected. once 22 are chosen, both sides will get what are called discretionary strikes, and a total number of 14 jurors will be seated. that will include the 12-person jury panel plus two alternate jurors, and we will be there and continue to keep you updated on this case, but for now, live in pulaski county, suri crowe, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thanks, suri. a former consignment owner is facing sentenceis facing sentencing in lynchburg after pleatlynchburg after pleading guilty to 10 burglary related charges. police arrested katie hyatt in september of 2014. tonight we have learned what hyatt told police why she went into the five lynchburg homes. hyatt told police a mysterious woman named stephanie jennings
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those homes and the victims never met or heard of a stephanie jennings. and hyatt couldn't provide phone number, address or an e-mail for this so-called jennings. deputy commonwealth attorney said the only thing hyatt did was offer a hand-made drawing of the woman she says is a professional organizer who hired her to help her thin out the victim's belongings. the story is 100% false she says and into witness statements or surveillance video is hyatt ever seen working with someone else. police recovered 415 items from hyatt's home, car and consignment shop. the commonwealth says the motive for steal was having no money. they say text message records show marital tshow marital strife due to marital issues and former employees say their paychecks bounced. she will be sentenced in april. a madison heights man is in jail for what deputyjail for what deputies are
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responded to the 4800 block of south amherst highway and arrested 35-year-old william crane. the sheriff's office said they found the female victim at another house with cuts on her arm. she was treated at the scene. crane is charged with malicious wounding and curse and abuse over a telephone for his treatment of a 911 dispatcher. the sheriff's office said alcohol was involved. one man's death still has lots of unanswered questions, but search warrants show he was tased three times and pepper sprayed twice by police before his death following a high-speed chase through nelson and amherst county back in december. search warrants show 40-year-old james paul bertuglia were under the influence of drugs and narcotics when he resisted arrest. he died at lynchburg general hospital days after the chase. state police confirmed to us today they are conducting an investigation into bertuglia's death after a request from the amherst county commonwealth attorney.
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still looking for suspects in a shooting that left a local wounds. neighbor were shot multiple times last monday on mount vernon avenue after an attempted robbery. both victims are recovering, and an anonymous donor is offering $30,000 for information leading to a conviction of those involved. well, bedford county fire marshal says a match used to start a grill caused a house fire last night. we were on the scene last night in the 100 block of declaration terrace. the house was a total loss and one fire fighter suffered minor injuries. the fire marshal says the match ignited leaves that were under the deck and gasoline on the deck made the fire even worse. everyone inside was able to get out okay. in just about an hour and a half, the blacksburg community will get together to remember 13-year-old nicole lovell. lovell died last month after prosecutors say two virginia tech students plotted to slash
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at 7:30, there is going to be a vigil on college avenue. the event includes speakers, a hymn, and a moment of silence. we have a crew there covering the vigil land have much more tonight on abc 13 news -- and will have much more tonight on abc 13 news at 11. a nice view and they are warning of a danger on one spot on the lake. what they want done to make sure no one loses their life in that area. and the new initiative across virginia that students are taking to make sure everyone wears their seat belts. next "e.t." it's "e.t" at the big game.
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secrets that onlytory g coverage you can count on. we have learned more about a deadly motorcycle crash in lynchburg we first told but friday night. carter craft lost his life last night following the accident just outside of his father's car dealership. priscilla kaisera kaiser joins us now live from near the scene of the
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priscilla? >> reporter: we just received a press release on the fatal accident a few hours ago. carter craft lost control and crashed while turning out of the billy craft chrysler dealership and on to lakeside drive near jefferson ridge parkway. he was driving a 2012 honda cvr he was driving a 2012 honda cvr rr bike last night about 48 hours following the accident, the 19-year-old son of billy craft sadly succumbed to his injuries at roanoke memorial hospital. police say carter was the only person involved in the accident. lynchburg police are continuing to investigate the crash. i reached out to the dealership today and a manager asked that the family asks the public respect their privacy during this difficult time. live in lynchburg, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thanks, priscilla. neighbors in a small community in pennsylvania county are fighting for a safer boat ramp.
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years, there has been too many injuries, and it is time for a change. valerie bragg went to check it out this afternoon, and she is live in danville with the story. >> reporter: whitney, the ramp is on leaseville lake in a small community called pitsville. new signs went up justnew signs went up just a few weeks ago to warn of the dangersweeks ago to warn of the dangers, but neighbors just don't want to see the sign. they want the problem fixed. >> reporter: there is a pretty sight at the end of this long, winding road. neighbors enjoy this view, but not the danger. >> some of the injuries here have resulted in broken ribs, broken ankles. >> reporter: lionel reynolds lives nearby and said it is all true. >> i myself stepped off on a slick rock and fell on my hip and almost, you know, broke a hip. >> reporter: when he is pulling his boat in, there is no place to step off, so he has had to use the side where the debris and rocks are. >> and a big bruise back there. >> reporter: neighbors say they
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ramp itself. a 92-year-old man died last summer when his truck went into the lake. no one knows for sure whether the truck slipped in from the debris or if something else caused a truck to go into the lake that day. but no matter what the reason, neighbors say a floating dock could help solve a lot of their safety concerns. >> if you have stuff like this laying on this, and you step continue to, you can very easily roll an ankle, twist an ankle, drop yourself, fall on these hard rocks. >> reporter: neighbors met with appalachian power to try to get the problem fixed. a representative said it would be a lengthy process but they are hopeful to have the dock installed. noreen. >> noreen: thanks, valerie. high school and middle school students across our area are making sure that everyone buckles up. 30 schools in virginia are kicking off a safety campaign called mission possible, buckle up.
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student group are organizing activities to educate teens about the dangers of speeding. students a heritage high school, amherst high school and all three bedford high schools are among those participating. >> whitney: great effort on their part. a lot of ions the weather. a few slippery spots are possible on the road. >> noreen: chief so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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re just saying if we didn't have any more snow in season, i think we will be okay. >> noreen: we would be fine with.whitt some people love the know but noreen and i, we are done. my car up the street. >> george: and drive in it. i think you will like this forecast because this snow will have a hard time sticking and some rain. whitney likes that part. >> george: a mix of rain and snow right here at abc 13 in lynchburg, we can hear the rain which is coming down on the roof, and most snow accumulationroof, and most snow accumulations are going to be zero to warm. now we will see a few
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half an inch, but many of us will not get any measurable snowwill not get any measurable snow. if you were watching us from the mountains, 1 to 2, possibly a few 3-inch totals will be more common. that will be toward the blue ridge mountains and into southwestern virginia. southwestern virginia. on the radar, pinpoint doppler radar, the rain that made its way into lynchburg stretch into appomattox county. the showers into brook neal and light rain toward charlotte county. reports of light snow sticking in nelson county and toward i-81in nelson county and toward i-81. a look toward whitville. a pocket of heavy snow that is moving across as well as pulaski county. this snow will make its way up i-81. watching us from blacksburg or roanoke, the snow will be increasing. a closer look at the snow that falling is along the interstate. back toward lynchburg, mainly rain and even if do you see some snow, it is going to have a difficult time stick as the temperatures are too warm. right now we are in the upper 30s, so we are above freezing,
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freezing the next few hours. so if you do have to be out, maybe headed to the grocery store or headed out to dinner, the roads are going to be wet and not icy. temperatures in the up -- temps in the upper 30s. blacksburg down to freezing at 3223732. rainbow at 37. and lower 40s toward danville as well as south boston. now here is what it looks like four for the next couple of days. midnight tonight. it is not it very well on future cast. a mix of rain and light snow, so the majority of the measurable snow, what there will be of it will be in the mountains. now when you wake up tomorrow morning, it is possible there could be a few slippery spots on the roads, but i think most of the roads are going to be okay. use common sense and drive carefully. i don't think you are going to have any major issues except for the mountains where there will be some heavier batches of snow. tomorrow afternoon, most of us will be dry with snow on the western slopes. then looking into wednesday, we are going to see colder weather
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toward the western slopes of the mountains. for this evening, we are going to remain above freezing and most of us dropping below freezing after midnight. already near freezing for some of you in the new river valley. end up in the 20s. appomattox at 32. south boston at 33. your hourly weather at noon, above freezing with a few slick spots during the morning. highs around the rest of the area, upper 30s in amherst and nelson. buckingham at 40. toward south side. charlotte county in the lower 40s and 30s tomorrow afternoon, and it is also going to be breezy in the mountains for your tuesday. your seven-day forecast show the colder weather building in. going to be the coldest week of the year with highs in the upper 20s to lower 30s and lows in the teens. >> noreen: all right. dennis is in next with sports. if last night was his last game, peyton manning can go out on top. >> whitney: that's right.
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hi, everybody, defense wins championships. the case for the broncos as they beat carolina to win super bowl 50. cam newton and peyton manning had subpar games. neither threw for a single td. newton fumbles recovered for a touchdown and 10-0 lead. in the fourth quarter, panthers down just 6, miller again
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this time the broncos field it when cj anderson scores. peyton wins the second super bowl. if it is his last rodeo he is going out on top thanks to denver's defense. >> i just want to be the type of player to influence my guys to be to the best of their ability. wasn't about me and going out here and -- i want those guys around me to play at a level they don't normally play with. >> i think i will make good decision and be at peace with it whichever way it goes. like i said, i am looking forward to tonight being with my family, and my friends and some teammates and celebrating this special -- special victory and this special win. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say, but -- they made more plays than us. >> dennis: newton short with the media. he got up and left early. i know he is torn apart by the loss, but if cam wants to be the
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handle himself a lot more professionally. virginia moved up two more spots to 7th in this week's ap poll and the highest ranked acc team. the cavaliers jumped from 9 tots 7th and one first-place vote. after oklahoma and north carolina both loss dropped two last week and tumbled to 9th. virginia hosts virginia tech tomorrow night. >> if you just get caught up with n this is a rivalry and we got to get revenge. that lasts for like a minute or two and then 38 minutes to play. it is about playing the best you can, hopefully showing you are in a better spot then when you played the first time. >> dennis: red shirt caitlyn adams is the basketball player of the week. back-to-back doubles wins. liberty has won seven straight. men's guard lavell cabil is the
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and in the nba, the knicks have fired head coach derek fisher. new york lost nine of their last ten and falling to 23-31. associate head coach kurt rambus has been promoted for interim coach. >> the. >> the agent for marshon lynch said his client plans to retire from football. he won a you super bowl with seattle and played nine seasons with the nfl. the bs will retire logan thomas's basketball jersey during halftime of the bs varsity boys basketball game against jefferson forest. logan was just the second bs boys basketball player to top 1,000 career points. >> noreen: what an honor for him. >> dennis: we always think of
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logan can around 200 officers in danville and pennsylvania county are taking courses to help them deal with those who are mentally ill. tonight at 7:00, we will take
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training to use sunday.
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